Barack Obama Sr’s Just Released INS File, Two Wives and Other Women Everywhere!!

By Newssleuth

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An INS memo about Barack Obama Sr. who had a wife in Kenya when he arrived in Hawaii and then married Stanley Ann Dunham on February 2, 1961. The summer before, he had been running around with several girls and had been cautioned about his playboy ways. He replied that he would try to stay away from the girls.

This is my summary of the part of Barack Obama’s Immigration file where two different girlfriends are mentioned along with a wife and son in Kenya, a wife and son in Hawaii and a wife in the Philippines.

I woke up early and watched the Royal Wedding so don’t expect perfection from me today, okay? I am so tired.

A mother, who contacted the INS regarding Barack Obama, was concerned for her daughter who was set on marrying Barack Obama even though the daughter  knew that he had two other wives. The daughter was 27 years old and was set on marrying Barack Obama and subsequently went to Mombasa, Kenya. The INS agent said that because the daughter was of legal age and mentally competent they would not intervene.

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Another  girl was from Kenya, sponsored by a Unitarian organization and going to high school in Massachusetts and living with an American family. She bought a round trip ticket and went to London, saying her sister was in London and sick. She left for London against the recommendation of her sponsor, the Unitarian organization, who then dropped her from their program. A Unitarian minister from the organization called the INS because the Kenyan girl had a round trip ticket and would be re-entering the US without a sponsor and she had not been re-admitted to school and was unable to get admitted into another school. The INS could not find a sister for the Kenyan girl in England. When she was trying to get back into the states, the Kenyan girl had Barack Obama, who the INS said was her boyfriend, call them several times on her behalf. The INS was told by the Unitarian organization that they thought she might have gone to London for  “redacted.”

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In an August 31, 1961, an INS  memo tells of Barack Obama Sr.’s  plan to stay at the University of Hawaii for another year to get his BA in Economics while his US Citizen wife, Stanley Ann, planned to go to school at Washington State University the next semester.

The memo goes on to say that after Obama Sr.  got his BA in economics, he intended to go to a mainland school for a doctor’s degree in economics then, after that, to return to Kenya.

The memo says, “They have one child, born Honolulu 8/4/1961, Barack Obama II, child living with his mother (she lives with her parents and subject (Obama Sr.)  resides at 1481 Alencastre St.)

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105 responses to “Barack Obama Sr’s Just Released INS File, Two Wives and Other Women Everywhere!!

  1. I will udate this post with more commentary and documents.

    • Newssleuth, guess what. does this prove that the pages of stuff that we have is bogus as well? If you will check here quickly you will see that the Center for African Sudies at Harvard did not exist till 1969…….not when this letter b(6) was written.. Also you notice Harvard is written in while other parts are typed. The H in Harvard looks to be written over. Bogus, Bogus..!!!! Whoever is the forgerer of this one didn’t do their homework.

      • Interesting information Alfy about the Center not existing until 1969. What page in the immigration file are you referring to that was from Harvard? I don’t know what b (6) means.

        I thought several pages were fraudulent.

        • I notice that when there is a b-6 there’s a redaction nearby. I saw it on the SADO passport docs, too.

          • Well , if this is fraudulent thent the redactions may also be just another part of the makeup of the whole thing just to create intrigue or it could be this stuff was takent from various sources of other similar passport and immigration files to create this one, then VOILAA! we get this version of a file for Barakeeson.

          • as a matter of fact, maybe the reason Barack went yesterday to congratulate the CIA on all the magnificent work they’ve been doing,was because they have created some beautiful document work and he wants to just let them know to keep up the good work.

        • Well yeah, several pages could be fraudulent, but we are still lookin at em to deciphor from. (Myself included, but I just don’t take it all to be 100%, just like God says he is 100%, but seuth sayers and claravouyants never are).It is about the third page down on here …. one of the letters refering to the girl going to Kenya and the blanked out names discussing this.So and so of center for African Studies at Harvard….speaking to so and so.The word Harvard is hand written and other parts are typed. It says 6(b) , just below a page that has the number 12 on the bottom right corner.

        • I posted the site that says Harvards center for african studes began in 1969. It shows when these centers started in various other colleges.I posted that to Newsleuth,but forgot to post it with my statement so it’s somewhere nearby.

      • Sorry, Newssleuth, check here about my previous statement.

  2. Three mentioned wives and another girlfriend for Obama Sr. mentioned in the FOIA files! He doesn’t look like he’d be that charismatic to me, but he seemed to have a way with the ladies. It looks like Harvard was well aware of the marital situation and wanted Obama gone, but they were afraid to confront him for fear he’d fail his classes. They “helped” him go back to Kenya by not extending his stay to complete his thesis and telling him there would be no more money for his studies. Further confirmation that he never completed his degree.

    Who was the lady in waiting in the Philippines?
    Who was the 27 year old planning on marrying the alien?

    Who was young gal that went to London.. for an abortion perhaps? Was she a black woman from Kenya? Were abortions legal in the UK? If the INS was aware of her not having a sponsor, how did she get back into the US?

    • It was the high school student from Kenya who went to London.

      • I don’t think the Kenyan girl made it back into the states.

        At first I thought she was in the US when Obama called the INS on her behalf, but after re-reading the document several times, I finally figured out that the INS wouldn’t have issued an “emergency look out” to airport personnel for her to be held if she was already in the states. I edited my article to “When she was trying to get back into the states” from “Once she was back in the states”.

    • Some good questions.

      If any of this info it true then we have gained some facts that help verify something which I referred to earlier. Perhaps some new lady in this scenario went to Philippines, or perhaps Ann did around 1965. That’s when Ann renews a passport. What passport she has renewed and why she would have one earlier, to begin with, is a puzzle because that information is missing. However in Ann’s passport info. she requests to go to Philippines in the 1980’s.

      Well, in 1965 we get Ferdinand Marcos, and in the 80’s other problems erupt in Philippines. Seems Ann does love to go where there is turmoil or a government change, doesn’t she?

      I still don’t buy that Hawaii’s University or Harvard was overly concerned about B. Sr’s love life. There is a tiny portion on one of his files referring to where he may have worked part time. Does anyone remember …. it was something like what Barack worked for when he got out of school?

      Remember B. Sr., but not all African American students, came to the East West Center. That was special, like maybe CIA special or other info exchange. Tom Myboya has been already touted as having ties with CIA, so why not B. Sr?

      Only problem with B Sr. is he is not making so great a candidate, maybe because he is boisterous and can’t be trusted in some other matters. Harvard probably was aware as well as University of Hawaii. Best he go back home before people get suspicious of him. Doesn’t anyone think this is plausible?

      I must say I have strong feelings on this myself, that this is so much of the story. It is likely Little has various documents that we will never see; various passports and papers, what ever he needed. It doesn’t mean he worked for CIA, but just part of the whole charade. It would make sense why so much seems tampered with and so much has been misleading for so long.

      Here is something (which I can agree with due to lots of reading on this myself) that some may have already come across but it lends truth to why Ann would need to go to The Philippines, and Indonesia, for that matter and Pakistan. Why she never seems to appear as though she got enough schooling to be an anthropologist, yet is a banker/micro-lender instead. Keishia Ndesandjo’s MO is identical to Ann Dunham’s as was many other ANTHROPOLOGISTS.

      I have some relatives who lived in Indonesia in the 60’s. They were of Dutch descent. One did research in agriculture. If the stories are true what was taking place there with the aid of Foundations, grant studies, CIA, College economic, and other professors being transferred there from Universities like UCLA, Princeton, Stanford and many others? Just read this, I believe it.

      • There is a Geithner connection as well.

        A CW blogger, Lillibet, remembers a childhood summer when she, barky and timmy were together in a city in Illinois. She also remembers a first hand story about missionaries bringing an infant to Kansas and having to return to their country of origin and bring the baby back to Hawaii... pretty interesting. It would be really nice if she visited here sometime.

  3. The Obama Lie That Drove the Birther Movement
    April 29, 2011
    By Jack Cashill Snips

    Newly released documents from Barack Obama Sr.’s immigration file, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, justify “birther” doubts about the nativity story on which Barack Obama based his presidential campaign. The documents were posted Thursday in an article by Heather Smathers on the Arizona Independent web site. When I checked with Brian Wedemeyer, the Independent’s managing editor, he confirmed, “They are legitimate documents.”

    A memo dated Aug. 31, 1961, from William Wood of the Immigration and Naturalization Services, does verify that Barack Obama, Sr. fathered a son, Barack Obama II, who was born in Honolulu on Aug, 4, 1961. For the record, most birthers of my acquaintance believe that Obama was born in the United States. That is not their issue.

    Wood adds, however, that the child is “living with mother (she lives with her parents & subject resides at 1482 Alencastre St.).” He adds that Obama’s citizen spouse plans “to go to Washington State University next semester.”

    This document thoroughly undermines the Obama nativity story, a story that has been told almost as often as Jesus’s but with nowhere near the accuracy. Obama led with it in his 2004 convention speech and repeated it in the first sentence of his 2008 speech.

    • We must also question why this file was released at the same time as the newly manufactured BC for Obama. Who is Bryan Wedemeyer or the person, Heather Smathers? There is a valid question as to whether pages might be included in this file that weren’t part of the original INS file by government operatives. We found many abnormalities in Ann Dunham’s passport file so why not this one?

      • That first memo to file seems particularly questionable. It seems to have gone to great pains to insert, apropos of nothing, too many “facts” for this carnival barker of a “father”. The marriage date, for example. The wife’s name as STANLEY Ann Dunham (when all the earliest stories called her Shirley or Ann.) From Seattle? I thought she was a white girl from Kansas. 🙂 Oh, and that she was a US citizen.

        Why would this memo to file mention Sr.’s date of birth and date of ARRIVAL in the US? And then the part about him being VERY intelligent. (Isn’t that racist, btw? Like when Biden said Barry was clean and well spoken? And why wouldn’t he be?)

        It sounds contrived to me. Can’t spell extension, can he?

        In 1977, Lyle H. Dahlin was the District Director for the Immigration & Naturalization Service, Portland, Oregon. My educated guess would be that today he’s likely conveniently deceased.

      • The Wood memo also sounds fishy. Includes “facts” such as the US citizen wife living with her parents, not with her “husband” and the child’s name and birth place. Too pat. But the Alencastre St. address is interesting because the POLK Directory didn’t mention that address and he lived there in ’62, not in August ’61. Right?

        • But now that I think about it, what if the first memo to file is the plant but the Wood one is right, except the wife living with her parents ISN’T SADOS? Who’s to say that the Filipino wife didn’t birth this child? Or any of his girlfriends? Or what about the Kenyan high school student? Nobody says what race she is, do they? There were whites in Kenya, too. So many possibilities, but as usual, nothing adds up.

          • Obama Sr. used the Alencastre St. address in immigration documents dated August 31, 1961 and in a May 1962 letter to Tom Mboya.

            Maybe there was another American Citizen wife with whom B Sr. lived in Hawaii, with her parents at Alencastre St., and with whom he had a child, Barack Obama II,

            Who went to the Philippines? Which wife?


    Black Chamber of Commerce Head: Obama is ‘Fanatical’ & ‘Marxist’ — I Only Voted for Him ‘Because He’s Black’

    “Obama wanted the National Black Chamber to dance to his music and have blind allegiance to his crazy programs and agenda, which are totally anti-business. We are a pro-business organization. So we have to stand on the side of business, and the benefit of our members, which are black entrepreneurs.”

  5. Who lives at this address? O Sr?:

    subject resides at 1482 Alencastre St.

    Because we never found a thing linking him to that address. It is in Honolulu. A four bed, three bath home built in 1947.

    • 62 letter from father ignores Obama, mom
      11/09/2010 Snips

      In a May 1962 letter he [BHO Sr.] wrote from Hawaii to his political benefactor in Kenya, Tom Mboya, Barack Obama Sr. discusses his “wife,” but without mentioning Ann Dunham, his Hawaiian bride and the mother of the future president.

      Toward the end of the 1962 letter, Obama wrote, “You know my wife is in Nairobi there and I would really appreciate any help you may give her.”

      The heading of the letter to Mboya lists 1482 Alencastre Street in Honolulu as the address for Barack Obama Sr. at the time the letter was written, May 29, 1962. This is a previously unknown address for Barack Obama Sr. At this time, however, Dunham was living with her son in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle at 516 13th Ave. East, Apt. 2.

    • This is what page 34 of the INS file says:

      “Barack II lives with his mother (she lives with her parents and subject visits at 1482 Alencastre St.)”

      The “subject” Barack Obama Sr. “visits” at 1482 Alencastre St.

      So the document says he visits and we can surmise that if he “visits” he must live somewhere else and does not live with Stanley Ann, Barack II and Stanley Ann’s parents.

      • So it says “resides” and not “visits”. My new glasses aren’t quite broken in yet and everything still moves when I turn my head.

    • Abercrombie and Zane were friends of Obama, Sr. Could it be one of their homes?

  6. EXCLUSIVE: Dad’s Immigration File Offers More Evidence Of Obama’s Birthplace
    April 27 By Heather Smathers – Independent Staff Writer

    Documents obtained from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service through a Freedom of Information Act request offer evidence that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

    A memo dated Aug. 31, 1961 from William Wood of Immigration and Naturalization Services indicates that Barack Obama, Sr., was attending the University of Hawaii on a student visa and that a son, Barack Obama, II, was born in Honolulu on Aug, 4, 1961.

    The memo refers to Obama Sr.’s plans to attend the University of Hawaii for one more year to obtain his bachelor’s degree in economics, and that his spouse, a United States citizen, plans to work at the university. “They have one child born Honolulu on 8/4/1961 – Barack Obama II, child living with mother (she lives with her parents & subject resides at 1482 Alencastre St.),” the memo states.

    Documents also show that Obama, Sr. entered the country in 1959, and received several extensions to his visa prior to being denied in July, 1964. A memo from Lyle H. Dahlim of the INS, written in April, 1961, says the agency “recommend(s) that Subject be closely questioned before another extension is granted – and denial be considered. If his USC (United States Citizen) wife tries to petition for him make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage.”

    The wife is Stanley Ann Dunham, the President’s mother, who married Obama, Sr., in February, 1961.

    The documents also show that the CIS investigated the elder Obama as a polygamist, having a wife in Kenya and a “wife and child in Honolulu.” Dahlim’s memo adds that “Polygamy is not an excludable or deportation charge as Subject is a non-immigrant.”

    Documents show that Obama, Sr. was denied an extension on his student visa in July, 1964, in part because Harvard University, where Obama, Sr., was a Ph.D. candidate, sought his removal. Obama Sr. eventually left the United States willingly after becoming an illegal alien for remaining in the country past the expiration of his visa.

    An INS investigator, M.F. McKeon, wrote “They (Harvard officials) weren’t very impressed with him and asked us to hold up action on his application until they decided what action they could take in order to get rid of him. They were apparently having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.” Documents show that Harvard officials considered Obama, Sr. to be a “slippery character,” and conspired with the INS to have him deported.

    Inquiries with the White House were not immediately returned.

    The revelation of the handwritten memo mentioning the President’s birth comes as lawmakers across the country grapple with so-called “birther” bills, with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoing proposed legislation requiring all candidates for any office to produce a birth certificate prior to their name appearing on the ballot. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, however, has said he will sign a similar bill.

    • Sounds like they were trying to pull off a marriage scam thingy.

      It never ends with these people.

      • That good old marriage scam thingy must have involved PG Stanley Ann and a “shotgun” aimed at Barack Sr. or else he would get ratted off to U of Hawaii.

        • I think they were swingers….

          • I think they were too. They were beatniks in their day and that is where the concept of “free love” derived and trickled down to the hippies in the mid sixties and is now known as the sexual revolution…

            the birth control pill and roe v wade, as well as “women’s lib” and the concept not to take the husband/ father’s surname all contribute to the movement and inevitably the sham of who is who… we can see now how not taking your husband’s surname benefits the players these days.

            ~~ back on point ~ Newsleuth, it really does appear that the tramp was in a hot spot and the Dumbham’s were trying to facilitate him. I know, its just me, but I do not believe that the fraudster is the child they refer too. I do not believe that he is the Daddy. I also think when he came back in 1970-71 he came to repay the favor. Those pictures in the airport prove nothing.

            Where are all the age progression experts? Maybe we should put bogus potus on a milk carton to get a little attention. Have you Seen Me?

    • So there’s the answer why this SUDDENLY got released along with the bogus long-form CGCC. More “evidence”. Except it’s not.

      The man’s name was DahliN, not Dahlim.

      How does this reporter KNOW which “spouse” is the one who had the son and who lived with her parents? The memo doesn’t NAME her or her parents or give their address.

      The immigration service didn’t even know how many wives he had at the time. Could have been three or more, even back then. And he had the girlfriends. When did he meet Ruth? Does anyone know for sure? (Which reminds me that this gives us an age for Ruth. It had to be her, whose mother was trying to keep her from going to Kenya.)

      Stepgranny in Africa said, when she got her award for 47 years of working with ORPHANS, that “even the president of the US passed through” her hands. AS AN ORPHAN? Could any of the girlfriends or wives have given birth to BHO II, maybe even in Kenya? Yes. Or maybe in the Philippines? Much closer to Hawaii.

      Could one of his white USC wives have taken in the child by another mother of this carnival barker of a “husband”, if the birth mother didn’t want him?

      It’s said what a big heart SADOS had. It’s said she told girlfriends from high school that she didn’t have to marry to have children–she could ADOPT.

      Suppose she met this playboy of the Pacific Rim in college and learned about a girlfriend or wife of his who was having a baby by him but didn’t want the child. Suppose their marriage was a sham so that she could have the child immediately, without going through the legalities. Or what if he really had more than one USC wife and one died in childbirth, so the other took in the child?

      Malik, his eldest son, has followed in Dad’s footsteps because he has many wives, more than he’s allowed. Maybe it’s an inherited trait.

      Remember how Fukino said the BC was half typed and half handwritten? What happened to THAT story? This thing that was released looks completely typed except for the signatures, which obviously would be handwritten. So did she misspeak?

      Or did they do some cut and paste magic to eliminate the handwritten notes and entries and make them look as if they were typed at the hospital all on the same day and that this is how his bc looked, pristine from the day of registration?

      btw, the business about BHO Sr. divorcing the Kenyan wife by telling her she’s divorced, well that’s sharia law. That’s how Muslims do it.

  7. EXCLUSIVE: Harvard University Speaks Out On Obama Sr.’s Immigration File
    Heather Smathers
    April 28, 2011

    – LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. – Harvard University officials are speaking out on the release of the immigration file on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. Documents uncovered through a Freedom of Information Act request to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service, show that Harvard University officials worked with the INS to deny Obama’s student visa extension.

    An INS investigator, M.F. McKeon, wrote on June 8, 1964: “They (Harvard officials) weren’t very impressed with him and asked us to hold up action on his application until they decided what action they could take in order to get rid of him. They were apparently having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.”

    Another memo by McKeon, dated May 19, 1964, says: “OBAMA has passed his general exams, which indicates on academic grounds he is entitled to stay around here and write his thesis; however, they are going to try to cook something up to ease him out. All three will have to agree to this, however. They are planning on telling him that they will not give him any money, and that he’d better return to Kenya and prepare his thesis at home.”

    Jeff Neal, a spokesman for Harvard University, disputed those allegations. “While we cannot verify accounts of conversations that occurred nearly 50 years ago, a review of our existing files did not find any support for either the language or the implied intent described by the U.S. government official in the government documents,” Neal said.

    Neal said that university documents predating the INS file, which was compiled between 1961 and 1965, indicate “the University’s Center for International Affairs faced serious constraints in providing financial support for research by international graduate students in Cambridge, and that these students were required to secure and demonstrate independent and sufficient sources of funding in order to remain on campus.”

    Documents show Obama, Sr. was denied an extension of his student visa in July, 1964 and subsequently returned to Kenya. In 1965, Obama, Sr. attempted to return to the United States.

    The INS file includes a letter from Harvard Registrar Robert Shenton written to Obama, Sr., on Nov. 16, 1965, that says the elder Obama had not registered his thesis title with the Department of Economics and therefore the university did not authorize his I-20, a document issued by a college for a student so that the student may obtain a student visa, for his return to the country. “Under the circumstances, I could not consider issuing an I-20 to you until the following steps have been completed and the Economics Department approves your return,” Shenton wrote.

    The steps required of Obama, Sr., included informing the Economics Department of the thesis title; informing the department of the status of his thesis; and sending the department any completed pages of the document. Neal said the university would confirm that Obama, Sr. was a student at Harvard from 1962-1964, and earned a Master’s degree in Economics.

    Multiple attempts to get comment from the White House press office have not been returned.

    • Yeah. The WH won’t talk to reporters but I bet the phone lines were humming between the WH and Harvard. It’s odd that they can speak about BHO Sr.’s records. Is that because he’s dead? Why won’t they tell us what’s on file for Barry? That would be nice.

  8. OK. So it was actually Sr. that was supposed to be at that address.

    Not in the Polks. And in fact the 1962-1963 Polk does not list him at all. But his HI school records don’t list him at that address do they?

    Here is the Polk post – it’s rough, but just scroll down past the text to the thumbnails.

    • No, it was Stanley Ann who lived at 1482 Alencastre St. with her parents and Barack Obama II.

      In the 8/31/1961 INS document it says,

      “They have one child born Honolulu on 8/4/1961- Barack Obama II child living with mother (she lives with her parents and subject (Barack Obama Sr.) visits at 1482 Alencastre St.) ”

      Barack Obama Sr. was a visitor at 1482 Alencastre St. and lived somewhere else. At the time this memo was written, Stanley was getting ready to go to the University of Washington.

  9. Right-and the parents, as far as I can track, did not live at that address.

  10. What I mean to say – is that I haven’t found anything which puts any of them at that address.

    • Yeah, I thought it was weird too. I wonder if there is a reverse address look up online somewhere otherwise I could drive to Fullerton California and look that address up at the reverse address directory place. They have an archive of old reverse directories from almost everywhere in the US but they charge money to let you do your own look ups.

      Try the City and County of Honolulu assessors office, or whatever they call it over there, and see what comes up. Send your buddy to the assessors and look at the old address microfiche to find out who owned the house back in 1961. Or you did you do that already?

      • Nope – checked it out on Zillow.

        But the Polks only have him at the one address. Same with the Univ. as far as I know. What in heck would he be doing in a single family four bedroom home?

        • You got to check assessor’s to find the 1961 owner of 1482 Alencastre St. Maybe it was the owner who let Obama Sr. use that address for his mail.

        • Do you think he lived there from sometime in August of 1961 until around June of 1962?

          Maybe Renee is right and he was a swinger.

          Did you look up 2036 Rd. Top Terrace, Honolulu, Hawaii? It’ s the address on Obama Sr’s fingerprint card dated July 28, 1960 and stamped Aug. 15 1960 9:42 am.

        • A poor foreign-exchange student in a four bedroom house with three baths in Honolulu, Hawaii?!! Must have been living with one of his rich blonde girlfriends. He’d moved on by then. Dumped the kid and the USC wife. WHOEVER she was.

    • US officialdom’s interest in the ‘playboy ways’ of Barack Obama senior

      New files reveal Barack Obama father’s disturbing treatment at the hands of US immigration and university officials
      28 April 2011

      • They were super selective with what they included in that piece of nonsense.
        Pandering-it’s all in a days work.

        • Can you believe that? He was a victim of racism, too, just like his son. 🙂

          Do you get the impression that a church was sponsoring him? If so, then I suppose the student advisor would counsel him to not be running around with women who aren’t his wife (the one he left behind with his CHILDREN in Kenya). That might lose him his scholarship. Ya think? But no, there’s a “subtext” of miscegenation, even though nowhere in any of these documents, iirc, do they mention his race, the race of his USC wife, or the race of the girlfriends. Do they? He’s a slippery character because he’s caught lying, he’s caught marrying USC women without fessing up to his current marital status, he’s a sleazeball, and he’s overstaying his visa. Anything else? So maybe this is why Barry has a softspot for illegal aliens. That runs in the family, too. Auntie Zeituni?

  11. Wow. good work, great dialogue. I will be back to learn more!

  12. Has anyone else mentioned the discrepancies on Obama, Srs. date of birth? I guess, in the whole scheme of things, it really isn’t that important, but how could he keep changing the year born on all those forms? Really?

    If you check out the form with his fingerprints, it’s reported that he was born on 6-18-34. Other forms say 1936. If you look at Barry’s fake birth certificate, it says that his dad was 25, meaning that he was born in 36.

    If you look at the Kenyan birth certificate, it gives Stanley’s complete date of birth, but if you look at Srs., it just gives the year. Why all the confusion on the year of his birth? I just don’t get it.

    • Yeah , I noticed.

      These documents have Obama Sr.’s birth date as 6/18/1936
      instead of 6/18/1934

      Page 31 “Notice and Report Concerning Nonimmigrant F-1 Student” dated July 17, 1962.

      Page 29 “Notice of Eligibility” Aug. 10, 1962,

      Page 27 “Application to Extend Time of Temporary Stay” Aug. 17, 1962

      Page 25 “Application to Extend Time of Temporary Stay” June 6, 1963

      Page 14 “Application to Extend Time of Temporary Stay” April 21, 1964

    • Why all the confusion with everything Obama related? His mother also has a fungible dob. Or did. It used to be one or two years off what it’s given as now. Just like her name changes over time. Shirley, then Ann, then Anna, then Stanley Ann, then S. Ann.

    • World Net Daily weighs in on the discrepancies:

  13. A mother, who contacted the INS regarding Barack Obama, was concerned for her daughter who was set on marrying Barack Obama even though the daughter knew that he had two other wives. The daughter was 27 years old and was set on marrying Barack Obama and subsequently went to Mombasa, Kenya. The INS agent said that because the daughter was of legal age and mentally competent they would not intervene.

    Any chance this could be “Ruth”? It would make her about 74 years old now and born apx 1937. Why did they block the person’s name out in the FOIA? Still living? What’s the big secret?

  14. As to the 2036 Rd. Top Terrace, Honolulu, address.

    I get two hits for the same address in HI. One has basically no info – just a value of 516,000 – no building specs except “single family”. The other is a bit over a million, and was built in 1978.

    So, the first could be the lot, maybe with older home torn down, and the second is the lot after being constructed in ’78. That’s a three bed, single family.

    So, the Polks and school records all have O Sr. at just the 11th ave address. Now we have a total of four addresses for him.

    11th Ave.-Official address on record
    2036 Round Top Terrace, Honolulu-Fingerprint card
    1482 Alencastre St. -INS memo 8/31/61
    6085 Kalanianaole Highway-Newspaper birth announcements

    I had seen somewhere that he stayed very briefly at a YMCA or something till he got the 11th Ave. place.

    So, the Polks and his school records don’t reflect three of these addresses.
    But-according to these records, he does claim to have a wife and son.

    • Ladyforrest, yes the story goes he stayed at YMCA when he first came to Hawaii. I used to have that address but would have to dig a while. But guess what is so ironic//?// On Frank Marshall Davis’s FBI file , Frank moves out of his home with Helen (sort of a separation or something else, we will never know why) and moves to the YMCA for awhile. This is around 1958-1959. The file I have on Frank is probably a tainted version though, just like all the rest. I have saved this file though if anyone wants to check it out.

    • I bet the value appreciated on the Rd Top Terrace property from $587,000. to a little over a $1,000,00.

      Property is expensive in Hawaii and in some areas doubled in price in the last 15 years or so. Property, here where I live, has gone sky high even when nothing has been done to improve the homes. Over a million dollars for a “tear down”!!

      A friend of mine bought and fixed up houses around Honolulu Hawaii and made money as he did improvements and sold the homes as prices went up. He came back stateside when the real estate market slowed down. Too bad he isn’t still there so we could make him go to assessor’s

    • Better check Google Maps and see if there is a Rd. Top Terrace in Honolulu, Hawaii because that is what was written in the documents and where it was misspelled as Rd. Top Terrance.

      • There is and I trolled around on google maps and looked around. The area pointed to for the actual address is possibly off this main road and has this as the street address.Never found the actual house. It looks to be quite a ways from the University. There is a variety of homes , mansions, apartments and it goes way up in the hillsides looks like way up looking down over much of Honolulu. Could be a professor that Mboya or Barak Sr. knew,just a wild guess.Or another person like that ,that was helping this foreign student out.

      • Nope, Round Top Terrace is it. I can’t understand why “Round” was abbreviated as ‘Rd”.

        Do you think Obama Sr. was making himself hard to find?

  15. Lady Forrest see if this shows a Ceci Chang Freeman at that address and Myron C Freeman. If it doesn’t show I’ll see if I can get you there. In a round about way I do get this person in Cary Ill. with a Stanley Elizabeth Freeman at 102 years old.

  16. I haven’t had a chance to go over the INS file yet, I belive newssleuth maybe you have? If so I was wondering, is the INS memo the only place Stanley Ann’s name is actually mentioned? a “memo” can easily be falsified and added to a file. I see where it says Barak has two wives one in Africa and one in Honolulu, BUT it does not refer to Ann as that wife.

    Something else I noticed right away, the spelling of the name in the INS doc’s – Barak is missing the “c”. When Obama ran for the Illinois Senate candidate he ran as “Barak Obama” again the missing “c”, but yet on the colb just released by Obama his name is spelled “Barack” and Barack Sr’s. name is spelled as “Barack”.

    Why would Obama change his name from “Barak” to “Barack” after 2004, and “WHY” on the colb just released by HDOH / Obama would it have the spelling as “Barack” for him and also Sr when back in 61/62 the INS has the spelling also as Barak without the “c”?

    • I just looked at the whole INS Barack Obama Sr. file.

      He used the spelling “BARACK” in the INS documents he, himself, filled out and signed his first name BARACK.

      I quickly scanned the documents so maybe there were some misspellings that I missed, but in the documents, he signed his own name BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

      • Here’s the link to Barack Hussein Obama Sr’s INS file:

        • on page 3 of the scribd, there are 2 cards. on one he spells his name Barark and on the other he spells it Barac.

  17. Thank you newssleuth. I saw that in in the INS papers it is spelled (typed in) as Barak and also spelled as Barack. Barak, Barack, Barrack, Baraka, seems he and the gov. both have a problem keeping track of who he actualy is. I guess its still up to “we the People” to find the truth as, “they” still remain in total “confusion”……sigh !

    July 8, 2009
    White House spells Obama’s name wrong
    2:45 pm by Eric Zimmermann

    Someone might want to look into whether an impostor took President Obama’s place during his trip to Russia.

    In a release touting an agreement between Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev over how to craft a follow-up to the START arms reduction treaty, the White House claimed the document had been signed by one “Barak Obama.”

  18. Birth certificate conflicts with father’s real birthday?
    Newly released immigration documents indicate Obama Sr. was 2 years older

    April 30, 2011 Snips

    Overshadowed by reaction to the release of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate was the unearthing of half-century-old files that cast doubt on whether the age of the president’s father indicated on the Hawaii document is accurate.

    ….which indicate Barack Obama Sr. would have been 27 at the time of his son’s birth, not 25 – also suggest that the president’s father did not leave the islands from the time of his August 1959 arrival until he departed for graduate studies at Harvard in June 1962
    Among the released documents is a copy of a handwritten memo by an immigration official that refers to Barack Obama Jr.’s birth in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961.

    The age of Barack Obama Sr. listed on the Certificate of Live Birth released Wednesday by the president is 25, consistent with his commonly reported birthday of June 18, 1936.

    Several documents in the newly released immigration files, including applications filled in by hand and signed by Barack Obama Sr., also list a birthdate of June 18, 1936.

    However, about a dozen documents – including an alien registration card with fingerprints and an immigration arrival-departure card which presumably accompanied his passport – show a birthdate of July 18, 1934.

  19. In some instances, also, Barack Obama Sr.’s nationality is listed as British, instead of Kenyan.

    In an application to extend his visa that was approved July 28, 1960, officials notated: “presents valid British passport 84764 until 4/29/64.

    That passport number, 84764, was entered on a June 6, 1963, application to extend his stay that stated he held a Kenyan passport. But this can likely be explained by the fact that Kenya was a colony of the United Kingdom until 1963.

    Curiously, on an Aug. 17, 1962, application to extend his visa, Obama Sr. filled in a line asking him to list the names and addresses of children. The only child he listed was Roy Obama, a son from his Kenyan wife, Kezia. At that time, Barack Obama Jr. was 1 year old.

    On that application he also listed his mailing address as c/o the Koinoinia Foundation in Pikesville, Md. The organization, according to a website, was a “spiritual community” with “strong Quaker influences” that sought to “take literacy, agriculture, health, and similar practical skills into the undeveloped world.”After 1970, it “shifted to New Age and holistic activities.”

  20. Birtherism is here to stay
    Partisans don’t let facts weaken their faith
    May 1

    Birthers don’t dislike Obama because they think he was born abroad. They think he was born abroad because they dislike him. People of this bent don’t proceed from facts to a conclusion. They prefer to reach a conclusion and then scrounge for any facts — or “facts” — that support it. For them, being told Obama is a natural-born American is like being told he’s a loving father and a loyal friend. They won’t buy it because it doesn’t confirm what they want to be true.,0,1729159.story

    • The Left is on a campaign against anyone, anything that ruins their Mythical story of Obama. Only noticeable is that Sarah has been put on the back burner! Now the vile attacks on those who can see with their own eyes that the BC is a fake has begun along with any person that they see is getting in their way..Jerome Corsi is on the block along with Trump and Cashill and of course normal citizens who still can think. There are hundreds of such articles on display. The Journolist and Cabalist have their marching orders and they are out to destroy not to investigate and tell the truth..but to go after people personally with lies and smears. The propaganda machine is in full operation.

      I’ve also noticed that many are not allowing comments following their articles so people can’t oppose their positions or expose the writer as a Marxist, socialist or member of one of the secret ” journOlist” members. Our list only has about 150 members out of the over many names are missing. I haven’t found a better list than the one we have.

      • Just after writing the above I was reading another article and in the comments section were these. So apparently I am not the only one to notice. Reminds me of Red State who also cut off any talk of Obama’s eligibility and even Michelle Malkin who didn’t allow comments related to eligibility. Now the Left leaning newspapers are doing the same…cutting off any communication with the “outside.”

        Posted by sward7162000 on May 1, 2011 – 8:55 a.m
        WOW you have a voice there in Dothan must be nice to be ABLE to voice your opinions . WE on the other hand come from the land of CENSORSHIP-EUFAULA. SAME PAPER SAME OWNERS but they have closed all of our abilities to place comments and opinions for days now no matter the subject. Enjoy your rights to freedom of speech before MEDIA GENERAL decides to rob you of your constitutional rights to voice your opinions.

        Posted by IDTS on May 1, 2011 – 9:35 a.m.
        We’re ahead of you on this one sward7. Several of us have seen this coming for some time now. It may come to a point where only those with the “correct” political viewpoint are allowed to voice an opinion. I’ve seen it happen with several leftist papers which unfortunately most are.

        • “even Michelle Malkin who didn’t allow comments related to eligibility”

          To the best of my knowledge, Michelle Malkin has never disallowed or deleted any comments related to Obama’s (in)eligibility. I have left scores of comments about the usurper at Michelle Malkin’s blog.

          She’s not keen about the topic herself, but she does not censor her commentors.

  21. Barack Obama’s Aborted Sibling?
    Jack Cashill
    May 01, 2011

    Only the British press has addressed the most scandalous allegation in these documents. Key words were redacted in the file, but the redactions do not hide the abortion of what would have been Barack Obama’s half sister or brother.

    A March 1964 INS document more than suggests that Obama impregnated a Kenyan high school girl in Massachusetts on an exchange program.

    The girl left inexplicably for London — a trip almost assuredly subsidized by the 29 year-old Obama — and this caught the attention of our then vigilant immigration officials.

    “The suspicion exists,” a March 1964 INS document said, “that she may have gone to London for [redacted]”. The girl cited a visit to her sister, but upon checking, officials discovered she had no sister in London.

    “At the time,” reports the U.K. Telegraph, “abortions were illegal in the US.” They were not illegal in England. No wonder Obama was strapped for funds. No wonder Harvard wanted him gone. Those were the days.

  22. CBS just said that Obama was going to make a statement at 10:30 ET. What’s UP?

    • Usama bin Laden is dead, multiple sources confirm to Fox News.
      May 01, 2011 10 minutes ago

      President Obama is expected to deliver a statement from the White House Sunday night to discuss the major development. Sources said bin Laden was killed by a U.S. bomb a week ago. The U.S. had been waiting for the results of a DNA test to confirm his identity. The announcement comes nearly a decade after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks which started a tireless hunt for the terrorist mastermind and Al Qaeda leader.

      • I’m thrilled that Osama is dead, however I was wishing that Obama was stepping down!

      • Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden ‘dead’
        Osama Bin Laden Bin Laden is top of the US most wanted list

        1 May 2011 Last updated at 22:54 ET

        Al-Qaeda founder and leader Osama Bin Laden is dead, according to US media reports citing officials. The US is in possession of Bin Laden’s body, the reports say. President Barack Obama is due to make a statement shortly. Bin Laden is top of the US most wanted list. He is accused of being behind a number of atrocities, including the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001.

        • They were waiting to test his DNA to determine his identity. He has been dead for a week. He was killed in a mansion outside of Islamabad, Pakistan. Authorities around the world are to take security precautions for fear his death would bring repercussions against American interests. Martyr reactions will bring on a spike in attacks elsewhere.

          He was killed by a US counter-terrorism group not a predator drone.

  23. AP just reported that Osama bin laden has been killed.

  24. The Nearly Aborted President
    May 18, 2011

    Doing the work that investigative journalists of the mainstream media used to do, author Jack Cashill reveals that the foreign press, unlike their American counterparts, are all over the story. Far from speculation, according to the INS documents, the high school aged girl was in Massachusetts on an exchange program when she evidently became pregnant by the 29 year old Obama. Asian News International notes that this incident occurred prior to 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision, meaning, “abortions were illegal in the U.S.”

    One cannot help but wonder if such a revelation would not cause a man whose own wife describes the heinous butchery of partial-birth abortion as a “legitimate medical procedure” to consider: that could have easily been me.

  25. September 3, 2012
    The Anchor Wife Snips

    Dates in history are interesting in who would have ever thought that the end of the world would have begun on August 9th, 1959, when Barack Hussein Obama sr. first set foot in America at New York, NY, and within that August time period would begin to enjoy the perks planned out for this future dictator of Kenya, at the behest of Paul Robeson the communist opera singer and provocateur, Frank Marshall Davis.

    The perk which this article focuses upon in explaining the entity, Barack Hussein Obama jr., was an anchor wife named Anna Chin or Ann Chin, a Chinese/Japanese/Spanish national, daughter of an Imperial Japanese comfort woman during the Nissan occupation of the Philippines.

    Anna Chin is a most intriguing character as so many resources have been enlisted to fog her out of the mysts of public attention. When INS documents in 1964 spoke of Harvard University investigations concerning Barack Obama sr. and his current aborticide of a black child, he apparently did father by a Kenyan girl there on a Christian education program, a sub note appeared speaking of, “a wife who is now in the Philippines”.

    Novices and Mockingbird jumped this immediately to the conclusion that the “wife” was Stanley Ann Dunham, but if one tracks the INS files, the investigators from the 1961 beginning in the mentioning of Stan Ann, never believed this child was married to Obama and it was a sham event of an anchor wife for Obama in America.

    This is where the talk started of the Salvation Army adoption of Barry Chin AKA Barack Hussein Obama jr in the Obama sr. talking points at INS. It was not Stan Ann doing the Salvation Army adoption, but Anna Chin in Barack sr. having Stan Ann, ready and willing to be a new anchor wife, had no need for a little bastard to anchor him in America and be a further drain on his grant money, as he was running low in having to work for 25 hours a week, at about 25 dollars per week at Dole.

    • Lame Cherry links to News’ article above today and bases some of the story of Anna Chin on it.
      This memo is the one talked about.

      Additionally, this is linked:

      Revealed: Barack Obama’s ‘playboy’ father planned to have future president ADOPTED
      By Fiona Roberts
      UPDATED: 10:02 EST, 7 July 2011

      • LC tells a compelling story that makes sense, doesn’t he? 😉

        The last sentence is the best! “It would have all been much better for the world if Obama sr. had just been given a running tab for whores in Las Vegas and if Obama jr. had just been given a case of Ivory soap for him to drop at gay bars.”

        • A few points, upon reviewing the INS documents Sleuth wrote about:

          (1) The woman who was concerned about her daughter hooking up with BHO Sr. was likely Ruth’s mother, Ida Ethel Baker, because the girl in question was then 27 years old. Ruth would have been 27 in 1964, if what we’ve SINCE learned about her is true–that she was born in 1937.

          (2) Parse this sentence from this memo:

          Today [8/28/64] in talking to (redacted) I [E. Golden] learned that (redacted) of the Harvard Center of African studies informed (redacted) that Obama has two wives as well as a child in Honolulu.

          Does this sentence mean that he has two wives (somewhere) and a child in Honolulu OR
          does it mean that he has two wives AND a child, all in Honolulu? Why’d they redact all the names except Obama’s and Klotzle’s?

          In any case, consider this: He’d already told the INS that he divorced Kezia by April 1961, and his divorce from SAD was final the previous March 1964, 5 months before this August ’64 memo. (Of course, like his “son”, he’s a liar.) So who were these two wives?

          In August ’64 SAD was either in Honolulu attending college or, as Lia said, she was in Indonesia. Another memo from April ’64 spoke of BHO Sr’s “wife in the Philippines” but that couldn’t have been Ann, either, because Ann was supposed to be in Honolulu. Actually, by April 1964, Ann might have already been Mrs. Lolo Soetoro, as she stated on her passport that they married in March ’64.

          Could the Kenyan girlfriend of BHO Sr’s have been attending this school: LSRHS (Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School)? ” The foreign exchange program also began, although the Student Exchange Committee was not founded until 1961. L-S students went to France in the summer of 1958 and the first foreign students came to L-S in 1961. Along with the new traditions and events, others came to an end. Sudbury High’s traditional senior trip to Washington D.C. and the senior play ended after the first two years.” Anyone a member of Ancestry or Classmates who could check out the ’63/’64 yearbooks for photos of potential African girls? This is interesting: “One of the most popular courses from the late 1950’s through the 1980’s was a history class known as “Things Russian,” taught by Paul Mitchell.” Might be another school, but seems it would be possible to find this person. Wherever she later attended college, the name of the school must have been short to fit into that redaction box. Harvard wouldn’t appear to fit.

          • I read it to mean Sr. had two wives, American citizens, AND a son not from either of these two women.

            • I wish these guys would have been more clear in what they meant. I mean, couldn’t they have imagined that decades later people would be parsing their words? 🙂

    • From Lame:
      Even more interesting, in the extension of Box 7, the Kenyan blacked out the first name he wrote for his wife, then penciled in “Ann S. Dunham, Honolulu, Hawaii.” Her named, however, was Stanley Ann Dunham, or S. Ann Dunham. Then, in the space below Box 7, Obama Sr. did not list Barack Hussein Obama II as his son – an omission that is hard to understand if the child supposedly was born earlier that month.

      Obama tells the school that he is separated from Ann Dunham, who is reported to be now living in the Philippines. (Editors Note: Report was accurate contrary to what the reporter mistakes, as Obama is separted from Stan Ann, but Obama’s wife, Anna Chin, is in Asia.)

      In the typed portion it’s noted that he didn’t left blank the portions about marriage status on the I-539. “After the alien stated he was married, he said he was separated and that they may get a divorce.” it goes on to say that the wife from Honolulu is now in Philippines and that he had a wife in Kenya when he arrived in 1959.

      • Yeah. That’s assuming facts not in evidence (as if there are ANY facts in evidence anywhere about these people). The paper said that there’s a “wife in the Philippines”. It doesn’t say THAT wife is Stanley Ann Dunham.

    • Do you know who else was in NY in 1959? FMD. Saw it in those letters in the FBI files. Know where he was? SYRACUSE.

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