Nigel Farage For President Please

Renee Copyright 2011

There is a power keg across the pond folks. A very nice looking one too. He has common sense, and tells it like it is. Can we have him please in 2012 ? Since anyone here can run for president, can we add Nigel to our choices ? I mean, if no one is vetting anyone, and picking people for us, then why not him ?

I have watched Nigel Farage on CSPAN for the past year in the House Of Commons. I like his attitude, honesty and guts. Where did all the real leaders like him for the people  go ? We have fake news stories, liars and thieves all around us so we need about 200 Nigel’s. Can we just have him or one like him at least ? I love watching this man. He has my vote. Lets look at him more and what he has to say.

19 responses to “Nigel Farage For President Please

  1. Nigel the Centralized Government Killer. A political super hero! We need to make a superhero doll of him with a cape made out of the constitution. Just pull the string and the kids recieve one of his many great anti-gov rants.
    Oh! Would that make a great present! When this anti-communist/centralized gov superhero caped cruseder character hits the market place, I’m gonna buy one for all the kids and everyone here at We The People. 🙂

    • I do not think he is anti government at all Greg, just more anti corruption, and anti give away the store. I think he looks out more for the people of his country then cronies. That is what I like about him besides the fact that he speaks his mind in clear language. When I watch the house of commons I am amazed by the blunt words and honesty there. They do not beat around the bush and it is all open. I think we need to learn from that a bit.

  2. Maybe for VP, he could have Daniel Hannan. Remember him?

    Farage and Hannan or Hannan and Farage. Two other British Subjects to oppose British Subject Obama. I like it! And why not? The precedent has been set. Who cares if they don’t meet the residency requirement? That’s old and outdated thinking. This is a GLOBAL community now. It’s discrimination to keep them from becoming our leaders. Precedent set. Requirements for POTUS in the Constitution don’t mean jack sh**. So let’s have two good conservatives run our country for a CHANGE we can believe in.

    AT LEAST we know that Hannan LOVES this country, admires its CONSTITUTION, and envies OUR system of government, having spoken out for several years about the dangerous road to ruin that Barry the Brit is taking us along.

    (I really am not for ignoring the CONSTITUTION. Anybody who follows this blog KNOWS that WE are for following the letter and the spirit of the CONSTITUTION to the LETTER! Thus, Barry is not eligible and should never have been allowed in office. The Constitution is NOT a “living document.” It is the SUPREME law of the land and the only way it can be changed is via the amendment process, BY THE PEOPLE!)

  3. Debka: Wed November 23, 2011 Breaking News
    Medvedev orders military to prepare to measures to destroy US missile shield’s command and control systems in Europe • Also threatens to pull out of new SALT

    Medvedev takes aim at US missile shield, targeting also Israel’s missile defenses
    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 23, 2011, 7:37 PM (GMT+02:00)

    After deploying three warships in Syrian waters, Moscow continues to beat war drums against the United States and Israel, followed closely by Tehran. Wednesday, Nov. 23, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced he had ordered “the armed forces to develop measures to ensure we can destroy the command and control systems” of the planned US missile-defense system in Europe. debkafile: Those systems also control Israel’s missile defenses against Iranian, Syria and Hizballah missiles and the X-Band radar station in the Israeli Negev.
    * Iran poised for a dramatic step within days

    Iran poised for dramatic response within days to world’s nuclear pressure
    DEBKAfile DEBKA-Net-Weekly
    November 23, 2011, 2:20 PM (GMT+02:00)
    Tags: Iran nuclear Khamenei sanctions
    Supreme Ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his inner council are very near to deciding on an unanswerable rejoinder to the rising level of international pressure on its nuclear program, DEBKA-Net-Weekly discloses in its coming issue out next Friday. It is designed to checkmate the West’s drive to curb Iran’s nuclear aspirations in the coming days before a military option develops and sanctions cut down to the bone.

    Did Russia give Iran a nuclear weapon already? Don’t be so naive people…

    Iran has nukes via the Russians and China, because they are their terror proxy. The Russians built a billion dollar nuclear facility for the Iranians. Don’t be so naive to think that they didn’t give them nuclear weapons on the side as well. – Steve Cooper

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Funny, I thought exactly the same thing when listening to some of his You-tubed speeches yesterday! Too bad he isn’t a NBC.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at WPOTUS. May we be grateful for what we still have and look forward to better times in our great nation.

  5. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Then again, as you wrote….since it no longer matters:

    Farrage/Hannan 2012!

    • I don’t know Rose about the Hannon part…

      Canfield Family Genealogy Forum (Page 3)
      Re: canfield casino / saratoga springs – Genevieve Hannon 7/18/04 … Re: Family of Moses Canfield & Sarah Masters – Marian Jordan 10/07/02 …

      • T. Cullen Davis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Thomas Cullen Davis (born September 22, 1933 in Fort Worth, Texas) is an American oil heir. He was arrested for, and later acquitted of, the murders of his …

        • A Texas Oil Dynasty: The Family Tree of Cullen Davis
          Karen Master became Cullen Davis’s third wife on 5 June 1979 in Fort Worth.26 Because of name similarity, some thought that the third Mrs. Davis is a sister to …

          • William S. Davis, a shipping clerk for a steel mill, was born in May of 1868 in Pennsylvania, and rented a home at 121 Maple Avenue, in Johnstown. Wife Cora, also born in May of 1868 in Pennsylvania, was the mother of five children, all living, at the time of the 1900 U. S. Census. They were Edith, born November, 1883; Florence, born November, 1890; Herbert, born August, 1892; Mary, born April, 1894; and Kenneth, born in November, 1895. William S. and Cora had been married twelve years, which places the year of their marriage as 1888.5 The couple wedded on 6 November of that year in Cambria County. The marriage license shows William S. Davis, a weigh master living in Sheridan, was the son of William P. Davis and wife Hettie L. The bride, Cora B. Hoover, of Coopersdale, was the daughter of Jacob Hoover and wife Cornelia.6

            Based on the 1900 Census, Cora Hoover’s twelfth birthday fell shortly before the official date of the 1880 federal enumeration. Living in Coopersdale, Cambria County, that year was Jacob Hoover, age fifty-one, a heater in an iron rolling mill, his forty-four year-old wife, Cornelia, and six children: John, age twenty-six, a heater helper in an iron mill; James, who was unable to work due to organic heart disease; Kate, age seventeen and at home; Moyer William, age fourteen, a cart driver; Carra, age twelve, and George, age nine, both at home. Jacob Hoover’s thirty-two year-old sister-in-law, Mary Goudy, also lived with the family. Pennsylvania is given for the birthplace of each resident of the Hoover family.7

            A decade earlier, Jacob Hoover, age forty-one, a heater, held real estate valued at $2,000 and personal possessions valued at $2,100. Wife, Cornelia, age thirty-four, lived in Coopersdale with six children: John, age sixteen; Margaret, age thirteen; James, age ten; Kate, age seven; William, age five; and Cara, age two. All were Pennsylvania natives, including a twenty-eight year-old domestic servant named Mary Canachy.8

            James L. Hoover, son of Jacob, was born in Coopersdale on 10 October 1860. In an interview in 1896, he stated that the Hoovers were of German descent, and that his father was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, in 1832. However, both the 1870 and 1880 census schedules indicate he was born ca. 1829. Jacob Hoover, said his son, left Bedford County early in life and came to Cambria County to accept the position of manager of the general store of the Cambria Furnace Company. When the company discontinued business, Jacob worked for several years as a heater for at the Cambria Ironworks. Eventually, he relocated to New Castle, in Lawrence County. Cornelia’s maiden name is given as Goudy,9 which agrees with the 1880 census listing a Goudy sister-in-law in Jacob Hoover’s household.

            William S. and Cora (Hoover) Davis had been married six months on 31 May 1889, the day of the tragic Johnstown Flood, which claimed the lives of at least 2,200 people.10 “They moved to Braddock before the flood,” says the couple’s grandson, Cullen Davis. “My understanding is that they were not in Johnstown when the dam broke.” Davis believes his paternal grandfather’s full name was William Seldon Davis.11

            Kenneth William Davis — Cullen Davis’s father — was born on 25 November 1895 in Morrellville, Pennsylvania. For a man destined to become an oil mogul, he was born in the right place. “The petroleum industry traces its origins to Titusville, a two mile drive up the road,” notes journalist and author Mike Cochran.12 Ken Davis, whose educational background did not extend beyond the sixth grade, found his way to Texas as a World War I pilot.13 It was in Fort Worth that he met and married Alice Bound in 1921.14 After the war, Davis worked in Pennsylvania steel mills and later as a real estate agent. His role in the oil business began as a laborer in a field supply store. When the Davises returned to Fort Worth in 1929, Mr. Davis rose to position of vice president of Mid-Continent Supply Company. Within a year he gained controlling interest in the company and eventually transformed it into an industrial empire.15 Alice Bound Davis died on 27 February 1967 in Fort Worth. Her husband outlived her by only a year and a half, dying on 29 August 1968, also in Forth Worth. By the time of Ken Davis’s death, the stunning financial success known as Kendavis Industries International, Inc., was an $800 million conglomerate.16 Mr. Davis, a director of the First National Bank of Fort Worth, contributed funds for the Noble Planetarium at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, among other gifts.17

            Thomas Cullen Davis, son of Kenneth Davis and Alice Mae Bound, was born in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, on 22 September 1933.18 His first marriage was to Sandra Masters on 29 August 1962 in Tarrant County.19

            Priscilla Lee (Childers) Baker Wilborn became Cullen Davis’s second wife within hours of his father’s death in August, 1968.20 Born Priscilla Lee Childers in Dublin, Erath County, Texas, on 30 July 1941, she was the daughter of Oklahoma native Richard Clifford Childers, who worked in the oil industry, and his wife, the former Audie Lee Smith, a Texan.21 Priscilla’s first marriage to Jasper Baker, in Galena Park, near Houston, produced a daughter, but the couple’s union soon ended in divorce.22 In 1959, she married Jack Wilborn in Houston, Harris County. A car dealer who had served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Wilborn was born on 16 March 1921 in Okmulgee, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma. The Wilborns had a son and a daughter and later divorced. He died in May 2005 in Euless, Tarrant County.23

            Described as a “human fireworks show,” Priscilla Davis was as flamboyant as her husband was reserved. The mismatched couple’s marriage ended in a lengthy, bitter separation. But in the midst of that prolonged divorce case came one of the most shocking crimes in Fort Worth’s history.

  6. Cornelia’s maiden name is given as Goudy,9 which agrees with the 1880 census listing a Goudy sister-in-law in Jacob Hoover’s household.

  7. You must be hallucinating if you think that you have been watching Nigel Farage in the House of Commons. He is not a Member of Parliament.

    • You’re correct, Graham. He was a member of some European parliament and head of some UK political party.

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