Gordo’s PC Hints!

Welcome to Gordo’s PC Hints!

For those of us at WTPOTUS who are searching for help regarding computer applications, this is the where we will place valuable  information.   One of our readers, Gordo, has helped us with major hints and advice.   For his advice, assistance,  and easily understood directions,  we name this page, ” Gordo’s PC Hints.”

If you have a question or a comment about certain computer programs, we hope he will continue to help us by providing links  and/or commentary.

With the onset of Google tracking,  Gordo’s advice led us to start using “Do Not Track Plus.”   Those of us now using that application are amazed at the results.  We are definitely satisfied recipients and greatly appreciate his help.   Thanks Gordo!

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  1. Want the capability of playing videos in your “Windows Media Player” downloaded by above video downloaders? You can by installing this codec pack.
    “K-Lite Codec Pack Basic”

    “K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of components needed for audio and video playback in DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player, Media Center, and Media Player Classic. This Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your movie files. You should be able to play all the popular movie formats and even some rare formats.

    It contains everything you need to play all common audio and video file formats. It also provides additional functionality such a thumbnail generation in Explorer.”

    During installation:

    >>>>> Do NOT select “Windows Media Player” (can do this later).

    >>>>> If taken to ‘update site’, click to download update — use majorgeeks.com.

  2. Hi Gordo
    I upgraded to windows 7 from vista and now my computer doesn’t load the user screen in windows
    It won’t let me reinstall….. It says I should restart normally but then it goes into c prompt in x drive …. \…32
    I don’t know what to tell it
    Everything seems to still be on my c drive ( I was able to get to it) but it won’t load on startup
    Do you have any suggestions? I would appreciate it

    • I’m still on Vista, so don’t know anything about 7.

      Are your important files backed-up someplace? [You can’t have too many back-ups! I use four external harddrives for data back-up and c-drive images. (c-drive only has the operating system and some applications for a total of about 12 GBs.)]

      Never had any problem like you described. This is what I would try [Remember, I’ve had no training in any of this ‘stuff’, so it may not be the correct way to deal with your situation.]:

      1) Find some way (another PC) to download and install “Parted Magic”(PM) on a flashdrive or cd.
      2) Boot your PC from the flashdrive/cd into “PM”.
      3) Use “Mount Devices” in “PM” to transfer any important files from the c-drive to another harddrive/flashdrive.
      4) Use “Disk Eraser” in “PM” to wipe the c-drive.
      5) Use “Partition Editor” in “PM” to prepare c-drive.
      6) Install Windows 7 on c-drive.
      “Parted Magic (ISO)”

      “Parted Magic is a bootable Linux-based environment that’s primarily designed to handle most partitioning and hard drive-related tasks.

      … And you don’t have to install anything to make it work – just burn the download ISO file to a disc, boot from it and go to work.


      An impressive list of tools, packed with essential hard drive, partitioning and data recovery-related functionality. And while some apps require Linux expertise, the core features really don’t – Parted Magic will be very accessible to most Windows users, even if they’ve never tried Linux before.”

      Can use this to put the “Parted Magic” ISO on a flashdrive:

      “Universal USB Installer”

      “The Universal USB Installer is a tiny tool which makes it easy to copy a Linux live CD to a USB stick, … .

      And finally, clicking Create will transfer the LiveCD files to your USB stick (overwriting any current contents), and make it bootable, ready for immediate use. (Although of course this will only work if your hardware supports USB booting, and it’s enabled in the BIOS, so you may want to confirm that if the system won’t boot from your drive.)”


  3. Thank you so much
    I will try that next
    I do want to try to fix the master boot file first
    And hope that will save it all
    I have recovery disk but not sure how to use them
    While I know everything is still in place, I want to try to
    Keep everything

    I do have backups but….. Never feel there are enough!

  4. “Video to Video is an amazingly powerful video converter”

    “If you’re looking for a free video converter then there are now plenty of great free programs around, which is plainly very good news for the end user.

    Software developers, though, are having to cram in ever more features to help their converter stand out from the crowd – and Video to Video is a particularly strong example.”

    >>>>> Download from “MajorGeeks” site.

    “Video To Video Converter”

    “Video to Video converter is a software for converting between various video and audio formats. Today there are a lot of different video and audio formats, different devices support various video formats, therefore in order to watch video and audio material on different devices you need to convert it, which means to adjust it to the device being used.

    Video converter is feature-rich and allows you to convert almost all existing formats. It is possible to convert video and audio files to DivX or XviD format for watching movies on TV, HD formats for LCD, Plasma TVs, almost all types of mobile phones, android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, to prepare videos for the internet, conversion/authoring of video DVD formats, QuickTime, convert for uploading to YouTube, various rare and specific codecs etc.”

    >>>>> Use download from MajorGeeks option.


  5. Want to edit (for example, remove commercials) from downloaded or screen-recorded videos? You can use the “Commercial Remover” tool in “Video To Video Converter”.

    “Video To Video Converter”:


    I’ve had better results with “SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV”. If necessary, convert videos to AVI. Screen-recorded videos from “BB FlashBack Express” need to be exported to AVI (use Xvid codec).

    “BB FlashBack Express”:


    • “SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV”

      “SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV is a free video editor for fast and lossless AVI and MKV editing. This freeware AVI editor is small, smart, easy to use and involves no encoding/decoding processes. No video / audio degradation and out of sync problem arises after editing. All AVI and MKV file types of any size and video / audio content are supported.

      With AVI Trimmer + MKV you can do the folowing things:

      Edit movie for YouTube.
      Get rid of TV tips in your AVI.
      Cut or edit out any AVI part you want to.
      Remove audio stream form AVI file.”

      ****** “Limitations: This program is advertising supported and may offer to install third party programs that are not required for the program to run. These may include a toolbar, changing your homepage, default search engine or other third party programs. Please watch the installation carefully to opt out.”

      >>>>> Un-check: “Install WMP Trimmer Plugin on this Computer(Optional)”

      >>>>> Use download from MajorGeeks option.

      It’s ‘clean’ at “VirusTotal”:

      File name: SolveigMM_AVI_Trimmer_2_0_1203_13.exe

      Detection ratio: 0/45

      Analysis date: 2013-04-28 18:15:07 UTC


  6. How do I insert my NEW message between two messages….?
    I have never done that….. thanks….. u

  7. “YouTube” Full Movies:


    Click-on a movie to find MANY more displayed along right-side of screen.
    Want to have your own “YouTube” Movie Collection?

    If so:

    Easy-to-use “YouTube” video downloader (combined with a very high-quality audio/video player).


    1) Paste movie’s URL in search box.

    2) Follow steps at above link.

  8. This is a fun page…. ALL MY FAVES….


  9. Gordo, any idea what software or tool to use if I wanted a student to load up their rough draft on my website and I would then mark it up and then they would log back in, pull it up and fix?

    • I don’t know anything about websites.

      You could use PDFs and emails instead of a website:

      1) The student emails you the rough draft as a PDF.
      2) You use “Foxit Reader (& Printer)” to mark it up.
      3) When finished, you create a PDF and email it to the student.

      [The “Foxit” description below mentions new document collaboration features.]
      “Foxit Reader”

      “… You’re able to highlight or strike out text, for instance, or insert text comments of your own. There are tools to draw shapes, arrows and lines, add callouts or text boxes. You can fill out, print and even save completed PDF forms, and a new spell-checker will highlight spelling errors and offer suggested alternatives for anything that you type.

      Other new features include a Text Viewer, which at a click removes complicated formatting to display a plain Notepad-type view of your document’s text. A Text Converter similarly saves a complete PDF document as a simple text file. It’s easy to embed movies and audio files into your PDF documents. And Foxit Reader’s Safe Mode has been enhanced to offer even more protection from malicious PDF files.

      And new document collaboration features allow you to save your PDF files online and work on them with others, via almost any computer with a web browser. This is a commercial service, but a generous 3 month trial period means you’ve plenty of time to try it out. Check the site for more.”


  10. A basic (and fast) PDF reader:


    “SumatraPDF is a lightweight PDF reader which makes scant use of system resources and can even be run from a USB drive. The program offers faithful reproduction of PDF files and includes all of the features you would expect to find – a search facility, page navigation, zooming and more.

    If you’re looking for a PDF reader that focuses on speed rather than features, Sumatra PDF is the tool for you. While the program could hardly be described as feature-packed, it is often the case that you simply need to open a PDF rather than doing anything more exotic with it – and Sumatra PDF is perfect for this.


    If you are not too demanding of your PDF viewer and are looking for pure performance, Sumatra PDF is your ideal tool.”

    “doPDF” printer [link below] and “SumatraPDF” reader make a very good/’lightweight’ pair for those who only need basic PDF features.


  11. For your eyes:

    “NoSquint is a Firefox addon that can:

    — Override the default text-only and full-page (both text and images) zoom levels for all websites

    — Enforce your own foreground and background colors

    — Remember your zoom levels and color settings per site, automatically applying them when you return.”



    Firefox => Tools => Add-ons => Search all add-ons


    “F.lux makes the color of your computer’s monitor adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.”


    [I keep the color constant 24/7.]

  12. good morning GORDO,

    if you stop by, i was wondering if you could address a problem and offer a solution, if you can, regarding videos.

    recently i noticed that when i click on a video, it opens, and plays for up to 15 seconds and stops cold. there is no audio.

    i wasn’t able to listen to your videos last night. so i surfed around to see if it was just the ORYR videos and its across the board.
    and on another matter, same computer, when i vote to “like” a comment, it always adds 2 to the total. do you know why that happens?


  13. June 4, 2013

    “Zeus Malware Uses Facebook To Drain Bank Accounts”

    “The Zeus malware that drains bank accounts is back — and this time it’s alive and well on Facebook.

    TrendMicro recently published a chilling graph that demonstrated the resurgence of this classic Trojan virus which a Russian crime syndicate known as the Russian Business Network uses to steal money from victim’s bank accounts. The Zeus and related Trojan viruses surged in February and hit a peak in May.

    Despite being six years old, the Zeus malware continues to thrive. In its current incarnation, it is taking advantage of Facebook psychology to infect millions of computers in the United States.

    Unlike some malicious viruses, the Zeus malware doesn’t try to crash your computer. Instead, it waits quietly until the victim logs into a banking site and then harvests the log-in information so that the crime syndicate can drain the bank account.

    In an added twist, some versions can replace the genuine bank Web site with a lookalike page that asks you for Social Security numbers and other financial information. If you’ve recently been warned by your credit card company or bank not to answer those questions — as I have — well, now you know why….”

    “ZeuS/ZBOT Malware Shapes Up in 2013”

    “The notorious info-stealing ZeuS/ZBOT variants are reemerging with a vengeance, with increased activity and a different version of the malware seen this year.”


  14. June 22, 2013

    “MacBook Pro battery recall due to extreme fire hazards”

    “This recall involves both black and white ATG lithium-ion replacement batteries for MacBook Pro notebook computers. Model number “MC-MBOOK13B” is on the label of the black battery and model number “MC-BOOK13W” is on the label of the white battery. The ATG logo is on both batteries. The total number of batteries that fall under the recall notice are about 5,100 third-party replacement MacBook Pro batteries.

    The recall involves any batteries bough from Bestbuy.com and Partstore.com, or shipped to customers through the Geek Squad Protection fulfillment at Best Buy from September 2008 through June 2012.”


  15. “f.lux” revisited:

    Want to reduce reduce eye strain? If so, try f.lux. [I keep both the ‘Daytime’ and ‘At night’ settings at 3600K.]

    First post here:

    June 4, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    At “SnapFiles”:

    “F.lux by Michael Herf”

    “Adjust Monitor Brightness To The Time Of Day”

    “f.lux is a unique tool that automatically makes the color of your computer screen adapt to the time of day. The program calculates the adjustments based on your geographical location and the type of lighting you use at night. As the day progresses, f.lux will gradually adjust the screen brightness and color temperature to match your surroundings, resulting in a more comfortable work environment and less eye strain. If you find that the default night time values are too warm (yellowish) you can adjust them from the settings dialog. The program can be temporarily disabled from the system tray icon whenever you need to have colors displayed accurately (e.g for photo or design work).”


  16. Miri hijacking Gordo’s thread. Anybody who uses Mozilla Firefox might want to look into this add-on: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/mozillas-lightbeam-tool-will-expose-who-is-looking-over-your-shoulder-on-the-web-8902269.html

    “Just who is looking over your shoulder when you browse the Internet? Tomorrow, web users will be given a new tool to shine a light on the commercial organisations which track your every movement online.

    Lightbeam, a download produced by Mozilla, the US free software community behind the popular Firefox browser, claims to be a “watershed” moment in the battle for web transparency.

    Everyone who browses the Internet leaves a digital trail used by advertisers to discover what your interests are.

    Users who activate Lightbeam will be able to see a real-time visualisation of every site they visit and every third-party that is active on those sites, including commercial organisations which might potentially be sharing your data.

    Mozilla wants users who install the Lightbeam add-on to Firefox, to crowd-source their data, to produce the first “big picture” view of web tracking, revealing which third-parties are most active. …”

  17. October 29, 2013

    Byron Acohido:

    “Windows XP users six times more likely to be hacked”

    “SEATTLE — Microsoft’s venerable Windows XP operating system is six times more likely to be successfully hacked than newer Windows 7 and Windows 8 personal computers.

    Microsoft disclosed that metric at the RSA Conference in Amsterdam this morning. The software giant hopes to compel XP users to dump XP and upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 — before it ends all XP support, including issuing security patches. That will happen come April 8, 2014.

    Criminal hackers, as you might imagine, can’t wait until April 8. That’s because most consumers are clueless about the true scope of security risks. And thousands of companies, for economic and operational reasons, appear intent on continuing to use XP machines well after Microsoft officially stops supporting XP, which was launched in October 2001.

    Security experts anticipate that cybercriminals will move to take advantage. Historically, about two thirds of malware developed for Windows 7, for instance, work well on Windows XP, says Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer at cloud-based security firm Qualys.”


  18. Miri on December 24, 2013 at 9:20 am —

    “I’ll tell you what I spied at Orly’s site, so you won’t have to go there and have your browser locked up. (Happens to me every time.) …”

    You can use “Ixquick Proxy” to read Orly’s site (and others). Just do a search with “Startpage” or “Ixquick”, then click-on “View by Ixquick Proxy”.
    “Ixquick” – FAQ:

    “Q: I know some websites can infect my computer with viruses. How can Ixquick help?
    The Ixquick proxy can help protect you from viruses as you surf the web. One risk when using the Internet is that unscrupulous websites may place malicious software or viruses on your computer without your knowledge. Such software, commonly known as ‘spyware’ or ‘malware’, can compromise the security of your computer and cause performance problems. The Ixquick proxy protects you from this risk. When you use the proxy, you do not make direct contact with third-party websites. Ixquick interacts with the third-party website on your behalf, so the website can’t put software, viruses, or cookies on your computer.
    Note: Any time you click directly on a link from the Ixquick search results without using the proxy, you leave the protection of Ixquick and go directly to that third-party website.”


    “Ixquick Proxy Explained”


  19. At:

    ‘BIG’ url ==> ‘tiny’ url:
    using “TinyURL”:

    571 characters ==> 26 characters



    give recipients confidence with a preview TinyURL:


  20. PAY with CASH !!!
    January 30, 2014

    Lucian Constantin:

    “Tor-enabled malware stole credit card data from PoS systems at dozens of retailers”

    “Payment card data was stolen during the past three months from several dozen retailers that had their point-of-sale systems infected with a memory-scraping malware program called ChewBacca.

    This new report about the ChewBacca attack campaign comes after recent confirmations that RAM-scraping malware was found on PoS terminals at retailers Target and Neiman Marcus, leading to the compromise of over 41 million credit card details.
    The number of attacks with PoS malware has been on the rise since last year. At the beginning of December, Arbor Networks and another security firm called IntelCrawler identified several attack campaigns with different variants of a PoS RAM scraping malware called Dexter.”

    February 4, 2014

    Robert Lemos:

    “‘ChewBacca’ Malware Poses Big, Hairy Security Problem for Retailers”

    “A criminal group has used custom-built malicious software, cheekily named “ChewBacca,” to infect systems at more than 45 retailers and steal their customers’ credit- and debit-card details, according to an analysis published by security firm RSA.

    Once installed, the ChewBacca malware monitors the memory of running processes and checks for data that matches the format of credit and debit cards. The software, also known as a RAM scraper, is similar—but not the same program—used in the attacks that stole 40 million payment-card accounts from Target and more than a million accounts from Neiman Marcus, Uri Fleyder, cyber-crime research lab manager at RSA, told eWEEK.”


  21. You can use “VirusTotal” to check URLs. [Wish it wasn’t owned by Google.]

    Go to this link and paste URL:


    “VirusTotal is a website that provides free checking of files for viruses. … Users can also scan suspect URLs … .

    Friday, 7 September 2012 it was announced that Google Inc. had acquired VirusTotal.”


  22. “Should you run more than one antivirus program at the same time?”


    You want to know whether you should run more than one antivirus program at the same time.


    Symantec strongly recommends that you run only one antivirus program at a time. Having more than one antivirus program active in memory uses additional resources and can result in program conflicts, false virus alerts, and lowered protection.

    Risks of using more than one antivirus program

    Antivirus and antispyware programs are generally written with the expectation that they will interrupt actions taken by other programs, in the interest of security. If more than one such program is running, there are a number of ways in which they can interfere with each other.”


  23. Gordo, when you have time, can you answer this?
    Why does my audio go off sometimes? I try to play a video, but there’s no sound. I can mute it by pushing a button right above my keyboard and then I can “un-mute” it by pushing it again. Also, I can increase or decrease the sound with other buttons over the keyboard. Sometimes, however, the sound is muted (off, and all by itself) but the button above the keyboard won’t work. Then I have to go to the IDT Audio display window, from the control panel, and unclick a button that says “mute” below an image of a speaker. There’s also a slider where I can increase or decrease the volume.

    So, if you know, WHAT IS IT that turns off the button above my keyboard and forces me to go into the control panel–IDT Audio–to modify the way audio plays? It drives me nuts sometimes! Thanks in advance.

    • Just NOW saw your post.
      Are you having trouble playing videos on (1) websites, (2) downloaded videos and/or (3) cd-dvd videos?

      What audio/video player are you using?
      I would be sure to have the latest “Adobe Flash Player(s)” installed (also important for security).

      Go to:

      Download and install “VLC Media Player”. Make it your default audio/video player.

      Go to:


      • On websites. I’m pretty sure it’s Adobe Flash Player. I’m just curious about why the volume gets muted sometimes, without me doing a thing! Thank you for the tips.

      • “No sound on videos”

        “If you don’t hear sound when playing a YouTube video, try these troubleshooting steps:

        “Adjust the volume on your computer and speakers.
        Adjust the volume control located in the lower left corner of the YouTube video player.
        Restart your browser.
        Try turning up the volume for other video players (like Quicktime, Real Player, or Windows Media player).

        If you still have no sound after completing the steps above, these additional tips may help:

        Update your Flash Player to the latest version.
        Allow third-party Flash content on your computer. Learn more by visiting Adobe’s help page.
        Check any Antivirus and Firewall software to see if its blocking third-party Flash content.”

        “Update Adobe Flash Player”

        “Most videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash Player, a plug-in for your web browser. Having the latest version of Adobe Flash Player ensures the best viewing experience, and usually resolves the following situations:

        You’re having trouble playing videos
        You see the error message “You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video” when trying to view a video

        Here’s how to upgrade to the latest version:

        Check your Flash Player version
        Download the latest version
        Exit your browser once you’ve downloaded the file
        Open the Adobe Flash Player Installer on your computer to complete the installation process

        If you have any issues during the installation process, visit Adobe’s help page.”


      • February 4, 2014

        Dara Kerr:

        “Adobe issues emergency Flash update for Windows and Mac”

        “Adobe is recommending that users update their Flash Players immediately — especially those who frequent Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The company released an emergency security bulletin on Tuesday that addresses vulnerabilities in Flash, which could be exploited by hackers.

        This vulnerability could allow an attacker to remotely take control of the affected system,” Adobe wrote in a blog post. “Adobe is aware of reports that an exploit for this vulnerability exists in the wild, and recommends users apply the updates referenced in the security bulletin.”

        Adobe assigned a Priority 1 rating to the vulnerabilities being exploited on Windows and Macintosh and advised users of both operating systems to install the update. That rating — Adobe’s highest threat level — identifies “vulnerabilities being targeted, or which have a higher risk of being targeted, by exploit(s) in the wild. …”

        February 21, 2014

        Warwick Ashford:

        “Adobe releases second critical security update for Flash Player in three weeks”

        “In a security bulletin, Adobe said the updates address vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.”


  24. “Comodo Dragon”

    “Comodo Dragon is a freeware web browser. It is based on Chromium and is produced by Comodo Group. Sporting a similar interface to Google Chrome, Dragon does not implement Chrome’s user tracking …”

    At the Comodo site:

    “… A Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Chrome’s features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo.”

    Download from:


  25. “Comodo IceDragon”

    “Comodo IceDragon is a Firefox-based web browser from the Comodo Group. It is intended to be faster and more secure than Firefox. IceDragon is provided as freeware.”


    At the Comodo site:

    “Comodo IceDragon is a fast and versatile Internet browser based on Mozilla Firefox which features several security, performance and feature enhancements over the core build. Fully compatible with Firefox plug-ins and extensions, IceDragon combines the freedom and functionality of Firefox with the unparalleled security and privacy of Comodo.”


    Download from:


    • Have you used this, Gordo? It sounds promising.

      • Have used “IceDragon” [and “Dragon”] since it first became available.

        • So I have another question. I use CCleaner. When I open it, I see these applications: Firefox/Mozilla, Adobe, etc. I don’t see IceDragon. Do I have to add it somehow?

          • Oh! And do you use that virtual browsing?

          • “I don’t see IceDragon.”

            “CCleaner” ‘sees’ “IceDragon” as “Firefox” and “Dragon” as “Google Chrome”.
            There are portable (not installed => self-contained) versions of “IceDragon” and “Dragon”. Choose either installed or portable at the beginning.

            “Firefox” also has a portable version, download here:


            I’ve been using installed “IceDragon” and portable “Firefox”. The portable versions can be put on flash drives, external drives and/or the C-drive.
            “… do you use that virtual browsing?”

            No. I run ALL my browsers in “Sandboxie”. You need “Comodo Internet Security (CIS) 6.3”, I use an older version (just the firewall).

            About “Virtual Mode”:

            “Virtual Mode allows you to surf the Internet with far greater protection against online threats. With this feature enabled, Comodo IceDragon will run in a fully virtualized sandbox which is totally isolated from your real computer. Any threats, scripts or malware you many encounter while on the Internet will not be able to infect your real computer and all temporary Internet data will be written to a virtual file system.


            To use virtual mode, Comodo Internet Security (CIS) 6.3 or above must be installed on your computer. This is because CIS provides the underlying virtualization technology required by Virtual Mode. CIS is completely free of charge and features a fully-fledged antivirus scanner, an award-winning firewall, a host intrusion prevention system, a sandbox for untrusted software and many other essential security features.”


            • Thanks. I was wondering how this works. So far, so good. It basically works like the Firefox browser. One thing, though: Asked me if I wanted to bring over my bookmarks. I said yes, but it didn’t do it. No problem. I have too many of them, anyway, so needed a new start.

  26. “DaveProxy – Your Free Web Proxy / US Based Proxy Server”

    “If you require a US based proxy server that lets you anonymously surf the web to the sites you want DaveProxy.us is the place as we’re one of the most stable of US proxies on the net. If you’re blocked from top sites like facebook, spotify, hulu, twitter, youtube, bebo, myspace, ebay, torrents, VOD, MTV and other sites, then you can use our US based free proxy server to access them.

    DaveProxy.us provides an anonymous free public proxy service. Our server is based in the US so you can access US only content and bypass any geoip restrictions.”

    Used “VirusTotal” to check site.

    Results at:

    Detection ratio:
    0 / 52

    Analysis date:

  27. furtive 103p · 5 days ago @ BR
    To post videos:

    1. Copy URL of youtube Only
    2. At top of empty box here, click “embed video”
    3. It drops down.
    4. Paste address of YouTube video
    5, if it has a “https” remove the “s”
    6. Click “embed video”
    7. Then skip a LINE in the posting box, & paste the url to the next line for reference for others.

    For photos
    I think you need to use photo bucket?
    Reply to a “father time” or ” Barry Soetoro esq” post. They know.

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