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Without Fear or Favor?

In April 2016, the FBI began a counterintelligence investigation of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, based upon a dubious dossier full of lies and false allegations, compiled by a foreign citizen who was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign. (Read here, here, here, and here for a comprehensive overview of the totality of this mendacity.)

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If the SCOTUS Investigation IDs the Culprit …

will We the People learn who leaked a SCOTUS draft ruling about abortion?

Let’s guess.


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Obama Regime Rigged “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Survey Results!

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sEND COPIES OF THE report to senators and representatives.


Defense Department Inspector General Says,

The Fix Was In…

DADT Survey Results Written BEFORE Survey Taken!

In a 33 page report by Inspector General, Department of Defense, obtained by WND and reported today,  Feds Find Fix Was in on ‘Study’ of Homosexuality in Ranks,”  concludes that “the fix – maybe even handed down by the White House – was in before the military ever started asking soldiers and sailors about how opening the ranks to homosexuals would affect the nation’s defense.”

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