Pants On Fire, Again.

Today we learn that the Biden administration has been lying to us all along about the topic of our last post: The illegal and unconstitutional raid on the home of President Trump and the alleged “integrity” of the Dept. of Justice, including the FBI.

Joe Biden’s spokesperson outright lied to the American people when she claimed, without evidence I might add, that Biden didn’t even know about the impending raid and learned about it on the news.

Now John Solomon has proved otherwise unless, that is, Biden’s cabal are admitting that the executive branch pulled this stunt without consulting the president, who stands to lose politically by the blowback.

Long before it professed no prior knowledge of the raid on Donald Trump’s estate, the Biden White House worked directly with the Justice Department and National Archives to instigate the criminal probe into alleged mishandling of documents, allowing the FBI to review evidence retrieved from Mar-a-Lago this spring and eliminating the 45th president’s claims to executive privilege, according to contemporaneous government documents reviewed by Just the News.

The memos show then-White House Deputy Counsel Jonathan Su was engaged in conversations with the FBI, DOJ and National Archives as early as April, shortly after 15 boxes of classified and other materials were voluntarily returned to the federal historical agency from Trump’s Florida home.

By May, Su conveyed to the Archives that President Joe Biden would not object to waiving his predecessor’s claims to executive privilege, a decision that opened the door for DOJ to get a grand jury to issue a subpoena compelling Trump to turn over any remaining materials he possessed from his presidency.

Is it true that Biden didn’t know or are they, as usual, parsing words?

Did Biden know only that his minions were unconstitutionally and illegally waiving the former president’s executive privileges with no authority to do so, but Biden didn’t know why they were taking this unprecedented step or realize what would come next, like an FBI raid instigated by a criminal investigation of Trump?

Or did Biden know there would be a raid but not exactly when it would happen? He didn’t know about the raid. He learned about it in the newspaper. See how that works?

Is Joe Biden calling the shots or not? If not, then who the hell is? Don’t We the People deserve to know?

If you read carefully, parse carefully, examine what’s said and not said, it seems apparent that these plotters arrived at the decision without pinning the blame on any particular person. Each person involved can and will blame another. Consider:

Su conveyed to the Archives that President Joe Biden would not object to waiving his predecessor’s claims to executive privilege …

Then this from the National Archivist Debra Steidel Wall, writing to Trump’s attorney:

The Counsel to the President has informed me that, in light of the particular circumstances presented here, President Biden defers to my determination, in consultation with the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, regarding whether or not I should uphold the former President’s purported ‘protective assertion of executive privilege,’ … I have therefore decided not to honor the former President’s ‘protective’ claim of privilege.

So Biden, if it really was Biden doing the deferring, turned this monumental decision over to a minion at the National Archives, allowing her to decide to ignore the executive privilege of the former PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?!!!


How many rungs down the ladder is this woman from a president? She must believe she isn’t ultimately responsible because, she claimed, she was acting upon the advice of Biden’s Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel!  Not even upon the advice of the Attorney General himself.

Does she believe that a president’s claim of executive privilege is subordinate to her perception that the claim is only “purported?”

What possessed this woman to accept the blame and then admit it to Trump’s lawyers?

Who told her that Biden has the authority to waive Trump’s executive privilege, much less the authority to pass that decision on to her, of all people?

What a bunch of weasels, by the way, to defer the decision to a low level minion at the National Archives who has no authority to overrule a decision by a president to claim executive privilege. None of them can fall back on the Presidential Records Act because, obviously, Congress can’t make any such law that supersedes the authority of a President to run the executive branch and to decide what is a presidential record and what is not.

So Biden deferred the decision. The Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel only advised her. And then this Archivist herself went out on that limb all by herself, apparently.

All of them will stand in a circle and point the finger of blame at the others.

What audacity!

Ultimately, what was the purpose of this unprecedented raid? My guess: To vacuum up every piece of paper they could find in Trump’s residence to READ. To LEARN everything about Trump, his businesses, his personal life.

That was their purpose. The so-called criminal investigation is the cover story. The goal was not to gather evidence of crimes; the goal was political espionage.

They wanted to read everything in Trump’s office and residence. This is Watergate on steroids, but instead of an illegal burglary they relied upon lawfare, perpetrated by a weaponized, politicized DOJ, to place a sheen of legality over the raid.

But they had a warrant! And it was signed by a magistrate!

Did the magistrate just walk out onto that limb all by himself, too?

That warrant, even an 8th grader with rudimentary knowledge of U.S. history and the Constitution would recognize as an unconstitutional “general warrant.”

Just like King George’s thugs, Biden’s sucked up everything they could find, including Trump’s passports!

President Trump has stated that some documents stolen in the raid were protected by executive privilege or attorney/client privilege.

But will any of that stop Trump’s enemies in the Deep State from READING the documents and using whatever they find to damage him? Of course not.

Will it stop them from leaking whatever they find, illegally, to the media? Of course not.

Many speculate that the plotters wanted to gather up and hide any documents that would show the American people the extent of the weaponization of the FBI and the entire DOJ against President Trump, from the days of Obama/Biden to the new Biden/Obama regime, as well as to protect Hillary Clinton. All is likely, but consider what else might be in Trump’s office: His 2024 campaign strategy, or business records related to Truth Social, which is also under investigation by Biden’s rogue regime.

The Biden regime, including all its supporters in Congress, the media, and the Deep State, are fighting for their lives to keep power by any means necessary.

They’ve already cowed most social media companies into submission. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube among others already bow to the regimen’s demands to remove commentary by anyone opposed to the Biden regime, on the excuse that it’s misinformation, disinformation, damages election integrity and our “democracy,” or encourages “potential domestic terrorism.”

Trump got around unconstitutional government-induced censorship by creating his own social media company, which grows daily in popularity.

Would it be surprising to learn that Trump’s opponents are using lawfare, through the weaponized DOJ, to stop truths coming out on Truth Social during the 2024 election cycle (or even before, if possible)?

A final question:

Who are the true deplorables?





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