Obama Mystery Theater: Vernon, Texas – Weekend Open Thread

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With a huge hat tip to kittycat77 and Bridgette, here’s a montage of images from a news story about Stanley Ann Dunham’s days as an elementary school student in Vernon, Texas, circa 1951-1952.

First, in the interest of educating the people of the USA about Barack Hussein Obama’s family, here’s the text of the story in full:

Reported by: Ann Arnold

Just a few weeks after president Barack Obama took office, we’re learning he has a connection to Texoma.           

Long before anyone knew she would become the mother of the President of the United States, Stanley Ann Dunham, named after her father, lived in Vernon. That small part of her life might have been forgotten, if not for one curious resident of the Texoma town.

Derrel Wall, owner of the courtyard cafe in Vernon, says he heard a little tidbit on television that the president’s mother once lived in Vernon. He started doing a little research and found out it was true. 

He says, “Stanley Ann Dunham was a third grader at the time. She was 8-years-old. This was signed by Mrs. Stanley Dunham, of course that’s the grandmother who raised Obama, and died the day before he was elected.” 

This week Wall found a school annual with Dunham’s picture inside. In the basement of the Wilbarger County Courthouse, he found a school census form with her birthday, phone number and even the address of the home where she lived. 

He says, “Sometimes people ask me why I’m interested in where she lived. Well, I’m just interested in local history. Maybe this is just one more item that would bring people here.”           

The Dunham’s name was found in the Methodist Church roster from back in 1951, and we found several classmates who remembered playing with the future president’s mother. 

Kay Bellew says, “We were in fourth grade. She was in my bluebird group. She was a friend. Not a real close friend because she wasn’t here very long. She was a very sweet girl that everyone liked.”

Francis Lowe was Dunham’s classmate. She says, “She was very nice, and very straight forward. We all liked her because she was very honest and very genuine.”

After about a year, the Dunham’s packed up and headed for the west coast according to Wall’s research. He says the Obama connection is really no surprise. 

“Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, even people I visit with in this cafe, they all have a connection to Vernon, TX. We now have another connection,” Wall says.

After leaving Vernon, Wall says the Dunham’s moved to Washington State, California and Hawaii.

As reported by Bridgette, this article was “scrubbed”; the link she had no longer worked. However, I found it in a roundabout way, which seems to indicate that perhaps the story (I find no date on it) was updated or modified after originally being published. The current link is not archived at WayBack Machine, so it’s not possible to tell if the story’s been “modified” in any way.  The site uses that tricksy “robots text”.  Why?

It’s of note that one of the chief informants about Stanley Ann’s high school days on Mercer Island, in Washington State, is a man known as Chip Wall.  How is it that Mr. Derrel Wall knew that Stanley Ann’s family moved to Washington State, California, and then to Hawaii?  Well, he does “research” her family, for some reason. Could he be a “birther”?  Somehow, I think not.

The house in Vernon, Texas, where the Dunhams allegedly lived at 2227 Roberts:

Have we seen that house before? 

Stanley Ann Dunham in the Hawkins Elementary school annual, when she was allegedly 8 years old:

Note that she looks nothing like another photo, allegedly of Stanley Ann Dunham in Oklahoma at elementary school.  Or does she?

The little girl in Mr. Derrel Wall’s booklet does, however, look like the grown woman who is being foisted off as the real mother of BHO II.

Full page from the booklet:

From another photo in the video (see story to view entire video):

The full page from which the previous photo was excerpted:

Two friends of SAD’s from those days.  The first is Kathryn (Kay) Robertson Bellew:

SAD in a school play (in the bolero jacket with sash):

In keeping with Obama tradition, we now see a copy of what looks like her school registration, although Mr. Wall refers to it as a census:

Interesting handwriting. Looks rather familiar.  Madelyn signs as “Mrs. Stanley A. Dunham”.  The child’s dob given: 11/29/1942.  A close up of the address:

Somebody can’t spell Stanley!  Do you see a phone number?  Who is J. B. Golden?  I seem to remember another Golden:

Coinkidinks ABOUND in the Obamaverse. Here’s a story about yet another Obama-connected Golden: Quin Golden, chief of staff for Obama’s very good friend Dr. Eric Whitaker.

So, what say u? OPEN THREAD.


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  1. http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/11/19/citizens-election-complaint-to-new-hampshire-officials/

    This writer crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s. What an indictment of Barry and the lame NH election board.

    What I gather from reading first hand accounts by GreginNH GregNH at Free Republic, apparently this board of losers will accept the paperwork so long as the person submits it. In the paperwork, the person swears to be eligible, but the board does nothing to verify that. In the case where a non-NBC was kept off the ballot, they say it was because he ADMITTED to being born in another country. So you get on the ballot, if you’re ineligible, so long as you are also DISHONEST. If you’re honest, they pitch you off. They don’t vet, even IF someone follows their procedure for challenging the person’s eligibility. Heads in the sand, deliberately. Under orders. No doubt about it.

  2. http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/11/19/presidential-candidate-follows-up-with-new-hampshire-ballot-law-commission/

    This writer makes a good point: Obama similarly admitted to not being a NBC by posting his bogus BC on the WH website, where it plainly states that his father was not a US citizen and was born in Africa.

  3. Miri,
    Do you have the link for Greg’s account in NH over at FR?


  4. Vernon, Texas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Vernon is a city in Wilbarger County, Texas, United States. As of the 2000 census, the population was 11,660; it was 11,077 in the 2005 census estimate. Vernon is the county seat of Wilbarger County.[3]

    Vernon is the birthplace of rock and roll singer/musician Roy Orbison and jazz trombonist Jack Teagarden. It is the hometown of fiddle player Eck Robertson. Lawyer Kenneth Starr (special prosecutor of U.S. President Bill Clinton) was born in 1946 in the Lockett community, six miles southwest of Vernon.

    Some seven million head of cattle passed through Vernon on the Great Western Trail between 1873 and the 1890s. The trail was located some ninety miles west and parallel to the better-known Chisholm Trail.

    On April 10, 1979, Vernon and surrounding Wilbarger County were hit by an F4 tornado. The storm, part of the 1979 Red River Valley tornado outbreak, damaged or destroyed a large part of the city and killed 11 people as it passed through Foard County and Wilbarger County before finally dissipating in rural Tillman County, Oklahoma. That same day, tornadoes also devastated the larger, nearby cities of Wichita Falls, Texas and Lawton, Oklahoma.


    Major businesses and industries in Vernon include a Tyson Foods, formerly Wright Brand Foods, Inc., bacon processing plant, a Rhodia, Inc. guar processing plant, North Texas State Hospital, which is operated by the Texas Department of State Health Services (an agency of the Texas Health and Human Services System), Victory Field Correctional Academy (a juvenile detention facility operated by the Texas Youth Commission), and the Texas AgriLife (Texas A&M System) Research and Extension Center.

    Vernon is the home of the Waggoner Ranch, the largest in Texas under one fence. WT Waggoner’s ranch still operates today, with business in petroleum, farming, horses and cattle. The horse business produces some of the best ranch horses in Texas, many from the Poco Bueno breeding that made the ranch famous in the quarter horse industry. Today, Poco Bueno is buried, according to E. Paul Waggoner’s wishes, standing on the corner of the ranch near the headquarters main entrance.

    Rhodia (company) – Wikipedia
    Rhodia is a public company that was founded on January 1, 1998[2] following the spin-off of the chemicals, fibers & polymers activities of Rhône-Poulenc when it merged with the German company Hoechst. On June 25, 1998, Rhône-Poulenc sold 32.7% of its share in Rhodia’s capital to the public. Rhodia then became a listed company[3]. In 1999, Rhodia made two acquisitions:

    The Engineering Plastics activity of the top Korean group Hyosung, for Rhodia’s Polyamides business unit. [4]
    The Iberica Mix & Fix Center activity of Quimica Dos. The Mix & Fix Center is a unit that formulates and sells ready-to-use Hot Vulcanizable Silicone Elastomers [5].
    From October 1999, Rhône-Poulenc, which became Aventis then Sanofi-Aventis, gradually reduced its stake in Rhodia’s capital, before eventually selling all its shares in the company on October 17, 2006. [6]

    In 2000, Rhodia grew in the United Kingdom and the United States by buying out Albright and Wilson and ChiRex

    Albright and Wilson – Wikipedia
    Albright and Wilson was founded in 1856 as a United Kingdom manufacturer of potassium chlorate and white phosphorus for the match industry. For much of its first 100 years of existence, phosphorus-derived chemicals formed the majority of its products.

    It was set up as a Partnership between two Quakers, Arthur Albright, and John Edward Wilson. It became a private limited company, Albright & Wilson Ltd, in 1892; and it remained a double family-owned firm, for nearly 100 years, until 5 March 1948, when it became a public company.[1]

    Albright and Wilson expanded considerably into silicones, detergents, food additives, metal finishing chemicals, strontium based chemicals and chromium based chemicals. It was the second largest chemical manufacturer in the United Kingdom; although it was always very much smaller than ICI.

    In 1971 Tenneco bought a part of Albright and Wilson’s share holdings; and in 1978 obtained full ownership. In the short term, the company retained its own identity; however many of its subsidiaries were sold off. In 1995, Tenneco divested many of its assets; and parts of the original core of Albright and Wilson were transferred into a new public company, Albright and Wilson Plc which was floated on the stock market, in February of that year. However, just four years later, following disappointing results, the French chemical company Rhodia acquired Albright and Wilson in March 2000[2] and the century-and-a-half old name finally disappeared except in India, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.[3]

    Parts of the original Albright and Wilson company are now owned by the Huntsman Corporation.

    After a large fire at its Avonmouth plant in 1996, which caused the temporary closure of local motorways and rail services, Albright and Wilson were fined £60,000.[4]

    The move to Oldbury
    In 1842 Arthur Albright, a trained chemist, became a Partner in the Birmingham chemical firm of John and Edmund Sturge; his sister had married Edmund Sturge who was also a Quaker. The Sturges were already manufacturing potassium chlorate for the match industry, at their chemical works at Selly Oak, adjacent to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.[5] Albright therefore added the production of white phosphorus in 1844.

    In 1850 the production of potassium chlorate and white phosphorus was moved to Langley Green, Oldbury, West Midlands; and production of white phosphorus restarted in 1851.[6]

    The new site was located next door to the firm of Chance and Hunt in order to obtain access to a supply of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid; and of coal from the Black Country coal fields. It was also adjacent to two different arms of the Birmingham Canal Navigations, (the BCN), one leading off the Titford Canal, so it had good transport links.[6]

    Production of the red form of phosphorus, “amorphous phosphorus” was commenced by Arthur Albright in 1851, by heating white phosphorus in a sealed crucible under a vacuum. In had been discovered by Professor Schrötter, in Vienna and patented by him. However, it was explosive to make and Albright discovered a safe means of production.

    On 31 December 1854 Albright terminated his partnership with the Sturges; and John Edward Wilson, a merchant, joined him. In 1856 John Edward Wilson became a partner, and the new partnership was known as Albright and Wilson. In 1857 John Wilson married the sister of Rachel Albright (Albright’s wife).

    The Sturge Brothers continued as manufacturing chemists at Birmingham, but moved their works to Stirchley; and no longer had any involvement with phosphorus.

    Oldbury remained the Headquarters of Albright and Wilson for most of the company’s existence, eventually becoming known as the Oldbury Division. The Oldbury site was also the location of its central Research Laboratories.

    The business was so highly regarded in Oldbury that a new secondary school opened in the town in the 1930s was named Albright Secondary Modern School.[1]

    The firm also maintained a leased London office, at Knightsbridge Green. In October 1974 it moved its Industrial Chemicals Divisional Offices, from Oldbury, to Warley. The six-storey office block, A&W House, at 210–222 Hagley Road, was originally rented for 25 years. Fifteen years later, parts of the Head Office were moved from Knightsbridge Green to A&W House. In October 1991 the Head Office moved to A&W House; and in 1997 the feehold of the building was purchased. A&W House was sold in 2001; and is now known as Quadrant West

    • Foard County

      • Education1953 — bachelor’s degree in composition from the University of North Texas College of Music
        1955 — masters degree in music theory from the Eastman School of Music
        1958 — doctorate in music theory from the Eastman School of Music
        [edit] Career1958-63 — Professorship of theory at William Carey College
        1963-97 — Professor, Eastman School of Music
        [edit] Honors1988 — Honorary Doctorate, William and Mary College
        R.T. French Company Visiting Professor at Oxford University’s Worchester College†
        † The R. T. French Company, headquartered in Rochester, and its parent, in Great Britain (Reckitt & Colman Ltd. fro 1926 to 2000; then, by merger in 2000, becoming Reckitt Benckiser Group plc), established an exchange professorship between the University of Rochester and University of Hull in 1953 and later expanded to exchanges between Rochester and colleges at Oxford University.[1] Today, the program continues between professors at Oxford and the University of Rochester.

    • Hey Renee, I am pretty ignorant about the Blue Jeans comments or I should say I never tried to understan what that was about. You must remember when I came along steadily to your site you were already using this comment and I purposely overlooked it always because I didn’t unerstand the reference. So what’s with blue jeans…..am I dumb or what? sorry for not getting it.

  5. Vernon;
    Notable residentsKay Adams (born April 9, 1941) – American country singer
    Robert L. Duncan (born August 5, 1953) – member of the Texas State Senate, born in Vernon but residing in Lubbock.
    Roy C. Farrell (1912-1996) – co-founder of Cathay Pacific
    Robert Gauldin (born 1931) – classical music composer
    Jack English Hightower (born 1926) – politician, former 46th Judicial District Attorney
    Dan Kubiak (1938-1998) – politician; taught and coached in Vernon in 1962-1963 academic year
    Roy Orbison (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) – nicknamed “The Big O,” Orbison was a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter, guitarist and a pioneer of rock and roll whose recording career spanned more than four decades.
    Jack Teagarden (August 20, 1905–January 15, 1964) – influential jazz trombonist and vocalist.
    Bill Herchman – former professional football player for 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Oilers
    Eck Robertson (November 20, 1887 – February 15, 1975) – fiddle player, noted as the first country musician to be commercially recorded (1922)
    Jennilyn DeJesus (born July 22, 1988)- professional women’s football player for the San Diego Seduction LFL
    Vernon Dalhart – country singer
    Jerry Haymes (Haynes) (born August 30, 1940) – Country/Rock-A-Billy singer/musician.
    Shane Vandiver (born August 20 1972) – Musician and vocalist for the National Swing Band of Texas
    Bernard Scott- NFL runningback for Bengals

    • Vernon; Notable residents. Renee I guess they neglected to mention;

      Robert B. Anderson – He is a member of Vernon Lodge No. 655 of Vernon, Texas and while Secretary of the Navy returned from Washington to be installed as master on Oct. 17, 1953.
      Robert B. Anderson Secretary of the Navy in Eisenhower cabinet
      (appointed in 1953) and deputy secretary of defense (which he resigned in 1955). b. June 4, 1910 at Burleson, Texas, he received his law degree from University of Texas in 1932.

      While still in law school he ran for the state legislature and won. He served as assistant attorney-general of Texas in 1933 and taught law at Texas University. Anderson has served as general manager of the Waggoner estate—and largest cattle ranch in Texas—since 1941. He has probably been director and president of more large corporations than any one man in Texas. He is a member of Vernon Lodge No. 655 of Vernon, Texas and while Secretary of the Navy returned from Washington to be installed as master on Oct. 17, 1953. In December, 1953 he was appointed grand senior steward of the G.L. of Texas and addressed the G.L. at the 1954 communication. He is a member of the Chapter, Council and Commandery at Vernon, the AASR (SJ) and Maskat Shrine Temple.


      • Also – There is Victory Field in Vernon, TX it was a former military airfield that closed in 1945 at the end of World War II and was converted into a mental hospital in 1950-51.

        Vernon State Hospital – Asylum Projects
        It was first opened in 1951 at Victory Field, The Vernon campus of North Texas State Hospital has a history of offering exceptional mental health care.

        But above Renee, Robert B. Anderson and the Waggoner estate. Didn’t we do research on Anderson and the Waggoner estate before? I seem to remember…didn’t it lead us to oil? also his banking background, we had looked into that some also.

        Robert B. Anderson

        Snip ~

        Private business

        After leaving office, he was active in business, investment and banking affairs, and, during the 1960s, carried out diplomatic missions on behalf of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

        Anderson’s career ended in personal suffering and disgrace. He was hospitalized several times for alcoholism. He illegally operated the Commercial Exchange Bank of Anguilla, British West Indies, which had an unlicensed New York branch office. The bank lost $4.4 million and several investors lost their life savings in the mid 1980s. The bank also laundered large amounts of cash for drug traffickers. In 1987, Anderson pled guilty to criminal violations of the banking laws and to tax evasion, and was sentenced to prison. The Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division, in disbarring Anderson from the practice of law, called his disbarment “a sad but we think necessary end to the legal career of one who has in times less beclouded by poor and corrupt judgment served his country in high office as Secretary of Treasury, Deputy Secretary of the Navy and as Special Ambassador to Panama during the Panama Canal negotiations.” [2]


        • yeah, Panama Canal, drug trafiking era..hmmm. Sec. of treasury, wooo….THat anderson name is always up there in the legal laundry business isn’t it? I know nothing about this guy except he’s an Anderson; makes me always skeptical.

        • Maya Timeline | We the People of the United States Bob | November 20, 2011 at 9:20 am | Reply
          Maya’s marriages

          1st Marriage
          Based on information in this blog, Maya K Soetoro and Gary W. Forth obtained a marriage license at some point in the early 1990′s in Las Vegas, NV.Definitive information on the date of the marriage is still to be obtained.

          Additional information in the blog indicates Maya Soetoro filed for divorce from Gary Forth in Hawaii on 9 May, 1994 and the divorce was granted on 11 May, 1995.

          2nd Marriage (official)
          Clark County, Office of Records, recorded the marriage certificate which provides proof that a marriage ceremony between May Kasandra Soetoro and Konrad Gar-Yeu Ng was performed in Clark County on January 23, 2003 (Instrument No. 200301230077201, Marriage Certificate No. D520068, record time and date – 1/23/2003 at 12:00 AM). The marriage official who performs the ceremony has ten days to submit the marriage certificate to this Office of Records for recording. Normally a certified copy of the certificate would be available one day after the certificate has been received from the official. A certified copy of the original marriage certificate is a copy of the original certificate that was issued by the Clerk, signed by the Officiant and recorded in the Office of Records. A copy is created from an image that the Office of Records retains in digital format. The copy is printed on paper stock that incorporates security features. All marriage certificate copies are certified (front and back) with an embossed seal.

          2nd Marriage (unofficial unless state of Hawaii recognized this type of marriage and records it)

          Konrad and Maya repeat vows at a Hawaiian Wedding in December 2003 at the Kualoa Ranch, Paliki Gardens on Oahu. From the information contained in the article below, it would appear that the couple exchanged vows and rings but the ceremony was not presided over by someone authorized by the state to conduct marriages and that a license and marriage certificate were not issued. Why? There was no need to. Documentation in the above entry indicates they had already officially married on 21 January 2003 in Las Vegas Nevada.

          Source: The Rainbow Edition, January 2004, Volume 1, Issue 3, Educational Laboratory School (Education Laboratory School is a charter school in Honolulu in serving grades K-12. Prior to 2002, the school was known as the University Laboratory School or University High School (when referring to grades 9 through 12) when it was a part of the College of Education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa)

          Maya was a teacher at the school.

          Wedding of the Year

          by Bennett Guira

          “You are warmly invited to help celebrate the marriage of Konrad Gar-Yeu Ng and Maya Kasandra Soetoro,” read the invitation to Ms. Soetoro’s wedding. The wedding and reception was held at Paliku Gardens, Kualoa Ranch. Torches were lit at the entrance, welcoming guests that consisted of many students, fellow faculty members, and family and friends from around the world. The ceremony overlooked the lower part of the ranch and the east coast of Oahu.

          When all the guests arrived and filled the tent, Ms. Soetoro’s brother, Barack Obama, gave a poetic introductory speech. Then he introduced Ms. Soetoro and Konrad and they took the microphone. They thanked everyone for coming and said that they were each going to read a love letter they wrote for each other. This was their special way of exchanging their vows. Konrad read his love letter first, once saying that he finally found his fellow “wild thing” to share the rest of his life with. Ms. Soetoro’s nephew gave Konrad the ring and placed it on Ms. Soetoro’s left ring finger. Ms. Soetoro then read her love letter which was put together perfectly to express the way she felt about Konrad. Then she placed the ring onKonrad’s left ring finger.

          After they kissed, Ms. Soetoro’s niece presented the newlyweds to the guests saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Auntie Maya and Uncle Konrad as husband and wife.” All the guests gave the newlyweds a standing ovation. The married couple thanked everyone who was a part of making the wedding possible: their family, friends, and the students of Ms. Soetoro. Ms. Soetoro also thanked the weather because if it rained, she wouldn’t know what to do. Konrad’s mother, blessed the food and everyone was invited to eat. The guests were asked to bring their favorite dish to share with everyone. The food was more than enough and drinks were placed in a wooden canoe filled with ice. After enjoying a
          fulfilling meal, everyone was asked to proceed to the tent to enjoy some entertainment. Seniors Jose Ver, Leahi Frias, and Brittany Anderson sang songs of their choice and did very well.

      • Robert B. Anderson general manager of the Waggoner estate

        John F. Kennedy Assassination

        “John F. Kennedy Assassination” will offer a panel discussion relating to President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. TTU alumnus Waggoner Carr, then Attorney General of the State of Texas, had just been with
        President Kennedy in Ft. Worth less than an hour before the tragedy and was a part of the extensive investigation of the assassination.


        Beginning in 1948, just after Sid’s long-time friend Lyndon Johnson took his new seat in the U.S. Senate, LBJ’s former aide John Connally moved to Fort Worth to work for Sid and Perry in their business ventures. When Sid died in 1959, Connally, as attorney, and Bass, as executor, handled the estate, for which Connally received $800,000—to be paid out over a period of years long after he was elected Governor of Texas in 1962. The scheme by which Connally’s remuneration was paid is not dissimilar from the one designed to net Sid’s friend, Robert B. Anderson, a million dollars when he left his employment at the Waggoner Ranch to work in the Eisenhower administration,[3] and became a point of inquiry during 1971 Senate hearings to approve Connally as Richard Nixon’s Secretary of the Treasury.[4]



        Jeremiah Wright
        Wright was assigned as part of the medical team charged with care of President Lyndon B. Johnson (see photo of Wright caring for Johnson after his 1966 surgery). Before leaving the position in 1967, the White
        House Physician, Vice Admiral Burkley, personally wrote Wright a letter of thanks on behalf of the United States President.


        • (Waggoner)

          Snipped from above~ (Bass was married to Annie Bass)

          Connally, as attorney, and Bass, as executor, handled the estate, for which Connally received $800,000—to be paid out over a period of years long after he was elected Governor of Texas in 1962.

          Richard Allen (bishop)

          Richard Allen (February 14, 1760 – March 26, 1831) was a minister, educator and writer, and the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME)
          Allen married Sarah Bass. Born into slavery in 1764 in Virginia’s Isle of Wight County, she was brought to Philadelphia at age 18. She was free by 1800, when they met. They were married within a year. They had six children: Richard, Jr.; James, John, Peter, Sarah and Ann.


          Obama and the AME African Methodist Episcopal Church (Bass)

          The Obama Picture they don’t want you to see! (From 08)

        • Leza, this is just an amazing find. WTF?!!! Jeremiah Wright in the NAVY and caring for POTUS Johnson, a Texan, in 1966? So this guy is like Zelig, too? Or Forrest Gump? Who knew?

  6. Where’s PETA when you need them? Now Poopstockers assault police horses. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/11/portland-pd-release-video-of-occupy-protester-punching-police-horse-in-the-face/

    About 37 seconds into the video, you see some jerk punch a police horse in the face. Asshats. Now we can add “animal abuser” to the list of their crimes.

    As Gateway Pundit says, “Yeah, they’re just like the Tea Party.”

    TEA PARTY: No rapes; no sexual assaults; no filth left behind; no drug use; no anti-Semitism; no racism; no animal assaults; no open sex; no harassment of school children; no broken laws; no open masturbation in front of children; no using of children as human shields; no assaults on police; no denying others the right to free speech or assembly; no shoving elderly ladies down the steps; no open pooping on sidewalks, on police cars, or in bank lobbies; no thefts; no vandalism; no broken windows; no breaking into court houses; no deaths; no drug-resistant TB; no ringworm epidemic; NO ARRESTS.

    OCCUPIERS: ALL OF THE ABOVE. Have I forgotten anything?

  7. Here is a post from Mario’s site:

    Here’s a ‘Stanley A Dunham, born and died same year of 1970, ripe for ID theft?

    I went to the link but it said memorial not found????

  8. Have you guys ever read this story before? A friend just sent it to me.
    I read it when it first came out, the first part, but then there’s updates to it. Seems the girl who first told the story has passed away.

    • I do remember reading that before. It’s pretty interesting, in light of our conversation about those teeth! btw, that creepy photo of him is in Bridgette’s photo link. It certainly only resembles Barry. Doesn’t look exactly like him, does it?

      • His teeth certainly do look like they’ve had work on them. I just looked at those photos again. Honestly, sometimes I still wonder if he has kind of a look-alike person to fill in for him at times. He constantly seems to change from one minute to the next.

        • Don’t you remember when he was first elected that there was a discussion that there was a Barry look-alike in some older music video?

          • No, I personally don’t remember that, cynic. I must have missed that, I guess.
            When I look at the photos here, then do the ear comparisons, that just looks like two different ears for two different people. And that’s not all, when I look at some of the so-called young photos of him, some look like a different person altogether.

          • Sorry, I got lazy, here is what I was talking about when I mentioned the music video look-alike.


          • Barry did have a look alike but he was recognizabe as a look alike. He was on TV ahwile . But the feeling that Barry has a “real” look alike by many is different all together from that guy. He’s more a Saturaday Night Live Type look alike. I’be seen him on a few occasions. This , I brought up recently somewhere, that maybe that feeling about him and somewone else as a double(that we keep having) is because maybe we are right?

          • Yep. Would love to see THAT.

      • KC, thanks for finding that again. We discussed it here back when it was first published. I remember that we froze the video to examine those teeth. Now here’s the thing, since the 1995 video clearly shows that his teeth were BAD, broken, uneven, chipped THEN, HOW can it be that this new video that just “turned up” shows his pearly, straight, even, white teeth BACK in 1991, when he was at Harvard? It doesn’t make sense. The recently “discovered” Black History Month video HAS TO BE modified to make his teeth look like they do now. Ditto for all the old photos, unless he chipped and ruined those teeth somehow between 1991 and 1995, and then got them fixed again since then. Imho, he has something that he just puts in that makes it look as if all his teeth are nice and even. I think that explains that sibilance when he speaks. The weird lisping. It’s like his dentures don’t fit right.

        • Miri,
          My friend, Sue, sent this to me. She is checking your place out. And I think that she likes it. I met her years ago at CW’s, but then CW had this strange man on there that was running others off, and people that had been on there forever. Maybe you heard about it. That’s where I met my friend.

          Anyway, Greg Goss used to be on there, many people, and basically that squirrel ran people off, and CW didn’t do anything about it. He (that person) was so rude, so many of us left. I think his name was Leo, Leon or something. Sue would know.

          And Sue and I have been following the BO thing since it first started. I think in the beginning we were at the Berg place, and then went to CW’s. Heck, it’s been so long, I don’t know. I do remember when I sent the senator in TX, John Cornyn, an e-mail about BO and his ineligibility early on before BO was elected, I get this goofy form letter, and that was just an insult to my intelligence. It truly was. So I sent that to CW, and he put it in the Hall of Shame. Honestly, in the beginning, I liked Cornyn until that stupid crap. I think sometimes that they all had it set up to be so-and-so, and it was also with the Repubs.
          Well, when I think back on it, I’m thoroughly disgusted. Sometimes I just don’t care, but I keep caring for some reason. Guess because I do care, just get ticked off.

          • We’re familiar with your strange man. We try not to let that happen here. We have a few commenting rules, like no personal attacks and no posting the same item over and over again.

            We welcome you and any of your friends (although we don’t want to steal another blog’s followers). We respect CW, our long-time fellow blogger.

            We love to have conversations here, where people actually respond to each other, without insulting each other, especially if they comment on the topic of the post.

            At CW’s, what I have noticed, is that almost as soon as he publishes, his commenters take off on tangents and don’t even bother to TRY to give him a pat on the back by at least acknowledging the issue that he wrote about. He provides a lot of insight into the goings on in Chicago.

            Sue is certainly welcome, too. In fact, she might be the Sue who commented about MO’s unfortunate bulge. We’ve been following BO for 3 years or more, too. First at Texas Darlin’s blog and then here; this blog was started as a place for TD’s commenters to continue our dialogue.

            We might be the most conservative of TD’s alumnae. Not sure if any of us were PUMAs, or Hillary supporters. Speaking for myself, I’ve always been on the conservative side but not a Republican. Independent. I vote for the best person (or best CHOICE) regardless of party. I first read TD’s blog, based upon Rush Limbaugh’s take on the PUMAs. He admired them. I liked their spunk, too, and agreed that Clinton got a raw SEXIST deal during the primaries. TD’s blog was welcoming to all, despite ideological differences. We like to follow in that vein.

    • I have read that story too, maybe not all the updated parts but definately the overall story the person share. The way this story is told , it is the most believeable of anything on Obama I have read on the net.
      Remember the two gay guys that you all have reported on(don’t remember their names , but yu connected them to some other things, they were in the news about something else…….but the first time I ever heard of the two guys was after reading atty. General Eric Holder’s bio, and in it, it talks about a Pro Bono(why) case he does for the wife of a chinese or jap. man executed and hung in those two gay guys apartment. Wonder what year that was? I don’t remember. It was and is still unsolved. The fact that Eric had anything to do with this case made me curious way back . Do ya’ll remember who those two men were? You came across them on something else recently this year.

  9. I never knew that the lady passed away. It said unexpectedly. Wonder what happened to her?

  10. I don’t remember what channel this was on TV. I don’t think back then we had DirectTV. So it must have been a local station. Do you guys remember when he was first elected, and he and Moochelle and kids were on stage, Moochelle was in her Black Widow dress. Do you guys remember? Then after that, it got really quiet. They were still on sage, all alone, the BO family. We heard two anchormen say, and I’m sorry that I don’t remember who it was, they said, You know, this is kind of scary, we don’t have any idea of who this guy really is.
    See, I don’t think that they thought people could hear what they said. Even they thought it was strange.

  11. Maybe his look-alike had more surgery to look even more like him.

  12. I’m sorry that I’m writing so much. I notice in the photo section again, a couple of pictures of Moochelle. You have to scroll a ways down. It’s one in a long green dress where it looks like she has a man’s thingy. Then the next one, she’s in pants, looks like she has a man’s thingy. Do you guys think Moochelle is a male? What gives on those pictures?

    • They’re very strange, aren’t they? There are others where she’s grabbing her crotch like ball players do. Have you ever noticed how in so many photos she’s quite a bit taller than Barry? As for that bulge, pocket gerbil? Just kidding. It could be an unfortunate combination of Kotex and too sleek of a dress. She ought to be pre-menopausal, so might be having some of those mid-life women’s problems. This is sort of a gross topic of conversation, isn’t it? Pretend I didn’t say that. 🙂

      • Miri,
        I don’t know, but it appears to me that she has a ying-yang. Sorry, putting it nicely, I guess. Now the dress thing could be a Kotex incident, but why wear a dress like that and have that sucker sticking out like that? Doesn’t make sense to me.

        The pants incident makes no sense unless she has a penis and the other. It looks like she has a penis, I guess. I don’t know how to put it nicely at all. The lady has weird parts to her.

        I will tell you a story later about Fort Hood, but I can’t name names, of course.

  13. I don’t have those photos but I’ve seen em. My cousing sends me everything Moochelle, all the funny stuff. From her emails I get the funniest things, I don’t know where she finds em. Some of it I would love to send, but my email got hoisted with a virus.

  14. I see I’ve been making alot of small talk. Exuuuuse me, but wasn’t in the mood for heavy research. Guess I’ll leave it to you guys awhile and do a bit.
    I’ve recently been studying on St. Simon Peter of Jonah and Simon Magnus….awsome info on the early catholic church…. I do this alot in my sspare time. Those darn mystical jesuits…. (remember Ann and her jesuit sschool uniform, only most jesuit stuff is for boys;not entirely).

    • I have studied on Simon Magus before, been a few years ago. Of course, I don’t know which direction that you are on this, but I can tell you that he was bad, bad news. Then his form of “christianity” became extremely popular at the time. Notice that I didn’t cap “christianity” there because it was a lie.

      • Strange group. Self injury and all that…

      • thank you kittyc. I know simon peter/ simon magnus and the catholic church(universal church). Oh but finally I’ve connected the juicy stuff like the crypto jewish jesuits(remember it’s the kazhars that invent the word jew, not judeans) jesuits catholics and their connection to the zionists. well that was a mouthful, but man the pieces for me are fitting together finally. All those unanswered questions I’ve had and felt there had to been strong connections…….And there are!!!!!!! The jesuits and the Phillipines! THe creoles of lousiana and creole filipinos! all the south american, central am. , Haitian connections….with Dominican Republic as well and then the German , Spanish, Italian, Dutch connections and more. Incredible. Renee would have a field day putting a new twist on her pandora box of names….You’re right on Simon Magnus and all the cabal/pagan evil/satanesque/ bloody history. I knew there had to be major connections with what is going on today, the many gods, the relationships to bible revelation and the early churches. Man, it’s overwhelmingly absorbing.This goes right back again to the Roman Empire/Babylon and the early apostles, Byzantinia, Iran, Lebanon, Africa,England ,Italy the power of the Popes and the catholic/roman catholic claim for a world religion. The fraudulent copying the pagan rituals ,and calling it christian to co-opt all into the empiracle church.
        One reason for my looking lately though has been off and on, I have searched for a jesuit school for girls in Louisiana and and all creole areas for a connection to B.s family……The jumper with the initials, the frizzy hair/ most the time dark features,with very light skin. I’ve followed the creole /acadian connections from Canada to France, Louisiana and parts of Illinoise to the Philipines and all the creole connections are the most heavily convergent with the Jesuits always. It is very connected to Ann . O’s book has always seemed to have overtones or undertones of something mystical. Before Ann died ,Maya was reading her a book about Creole history. Isn’t that a wee bit odd? Why would she make that statement……then there’s Mark who remember I said his concert ended with a song called Viper’s drag…..this is a Fats Waller song….of New Orleans. Why again. There’s much more.

        • Why do you think the word Jew was invented by them? I ask because it’s in the Hebrew in 1Ki., I think it is. Have to look it up. The word “Jew” is just an abbreviated form of the Hebrew word Yahud, Yahudi (plural) and Yahudai. It’s meaning was an inhabitant of Judaea (i.e., Yahuda). And it was used after the Babylonian exile ended in 538 B.C.E. Judaea is derived from the name of one of the tribes of Israel, i.e., Yahudah.

          Now this term was only used on a small remnant that returned from Babylonian exile. Some of Judah, Simeon, Benjamin and Levi that returned with them. Most of the House of Judah, and his companions, and the House of Israel and their companions, had been sent away into captivity many, many before. This group of the House of Judah, were never ever referred to as Jews. It’s such a misunderstood term. People want to attach that term to all the Israelites when it was only that small remnant.

          Now the Khazars are another story. Those of Judaism converted many of the Khazars, and the Khazars joined that religion of Judaism, which Judaism is Pharisaism.

  15. LOL…that blonde girl photo of SAD from elementary school looks more like Ruth Beatrice Baker. Check out her photo in your photo post then compare.

    • I wish we knew where Nicoloff got that photo and could have some independent confirmation of the identification. If that really is a girl in Oklahoma named Stanley Ann Dunham, then it’s readily apparent that she’s NOT the anthropologist being foisted off as Barry’s mom. Did THAT Stanley Ann die in 1970 and the other assumed HER identity?

      • Miri,

        Have you ever e-mailed him before? Maybe he will tell you where he got that photo.

        • Yes, it’s a friend who has a subscription to a genealogy website. I believe the person who sent it to me. I believe it was on that site. Whether that site is in cahoots, is anybody’s guess. But my guess would be: I wouldn’t be surprised. Would you?

    • tdr, on the new post there are some newly discovered photos of Ruth. Let me know what you think.

  16. How long has that immigration document been around?

  17. http://www.azcentral.com/photo/News/Projects/6425/184827#phototop

    A photo I had never seen before (# 2 in the slideshow) of Stanley Ann, her mother, aunt and grandmother in Kansas (?)

    • SEO, TY for posting that picture, I’ve never seen that one either.

    • We discussed that one when we were talking about Ruth the aunt. Thanks for the link, though. We should save it in the links tab. I’ll do it now.

      • Miri… I Just noticed… trickery…. of course it’s a mistake!
        Photo # 1 Stanley & Madelyn undated in Cambridge, Mass. ??
        (Mad has long hair… let it loose and looks younger)
        Photo # 2 with Ann are now taken in Augusta, Kansas ?
        late 1940’s … more like …1954? or older
        BUT.. It’s the SAME.. HOUSE!
        Ann born 11/29/1942 looks 12 years in photo ?
        Madelyn born 10/26/1922 … married Stanley 5/5/1940 in Kansas
        “The Three Stooges Part 7” has much more on that photo!

        • First off, the above comment has my avatar because I moved it here from the links thread, which isn’t a comment thread. No hay problemo, though, Zenway. I just didn’t want to clutter the links post with commentary and I did want to weigh in on this.

          Good catch on your part. Certainly, they have the dates wrong on the photos. Possibly the locations, too. It’s hard to say about the house. It looks similar but they carefully cropped the photo with the aunts to remove identifying features like the tops of columns, the edging below the porch, the plants, and the chairs. Otherwise, it does look suspiciously like the same house–same window, siding, railing. There’s no way, if the “aunt” photo is from the late ’40s, that SAD could have been born in 1942. The latest that late ’40s can be is 12/1949. If SAD were born in 11/1942, she would have just turned seven! That photo of Madelyn and Stan had to have been taken during WWII, maybe when Madelyn worked at Boeing in Kansas? If it’s Kansas, but the AP says it’s Cambridge, Mass. Now why would they have been in Cambridge, Mass., during the war? In the aunt photo, Madelyn looks much more matronly, so it likely was taken a decade later than the other picture. But why did they crop the photo and “mistakenly” report the location and timeframe?

      • This seems as good a place as any to post this…if this has been discussed before I apologize in advance 🙂
        I was curious about the fact that “Madeline” lists her usual address on SAD’s birth certificate as “135 East 12th, Augusta” and the birth was in a hospital in Sedgwick, KS but the “common narrative” is she was born in Fort Leavenworth. Since the 1940s census just came out I looked for that address. At least in April,1940, the Payne family lived at 1136 State Street, Augusta. However I noticed the very NEXT address in the census is 135 East 12th, so…the house next door perhaps?

        I assumed then that Stan was at least Stationed at Fort Leavenworth at the time.
        Yesterday, Ifound this little article in a March 13, 2012 issue of the Augusta (KS) Gazette, under 70 years ago today (which would have been March 13, 1942)

        “Section: columnists
        Edition: Web Edition
        Belinda Larsen: Our Yesterdays 3-13-12
        Belinda Larsen
        Augusta Gazette”

        “70 YEARS AGO
        Approximately 250 people in the Butler County area met to set up the victory garden campaign. Teachers and schools were involved in the project.

        Mrs. Stanley Dunham of Augusta (Madelyn Payne, who would later be the grandmother to President Barack Obama) left for Denver, Colo. to visit her husband Pvt. Dunham who was stationed with the 689th Ordinance Company at Lowrey Field.

        So, she was apparently still living in Augusta at this time. Also, Stan was in Denver, not Fort Leavenworth then….ALSO, she had to have conceived on that trip (according to conception calculators, her “window” to have a full term baby on Nov. 29 of that year was March 4-12.
        Is it common knowledge he was stationed in Denver?

        Then I found an article at Military Times’ site with this information

        “He was inducted Jan. 15, 1942, at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

        In November 1942, while Dunham still was stationed stateside, he got leave to come home to Kansas when his daughter, Stanley Ann, was born at Fort Leavenworth.

        Her unusual name, Obama wrote, was “one of Gramps’ less judicious ideas — he had wanted a son.” The family called her Stannie. Later, she would be known as Ann.

        In December 1942, weeks-old Stanley Ann makes her appearance as a dependent on Dunham’s pay records. (He’s earning $22 a month, with $6.70 deducted for life insurance.

        Dunham spent the first year and a half of his war service stateside, part of it in the 1802nd Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company, Aviation, at Baer Field, Ind., now Fort Wayne International Airport. He transferred to the 1830th in March 1943, and the unit shipped out to England on the HMS Mauretania that October.”

        Anyone able to fill in the blanks for me?

        • SEO, This part. I found that write up as well. I also found the pic of them all in front of that garden. It was Virginia, Cecil I think and others. It is on this blog. It is with all the Virginia stuff. Let me look around. From above;
          Approximately 250 people in the Butler County area met to set up the victory garden campaign. Teachers and schools were involved in the project.

          Mrs. Stanley Dunham of Augusta (Madelyn Payne, who would later be the grandmother to President Barack Obama) left for Denver, Colo. to visit her husband Pvt. Dunham who was stationed with the 689th Ordinance Company at Lowrey Field.”

        • SEO, I will take a break for a bit and put what I find here;


          • Interesting information SEO. you mention – The Lowry wiki entry doesn’t mention the 689th Ordnance but maybe it wasn’t considered a “major” unit?

            I know at Robins AFB in Warner Robins, Georgia which opened in 1942 has a 689th Combat Communications Wing. Also during WW 2 I believe Lowery was named Buckley Field.

          • Couple of things stick out
            ** “It was Stanley’s wife, Madelyn, who was the grandmother who died the day before the election. But Goeldner said her sister-in-law was able to vote for her grandson through early voting, so her vote counted in the election that swept her grandson into office.” (Another DEAD Voter)
            ** “Goeldner said her sister-in-law actually raised Barrack Obama, or Barry as they called him, when he was young, after his mother died in 1970.” (And his mother was who? That died in 1970? His mother died in 1970? He was 10-11yrs old? What mother was at his wedding? What mother had cancer but no medical insurance? His mother died in 1970 and that is why his grandparents raised him?)
            ** “When Ann died at an early age, it was Virginia’s brother and sister-in-law who raised the future president.” (Ann died at early age? Earlier than early fifties? In 1970?)
            ** “Stanley, Obama’s grandfather, worked as a furniture dealer in Hawaii, where the family migrated from Seattle.” (The name of a furniture store, please? No old business cards ever surfaced? Even in Madelyn’s keepsakes? Where are the stories of business associates and peers Stanley dealt with? Employee stories? Tax records? Pubic records for business licenses and such? )
            ** “Her uncle Ralph, who is still alive, worked for years at the Pentagon, where he was a professor teaching and writing books. She said he also kept a low profile about his Army service and wouldn’t talk about it much.” (The Pentagon? Was he perhaps CIC? Was Stanley as well and is that why conflicting stories on where abouts and places stationed or not stationed?)
            ** “After she and Obama Sr. divorced when the future president-elect was just a couple of years old, she married a Hawaiian and gave birth to the president-elect’s half sister, Maya.” (Nice false narrative in this comment; painting Soetoro as Hawaiian so no foreign adoption. Find who really wrote this story or at least provided the story and we are one step closer to seeing this as an admission Barry was adopted and became an Indonesian and traveled on a foreign passport.)
            ** “Ann moved to Indonesia when her second husband got a job as a government relations consultant and she worked in her profession, Goeldner said.” (Ha, ha, author uses the word “profession”.)
            **”Barack Obama Sr. married again and moved back home to Kenya, where he was killed in an automobile accident.” (Interesting use of words; a non-insider to information would most likely have said, “died in an…..” and not “killed”.)
            ** “Goeldner said she told only a few close friends about her nephew, for fear that someone might do something that would hurt his chances to get elected………..She said a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times tracked her down two years ago while the paper was doing background research on Obama.” (How would anyone from her town do something that would hurt Barry’s chances? Oh, they might have known something. Two year ago a reporter came to see her and only after the election she begins to tell people? Strange. Why was it safe for her to speak up now” Because her nephew was safely elected OR because there was no one around anymore to hurt the president’s chances? Did the “reporter from Sun-Times” advice to keep mum? Is that where she got the silly reason for keeping secret about her relationship? )
            ** ““Both from the Clinton machine and from McCain,” she said. “I didn’t know if he’d make it or not. But I’m kinda glad he did.”” (Only kinda glad? Oh.)
            All this was probably hashed out before here but it was my first time reading the article and with its false narratives it actually reads as an admission that Obama was adopted by Soetoro and adopted to an Indonesian citizen; no declaration on record for Obama in US, either. Either Obama’s mother died in 1970 or his grandparents lied to people her existence. That is IF Stanley was his mother. Maybe his mother was like the tale goes, really a black prostitute and his daddy is Stanley, himself?

            • It’s been hashed and rehashed, but I like hash and it never hurts to have another set of eyes looking. SEO is always finding stuff I overlooked! Our eyes are glazing over, after 4 years of this nonsense. And I do mean Non SENSE. Nothing makes sense in the Obamaverse. Nothing hangs togethers. Lies. All lies. That story was scrubbed and replaced shortly after it ran, iirc. The part about Stannie dying in 1970, fo shizzle. Or was it Shirley who died?

          • Leza, according to Wikipedia at least, Lowry was Lowry back then but was changed from AAF to Air Force…something like that I’m going on memory from reading it this morning.
            I did find that sometime in the early 40s the 689th was renamed the 1689th but if anyone has a good source of military history I’d like to clear up exactly where they were.
            Of course it’s also possible the small town writer just got the facts wrong. She did misspell Ordnance and Lowry. (Not putting down small towns or small town newspaper writers btw, I’m from one and was one for a while.)

        • SEO – I haven’t looked at Stanley for awhile, so will have to review notes.

          Can you give the census information as to where you found them in the 1940 census, or send a jpg of it please. I located the 1940 census just yesterday at the Library of Congress. I am impressed you found the information without an index to go from.

          I do remember that the guy from the Three Stooges go to Washington debunked Stanley’s military career. Like he signed up three times in different places but never was inducted. I remember that the Kansas sites were all fictional portrayals.

          • There’s a lot still to be said about Stannie Annie when she was a babe in arms and Stanley’s amazing adventures in the non-existent 1830th.

          • Ha, Bridgette, lucky that Augusta was a small town and I had some time on my hands…I just used a combination of a google (current) street map and the census to narrow down the location starting with the first page and skipping around til I could see I was in the right neighborhood. And maybe got lucky. I’ll see if I can get back there. I was on the Ancestry.com site when it was free, but the archives.gov site is just as good. It will be nice when it’s indexed.

          • SEO, your right. Buckley Field was still is? Used as an “auxiliary landing field for Lowry”, my mistake 😉 I should have re checked my facts, it’s been awhile since I looked into the CO. connections. I found some good information and photos from WW 2 era on Lowry at this link, I hope it might help you out in your research.


            (about a quarter of the way down)

          • I am trying to make sense of information I found yesterday (some of it has been discussed here in the past but I don’t know what has been resolved.)
            The information on Ponca City, OK directly contradicts the Warr Acres/Putnam city story in that they both account for the Dunhams whereabouts from 1949-1951; Did Don Nicoloff comment in his articles about the fact that the STanley Ann Dunham in the picture in Mrs. Estes’ class is clearly not the same person as the other SADs we know of? What documentation does he have other than the school picture, if any?

            The story on POnca City was one I had never seen, but I have heard Ponca City as a place they lived. This article had a picture of her school registration there for 3 grades (until she moved to Vernon); I dont think there were any school photos shown however.
            HAS anyone ever found any other photos of the “other” Stanley Ann Dunham?
            Can anyone shed some light on THIS particular issue?

            • SEO, the Warr Acres/Putnam city story? Can you refresh my memory? Do you have a link? Or is it at that research wiki you linked?

        • SEO, that’s a good point. You always come up with these incisive questions about things that I, for one, never noticed or forgot to pursue, if I did. We might have discussed Augusta, KS, somewhere, sometime. But my memory ain’t what it used to be, so we’ll rehash, if we did. 🙂

          I looked at her BC again and for the life of me, I can’t make out the address. Now that you tell me what it said, I see the Augusta and can assume it’s Kansas. Is that the street address?

          Looked at Google. (Yeah, I know. They spy. Well, they can kiss my rear.) The address 135 East 12th, is behind, up the street, but within the same “block” as where Madelyn/Madeline lived. (This reminds me so much of the fabled residences of SAD when she herself gave birth and then lived BEHIND where her parents were allegedly living. If the tale works once, why not recycle it again?)

          Isn’t it a bit coincidental that this 70-years-ago story comes out NOW?

          • Coincidence Miri ? I think it is coming out now because of the Debi Goeldner-Arab connection too. Cecil-Systematics, Chips, 9-11…….

          • Here’s another story by Belinda Larsen that mentions Madelyn Dunham.

          • Miri, the Ruth Armour obit….I may be remembering wrong but wasn’t the “official” story that Stanley found his mother dead?

          • OK, I had to do other things earlier, but I will try to find that census page. I had to go to the cleaned up copy of the B.C. that is on the Obamafile…did you look at that one?
            I had the same thought about the houses…just like the one in Hawaii. A wee little house behind the big house.
            Found it…Go to archives.gov (or any site with the 40 census)
            Find Kansas, Butler County, Augusta, ED 8-3 and it’s on page 15 of 22;

            • I did find that one but it still seems illegible to me. I wish I knew how to photoshop better, then I could probably erase all that black stuff in the background. I did manage to reverse the image, so the writing was bright white. Seems easier to read that way.

            • SEO, I can get all the way to the ED 8-3 and then cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it display the images. I managed to get the first one, but hitting the “next” tab doesn’t do anything. Is it just incredibly slow, or what?

          • Chicago house has a lil house behind it too SEO…The houses owned by Northern Trust. It is on the post called In The Name Of Trust on research blog. There are part 2 and part 3 as well.

          • I think whoever cleaned up the b.c. to make it readable maybe mixed up the City and County designations. Sedgwick, KS isn’t in Wichita County but Wichita is in Sedgwick County. Sedgwick is partly in Sedgwick County and partly in Harvey Cty. It does make more sense for her to go to a hospital in Wichita than to drive alllll the way through the city of Wichita to get to the small town of Sedgwick.

          • Both Sedgwick and Wichita, while close to Augusta, are a very long way from Fort Leavenworth. Again…makes no sense that her place of birth was ever thought to be Fort Leavenworth.

          • From Wikipedia:
            On November 25, 1926, at age 8, Dunham discovered his mother’s body after she had committed suicide. Following his mother’s suicide, his father placed Stanley and his older brother Ralph Emerson Dunham, Jr. in the care of their maternal grandparents in El Dorado, Kansas.[7]

            The obituary for Ruth Lucille Armour says her husband Ralph found her. Family legend changed over time? Or just more made up stories?

          • Renee…what is the debi goeldner-arab connection? I went over to the From the Beginning research but didn’t see it there. I thought maybe she was the one married to Esam Ghazzawi in the 9-11 Florida story but when I finally found a maiden name for that Deborah it was Browning.

          • Renee…never mind I found the Goeldner story; Do you know her married name?

          • SEO, I am going to add your questions across the hall-no room here.
            Good questions too.

          • For what it’s worth (probably not much 🙂 I think I found the Mary Ann Baber that is in the picture above her in the Vernon school annual.

            7 Mary Ann Baber b: Jun 18, 1942 in Vernon, Wilbarger Co. Texas
            ………….. +Hubert Clinton Tittsworth b: Abt. 1941 m: Aug 08, 1969 in Vernon,

        • Click this link to see where Madelyn might have lived in Augusta (if her bc says 135 East 12th):

          Click this link to see where the Paynes lived in Augusta in 1942:


          That old story says she was born at Ft. Leavenworth. Wikipedia says Wichita. Her BC says St. Francis Hospital, Sedgwick county, Wichita.

          • There are photos of the homes at those links, too.

            Here’s another story by Belinda Larsen that mentions Madelyn Dunham. http://www.augustagazette.com/news/x576546823/AHS-grad-s-anything-but-ordinary-journey

            “Augusta, Kan. — The Augusta High School Classes of 1939-43 recently held a reunion and spotlighted their classmate, Madelyn Payne Dunham and her place in history.
            She was President Barack Obama’s beloved grandmother and spent her childhood here and graduated with the Augusta High School Class of 1940.
            Another interesting, albeit little known story has emerged from that same era and those same classmates.
            During a time with activists pushing for civil rights and racial tensions exploding in America’s South and rapidly building in northern cities, something remarkable was taking place right here in Augusta.
            It was the the fall of 1941, and high school senior Herman Reed, Jr. was elected by his teammates to be the captain of the Augusta High School football team.

            What made it so remarkable was the fact that Reed was black.”

            Does he look like Barry? 🙂 Just kidding.

            Now here’s another old story with some interesting comments:


            “Yesterday, sometime after 3 a.m. Honolulu time, Madelyn Payne Dunham died of cancer in the two-story, 10th-floor apartment on Beretania Street where she raised Obama.” A two-story apartment.

            “Soetoro-Ng said in a follow-up statement: “My grandmother made her home on these islands since 1959, and she loved the people of Hawai’i. We want to thank Tutu’s friends and extended ‘ohana for the outpouring of aloha over the past few weeks. We received cards, letters and gifts that helped lift her spirits, and we are very grateful for everybody’s support.””

            Whoops! SINCE 1959? Supposedly, SAD didn’t graduate from Mercer Island high until spring 1960.

          • “…since 1959” Hmmm., trying to cover tracks to cover when Obama was born but got two stories mixed up? Did not Obama’s myspace originally have 1959 as birth year? Then it became 1961. Looks like even his protectors are starting to get all the lies mixed up, too.

            • I can’t remember exactly. I think that MySpace had his age as 52 when he was 49. Anybody recall?

              There have been many other indications that they might have moved to Hawaii by 1959. About that reporter who went two years before to talk to the aunt in Maumelle–he was one of the main original narrative tellers. Just as there are the main biographers. The usual suspects over and over again. I always wondered whether the aunt gave the photos to the “reporter” or whether it was the other way around. He visited her and told her the narrative, but by the time other reporters showed up (after Maumelle found out about her supposed connection to Barry), she’d forgotten the tale she was supposed to tell. Maybe accidentally told the truth. Supposedly, she went to Hawaii to visit Stan and family (minus Barry who was supposed to be at college) when Maya was living there with Stan. There are photos of Maya and Stan, but no Madelyn or Barry, of course.

        • I checked the Augusta Gazette and their online archives go back only to 2001. So, unless this paper saves actual paper copies, then where did she find the story from 70 years ago?

          Interesting that there’s only on thing connected to Stan Dunham that I can find on the Butler Co., KS, genealogy page–when he joined the military. http://genealogytrails.com/kan/butler/ Isn’t that odd?

          • Miri..on the census pages. I’ve opened it a few times and only gotten black pages, and then sometimes it works perfectly. If archives.gov isn’t working maybe try another place? I don’t know if familysearch.org has it now? When it works, it works well, at least for me it has.

          • If Auntie had saved a paper all those years, she certainly would still have it; after all why would she toss when it became important? Looks like another shabby story.

          • I was talking about that writer at the Augusta Gazette. She does these type of stories regularly–this day in the news, 100 years ago. Like that. So that means that the newspaper itself must have an archive with either microfilm of the old stories or, as likely, the actual paper copies. I know of a small town newspaper that DOES indeed have all their old issues stored, going way back to their founding. I suspect the Augusta Gazette does, too. Where else did they come up with that 70-year-old story about Madelyn? If you think about it, most papers must have saved paper copies because where else would the microfilmed images have come from? When the technology was invented, some put the papers on microfilm. So either the films or the paper copies exist, or both. You would think that, as a public service, all these papers would make their archives available to historians. The newspaper archive websites have some of these films. I see no reason, if they exist, that other papers wouldn’t provide their archives to the public. So, if the paper isn’t in the microfilmed archives (which the Augusta paper wasn’t), then maybe we can assume they have originals that they never filmed.

  18. SEO, It goes exactly with the work now on the game show post. Amazing ! Will one of you add it there please ?
    TU SEO !

    • The picture of the Stanley Ann who doesn’t look like Stanley ann doesn’t show up in this article anymore (at least on my computer?) Anyone have a link to its source? I just found some info on her time in Ponca City and am curious.
      REnee I just posted some of it in the Research side.
      Was the Madelyn miscarriage/hysterectomy in Ponca City discussed before?

      • SEO, have you seen this? (hopefully it posts this time! 4th time trying to post it here @ this link)

        Name -Kelley, Shirley Ann (Stanley)
        Sex – F
        Date of Death – May 21, 1999
        Place of Death – Gainesville, Hall Co, GA W
        026993 June 17, 1999
        Whitlock Mortuary, Toccoa GA
        Roselane Cemetery, Toccoa, Stephens Co, GA


      • Was the Madelyn miscarriage/hysterectomy in Ponca City discussed before?
        No, what year ? Interesting…..hummm..

        • Having a hard time typing here…will be brief
          Apparently mentioned in Remnick’s book on Obama. 1948 I believe. Will try to find the link again

        • I know! I didn’t remember that, either. Seems new to me, too. Mid-1950s, I’d guess. I’m trying to work out a timeline for the various homes.

          • Miri, Careful with these dates, more then ever. It seems someone is trying to crunch the numbers to fit the storyline, big time now…

      • Miri..The Ponca City stuff I just found yesterday, although now I know some has been discussed before…but I’d never heard of (or seen) the actual school registrations, addresses etc. I’ll post the link again here, but it is also where I found the friend saying Madelyn had a misscarriage and hysterectomy there (thus no more children…which is weird since I had JUST posed the question somehere (here? i dont’ remember) as to why they named their very first child Stanley when the odds seemed good they would have more and maybe eventually a boy, and why they didn’t have more if Big Stan wanted a son that badly.
        So, that is documented (assuming it’s real) evidence she went to school in PONCA City, OK from 1949-51, but the “Three Stooges..” story says it was Warr Acres/Putnam City and that is where the photo in the article above supposedly comes from (the one where she is a blond and looks nothing like the “other” SAD).

        • They always seem to live by a railroad… stan the man was a hoBO, “traveller”. working in the Furniture/ Freight? business. interesting they flew the coop to Hawaii just when it was becoming a State…

        • What I’d really like right now is some kind of source (other than the THree Stooges articles) of the school picture from Warr Acres….anyone?

          • And I need to get this out there before I forget about it. That researchandideas website is by Hugh Pickens, clearly a supporter of Obama. I have tried to search the Ponca City Newspaper’s archive and cannot find the article he references but haven’t gotten too far into my search. If anyone else has any luck, please post it.

            • Oh, thank you, SEO. That is important informtion. That site is something else. Disinformation? No wonder much doesn’t match what documents and news stories from the past say. Have you had any luck finding Stan in the 1940 census?

          • hummm…and I have Boone across the hall..Interesting SEO

          • Hughes, PICard, dit la Fortune, Perrot, Fontaine, Dominique France PICard=Princess Fadilla of Egypt family…get the names down.

          • I haven’t seen this elsewhere, but here and here. What’s strange is that little girl now reminds me, for some reason, of Virginia Goeldner.

            • Here’s why:

              Photo on the left from screen shot from video Dr. P linked of an interview with Virginia and Cecil Goeldner. Photo on the right of the little girl from Oklahoma that Nicoloff’s informant says was Stanley Ann Dunham. In a minute, I’ll post a photo I just found of Virginia with Stanley Armour in 1982 in Hawaii. So which is her real hair color? Blond or dark brunette?

              • Supposed to be Virginia Goeldner and her much older half brother Stanley Armour Dunham in Hawaii, in 1982, when she supposedly went there for her 25th wedding anniversary. Barry was at Columbia, or so the story went. Quite a family resemblance between Virginia and her half-niece SAD (who Virginia mistakenly said, or so it was reported, had died in 1970. If she visited Stan in 1982, you’d think she’d know or remember if SAD was living or dead.)

          • Miri, I haven’t done a thorough search for Stan in the 40 census yet because I wasn’t sure where to look. Was he supposed to be in El Dorado then? That would be tedious but doable…Wichita or someplace big like that would be impossible until it is indexed.
            Another thing in Don Nicoloff’s story was that Rolla Payne was in Oklahoma at times, not in Kansas where he “belonged” but a quick search showed his name in kansas in the 1910, 20, 30 censuses…and I found him in the 40 one. So, i would like to find some sources for that info too. He said his SS# was from OK, which may be true I haven’t checked on that.

            • Yes. He was supposed to be in El Dorado before he and Madelyn married. The census, iirc, was taken in March/April in that area, so he SHOULD show up because they didn’t marry until May. I looked through 2 1/2 of the groups, with no luck yet. I didn’t know where he lived, either. One story said he grew up on “Washington”, but that’s a long, main drag through town, so could be any of the districts. Who knew El Dorado was so large? I’d actually never heard of it before. 🙂

          • Just for the sake of completeness, I thought I should mention that I just found the “Warr Acres” class photo (with Stanley Ann who looks like Virginia) on ancestry.com also, labelled “stanley ann dunham’s Kansas classroom” or something close to that.

            • Are you kidding? It’s so obviously not her. But that wasn’t even taken in Kansas, was it? That’s Oklahoma, isn’t it? Did you ever see the family tree there that has SAD as a totally different woman? Somebody sent me the photo and it looks nothing like her.

        • I was also looking through the 1940 census information. I tried to use the district that was used in the 1930 census, although I haven’t seen that census sheet. I have the information though.
          For 1940, if you put in the Enumeration District Number: 0019 from the 1930 information, it will give you the district for the new one. Wouldn’t you know that 0019 doesn’t exist for 1940.
          Note the transcription shows Stanley R instead of Stanley A.

          Information from 1930 census.
          Name: Stanley R Dunham
          Event: Census
          Event Date: 1930
          Event Place: El Dorado, Butler, Kansas
          Gender: Male
          Age: 12
          Marital Status: Single
          Race: White
          Birthplace: Kansas
          Estimated Birth Year: 1918
          Immigration Year:
          Relationship to Head of Household: Grandson
          Father’s Birthplace: Kansas
          Mother’s Birthplace: Illinois

          Enumeration District Number: 0019 [ Invalid in 1940]

          Family Number: 180
          Sheet Number and Letter: 17A
          Line Number: 36
          NARA Publication: T626, roll 695
          Film Number: 2340430
          Digital Folder Number: 4584451
          Image Number: 00397

          Household Gender Age
          Harry E Armour M 56
          Gabriella Armour F 53
          Doris E Armour F 24
          Ralph E Dunham M 13
          Stanley R Dunham M 12
          Christopher C Clark M 84


        • I listened to this short video and the man said he knew Stanley and Madeline in El Dorado. He read a letter that he received when they were having a high school reunion that the Dunham’s would be unable to attend. Do listen, it has the “right” talking points in the letter.

          Also he said, they lived on Olive Street. [So that is what I was searching for in the 1940 census]

          The friend also added that the schools kept no records of kids if they didn’t graduate – well, that will clear things up if Stanley really didn’t attend that school, won’t it! But his photo came from a yearbook?

          Recorded: March 3, 2009
          Location: Media Resource Center, Butler Community College
          Video/Editing: Steve Cless; IInterviewer: Sonja Milbourn

          Clarence H. Kerns shares a letter from President Obama’s grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham. Class of of 1936 and shares his memories of El Dorado High School, President Obama’s grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham


          In another article, the same man is mentioned, Clarence Kerns. This time the address is given.
          “Stanley Dunham managed the Farm and Home Store at 142 N. Main, a large brick building being converted into retail and office space. The family lived in a house at 1434 West Olive before moving to Seattle, where Dunham sold furniture, Cooley said.”

          This article now says that Stanley did go to a 50th reunion, but Madelyn didn’t. But it wasn’t for his class of 36, it was for the class of 35!


          • And Madelyn would have been class of 1940. She was 17 in the 1940 census, having COMPLETED 3 years of HS. It was April and the last year wasn’t completed. And don’t they say she eloped the next month? As with Stan, confusion as to whether she graduated, but she did miss the prom (or, in the terms of one story–what was considered the prom. What the heck does that mean? Did they have a prom or not?) About the spellings of her name. SAD’s BC says “Madeline” but could have been written that way by whoever made out the certificate. The 1940 census reads “Madelyn”. So she didn’t change the spelling over time, unless she changed it back again. This is what kills me about this entire family. Unlike NORMAL families, there’s nothing you can pin down, or, if you can, in the case of historical documents like a census record, it doesn’t comport with the bogus stories we’ve been told for years.

          • Yes! I read parts of that article the other day, the one about the reunion, etc…but in the context of Obama campaigning in Kansas; Isn’t it funny that Obama made a comment about Gramps always getting into trouble (wasn’t he supposed to have punched a teacher or something?) and the guys who went to school with him describe him as a quiet, run of the mill kind of guy? Not the boisterous loud Stan we’ve heard about? Weird. I thought I read somewhere something to suggest he moved to somewhere else between graduation and when he med Madelyn, but you are right he should have been in El Dorado in 1940, right? They met in Wichita but lived in Augusta and El DOrado…but it didn’t sound like he was still living with his parents or grandparents by then..

          • I was just reading some excerpts from Remnick’s book THe Bridge at amazon.com. According to him Stan and Mad moved to CA BEFORE the war began (and then again to Berkeley on the GI bill after).

          • I watched the short video but not the hour-long one yet. There is so much “wrong” with what this man says. Are we supposed to write it off to him being forgetful because he’s elderly? Why don’t they SHOW this letter? He’s reading from something, but they don’t show it. Maybe in the next video.

            He says they didn’t have a 20th reunion in 1945 because of the War. Well, 1945 would have been their 10th reunion.

            He says the first “real” reunion they had was in 1955, which would have been the 20th reunion that he just said they didn’t have!

            He said Stan and Mad lived in town then, 1955, and both were at the reunion (iirc). He makes a point of saying that SAD was 13 then. Then he says that she must have been in the middle school then, and that since his son was born in 1943 and she was born in 1942, they probably were at school together.

            Isn’t it odd that he doesn’t know for certain whether his son went to school with ‘Ann” but he somehow knows the year she was born and how old she was when they had the reunion?

            What’s even more odd is that he makes a point of “explaining” that if a person didn’t graduate from high school, there’d be no school records for her. Huh? Even if she didn’t graduate from that middle school and instead they moved to Seattle where she allegedly went to Eckstein school, there would be RECORDS of her attendance at the middle school. That sounds truly lame.

            I took notes but now I can’t make hide nor hair of some. Did he say they had a 55-year reunion in May of 1990, or is that the year he gave for the 50th (which should have been the 55th)?

            He says that Stanley told him in the letter that he was now retired, worked in furniture sales for 20 years and insurance for 20 years, and that Madelyn was VP of the Bank of Hawaii. They had one child, ANN, and two grandchildren, Maya and Barack (mispronounced both). But if this man had seen Stan in 1955, why would Stan tell this guy in a letter that he had a daughter named Ann?

            The man then said they had the 50th reunion (which would have been 1985) and that Ralph and Stanley both came to that one. So depending on the date of the letter, this guy must have caught up with Stan at the previous TWO reunions and so why would Stan write him all this stuff that he already knew? Did Stan somehow know that 20 years in the future, his “grandson” would run for POTUS and the narrative needed to have eye witness and documentary support? 🙂

          • I was just looking for the appropriate place to ASK this question, but it looks like it was also answered here. I JUST found a City Directory entry in Eldorado, KS for 1955 which lists Stanley A and Madeline (sic) and lists him as manager of the Farm and Home store. I didn’t remember that we discussed this already….SO much information it’s hard to keep track.
            Anyway, it does verify that infor

  19. Re: Miri | April 17, 2012 at 3:13 pm |

    There are photos of the homes at those links, too.
    Thank Goodness for this article and video. its a beautiful thing.

    “What made it so remarkable was the fact that Reed was black….”

    ~ it wasn’t remarkable. it was testament to the fact that people were coming together in the 20th Century. proof that Plantation idealism in the 21st century is a money funneling myth. a deliberate, opportunistic lie. oppression for crumbs.

    Yeah, the video/ newsplant portraying Madelyn Payne Dunham in Augusta, circa 1941 is excellent proof of the communistic racist lie.
    and of course, provides enjoyment and entertainment with more Trivia…
    3 roads… murkey

  20. 4-sure that’s VG as a young girl …not SAD even if photo shopped max…
    VG and 1/2 bro Stan … check left side of her sunglasses…bigger… weird.
    The photo shown of fat SAD a few days back her watch on left arm…
    BO left handed? Eating with right hand in a new book a few months back.

    • I don’t know what suddenly clicked when I saw that little girl’s face again. It must be because somebody recently referred back to that video Dr. P. posted here and Virginia’s face was right there at the beginning. Something in my subconscious made me think of Virginia when I looked at that little girl again this morning.

      Good eyes! The two lenses of her sunglasses DON’T match each other. Why do they mess with everything? I’m thinking they photoshopped the glasses on, maybe. This is ALL so totally weird. Nobody makes sunglasses with two different shaped lenses. Somebody once said that it seems they always obscured SAD’s eyes. Or at least messed with them with photoshop. It’s hard to ever tell what color her eyes were. That dark-haired Virginia looks more like the young SAD than she looks like the older aunt with the golden locks. But the young SAD in OK doesn’t look at all like the older SAD, mother of Barry, although she looks like her aunt. Is or was there ever a person named Stanley Ann Dunham? Why do they always mess with the facial features of SAD photos?

      I noticed after I created that side-by-side picture of Virginia with the little girl, how they have messed with that little girl’s left eye. It’s so much larger than the other eye. I took it right off Nicoloff’s page. Maybe if I cropped her out of the class photo, it wouldn’t be distorted. I think it’s a function of trying to enlarge the face. It gets pixellated:

      In any case, I’m glad somebody else agrees that she sure looks like Virginia and she doesn’t look like SAD. But why would somebody make a mistake like that and tell Nicoloff that she was SAD when she wasn’t? And not mix her up with any girl of that age at that time but just by happenstance mix her up with her own aunt? The informant was in love with that little girl. Was his name Cecil, who worked for Boeing, where Madelyn supposedly worked, too? This is all just too weird.

      • btw, that photo of Virginia and Stanley was disappeared from the news article in which it once appeared. It remains on the Web as a thumbnail image that comes up on image searches; but when you click it, it’s not there. So I had to do a screenshot to capture it. That, in itself, is interesting.

        1982 was an interesting year in the life of all in that family. BHO Sr. died. Barry went to Kenya (some say) and also transferred to Columbia in NYC. Virginia visited Stan IN HAWAII. George Obama was born to Jael.

      • I cropped that out of the group photo on Nicoloff’s site. Funny how his version of her face has so much more detail, almost as if he was working from a scan of higher resolution. Well, he had the original, perhaps.

      • Miri, I also agree with you also, good catch. I’ve been finding information but every time I try to post it it goes into cyber space for some reason. I’ll try again with this, which I thought was also weird. A CECIL GOELDNER
        from Sedgwick County, KS DIED back March of 1981? I wonder how many Cecil Goeldner’s there could have possibly been in Wichita, KS in 1981.


        SSN 514-34-2499
        DOB June 4, 1911
        DOD March 1, 1981
        AGE 69 years
        State KS
        Zip Code (Last Residence) 67037 (Derby, Sedgwick County)
        Zip Code (Lump Tax payment) (Derby, Sedgwick County)

      • Is there a captioned version of that class photo anywhere? That’s one thing that bothers me about Nicoloffs version of the “facts”; the dependence on on un-named classmate’s account and the photo taken out of context with no documentation. How do we even know this is Mrs. Estes’ class in Warr Acres, OK? Let alone that the girl shown’s name is Stanley Ann Dunham? Surely that picture was labeled with the names but if so why doesn’t he present it that way? Or…did I miss it somehow?

        • Only place I’ve seen it is his site or where people are citing his site. No captions that I can recall. There were a lot of other kids in the photo. Even the school teacher looks oddly familiar.

        • SEO, did you see the side-by-side photo above? What do you think? Is that Virginia?

          It is also rather odd that the Kansas State Historical Society website seems to have nothing about a president’s immediate family.

          If you read Nicoloff’s story closely, the name of the teacher at “Kindernook” kindergarten in Warr Acres was Mrs. Estes, but I find nothing on the Web about any such school. A private school. He claims SAD was 6 years 9 months old when she began kindergarten and she went there from 1949 to 1951 (kindergarten and first grade). Elsewhere, he refers to that school as the “Estes school.”

          However, the class represented in the group photo is also supposed to be from her first grade class, but in Putnam City at the public elementary school. A teacher is shown but not identified. Nobody but “Stanley Ann Dunham” is identified. He says she began there in 1950 and left after the school year ended in 1951. So there’s a discrepancy in his tale. Also at that same link, he says SAD began at the Putnam City elementary school in 1949!

          Supposedly, his informant was in love with SAD, even in kindergarten and even though she was a year and a half older. And their families were “close friends”.

          Consider this: We’re to believe that she began kindergarten in 1949, over a year late. And yet we’re to also believe that she graduated from Mercer Island HS a year early! On schedule, she ought to have graduated in 1961, but since she started late, then she ought to have graduated in 1962. Yet they tell us that she graduated in 1960, a year too early for her age.

          • Miri, Yes. btw, did you see Adolph Goeldner in Sedgewick Co too ? THAT name connects I bet.

          • Miri, Could VIRGINIA have a twin ?

          • Miri, If you look at a grown up pic of Shirley Temple you see alot of the same face also.

          • http://danceswithanxiety.blogspot.com/search?q=obama%27s+mother

            That blog has two stories alleging different homes for SAD. Ponca City, OK, being one.

          • Ooooh, Shirley Temple? Now there is a scandal; her as Barry’s Mother. . . .

          • Hawaii big 5 connections to hubby Black as well as Ghana connections too. Kwame, Helena Fathia Ritz-Rizk-Rusk etc..WEB DuBois, Shirley Graham DuBois…. A page turner for sure Hootie…Lori Black…LOMAX… Is Lori a Starfelt musician Hootie ?

          • Renee, Some of this is all new to me……”Hawaii big 5 connections to hubby Black as well as Ghana connections too. Kwame, Helena Fathia Ritz-Rizk-Rusk etc..WEB DuBois, Shirley Graham DuBois…. A page turner for sure Hootie…Lori Black…LOMAX… Is Lori a Starfelt musician Hootie ?” So, tosee the the wizard (google) we go. You guys are so many lightyears ahead of the rest of us on info. One thing I keep in mind is “it really is a small world”; all the connections here do mean something. By it being a small world, I mean, no matter where I go, within a short time I meet people who know people I know from the past or the last place I lived. Heck, once moved into a closed culture a state or two over and found out we shared great-grandparents. Bizarre considering my background would have been Irish, Big city. Catholic, Unions, etc., and the closed culture was for generations a “plain” religious community. It was obvious in pictures because our kids looked like siblings of all their kids. In fact, from a distance we thought each others’ kid was our own. Even mannerisms were the same. And the laugh. And the family trait of rolling eyes while one talked. Anyway, all these connections do mean something and if people are not connected to BO in each of the places he says he resided….well,then he did not reside there. So few people have come forward as to being connected to the Dunhams and mostly to BO. Off I go know to learn in the hopes of catching up to you all and actually contributing around here.

          • This , from that Tulsa Today article, is laughable:

            When Virginia speaks of the impact to her family in regard to her great nephew’s position, she says they have not had too many interruptions. Mainly, she misses him. “He is very, very busy,” she states. Both Cecil and Virginia attended the inauguration. In Washington, they spent time with cousins, Veterinarian Dr. Dean and Psychiatrist Dr. Jean Goeldner, and quite a few others. They also participated in a private family inauguration party, had a reunion with her brother Ralph Dunham, and enjoyed a tour of the Capitol building with her great nephew Ian Dunham.

            SHe misses him???? Pullleeeze. I would bet Barack couldn’t pick Cecil and Ginny out of a lineup.

            • That’s so true. If you go just by his bogus narrative, how would he even have ever known this half-grand-aunt? He lived in Hawaii, Indonesia, California, NYC, and Chicago. She went to Hawaii in 1982, but he wasn’t there. She didn’t even know his mother was still alive past 1970! And she hardly grew up with him. She’s about 5 years older than his mother. So if she does “miss him”, there’s another unfortunate slip, which means maybe she knows him far better than she’s letting on.

        • I have my kindergarten photo and there were no names ever put on those group pictures in my town.
          The Kansas Historical Society, if they even deserve the name, used to have lots of information on
          their site and it was removed or deleted. I remember researching whatever information they had,
          and it always led to dead ends or was proven false. It was the “go to” place for information in 2008.

          • Now isn’t that interesting? They were initially used to put out the bogus story and when called on it, they removed all of it? Now, although there’s nothing more interesting to a historical society as having a potus in the collective “family”, they have NOTHING about the famous Dunham family of Kansas?

  21. Oklahoma..Archie Dunham..he has that same lil crooked smile as SAD. SAD has the same lil crooked smile as Courtney Cox and Elvis Presley to me. Elvis’ dad’s name was Vernon right ?
    Archie Dunham-Conoco Phillips.

  22. http://web.archive.org/web/20010502173913/http://home.att.net/~c.goeldner/whois_4.html
    Cecil’s personal webpage…apparently closed in early 2000’s for some reason.
    Read through this and see if you pick up anything.

    • Oops I was wrong. Cecil B. WAS his father’s name.

    • Ha! He said he went to University of Wichita but met Virginia while working at Boeing. Newspaper articles says Wichita State…and he met her there.
      NOBODY forgets where they went to college.

      • Part of our problem is that reporters aren’t good reporters anymore. They don’t double check name spellings. They don’t confirm dates. They probably hear “Wichita” and assume one or the other university, without confirming which.

        • Part of our problem is that reporters aren’t good reporters anymore. They don’t double check name spellings. They don’t confirm dates….
          Heck, they DON’T EVEN NOTICE when the President’s great aunt says his mother died 35 years ago when he was a kid when EVERY other story says she died in 1992! That to me is unbelievable. Now, maybe at the time this Maumelle, AR reporter was just doing a local interest story, didn’t know the BHO narrative, etc…but at some point after that SURELY he knew and SHOULD have done a follow-up. Which SHOULD have been a major story!

          • SEO, the odd thing is that the two divergent stories were supposedly written by the same man and the wrong one (she died in 1970) was published about an hour after the one that variously said that Barry was raised by his grandparents AFTER his mother moved “oversees” (sic). We noticed, of course. There are other “mistakes” in that story. Bridgette mentioned another yesterday–that Ann was born in Seattle. I double checked, and the man cites Virginia as saying Ann died in 1970. He doesn’t quote her but he paraphrased what she said. It looks like his work was syndicated across a small group of local newspapers in the Midwest and the South. That photo I found of Virginia with Stanley in Hawaii exists only as a thumbnail on a search engine. It’s not in the story anymore. The URL for the photo began with “test“. I thought that was interesting. Someone with good document software could load all three (I’ve found 3) versions of this story into the software and run a comparison of the text, so we can see easily exactly how it morphed. (I don’t have software with that function anymore.) If she did die in 1970 (which might be true if she died in childbirth), then they certainly would ignore Virginia’s “mistake” and go out of their way to NOT call attention to it. The writer never, so far as I can tell, corrected his error. I seem to remember looking for a correction in later issues but never found it.

          • Miri, have you or anyone here done an article in the past specifically just about the two half sisters of Stanley and their recollections of SAD and BHO’s childhoods, etc? I remember some stuff about Eleanor, but I don’t remember if it was incidental to other topics?

            • SEO, I don’t think we have, although we’ve done a lot of research on them. I’ve mentioned some of the oddities over the years, but never put it together in a post. We’re contemplating doing that right now because of how often they are coming up in comments. There’s so much to try to break down into component parts.

              I’ve only ever seen Virginia’s “recollections” in those same few stories where she sounded very scripted. Touched upon all the talking points. I’ve always thought that the campaign sent one “reporter” to give HER the photos (not the other way around) and to give HER the talking points.

              All these people sound scripted. SAD’s HS friends, the family, the town “historians”, all of them. Especially her HS friends because when one, Joelle Hannum (iirc), went off script, she was informed by the WH to NOT SPEAK anymore. And so she hasn’t.

              They got out in front of this and coached or corrupted the memories of everyone who ever knew them. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it because so far all the evidence points that way.

    • Can’t imagine why he’d close that. 🙂 Since it was a private webpage, when I first saw it several years ago, I didn’t want to use his photos or “out” his family, but then, when they interjected themselves in Barry’s narrative, I started to change my mind.

      Somewhere amongst all his bloviations, Nicoloff says that his informant “refreshed his memory.” So now I wonder if that WAS Virginia DUNHAM (her maiden name) that he knew in school and HE mixed her up with Stanley Ann? Except Nicoloff acted as if he was the first to know that her real first name was Stanley (and not Shirley or Ann). I’m still wondering what, if anything, Barry called his “mother” in the first edition of his bogus memoirs.

      • I saw a few copies of the 1995 (6?) 1st edition of “Dreams” on ebay….going for $1200 and up. Surely there’s a library somewhere that has the original version?

        • I’ve never really looked, figuring since they sell for so much that any library with a first edition will lock it up. It was said that there were very few from the original printing. Who would read it when he was a nobody? What person, who is a nobody, would write his memoirs at the age of 34, btw? Only someone with a HUMONGOUS ego.

      • Do you have the wedding photo from that website? It is one of the few pictures that shows up, at least on my computer. Most of them won’t display, even if I right-click and do “show picture”. Is that how it is when you look at it?
        I searched both enumeratioin districts that included the town of Derby, KS and surrounding farmland in the 1940 census but can’t find Cecil (Sr) and family. According to Cecil (jr), they were either living on a plot of farmland given to them by his grandparents or renting in the town of Derby. I did find his grandparents (charles and stella) but nobody was living with them and a Walter Goeldner (perhaps an uncle?) who was 52…although he did have a 23 year old wife and 3 year old daughter , the scamp.

  23. http://hillbuzz.org/hillbuzz-open-thread-tuesday-february-28th-2012-2012
    open thread… go down to 12:41 (mme) in comments all about cecil etc.

  24. Hazel Maxine Goeldner was an accountant for Boeing Aircraft for 35 years.

    Hazel Maxine Goeldner, 94 of Maumelle, passed away on Saturday, May 29, 2010. She was a member of First United Methodist Church of Maumelle, Maumelle Newcomers Club, and local Maumelle Chapter of
    AARP. She was an avid reader and a member of Patrick Hayes Senior Center music group. She was also a payroll accountant for Boeing Aircraft for 35 years.

    She is survived by a son, Cecil “Max” and Ginger Goeldner of Maumelle; two grandchildren, Layla and Kevin; seven great-grandchildren; three great, great-grandchildren; a sister, Mildred Pickett of Rose Hill, Kansas; and numerous nieces and nephews and extended family.

    She was preceded in death by her husband of 45 years, Cecil B. Goeldner; one granddaughter, Donna Goeldner; one sister, Lucille Walton; and 3 brothers, Raymond, Harold, and Charles MacKay.


    Your right Miri, the Cecil Goeldner I posted above must have been the father of Cecil “Max” Goeldner. Kevin Cecil’s son works with Aeronautics, Boeing also? NASA? I wonder If Kevin and Mark know each other? I haven’t looked to much more into Kevin yet…hope what I’m saying/posting makes sense, I’m still on a light dose of pain killers 😦

  25. FYI
    AP Newsbreak: AZ sheriff played probe for laughs
    By JACQUES BILLEAUD | Associated Press – 5 hrs ago

    PHOENIX (AP) — An audio recording has surfaced of an Arizona sheriff playing his refusal to cooperate in a racial profiling investigation for laughs at a fundraiser for an anti-illegal immigration group in Texas. He ridicules politicians who sought the probe and displayed contempt toward federal authorities who were — and are still — investigating him on two fronts.

    The dismissive comments in 2009 by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio came as the U.S. Justice Department had already launched a civil rights probe of his trademark immigration patrols and the FBI already was examining abuse-of-power allegations for the sheriff’s investigations of political foes.

    In the September 2009 speech in Houston, Arpaio boasted that he arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants after politicians and federal investigators started to pick apart his patrols. He said he wouldn’t cooperate with the inquiry, but said he would tone down the patrols — if he was proven wrong.

    “But I’m not. After they went after me, we arrested 500 more just for spite,” the self-proclaimed “America’s toughest sheriff” said, pausing for laughter and applause.

  26. Miri… can you put two photos side by side…
    1~ Stan, Mad holding SAD on lap white sundress two years old?
    2 ~ Stan standing in uniforn shirt/pants? holding SAD’s middle arm white dress on large plank of wood, water and trees behind them (is the face of Stan in both photos the same? her “large feet” are bare. Lighter hair in both, Could it be Mad when younger? or just someone else? SAD writing
    at a table with the Right hand, eating with her right hand in another…
    so she’s not a lefty like O.

    • For larger, click this link: https://wtpotus.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/composite-of-dunhams-with-sad-big-feet-copy.jpg

      Your feets too big! Seriously, I’ve never known a DARK brunette to be that blond as a child. SAD’s hair was nearly pitch black as an adult and it didn’t look dyed. It’s unlikely she’d be so blond as a child. The photos from Vernon TX, when she was still a child, show her with dark hair.

      While the little girl looks the same in both of these photos, it’s possible that in the big feet photo, she’s his half-sister instead of his daughter. VG was born 1937 or 1938. Stan was born 1918, if we believe the tale, so he was 20 years older than Virginia. How old does he look in the big feet pic? Either or both could be photoshopped. I can’t remember if we analyzed these photos here before.

      If somebody showed me these photos and asked me what color hair these people have, I’d guess (from experience with black and white photos) that Stan was a brunette, Madelyn was a redhead, and the girl had strawberry blond hair. What say you?

      • Don Nicoloff, in the Three Stooges, analyzed the group “family” photo..and it is photo-shopped as usual.

        I looked at the photo of the little girl recently, but not closely. I was interested in her head.

        • Photo 1-B: Analysis

          The above photo (an exact digital copy in which the author has altered the gamma, contrast, and exposure levels) demonstrates a few additional anomalies worth pointing out. Madelyn Dunham appears to be wearing a uniform, possibly that of an airline stewardess. Below her right lapel is a number or ID badge. The tuft of hair behind her left ear is distinctively different in color than the rest of her head. Notice that her hair is parted on the left side, yet in many other photos, she parts her hair on the right side. [The author has seen only two photos where Madelyn Dunham parts her hair on the left side of her head.]

          Stanley Ann appears to be sitting in a wooden high chair which, based on the perspectives of her parents, would mean her head is reaching a height approaching five feet. Next to her left arm is an abnormal representation of Stanley Armour’s U.S. Army shirt pocket. The pocket is not sewn on straight, it is much darker than the rest of his shirt, and the pocket’s material below the button is of a different texture. His ribbon bar is also pinned onto the shirt in a sloppy manner and is not parallel to the pocket flap. [This author can envision him cleaning latrines with a toothbrush while doing one-handed pushups for having violated “U.S. Army” protocol, that is, if he ever was in the army. Dunham’s uniform would not have passed inspection!]

          In order to understand what one is actually seeing, the head of Stanley Armour Dunham has been ‘Photoshopped’ onto the image of another person, likely a real soldier. The dark shade of the pocket is part of the soldier’s original shirt, and the lighter shade of the shirt (above the pocket) was added in order to accommodate the larger head and neck.

          The creator of this collage determined that the discrepancies would be hidden by the intentional darkening of the composite photo.

          Unnatural shadowing of the neck was added in order to hide the ‘attachment’ of Dunham’s head to someone else’s torso, and the frill of Stanley Ann’s dress conveniently aids in obscuring the darker color of the original shirt’s image next to the pocket.

        • Good analysis. In fact, that child isn’t sitting on anyone’s lap. They look to be standing up. I seem to remember somebody, maybe at Free Republic, talking about the campaign bar he’s wearing and what it means. Any vets out there who know?

      • What’s that half bracelet on the little girl in Madelyn’s lap?

        • Some notes about Dreams from My Father..
          There appear to be copies of the 1995 version on Amazon, but when I try to “Look inside” it goes to a later version (but tells you that if you order you’ll get the 1st edition)
          Anyway, in even that edition some interesting things in light of our current topic:
          Intro (won’t let me copy/paste… so from memory…)
          My mother had spent the last 10 years of her life doing what she loved…in the villages of Asia and Africa…
          (Africa? ) when?
          He DOES say his mother was born at the army base where Gramps was stationed. (Ha, maybe it was when he was stationed overseas…wouldn’t that add a little something to the story…)
          After high school Gramps went to Chicago and CA before coming back and meeting Madelyn

          • Wow. Good catches, SEO. I remember that the introduction to the book was changed. So interesting that the preview is from the later edition and not the one you’re buying.

          • I realize this is straying from the main story…a bit…but it’s not like we don’t “stray” here 🙂 In the 1930 census I located Stanley’s father Ralph W.E. Dunham (this is while Stan and Ralph Jr were living with his maternal grandparents in El Dorado) living with his parents in Wichita. This is not a secret, but also living with them, and listed as their grandson, is a Russell L. Jackson, 13 (Ralph Sr., Stanley Armour’s father, was 38 at the time). Has anyone come across this name before and know who he is? My first thought was maybe Ralph’s out of wedlock child (and maybe the reason for Ruth’s suicide?) but I have found no evidence of who his mother might be and if he is actually Ralph’s.
            The most obvious explanation would be Jacob and Mary Dunham also had a daughter who married a Jackson and had a son, but there is nobody else listed as living in that household at the time.
            Still investigating..

          • Going from memory here, but I think he showed up in another census. I remember looking into another person that was living with the family, and I think that was the name. Didn’t they say the relationship in the 1940 census?

            Also, Gramps went to Chicago — that information was in Three Stooges.

            Which enumeration district did you find them in?

            Here is the information I transcribed from the original census 1910, 1920, and 1930.

            1910 Census
            1150 North Market Street Wichita (Ward 4), Sedgwick Co., KS
            Dunham Jacob W Head M W 46 M1 22 IN VA OH Eng Manufacturer Drugs & C Emp Y Y R H
            Mary A Wife F W 40 M1 22 7/7 IN Eng IRL OH Eng None Y Y
            Hattie J Dau F W 21 S KS IN IN Eng Labor ??? Factory W Y Y Y
            Mable C Dau F W 20 S KS IN IN Eng Labor ??? Factory W Y Y Y
            Frank V Son M W 17 S KS IN IN Eng None Y Y Y
            Ralph E Son M W 16 S KS IN IN Eng None Y Y Y
            Christabel B Dau F W 12 S KS IN IN Eng None Y Y Y
            Pearl M Dau F W 10 S KS IN IN Eng None Y Y Y
            Earl D Son M W 8 S KS IN IN Eng None Y Y Y

            1920 Census
            1150 North Market Street, Wichita (Ward 4), Sedgwick Co., KS, Roll
            Jan 12 1920
            * 1150 224
            DurhamJacob W Head R M W 54 M Y Y IN IN IN Y Pharmacist Drug Store W
            Mary A Wife F W 48 M Y Y IN IRL Eng IN Y None
            Christobel Dau F W 22 S Y Y KS IN IN Y Saleslady Bakery W
            Dewey Son M W 19 S Y Y KS IN IN Y Delivery Boy Drug Store W
            Jackson Pearl Dau F W 18 D Y Y KS IN IN Y Machine Opr Bakery W
            Jackson Rusell GSon M W 2 10/12 S Y Y KS US KS None

            254 Durham Frank Head R M W 25 M Y Y KS IN IN Y Printer out of job W
            Pearl Wife F W 30 M Y Y KS IL IL Y None

            1930 Census

            201 West Douglas, Wichita City (Ward 5), Delano Twp., Sedgwick Co., KS, Roll 721, p. 17B, ED 87-68, SD 9, ED
            15 Apr 1930, 1201 West Douglas St.

            Dunham Jacob W Head M W 67 Mar 25 N Y IN IN IN Physician Medical ??? O Y N
            Mary A Wife F W 59 M 18 N Y IN IRL IN Y None
            Ralph W Son M W 38 M 22 N Y KS IN IN Y Druggist Retail Drug Store O Y N
            Jackson Russell S GSon M W 13 S Y Y KS US KS Y None

          • Bridgette, I did figure out who Russell Jackson was, it’s down below here somewhere..you’re right, Pearl was his mother and Stanley’s aunt. He was enumerated living with her and living with his grandparents in the 1930 census but I don’t have the district handy.

      • I hadn’t noticed this before. In the photo on the right or gramps by the water, he resembles John Kerry. Hummmm……..

        • There was a Pearl Dunham who married a Mr. Jackson. This must be her son.

          • Aint Pearl?

          • Well Miri, there do seem to be some similarities to the Clampetts.

            Pearl was quite young; in the 1920 census she is listed as 18 and divorced and Russell was almost 3 and living with her, in her parents home; His father’s place of birth was US, unknown.
            I did find a Pearl Jackson of the same age in the 1930 census (when Russell is still living with gpa and gma)…in Ohio; her relationship to the head of household there is listed as “inmate”. I do not know if it is her.

            • 🙂 That’s who I was thinking of. Jethrine’s maw. Oy. I think it would be better if I could throw together a family tree for these folks. Do you have a list or a link to one where I could start easily? Ralph’s his brother; Ralph’s his dad; Ralph’s his half-brother-in-law. Confusing.

          • Pearle

          • Just to clarify, I meant there was a Pearl in the Jacob and Mary Dunham family, so she was a sister to Ralph W. E. Dunham , sr. Where she went after the 1920 Census, when she was listed as divorced and had a 3 year old son, Russell, I haven’t found. (except the one I mentioned below who was an “inmate” in Ohio in 1930.)

        • FINALLY ! getting that Kerry-Khourey etc… etc…look down ?

          • Miri…I’m trying to find you a reliable gen. site with the Jacob Dunham family (one i just found lists one sister for Stanley…Virginia…but she is born in 1916…two years before him)
            BUT…check this one out! You’ll see why when you get there.


            • There’s Shirley!

              SEO, I remember looking at all the census information from the originals and found lots of misinformation
              that was being presented on the internet. It was a painstaking process to follow this family with all the twists and turns.

              The one that was blatant was their alleged native Indian roots..that I never found, or they weren’t classified as native Americans in the original documents. All of my information was lost with the crash of my computer, but some tidbits might be in emails. I will see what I have if anything. I believe I posted the discrepancies at TD’s which was a blog that closed with all of our research on it.

          • That link in that ancestry .com board no longer works, but i looked up la tour genealogical and found his blog on, of all places, my.barackobama.com
            Here’s the first paragraph

            Shirley Ann Dunham, born November 27, 1942 was the mother of Barack Hussein Obama Jr., born August 4, 1961. She married Barack Hussein Obama Sr., 1960, in Hawaii, United States. She was the great-great grandaughter of Jacob Mackey Dunham, born May 7, 1824. He was born a Virginian and a long-time Tipton County, Indiana resident who settled in Kansas and then moved and died in Oklahoma.

            • Stop it! Please, no more SHIRLEY LINKS! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just kidding. I do believe it. So what–his own website was a source of the “mistake”? He didn’t know his own mother’s real first name? I think this is plausible. They elected S. Ann Dunham the deceased Indonesian anthropologist known to Alice Dewey and Eleanor Nordyke of the East-West center. She always went by Ann. She’d sign her name S. Ann. Maybe at some point, somebody saw a blurry, poorly scribbled Stanley Ann and assumed it said Shirley Ann, expecting her first name to be typically female. Surprise! And I just ran across this one, possibly again. I may have it on my Shirley thread; I have to check: http://web.archive.org/web/20110411181340/http://genealogy.about.com/od/aframertrees/p/barack_obama.htm This woman is a professional genealogist. Right after April 11, 2011, she changed the name to Stanley Ann Dunham. (For a “professional”, an amazing LACK OF DOCUMENTARY SOURCES.) But this webpage was out there as far back as Feb. 2007, perhaps before. The “crawls” seem to indicate there were versions in 2006, but not captured. Hard to say. Don’t know when the Internet Archive began, either. I do remember a beta version from 2000, but that is long gone. It was put up by Google, iirc, for the millenium. Anyway, she started out with “Ann Dunham” and said he was born at Queen’s Medical. http://web.archive.org/web/20070207035620/http://genealogy.about.com/od/aframertrees/p/barack_obama.htm So what was her source for that? For all we know, the asshats at Wikipedia began it all. But where would THEY get the bogus information that her name was Shirley and he was born at Queen’s, if it’s bogus?

            • Nov. 27? It’s supposed to be the 29th. It’s supposed to be a Sunday. But the 27th was a Friday. Hmm. When exactly WAS she born?

          • The posters name is harrisonlatour. Harrison. Looked at posts. Earliest Spring 2007 and latest Late 2009. Wonder why he/she lost enthusiasm? Still Alive?

  27. Hey, the Book Cover (above)… of ‘DREAMS” has the “Shirt”…
    and that …” KID ” again…. Comments &…. links… also.

  28. ANNIE’S….Birth Certificate….. hope ya all like it!

  29. At least that about.com article solved my “what happened to aint pearl” problem. She was living in wichita with her new Mann (Harry) had a new son Clinton Mann and her son Russell Jackson was also enumerated in her household. Whew.

  30. This guy is the dad. who is he? who’s your mama, barky?

  31. papoose… what you know? did I fall asleep and miss it?
    you mean we’d been fooled? out with it…

  32. 2 things… the lei photo …above 4/24/2012 at 12:54pm
    also.. Three Stooges go to Washington: part 5 ..12/18/08
    Group photo Stan and another man both smoking with left hands… ??

  33. you’ve probably found this already, but there’s a
    1940 city directory record for:
    stanley a dunham in wichita at r1006 Maple, occupation clerk.
    ralph e., teacher, at same address.
    ralph w and martha at h2716 n hillside.
    ralph B (and Evelyn) at h146 Ida ave, bookkeeper at southwest national bank

    can’t get a screenshot on here, but it’s this record:

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (Beta) Record for Stanley A DunhamU.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (Beta)
    Return to Record Kansas > Wichita > 1940 > Wichita, Kansas, City Directory, 1940 > 83

    • Thank you Hayden! I wanted to find them in the Census and now I can. Have you by chance (or can you?) found Stanley in 1937-1939 in Chicago and /or California anywhere?

    • So, according to the census, the 1006 Maple Address was Harry and Gabriella Armour (grandparents) but as of April 16 when they census was taken the boys were not living there or not reported anyway.

    • The 1940 census for Kansas is now searchable on familysearch.org, so I was able to finally find Ralph and Martha Dunham; living with them was Eleanor (7) and Virginiamae(5) and nephew Russell Jackson (24)

  34. Just ran across this and was wondering why there were so few views?

    The Three Stooges Go To Washington part 1/12.

    This one had 702 views, but some of the others had much less.

    • I didn’t know that Don’s article was reviewed on the radio. Perhaps others didn’t either, but we do know about the Three Stooges go to Washington articles.

      Michael Herzog Radio Show – December 2008 – Obama has been elected at that time.

      Don Nicoloff is on the show and gives an overview. Parts 1 – 4 were published by the Idaho Observor. Part V is discussed. It was 19 pages long – online. He spent 6 months writing this one article, Part V.

      The discussion starts at 6:00.

      Don – He [Obama] is an East German sleeper agent. He is a fiction, fraud and definitely a stooge. It is a Fascist -communist takeover of our government. NWO or Illuminati’s have chosen this guy that since the 1980’s has been groomed to play the part he is playing now.

      That is about all that is said on this video. On to Part II.

  35. Miri, yes I did see that photo of “Dr. Stanley Ann (Shirley) Dunham on ancestry; totally not her. There was a short message board/discussion about whether or not it’s her, it doesn’t look anything like the other pictures, etc. It seems the Dunham family trees that are presented on Ancestry are from people who’ve just taken it upon themselves to create one from whatever they can find online or in his book. There were a lot of photos, but nothing I had not seen before.

    • Thanks. I didn’t have any background, just the screen shot of that page. But I do know I saw that photo years ago and, amazingly, it’s still up there. I didn’t check the message boards.

  36. Just checking something on Ann Dunham’s wikipedia page and saw a new baby photo of her. Appears to have been added May 31, 2012…about the same age as the one below it with her parents but does it look like the same baby to you? I don’t know how to add the photo so I’m giving the link.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Stanley_Ann_Dunham-early_1940%27s.png#filehistory

    • I’ve never seen that before. Interesting find.


      The hair is curlier, but could have been curled, although we know that SAD in older years had very coarse, dark hair, which seems inconsistent. Some have said that second photo is photoshopped. I do think this little girl is the same and also the same child that’s standing near that lake with Stanley Armour holding her hand. But this child is light-haired and she could be Virginia Goeldner, Stanley Armour’s much younger half-sister. I think this little girl, supposed to be SAD, looks more like the child in elementary school in Oklahoma than SAD AND I think that child IS Virginia Goeldner, without doubt.

      • In the second photo, it looks to me as if they placed “Ann” in front of an image of her parents. Look how bizarre Madelyn’s right hand is. The baby is looking elsewhere while the parents look at the camera. Most photographers would have rejected that photo and taken another with all subjects looking at the camera.

        Long ago, I read about how Stan’s campaign bars aren’t militarily correct, but I can’t speak to that. But never in my life have I known a child with light, fine hair grow up to have very DARK, coarse, kinky hair. I can envision this child grown up and looking just like Virginia Goeldner, right down to the hair. A person’s hair follicles determine whether or not they have coarse, kinky hair or fine, straight or slightly wavy hair. That doesn’t change from childhood to adulthood.

        It’s hard to say whether or not both photos are the same child. It almost looks as if one or the other has been reversed. There seems to be a slight age difference. Hard to say.

    • Doesn’t look like the same child – I agree SEO. For such a cute child – she didn’t grow up to look like Ann with the heart shaped face. Ann wasn’t that attractive IMO.

      Don’t we wish we had access to the photo enhancement programs that they use for missing children to see what they should look like as they age.

    • SEO, something alfy commented about reminded me of these photos of Ann. She mentioned the cover of Barry’s book. There’s a photo of Ann and Stan on the front. Does that child look like the photos on Wiki?

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