Documentgate. Yet another anti-Trump witch hunt, hoax, double standard. Joe Biden’s Deep State is pulling out all the stops, not even bothering to put on a facade of justice or simple fairness or common courtesy. It’s “let’s get Trump by any means necessary.” In other words, Lawfare.

President Trump, on Truth Social, recently shared a video wherein Jesse Watters breaks down the unfairness of the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Watters revealed how previous presidents stored their own presidential records:

George H.W. Bush kept his presidential records at a strip mall.

Bill Clinton kept his presidential records in a sock drawer (some of them, audiotapes of classified information) and also at an abandoned car lot.

George W. Bush kept his presidential records in a warehouse in Texas.

Barrack Obama kept his presidential records, now verified as still containing classified records, in a defunct furniture store in Chicago.

By contrast, President Trump kept his presidential records in a locked storage room, as approved by the FBI, within his walled, private compound that is secured 24/7 by the Secret Service.

Nevertheless, President Trump was raided by Biden’s FBI while none of the former presidents mentioned above were ever raided, even those confirmed to be holding classified records. For example:

[A]s the debate over the supposedly classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is unfolding, the Obama Foundation is, at this very moment, storing classified documents in unused retail space in the suburbs of Chicago.

While the storage of these documents appears to be with the full knowledge and coordination of NARA, it still raises significant questions, not just concerning the raid of Mar-a-Lago, but also surrounding the legal actions being taken by the Biden administration against Trump over the storage of these documents. Seeing as Mar-a-Lago is Trump’s Florida home, it is protected by Secret Service, making it far more secure than whatever setup they likely had at the former furniture store space. There is no mention of what kind of security measures are in place to protect the Obama documents — if there are any at all.

In addition, because of a ruling by an Obama-appointed judge, Bill Clinton was not in violation of the law by storing audiotapes of classified information in his sock drawer.

The court ruled that even though classified, these records were Clinton’s personal property, not the property of the government:

The tapes became controversial when the watchdog group Judicial Watch went to court to demand the tapes be given to the National Archives and Records Administration, so the American people could hear them.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson rejected the suit in March 2012.

[A] few paragraphs of the 27-page ruling … indicated a president had wide latitude concerning documents under the Presidential Records Act.

“Under the statutory scheme established by the PRA, the decision to segregate personal materials from Presidential records is made by the President, during the President’s term and in his sole discretion,” Jackson wrote.

“Since the President is completely entrusted with the management and even the disposal of Presidential records during his time in office, it would be difficult for this Court to conclude that Congress intended that he would have less authority to do what he pleases with what he considers to be his personal records,” the judge wrote.

The ruling also indicated seizing such records was not appropriate.

“Because the audiotapes are not physically in the government’s possession, defendant submits that it would be required to seize them directly from President Clinton in order to assume custody and control over them,” Jackson noted. “Defendant considers this to be an ‘extraordinary request’ that is unfounded, contrary to the PRA’s express terms, and contrary to traditional principles of administrative law.’ The Court agrees.”

Why the double standard, Jesse Watters wonders?

We can attempt to answer that question by stating the obvious:

The left, the mainstream media, the Lawfare group, the Deep State, the Democrat Party, and basically anyone who ever opposed the Trump presidency have never treated Donald Trump as if he was ever president.

In their minds, Trump didn’t win the 2016 election. (Oh, yes. They are all “election deniers” and are thus “enemies of the state” and threats to democracy, if you follow the Biden standard. But that’s just another double standard to shake our heads over.)

They never treated Donald J. Trump as President of the United States because they believed, without evidence, that Hillary Clinton, who allegedly won the popular vote, actually should have been inaugurated.

Therefore, in their minds, Trump was always an illegitimate president. And, besides, being Trump, he’s simply unworthy of the presidency, no matter what the peons think.

The anti-Trump cabal also believed, because of the Russia, Russia, Russia HOAX, among other slanders, that President Trump could not be trusted to actually assume the duties of the presidency or command the respect he deserved as president.

So the Deep State did all they could to keep President Trump out of the loop. They used lawfare against him, initiating a bogus counterintelligence investigation of him, then initiating more investigations based upon other bogus claims like “obstruction” of justice, not to mention initiating two impeachments that went nowhere because they were similarly based within this slow coup that was waged against Trump’s entire presidency.

The anti-MAGA left, the mainstream media, all of these true enemies of democracy (because what else can you call those who will not accept the will of the People who elected Trump?) did not and will not ever acknowledge that Trump rightfully held the constitutional powers of the presidency. Now, after he’s left office, they assuredly will never accord him the respect and courtesy he deserves as a former president.

To the anti-Trump cabal, Trump is a “deplorable.” Trump is a lesser person, unseemly, unworthy, distasteful, not one of them.

Trump and anyone who supports Trump, or who ever has supported him, according to Joe Biden and his Deep State, are “enemies of the state.”

They treat Donald Trump differently than they treat other former presidents because they do not consider Donald Trump to be a former president.

They won’t allow Trump to have or keep “classified” information because they will not (and never did) accord him the respect and honor and presumption of patriotism that they accorded to all other presidents (whether or not they themselves deserved any presumption of patriotism).

So that’s the answer: They despise President Trump and they despise anyone who does not also despise President Trump. Such people are not worthy of equal justice. By any means necessary, such people must be crushed.

The anti-Trump cabal will continue to hound President Trump forever, lest he again be elected democratically by the People of the United States, which seems very likely to happen.

Equal justice under the law no longer exists in the United States of America. 




89 responses to “Documentgate

  1. Some interesting revelations in this.

    Breaking into his residence and photographing his possessions!


    “Former Trump administration adviser H.R. McMaster has said that former President Donald Trump did not appear to mishandle classified information during his time there, as the Department of Justice (DOJ) continues its investigation into the former president.

    “There were systems in place. I don’t know what happened to those systems, but I was never uncomfortable with it while I was there,” McMaster told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “While I was there, I did not see any problems in handling of classified information.” …”

    The unspoken (apparent) truth is that all of these so-called classified documents were COPIES that were given to Trump as his “presidential records.” They were his personal copies of classified information, which he, of course, as POTUS is allowed to have, seeing as how the POTUS has the highest of the highest clearances, which doesn’t evaporate upon leaving office, as we’ve seen with EVERY OTHER POTUS in history. Being copies, there’s no need for the FBI or DOJ or DHS to have or see or need HIS COPIES. They have the originals. There’s no need to see what Trump has. He’s allowed to have them, given he was POTUS when he received them and they automatically are his PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS. A POTUS doesn’t have to turn in his personal copies of records upon leaving office. That’s nowhere in the records law and it IS in a SCOTUS ruling, related to Bill Clinton.

    • It seems to me that a premise of their so-called, apparent “espionage” investigation against Trump is their PRESUMPTION that he might or could or would pass these classified COPIES or the info contained therein on to our enemies. But based upon WHAT EVIDENCE? Couldn’t any OTHER former president do the same? How about Barry, a known commie sympathizer and lover of tyrants throughout the world? How about the current POTUS? Lover of China, not to mention Ukrainian leader. You don’t get to investigate a former president or even a current one based upon your own biases against him or her. They think because THEY hate Trump, then it’s “evidence” that he might be a traitor. Upon this same flimsy “evidence” they launched the Russa hoax investigation as well as their “insurance policy,” because THEY were convinced that he MUST BE a traitor, given that they don’t like him and Hillary Clinton smeared him as a Putin puppet. None of it true but even if it is true, they need PROBABLE CAUSE to investigate him. There is none. There was none throughout his administration, which has been proven and admitted. They continue their illegal and unconstitutional abuse of power against Trump.

  3. Future prime minister of the UK?

  4. The Seth Rich Case: The FBI’s Other Laptop Scandal

    * HAL 8999
    Wow, the FBI as Hillary’s secret librarian. Imagine how much they could have factually “J. Edgar’d” her into compliance if she had become president in 2017. As it was, in order to butt-ph*ck Trump, they instead had to fabricate lie after lie after lie. FBI = Democrat Stasi.

    * Sherry Gerald
    I’d like to know WHO Killed Seth Rich. Since nothing was stolen, the ‘burglary gone wrong’ stuff isn’t right. Did the FBI Kill him? The DNC? Was it Arkancide? I read somewhere that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, & was Bitter that the DNC was giving the nomination to HRC. Never in the Past did I have such Suspicions about O U R >>> Government, but now we’re living in an entirely Different country, more Closely related to Communist & Nazi states.

    *William H McClure
    No, it’s not related to a communist or Nazi state. It is a Biden/Garland /donk/woke state that SupPoseDly 81 million people voted for. ?????? …O’sure!!!

    The greatest nation on earth deserves better…
    * Jennifer Speidel
    I’m not sure where I read it or when, but I read that there were 2 men Killed in NC Soon After. The article I read suspected that these two men R …. >>> the ones that killed Seth on Contract.

    • They’re ordered to release the information they have on his laptop, aren’t they? Will be interesting to see if their drug sniffing dogs ate all the data.

  5. Planned Parenthood announces mobile clinic that will ‘Meet patients at the Illinois border’ to Provide Abortions to residents
    >>>> of neighboring states ….DOOR-DASH???

    bottom page Video …..FOOL PELOSI …tippin’ & Sippin’!!! ???

  6. Is it just me or does it seem as if there’s nothing interesting happening? Ennui setting in?

    Worst thing I read today was Pelosi saying they’re not only going to keep Congress but will pick up seats. That makes about as much sense as Biden winning the 2020 election. So, what’s up? They know they’re going to STEAL IT again.

    • I think he looks so different because they have pumped him so full of botox plus, most likely, whatever that was that George H.W. used to use, some older version of Preparation H that smoothed out wrinkles. Makeup, too, no doubt. Maybe even rubber prosthetics.

      He’s quite obviously had an eye lift. What do they call it? Blepheroplasty? The skin that was sagging over his eyes when he was younger is now all gone. That’s surgery. It’s common among the elderly because sometimes that skin sags so low it obstructs their vision. In Joe’s case, though, it was likely done to make him look younger. He’s changed a lot just since he stole into office.

      One thing that gives pause is the detached versus attached ear lobe. Now age doesn’t change a detached one into an attached one and who would have plastic surgery to attach their earlobe to their neck?

  7. THIS is the so-called promoter of democracy. He makes a DECREE that there can be no peace talks with Putin!

    How much of a Nazi does he have to become before the left WAKES the eff up?

    Wipes out all opposing political parties and steals their assets.

    Suppresses all media, making a STATE press with only approved (by him) propaganda.

    Now no diplomatic efforts whatsoever to end the war that’s bankrupting our country and killing who knows how many innocents.

    DICTATOR. TYRANT. What else can you call him?


    This story fascinates me. HOW exactly does a grand master at chess CHEAT? Who’s feeding the grand master the correct moves? Why wouldn’t THAT person be the grand master and in the contest instead? Are they using AI or some other computerized means to deduce the winning moves?

    The interesting thing is that they seem to “deduce” that this guy must be cheating and yet, all the media, despite all the CONCRETE mathematical, statistical EVIDENCE that Biden and the DemoncRATS cheated in 2020 is ignored and called “conspiracy theory” if not a threat to democracy. Election deniers! As if that makes sense. Nobody denies there WAS an election. It’s election results that people deny! In any case, aren’t these chess deniers? How effing interesting!

    “The site uses a variety of cheating-detection tools, including analytics that compare moves to those recommended by chess engines, which are capable of beating even the greatest human players every time. …

    While it says Niemann’s improvement has been “statistically extraordinary,” noted that it hasn’t historically been involved with cheat detection for classical over-the-board chess, and it stopped short of any conclusive statements about whether he has cheated in person. Still, it pointed to several of Niemann’s strongest events, which it believes “merit further investigation based on the data.” FIDE, chess’s world governing body, is conducting its own investigation into the Niemann-Carlsen affair. …”

    So there’s an investigation of his “statistically extraordinary” winning streak based upon mathematical probabilities and yet, We the People can’t have ANY investigation whatsoever of Biden’s supposed WIN in 2020 against ALL odds and with the evidence all over the country of “statistically extraordinary” results right down to the precinct level where, for example, he “won” 100% of the vote or “won” by over 100% of registered voters’ votes!

  9. Ok. Who believes this? Not I.

    She sounds like ex-Governor Greitens’s ex. His behavior was so horrid, abusive, violent, one might also say criminal, that she waited over 6 years to even speak about it. Also sounds like Depp’s ex. Not to mention the women who accuse Trump. The FBI, btw, investigated and did NOT charge him.


    Justice Thomas gets this request. He can refer it to the entire court or respond himself. OF COURSE, in addition to already attacking the judge’s WIFE, they’re attacking him as a partisan who will do Trump’s bidding, when if there’s ANY judge on the court who faithfully follows the letter of the LAW or the Constitution, it’s Justice Thomas.

    • Sad to say, but true. I see it every day in the comments on news stories. Unless, that is, all of these are DemoncRAT trolls. Sadly, I think not. Best we can say is that people just accept sound bites instead of spending the time to actually read up on events, research, investigate, look for the wheat among the chaff. They accept media and DemoncRAT LIES wholesale. The DemoncRATS and media COUNT ON IT.

  11. Punishment for Lying on ATF Form, as Hunter Biden Allegedly Did, Up to 10 Years in Prison

    On October 6, 2022, Breitbart News pointed to a Washington Post report stating agents believe they have compiled enough evidence against Hunter to bring charges for allegedly providing
    a false answer on the ATF form.

    However, the Post made clear that the bringing of charges ultimately rests with “prosecutors at the Justice Department.”

    • What exactly are they up to? WHY NOW? And making a big deal about the fact that the prosecutor making the decision was appointed by Trump but also is being allowed to independently make the decision, according to Merrick Garland. I don’t trust any of them any further than I can throw them. If Hunter can be indicted, then why not Joe? And notice, it’s NOT for any insider dealing or potential “espionage” or “sedition” or being “treasonous,” it’s TAX disputes and an OLD, very old, charge that ought to have been lodged years ago for lying on the ATF form. Slap on the wrist. Diversion from his REAL potential crimes. Diversion, also, from charges that could as well be lodged against his co-conspirators, not to mention his father and uncle. It’s like prosecuting a bank robber, not for robbing the bank, but for parking the getaway car in a handicapped spot. INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE REAL CRIMES.

    Diversity, equity, inclusion dominate Biden admin’s policy priorities across agencies
    Several federal agencies have followed White House’s lead and implemented ‘equity’ policies
    … Fox News

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