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FBI Hired Steele While He Worked for Clinton?

From my perspective, it seems that the closer we get to the truth about the Obama administration’s “investigation” into alleged Trump/Russian connections, the more the media and their friends in the Democrat Party seem to want to fuggedaboutdit.

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Where’s the Smoking Gun?

Representative Devin Nunes is now going to have a closed door session with FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers, as the House Intelligence Committee looks into “topics” that include whether the Obama administration used the guise of “legally authorized top-secret surveillance of foreign targets” to spy on the Trump transition team and spread throughout the government, far and wide, “unmasked” information concerning what the Trump team was doing and to whom they were talking between the November election and Trump’s inauguration.

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Of Smidgens and Stool Pigeons

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Barack Obama on the IRS targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups for partisan political gain:

There were some bone-headed decisions. …

Not even mass corruption — not even a smidgen of corruption. [emphasis added to quotes]

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Big Bro is Watching You!!! (Open Thread)

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Now we know for certain what we’ve suspected all along.  Obama is Big Bro.  Yesterday, the UK’s Guardian newspaper did the citizens of the U.S. a huge favor by revealing that our government has put out a dragnet for all of our digital communications. Don’t be fooled. It IS for ALL of our communications. They’re building a huge storage facility in Utah that will be “online” soon. Continue reading

Bombshell!!! Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama: Secret Agent Man Double Cipher Zero


By Miri 

Recently, we discussed this story: “Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as a CIA creation.”  


Alex Jones interviewed Wayne Madsen, who wrote a series of articles wherein he claims to have “outed” Obama as a CIA operative, seemingly to explain Obama’s puzzling lack of a verifiable identity, his mythological biography, and his refusal to provide the sort of documents that every American must cough up on a regular basis–items such as a birth certificate, elementary school records, college transcripts, a resume, personal references.  We the People, Obama’s employers, have requested all these and more from this “most transparent” POTUS in history.  So far, zilch.*  

Mr. Madsen’s “conclusive” evidence leaves much to be desired.  His “facts” are anything but.  See this link to read some of our analysis of Madsen’s theory: 


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Blago Wants Obama Subpoenaed! Obama Lied Twice!

Posted by Bridgette

By Barbara Hollingsworth
April 22, 2010

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s lawyers filed a redacted motion Thursday to subpoena President Obama to testify at Blago’s upcoming corruption trial in June. They apparently want the president himself to testify about whether he sent “emissaries” to Blago from the White House to inform him of the president’s preferences to fill his vacated Senate seat. Continue reading