Drip, Drip, Drip of Documents and Damning Data

Drop by drop, the truth comes out. Strzok/Page text messages. Unpredicated investigations. Illegally hidden Brady information. Nefariously setting up a patriot, for the “crime” of joining the President Donald J. Trump administration.

With every passing day, more and more information (finally) comes out, proving what We the People have suspected for years:

The Obama administration was corrupt to the core. They politicized the DOJ, FBI, and CIA to illegally and corruptly spy on and attempt to defeat a political opponent–then they misused the same agencies to resist and attempt to undermine the Trump administration–and the media colluded with the evil ones to try to get Trump impeached.

OBAMA KNEW. The latest, very important “drip.” FACT. Not speculation. FACT.

Under Obama and even after he left office, his supporters in the “resistance” illegally hid exculpatory evidence. They lied in public but (apparently) told the truth under oath. However, those transcripts, those truths, were corruptly and deliberately hidden by Democrat, Obama-supporting, Trump-hating partisans to keep the “insurance policy” in effect, hoping against hope that they could eventually manage to remove President Trump from office before the dam broke.

Let’s hope and pray, as we’ve been hoping and praying from the beginning of Trump’s administration, that these drips will finally become gushers,

that the walls will finally come tumbling down,

sweeping before them all the corrupt, evil, treasonous snakes who hatched this scheme to undermine the will of We the People.

Mr. President, bring down that wall. Keep America great.

For the love of God and country, please see to it that the likes of Obama and his corrupt supporters never, ever, ever darken the doors of the White House or any of our government buildings again.

Pray for our President and our Republic.




58 responses to “Drip, Drip, Drip of Documents and Damning Data

  1. Took me long enough to create a new post. This must be a record for me. Hope all’s well with everyone. Hoping that this will be the beginning of a new era of the Trump administration. He MUST go on the offensive. He MUST for the sake of our country win the election in Nov.

  2. Hi Miri
    Have I missed something?
    Was in hospital yesterday, ulcer problem
    Has General Flynn been freed?
    That’s a big deal!

    • Oh, no. Hope you’re doing better now. Yes, Flynn’s case has been dropped because the DOJ and Barr realized that there was no foundation whatsoever for the prosecution. Better late than never. It’s not as if they didn’t know this all along. Supposedly, the sudden excuse is that the MO special counsel “found” new documents. Of course, these should have been turned over years ago. There are many people who KNEW about these documents and the set up but nevertheless kept quiet. Barr is sort of defending Sally Yates, when SHE KNEW and should have, if she were a nonpartisan patriot, exposed the truth herself. It’s not as if she hasn’t been friendly with the media before. It was YATES who supposedly unmasked all those people, including one supposes Flynn, but she claimed it was done in her name and she didn’t do it. Now the story is that they did an end run around her, without her knowledge. Even so, you’d THINK that any person who realized this had happened, that her authority and position had been undermined, that somebody acted illegally in her name, would have come forward (say, as a “whistleblower” perhaps, to Nunes or Grassley) and spoke out. Now some suspect that she’s cooperating. Who knows.

    • Yes, indeed. And who are the guilty parties? One of the funniest things I saw recently was a meme where somebody said that the best thing about masks is that you can mouth “FU” to people the whole time you’re talking to them and they’ll be clueless.

      I don’t think the pandemic has changed our psychology. It’s proved that we are the same fallible people we’ve always been, which proves yet again the genius of the Founders who created the system of checks and balances to account for our “natural” tendency to be tribal, partisan, greedy, selfish, etc. The Nazis in the DemoncRAT party, if they get their way and fundamentally transform this country under the guise of the pandemic, will be our undoing. They MUST BE defeated in Nov. We MUST BE EVER VIGILANT to beat back the forces of evil.

    • Sadly, this is a lesson the DemoncRATS have taken to heart:

      “One of the surprising things (or perhaps I should say the things that surprised me) was how meekly the population accepted regulations so drastic that they might have made Stalin envious, all on the say-so of technocrats whose opinions were not completely unopposed by those of other technocrats. …”

    • “Public health, we have learned, is the highest human good, the precondition of all other goods. A solicitous government therefore has the right—no, the duty—to interfere in our lives to make sure that we stay healthy. And authority once taken rarely retreats of its own accord. …”

      Next up: GUN CONTROL or CONFISCATION in the name of public health to reduce gun violence. THIS is exactly WHY they wanted to have the CDC/NIH, etc., “study” the effects of gun violence as a public health issue. They got the money recently in a RINO capitulation. Wait for the cherry-picked, faux “statistics” to “prove” what the liberals want. We now know WHAT the FEMA camps built under Obama were for. GULAGS in the USA.

      • I am inspired by what Americans are doing.
        I sent this letter, yesterday, to my representative in Parliament:
        Dear Mr Zahawi,
        Thank you for answering my letter about the lockdown.
        Don’t worry because I am not some letter writing fanatic.
        This second attempt at clearer communication will be my last.
        i think you missed most of my points so I will simplify them.
        There are three:

        1) We are free men and women. (Rule Brittania, Brittania rules the waves. Britons never never never shall be slaves)
        99% of the population is healthy. One percent is sick. You do not quarantine, place under house arrest, the 99%.

        2) For those who are sick, you treat them with the most easily available anti-viral drugs we already have. You do not just put them in a hospital bed to die
        with one of their tragic stories told nightly on what is called the news.

        3) At the moment we still have a parliamentary democracy. If you do nothing but tow the party line, I will remember, and I will vote you out
        at the next election. Enough.

        Yours Sincerley,

        dave m

        • Great letter, Dave. One has to wonder if they even care what we think or how we vote or if it matters how we vote. It seems all are so corrupt that all we’re left with is the illusion of a democracy (or a Republic). We’re in the Matrix. Nothing is real.

    • This sort of story is all over the place. Chicago mayor says you can’t get your hair done, but she can! A southern mayor forbids businesses to be open, but his bike shop is open (it’s essential). Mayor DeBlasio says people can’t stray from home, but he goes jogging with his wife 11 miles from home, sans social distancing and masks. Do as I say, not as I do. That’s the age-old cry of the “elite” who think they’re better than we are. Didn’t we defeat this in 1776?

  3. Guilty!!

    • Happy Mother’s Day to all. I confess to not having the holiday in mind because of the pandemic and, besides, nobody to celebrate it with. All have gone on before. With a stay home order still in effect, and co-existing PTSD as a result, Mother’s Day slipped my mind when I hurried up and wrote a new post. In any case, best wishes to all!

  4. This is off topic, but there’s another apparent Trayvon/Mike Brown, etc., case going on. Another one of Obama’s sons, potentially. The REST of the story, which you just knew was out there.


    btw, the family has hired the exact same lawyers, the USUAL SUSPECTS, and already the DemoncRATS are blaming the President. The victim was just out jogging. The victim was just out to buy Skittles. The victim was just out to get a sandwich. The victim was just walking down the middle of the street, minding his own business. Uh, huh. Wait for the rest of the story, is always a good idea. That’s WHY we’re supposed to be innocent until PROVED guilty in a court of law, with all the evidence and discovery turned over to the defendant.

    • Did you see the news that intelligence seems to indicate that the escape from the lab happened in OCT. and that they knew it because they shut down all roads into and out of the lab for a certain time? They learned it through cell phone data, which is publicly available. IF there wasn’t a release, then for what possible reason was the lab locked down? Did they think they contained it only to learn that it did get out after all? Victor says patient zero has been backdated to mid-Nov. Well, if the “accident” happened in Oct., then with the incubation period and the leap to additional victims who eventually showed up in hospitals, it makes sense that the outbreak would follow the “accident” by a few weeks. That Chinese “doctor” who went to the caves to obtain the virus to “study” deserves to go down in history like Typhoid Mary.

    • btw, I know of no one who died from the coronavirus. In fact, I don’t know ANYONE who got it. On the other hand, I know at least one person who died as a direct result of the lockdown/shutdown of medical services that were considered “nonessential.” They are, perhaps, except when lack of the service causes your death.

    • Traitors will always be with us. They need to have their heads examined because it’s not a stretch to say that if the DemoncRATS win control of Congress AND the WH then that is the END of our country as we knew her. The Republic will be dead. Kaput. OVER. Welcome to communist tyranny. Are they completely CLUELESS? Stupid? Or just want to get in on the spoils, like the collaborators in WWII, AS IF their treason will be rewarded by the snakes they’re lying down with? What did it profit McCain, for example? When he ran for POTUS, did the media and the DemoncRATS turn on him? Oh, yes they did. Ditto for RINO Romney. Will the NEVER learn?

  5. RIP Jerry. ❤

  6. x22report Whom I think is the best alt news site on all this crap has started using bitchute so that they can publish what utube would censor
    This is the Fauchi connectio\\n to wuhan

  7. https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/11/why-did-obama-tell-the-fbi-to-hide-its-activities-from-the-trump-administration/#.XrlQmMEC4Cw.twitter

    “Instructing Holdovers to Keep Serving Obama
    Then came the January 5, 2017, meeting in the Oval Office where Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper briefed President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice on Russia-related issues.

    Rice later wrote an email to herself on January 20, 2017—Trump’s inauguration day and her last day in the White House—purporting to summarize that meeting. “On January 5, following a briefing by IC leadership on Russian hacking during the 2016 Presidential election,” Rice wrote, “President Obama had a brief follow-on conversation with FBI Director Jim Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in the Oval Office. Vice President Biden and I were also present.”

    According to Rice, “President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities ‘by the book.’” But then she added a significant caveat to that “commitment”: “From a national security perspective, however, President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.” …

    [T]here is no excuse for an outgoing president to withhold “intel” on supposed Russian agents from the president-elect. And there is no excuse for an outgoing president to advise hold-over high-ranking officials to do likewise once the new president has taken office.

    Or, rather, the only excuse is an equally scandalous one: Obama knew the Russia investigation was a hoax from the get-go.”

    (One has to wonder WHERE the hell were the whistleblowers to blow the whistle on Obama’s OUTRAGEOUS suggestion that these people continue to follow HIS orders and not respect the authority of the incoming president. That’s far more outrageous and damaging to our country than Trump asking Ukraine to help him root out malfeasance by our former vice president.)

    This is the second article I’ve read recently wherein people make the point that Obama illegally and unconstitutionally instructed people he would no longer be in charge of to WITHHOLD CLASSIFIED INFORMATION from the duly elected President Trump. This is sedition. In addition, EVERY Obama holdover and every other government employee who participated in this usurpation of President Trump should be tried for their crimes. I said as much last year and I know that I said the same thing as soon as I read Rice’s memo to self:


    “[I]t wasn’t only that the investigation was undermining his presidency, the investigation itself was ILLEGALLY preventing him from BEING the president. They LIED to Trump. They lied and told him he was NOT under investigation. They WITHHELD information from him that he is constitutionally and legally authorized to have. In effect, the DOJ/FBI/Special Counsel put Trump in a ILLEGAL quasi-limbo for over two years. Two years of his presidency in which he was NOT allowed to have or use the tools of his office that are his RIGHT as POTUS to have and enjoy. The “intelligence community” conspired AGAINST the president, against the will of The People, to prevent Trump from being president. This is without a doubt, because the Obama administration and it’s shadow government after leaving office DELIBERATELY chose to WITHHOLD INFORMATION FROM THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. They ADMITTED AS MUCH in documents Judicial Watch received from FOIA requests.

    They believed (or pretended to believe) that what they were doing was “by the book,” but illegally spying on a presidential campaign and then keeping the elected person from actually holding his office without all the appurtenances of the office is not “by the book” but IS sedition, imho. An illegal “soft” coup. What we’ve seen the past 2 years is the result of the guilty parties covering for themselves and cohorts (co-conspirators) BECAUSE THE PERSON THEY TRIED TO GET ELECTED NEVERTHELESS LOST. …”

    What took everybody else SO LONG to admit that the crime that Obama, OBAMA, committed was to instruct his administration holdovers to PREVENT TRUMP from being president? To CONTINUE their loyalty to OBAMA instead of giving it 100% to their new president–Trump? To continue following OBAMA’S instructions as if he were still president long after he was no longer president? To USURP Trump’s presidency, authority, and status as our duly elected president? If that’s not sedition, if that’s not a crime, then I don’t know what is.

  8. The only thing I can imagine that will make this circus even more insane is if the head clown shows up (and yes I mean OBAMA) to file an amicus brief AGAINST the judge dismissing the Flynn case, when reason and justice and common sense all say that he has no choice BUT to dismiss a case in which the prosecutor has DROPPED THE CHARGES. The man is INNOCENT and he was set up and this judge, if he has a shred of decency and intellectual honesty instead of political bias, should do what the law and justice require. In the you can’t make this stuff up category. And yes, we do now live in a Philip K. Dick world: https://twitter.com/ProfMJCleveland/status/1260334655221497858?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1260334655221497858&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.weaselzippers.us%2F448728-judge-sullivan-asks-for-amicus-briefs-in-flynn-case%2F

  9. Rand Paul says schools must open. On cue, Cuomo and some mysterious French doctors CLAIM there “may” be a terrible coronavirus side effect that affects children, although NOBODY can prove that the virus has ANYTHING to do with this suddenly noted Kawasaki-like set of symptoms. SOME kids had the virus but others DID NOT, so common sense would say: coincidence. What’s NOT a coincidence is that this new narrative comes out about children to keep people scared just in time to head off the return to normal life. So, now we MUST keep schools closed.

    And now CA is set to stay locked down for 3 more months! Yes, because we want to steal the election AND because we want to do maximum damage to the economy and the country AND because we want to basically start a civil war between the locked downs and the non-locked downs AND because we want chaos AND because, especially in the case of CA, we want a BAIL OUT of all the poorly run, majority DemoncRAT, incompetent, socialist, communist states and cities that were bankrupt before the COVID hoax.

    And yes. I do believe it’s a hoax. Maybe not that there’s a virus going around but that the progressives have seized upon it as an excuse to fundamentally transform our country. I’m convinced also that part of the plan is to force these confrontations between individuals who want freedom and the tyrannical, unauthorized dictators, those low-level officials who don’t have the law or the constitution on their sides.

    What they’re likely hoping for is to enshrine the authority, via liberal judge fiat, of these unelected people (like health dept. heads) into law. Then, once they can lock people up under house arrest in the name of public health, it’s only a hop, skip, and jump until they declare gun violence a public health emergency and they come for your guns.

    The Second Amendment is the ONLY thing standing between us and global tyranny. The globalists know that while we have the right to bear arms, they cannot defeat us and force their new world order upon us. They also know that any case takes years to get through the courts, but with the nominal authority to act first, in the name of public health emergency, they can lock you up and/or take your guns and it will be a done deal by the time anything gets into court.

  10. I said I was sent to hospital last Friday because of internal bleeding.
    While I was there they did a corona virys swab tesr
    I think the test results take a day or two
    Haven’t heard nuthin’
    I think that means I don’t have it.
    We have been given permission to go back to work this week.
    Ya know what? They are saying do not use public transport! Like Duh?
    I don’t want to be stuck up but I would rather die a free man
    than live under slavery.and indefinite house arrest. I am lucky. I can come home.
    Don’t submit!
    What insane government lets violent criminals out of jail so they have room to lock up illegal sunbathers?

    • I hope you’re much better by now. We’ll say a prayer for you that you “be best” (iow, get better and stay better). 🙂

      Good luck with your COVID test. It would be a relief if you could learn you had it, got well without symptoms and are now immune.

      I know someone who was known to be exposed to the virus in a health care setting. Supposedly the health dept. was going to be in touch. A month later? Nothing.

      This crisis has proved that our governments are run by a bunch of pantywaist, snowflake incompetents. Over here, all we hear is that Trump has let everybody down, it’s all his fault, because he’s not leading the entire response, giving detailed “guidelines” (the leaked CDC never-approved dossier) so that state and local officials would know what to do step by step.

      Mind you, it’s our Constitution that gives all power not given to the federal government to the STATES and the People. Trump, as president, hasn’t been given the authority to micromanage state and city responses to pandemics. Therefore, he’s correct to pass responsibility back to the states and he’s giving a truckload of money to them to deal with their own individual crises.

      However, the media and the DemoncRATS expect him to babysit people who ought to be and ought to have been prepared to deal with a public health crisis. (But, they’re incompetent!) This just goes to show how incompetent and DEPENDENT all the DemoncRAT-run cities and counties and states are.

      Are they admitting they’re clueless and NEED President Trump to manage affairs for them? Seems so. However, he’s correct to NOT let them off the hook in the same way he’s correct to resist bailing out states that have been going bankrupt for years because of their own choices to pay gigantic benefits to their favored groups, including illegal aliens and the homeless.

      There’s a story in our local paper today about an emergency “hospital” that was set up in a commandeered hotel for asymptomatic COVID “patients” who aren’t sick enough to go to or stay in a hospital. Somebody took it in his or her head that people need their own bathroom; thus, hotel rooms for each “patient”. I suspect they’re all homeless and/or those underserved, disproportionately affected persons of color. In any case, here are the stats: So far, only 27 patients total served in this 100+ room hotel since the beginning of the pandemic. Currently, there are (get ready) 3 “patients” and 30 (THIRTY!) staff members to serve three patients who aren’t even sick! But hey! It’s only OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY paying for this.

      In the meantime, really, truly sick people are NOT being served at all for their on-going illnesses that are NOT COVID, such as needing chemotherapy or diagnostic tests or so-called “elective” procedures that, as I’ve mentioned before, aren’t elective when you end up dying for lack of the procedure.

      Nobody’s defining (much less in laws) what “elective” or “essential” or “non-essential” means. Most of what’s being done is unconstitutional. If they want to give state or local health bureaucrats the power to LEGALLY do what they’re doing, they can easily pass a law to that effect and HOPE it passes constitutional muster.

      Same with POTUS. IF they want him and him alone to manage the entire country’s responses, down to the city level, then pass a LAW giving him that POWER. They will not, of course. He has no power or authority but they want him to take all the blame. They won’t even let Trump exercise the powers the Constitution gives to him. They’ve illegally thwarted him at every turn.

      It sounds like there are at least two insane governments on this earth so far: U.S. and U.K. Yes, they’re locking up mothers and sunbathers and gym owners and maybe Elon Musk (remains to be seen) and letting violent felons out (and Paul Manafort, a real surprise).

      From reading today about current events, I suspect our dear friend Zenway will be absent a bit longer (if not a lot longer). That’s if what I already deduced is a correct supposition, which I do so hope because I don’t want to think that Zen is not okay. I prefer to think it’s technical and governmental lockdown difficulties. Whatever, we miss Zenway and hope and pray for the best.

  11. Wow. What this will mean in the end is anybody’s guess.The media will spin for them. It will never end when you’re dealing with evil people: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/breaking-list-obama-operatives-unmasked-general-mike-flynn-revealed-including-brennan-clapper-power/

  12. I miss Zenway and hope he is alright. ❤

  13. Shocking!

  14. “This comprehensive claim to control virtually every aspect of a person’s life is something we normally associate with a prison, not a free society governed by the rule of law,” Justice Daniel Kelly wrote in a concurring opinion.https://www.nytimes.com


    • That’s the progressive dream and they truly believe it’s their destiny because, fundamentally and in every sense, they think they know better how to run everyone’s life. Ever since this blog began, we talked about how we seemed to have gone through the looking glass. Everything is ass backwards, upside down, inside out. CRIMINALS, violent felons, are being released onto the streets while mothers are being arrested and jailed, after being violently tackled by the “police,” and regular citizens, but ESPECIALLY conservative ones, are being watched AS IF THEY’RE the violent criminals amongst us. Thugs with guns are NOT suspect and society doesn’t have to be protected from them. But mothers without masks are treated like Ted Bundy.

    • Maybe I’ve said this before, but isn’t it so interesting that everything that’s coming out of the chaos of the pandemic or being proposed to address the chaos exactly lines up with the progressive wish list? Universal income, Medicare for all, felons released from prisons and jails, fines wiped away, police sitting on their hands and not policing, especially in “communities of color.” Today I read that some universities are NOT going to require people applying for admission to submit standardized test scores. Voting by mail (all the better to steal the election with, my dears). It goes on and on.

      So President Trump and Senator Paul point out the importance of kids getting back to school and then what? ON CUE, they come up with this ill-defined (actually not even defined) “syndrome” among children that is “thought” to or “believed to be” “possibly” “linked to” the coronavirus, even though in one instance at least 1/3 of the kids with it did NOT have any evidence upon antibody or swab testing to have had coronavirus. The “Kawasaki-like” illness that is “rare,” but which, again ON CUE, Lord High Poobah Fauci declares means that schools can’t open until there’s a “cure” or a “vaccine.” Mind you, even the flu vaccine is only about 50% effective in good years. They’ve NEVER found a cure for the common cold (or a vaccine), which btw is a coronavirus! So what, Lord Fauci? Will we be LOCKED DOWN FOREVER? That’s one way to get Pelosi and AOC’s “universal income.” MANDATE EVERYONE TO NOT WORK. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And if kids are never educated, then guess what? They won’t be qualified to work at any job, anyway, except maybe flipping burgers or making coffee. Save the high paying tech jobs for the Indians and the Chinese, I suppose.

  15. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/05/14/gowdy-trump-family-unmasked-during-inauguration-day-surveillance-reports-wait-wha/

    That judge and the puppetmaster who gives him orders (read: Obama) are trying to force Trump to pardon Flynn or to drag this out until the election, hoping then they can continue to throw the book at Flynn and whoever else they want once they steal the election.

    • It’s also known that older people tend to have lower levels of Vitamin D. I can’t tell you how many older women I know who on blood tests are told they’re Vitamin D deficient. But it’s more common among other ages, too, probably because people wear so much sunscreen (fearing skin cancer) and also that kids and adults spend so much time inside on their computers these days, instead of outside, enjoying the sunlight. As with everything else, too, we older people don’t manufacture our own Vitamin D from sunlight as easily as we used to, when young. So let’s all get out there and enjoy the sunlight and the spring weather. When I read what they said about UV light disinfecting things, the first thing I thought was: Yeah, the vultures learned that millions of years ago.

  16. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/rumblings-john-brennans-company-may-linked-deep-state-leaks-spying/

    Wouldn’t it be loverly if things came full circle and it turned out that investigations proved that his firm ALSO “cauterized” (aka disappeared) Obama’s passport records proving his ineligibility for the presidency, as we suspected and as the passport breach story indicated?

    Read it and weep again: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/passportgate-a-history/

    Is it possible that our tears will turn to tears of joy?

    • “The notorious dust-up at the FBI’s Washington Field Office in March 2016 is a strong data point indicating that the FBI was involved in it, with contractors – people who weren’t government employees – being able to view USPI material. The unauthorized viewing by contractors was a major issue, exposed to the public in Judge Rosemary Collyer’s orders after the FISA court review was released in 2017.

      There are other opinions on this, but I believe there is a strong argument that there were two agencies involved in that particular case: the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). The exposed contractors were very likely to be individuals from the same company who worked government contracts that that company held with both agencies.

      The company is the one John Brennan was president of from 2005 to 2009: The Analysis Corporation. A major reason this hypothesis resonates is that the TAC contract with both agencies is for database maintenance and analysis. (The contracts are still active. They were very long ones, obtained in 2008 and 2009, running into hundreds of millions of dollars.)

      The other major reason is that in 2012, Brennan set up the close collaboration of the FBI and NCTC on precisely the data we’re concerned about – USPI – when he was Obama’s counterterrorism czar. …”

      The Analysis Corporation. STILL working for the government after all these years. Back then, maintaining the passport database. Conveniently “cauterizing” it of “embarrassing” information about candidate Barack Obama.

    • As I again read my post from way back when about the passport breach, I notice themes that resound today: media disinformation and obfuscation; media minimizing the seriousness of the event by creating a meme about curious “snooping” (versus the more-nefarious purpose: to hide, delete, bury information that could affect Obama’s election); removal of an IG for political purposes at a crucial time, replaced by a more Obama-friendly guy who presented the final investigation report (compare to current media and DemoncRAT screams about Trump’s recent removal of IGs); a reporter finding out about the breach before Condoleeza Rice even knew (iow, leaks to the media to get in front of the story); heavily redacted final report on the investigation (but where is Judicial Watch to ask for that final unredacted report today, which is and was unclassified?); disappeared records; missing audit trails; nobody looking at backups to find pertinent information; media collusion with the Obama campaign; implications of details from metadata (compared to DNC exfiltration, e.g.); and employees who are more like Deep State agents than real workers, being inserted into just the right place at just the right time to further the nefarious plots.

      It would be nice if Judicial Watch would request some of these documents and reports that were denied to us during the Obama regime. I’d like to see the full report on the passport breach as well as the Selective Service information, for starters. I’d also like to see those passport records from SAD and the INS records from the week of Barry’s alleged birth.

  17. I think he was hatched! 😆

  18. Zenway, Call Home!!!! ❤

    • Oh, ha, ha. I just posted that to your earlier comment. Great minds. I’m glad this guy came back to talk about it but you know what? He says he knew in 2016. We knew in 2007, didn’t we? Way back when we first got together at the previous blog? But surely by 2008 when we were talking here about his creepy demeanor and all the “tells” in his NLP speechifying. Phony from the get go. Anybody with ANY experience with sociopathic narcissists could spot it from a mile away. Only sycophantic people and those prone to Stockholm syndrome would succumb.

  19. Chopper Presser!

    • That’s a shame. NOT! I don’t know about you, but from now on I’m checking the source of EVERYTHING I buy. No more Chinese mushrooms. The ones from Illinois are better, anyway. No more “china” from China. I’m not buying ANYTHING from them if I can help it. Their goal is to destroy us, to take us over, to dominate us. NEVER submit.

      You know how the DemoncRATS and other progressives love to “nudge” people into doing what they want? Does anyone besides me think that it’s just a hop and a jump from facemask to hijab?

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