Check Your Spam Folder Daily

As the 2020 presidential campaign heats up, here’s a reminder for all deplorables:  Be sure to check your spam folder carefully every day to ensure that you’re not missing important conservative news.

With Big Brother Social Media censoring conservative voices apace–most recently InfoWars and (amazingly enough even) Paul Joseph Watson–it’s crucial for conservatives to sign up for email newsletters to keep abreast of things that progressives would prefer you not know about. After signing up for conservative emails and newsletters,

check your spam folders daily!

With Big Brother Social Media shutting down conservative voices, email (and snail mail) may be the only way left for the “Deplorable Underground” to communicate.

Here’s an interesting comment from “Jan Turner”, who provides some background (and a little hope) about whether or not social media censorship is legal:

Contrary to the refrain from the ignorant on this site, NO Facebook does NOT have the right to ban anybody they want.

For the past 20 years Facebook and other big networks have operated under a loose legal arrangement where, in exchange for immunity from responsibility, they have agreed to be “de facto” public squares.

The Supreme Court long ago stated that private companies operating public squares may *not* exclude speech and use private property as an excuse.

We can only hope that the President does something about this illegal activity pronto.

If this outrageous censorship is not stopped, and soon, We the People may never again see our chosen candidates win another election.

Unfortunately, email providers also seem to make use of “algorithms” that are easily modified to conveniently and sneakily suppress conservative voices. One recent study proves that

MULTIPLE email providers helped to fix [the 2018] midterm elections for Democrats.

With their willing allies in progressive social media, they’re fixin’ to fix another election. And the one after that, and the one after that.

But We the People don’t have to depend upon studies to know what’s up with the Progressive American Taliban–the U.S. version of the Taliban.

They’re nothing more than authoritarian thought police, speech police, culture police, even religious police, when you recognize the abundant similarities between radical orthodox religious cults and progressivism.

See for yourself. Subscribe to some conservative email newsletters (you might start here and here.) Then watch how conservative missives overwhelmingly end up in the spam folder, where the Progressive American Taliban hope you will never find them.

Over the past few days, over 30 emails from various conservatives sites were buried in my spam folder, even though I’ve repeatedly flagged email from these sites as “not spam.”

Messages from mainstream media sites, however, never end up in spam. Never. Isn’t that odd? Maybe not.

Some suspect that even online booksellers, like Amazon, are censoring conservative thought by suppressing the sales of books by conservative authors.

What’s fascinating is that so many progressive-minded businesses work against their own best interests and the financial well-being of their investors, prioritizing the promotion of political and cultural proclivities over the bottom line. This would also seem to be illegal. Don’t companies owe their investors ethical fiduciary competence? When, if ever, will the injured file a class action lawsuit?

For those who would argue that there’s no bias in these actions because, after all, Louis Farrakhan was thrown in as the token leftist in the latest round of banning, how do you explain this?

A woman’s account has been suspended by Facebook for demanding the platform ban users calling for President Trump’s assassination.  

Got that?!! Suspended for daring to criticize those who promote violence AGAINST the President of the United States!

As we patiently wait for President Trump, Attorney General Barr, the FEC, the Commerce Dept., the FCC, and perhaps even the FBI, to investigate this potentially criminal conspiracy, you may want to look into using alternative social media platforms, such as those found here and here.

Mr. President, MIFA:

Make the Internet Free Again!


15 responses to “Check Your Spam Folder Daily


    Censorship of another kind: The “DOJ tells the court they want to keep the Comey Journal (memos) hidden from public review …”

    Of course they do, because who wants to “tarnish” the wholly undeserved good reputation of the “first African American POTUS” by revealing the truth of the corruption and mendacity of Obama and his entire administration?

    Comey needs to be frog-marched (Pepe-marched?) into prison in a spiffy new orange jumpsuit. And Wray, based upon his most recent performance wherein he seemed to imply that there was no “spying” on Trump or his campaign, needs to be FIRED ASAP. Just my opinion, while I’m still allowed one.

  2. btw, phrase of the day: “by the book.” Uttered by Barry in the infamous Susan Rice email to self. Uttered recently to Congress by WRAY, of all people, talking about not having seen any spying but that they’ll make sure everything is “by the book.” And in this article explaining how Comey’s ass is on the hot seat.

    So wait and watch for the media, once the shite hits the fan. OMG, it was all “by the book.” Nothing to see here, folks, MOVE ON.

  3. This explains it. So we have Jerry Falwell’s speculative joke to thank for the head spinning by Pelosi et al, fearful once again that POTUS won’t accept the results of the election. Remind me: WHO was it who didn’t and still won’t accept the results of the last presidential election?

    Note the part about POTUS and Barry’s amazing missing BC.

    You have to laugh at the writer’s stupidity. Talks about how Trump is a master troller, then asks why, if he’s got nothing to hide, Trump doesn’t want Mueller to testify. My answer: Trolling again. He WANTS Mueller to testify, because Mueller, for his own reputation, CANNOT and probably will not withstand the withering questioning of Republicans who WILL ask why he didn’t investigate Hillary’s collusion with the Russians, why he didn’t even ask Papadopoulos about Mifsud (I think it was Mifsud), why he left out such critical context in most of the narrative of his “report” (for example, how he and the FBI and CIA and all the lawyers KNEW that Page was NOT a Russian agent because PAGE HIMSELF WORKED FOR AND WITH THE FBI against Russians!). I think Trump’s goading all of them.

    I also believe, does this sound credible/probable, that the reason the DemoncRATS want the entire unredacted report, including the evidence, is that they want to/need to poison the ongoing cases. Leaks WILL occur. The defendants in any ongoing cases (e.g., Comey) will then be able to cry foul and get off the hook. Maybe even Hillary and Barry. Who knows?

  4. Rally👏

    • Now Roger Stone is asking for the full report, to help in his defense. He’s also asking for the Crowdstrike reports on the alleged “Russian hacking” of the DNC, etc., because it pertains to his defense. IF (as we suspect) there was NO “Russian hacking” involved, then anything they’re trying to pin on Stone is immaterial. They claim he was in contact with Wikileaks, allegedly perhaps conspiring with them to release emails to damage Clinton, and that the Russians were involved. But none of this is true, apparently, because Wikileaks says that Russians did NOT give them the emails and forensic examinations (that Mueller conveniently refused to consider) seem to prove that it was NOT a hack from outside, byt it was an inside job, so NOT by Russians (unless, of course, the allegation in the ridiculous dossier is true–that the DNC had been infiltrated by a Russian spy. But an inside job, a download by a planted agent, is NOT a “hack,” as Crowdstrike claimed it was.) As we know, the FBI never examined the DNC server and there’s NO EVIDENCE that would stand up in court (no chain of custody, either, even if there were evidence), so Mueller cannot prove there was any underlying “crime” upon which to hang Stones alleged collusion (or lie, whatever it is they’re trying to charge him with).

      It’s interesting that Stone got some of the Crowdstrike reports but they were redacted heavily. HOW RIDICULOUS! This is a private company responding to a court-ordered discovery and they redacted information AS IF THEY’RE PART OF THE GOVERNMENT, subject to national security provisions! They should be held in contempt of court for not supplying the information in the first place. Instead, Stone has to especially petition the court (run by an Obama-appointed and loving judge) to order the full reports sent to him, when the judge should have on her own just ordered the company to fulfill the subpoena’s requirements.

  5. The transcript of AG Barr’s opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  6. FITZGIBBONS: DOJ Should Charge House Dems With Extortion For Barr Contempt Threat.


    Please go read the thread at that link. It’s on an older open thread, but it’s current news. I’d like to know everybody’s take on what’s going on with this Pras Michel indictment for campaign finance crimes during the 2012 election. This guy is tied up with the Somali pirate incident. He’s a good friend of Barry’s. This happened only a few months into Barry’s first term–the Maersk pirate incident, I mean. What’s up with the sudden indictment of him? What did Barry know not only about the campaign finance scandal where FOREIGN MONEY was laundered into Barry’s (and other progs.) campaigns AND what did he know about WHY Pras was hanging with the pirates?

  8. Can anyone explain why this tweet doesn’t break Twitter’s community standards based upon PERSONAL ATTACK on our beautiful First Lady? Harassing her and calling her disgusting names. WHY is James Woods banned, Michelle Malkin banned, and yet this self-described porn “star” is allowed to keep her account?


    They’re baaaack.

    “A homegrown Islamic terrorist training camp was discovered in Alabama recently.
    The property belongs to terrorist Siraj Wahhaj who was arrested at a camp in New Mexico.

    Wahhaj was training children at the dump for terror attacks. …

    Siraj ibn Wahhaj is the son of a Brooklyn imam who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.”

    Didn’t they give the children back to the sisters (or were they wives)?

    A refresher:


    Brilliant. Will they call Dr. Director Carson a “racist?”

    “The Trump administration on Friday moved forward with a proposed rule to make it harder for illegal immigrants to access federally subsidized housing — the latest crackdown by the administration on immigrants who use public assistance.

    The rule, proposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and posted in the Federal Register, would require that those seeking public housing would be subject to verification of their immigration status. Only families in which every member is either a citizen or a legal resident would qualify for federally subsidized housing. Currently families where at least one person is either a citizen or green card holder can get federal assistance, even if other family members are not. …”

    It’s about time somebody got serious about protecting the hard-earned tax dollars of U.S. citizens. Ha, ha. That rule about every member of the family having to be legal will hinder those who believe in “family reunification” by hauling “unaccompanied minors” illegally across the border only to send them to live with “relatives” in our communities. The kid is illegal. Therefore, the family CAN’T be living in subsidized housing.

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