Were BHO Sr.’s Immigration Files Doctored?

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Immigration Documents  Tell a Tale!

Immigration Officer

Inconsistencies and downright lies are found  in Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s Immigration Files.    Who is responsible for adding documents to the FOIA files?  Does the receiver of the files know who sent them to her?  Was a letter enclosed with the documents?  How far up in the government hierarchy does this conspiracy go?

It has been found that some information  doesn’t jibe with one of the dated,  Memos to the File, that was in the packet of 55 pages of Immigration documents for Barack’s alleged father.

Page 5  is shown below of Barack Hussein Obama’s Immigration File, Alien Number A 11 938 537, that was received by Heather Smathers,  Arizona Independent, in an FOIA request from the government.   It is a very heavily redacted page, but some information shows  this page  to be  falsely construed to lend credence to Barack Obama Jr.’s background of being born in Hawaii.

The reference in the memo is only suggestive of the child belonging to BO Sr.; it is not validated by the name of a child.  We are led to believe who it is because of whose file this is.  The referenced paragraph is:

“Today in talking to [redacted]  I learned that [redacted] of the Harvard[written not typed] Center of African studies informed [redacted] that Obama has two wives as well as a child in Honolulu.  Despite that knowledge[redacted] still went to Nairobi to visit Obama.”

Yes, it looks like an official memo, except we don’t know if E. Golden was an official from the Immigration Service nor what office/location he worked in.  From this sentence we assume that E. Golden was employed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (I&N)  “I told [redacted]  I&N Service  was concerned about what appeared to be her daughter’s lack of knowledge of the alien’s marital status.”   The  acronym SII  after Golden’s name seems to indicate either his title or the office.  A specific government office designation or use of the initials SII was not found among 40 listings where it is used.   The closest description was “special investigative inquiry,” yet that doesn’t fit in the way it is used in the memo.

Where is the back-up memo of the telephone call Mr. Golden had with “Rev. Mr.” Klotzle of the Universalist-Unitarian Committee? Mr. Golden writes a memo of this telephone call with the mother of an unknown woman who flew to Nairobi to be near Barack Obama Sr., but did not write one when he learned that Barack Obama Sr. was a bigamist and had a child in Honolulu? Would the Hotel Salisbury have records of an unknown American tourist staying at their hotel during the month of August, 1964?  With a huge case load, are we to believe that Mr. Golden remembered a week later how to spell Klotzle and also knew his agency affiliation yet misspelled Barack?

“I found out from Rev. Mr. Klotzle of Universalist-Unitarian Committee last week that BARAK   Obama  has two wives — one in Africa and one in Honolulu.  Mr. Kotzle is not impressed with Obama.”

On page 24 of the Immigration documents, Rev. Klotzle, is identified as Dana E. Klotzle,  Associate Director, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Inc.   He appears to be a legitimate person, but unfortunately because he is deceased, he is unavailable to comment on any recollections he might have.  (1916 – 1972).   I found several references to him, but his title was director not associate director as stated in the memo.

Coincidentally, records pertaining to the Dana Earl Klotzle and the Unitarian
Universalist Service Committee are held in the Harvard Library archives.  From their reference material, it states: “This collection contains the records of Carleton Fisher and Dana Klotzle, who were the two executive directors of the Universalist Service Committee.  Fisher was director from 1947 to 1953 and Klotzle was director from 1953 to 1961.”  Did Klotzle step down to  lesser role when he was conferring with  Mr. Golden in 1964?   It certainly doesn’t appear that Mr. Golden could talk to Dana Klotzle in 1964 if he left the Universalist Service Committee in 1961.  Where was he from 1961 to l965?

From 1965 – 67, Rev. Klotzle  was found working with the Jordan Neighborhood House, Suffolk, Virginia.   Other than a 1999 Harvard prepared website with 3 photos, the only information about the Jordan House is also archived at Harvard.   

Based on the typed appearance, it does look like a typewriter was used to  originally compose the memo.  The inconsistent appearance of different letters suggests its use in (a) the date of August 28, 1964 where the A is above the other letters, (b) in the word daughter where a type over occurred, and (c) light and dark letters that show an inconsistent pressure was applied when typing. None of these happen when using a computer.

Next to each of the redactions is a typed  (b)(6) as if they are giving a reason for eliminating the information, yet that means the sheet had to be put into a typewriter after  redaction and then typed.   If the redaction’s were done to complete an FOIA request, then how did they add the redaction codes?   When enlarged, the (b)(6) do not look typed, but they do look like a computer font. 

Please note the date of August 28, 1964. Also notice how Harvard is added to the paragraph; it is not typed like the rest of the memo. When enlarged, it appears there was another typed word underneath the H in
Harvard.   Whose hen-scratching is it?  It does not appear to be that of Mr. Golden.

A researcher, Alfy,  at WTPOTUS  found that according to  Cornell University’s website for African Studies where they compiled a complete listing of universities where African Studies were being offered, Harvard University did not offer courses in that discipline until 1969.   It clearly states this information:

The Harvard University Committee on African Studies (verified: 7/12/2002)

The Harvard University Committee on African Studies began in 1969 as an interdisciplinary group of scholars appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to coordinate teaching and research and advance knowledge and understanding of Africa within Harvard.

Below is a screen shot of the paragraph quoted above. It can be viewed in full at the following link.   In case, they want to scrub the information, I  do have a screen shot  of it.   Click to enlarge.

Cornell University - Compilation of African Studies at Universities

Harvard Description - African Studies - 1969


So you tell me, or better yet, let the government tell us how  E. Golden could talk to someone in Harvard’s African Study Department  FIVE YEARS BEFORE the department was created?  The logical answer is they can’t!  Why did Golden document that he had spoken with Rev. Dana Klotzle when it appears he left the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee THREE YEARS PRIOR?   How were redaction codes added to this document?  This isn’t a case of misspeak, this is a case of a criminal cover-up and intentionally falsifying information.   This is a deliberate attempt to mislead and create a background by using Barack Obama Sr.’s immigration records to back up the usurper’s  claim to having been born in Hawaii.

Lies, Scandals, Patronage, Bribery, Corruption, Power, and Greed describe this administration to a tee.  Everyone surrounding this administration walks a crooked line.  The time for investigation and prosecution is now, not tomorrow.  Government officials have proven their complicity by being unwilling to do what is necessary.

The controversy and issues keep opening the doors to more and more criminal behavior through the use of amateur forgeries like Obama’s birth certificate, photo-shopped photographs,   fraudulent testimonials, manufactured histories,  bribed family members, blackmailed associates, fawning media, and now doctored immigration files.  When will it end?  Which thing will be the final straw?  Who isn’t afraid to “embarrass” this pResident and expose the corruption?  Mr. Trump got the ball rolling, and then quit.  Who will take his place?  We are waiting for that patriotic hero.

What other discrepancies will be found in these documents?  

By the way Lamestream Media,

“It Ain’t Over Until Somebody Sings!”



When redacting documents, THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MUST NEVER BE ALTERED. Instead, a photocopy of the original document should be redacted. The amount of information, and the appropriate exemption, MUST be indicated on the responsive document.

(b)(6) EXEMPTION 6:
Personal Information Affecting an Individual’s Privacy.
This exemption permits the government to withhold all information about individuals in “personnel and medical files and similar files” when the disclosure of such information ” would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” This exemption cannot be invoked to withhold from a requester information pertaining to the requester.

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  1. Bridgette, just have a second, but wanted to rush in to comment that if my memory is correct, there are b6 notations on SADO’s passport redactions, as well. I recall wondering what they indicated.

    • I think it’s the section of the law that gives the excuse why they’re redacting certain info. Something to do with privacy of living person, iirc.

    • Passports – Child passports
      A renewal form cannot be used to apply for a child’s passport. … was born overseas and has no birth certificate, complete Form B6 (Download form B6). …


      Here you go…….

      • AUSTRALIA ** NOTE*

        Things you will need to provide with the application
        When you apply for a child’s Australian passport, you must provide the child’s FULL birth certificate as well as any previous Australian passport that the child may have had.
        If the child was born in Australia, you will need to provide an original document that confirms one parent’s Australian citizenship or permanent residency AT THE TIME OF THE CHILD’S BIRTH. Applicants born of New Zealand parents must present an “Evidence of Australian Citizenship” or an equivalent citizenship certificate.
        If the child does not have an Australian birth certificate, you will need to provide the child’s full overseas birth certificate (with an English translation if necessary) and proof of the child’s Australian citizenship.
        If the child was born overseas and has no birth certificate, complete Form B6 (Download form B6).

    • This is in reference to Klotzle and his affiliations with universalist unitarian service committee. Bridgett did the above discussion and days Rev. Klotzle served till 1961, so why would he be discussing with this kenyan girls mother, immigration services, or discussing Obama in August 1964. Because that is not where Klotzle’s service ends. Please, I tried to tell you this before. These groups mimick almost entirely The Quaker service committee and there work, but goes much further outwardly . Now see where he is here. Check down to 1966 and 1967 to see what Dana Klotze had evolved to. Now for sure, he knew the whereabouts of everyone and likely of Ann Dunham as well. By the way ,the Universalist unitarian service committee partnered with USAID back then. You should read all of this to get the real flavor of just what kind of people were being led out of Czechoslavakia, and Europe. Certainly many suffering people but more than anything else, the old socialists and Fabianish diehards. The reason I pointed to reading 1966 is there is Bertrand Russell and his propagandists at Columbia. Bertrand married a Quaker at one time, was a weirdo and David Horowitz can tell you all about him as he was one of the ones(whose parents , as he says were card carrying Communists) who wrote propaganda for him. For sure Klotzle knew Obama, very, very well. There is much more on all the people associated with the Unitarian U. service committee and Allan Dulles, the OSS, more, and investigations of just what they were up to in many countries.Read for yourself where Dana Klotzle goes. This site is just to make the point.1967

      • and the Jordon Neighborhood House thing was probably just an extension of something in association with the Universalist or Unitarian service in the 1960’s . haven’t checked yet though. Some where in these letters Suffolk is mentioned which is where the Jordon House thingy was.

      • The point was that Dana Klotzle wasn’t at the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee at the time of the alleged phone call as documented in the memo in August 1964. I did see where he was after that but that information didn’t apply to the specific time frame that deals with the immigration records. The question is still where was he from 1961 to 1965 – the dates of the letters? Let me know if you find something during that time frame to further debunk the memo.

        Tell me the reason why following Klotzle beyond the time frame would get us anywhere especially if only his name was used to prepare a fake memo.
        I already have the information on the Jordan House which is also limited, and most is through the Harvard archives. There is one web site showing only three pictures of students…also put up on a special web site by Harvard, and that is strange by itself. You said somewhere in these letters is a mention of Suffolk…referring to what letters? As I recall, there are only 3 -4 mentions of Jordan House in a search.

        –Klotzle, Rev. Dana, 1965
        Jordan Neighborhood House –Klotzle, Rev. Dana, 1966-67

        Jordan Neighborhood House, Suffolk, Virginia
        * Founded in 1897 as a Universalist mission, the Suffolk, Virginia, mission provided education and health care to the African American inhabitants of the area. It was renamed the Jordan Neighborhood House in 1939 in honor of Joseph Fletcher Jordan who served as minister from 1904 to 1929.
        * With the support of the Universalist Church of America and the Association of Universalist Women, Jordan Neighborhood House later offered counseling for mothers, pre-natal and infant health clinics, and music programs for teenagers.
        This online exhibit was prepared in 1999.
        Copyright ©1999-2005 by the President & Fellows of Harvard College

        http://www.hds.harvard.edu/library/exhibits/online/hdspublicministry/images/jordan.html Three photos and that is all there is to this website.


        • Bridgett you and I both answered the question where Mr. Klotzle likely is after 1961. At the Suffolk Jordon House thing. I posted showing the pages and the statement make in reference to the girl possibly coming back and trying to get her into Suffolk.He is still in touch with someone concerning this girl and B. Sr. and these notes were put with Barack’s file. That’s all I was saying and I don’t know where my posts are showing exactly each page and reference to inconsistencies in these letters and signatures and the similarities in the hand written parts of these letters and the Name UKelele. How whoever wrote these letters also may have helped forge the birth docs. Didn’t you see that anywhere?

  2. The redaction code B(6) was used in Lolo’s passport release. It was handwritten on pages 63, 67, 68, 84, 93, 111. Perhaps others; I only skimmed the records quickly. In SADOS’s passport release, these codes were used B(2) and B(7).

  3. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/bracak-obamas-ins-file-two-wives-and-other-women-everywhere/comment-page-1/#comment-54619

    That links to a story that talks about Harvard’s response to this release. They talk about an “international” program, not an African one. Confusing. Center for International Affairs versus the name of the program that didn’t even exist at the time BHO Sr. supposedly was there.

  4. I found the answers to a couple of my own questions about redaction and the responsive redaction codes. This was added as an update to the article.

    When redacting documents, THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MUST NEVER BE ALTERED. Instead, a photocopy of the original document should be redacted. The amount of information, and the appropriate exemption, MUST be indicated on the responsive document.

    FOIA Exemptions

    It is the policy of the agency to make records available to the public to the greatest extent possible, in keeping with the spirit of the FOIA, while at the same time protecting sensitive information. The following is a list of FOIA exemptions which apply to Government information in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(b). [See URL for full listing]

    As applies to this document, Page 5, in the article above

    (b)(6) EXEMPTION 6:
    Personal Information Affecting an Individual’s Privacy.
    This exemption permits the government to withhold all information about individuals in “personnel and medical files and similar files” when the disclosure of such information ” would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” This exemption cannot be invoked to withhold from a requester information pertaining to the requester.


    • Thanks, Bridgette. I’ve been looking for it, but multi-tasking and it took me a while to find because I kept going off on tangents. One wonders if exemption b(6) can be invoked for deceased people. What privacy do the dead have? So isn’t it interesting that the b(2) and b(7) exemptions were on SADOS’s passport file? I seem to remember now that we discussed whether they were telegraphing that SADOS was a government employee, but I’m not sure it was in regards to the passport records. Seems it had to do with Hawaiian government. Interesting to consider redaction of records compiled for LAW ENFORCEMENT purposes. Was somebody being investigated for some type of criminal activity?

      In regard to that, I remember a recent prosecution of a lawyer who lost his license and was charged with a crime because he entered into a sham marriage to help somebody he knew stay in the USA, instead of being deported. Hmmmmm.

      • Miri, The (b)(7 ) exemption must have another letter after it to identify it as there are several explanations from A – F under that code. For example:
        (b) (7) EXEMPTION 7(A):
        Records or Information that Could Reasonably be Expected to Interfere with Enforcement Proceedings.
        (b) (7) EXEMPTION 7(B):
        Disclosure Which Would Deprive a Person of a Fair Trial or an Impartial Adjudication.

        • There was an E but it was below (b) (2), (b) (7) so I didn’t realize it was connected. This was on the page showing “passenger activity”. I don’t know if we have it in the media libary. I’ll find it and link it or put it into the next comment. The other references to (b) (2) did also say “low”. Didn’t realize when I first looked at it that it means something.

          “Exemption (7)(E) protects from disclosure information which would reveal techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions or that would disclose guidelines for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions if disclosure of the information could reasonably be expected to risk circumvention of the law.”

      • According to the Social Security Administration (and you would think this would carry over to ALL federal agencies), and this is directly livted from the .gov website

        “A deceased person does not have any privacy rights. Therefore, if he or she applied for a Social Security number, we can generally provide a copy of the Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5). “

        • The first time I read that I was kind of surprised they don’t even qualify that statement.

        • that’s what I said before, the deceased records and various court records of Stanley Dunham would be on public file. There would be no reason the public can’t have them, like Madelyn’s or Stanley Ann’s or Frank M. Davis’s or Sunhara’s; there should be a copy of the death certificate on file in Honolulu for the public. Statisticians and health workers and any citizen can view these records. And you don’t have to have any special reason or authority. They are public record and if a citizen is not alowed to view them whether on electronic record , original record , or microfilm of original record, then federal law has been broken. I don’t get why no citizen in Hawaii is interested in persuing that.

          • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/were-bho-sr-s-immigration-files-doctored/comment-page-1/#comment-56035

            That goes to a comment below, where I linked to an article that says in some cases they will redact information about dead people. Lawyers can and do get away with anything they can, so long as they’re allowed to do it. This will be a case of fight, fight, fight for every scrap and I doubt the truth will see the light of day for a long time or at least until we have a sympathetic crew in the WH. Too many Republicans, unfortunately, are complicit and are not interested, for whatever reason, in exposing the first (not likely) black POTUS.

          • Remember Madelyn died at home , so no hospital record, and no coronor’s record. Supposedly a family friend/doctor pronounced ms. maddy DEAd. That family friend would still have to still fill out the deceased record with a witness’ signature, and likely cause of death and that friend/doctor would have to have his signature on that official record and it would be filed. There is no reason for this record to have a redaction of any kind on it or for this record to be sealed…..If so, something suspicious of a criminal intent conclusion can be drawn .

            No names should be redacted on her record otherwise if this were the case, there can be no verification that the record is properly filed, leading to inconsistant and wrongful death suits could be filed. This is why records are filled out with certain legal criteria, otherwise there can be no later proof of this person being treated properly by the law or others. Can’t redact the person who verified her death,in other words. Nor, could that be done on Stanley Ann’s record. any citizen can ask or take issue with that. It does not have to be a relative or special person. One can not establish death without these records being intact or complete.

            Also, these discussions in these letters seem to only add confusion and do not support anything except speculation. We gather some kenyon girl is now involved, yet we don’t have any idea who that is. Some have even jumped to the conclusion she went somewhere for an abortion.

            We have a mother who is calling about the daughter, yet if you notice in one of the letters, this mother resides in Kenya with her son. How likely is it that this person has easy access to a phone in Kenya in the 1960’s and if the girl is going to Africa and Mombasa and the name of the Hotel is stated, why would the mother be calling someone in the states. Why wouldn’t she locate her in Mombasa.And why is the girl in Africa to possibly marry Obama since he is still in the states? Why would all the names be redacted, yet Mr. Klotzle’s name is not redacted. It is likely this long ago, many people in this letter are dead also, so no need to redact. No , I think this is an intentional piece of Crapola. I could be wrong.

      • The answers lie with Lia. Unfortunately she was silenced, forever. I posted something awhile back, unfortunately names were changed, maybe thinking I had the second name wrong? I did not. Ann (and) ( ) were involved in criminal activity in Indonesia. I can not prove it now because what I had found from an Indonesian article when we were researching this person has amazingly disappeared and did so before I could post the information.

    • So they have to make a photocopy of the original document. Then they must scan it to become a document that can be altered to add the redaction codes and insert the blank boxes to information to be removed. Therefore, they are leaving this “private” information in databases somewhere (cache). I believe the (b)(6) ‘s are computer fonts as are the boxes. Lots of work to remove information from a page.

      I would think they would need a paper trail to identify the person who removes information and is responsible for redacting, but I don’t see anything on the pages, i.e., a government number or other identifier.

  5. As applies to Stanley Anne Dunham Obama’s passport files:

    (b)(2) EXEMPTION 2:
    Internal Personnel Rules and Practices.
    This exemption exempts from mandatory disclosure records “related solely to the internal personnel rules and practices of an agency.” Courts have interpreted the exemption to encompass two distinct categories of information:
    * (a) Internal matters of a relatively trivial nature–sometimes referred to as “low2” information; and,
    * (b) More substantial internal matters, the disclosure of which would risk circumvention of a legal requirement – sometimes referred to as “high 2” information.

    (b)(7) EXEMPTION 7: Multiple explanations.. (A – F)
    Investigatory Records Compiled for Law Enforcement Purposes.
    As amended, this exemption protects from disclosure “records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes.


  6. http://www.justice.gov/oip/exemption6.htm

    That seems to answer my question about dead people. They allowed redaction for the last words of deceased astronauts, AND they allow redaction if something in the records could arguably affect survivors. Or would be “embarrassing”, etc. Sounds familiar. It’s a catchall that they can abuse at will, so seems unlikely anything will ever be truly exposed via FOIA. Unless they miss something as they seem to often do. Oh, what tangled web! Even the spider can’t keep track of all the gossamer threads. How could all the minions do so?

  7. http://www.foiadvocates.com/exemptions.html

    That link has similar information but it’s pretty easy to understand and pretty thorough.

  8. About that typeover on the word “daughter” in the second line. What does it look like? What was the other word beneath the typeover AND doesn’t the spacing of the word “daughter” look different from the spacing on other words in the letter? How could this be and why would somebody type over whatever word WAS in that line?

  9. Notices today that Trump says IT’S A FORGERY!

    Unlike Ms. Tickly, Trump has the money to defend himself
    against thuggery and intimidation.

    We need a unifying candidate
    The Tea Party could turn out otherwise to be the Obama Express
    as we just saw in that special election.

    I don’t think Trump will run,
    but please Trummp, put everything you know out there so
    that Palin or Bachman or maybe even Petraeus might run.

    Anybody heard from the Obaminator?
    Or as he suggested in Ireland begorrah
    The O’bamanator

  10. 535-40-8522 SADOS’s Washington state issued SS#

    575-44-4342 BHO Sr.’s Hawaii state issued SS#

    Did we wonder already how it is that BHO Sr. had a SS#? Does anybody know how to cross check this number against the name? He’s deceased, but died in Kenya, so would the SSDI have him there? He had a SS# because, I presume, he WORKED in the US. SO, since he’s dead, can people obtain HIS SS application, as they got Thomas Wood’s? Or has that been tried already? Why can’t they get SADOS’s SS application, or has that been tried yet?

    There’s discussion on other blogs about his changeable age. 1934 versus 1936. Someone commented about the “fact” that sometimes Barry is said to be 2 years older than claimed. THAT might explain why BHO Sr. was 25 when Barry was born, but supposedly was born in 1934. So which are they fudging–Barry’s dob or BHO Sr.’s age when Barry was born? I seem to recall somebody “explaining” that there was an age cut-off for the Harvard scholarship that BHO Sr. applied for, so that might explain why he made himself younger after Barry was born. However, that might be a “plausible” rationalization that an obot puts forth, to “explain” the fungible dob for BHO Sr.

    • Miri,

      The LDS website can check the SS# as can Genealogy Bank. I put the links in my article re SS#.

      I think BHO Sr. had to get an SS# when he worked for Dole Pineapple or did he get a work Visa? Now I don’t know. The IMM dept gave him permission to work, so did they issue a card? I didn’t see anything in his file to say they were mailing it to him.

      He is listed at LDS.. but the listings weren’t from govt information.
      I thought we discussed the two year age difference in the years he put on the Imm forms, or maybe it was at Free.

      • We probably did discuss the age difference before but it’s interesting to consider that maybe it’s BHO Jr.’s age that really changed, not his father’s. And when they released various documents, somebody realized the “error” and “corrected” items so the discrepancy would disappear. I’ll check you SS article.

      • I checked both of those links and I don’t find him listed in the death index.

        • Miri, what’s the best source for death index. I had one before but don’t know where I found it or what it was called.

        • I also wondered if the SSA would provide an copy of an application for someone who is not in their death index, but who is known to be dead (e.g. BHO Sr) ? Maybe an FOIA request with supporting documents is all it would take? I think the president’s word that his father is dead should be enough for the SSA, right??? 🙂

          • If you do a Rootsweb search, it will turn up a line (or more than one line) with information for people by that name. Over on the right side, there are icons you can click. One of them goes to a form letter, for an FOIA request, to obtain a copy of the application for the SS#. It copies into the letter the details about the person’s death, indicating that the information came from the SSDI. So it looks to me as if it’s standard that a person can request and receive copies of the original application, for a deceased person. If I remember correctly, it costs $27.

    • http://www.dfa.cornell.edu/dfa/tax/foreign/exemptions/sstaxes.cfm
      This is a long read but it is worth every word. Why he would have a soc.sec. # in the 1960’s is very odd unless it was for some benefit like food stamps in which case he may not have had to give his immigration status. That’s another long piece like this one.. Can’t remember the year he shows having a SS#, but you will se this site seems to indicate at what stages a person has been here how there status might change , but B. Sr.’s status looks to be That F-1 status the whole time doesn’t it? Was he pretending to have some other status while in the US?
      Doesn’t make sense…back then not even any of us would have needed our SS# number for much at all.

      • The current SS website talks about how students who work need SS#’s and how to get them. DHS works with them now, so the procedures and requirements probably differ. But BHO Sr. did work at Dole and other places, iirc, so he may have needed a SS#. However, one would think the number itself would somehow indicate his status as a non-citizen student. The prefix means it was obtained in Hawaii. http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10181.html

        • yes , Hawaii and there were two ways to get the ss# got directly to the office with all the neccesary (all his immigration visa papers and status) or fill out one and send it in with ORIGiNAL papers, not copies) and it would take a little bit to get them back. If he only worked part time I don’t see how back then it would have been neccesary to have SS# even with Dole. I could be wrong, but I really wonder why he states he has a SS# yet doesn’t give it here. Was it to insinuate his status like a resident? I still am not sure at all what the meaning of this was. Was there some transaction that he was involved in that a SS# aided him in? Something with banking transactions that a SS# gave expediency to? Just wondering. If he really ever had one, it should be in an indes somewhere though.

          • He does give the SS# in the immigration file. It’s on page 35.

            Since I was looking at the file, I decided to document whatever jumps out:

            On page 14, he claims a LEGAL separation from Ann Obama, USC, 2 months ago, which would have been Feb. 1964. He doesn’t say “divorce,” he says “separation.”

            On page 18, his dob is given as 6/18/1934 (not 1936). This is an immigration form. Not a school (Harvard) form.

            Page 21 talks about a memo on yellow paper, in BHO Sr.’s file, that documents his wife in Kenya. Is that yellow paper among those released? I haven’t seen it!

            This same page talks about him being “married to someone in Kenya and someone IN Honolulu.” It later speaks about the wife IN the Philippines from whom he is separated. If TWO wives only, then why is one IN Kenya, one IN Honolulu, and one IN the Philippines? That makes three! He says he has a “legal separation” from Ann Obama, but elsewhere he records Ann S. Dunham as his wife.

            So are there two wives named “Ann”? I’m thinking of that photo of BHO Sr. at a party in Hawaii. There’s a girl sitting next to him, captioned as “Ann USA”. She looks Asian, possibly Filipino. But remember, this wife in the Philippines is a US citizen, too. Was she back “home” in the Philippines, visiting family, after separating from BHO Sr. because of SADOS? Or was she perhaps the child of a US serviceman, stationed in the Philippines? Just askin’.

            Wait! What? Same page also says he may be married to someone in Cambridge. Would this be Ruth? This is April 29 1964. So that makes 4? When did he and SADOS divorce and when did he and Ruth marry? SADOS divorce was FINALIZED on March 20, 1964. So he was DIVORCED from SADOS in April, not merely “separated” and he wasted no time in marrying Ruth, if he married her AFTER the divorce and not before. Given the fungible dates for SADOS’s marriage to Lolo, she may have a problem with bigamy, too. See the O Timeline for specifics.

            Page 35 has his SS# and also the name of his wife as of August 31, 1961 as Ann S. Dunham (NOT Obama) and his dob is again 1934, while on the Harvard docs it’s most often 1936. This is the page that says he works for Dole. Also the page where he declines to NAME his NEWBORN son, Barry–the paper is signed and dated by BHO Sr. when baby Barry should have been listed, being less than a month old. One would think a proud father …

            About a fund that helped Africans: “Phelps Stokes is known for its work in Africa. Phelps Stokes convened several commissions to study the educational conditions and needs of black Africans, and made recommendations for improving access and quality. The renowned Dr. James E. K. Aggrey, known as “the Booker T. Washington of Africa,” helped to lead the commissions and to not only established the blueprint for primary and secondary education in British Africa from the 1920s to the 1960s, but also to lay the foundation for Phelps Stokes’ comprehensive model for education. Currently, Phelps Stokes supports the DuBois Center for Pan-African Culture in Accra, Ghana. Established in 1985 as a national monument of Ghana, the Center is being convert from a government-supported institution to one that is self-sustaining. Phelps Stokes’ relationship with South Africa began in 1929 with the establishment of the South African Committee on Race Relations, which later became the South African Institute on Race Relations. The Fund also operated the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Southern Africa Refugee Scholarship Fund and the Southern African Scholarship Fund, which in the 1980s provided free college education to hundreds of black young adults from southern Africa.”

            He got $1000 from this fund. I’m reminded of the recent fistfight on a plane from DC to Accra, where US jets scrambled, thousands of gallons of gas were dumped, but NOBODY arrested and thus no names of perps revealed.

            On page 41, he said (March 1961) that he lived at 1704 Punahou St. Apt. 15.

            In July 1960, he was a dishwasher at the Ink Blot Coffee Shop in Honolulu (page 43); did not own up to being married even once. Page 44 has his BRITISH passport number 84764.

            On page 47, he says he lives at 1810 University Ave. Honolulu, in Dec. 1959. He got by with a little help from his friends, who gave him money. The next month, he got permission to work no more than 25 hours per week.

            On page 50, he says his own funds will be sufficient to support him, $1500, July 1959.

            On page 52, he’s described as 5ft. 11 in. tall (looks shorter to me) and 165 pounds, in July 1960.

            He appears to have received a fellowship to go to Harvard. This is the time when his age drops by two years. It was reported somewhere that he was too old for the fellowship, so perhaps lied about his age in order to qualify. There may be other explanations, however.

            • I should add that BHO Sr. didn’t start fudging his dob until after he graduated in June 1962 and went to Harvard, where he suddenly started lying about his age. However, if you notice, Barry’s COLBs have his alleged father’s age as 25, which would ONLY be true if somebody looked at the wrong paperwork when deciding to invent a bc for Barry. I mean, contemporaneously, in Hawaii, all 1961 records (official immigration documents) said he was born in 1934. So in August 1961, he was 27, not 25. He’d only be 25 in 1961 if he was born in 1936, but in 1961, he wasn’t yet lying about his age in order to qualify for that fellowship. He still had a year of schooling in Hawaii to go, while SADOS was off to the U of Wash. Why would she not know his age, if she was the informant for Barry’s bc?

        • Regarding the photo…I do believe it was photo-shopped. I remember looking at it before. For the most easily seen, check out the guy on the left side with his head at an angle. If the photo is enlarged you can see heads connected to necks and the discoloration. The guy seated behind BHO has a tiny head on a huge body too. I don’t think they wanted these people recognized, that is why every photo is a fabrication. Who has come forward to say I went to college with BHO Sr., besides Abercrombie? Like father, like son.

          • Bridgette you are probably right on about the photos.That’s why speculations from false stuff just further clouds the truth doesn’t it?

          • Well, since EVERYTHING concerning Obama appears to be false, then why do we bother “speculating” about ANYTHING, alfy? What’s the TRUTH that’s being CLOUDED by speculation? With Obama, all we CAN HAVE is speculation because there’s NO FREAKING EVIDENCE ANYWHERE. Do you have any?

          • Link doesn’t work. It might be Ann; it might be Anne. It’s reported as and captioned as “Anne USA” but I can find no source for the original story or photo that explains who wrote the caption and how they know the correct spelling. If they do. http://keywiki.org/index.php/Barak_Obama It’s also at Beckwith’s. And on Free Republic. But where did it come from? Note the keywiki spelling of BARAK.

  11. I’ll bet the Phelps Stokes found. had people in it that funded money to the National Students Association which had CIA money channeled to it via foundations like this one. Don’t know for sure but that is very likely. One should read all the CIA connections and foreign connections there were with a headquarters also in Paris. Can’t remember if that was international Students Association yet,but either way many of these foundations like this were conduits for CIA connections.
    On another issue of Baracks so called wives, In Barack’s book, the story goes that Ruth followed B. Sr. back to Kenya and did not marry him till a little later. In your photo about this Phillipino looking lady is in various photos appearing near O. Sr. however one of the photos name her as someones wife of the East West Center. Don’t remember who though.
    Somewhere in reading immigration, visas, status and all that stuff, I read that these immigration document(actual legal ones) were on legal document paper, you know like birth cert. paper, with the green or blue little background marks, which of course is on none of these documents we’ve looked at.

  12. Documents show marriage of Obama’s parents a sham
    Newly released files reveal ‘couple’ didn’t live together

    June 06, 2011 Snips

    NEW YORK – The recently released immigration file for Barack Obama Sr. indicates the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service had doubts he and Obama’s mother were married.

    While Ann Dunham may have sought Obama Sr. as her husband and the father of her child, the record suggests the two never lived together as a married couple.

    Moreover, within weeks of the baby’s birth, Dunham left Honolulu with her infant son and traveled to Seattle, where she enrolled in night courses at the University of Washington. She did not return to Honolulu until after Barack Obama Sr. left Hawaii in September 1962 to attend graduate courses at Harvard.

    The INS file shows that Barack Obama Sr. was not faithful to Dunham, even when the two were in Hawaii at the same time.

    Instead, the documentation supports the conclusion that Obama Sr. and Dunham took part in a sham marriage that the Kenyan student thought might help him extend his visa and remain in the United States to continue his education.

    Economic necessity and his desire to complete his studies as soon as possible forced Obama Sr. to remain in Honolulu during the summer months, both to take summer classes and to work part-time.

    Visa expired month Obama Jr. born

    The INS file documents that Barack Obama Sr. arrived in the U.S. in New York on a BOAC flight Aug. 3, 1959.

    The arrival-departure record also documents that one of Obama Sr.’s visa extensions expired Aug. 8, 1961, four days after Barack Obama Jr. was born.

    This is further documented in an Immigration and Naturalization form filled out by Barack Obama Sr. in Honolulu Aug. 31, 1961, when Barack Obama Jr. was less that one-month old.

    Sham marriage?

    The incorrect rendering of his wife’s name and the omission of his son suggests Obama Sr. didn’t take the marriage or the child seriously.

    A memo in Obama Sr.’s immigration file April 12, 1961, provides additional confirmation that Obama Sr. gave no indication he was living the life of a husband and father.

    The document memorializes a phone call from a Mrs. McCabe, identified as a foreign student adviser at the University of Hawaii.

    The memo, presented below, begins by expressing McCabe’s concern that Obama was married to Stanley Ann Dunham Feb. 2, 1961, even though he had a wife in Kenya.


    • I don’t remember seeing this article before; part of the article is missing.

      When he first arrived at the University of Hawaii, Obama realized his savings would not be enough for him to complete his studies without additional financial resources. Shurei Hirozawa reported in a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article Sept. 19, 1959, seen below, that the high cost of living in Hawaii was more than he anticipated, requiring him to seek work and scholarship aid:

      • Bridgette, where did you find that article? Notice he was 25, in 1959?

        • As proven once again, great minds think alike! I really think we had that article before. I believe I have it somewhere. It’s always necessary to review past finds in light of newer discoveries. I love it! What a tangled web.

          Yep. I had it. (What? Was I holding out on everyone? I can’t remember where I got it or when.)

          You can see the other student. Whoever he is.

          • Miri, I find stuff like that too. We have done ALOT of digging……Hard to remember it all. Some makes sense to us now that did not make sense before….

            • I had this at least since last November. I did go to a library a couple times and emailed stuff to myself, so maybe this is one of my finds. I always plan to put it all together and do something with it, but something else gets “hot” (not Congressman Weiner, though) and I forget until something else reminds me. ADHD, probably. Wait! An obot told me once that I have Asperger’s so that’s probably my problem. Don’t you love over-the-Internet diagnosing by people who hate you?

      • Wow. When you read the information on his immigration records, it almost seems as if somebody saw and read this article and used it when making up information to make those records look plausible. Just sayin’. Check it out: He was 25 in 1959 but suddenly, he became 25 all over again in 1961, on Barry’s SFCOLB and LFCOLB. Whoops! Didn’t read closely enough. It’s like with the language in that very stilted hand-written memo that talks about his son, Barack Hussein Obama II, born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961 to a USC mother. Isn’t that how it went? So much detail to make it seem as if there’re contemporaneous documents backing up the bogus biography.

        • B, I must have been reading your mind. I wrote this about that memo and afterwards I read your comment, where you linked to that exact memo in the WND story. My memory was faulty. As usual. The memo didn’t say Barack HUSSEIN Obama II, just Barack Obama II. Such stilted language. So much unnecessary detail. Sounds like the kind of story a kid makes up when he’s lying to his mom–too many details gives it away. Don’t you think?

    • WND playing catch up again. 🙂

      A SHAM marriage? Also a SHAM baby? If somebody enters into a sham marriage only to help out foreign-student friend, does that friendship come “with benefits” as they say today? Was there really any marriage? Was there really any baby? Or were the marriage AND the baby shams?

      Maybe the sham marriage wasn’t working out so the sham birth was added to give the student another argument to use: I have a USC son. We can’t be separated. Although I don’t see BHO Sr. using that argument.

      None of it makes any sense. In my experience of life, most people’s lives MAKE FREAKING SENSE. NOTHING about Obama’s life hangs together. NOTHING! We’re like Cassandra here. Will anybody EVER listen? Will they look objectively, with their own eyes, and notice how NOTHING adds up?

    • I swear, when I read the WND article, I thought I was reading parts of our blog!

      • I am now reading the Corsi book too Bridgette. Almost half way through it. It is just like reading our blog too….It has now hit me that our work would look quite good between two covers also. We actually have much deeper work and many more details.

      • You probably were. Hey, you know? I’m serious. Do we have a mole or what? This reads like comments we made just the other day. Corsi says by the time he was at Harvard, using SADOS and BHO II as excuses to stay was dropped because by then they were divorced. So why did BHO Sr. write “legal separation?” That’s not the same thing as a divorce. It’s interesting that the Dahlin memo talks about the woman who was concerned about BHO Sr.’s marriage to SADOS and his playboy ways. But consider this: How’d she find out about the marriage and if it’s because BHO Sr. told her, then why wouldn’t he have also mentioned that his wife was at that point 5 months pregnant? SADOS was already dropped out of the school, if you believe the story, so the foreign student advisor wouldn’t have seen SADOS on campus. How’d she find out about the marriage and even the date? So now is Corsi of the opinion that SADOS DIDN’T give birth to Barry in Kenya? I thought he was going with that theory. Now he says she must have gone alone, because BHO Sr. planned to work all summer.

  13. Also, probably not significant, but in the memo (in the WND article) where it says he married SAD, a united states citizen from Seattle, Washington in Maui, Hawaii.
    That just struck me as odd they would describe hear as being from Seattle, granted she hadn’t been living in Hawaii very long, but still, wouldn’t that be where she was “from” at that point?

    • That is a good point SEO because that could show or help prove she was not a resident at that time of Hawaii. (that is if the memo is true????

      • Yeah…I mean, how would the INS even be aware that she was “from” Seattle if her current address was Honolulu?

        • I sure wish I could read the first name written in the “wife’s name” field, before they scratched it out and wrote Ann S. Dunham.

  14. © Bridgette WTPOTUS 2011
    ~~~Yes, it looks like an official memo, except we don’t know if E. Golden was~~~~

    I did find a position as US Immigration Inspector when researching INS,ICE jobs. I would surmise then that E Golden SII would be a SPECIAL
    Immigration Inspector since Special Agent, Special Investigator and Special Prosecutor are commonly used throughout government .
    Don’t know if that helps anything, but I was curious.

  15. Leo’s Blog – Recent WND Inquiries Appear To Have Established Obama’s Birth In Hawaii.
    June 9, 2011

    I don’t know how this slipped below my radar, but back on May 9, 2011, World Net Daily published an investigative report entitled, “Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship“, which – in my opinion – conclusively established that Obama was born in Hawaii. In that report, Aaron Klein revealed official documents stored in US immigration files which chronicle the troubles faced by Obama’s mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, when he petitioned the US Government for a visa extension.

    The WND report correctly notes that US officials expressed an interest in determining whether Soetoro’s step-son, President Obama, was actually a US citizen. The US officials who were handling Soetoro’s Visa extension application made copious notes in the file and the official comments therein illustrate that these officials doubted some of Soetoro’s statements. So, they decided to investigate the relationships listed in his application.

    Those who persist in accusing Obama of not being born in Hawaii do so in light of official government investigations, between 1961 and 1966, which established his birth, to the satisfaction of inquisitive government immigration officials, as having taken place on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.


    He also suggests a different and specific FOIA request for Dunham’s passport information.

    • So Leo seems to believe that the files are accurate? He’s always believed Barry was born in Hawaii and that the issue is his “father’s” citizenship. I say it doesn’t matter where BHO Sr. was because (1) we’re not SURE that’s his father; (2) we’re not SURE SADOS was his mother; (3) we’re not sure HOW OLD SADOS was; (4) we’re not sure WHERE SADOS was at the time of the birth; (5) we’re not sure WHEN Barry was born; (6) we’re not sure WHAT his birth name was; (7) we’re not sure WHERE to even look for the original records because anything that might have been in Kenya or Indonesia, as with Hawaii, has now been disappeared, scrubbed, locked up, etc.

      It would be worthwhile for somebody to make that request for “issuance cards” for SADOS but also for Barry Soetoro, Barry Sutoro, Soebarkah, Barry Dunham, Barry Obama, etc. It certainly pays for him to have so many aliases and also to control the government because it makes it extremely difficult for a citizen researcher to know how to phrase the request, given that this “most transparent” administration likes to play games and parse words.

      If there were “official investigations” into his citizenship in the ’60s, then where are the records in the files? Why were they redacted, if they were? We’ve discussed this issue of how they phrased the question about Lolo and his relationship to the child and the child’s status. One could as well read this as investigators looking for a technicality that would allow Lolo to stay, such as he’s the real biological father even if not named as such on the bc. But technically, the investigation showed that Barry’s technically the stepson–as he would be even if Lolo was biological father if SADOS didn’t name him as the father and if at the time of the birth, they weren’t married. Or, what if, as SADOS’s records seem to state (at one time) she was married to two men at the same time? BHO Sr. divorce not finalized but she married Lolo before that? See the O Timeline for specifics.

      Too much is scrubbed, hidden, redacted, protected. All in order to protect Barry. Since Leo is still blogging, then one wonders why he, being a lawyer, doesn’t just go ahead and make that request himself.

  16. If the records are accurate, and if the wife in the Philippines was SADOS, then SADOS had to have a passport at that time, and maybe Barry was born in the Philippines.

    But if the wife in the Philippines was NOT SADOS, then there’s another wife named Anna who could be the mother of Barry, who perhaps was born in the Philippines.

    Or, if born in Hawaii, then THAT wife Anna could be the “Mrs.” mentioned in the so-called authenticating newspaper birth announcements but then you have another problem: Who is the mother and what was HER citizenship status? Were they legally married?

    WHO IS THIS MAN (Barry Dunham Obama Soetoro Soebarkah Bounel)?

    One can’t have it both ways. One can’t pick and choose facts from the files. Either they’re correct or they’re messed with to protect the guilty.

  17. Not a misspelling, rather two separate spellings for father and son.

    Father is Barak, Son (POTUS) is BaraCk

    Origin is the word Barakah meaning Praises

    Barack Hussein, aka Barakha Al Hussein means “Praises to Al Hussein”, one of Mohammed’s children. There are several huge shrines to Al Hussein in the Arabic world.

  18. Do you think the mainstream media left out some pages? At ORYR...a 188 page file was just published that Ken Allen received as a FOIA request.. This appears to be a combination request with Lolo Soetoro. There were 55 pages released on BHO Sr. Guess we will see what the difference is!

    181 pages??


  19. Reading the FOIA papers on the British Alien again and still see nothing other than a schedule of addresses and the constant change in birth year from 1934/1936 as well as different sources for that $1500 need to eat. Its hard to believe that one could submit incomplete applications time and time again. I find it very interesting that there are no attachments, such as a BC, passport, photographs, etc. With all the notes documenting attached to requests for extensions or permission to work you would think there would be stuff to back it up. The file appears to be contrived to me.

    The two items I find interesting concern the young girl sponsored by the UUA that takes off for London and the apps with the Baltimore address.

    This FOIA file is incomplete and the people making the notes must have contacted friends and associates as someone was supplying the writers with information regarding “playboy ways” and “marital problems”. Where are these notes? The guy was being deported due to something, not just hearsay.

    The FOIA papers serve to prove that Barack H. Obama (sans Sr.) was nothing but a liar, no matter the topic. I wonder if the reference to the wife in the Philippines was a deliberate lie.

    Q. Was Ruth Beatrice Baker a member of the UUA organization in Beacon Hill/ Sudbury MA that sponsored the young girl from Kenya ? Was she a teacher? Volunteer mentor? An employee of a legal firm for the UUA? Is that how she came to know the suave, debonnaire , magnetic African?

    Are the only 2 forms in the FOIA file those having to do with request for extension and permission to work?

    oh, and I still don’t believe Stanley Ann’s child’s dreamy father is that Subject..

  20. oh, we live and we learn.

    Did you know that Uncle Omar lived in Boston in the 60’s? The Dreamy BHO’s brother?


    barky calls him “lost” though.

    • page 21 of the BHO Ken Allen FOIA

      redaction – 36 spaces…

      Was BHO having trouble with his younger stepbrother Omar Onyango Obama (who is also known as Obama Onyango currently)

      Did barky call him “lost” when Zeituini showed up in the newspapers as an illegal immigrant stealing from the American taxpayers? Sarah’s kids sure don’t give a crap about her, do they? Even Kezia Grace her daughter-in- law lives in England.

      — from wiki

      Omar Obama
      Half-uncle of Barack Obama,[126] born on June 3, 1944 in Nyang’oma Kogelo. Oldest son of Onyango and Sarah Obama, resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

      • It fits! Had he since left the country?

        One thing that is certain, a whole raft of these Obamas came to the US. Most lived in or around Boston OR DC, particularly Alexandria, VA, and Greenbelt, MD. I have a lot of the addresses in the O Timeline. Not far from Baltimore, so perhaps Malik did live in Baltimore, too. Sounds as if BHO Sr.’s siblings came to be around him and later a bunch came to hang out around DC once BHO Jr. became “known” to them. Once he either visited them for the first time in Kenya OR once he came over to the US to take the place …

      • Papoose Here is Omar

    • I found this last year some time, while looking for Obamas in magazine and newspaper archives. I saved it, thinking possibly it was BHO Sr. But could it have been Omar?

      A letter to the editor of Ebony magazine, published in 1971.

      • Miri…what a great find! So we have more Obama’s here in the US…I wonder if this Omar is here legally…now that would be a switch! He was here in 1971 and in Cambridge…when did Barky get there to see him?

        • 1971. That’s when BHO Sr. came to visit Barky. Or so the story goes. That’s why I thought perhaps this was BHO Sr., stopping by to visit his friends from Cambridge OR Ruth’s family (or Ruth). Didn’t they divorce in ’71? I figured since his name was Obama and his dad’s Onyango, that maybe he went by what should have been his correct Luo name. Omar’s name SHOULD HAVE BEEN Omar Onyango. Their naming convention is weird. I may have it wrong. But since Omar went by Obama Onyango (or vice versa), then maybe this was Omar. How the heck many Obamas would be in the US? Most of the others, oddly enough, are Japanese.

          • When I was reading census data, they were hard to read and many are really oHama’s not oBama’s from Japan. I found that to be true for newspaper articles too, that the reader would pull up oHamas. Or people would be from Obama, Japan..and there really is such a place, and they were going to erect a statue of this usurper in their town..I wonder if they did it. Perhaps they bought the one that the Indonesians got rid of.

            Obama is one of the locations where Japanese citizens were abducted by agents of the North Korean government on July 7, 1978.

  21. http://kenyauptodate.blogspot.com/2011/04/obama-senior-celebrated-life-fully-but.html


    He came from a poor family near Lake Victoria. Africa’s largest water mass, went to a tin-roofed school with no running water, but still managed to reach the pinnacle of intellectual life at Harvard University in the US, where he received his advanced degree.
    At the university of Miami at Minoa, he was the first African student to be enrolled there for undergraduate studies, and therefore, became the centre of attraction.

  22. The Case Against Barack Obama, Sr.
    November 7, 2011 Snips

    It is widely held that Barack Obama, Sr., goat herder from Kenya, is the father of President Obama. We now know that this contention is probably false. In Obama’s autobiography, Dreams from My Father, he identifies Barack Obama, Sr. as his father. This book has been the primary source of information for all who have written about him.

    The Wedding That Wasn’t

    There is no record that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and Barack Obama, Sr. were ever married. There is no marriage license. There were no witnesses. But we do know from Ann’s registration at the University of Washington that Ann did take Obama’s name, so we must analyze what we know about their relationship.

    Ann supposedly met Obama in a Russian language class, one of two classes that we know Ann took at the University of Hawaii in the fall semester of 1960. The meeting story, however, comes from Dreams and is therefore unreliable. Sally Jacobs, in her book, The Other Barack, makes reference to “Barack Obama’s transcript from the University of Hawaii, Syracuse University, Frank C. Laubach Collection.” The transcript would show us if Obama Sr. took the same Russian class that Ann did. When I requested the same records that Sally Jacobs had seen, Nicole Dittrich, the Reading Room supervisor, informed me that “Obama Sr.’s Hawaii transcript[s are] currently missing from our collection.” [Imagine that!]

    Compounding their geographical separation is the fact that there is no documentary evidence that Ann or Obama Sr. ever drove a car while in Hawaii. David Maraniss in “Into the Story” relates that “...she [Ann] never got a license and did not drive her entire life.” Obama was so poor that it is hard to imagine that he could afford roller skates, let alone a car.


    • That’s interesting about Ann never driving because I recall the bogus backstory that I believe her friend Susan Blake provided when she said that Ann visited her in Seattle with 3-week-old “pink” baby Barry. She said Ann had BORROWED A CAR and driven to see her with the baby. Supposedly, Ann was staying with this other unnamed “friend” in Seattle, while just visiting. Only three weeks after giving birth. When she’s poor. No mention of her being registered for the university the very next month. But she drove to Susan’s house. So the story goes.

      • The HDOH did provide people who asked for “index” data which, depending upon what it means (a license versus an actual marriage), indicates that something took place between them. Leo Donofrio, an attorney, asserts that a court granting a divorce (with a minor child involved) WOULD get evidence of the marriage. So unless the HDOH is lying and the divorce papers are bogus, then it appears that they were married on Maui. BUT was the marriage legal? Firstbrook, the other biographer, says in his book that the US would not recognize a polygamous marriage, and Kenya did recognize his marriage to Kezia as legal.

    • This guy is coming a little late to the analysis of the immigration docs, isn’t he? Ho hum. Nothing new to US!

    • The author analyzes the infamous “dockside” or “tarmac” photo.

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think that’s Stanley Armour Dunham in the photo. I think it IS the guy in the “Ann USA” photo, sitting on the floor to the right of BHO Sr, but I could be wrong. See this link: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2278969/replies?c=495 Those friends of BHO Sr.s’ were all well connected people. In the party picture, taken in Hawaii in 1961 at Arnie and Suzie Nachmanoff’s house at Pearl Harbor): from left to right: Kiri Tith (then Cambodia), Kitaichi (Japan), Marda (USA), Ichiro (Japan), Suzie Nachmanoff (Host, USA; husband Arnie, later an undersecretary of the Treasury), Dave (USA), Kunio (Japan), Bob (USA)[Robert Ruenitz, later a State Dept. official], Rajapakse (Sri Lanka), Barak Obama senior (Kenya), Anne (USA) Another pic:

      Could that young lady standing next to the departing BHO Sr. be the “wife in the Philippines?” She looks Filipina to me.

      btw, the American Thinker article is only the second by that author. In the first, he argued why Barry wasn’t born in Kenya. In this one, he ends by stating that “in all likelihood” Barry IS a NBC, presumably because his mother was a citizen and she got pregnant by another citizen (which he can’t know because he doesn’t know who the father is). He concludes this because, he argues, BHO Sr. wasn’t the father. He goes to great lengths to explain all the discrepancies but ENDS with a conclusion that Barry’s probably a NBC. Based upon WHAT? NOTHING.

  23. dr r …..6/2/12 2:40 pm ANNA not ANN (usa)……(add in lower case www. )
    ( I hate when I mess up also…I look twice and still blow it!!!)

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