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Comments that are inappropriate, rude, completely stupid, or obviously meant to bait others into a flame war may be deleted. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face without the shield of anonymity, don’t say it here.  If you are going to attack anything, attack the person’s arguments, not the person.  Ad  hominem attacks (attacking the person, not the argument) are not welcome here.  Reasoned dissent is welcomed, but foul-mouth insults will be deleted and the commenter banned.

The use of foul language is inappropriate in any forum and will be deleted.   The commenter will be notified of inappropriate comments or their  entire  comment will be  deleted without comment.

NOTE:   If you’re a new commenter or are using a new email address, your comment will go to moderation. Even regular commenters get stuck in moderation sometimes. Please be patient; your comment will be published as soon as an administrator can get to it.

Comments that will never get published are those that are posted under the name “anonymous” and those using an obviously fake email address.   Well known “Obots”  and spamming obots are not published knowingly, but an administrator may address their issues  if they wish.    Obot spammers will be outed by the admins and known information about them will be published.

Comments are monitored. We do not allow double and triple postings of materials or articles on different days. Once a comment  has been seen, it is assumed posted and read.   If posted again,  it will be deleted.   Thousands of readers have no time to see repeat postings.

An administrator may request certain comments be posted to another article so they aren’t lost in open threads.  This helps keep information and themes together  in a coherent way.

Copyright Law – Don’t Infringe on Us!

The contents of We the People of the USA blog are protected under U.S. Copyright Law, United States Code, Title 17.  Please leave your request for permission to use active and archived articles and comments.  Proper acknowledgment crediting the authors and the blog is expected. We appreciate your adherence to the law.

[Hat Tip:  newssleuth got most of the above from the Rachel Lucas blog.]

4 responses to “Comment Rules

  1. Bridgette wrote another good article, this one about the new TWAP poster. Where can I buy a bunch to post on Obama’s East Coast relics?

  2. If the Obots get outa line can we jump in there to defend you all? 🙂
    Love you all!!!!

  3. Can you put a link to share the posts. Not sure what that takes but whenever I read something here I want to share it rather than separately emailing the link….just wondering.

  4. Charles Canterbury

    I believe the interview today with President Trump was not a flip flop or a run to the center It was a tactic done with a hostile take over of a corporation. It assured the board till the ink dried.

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