The Pelosi Incident

I can’t resist adding my two cents about this mysterious attack upon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, just days before the midterm elections. I’ll list some questions I have that are as yet unanswered, some of which weren’t even asked yet, so far as I know.

So much does not add up.

Nancy Pelosi is second in line to the presidency. After all the screaming and hollering about potential threats on Democrat politicians’ lives, are we to believe that there’s no security system at her home whatsoever? No burglar alarm that went off during this “burglary” aka “home invasion?”

If there is a security system, was it set? If not, why not? It was 2:27 a.m. when the police were called by Paul Pelosi.

The Pelosis, with all their money, haven’t hired 24/7 security guards? If not, why not? If so, where were they?

The elderly Pelosis, with all their money, with their large house, had no housekeeping or other staff present in the home?

Who was the mysterious person who let the police into the home that night, after police were dispatched for a “well-being check?” (Note: Not for a home invasion. Not for a burglary. For a well-being check.)

Did the police know/recognize that this was Nancy Pelosi’s home to which they were responding?

Or was Paul Pelosi alone in the home (other than for the “burglar”)? With Nancy Pelosi in DC, are we to believe that her elderly husband, only recently involved in that unfortunate DUI incident, was alone in that big house, with no security?

Was the alleged intruder in his underwear or wasn’t he? What was Paul Pelosi wearing at the time?

Why would a burglar, intent upon theft or assault and having already been found out by the resident, allow the homeowner to go to the bathroom, where he was allegedly charging his cell phone, which he then used to call the police?

Did Paul Pelosi speak to the dispatcher or not? Some stories have said that he was simply overheard by the dispatcher, speaking “in code” so the dispatcher would deduce that he wanted help. If he didn’t speak to the dispatcher, then why was he referred to by the police as the RP, the “reporting person?”

This is a biggie: Who is the “witness” who claimed to have heard the alleged intruder ask the same question that, allegedly, on Jan. 6, “insurrectionists” were crying out in the Capitol: “Where’s Nancy?”

Who exactly claims this? News stories to a one report this as fact, but who was the “witness” who heard it? Was it Paul Pelosi?

Was it someone invested in promoting a Democrat narrative to blame Trump, MAGA supporters, and Republicans for this attack?

Upon what basis does story after story repeat this allegation without any evidence? It’s important, isn’t it, for the public to know who’s making such a claim so that the people, just days before an election, can judge the credibility of the claim?

The only “evidence” that could be proffered here, short of an admission by the alleged perpetrator, would be audio of the outcry or at the very least the name of the person who “witnessed” the outcry. Absent a named witness, there’s no evidence, so such an incendiary allegation shouldn’t be made until verified.

Did the police hear this? If so, then is it in the police report? Is the person who “witnessed” the assailant crying out, “Where’s Nancy?” ever going to be named?

Was there a police report made? Has it been released? If not, why not?

Why did the police stand by and watch Paul Pelosi get beaten with a hammer? If the men were fighting over control of the hammer–a weapon–why wouldn’t the police intervene? Did they pull their weapons and order the men to drop the hammer?

It’s said that the alleged intruder entered uninvited through broken glass doors. Photos were published showing broken windows, where the intruder allegedly made his way in. But why is there broken glass outside, on the brick walkway, if the windows were broken from the outside? Wouldn’t the broken glass be on the inside? Doesn’t it seem more likely that these windows were broken from the inside, perhaps during the struggle? Who broke the windows?

Don’t the Pelosis have surveillance cameras, especially given that they live in an urban area? Was this intrusion caught on camera? If so, then why not release the video?

Did the police wear body cameras? If so, why not release the video? We the People need to know exactly what happened in the home of the person who is second in line for the presidency, especially because the whole incident has become a political issue, which it would not have been had the Democrats and Joe Biden not deliberately injected politics into the situation.

The police dispatcher said that Paul Pelosi referred to the intruder as “a friend.” Was he, then, a burglar? Did he break in or did Paul Pelosi let him in, because he was a friend? Did Paul Pelosi then ask him to leave, but he refused?

Are the police looking into Paul Pelosi’s whereabouts earlier in the evening? Are they examining his phone calls? In other words, might he have known the alleged burglar was coming over?

Consider that police are charging the alleged intruder with elder abuse, a charge usually lodged against someone who’s a caregiver for an elderly person. Was the alleged intruder, this “friend,” someone who was tasked with watching over Paul Pelosi in his wife’s absence? Could that explain why the alleged intruder was in his underwear at 2:27 a.m.? Could that explain why the police went there for a “well being” check, not for a burglary or home invasion, and perhaps proceeded as if this were a domestic dispute and not a crime (until the alleged assault)?

Why was the alleged intruder taken to the hospital, too? When will he be released? What are his injuries and how were they acquired? When will he be arraigned?

Why do the mainstream media all report what was written on blogs, attributing the (racist, bigoted, delusional, misguided, anti-semitic, etc.) comments to David DePape, the alleged intruder, when these blogs and social media posts have not been definitively proven to have been written by or connected to DePape?

(Do some research and you will find that most of these alleged writings are of very recent origin. Why is that? In addition, there are multiple people named David DePape in this world. Isn’t it incumbent upon a real journalist to first ensure that what they report as having been written by a person actually was written by that person and not, for example, by a troll or political operative?

As an example, there was a school shooting in St. Louis this past week. Reporters took and reported the testimony of at least two students who alleged that they had seen the shooter and that he was a white man. He was actually black, obviously black. These students either lied or were (unbelievably) mistaken, but in either case what they said should not have been reported until it had been verified, especially considering the state of race relations in St. Louis after Ferguson.)

A few more questions about the Pelosi incident:

If the Capitol Police and the FBI have taken over the investigation, does that mean that they’re going to button up/control all information about this incident, as they have with the Jan. 6 investigation, the death of Ashli Babbitt, and the Seth Rich case, so that the public will probably never learn the truth? Is that why they’re now involved?

Do the stories change because they’re making it up as they go along? Obviously, after the DUI incident involving Mr. Pelosi, a 911 call to the police from his home would not have gone unnoticed. Whatever happened here, it’s not hard to speculate that a narrative had to be created to cast the best light possible on the Pelosis.

What better way to distract from the truth than to blame Trump and the Republicans?

Never let a crisis go to waste.

(I’ll add links to sources of information tomorrow, either in the post or in comments below.)



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  1. In reading comments on the NY Post article, I noticed that I missed a BIG obvious question: If he was afraid, if he was calling the police because he was threatened and afraid, when he went into the bathroom, why didn’t he just lock the door and stay in there until the cops came to rescue him? Duh. Now I have to wonder who was attacking whom with the hammer. What will DePape say, if he’s ever allowed TO say anything?

  2. It’s hammer time. ???

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    • For sure, but they are going after Musk with blazing weapons. They’re trying to cancel HIM on his own platform. Also, Hillary’s trying to COLLUDE with the Europeans to impose limits on Twitter and FORCE it to censor their citizens. They’re trying to pass a LAW making the speech criminal. If they do so, then it’s likely that a company is NOT going to make separate systems for every government. Backdoor way to censor OUR citizens. We shall see if Musk actually does defend FREE SPEECH. We’re going to SPEAK, one way or another, no matter what the libs TRY to impose on us. It never has worked down through history and it’s NOT going to work on a populace that’s grown up exercising and expecting FREE SPEECH. They can go ligma somebody’s ballz.

  3. Some new developments today. Now after implying that a third person opened the door to the police, they’re backing off that statement and claiming that only the victim and the alleged perp were in the home, something that sort of defies common sense. Where were the staff you KNOW they have and where was their security guard, which people claim they have?

    “San Francisco police have reportedly changed their story of how many people were in the Pelosi home at the time of the early Friday morning attack on Paul Pelosi, the 82-year-old husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), saying it just Paul and accused attacker 42-year-old David DePage–and that the two men did not know each other. …”

    Yes, as with the Smollett affair, AS CITIZENS POINT OUT DISCREPANCIES, the story morphs, changes, evolves to explain away (rationalize) those discrepancies. When they can’t be reconciled, they simply supply ALTERNATIVE FACTS. iow, they change the story outright. Note how they’re also already covering over the slip of him telling the dispatcher that “David” is a “friend.” They have a rationalization for all such discrepancies, no matter how ridiculous. Now it’s that Pelosi was trying to appease David and keep him from getting angry. So, NOW David KNEW he was calling police and was listening in, so Pelosi called him a friend when actually he didn’t know him at all? Earlier, supposedly, Pelosi made the call surreptitiously and didn’t speak to the dispatcher, just left the call open for her to overhear as he spoke “in code.” What sort of code is saying that David (his true name) is his friend?

    • So whatever witness (staff or guard) MAY HAVE been present and seen or heard something, easier to shut them up or allow them to exit stage left to avoid all the grief by claiming they weren’t even there.

      Supposedly, as said in multiple stories, some ANONYMOUS person who was “briefed” on the incident but who’s not supposed to speak to the media (sound familiar?) told the media many of these “facts” that AREN’T because they are out there WITHOUT EVIDENCE. Here are a few of the “facts” provided by this anonymous person who was “briefed.” (And by whom was this person briefed? The media don’t say, of course.)

      The alleged perp called out “Where is Nancy?” (Alternately, “Where’s Nancy?”)

      The alleged perp brought zip ties drawing ANOTHER alleged parallel with alleged actions by alleged insurrectionists at the Capitol. Police only say they saw zip ties in the home. They don’t say that the alleged perp supplied them.

      TGP story linked above explains other discrepancies. NOW the alleged perp was INSIDE Pelosi’s bedroom. Presumably, the bathroom from which Pelosi called police is en suite. However, NOW they’re implying that either Pelosi or the alleged perp answered the door to let the cops into the house. It had to be one or the other, but this took place in the foyer/entrance hall. The cops did NOT go into the house UNTIL the alleged perp took the hammer away from Pelosi and hit him with it. Then the cops entered and “tackled” the alleged perp and then had to attend to his medical needs. No details so far on what injuries he got or how he got them.

      It’s been reported that the alleged perp said he would tie Pelosi up and they’d wait for Nancy. Now think about it, considering some of the speculation about the alleged perp who, it’s said, was a Castro nudist, which fits with what else we know about his family and home, with its gay flag and left wing symbols, multiple partners, alleged child sexual abuse and (now) the wife who may not actually have been a wife in PRISON for attempting to kidnap a 14 year old boy! (Mind you, when she took up with the alleged perp, he was only 20 and, iirc, she was over 20 years older, so …)

      A reporter was heard on a hot mic saying that the alleged perp is a “gay Castro nudist” but was told he could not use that information or report it, because authorities told him he couldn’t! A Castro nudist is a known group of gay men in SF who march around naked with c*ck rings on their “members.” (Sound like MAGA people, don’t they?)

      Why would this “friend” bring zip ties to the house to use to “tie up” Pelosi? Was there a disagreement about practices and that’s why the alleged perp wanted to wait for Nancy? What did he intend to tell Nancy when she got home? Was he threatening to out her husband to her unless … you know. Pay up?

      Here’s my prediction: This alleged perp is having the BOOK thrown at him. As many charges as they can dream up, a la the Jan. 6 political prisoners. He’ll be made an offer he can’t refuse in the form of a plea deal that WILL include him keeping his trap shut and the truth out of the media forever, or else. That is, unless he’s Epsteined first. It’s been known to happen to inconvenient people.

      Under the terms of his DUI plea deal, Paul Pelosi himself couldn’t drive a car unless he breathed into one of those contraptions that prevents a car from starting if he’s under the influence. So, who drove Pelosi around in Nancy’s absence?

      • How the HELL did anyone break through those doors without an alarm, either audible or silent to the police dept., going off? I cry BS on this shit. Some speculate that it was the cops who broke the windows to get into the house when nobody opened the door. It’s possible. In any case, why wasn’t the security system armed? There are surveillance cameras visible on the house. WHERE’S THE VIDEO?

        I recall from the Jan. 6 and other cases (Ashli Babbitt) that the Capitol Police are exempt from FOIA. Since they’re now involved and running a parallel investigation, ALREADY they’re reporting that the ongoing investigations prevent giving out much information. HOW CONVENIENT!

      • There won’t be a trial. No discovery. No evidence shared in public. Maybe they’ll just commit him and then he’ll disappear like all the other allegedly convicted domestic terrorists.

  4. NBC News WalKs BacK Report There Was Third Person Inside House During Attack on Paul Pelosi …??????? O’ ???

    Talcum X Cpriestess • 2 hours ago • edited
    Nancy…When I heard My husband was getting Hammered….I was like…WAIT FOR ME..
    I am not taking the word of NBC news for anything…Lets see their reporters ASK for video from the home and the neighborhood…And actually report on it..

    • Oh, funny. I just posted about that in TGP story above.

      Nobody is believing this farce. The more they talk, the deeper they get in their lies. What a tangled web, huh? Smollett 2.0.

      • It’s interesting that nobody’s talking about looking for potential accomplices, when allegedly this was an attempt on NANCY’S life. The media are all alluding to the alleged “fact” that he was really after Nancy. So what foreign agents may be behind this DOMESTIC TERRORIST? Is anybody talking about charging him with treason? Calling him an insurrectionist? Whom did he collude with? Was there a conspiracy between him and people like those “white supremacist” groups or QAnon promoters? I mean, why aren’t they hunting down all his associates, known or otherwise? This was an attack on our “democracy,” wasn’t it? Isn’t it curious that they’re not looking for any accomplices and SOMEHOW they just know they don’t need to bother?

        Don’t know how much stock to put in this but it’s food for thought:

        Isn’t this how it was with the Smollett affair? The local cops KNEW what was really going on, what really happened, didn’t believe the STORY they were being told. However, IF this is true, then we’ll probably never have confirmation because they’ve apparently already covered for this guy before, along the same lines. It’s said there was a mysterious other person in the car when he got his DUI. The other car owner involved in the crash has been shut up, allegedly on the premise that he doesn’t want any publicity. My guess is megabucks to buy silence.

  5. They’re still talking about DePape’s alleged fringe right-wing views and blog posts. However, TGP and many others have already PROVED that these blogs were created and deleted after the incident, after DePape was already apprehended. He didn’t write this stuff. It’s all LIES. They put caveats by saying his “name” is “associated” with these posts. But there are multiple people named David DePape and besides, whoever DID create these false blogs (trolls or DemoncRAT activists), they already knew the alleged perp’s name. ANYBODY can create a blog and then post stuff to it under someone else’s name. They REPORT this as FACT WITHOUT EVIDENCE. And they have the gall to decry misinformation and disinformation before the election!

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  7. Ten >> 10 >> TEN … Reasons to VOTE Democrat !!! … ha’

    * Sharon Sapp
    If you think Marxism is the way to GO….vote Democrat.
    If Lenin, Stalin, Mao, & Castro R your Heroes, Vote (D).

    * Alan Halbert ….>>> Boy that is one Long sentence:
    “Among the leaders Democrats have “voted” into office is our Senile & Incontinent president, Crusty Joe, 80 years old in a month & growing more deeply fried by the day; speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, age 82, soon to be deposed &, by the looks
    of her face, already far along in the embalming process; Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, & rumored to no longer recognize anyone else in the Senate; & Pat “Leaky” Leahy, the 82-year-old president pro tempore of the Senate, whose nickname undoubtedly now has a double meaning.”

    Just read a Patent Claim, >>> one paragraph long…

    Kidding aside, Biden was NOT, I repeat NOT: voted into office he is a Usurper to office, it is ludicrous to think a guy who hid in his basement all election, & had such mad crowds as a dozen screaming throngs all wanting Biden…

    Didn’t happen, Everyone Knows, & the Democrats have been touting the fairest & most secure election in History was 2020, which tells us it was Stolen.

  8. Judge jails ‘2000 Mules’ investigators Catherine Engelbrecht, Gregg Phillips
    Federal court Demands they Disclose Identity of >>>> confidential source

    True the Vote’s investigation of alleged ballot harvesting in the 2020 election board in featured in the film “2000 Mules” along with board member and investigator Gregg Phillips and founder Catherine Engelbrecht.

  9. Got some new articles about Pelosi’s alleged attack:

    He’s an ILLEGAL alien living in Nancy’s sanctuary city! And his “landlord” is yet ANOTHER 80-something man, who’s a famous photographer (like the 82-year-old FAMOUS husband of Pelosi), and DePape allegedly lived in his garage and yet, iirc, the cops seized items from inside the HOME. This is San Fran area, remember. Legitimate to ask if perp is/was a toy boy. DePape himself seems to style himself as a photographer, going by photos of him.

    More details added to the story, sort of how kids embellish their tall tales in order, they believe, to make their tall tales more “believable.”

    He wanted to “kneecap” Nancy.

    Supposedly DePape “knew” Pelosi was calling cops after he “somehow” got into the bathroom. Even so, DePape stayed because it’s what the Founders would have done. Right. Such a narrative. So ridiculous. They obviously wait to see what people question on the Internet and then they morph the stories to “answer” all the questions.

    Pelosi was in “boxer shorts” (iow, underwear). Pelosi tried to “escape” to an “elevator!” An elevator. A totally new angle. He was blocked, so he apparently then escaped into the bathroom, where he called the cops. Photo of the elderly landlord of the alleged perp in this article. Note that the caption said the landlord was removing the perp’s items from the home “they SHARED.” The landlord is a “fixture” in the SF “arts scene.” Yup. SO, is it at least possible that Pelosi himself, somehow over the years, crossed paths with the young man who lived with the famous photographer who was a fixture in the SF ARTS scene? Even if nuts and “homeless,” a “Castro nudist”, seemingly none of that stopped the alleged perp from befriending at least one wealthy, elderly, connected man. Why not others? Could he actually have been a “friend” of Pelosi’s? Now, suddenly, after people on the internet cried BS on the claim that Pelosi was doing fine and expected to make a full recovery, after doctors and nurses said an 82-year-old hit in the head with hammer who got a skull fracture, would NOT be instantly expected to make a full recovery, then SUDDENLY, he’s in ICU, surrounded by family, but still able to supply Capitol Police, the FBI, and local cops with details. His memory is intact!

    NOBODY is buying this new narrative by the FBI. Here’re some problems I have with it:

    First it was a wellness check; now the cops came in with sirens blaring. Right.

    Pelosi ran to open the front door for the cops. Why did he not then, EXIT the house, get behind the cops, let them deal with the perp? This doesn’t agree with what was originally stated, which was that an “unknown” person opened the door and the cops, standing on the threshold but not entering yet, saw the two men BOTH holding onto that hammer. So how did one of them open the door?

    Now it’s reported that he was an illegal alien. So, DID HE VOTE EVER IN SF? This should be easy to find out. It’s been reported he was a registered member of the Green Party. Some have said he voted DemoncRAT for Obama, Biden, and Clinton. Therefore, did he vote ILLEGALLY all those times? Will he be charged with vote fraud, since they’re throwing the kitchen sink at him right now?

    This may come in handy. Aerial view of the home:

    Check out the HEIGHT of the wall behind the place where the windows in the door were broken out and where, allegedly, the perp gained access, and, presumably, left his backpack that wasn’t mentioned ever before until yesterday. How did the perp get onto that brick area to break the windows? Notice the ladders and other construction equipment that’s piled behind that part of the home. You have to wonder if the people in the adjacent home saw or heard anything? Did their security alarm go off? Look how their windows oversee the Pelosi back patio area. Look at the walls. Look at the fences on top the walls! Notice the security cameras. No guards? No Ring doorbells, at least? No motion detectors anywhere? A wealthy, 82-year-old man is there alone! Nobody to cook for him. No driver. No valet or butler. No housekeeper. No guard. Not even a son or daughter or granddaughter. Just sleeping there in the middle of urban SF without even security system armed?

    Now the story is that a security guard for a neighbor SAW DePape, dressed all in black with the backpack on, creeping around the Pelosi house. Then he heard loud banging! Then, a FEW MINUTES later he heard sirens! So we’re to believe that he saw the suspicious guy but didn’t intercept him, even question him, even call out to him, even though he looked like a stereotypical burglar. (btw, also resembled ANTIFA, all dressed in black. There’s a CONNECTION for you, if they’re going to tie zip ties to MAGA.) Then this SECURITY guard for someone else heard the cops coming within 2 or 3 minutes AFTER hearing the break-in. NOW, think about it.

    In that short time, DePape is supposed to have climbed the stairs to FIND Pelosi’s bedroom; woke him up; went into a long enough spiel to tell him his name and why he was there; tell him he planned to tie him up with zip ties so he could take a nap because he’s tired from lugging the backpack (although he left that backpack on the back porch with the zip ties in it, but he must have brought some in his pocket of the “shorts” he suddenly now is mentioned to have been wearing); intercepted Pelosi from going to the ELEVATOR; let Pelosi go into the bathroom to call the cops, a call that had to take at least SOME few minutes; and then went downstairs with Pelosi to answer the door. All that happened in those few minutes!

  10. Here’s today’s update on the Pelosi sham:

    State senator of CA, who has proposed pro-drag queen story hour and legalizing sex with minors legislation was “aware” of Mr. DePape. Hmmm. Interesting. This one is about the Castro nudists, of which DePape is said to have been one: (His life partner, aka “wife”, is featured.)

    Neighbors attest to the probability that if any glass was broken, then an ALARM would have gone off.

    24/7 CCTV watching Nancy’s house, with the Capitol Police SUPPOSED TO BE MONITORING IT. Story goes (now) that they weren’t paying attention!

    They keep making excuses for the fact that they weren’t paying attention to the feed, as if that’s okay and so then: Is Nancy going to hold HEARINGS about this terribly lax situation? Will people be FIRED? They should be, right?

    And they keep making a point to say family members of the House Speaker aren’t covered; but the thing is, the damned house itself had better be covered 24/7, right?

    Let me ask this question, a thought experiment: What if instead of waking up Paul Pelosi, he instead planted something that could harm the Speaker WHEN she ever is back at the house? Are we supposed to believe that every time she comes home, just in case, they SWEEP THE ENTIRE HOUSE just to make sure it’s safe for her?

    She returned to SF immediately after he was harmed. Did they FIRST sweep the entire house to make sure DePape or anyone else didn’t put something there that might harm her? This is beyond belief. They’re completely incompetent, criminally negligent, OR THEY KNEW THERE REALLY WAS NO THREAT. iow, he knew this guy, he was his “friend,” and they knew WHY he really was there. The rest is built up narrative.

    Now they’re claiming there’s video of DePape breaking in and it’s on the CCTV footage. Well, consider that they only mentioned this, as usual, AFTER many people (security EXPERTS) pointed out that it’s so unlikely that there was no security that somebody MUST be lying or at least dissembling. In addition, this happened 5 days ago, long enough for the vaunted Deep State to enlist any number of computer video experts (CGI) to CREATE the video, if necessary, so we believe the narrative.

    One new problem though: It’s been reported that he broke in WITH THE HAMMER, which is why he brought it. It’s said he said he needed it TO break the window. NOW, however, after they report that he has a dislocated shoulder, which explains the sling, they’re saying he DISLOCATED IT BY RAMMING IT INTO THE GLASS DOOR TO BREAK IN. Now, you can think maybe the cops are covering that THEY dislocated his shoulder, but in any case, it can’t be both. Either he broke the glass with the hammer (as supposedly is on CCTV) OR he broke it with his shoulder.

    This new development may put a fly in the ointment of any potentially created CGI video (aka, DEEP FAKE), which maybe they made showing some chunky guy conveniently unrecognizable all in black, busting the window with a hammer. Now they’re going to have to add him ramming his shoulder against the door, too! Said only slightly tongue in cheek. This is getting BEYOND RIDICULOUS.

    Nobody with half a brain can believe that despite the fact, allegedly, that Paul himself isn’t covered, they aren’t covering ANY PLACE that Nancy herself spends a lot of time. They’re simply NOT going to sweep that place or other places she spends time in EVERY TIME she goes there. Or do they? If so, then let us know.

    But why are they wasting our tax dollars doing that when they can simply have an alarm that goes off if anyone or anything breaches a perimeter? This IS the 21st century, after all, and Pelosi is one of many who’s constantly talking about the potential political violence that’s targeting everyone in “public service.” I’m getting sick of how they think we are so stupid. IF the Capitol Police, the FBI, the Secret Service, or the DOJ won’t do it, then who believes millionaires like the Pelosis don’t just HIRE THE SECURITY themselves? As a matter of FACT, Paul Jr. is shown walking around the house, after the attack, allegedly with their security company! Do you hear that they’re planning to SUE them for incompetence, for liability, for maybe breach of contract since apparently nobody was on duty or monitoring things? In a world in which everybody is immediately pointing fingers, why are the DemoncRATS and the Pelosis, one assumes, ONLY pointing fingers at Trump, Republicans, MAGA supporters INSTEAD OF the Capitol Police, DHS, or the Pelosis own security company? Is anybody going to be FIRED? If so, are We the People then going to pay them to go quietly so that there’s a SCAPEGOAT to blame for this coverup and fiasco? Bet on it!

    Megyn is curious, too:

    Now he was on “a suicide mission.” Is this a prelude to Epsteining because he pleaded NOT GUILTY and therefore seems to be wanting to go to trial instead of accepting a plea that requires him to STFU forever? Inconvenient nudist here.

    “The court filing said DePape smashed his shoulder through a glass window early Friday in the back of the Pelosis’ Pacific Heights home and confronted a sleeping Paul Pelosi, clad only in boxer shorts and a pajama top. …”

    And here we go! His lawyer claims his arm was dislocated by the cops. Well, which is it? Can’t be both.

    Somewhere amongst all those links, another discrepancy: Either DePape (duh PAP) stayed out of the bathroom OR he went into the bathroom. Supposedly, he stayed out but listened in, overhearing the call. But IF he stayed out, then Pelosi could have locked the door, right?

    They’re like little kids getting caught in lies and then elaborating to cover one lie and creating yet another discrepancy that points out another lie.

  11. Another good point someone made in comments somewhere: Does Nancy have a SCIF in her house? Shouldn’t there be better security, if so?

    Does she EVER bring home classified information? With a house that’s SO EASILY BROKEN INTO, where unless Paul wakes up and calls police, anybody can get in to do ANYTHING (like steal all Nancy’s jewels), what are the implications to NATIONAL SECURITY?

    What if she had been home? Then if she were held hostage, what sort of harm, besides to herself, might have been done to national security? To save her life or her husband’s, what might she have told him or done, should he have been, instead of a mentally ill nudist, a Russian or Chinese spy?

    This gets more ridiculous by the moment.

  12. VERY interesting quotes and FACTS in this one:

    “Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, president pro tempore of the Senate, in a speech Wednesday said 23 armed guards protect him and his wife around the clock in and around the Capitol and beyond. “These men and women are like family to me,” the Utah Republican said. “Over the past two and a half years, I’ve built a special bond with each of them.” …”

    AND HIS WIFE. And Hatch wasn’t Speaker of the House, second in line to the presidency. (btw, pet peever: Pelosi IS second in line, not third. You don’t count Biden. He’s not in line; he’s occupying the office already.)

    So they’re LYING by omission when they say Pelosi doesn’t qualify for protection. Not by the Secret Service, of course, although somehow BARRY got SS protection when he was only a Senator running for the presidency. So they CAN extend the courtesy if they want. In any case, they LIE by omission because they DON’T say Pelosi and her family CAN get CAPITOL POLICE GUARDS and, as I wrote above, SURELY the houses and any other place she stays or might stay WILL be protected, secured, hardened by SOMEBODY who works for We the People. It defies common sense to pretend that’s NOT TRUE. Otherwise, just freaking disband the entire bunch of protective services and GIVE US BACK OUR TAX DOLLARS. WTF do they do with all our money if they DON’T spend it on protecting our national security, which includes, or should include, all our leaders (whether we like them or not)?

    • Look how they word things, to COVER up the truth:

      “The security detail traveling with Nancy Pelosi weren’t at the San Francisco residence when the incident happened, as the House Speaker wasn’t in the city. …”

      Well, no, DUH. Why would the detail “traveling with Nancy” be in San Francisco if she wasn’t? They can’t travel with her and be at her house in SF simultaneously! BUT what about the security detail NOT traveling with her that’s probably supposed to be protecting and securing HER HOME?

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