Obama’s Birth Certificate Went Up in Flames!

Obama’s Birth Certificate BURNED UP in a Hawaiian FIRE

 By Bridgette

This is the news we have been waiting for…except we didn’t expect this story. The “half- baked” version of Obama’s birth certificate apparently didn’t pass mustard…so now we are getting the “real” story!  The paper copy of Obama’s birth certificate burned up in a Hawaiian fire!  This is another “believe it or not moment.”   Here we thought we would be dealing with a fraudulent copy that was being “aged to perfection,” and now this UK reporter said the real paper one in Hawaii burned up!               

Unfortunately, the reporter doesn’t define “paper copy” but we can assume he must mean the vault copy…because Fight the Smears and Daily Kos had the “real” phoney copy on their websites.    How many paper copies are there?  So where is the one that Obama found when he was going through his mother’s things that he wrote about in his book?  It certainly wasn’t the one presented on the internet as the real deal because his alleged mother was already dead when that one was ordered from the DOH! 

We must wonder from whom the reporter got his new information about this fire.  Exactly what does he mean by “paper copy.”  

Not to worry. There are still those Vital Record Journals that were handwritten at the time of Obama’s birth …unless those were conveniently doused with gasoline too.   Who was held accountable for not protecting those vital Hawaiian records?  When was this fire (set) and why is this the first time it has been mentioned?   How many other Hawaiian citizens lost their vital records?   

Didn’t the DOH say that there are microfiche copies of all vital records…and those certainly can be accessed!   A paper copy can be made of microfiche records, so have no worries Hawaiian citizens.  It appears that only one paper copy of a birth certificate was lost and it miraculously belonged to Obama.

The  “SINK”  hole they are digging is getting deeper and deeper!   We must give a shout-out to the UK reporter for informing the US of this event that the Hawaiian officials haven’t yet announced.  

Does anyone find it interesting that John McCain is comparing J.D. Hayworth with Phillip Berg and Orly Taitz in an ad that is on his website?   I guess John McCain is supporting Obama too, and that J.D. Hayworth is trying his darndest to separate himself from the Constitutionalists …the ones that want the US Constitution to be the law of the land!   I denounce John McCain and J.D. Hayworth for promoting disinformation to the citizens of the US.

The article follows:

Obama ‘Birther’ Row Rears Its Head Again

Greg Milam, US correspondent    12:21pm UK, Saturday February 27, 2010 

One of the more bizarre rows in American politics has resurfaced as the country prepares for crucial mid-term elections this year.

The so-called ‘birthers’ movement, which questions whether Barack Obama was born in the US and is therefore a legitimate president, has cropped up on the campaign.

A representative in Arizona’s state senate has even introduced a ‘birth certificate bill’ because she says constituents are so worried.

The White House has consistently dismissed the issue. Authorities in Hawaii have provided an electronic record of Obama’s birth because the paper copy was destroyed in a fire which wiped out much of the state’s archives.

But J D Hayworth, who is running against former presidential candidate John McCain in the race to be Arizona Senator, questioned Obama’s credentials on a radio show.

McCain, who lost out to Obama in 2008, criticised Hayworth for giving oxygen to the ‘birther’ debate.

And supporters at one of Hayworth’s rallies openly questioned the president’s right to be in office.

Alan Becker said: “If it was in question and someone questioned me about my birth certificate I would give it to them and say ‘Here it is’.

“Why can’t he do that?

180 Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter: ‘Claims racist’ Democrats in Arizona have dismissed the bill, introduced by Representative Judy Burges.

Kyrsten Sinema said: “This bill is what I would call patently ridiculous and offensive.

“The truth is that he was born in the United States and has provided that proof time and time again.”

The ‘birthers’ are perhaps the most bizarre of the protest movements against the president.

Genuine concerns in the US are often being drowned out by more extreme voices.

Former president Jimmy Carter has suggested that much of the opposition to Barack Obama is based on his race.

But Hayworth, who says the Obama issue is now settled, believes questions remain.

He said:  “We require voters to demonstrate they are who they say they are, I think everyone on the ballot should do that.”

A video is available at the URL.  


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  1. Oh No!
    Glenn Beck will be all over this one!


  2. Some of you are way better than I am at researching stuff like this,

    I found it on http://www.repubx.com

    The way that site is set up you can’t establish a link to a specific post so I’m going to paste the whole thing into here,

    by all means, please feel free to edit it down if you like:

    new content in version 2.3 is marked with (V 2.3)

    Real-deal research is my “trademark” to some of the hardest-hitting research you’ll find about really getting to the nuts and bolts of who Obama and his family are. This is the next article in the series. See the lower right-hand side of this blog for other articles in the series.

    This article was written last December, and it still seems to hold up well in finding out about who the Dunham’s and Obama really are. The article’s content was collected from Blogs around the Internet, mainly from Mitchell Lambert’s Blog at the time. The original content of his article was researched by an unknown “Freeper (freerepublic.com) member”. In this version, I add any new information learned since December to the article (if any). The new information will be in Purple.

    The following information was extrapolated and formulated from Mitchell Langbert’s Blog for November 18.

    Communsim from day 1

    It is reported that Obama’s grandparents were members of the CPUSA communist party. Also his mother Ann Dunham. Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a big time player in the CPUSA in Chicago before leaving for Hawaii to live. Obama ends up where? Chicago. Obama immediately joined the NEW PARTY when he arrived and they helped him get elected to the Illinois senate.
    It has since been learned that many CPUSA members fled the mainland in the 1960’s as to avoid pending investigations into their activity. Many Chicago CPUSA members, including Frank Marshall Davis, fled to Hawaii.

    It may be no coincedence that Obama ended up taking classes at Columbia University (Sovietology) from a guy his great Grandpa may have met or even known well!

    Stanley A’s Grandpa (Madelyn’s Father) worked for Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. In 1973 David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission (TC) with the Marxist-praising Zbigniew Brzezinski as its director. Zbigniew Brzezinski is a foreign policy advisor to Obama.

    What these Trilateralists truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved. The place to start is with the banks and developement of “predatory lending” schemes that would eventually collapse Capitalism and pave the way for Socialism. It should also be noted that Stanley Dunham (Obama’s grandfather) started an Oil company for Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia called Mobil Oil.. so that Standard Oil could make transfers to Indonesia using Lolo’s Oil front. Twenty-percent of the Standard Oil company’s Oil went to powering German Submarines during WWII using a different Oil front in Indonesia prior to Lolo’s.

    Now, let’s see how Obama ends up in Brzezinski’s sights:

    Obama was one of 8 students selected to study Sovietology in Columbia’s IR program under Brzezinski, one of the CIA’s top- ranking officers. This how the CIA partners with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as Brzezinski was also appointed director of the CFR, by David Rockefeller when the CFR was first created.

    The following research information came from The Obama Timeline by Don Fredrick. I highly recommend this timeline to anyone really wanting to know Obama (and not going by what he says):

    Obama meets Zbigniew Brzezinski while at Columbia. Brzezinski, a CIA expert on the Soviet Union, teaches international relations and is the head of the Institute for Communist Affairs at Columbia. Obama is heavily influenced by Brzezinski – who would later, as National Security Advisor for President Jimmy Carter, be instrumental in encouraging America’s betrayal of the Shah of Iran (which then led to the takeover of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini, the 444-day American hostage debacle, and the rise of Ahmadinejad)

    So, as you can see, there is one (well, two actually) common denominators between Obama’s family (before Obama was born) and Obama after he was born and attending Columbia. The common denominator is Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller. Is it any wonder David Rockefeller (now in his early 90’s) was in a Wheelchair in front of Obama during his short Memorial day speech? Is it any wonder that Brzezinski is now part of Obama’s foreign council?

    Who died and when?

    Ann Dunham’s father seemingly never died and married another woman. Ann seemingly never died and is alive and well to this day. Did Obama’s grandmother really die recently?

    Keep in mind there were no funerals, just memorial services for each person. Also, there is no record of a Stanley Ann Dunham having been treated and dying in a Cancer Institute in Hawaii that Obama has made claim to. They have no record of her having died or even being there at all.

    A death certificate was discovered for a Madelyn Dunham of Kansas in 2005 (Did Madelyn move back to Kansas at some point and time?)

    What we’re told

    – November 7, 1995, Stanley Ann (Dunham-Obama) Soetoro allegedly died of “ovarian cancer” at age “56.” Her body was cremated; there was no funeral. Memorial service held in her honor at the University of Hawaii. No info on BHO attending; But “helped scatter her ashes over the Pacific Ocean.”

    No death certificate was discovered for Stanely A. up until just one month before election day. Blogsphere was buzzing with no finding or record of Ann’s death, but on magically appeared in one database, then within the next few days, a couple of others with a death record. The database indicated that the “government” of or through California submitted the information (Nancy Pelosi’s home state and where her district is/was)

    Problems with the story

    – An alias for Stanley Ann Dunham was found as a “relative/associate” of Madelyn L. Dunham, Honolulu, HI: “Kelly A. Dunham.”

    – Dunhams had only one daughter, Stanley Ann. Therefore, Kelly Ann, who does not seem to have any other history, is likely an alias for Stanley Ann.

    An alias search for Stanley Ann at recordsarea.com shows the following information:

    * Kelly A. Dunham, associate/relative of Madelyn L. Dunham, Honolulu, HI;
    * Kelly A. Shippleck (Kelly A. Dunham), Phoenix, AZ [is this a third marriage or an alias for real estate/money laundering?].
    * Sandra Dunham (Sandra Lee Dunham), OH, FL
    * Susan N. Dunham, HI, CA. Ste (Stephen) Dunham, Honolulu, HI (Stanley Ann chooses another male name?)
    * Stephen O. Dunham, Honolulu, HI
    * Scott A. Dunham, (Stanley Ann chooses a second male name?), HI, WA, OR, TN, VA, IN.

    Each of the aforementioned aliases contains one or more references to the above examples. In cases where the trail seemingly ends, one needs only to cross-reference the “relatives/associates” and the trail continues. Some entries show as many as “99 addresses” in one city and “160 relatives/associates

    ACTIVE social security check on Stanley Ann Dunham

    Her SSN is 535-40-8522 from Ancestry.com

    A search at intelius.com using that SS# returns 2 addresses in Honolulu, HI and one address for NY,New York.

    Stanley Ann’s age for this record is shown to be age 66.

    Doing a Whitepages.com search yields the following results:

    Stanley A. Dunham
    320 E. 43rd St.
    NY, NY 10017
    Telephone Number 212-573-5000
    Job Title: Part of the Gender Equality Program
    Co Ford Foundation

    It has been reported that Stanley Ann Dunham was at Ford Foundation during Barack’s Columbia years.

    Peter Geithner (Tim’s Father) was director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation, a New World Order (NWO) operation. Peter Geithner oversaw the “microfinance” programs developed in Indonesia by Ann Dunham-Soetoro, Barack Obama’s mother. The current Secretary of Treasury’s Father was the current President’s Mother boss at the Ford Foundation!

    A reverse phone number search for the Ford Foundation number returns an individual by the name of Scott Terkowitz
    Did Scott Terkowitz take over that phone number and office? It looks like he had a California license and a West Virginia license to practice.
    Virginia Board of Dentistry

    Scott T********, Clifton Forge, VA Profession: Dentist; Lic. No. 043290; Cal. No. 21162 Regents Action Date: January 12, 2004 Action: Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 24 month suspension, execution of last 21 months of suspension=2 0stayed, probation 2 years.

    Summary: Licensee admitted to the charge of having been found guilty of professional misconduct by the Virginia Board of Dentistry.

    New York State Education Department Office of the Professions

    Summaries of Regents Actions on Professional Misconduct and Discipline January 12, 2004

    A search for the Ford Foundation Address:

    320 E. 43rd St. New York

    There 36 places (mostly medical related) associated with this address. Not uncommon for large office buildings. Each business in the building have their own phone number, as you would expect.

    The phone for the first place (a medical firm) on the list was searched and it returned 24 people having the same and IDENTICAL phone number but with DIFFERENT addresses, even out of state, for that number.

    The common denominator of these results is each address is a different one for a different PHD Medical Doctor, but with the same phone number

    It is possible this is a national group but very odd having different addresses.

    It seems to be part of a Real-Estate money-laundering scheme. It was also discovered that Obama’s Grandmother, Madelyn as Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii, had unlimited access to Social Security records of deceased individuals.

    The Ford Foundation and Stanley Ann’s connection there

    It is reported that Ann Dunham worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia for many years (see ties above).
    Going to the Ford Foundation website, the following information is given:
    The Jakarta office makes grants in Indonesia.
    Ford Foundation
    P.O. Box 2030
    Jakar ta 10020, Indonesia
    Tel. (+62) 21-252-4073
    Fax (+62) 21-252-4078

    The Ford Foundation began working in Indonesia, from an office located in Jakarta, in 1953. Over the years, we have provided more than $450 million in grants in selected fields.

    The great diversity of Indonesia’s people and their culture—in terms of geography, religion, and social differences—is a source of strength and innovation. At the same time, the nation’s ethnic and linguistic diversity presents challenges, and certain groups are significantly marginalized in their access to resources or participation in decisions that affect their lives.

    Broad, Evolving Focus

    The grant-making focus of the foundation has evolved over the years in response to the shifting political and economic landscape and the changing needs and priorities of Indonesia’s people and communities.

    Today, we are making major commitments in a range of areas, including local philanthropy; natural resources management, rural livelihoods and community empowerment; sexuality and reproductive health; governance and civil society; media, arts and culture; and formal and alternative education. Grants in these areas have been designed to strengthen individual and institutional capabilities, support innovative practices and disseminate information on successful approaches”

    The current analysis now raises this question:

    Q Are these doctors involved with Organ Harvesting/Trafficking?

    Rising trade in Human Organs is Alarming. You can read the article on this here: http://mitchell-langbert.blogspot.com/2008/11/contrairimairi-raises-baffling.html

    Indonesia is one of the “hot-spots” for organ trading.

    Q Are the people currently associated with the building that houses THE FORD FOUNDATION at 320 E. 43rd St. involved in another body organ trafficking ring?

    Concerning Ann Dunham helped with microeconomics in Indonesia…so why her job title at Ford Foundation for Gender Equality?

    The same pattern holds true for doing searches on the other phone numbers listed in the initial results. Each one returns a different list of Contacts, but each with the same phone number and yet different address. Each one is a Medical PHD.

    A search for Ann Dunham and the Ford Foundation at rantburg.com yields this result:

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama Former Menteng student now US President “Dunham-Soetoro became a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development on setting up a village credit program, then a Ford Foundation program officer in Jakarta specializing in women’s work. Later, she was a consultant in Pakistan, then joined Indonesia’s oldest bank to work on what is described as the world’s largest sustainable microfinance program, creating services like credit and savings for the poor.”

    Dunham Foreign Profit Businesses

    Some have these business-fronts have lapsed or withdrawn.

    A search for Dunham businesses at governmentfilesonline.com yield some of the following results

    DUNHAM ASSOCIATES, INC. FOREIGN PROFIT CORPORATION Annual Filings FILING YEAR DATE RECEIVED STATUS 2004 Mar 22, 2004 Rejected 2003 Jan 16, 2003 Processed 2002 Not Required 2001 Processed 2000 Processed 1999 Processed

    There is also a Marriage notice from Kelly A Dunham to a James Allen in 1999 (bocweb.dlnrbc.hawaii.gov)

    Document No:



    Note according to records, Kelly A. Dunham passed on in 2007:

    KELLY ANN DUNHAM (born)08 Nov 1964 (died)19 Feb 2007 (V) 14094 (Lockport, Niagara, NY) (none specified) (SS number)079-52-7004 New York

    There is a connection to:

    Ann Dunham
    Kelly Dunham
    Patricia Dunham

    I searched Patricia Dunham (a freeper did this search) and it comes up with that James T. Allen (James T Dunham) connection just as Kelly Dunham does.

    Document No:
    NOTED ON CT 423875 MTG 2076542

    A new discovery – as previously, Patricia A. Dunham was linked only as the registrant to the Dunham foreign profit company, Dunham Enterprises (see below). The records above directly link both Kelly A. Dunham and Patricia A. Dunham to James T. Allen (Dunham). It means both aliases are/were used by the same person – Stanley A. Dunham. It is now clear that Stanley A. registered this business using the Patricia A. Dunham alias

    Simlog Corporation (v 2.3)

    Stanley A. also spelled her last name “Sutoro instead of Soetoro” on some real-estate transactions. You can see this below:

    Document No:
    U S A IRS

    JDGT IN 17656/556 &C

    SIMLOG (see record above) is/was a leasing company — it was a HI registered business but a Washington State Corp. (registered originally in Washington State)

    State of HI de-listed/de-certified SIMLOG for failure to file annual reports of some kind.

    Research indicates Obama’s mother was the front (was a corporate officer) of this business — and may be connected to the IRS Lien against her.

    All the players in this game of hoarding US tax$ and doing money laundering schemes have solid connections. In fact, there is even a solid connection between Obama and Thomas Ayers (Bill Ayers father). The same holds true for Peter Geithner (Treasury Secretary Geithner’s father). The Fathers of these men were all involved in real-estate schemes while each one claiming to be a “Philanthropist” (aka Communist) and setting up fronts to funnel in Grant money.

    The Obama-Ayers connection has been presumed to be only that between Obama and William Ayers. However, there is a direct Obama-Ayers connection between Obama and Thomas G. Ayers (photo), father of William Ayers and the retired president and CEO of Commonwealth Edison, that predates the 2005 mortgage with Northern Trust.

    According to the 2001 annual report of the Chicago Public Education Fund, Thomas Ayers and Barack Obama both served as members of the Fund’s Leadership Council.

    Here it should be mentioned that until May 1994, when he had passed the Company’s mandatory retirement age of 75, and was therefore no longer up for re-election, Thomas G. Ayers served on the Finance Committee of the General Dynamics Corp. board of directors with Lester Crown, the largest share holder. It just so happens that Northern Trust was the trustee of the corporation’s Salaried Savings Plan and the Hourly Savings Plan overseen by the Committee.

    A search using bocweb.dlnrbc.hawaii.gov for businesses associated with Stanley Dunham yield the following results.

    Notice the Ford Foundation comes up.



    2. Debtor Names: FORD FOUNDATION T/A REST. ASSOC. 320 E. 43RD ST., NYC, NY 10036-0000, USA Secured Party Names: LA TOURAINE COFFEE CO. 520 SECAUCUS ROAD, SECAUCUS, NJ 07096-0000, USA File no. File Date Lapse Date Filing Type Pages Image 085313 04/22/1998 04/22/2003 Financing Statement 1=2 0NA *
    3. Debtor Name s: FORD FOUNDATION T/A REST. ASSOC. 320 E. 43RD ST., NYC, NY 10036-0000, USA Secured Party Names: LA TOURAINE COFFEE CO. 520 SECAUCUS ROAD, SECAUCUS, NJ 07096-0000, USA File no. File Date Lapse Date Filing Type Pages Image 085317 04/22/1998 04/22/2003 Financing Statement 1 NA *
    4. Debtor Names: THE FORD FOUNDATION 320 EAST 43RD ST, NEW YORK, NY 10017-4816, USA Secured Party Names: IBM CORPORATION 1 NORTH CASTLE DRIVE, ARMONK, NY 10504-2575, USA File no. File Date Lapse Date Filing Type Pages Image 002985 01/05/2000 01/05/2005 Financing Statement 1 NA * 014125 01/20/2000 01/05/2005 Termination 1 NA *
    5. Debtor Names: THE FORD FOUNDATION 320 EAST 43RD ST, NEW YORK, NY 10017-0000, USA Secured Party Names: DE LAGE LANDEN FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. 1055 WESTLAKES DRIVE, BERWYN, PA 19312-0000, USA File no. File Date Lapse Date Filing Type Pages Image 238698 12/12/2000 12/12/2005 Financing Statement 2 NA * NOTE: New York State does not issue organizational identification numbers.

    It is also reported that Stanley Ann Soetoro, also used or spelled “Soetoro” as “Sutoro”.

    Ford Foundation, white pages search Stanley A. Dunham: Expanded search to SUTORO…instead of as SOETORO… (In the Hawaiian Public records search, the public records were listed as Stanley Ann SUTORO)
    Ann D Sutoro 320 E 43rd St New York, NY 10017 (212) 573-5000 Job title: Program Officer for Women & Employment Company: Ford Foundation

    Q SA Dunham the same as our Stanley Ann Dunham that worked at 320 E. 49th St. in NYC at the Ford Foundation??

    She supposedly DIED in Nov. 1995, and Verizon didn’t come onto the scene until 1996..after the merger of Bell Atlantic and GE


    Now, what is interesting is that on this search record, it states years of residence 1993, 1994, 1995. BUT, what is INTERESTING, is that the phone number associated with this S A Dunham was a Land Line..from Verizon. Verizon didn’t exist until 1996.

    For years 1993, 1994, 1995 when she was supposed to be living in Hawaii?? She supposedly died on Nov. 7, 1995.

    The address at 235 E. 40th St puts her on the same block as her Ford Foundation Job address. 320 E. 40TH ST.
    Reverse search on her phone number..it came up name and address unavailable: Phone was a LAND LINE, VerizonUS Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002 about S A Dunham
    Name: S A Dunham Address: 235 E 40Th St City: New York State: New York Zip Code: 10016-0889 Phone Number: 212-986-9541 R esidence Years: 1993201994 1995

    Source Citation: City: New York; State: New York; Year(s): 1993 1994 1995.

    Low and behold, we see Ann only lives 3 city blocks from where she works

    And now you ask, what about the Saudi Arabia connection? (v 2.3)

    It wreaks of more real-estate fraud (how’d you guess?) Remember Tony Rezko? A Saudi national. Tony Rezko had direct contact to Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia. Obama charmed Rezko as Senator, letting Rezko set up illegal real-estate scams in Obama’s Chicago district. Obama got major kick-backs from the illegal Rezko land deals. He also got major donations from his new Sugar Daddy, Prince Alwaleed. Alwaleed was ripe for the plucking, because Alwaleed has been trying to buy up America and control certain businesses, including the media. For example, Alwaleed has millions of shares in Fox News (among other media stations). He bragged about telling Fox to change their tune on Obama or else he’d pull his stock.

    These radical Muslims all have a common goal – to destroy Israel. It is why Obama has all the Iranian connections as well. The plan is to build up Iran big-time using US tax$ (including their long-arm Hamas). Obama has funneled a lot of US tax$ to Iran through a front company called the “Earthquake Relief Fund” set up by one of Obama’s clients (AHMAD P BARAVAT) when he was practicing Law.Guess what Obama was defending Ahmad for? You gessed it right again .. real-estate money laundering. You can see Ahmad wasn’t even that creative with his aliases, but made certain he used the name every Muslim can identify with:



    Overall analysis based on data presented above indicates

    The multiple addresses under each alias suggest an extreme pattern of money laundering and real estate acquisitions. No one person would have so many addresses in one lifetime and certainly not under each alias. The research has, quite by accident, opened the door to the world of organized real estate fraud and money laundering. Admittedly, charging the Dunhams and their presumed aliases and Stanley Ann and her aliases with complicity in this nation-destroying scam is a bold step forward and, journalistically, could be deemed premature. However, the extent of money-laundering, as revealed by means of linking database names and real estate transactions, is staggering. On the basis of the above examples and evidence from other investigations, the numbers of properties involved likely number in the millions and would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars, if not $trillions.

    What is most interesting in this is how they appear to be accomplishing this as it has mixed the old Muslim money system of hawala with modern credit card laundering, including ATM transfers with the direct quid pro quo involving non profits and the indirect infiltration of funds via some very connected Muslim billionaires, topped off with the public airwaves as a public paid for propaganda ministry.

    For the basics, hawala, is an off the book banking system which runs the Middle East. No money ever exchanges hands across borders. It works like this: Ahmadinejad of Iran decides to disrupt the United States election process and tells a broker in Tehran, he wants to transfer several hundred thousand dollars to Iranian immigrants in the United States.

    The broker takes the money from Ahmadinejad, writes the transaction down in his notebook, assigns it a transaction number which he tells Ahmadinejad to send to his Iranian agents in New York or Detroit, who then go in and pick up the cash from the hawala broker which looks like a noodle merchant in a run down store.

    No money ever exchanges hands, but the Tehran broker will someday soon have money coming out of America and make the exchange and the books will balance then in a perpetual flow.

    Other interesting notes, including information from an undisclosed source claiming to know the real Obama

    “There is no evidence Ann Dunham had even met Obama Senior in or around November 1960, the alleged time of conception, indeed it is not even clear Obama was in Honolulu at that time, although he may have been. Ann Dunham was only 17 and although she might have been in Honolulu the timing is tight. More to the point, she was in neither of the medical centers put forward by the Obama campaign (question: why do they not know in which hospital he was born?) on August 4th, nor are there medical records to back up the claimed birth, nor has an attending physician been named. I’ve heard of births with the father absent, births with the mother absent a bit trickier.”

    “There are said to be photos of Ann Dunham on Waikiki Beach taken in or about July 1961, when she is supposed to have been in her third trimester, in a bikini, taken by a fellow female student. AD is clearly not pregnant. Media have not yet talked to fellow students, but it can’t be long. There are bound to be other photos of AD in existence taken during the alleged 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Obama campaign are terrified some one will press for her medical records, which have been accessed by CIA.” “Obama Senior was murdered in Kenya in 1982 to silence him. Interesting story, his sister Auma as well — she appears to be a full sister, not a half-sister as he is claiming, i.e. they share the same mother. She was ordered back to Kenya in 2007 to prevent DNA testing …. CIA did a DNA test on the grandparents, using saliva from glasses, which conclusively rules out any relationship between Obama and the Dunhams.” “Effectively,” the source concludes, “Obama is a German sleeper agent.” There was the fact that in Hawaii the boy was tutored in the ways of revolution by leading black activists, Muslim activists, and Communist activists. Influentia black nationalist and Communist Frank Marshall Davis would become a huge influence in the young Obama’s life.

    But things really got strange with the revelation that Khalid al-Mansour, close adviser to a Saudi billionaire and royal family helped Obama get into Harvard Law School (and reportedly Columbia before that) and financed his education and advancement.

    Those who controlled the life of Stanley Armour Dunham, prepared him for the subservient role he would later play, as a “surrogate grandfather” to a fictional character created for the purpose of first infiltrating, then compromising the United States government.

    Lebanon Connection, money-laundering scheme using counterfeit money and stolen credit cards

    Ann Dunham possibly not a America citizen and went to school in Beirut, Lebanon. Possibly the family was smuggled into the US as spies. No wonder Obama refuses to show his BC. Take a look at the picture below (v 2.3):

    Those initials on her jumper are reported to stand for: College Notre Dame de Jamhour in east Lebanon. It is typical of the ‘50’s to have your clothes monogrammed.

    “It is not that difficult my fellow and fellowette citizens. I will remind you that Mr. Obama is currently being fed over $250 million in overseas funds. This is the same overseas forgery center of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon which has the Xerox DocuColor 100 digital printing press at $500,000 a unit, along with the old acid paper and the presses which turns out hundreds of millions of dollars to fund terrorism around the world.

    Do you really think an operation which was Axelrod inept and has graduated to contracting outside computer hackers in a quid pro quo is now going to be sunk in not coming up with a few documents and a few Democrats from operational military and intelligence backgrounds to clean up this problem?”

    “The process is simple. 3rd world bank takes in counterfeit money to pay for non used credit cards which have been stolen.”

    More on stolen credit card numbers — used for Obama related money laundering:

    • Dave m, its great too see this composition. You just can’t make this stuff up. Glad you brought it all back to the forefront.

      Wish Beck would get out his tired ole blackboard and connect these dots…but then, he knows, we know.

      Shhhhhhh. Hush.


      Thank you. Its like watching the Godfather, every time you see it you glean more and more.

      (The people behind this production, incidentally, are all connected too. Its Barky’s favorite movie.)

    • DaveM, Terkowitz…

      A reverse phone number search for the Ford Foundation number returns an individual by the name of Scott Terkowitz
      Did Scott Terkowitz take over that phone number and office? It looks like he had a California license and a West Virginia license to practice.


      Ralph Terkowitz, ABS Capital
      Anne Toth, Yahoo!

      • More O research at Mitchell Langbert’s Blog with
        interesting comments:

        Contrairimairi Raises Baffling Questions About President-Elect Obama

        I just received the following information from Contrairimairi who has been doing background searches re Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother. Contrairimairi finds some incongruities, but I’m not sure they mean anything (or not). Any thoughts anyone? Plese note that the following research was done by Lisa Ostella.


    • Soundex Code for lefforge = L162
      Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

    The printouts of the birth index are shown…but I don’t see the Obama name nor Dunham nor Soetoro… would appreciate confirmation if you see them. BB

    Okubo responds to public outcry for investigation

    (Feb. 26, 2010) — In response to the public outcry over my last report regarding Okubo’s apparently false response to my request for index data from the Hawaii Birth Index, Miss Janice Okubo has directed staff at the Hawaii Department of Health to release a pdf file containing what appears to be scans of a computer printout containing redacted pages from the Hawaii Birth Index for those sections, which would contain the surnames Payne, Dunham, Soetoro and Obama.

    The Certificate of Hawaii Birth was issued from 1911 to 1972 for those who wished to have a document proving that they were born in Hawaii. It was a way to apply for a document for those who were born a year before the request was made and who did not have a standard birth certificate, presumably because they were born at home, not in a hospital.


  4. When was this “fire” anyway?

    Barack Obama Now Claims Hawaiian Birth Certificate Destroyed In Pearl Harbor Bombing
    Written by Jalapenoman, Thursday, 14 January 2010

    The destructive power of naval vessels extends 20 years into the future!

    December 7th, 1941…the day that would live in infamy….the day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor….and apparently the day that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was destroyed in a hospital fire.

    Obama, who claims that he was born in Honolulu in 1961, has now claimed that a hospital fire that occurred during the 1941 bombing destroyed his birth certificate.

    “It was a war,” said the man who cannot prove his citizenship (which he once denied). “In the heat and carnage and disorganization of battle, many things are lost, misplaced, and destroyed. Records from ten and twenty and even fifty and a hundred years before were damaged or burnt. This left repercussions on the island that were (and are) still being felt and experienced two generations later.”

    “If you must blame someone for my not locating my birth certificate, blame Yokomoto and Tojo and Hirohito and the Japanese fleet that bombed Pearl Harbor. It’s all their fault.”


  5. “I chuckled the day following the Summit when Rush Limbaugh using Blogger Bungalow Bill’s insight at how quickly the media knew everything about the killer whale’s history that had surfaced the day before the Summit but failed to inform voters about Obama’s birth certificate, college records, associations, family background, etc. before the election.”

  6. Yeah, its true. It happened back in 68 when we were all watching Laugh In.

  7. John McCain Supports Obama’s Election Fraud
    Feb. 25, 2010) — Senator John McCain (R-AZ), whose weak-kneed 2008 campaign against Barack Obama could suggest complicity in election fraud, is now openly campaigning for re-election by attacking those who question Obama’s eligibility for office. In a move that entangles McCain more deeply than ever with the tar-baby of Obama’s eligibility, McCain has released a television ad that links his Republican primary opponent, Congressman J. D. Hayworth, with alleged “conspiracy theory” advocates Orly Taitz and Philip Berg

    McCain’s message is that Taitz and Berg are obsessed with the “conspiracy theory” that Obama is not a natural born U. S. citizen because he was born a subject/citizen of Britain ….

    Orly responds on her website…Is McCain aiding and abetting Obama because he was born in the city of Colon, Panama, which was not a military base and not the zone of Panama canal, therefore McCain committed fraud by running for President?


    • McCain sent Orly a personal letter (“Dear Orly”) on the subject. The letter and Orly’s comments on it are found here. She sums up McCain’s position thus:

      McCain wrote Orly in response to a letter she wrote to him. “On Jan. 13, 2010, McCain sent Orly a personal letter (“Dear Orly”) on the subject.

      In his letter McCain tried to show himself sympathetic to the issue of Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency, but stated that his hands are tied by the issue of separation of powers, in that this issue needs to be decided by the courts without interference by Congress

      The courts have said they cannot do anything because this is a political matter for Congress to deal with, and now McCain says Congress cannot do anything because the courts are involved. ” How sweet it must be to have mutual cop-outs.


      Video Ad by McCain or see his website


      • Yeah, his hands are tied. He’s a very important person and can’t go back to being a Joe Shmoe and speak as an every day American. He’s too special. His re-election is too important.

      • The 20th amendment makes it clear which branch has the responsibility of qualifying the President and Vice-President… Congress!

        … If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

        • They must not know how to read, poor dears, or they would surely be doing their jobs, now wouldn’t they?

          Oops, I forgot they are Marxists and don’t care about our Constitution. Silly me.

  8. The Hawaii Lincoln documents didn’t burn up in a fire!!

    Letter from Lincoln found in state archives, The Hawaii Lincoln documents
    POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jun 09, 2009

    Even during the Civil War, the greatest calamity to befall the nation, the wheels of bureaucracy ground slowly but surely. It required President Abraham Lincoln to write hundreds of letters and sign thousands of official statements.

    Four of these documents have turned up in the Hawaii State Archives — one of which is a personal letter of condolence to Kamehameha V upon the death of his brother Kamehameha IV. But it is a simple presidential order that has Lincoln scholars excited.

    Full story:

  9. ~~ Barry is a feeble liar.

    His people are communists who only want the the Treasury and Territory of our Unites States of America so they can dictate to the World-At-Large. ImPOSter.

    Chief Justice Roberts is a domestic enemy and needs to be indicted, tried and convicted..

  10. JD is just hungryyyy for attention. He wants to / tries to make him self out to be some sort of hero — constantly criticizing obama’s birth (get a real issue that surrounds the primaries and concentrate on your opponents and your lies… i mean words!), when really he’s just hoping and praying that if true, he would be able to label himself the exposer. LAME. Go away JD and get areal issue, and then Don’t try coming back to rep AZ anymore. crawl back to your radio show.

  11. Who is this Greg Milam?

    Where did he get this very new “fact”–that Obama’s BC burned in a fire? Is this a trial balloon to put out the meme now so that people get used to the idea so that when AZ asks for a copy of his ORIGINAL records, he can “plausibly” say that he can’t provide them?

    How could Fukino say that she saw his original BC when it was supposedly burned in a fire?

    Where is the news report that documented when and where this fire took place?

    One would think that losing state archives would be a HUGE story, not to mention that a fire in any public building is always a HUGE story. So where’s even ONE lamestream media story about that fire?

    As a matter of fact, this “fact” has been suggested before. I did a search of the Hawaiian newspaper archives months ago and found NO story about any archives fire. If one shows up now, it will be quite suspicious.

    Fukino also said that she’s seen his “original vital records” (plural) that claim that he was born in Hawaii. How can she see what was destroyed in a fire?

    Wouldn’t you think that any other citizen of Hawaii whose records were similarly destroyed in that fire would have offered the explanation long before now, if only to shut down the “birthers”?

    This sounds like one of Jon Lovitz’s “Tommy Flanagan, pathological liar, ‘Yeah, that’s the ticket’ routines.”

    When did this fire take place and when did they computerize their records?

    Did the database predate the fire? If not, then what did they use to transcribe data into the database? (How did they transcribe the data? That question has never been answered, either. Did they use optical scanning equipment or a cadre of keypunchers?)

    Does Hawaiian DoH allow employees to smoke? If so, is Fukino a smoker and did she accidentally burn up ONLY Obama’s original BC when she was perusing it in order to make her statement? (That’s a joke, not a “smear.”)

    Simple logic dictates that if this WERE true, this “fact” would have been released long ago, or any tingle-up-the-leg “reporter” would have notified us already.

    Not to mention that Obama, instead of spending millions to fight lawsuits, would simply have had his lawyers testify to this “fact” and then perhaps have fallen back on hospital records. Those still exist. Right?

    Or has there also been a convenient fire in the medical records section of whichever hospital he was supposedly born in?

    About Charlton’s pdf index file: You might not see Obama or any of his aliases on that pdf, because Charlton specifically asked for the Hawaiian Birth Index, something that was apparently kept prior to statehood. He asked for this to see if perhaps Obama’s name (or any aka) would show up, because that would prove that he lied about his birth date or the state/territory status at the time of his birth.

    In any case, Okubo said that there were NO records responsive to his request on THAT index, yet later on people found unrelated individuals named Dunham who should be listed on that index.

    Okubo should have given him their information, in answer to his request, because he didn’t specify first names.

    For some reason those Dunhams aren’t on what she finally released. There’s no explanation for why they aren’t there.

    The bottom line is that Charlton believes that this proves that Hawaii isn’t following their UIPA laws.

    • Amazing isn’t it that the MSM hasn’t picked up the story! Haven’t seen it anywhere else either…
      Why did the article appear in a UK newspaper?

      All great questions Miri…that should be answered.

      What a hoot…Do they smoke at their desks and did someone burn up his BC…

      Those computerized pages were transcriptions from another record. I want to see the journal pages where they used to keep handwritten vital records before they started computerizing the information.
      That is where one goes to locate information on ancestors. The people doing that were very meticulous with their journal entries. Hawaii certainly won’t destroy the whole book for Obama..or will they?

  12. when we finally get his vitals and find out he’s not been telling the truth, what should be the punishment for those who directly covered it up?

    what should be the punishment for those in the media who mocked the issue?

    could we decide now, because afterwards, there will be a lot of other issues to take care of, like who’s going to run the gov’t.

    • Prosecuting Obama

      When Obama is formally found ineligible for the Presidency, and is removed either through the 25th Amendment, impeachment, conviction in trial, or simple arrest, the charges he faces as the impostor-in-chief and as a private citizen are extremely serious. Even if he finishes his one and only term, the crimes he has committed will follow him the rest of his life.

      And, it will not only be Obama who faces the wrath of justice, nor his various enablers. His IDEAS for this country–so representative of one hundred years of the reprehensible “progressive” assault on America– will be finally, once and for all, outed and stamped out.

      finish reading:

      • I hope they have a bonfire to burn his fraudulent books…or a class action suit against him for lying in his books that allowed people to believe him and then vote for him. Also there should be a ban on book sales…or the monies received be donated to charity…and not a charity that has his name on it or Soros!

        Don’t they now stop criminals from receiving financial benefits on books written in prison? (Makes me think of Robert Creamer, Chicago, who wrote the book on Health care while in prison).

        The progressive ideas won’t be stamped out…but those Progressives might enjoy a new home in a progressive country like Cuba, Venezuela, or whatever country they believe to be the ideal that the USA isn’t

  13. Another thought: Remember when Lou Dobbs reported on CNN that the Hawaiian DoH destroyed the originals when they computerized their records “eight years ago?” Meaning circa 2000. Then the DoH came out and proclaimed that no, they NEVER would and NEVER DID destroy original historical records. So, if there were a fire, then why didn’t they take that opportunity to tell the world about it?

    Somebody’s pants, not the Hawaiian archives, are on fire.

  14. On the news this morning that TSA Screeners in Hawaii are FOOLED by FAKE ID’s..driver’s licenses. Fake ID’s can be made in LA within a half hour.

    Employers aren’t being fined by hiring aliens acting as citizens. They can’t tell the difference between a real ID and a fake one and compare their inabilities to those trained to recognize the fake ones, but who can’t.

    • bridgetteb,

      Speaking of fake id’s, it seems George Soro’s father was an expert at making of fake id’s. I happen to come across this last nite –

      Tivadar Soros

      Tivadar Soros was living in Budapest when the Germans took over in the Spring of 1944. Up to that point, most of the Jews had been protected by the Austrian government from deportation, but with the arrival of the SS, their days were numbered. Soros was an attorney who had survived an earlier deportation as a prisoner-of-war in Russia. He immediately decided that to avoid being murdered by the Nazis meant that he and his family must split up, go into hiding.

      The most rational approach, in my view, was complete separation, followed by a quiet effort to blend in with the general population. That is the way animals do it: when they sense danger, instead of presenting a clear target to their enemies, their natural mode of self-preservation is to blend with the scenery and simply disappear. Naturalists call this phenomenon “mimicry.”

      Soros was a natural survivor, and the story of his year of hiding out is an intermix of horror and high good humor. His mother-in-law bitterly protested having to hide and change her name:

      I could tell from her voice that she was having a hard time and I began to feel very sorry for her. I promised to find her a new place and said I would call her as soon as I had something. Recent experience had shown that apartment-hunting was hopeless, so I tried the hotels.

      I was lucky: after a brief search I found a room at the Hotel Carlton, one of the better hotels in town. Even more surprising was the fact that my mother-in-law accepted my proposal right away. She was convinced not because the Carlton was a good hotel but because it was only about a minute away from her apartment in Eskü Square. So she was pleased.

      My son [George Soros, then aged 14] escorted her to the hotel, where she registered as Rosália Bessenyei. My son gleefully reported that when she was handed the registration blank, she exclaimed, “Shema Yisroel, I can’t fill it out already. I’ve forgotten my new name!”

      Soros and his family make do under grim and dangerous circumstances, saving countless other lives by printing up and distributing thousands of documents. His description of his pricing of fake papers is wonderful:

      I should explain, by the way, that I had three different price categories for documents. First, I gave the documents completely free to people who were very close to me or in desperate straits. Second, from those people to whom I felt a moral obligation not to make a profit at their expense, I simply asked for my actual expenses, without consideration for the trouble or risk involved.

      Third, from my wealthy clients I asked for whatever the market would bear. In fact, I had no particular limits for this category, or, as they say, there was no ceiling on the prices. Sometimes I received as much as twenty times the actual cost.

      Soros comes out of this as a beguiling trickster, a combination of Woody Allen and Groucho Marx. He is not only resourceful, he has a rich sense of the ridiculous, an eye for detail that puts the reader in the middle of 1944-1945 Budapest. There is, for example, his forger, the one who prepares his documents for him. When they first meet, the artiste tells him that he no longer enjoys his job. In the old days, forging was far more professional and interesting:

      “Do you think I enjoy doing this kind of mass production?” he asked angrily. “I don’t deny that it pays well compared to the kind of really challenging and complicated work that I used to do. But the quality! The quality of the work is nothing to what it used to be.

      Imagine how it was, back in the old days, when someone wanted, say, the title of royal chamberlain. You had to prove that eight patrilineal and matrilineal relatives were members of the nobility. Think of the effort, the study, the heraldic research that had to be done! Getting all the details and then painting the coats of arms could make months, years even. But today…”

      His voice trailed off and was replaced by a gesture of despair. “Today all the work and care and study that I devoted my life to is worth nothing. Today all they want is stamped forms. Quality means nothing.”

      I expressed my incredulity with a slight movement of the head and muttered something under my newly grown moustache. He took it as a challenge to his veracity.

      He jumped out of bed and said excitedly, “Let’s do a little test, sir. Sign your name on this piece of paper.”

      He gave me a piece of paper and pushed his pen into my hand. I signed my name. Holding the paper with his right hand and writing backwards with the left, he copied my name three times in a row. Each signature was exactly like the other. One might almost say that the copies were better than the original. I felt that I should express my admiration for his artistic skill. I searched for the right word.

      “Remarkable,” I said.

      Soros is the kind of person that we would want to hang out with just because he has that wry irony and let-nothing-daunt-me attitude that we’d need if we were trying to survive in Budapest in 1944. Further, there is a powerful implied kindness in all his works. He doesn’t say, “I’m a kind person.” He doesn’t have to. Despite his living in the midst of such human bestiality, he remains a steadfast humanitarian. He comes off as one who is simply not built to see the world in terms of enemies and friends. He explains it,

      Living as a victim of persecution had heightened my sense of empathy; the condition of all such victims of persecution became my affair, a part of my condition.

      This empathy has its severest test as the occupation was ending. The Russians are fighting through Budapest, street by street, and a soldier comes in through the Soros apartment window:

      There stood a fair-haired, blue-eyed German boy in full military equipment, his chin as smooth as a baby’s….Chance had so arranged things that this solitary German soldier, representative of the power and might of Germany, now stood before four Jews, who had the opportunity to treat him with the same senseless barbarity and malice that the Germans had used on millions of Jews. With his blue eyes and blond hair he seemed the very embodiment of that Aryan-ness whose fanatical adherents had sought to enslave people and exterminate races. Should the lex talionis, the principle of compensation, of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, apply? Was he himself guilty? Was it right to punish him for something he had perhaps not done himself, not even approved of? And did the “Aryans” weight such matters with similar exactitude?

      We did the boy no harm.

      “Wie alt sind Sie? [How old are you]” This was my first question.

      “I’m seventeen,” he declared, eager to please.

      “Do you smoke?”


      He took my offered cigarette, lit it, and inhaled eagerly. He explained that there was a Russian tank in front of our building. This was evidently the source of the machine-gun fire we had been hearing. He had run from the Russians into the basement of our building, and, looking for a way out, had gone from there to the air shaft. Our bathroom window looked out on this air shaft, so he had broken the glass of the outer window and pushed at the inner one. When it gave way he tumbled into the room.

      We talked for perhaps a quarter of an hour. The question then was what to do with him.

      The eyes of fourteen-year-old George seemed filled with tears. I put a handful of cigarettes into the Aryan soldier’s fist and gave him his orders: “You’re to go out the same way you came in.”

      The boys helped him to climb on to the window-sill, and the armed representative of the German Reich exited Jewish-occupied territory.

      Soros concludes, with delicious irony — referring to the disguise he and his family had had to adopt for more than a year: “As pseudo-Christians, we had not quite reached that level of Christianity where we were willing to return bread for stones.”

      — Ignacio Schwartz


  15. Sorry about the above post about George Soro’s father making fake id’s, I did not relize the article was that long! opps……


    Now…..About the article form Sky News ~

    While Hawaii may or not have the original paper documents, they do have the microfilm images of the original paper documents. Think about it, otherwise the people born in Hawaii are undocumented residents subject to deportation. Hawaii’s own website refers to the Certificate of Live Birth as a substitute in some instances, but “NOT” when a valid document of birth must be presented.

    In many instances the original paper census records are destroyed but the microfilm copies live on. Just as Ancestry.com or LDS will tell you.

    The state of Hawaii has already stated “we will not release a copy of the long form without Obama’s permission” admission they still have access to his long form B/C (of course they do) and now Sky News comes up with this B/S story of Obamas B/C burning up in a “fire”?

    Elections are coming up, once again they are trying to “kill” the B/C issue.

  16. From Citizen Wells blog
    Jacqlyn Smith // March 3, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    The below comment is from someone named medical who posts at Mario Apuzzo’s blog regularly……here it is….believe it or not…..the commenter sounds pretty convincing!
    Medical said…

    “One of my nephews is a Harvard graduate and a former Rhodes Scholar. As a tenured professor at Saint Hugh’s College and a member of the university’s admissions committee, plus a very highly regarded Harvard alumni, “M” has full access to Harvard’s complete physical and electronic student records and he can locate absolutely no transfer records from Columbia, no admission application, no academic records, no photographs, no index records, or any other information about the Usurper in the official files of Harvard. “M” located no “redacted” index information that would indicate the Usurper was ever enrolled or that he received an honorary degree.

    As you can readily gather from reading the academic background of “M”, he is a very intelligent and competent researcher and analyst who relies on facts. “M” says the Usurper definitely never attended Harvard and anything purporting to show otherwise is a fabrication.

    This information proves the information Dr. James David Manning discovered about the Usurper never attending Columbia is also true. The Usurper’s entire life history is a total fabrication and he is a complete fraud. By ignoring the critical issue of the Usurper’s false background, Congress and the courts are seriously endangering our nation’s security. DO NOT vote for ANY incumbent politicians, they have proven themselves to be useless parasites who are a danger to our nation!

    Dr. Manning –


  17. Barack Obama is a fraud.

  18. The unique United States of America


  19. Was there a conspiracy to put Obama in the White House? SNIPS


    (Mar. 2, 2010) — It is no wonder that Sarah P. Herlihy is an associate attorney specializing in litigation at the Chicago law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP. On its website, the firm displays that it was “named to the ‘Global Elite.’”

    Herlihy graduated from the prestigious Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2005 and is the author of an essay published in the Chicago-Kent Law Review on Feb. 22, 2006 entitled “Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement: Globalization as the Impetus and the Obstacle.”

    Kirkland law partner Bruce I. Ettelson lists to his credit having been a “Former Member of finance committees of U.S. Senators Barack Obama and Richard Durbin.”

    The article’s opening assertion is that several “constitutional scholars” considered Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 “blatantly discriminatory” and “the stupidest provision” of the U.S. Constitution. Herlihy argues that the “natural born Citizen” clause should be “amended,” although she also uses the word “repealed” (2). A constitutional provision is not “repealed;” it is changed by a constitutional amendment requiring approval by two-thirds of the Congress and three-quarters of the state legislatures.


    • I believed we covered this extensively when it was found. Sarah supposedly was an intern or something like that when she wrote this essay. This could substantiate what the author says about her writing being immature.

      We also knew about Obama’s relationship to this firm and why this essay about NBC was important. He clearly called the Constitution flawed or outdated.

      More interesting is the changing of the name of the law firm.

      Also this led to the group that is made up of all Progressive lawyers that included Hillary, Biden, and Holder. They had several articles written on their site about this issue.

  20. Hawaii Department of Health has conspired against the public for 5 months

    Mar. 5, 2010) — Among the documents which The Post & Email Legal Fund recently acquired with the financial assistance and support of the readers of this e-Newspaper, shocking /strong>evidence has been found which apparently indicts officials of the Hawaii Department of Health for conspiracy to deprive U.S. citizens of their constitutional right to due process.
    The incriminating evidence was found in an inadvertent disclosure of emails between Ms. Janice S. Okubo, Communications Director for the Department, and Kenneth David, Supervisor of the Vital Statistics Office.

    Following this email exchange, the Department of Health discriminated against citizens whom it perceived to have “a hidden agenda.” The term “hidden agenda” was coined by David to refer to citizens who questioned Obama’s legitimacy to hold the office of president: a clearly political view, on which basis they could not be lawfully denied access.

    It appears that David took it upon himself to do background checks on those making UIPA requests and on that basis suggested to Okubo to deny responding to their lawful requests for the release of government documents, requests which they made on the basis of the grants of rights of access accorded them by the Hawaii Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA).


  21. Good catch Bridgette ! Miss Tickly are you reading this ? Where are you ?

  22. Remember Lucas Smith’s Birth Certificate about Obama being born in Mombasa, Africa? Orly filed it in a lawsuit. James O. W. Ang’awa was the name of the Attending Doctor on the Birth Certificate found by Lucas.. It was never debunked. Now to find that Dr. Ang’awa was killed February 8, 1970.

    Obama’s Birth Physician was a Neighbor of Obama Sr.
    All Africa | 01/30/2010 | Kenneth Ogosia
    Saturday, March 06, 2010 6:19:10 AM by GregNH

    “The family lived in high-class government quarters in Upper Hill. Among their neighbours were Dr Njoroge Mungai, former President Kenyatta’s personal physician, President Kibaki, who was then minister for Finance and the late Barack Obama Sr, father of American President Barack Obama.”
    See the BC at:

    Kenya: You Are Forgiven, Judge Tells Her Father’s Killer
    Kenneth Ogosia
    30 January 2010
    Nairobi — She is a judge who tempers her opinions with mercy, even when it affects her personally.

    Her father was brutally killed when she was a teenager more than 40 years ago, but Lady Justice Mary Ang’awa has opted to forgive his killer. During her reflection at a recent meeting to plan the 40th anniversary of the death of her father, she had no qualms about offering a pardon. “I have forgiven you,” she says is the message she has for the killer of Dr James Ang’awa.

    One of the pioneer medical specialists in the country, Dr Ang’awa was hit on the head with a blunt object on Tom Mboya Street by an unknown assailant.

    A police inquest cleared a suspect who had been arrested although Justice Ang’awa is not convinced the decision was the right one. “My father died a painful death. Investigations and inquests were concluded. I and my brothers–Antony, Hillary, Charles and William– have climbed a steep path to success with the guidance of our mother Perez. So the best thing to do is to forgive the killer,” she told the Sunday Nation.

    At the time of her father’s death, Justice Ang’awa was a Form One student at Limuru Girls’ high school. Her family enjoyed a comfortable life; her father was establishing a reputation for his research into treatment of tuberculosis.

    The family lived in high-class government quarters in Upper Hill. Among their neighbours were Dr Njoroge Mungai, former President Kenyatta’s personal physician, President Kibaki, who was then minister for Finance and the late Barack Obama Sr, father of American President Barack Obama.

    The family was evicted from the house three months after Dr Ang’awa’s death.

    “I had no idea under what circumstances my father died, and many people in my generation do not know who he was. They even imagine streets named after Ang’awa in various cities are in my honour,” she said.

    The interview was conducted on the sidelines of a meeting to plan the 40th anniversary of Dr Ang’awa’s death to be held February 8 at the All Saints’ Cathedral in Nairobi and on February 14 at the family’s home in Gem District.

    Justice Ang’awa offered an emotional recounting of the challenge of coping with the loss of the head of the family. At one point, she almost dropped out of school for lack of school fees as the burden of educating the children overwhelmed their mother.

    The February 8, 1970, incident was the most shocking news to her as she had just joined high school. The principal called her out of class without a word of explanation and told her to pack very few clothes. She was too young and shy to ask questions. She just complied and was escorted to the gate where her uncle, Henry Odhiambo, was waiting.

    She got in the car, and it was then that he broke the news of her father’s death. Dr Ang’awa was the director of the national anti-tuberculosis unit at the ministry of Health. He had traversed the country as a medical officer after graduating from Makerere University in the late 1940s and after obtaining post-graduate degrees in Canada and Britain.
    Dr Ang’awa had worked in Embu, Kiambu, Kilifi, Mombasa, Kakamega and Bungoma and was one of the best known members of the medical profession in the country.

    During the 40th anniversary celebrations, the National TB Association will honour Dr Ang’awa. It will also be an emotional moment for Justice Ang’awa, who overcame the shock of the loss of her father to become a distinguished member of the Judiciary where she has served for 30 years.
    More at:

  23. Here’s an interesting read:


    Remember when we dissected the problems with his Selective Service Registration?

    • I remember and didn’t it start with Debbie Schlussel and her investigation that found that his selective service record was a fraud. Looks like they found new information. She also had an agent or investigator review it. I think a copy with all of the questions and inconsistencies was on her website. Maybe Coffman, a retired federal agent, was one and the same mentioned on Debbie’s who filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the SS for a copy of Obama’s SS registration form.

      Good points:

      “If Obama arrived in Hawaii as a citizen of Indonesia, as his school records and mother’s divorce records indicate, and he didn’t register with SS, he could have been barred from obtaining U.S. citizenship and may not be one now.”

      “However, those covering up Obama’s tracks have done a sloppy job, which means there really is a conspiracy to defraud the American people, not just a theory.”

  24. #certifigate: Those Hawaiian Officials Don’t Like to be Questioned!
    Tue, Mar 9, 2010

    The “Vexatious Requestor Bill” is moving forward. The Office of Taxation wants to fine people who are labeled “vexatious requestors” and Fukino has said there are 4-6 people who are all set to be labeled this. I am certain I am one of them. Fukino is asking for “facilitated passage” of this bill.

    First, there is the following document wherein Director of Health Dr. Fukino testifies before the State’s Senate Committee on Judiciary and Government operations that “[f]or more than a year, the Department of Health has continued to receive approximately 50 email inquiries a month seeking access to President Barack Obama’s birth certificate in spite of the fact that President Obama has posted a copy of the certificate on his former campaign web site.”


  25. Bridgette: Did you notice that this is apparently the first time Fukino stated that that IS a copy of his birth certificate? Did she testify under oath? So is she now vouching for that online image? Enquiring minds want to know.

  26. Civil Rights complaint filed with State of Hawaii Ombudsman

    The Hawaii Motto translates to “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness”

    (Mar. 10, 2010) — Kathleen Gotto, who last fall had requested information from the Hawaii Department of Health under the state’s UIPA law, has filed a formal complaint with the Office of Information Practices Ombudsman, accusing Department of Health employees of investigating her background on the internet and subsequently ignoring her request.

    Her complaint was filed as a result of The Post & Email’s discovery of Hawaii Health Department/Vital Records personnel conspiring via email to ignore her requests based on their perceived notion of her political views after seeking personal information about her on the internet.


  27. Obama’s second cousin Milton R. Wolf says on his website that his mother was Margaret McCurry Wolf. She and Madelyn Dunham were first cousins. Margaret and Madelyn grew up in Wichita, KS and were childhood friends. His most interesting statement was one said about Madelyn’s demise .. that she passed away A WEEK BEFORE Obama’s election. She didn’t die the night of or day before, but a week before? Let’s add some more questions to the family history!


  28. This is a new one to me!
    Hope(fund) and Change: Breaking the Obama Code
    March 16, 2010 (Snips)

    On March 25, 2007, Jason Horowitz, a New York Observer reporter, happened to be at Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago the day the Los Angeles Times ran the front page story asserting that Barack Obama had been a practicing Muslim in Indonesia. The Obama camp clearly relied on reporters “drinking the Obama Juice,” as the campaign staff liked to call it, and were holding their collective breath that the Muslim story, along with Jeremiah Wright, would somehow go unnoticed. Horowitz describes panic on Thursday, and then,

    By late in the afternoon, the campaign had provided a rebuttal, several former childhood acquaintances of Obama, and had reported that his school records had been eaten by insects. By Friday morning the press office seems more relaxed. The story had received little pick-up. The conversation among the Washington imports turned to their first St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago.

    Fortunately for the American people, insects didn’t eat everything.


    • Told you to look into the Hope name.There is more there too.
      This part is good;

      Early Hopefund donors included Warren and Susan Buffett, David Geffen, Valerie Jarrett, Peter Herbst, Bain Capital, Daniel Yankelovich, Susie and Mark Buell, Steven Spielberg, Alfonso Fanjul, Laurence Tribe, Jon Gruber, Eric Holder and Julius Genachowski.

  29. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_obama_birth_certificate

    About the bill to punish “vexatious requesters” looking for O’Bobble’s missing vital records.

  30. How about when the adoption goes the other way? (Native Americans adopting White/Blacks?)


    by Sharon Rondeau

    (Mar. 18, 2010) — A letter received today from a Hawaii cabinet official states that her department “does not maintain vital records of the individual known as ‘Barack Hussein Obama II.’”


  32. No doubt their response is based on the wording, spelling or designation of II. In other words, they might have something on a Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. or Barrack H. Obama or however it might be written, but have nothing spelled the same as requested. Would they know the difference, of course, but they might be telling the truth too. Instead of saying we don’t have documents spelled as you wrote, but we do have them spelled as such and such. One has to know they are covering themselves yet being evasive.

    • Exactly bridgetteb, I was thinking the same thing.

      In addition to your above spellings I was also thinking of the spelling – Steven Armour Dunham, taking the grandfathers name.

  33. The Supremes Take On A Citizenship Issue..yet not Obama’s Eligibility. But might this be important?

    Justices to Weigh Law on Gaining Citizenship via Parents
    March 22, 2010

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide if mothers and fathers may be treated differently in determining whether their children may claim American citizenship.

    The case involves Ruben Flores-Villar, who was born in Tijuana, Mexico, but was raised by his father and grandmother, both American citizens, in San Diego. His mother was Mexican, and his parents were not married.

    Mr. Flores-Villar tried to avoid deportation by claiming American citizenship. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, rejected that claim under a law that spelled out different requirements for mothers and fathers whose children were born abroad and out of wedlock to a partner who was not an American citizen.

    The law, since amended, allowed fathers to transmit citizenship to their children only if the fathers had lived in the United States before the child was born for a total of 10 years, five of them after age 14. Mothers were required to have lived in the United States for a year before their child was born. (The amended law kept the general system but shortened the residency requirement for fathers.)

    Mr. Flores-Villar’s father was 16 when his son was born, making it impossible for him to fulfill the part of the law requiring five years of residency after age 14.

    Mr. Flores-Villar argued that the differing treatments violated equal protection principles. The Supreme Court has said that sex-based classifications are permissible only if they serve important governmental goals and are substantially related to achieving those goals.

    In 2001, the Supreme Court upheld a law that imposed differing requirements in a similar situation. In that case, Nguyen v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, a closely divided court said that American fathers of children born out of wedlock abroad had to get a court order establishing paternity or swear to it under oath for their children to obtain American citizenship.

    American mothers were not subject to that requirement.

    Mr. Flores-Villar said that decision turned on biological factors concerning the establishment of paternity that are not present in his case, Flores-Villar v. United States, No. 09-5801.


    US court rulings on dual citizenship by the Supreme Ct. and Federal Courts.

    Important to keep as Reference of Dual Citizenship Lawsuits


  34. An interesting comment on the butterdezillion blog:

    “UIPA says that Hawaii law can be disobeyed if obeying it would put federal funding at risk. Actually, when Obama signed a presidential order (shortly after Fukino’s “natural-born” announcement) for programs to further the opportunities for Pacific-Islanders including native Hawaiians, he created a situation where federal funding depended on Hawaii withholding the documents we’ve been requested – because if they disclose the documents Obama will be known to be ineligible and any action that depended exclusively on him would be nullified. By personally ordering money to be given to benefit native Hawaiians, Obama made federal funding dependent on him not being proven ineligible. That could technically give Hawaii officials an “out” for denying the records.”

    Gives us a little insight into that money he’s giving Hawaii. A possibility, anyway.

    • Wouldn’t the language in an EO or whatever Obama signed be available to verify or debunk this analysis?

      • I don’t know, Bridgette. She’s arguing, I think, that by presidential order, they get the money. If he’s proved ineligible, then the order is void, so they lose the money. It’s an interesting theory. One would have to be a lawyer to know if it holds water, and even then any two lawyers would probably disagree with each other. But surely the fear of losing federal money may be involved. They’re certainly invested in covering for him. Maybe only because at this point they may have already made themselves complicit in potential fraud and must, therefore, cover their butts (as well as his).

    • Wow Miri, Amazing !

      Actually, when Obama signed a presidential order (shortly after Fukino’s “natural-born” announcement) for programs to further the opportunities for Pacific-Islanders including native Hawaiians, he created a situation where federal funding depended on Hawaii withholding the documents we’ve been requested – because if they disclose the documents Obama will be known to be ineligible and any action that depended exclusively on him would be nullified. By personally ordering money to be given to benefit native Hawaiians, Obama made federal funding dependent on him not being proven ineligible. That could technically give Hawaii officials an “out” for denying the records.”

  35. Demand issued to Nevada Governor for proof of Obama’s Eligibility

    March 28, 2010


  36. Bridgette, I was reading the top of this post and looking at the burning paper picture…


    Frank Marshall Davis had a paper company in Hawaii. It mysteriously caught fire and burned…
    Just sayin..

  37. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100330/ap_on_el_ge/us_obama_tea_party

    Obama reacting to DiSimone? Trying to marginalize, again.

    The thing is that when he talks about it, he brings it back into the country’s consciousness and the lamestream media, too.

    That is always good news because when people wonder what it’s about, if they don’t know already, then they look and read and might ask this simple question:

    IF he’s eligible, then why won’t he PROVE it with documentation?

    The kind of documentation that every last one of us has to produce on a regular basis. Instead, why does he spend millions hiding all his documents?

    Will he even qualify for a national ID card? Or will the legislation exempt him alone, above all others?

  38. Hawaii Law Shuns Obama Birth Doc Requests
    Friday, 14 May 2010 10:47 AM

    It’s now law in Hawaii that the state government can ignore repetitive requests for President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

    Republican Gov. Linda Lingle signed into law Wednesday a bill allowing state government agencies not to respond to follow-up requests for information if they determine that the subsequent request is duplicative or substantially similar to a previous request.

    The law is aimed at so-called “birthers,” who claim Obama is ineligible to be president. They contend the Democratic president was born outside the United States, and therefore doesn’t meet a constitutional requirement for being president.

    Lingle didn’t elaborate on her reasons for signing the bill, but state Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino previously issued statements saying that she’s seen vital records that prove Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen.

    Both Fukino and the state registrar of vital statistics have verified that the Health Department holds Obama’s original birth certificate.

    Health Department officials supported the law because the state still gets between 10 and 20 e-mails seeking verification of Obama’s birth each week, most of them from outside Hawaii.

    A few of those requesters file repeated inquiries seeking the same information, even after they’re told state law bars release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest.


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