Can He Hear Us Now? (Open Thread)

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The Results of  Obamacare?

Is he breathing steam?

The better to hear you, my dear…


How Many Barack Obamas are There?

Note the differences in the shape of the ear, the size of the ear lobe and the ear canal.  These are two photos of BHO.  The scar is also missing on BHO #1, but it is on BHO #2.

Obama ear from photo from 2008 campaign – H/T Free Rep.

Obama's Right Ear

         Why Does He Have Two Sets of Ears? 

Pretty Earrings for Those Fabulous Ears!

Earrings Fit for a Queen!


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  1. Good grief..where would they get the idea to do such a thing? News from Fresno, CA is reported in the UK! No counseling, no penalty? Just sent to another school.

    5th-graders poison teacher’s coffee, cupcake
    ‘You don’t hear the rat poison angle, especially at the elementary school’

    Feb. 27 Snips

    (DAILY MAIL) — Three fifth-grade students have been expelled from their school after allegedly lacing a female teacher’s coffee and cupcake with rat poison. She was saved when one of the students at Balderas Elementary in Fresno, California had a change of heart, knocking the cup off her desk.

    The students – two boys and a girl aged 10 and 11 – have now been placed in new schools, authorities said.

    The teacher, who has not been identified, did not drink the coffee or bite into the cupcake, which allegedly had rat poison in its icing.

    Although the plot took place in December, it only came to light earlier this month when a parent bragged that their child had saved the teacher’s life.The parent told headteacher Tiffany Hill that their child deserved praise for ‘saving the life of [the] teacher’, the Fresno Bee reported.
    [This is one sick mama..saved her life after the kid wanted to poison the teacher?]

    • Freak, mental little creatures. Their new school should be a jail. Psycho behavior so young ? And NOTHING happens…
      Oh, poor confused children. Like the bad seed was confused…scary.

    • Wow. I caught the tail end of that story on TV news but didn’t understand what it was about. That’s something else. How long will it be until the progressives start screaming for gun control, again, what with that school shooting yesterday? But guns are already illegal in schools. If they don’t have guns, they’ll use knives. Or RAT POISON! It’s the perp, not the weapon.

  2. Remember this?

    That’s a pdf of that DHS report about “rightwing extremism” in the USA from back in 2009. Now check this one out:

    “Leftwing extremism” is more benign. In fact, it’s downright “peaceful”. Except it’s not, is it? btw, we have Nobel Prize nominee by proxy Wikileaks to thank for that report on the Poopstockers. h/t to Gateway Pundit, who has this reminder of just how peaceful and benign the Poopstockers are:

    “The #Occupy radicals have put together quite a record of accomplishment since September:

    – 9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
    – 2 murders (Not counting the protester who strangled his parents and stuffed them in a car)
    – Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
    – Multiple Rapes
    – Thousands of arrests
    – Public masturbation
    – Feces
    – Child molestation and baby abuse”

    If you go to his site, there are links to back up every claim.

    • Oh heavens that is an old report. I posted several reports on all that was going on at OWS. A guy at Big Government was keeping track and updating his reports all the time. It is the Dollar amount of their destruction and cost to cities that hasn’t been totaled yet. There are estimates from the towns and cities, but no final reports.

      • Gateway Pundit was pointing out the difference in tone between the two reports. How “rightwingers” are treated as potential terrorists and a threat to the nation while DHS today takes pains to IGNORE the crimes committed by OWS and to call them “peaceful.” I pointed out that the first report was from 2009. The second report, on OWS, is obviously more recent.

        • Speaking of OWS, I wonder how quickly the IRS approved THEIR not-for-profit status? Hmmm? Get your boycotts ready:

          “A group of business leaders—including Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg—are planning to pour substantial funds into the Occupy Wall Street movement in hopes of sustaining the protests and fostering political change.

          Their goal is to provide some ballast to an amorphous movement that captured the world’s attention with nonstop, overnight protests in dozens of cities but has had trouble regaining momentum since most of those encampments were broken up by police in the past few months.

          The latest Occupy supporters call themselves the Movement Resource Group and have raised about $300,000 so far to parcel out in grants to protesters, said Mr. Cohen. Their goal is to raise $1.8 million.

          A little more than two-thirds was donated by the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation and members of the group’s steering committee, which includes Dal Lamagna, founder of the company Tweezerman, entertainment-industry executive Richard Foos and Judy Wicks, founder of the White Dog Café in Philadelphia, along with Messrs. Cohen, Greenfield and Goldberg.

          ‘Many of us have been working for progressive social change,” Mr. Cohen, a prominent supporter of liberal causes, said Monday.’ …

          The group will give grants of as much as $25,000 to protesters across the country after undergoing an application process that begins in March. The group, along with five Occupy activists, will review applications.

          Of the money raised so far, $150,000 will pay for rent and equipment for an office in New York for the national Occupy movement. An additional $100,000 has been set aside for individual project proposals, and a small portion of the money has been set aside to provide stipends for people Mr. Cohen describes as “core activists.””

          AKA PAID OBOTS.

          • So these capitalists who got rich by feeding people poison (fat and sugar, something Michelle Obama despises) are going to support the 99% who claim they hate the 1%, epitomized by Cohen and Greenfield. Go figure.

            Or is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream just another of those treats reserved for the 1%, like Wagyu beef?

          • that’s exactly where I want Ben and Jerry. Let em throw their drippy money to fools. They kinda go together like pistacio and mint.

            • h/t Renee: and here:

              “Kyle Lawrence, a Colorado Springs Occupier, remains in a Denver Hospital burn unit with second degree burns that he received when he was caught on fire during the arson that leveled the Historic Green Mountain Falls Town Hall.

              Former Occupy Spokesperson, Jason Warf says he was shocked after learning that Kyle Lawrence is being linked to the Green Mountain Falls arson. He said, ” Kyle seemed like a good guy. He was frustrated with everything going on in the world. I just never in a million years, imagined him doing anything like this.””

              Gee, this is what a company like Ben and Jerry’s really wants to be associated with, I’m sure. No wonder the first article says the media is trying to keep this story quiet. How unfortunate for them. 🙂


    Another by Gateway Pundit, about how the most transparent administration in US history won’t let We the People know what our government says when it apologizes for burning Korans.

  4. I don’t know if we talked about this, but I saw the allegation on the front page of something the other day and forgot to link it.

    Photoshopped credit card receipt used to falsely smear a “banker”. But the truth doesn’t matter, does it? It’s all in the narrative and this year’s narrative is evil bankers and class warfare.


      It might have behooved HuffPo to WAIT until the restaurant investigated BEFORE they ran the story, smearing the customer whom the receipt belonged to. Oh, but it fit their ideology so well and their pro-communist narrative, complicit with all Barry lovers everywhere. The person actually left a 20% tip for the waitress. The “blogger” who supplied the story originally is now offline. Convenient. Dirty tricks. Planted stories. Anonymous sources. SMEARS everywhere. And the so-called “journalists” have NO SHAME.

  5. Especially for Papoose..since she recently referenced Barry’s signature. A professional analyzes his handwriting.

    Barack Obama, in His Own Hand
    Feb. 28, 2012

    Handwriting analysis may not be everyone’s favorite analytical tool, but millennia of such exterior methods have yielded largely intriguing and historically valid conclusions or observations.

    With reference to the 44th president: if you did not already know of his enormous arrogance and cocksureness, the president’s signature would shake you into that realization.

    His initial “B” and “O” are about six times the size of his following letters, a sign all by itself that his hubris is massive. But his signature also reveals an unusual feature not often seen in regular folk: he encapsulates the “ba” in Obama inside the enormously inflated “O” of his last name. Further, his idealism and egotism are announced by the elongated and extra-tall “b” of Obama. This is a strong indication that he is above all self-protective and unlikely to admit wrongdoing or flaw. He is guarded on all sides by his self-love and imperviousness to exterior assault.

    The straight up-and-down of his letters, absent any slant usual for most people, indicates his astringent and non-emotional aspects — he does not come across as a warm human being, and he cannot be swayed by sentiment, as he has little on show or available

    • would there be anything in that ther signatur to show he’s queer as a three dollar bill? He’s also left handed which typically most left handers I know write very slanted and usually small,so the fact that he writes very “straight” and not ‘slanted’ is proof he’s hiding his real identity…ha, ha, ha.

    • Well, I say if one was going to sign their own birth certificate and their registrar’s name UICH lee they should be careful how one lets those little notable signature signs. Go back ,check it out. (University Illinois chicago Lee). Just thinking out loud again.

      • I’m tallking about the tiny short crooks at the end or beginning of many of his letters. Also the trailing off of the k .People who are familiar with arabic or asian writing connect letters differently and write above and below a standard(like ours) baseline too. Maybe his writing reflects a hint of that. We’ll never know though.

      Please you guys, you have got to read this….go down just a bit to the Hillary Clinton MarC RICH very long story. I know it’s long but every bit must be read. I have been aware of some of this info for some time, the Red China Tungsten deals…and banning the use of lead in weaponry,but didn’t realize it as a Marc Rich/Clinton connection. But just remember who’s pulling the strings are still attached to the old regimes. We see glimpses of it, like the Bushes keep visiting the white house, course Hillary’s still there and tons of others (Rahm E. and others)are still around and so is Marc Rich. Now I get the Wanta connections. But MOST important is the connection they write about here with SYSTEMATICS and the banks headquartered in Little ROCK,Ark…. Come on you guys, there’s at least one major connection to the Obamas and the Clintons and the Bushes and the whole gang………it’s the Goeldners. I mean you can’t get any closer than this. It’s the long story the Goeldners told themselves on several news sites about them coming to see their great nephew Obama …being invited as family guests to his inaugaration……and their long story about Cecil working for Systematics and his travels to set up banks with this system. Obama is just a continuation of this whole evil crowd. And I’ll bet Holder won’t go down unless this crowd is finished with him. Holder’s got ties to all this stuff. I wonder how Boehner fits into this crowd….seeing as how he cries all the time and I have seen sites(whether true or not I don’t know) where he’s been calling for an end to the Holder investigations.

      • Across the hall Alfy…it is there…

        • thankyou renee, but where across the hall? What particularly is across the hall, oh you of short sentences…..(affectionally)

      • Or maybe the Goeldners claim they’re kin to O. just to keep their foot in the door of the whitehouse if need be, so if or when they show up it won’t seem suspicious. Now I see why those russian spies were happily sent back to Russia…..(if you read the stuff I posted). That was a bit of pay back. I think the White Hat stories, the 15 trillion stories while possibly true may be filled with tons of unbelieveable nonsense…so as to cover the real stuff that’s going down….so when real info leaks out about what’s really going down,people will just think it’s more nonsense. I don’t know, I’m just considering it.

  6. Exposé of elected leader creating firestorm!
    Feb. 28 Snips

    Word that a devastating exposé on Barack Obama’s Kenyan colleague, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, written by a former top aide might be published before elections this year is rocking the East African nation. Nairobi’s Daily Nation newspaper published a report over the weekend that berated WND senior writer and author Jerome Corsi, who is working with the book’s author, Odinga critic Miguna Miguna.

    “Mr. Corsi is the author of the scurrilous right-wing treatise, ‘The Obama Nation’,” the Daily Nation report trumpeted. “He has made a career of feeding American racist and right-wing propaganda about President Barrack (sic) Obama and his Kenyan links.”

    Miguna handed over to Corsi an 800-page manuscript of his book. It was scheduled to be published in Kenya this year until Miguna was told by his publisher that it would be delayed until 2013, after Odinga stands for election this year. Corsi said the delay appeared to be “government censorship.”

    The links between Obama and Odinga stretch back years. Obama, a fellow Luo tribe member, campaigned for Odinga in 2006 while Obama still was a U.S. senator. Obama helped Odinga into office in Kenya after the 2007 election, even though Odinga lost, in a power-sharing agreement to stop deadly rioting by Odinga’s followers. Hundreds of Christians were killed in the attacks on rioting Muslim crowds. [Ethics violation for Obama – still not investigated – violation of The Logan Act !]

    Odinga, a self-proclaimed communist, received his college education in East Germany and named his first-born son Fidel after the Cuban dictator.
    ….the book contains dozens of anecdotes of Odinga’s alleged transactions, from immoral sexual exploits, to corruption involving outright theft of millions of dollars in government funds, to accusations that Odinga is over his head in trying to rule a nation as politically complicated as Kenya.” [He has said that he is Obama’s cousin too. Birds of a family! So much in common.]

    Corsi, who was deported from Kenya in 2008 while investigating Obama’s Kenyan roots, said he believes that Odinga worries his chances of being elected president are harmed if the book is published before the vote.

    • We also talked about this at that link. WND had an earlier story about it. So it seems their media is as complicit as ours. And like our DHS, they consider “rightwingers” to be dangerous racists.

      Oh, is it a “sic” to “misspell” his name as Barrack? Perhaps not.

      I wonder if these Kenyans at the Daily Nation consider murdering Christians in their churches to be “right-wing” or “left-wing”?

      Racism–bad. Religious genocide–good? The amazing revelation was that Obama and CONDI RICE helped rig up that position in the Kenyan government for Odinga, after he LOST the election and fomented riots.

      What a surprise that they’re censoring the book until after the election! There are so many parallels here, with some recent news:

      How McCain pulled a “Nixon” and let Barry have the 2008 election, despite vote fraud, because he feared riots and thought it best “for the country” to just back off. And how he muzzled Sarah Palin. As usual, it takes the UK media to bring us these TRUTHS.
      “People who are concerned about the spread of Muslim sharia law into American jurisprudence used to be dismissed as alarmists. That won’t happen again for a while, thanks to a Pennsylvania judge who just dismissed assault charges against a Muslim who was videotaped attacking a man dressed as “Zombie Muhammad” during a Halloween parade.

      The judge, who is a Muslim, didn’t even care to see the videotape, because the assault was entirely justified under sharia law, so the First Amendment doesn’t apply. In fact, the beaten Zombie Muhammad should just be thankful he wasn’t killed, because that’s what would have happened in a Muslim country.”

      Related to censorship: The IRS is allegedly harassing “rightwing” entities like the liberty groups or the tea party groups when they apply for 501(c)(4) status (unlike how they treat groups like the MANY SOROS-funded groups like Media Matters.)

      “This is only a few of what possibly may be eighty liberty groups that have been targeted. Even though they and many of these groups had filed for not-for-profit status at various times (over the last three years) all have received IRS inquires and responses in just the last few months.

      The administration is clearly targeting Tea Parties, 9/12 groups, and other Liberty organizations. They are and will take away your rights under the first and forth amendments in regards to free speech and privacy. The administration is actively working to regulate out of existence groups like ours and shutting down political opposition. First they came for the liberty groups, next they come for churches, and then your freedoms. If we do not hang together we will hang separately. WE MUST STAND UP, STAND TOGETHER, AND TAKE ACTION.”

      My guess is this is their targeted response to the ruling from SCOTUS that they HATE–the one that says these groups of citizens have free speech rights. That’s the ruling that Obama ridiculed the SCOTUS judges to their faces about at the SOTU speech:

      As usual, since the law isn’t on his side and the courts ruled against him, he chooses to use what powers he does have, in an unethical manner, to IMPOSE HIS WILL DESPITE THE COURTS AND CONGRESS. That says at least one candidate is standing up and asking Issa to investigate this abuse of power.

      • I read this morning somewhere that the judge and his staff have gone into hiding, changed offices, increased security since his ruling where he sided with the Muslim. The man wearing the costume was dressed down by the judge yet he was the one attacked by the Muslim. The costume wearer has received over 400 threats to his life and family from “peace loving” Muslims here in the U.S. Apparently “we” should know better and cow tow to the Muslim faith and not write about them, draw cartoons, touch their holy book, or portray them as anything but peaceful.

        • He should be relieved of duty. That’s the most outrageous ruling ever. Obviously, the man doesn’t follow OUR LAWS but instead his own personal beliefs.

        • Expose Shariah, get threatened …
          Zombie Muhammad attack victim documents 471 warnings

          Feb. 29

          According to the interview, also posted at American Thinker, Pamela Geller wrote the case proves the need for anti-Shariah legislation, or laws that would protect America from Muslims who want to impose their religious law on the rest of society.

          She noted that the judge now apparently is denying that he is Muslim.

          “Ultimately, it is irrelevant if the judge is or isn’t a Muslim. What is germane is his Shariah ruling, which is worse if he’s not a Muslim. In Islam, Shariah supersedes all man-made laws. It is the law of Allah, so one might understand (though not condone) a Muslim judge defaulting to Shariah. But an American judge admonishing an infidel victim while holding up the Quran is shocking. You hear the Quran slam down in the audio of the court proceeding. ”

          She also reported on a dispute between the victim and the judge over a recording of the court incident. The court has instructed Perce to destroy his copy because the judge is saying he never gave permission for the recording, the report said.

          Perce also told Geller he talked to the judge about the video, and the judge threatened to hold him in contempt for revealing what the judge said.


    The global media (outside the US) has literally exploded with news about the largest seizure of counterfeit bonds in history — six trillion dollars.

  8. Snow to Go! One RINO gone! Will her RINO partner join her and leave too?
    Sen. Snowe of Maine not seeking re-election

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Republican Olympia Snowe of Maine is taking jab at political extremes in announcing her decision to leave the U.S. Senate, saying she’s frustrated by “my-way-or-the-highway” ideologies. It’s a concern she’s voiced for years. She said in April 2009 while discussing being one of a shrinking number of Senate [RINO] Republicans that it’s not healthy having parties with “polar opposite views without that bridge that you need to build consensus.” [She was a bridge…to the democrats!]

    When U.S. Senator Arlen Spector defected to the Democrats later that month, she said the GOP tent was becoming too small and that Republicans needed to shift to the middle to “become a majority party in the future.” [Yeah, that movin’ to the middle has worked out really well!]
    Snowe served 33 years in Congress including three terms in the Senate. Her departure, announced Tuesday, gives Democrats new hope of taking her seat.

    • Bombshell: Olympia Snowe to retire; Update: The plot thickens
      Feb. 28

      Update: Via Slublog, this blogger at the Bangor Daily News says something’s suspicious here: “There is very obviously something going on here behind the scenes, since Senator Snowe was so aggressively campaigning for re-election, and in full campaign mode for the last year. Decisions like this – being so very much running (and winning) to very much not – do not happen this abruptly in politics. Ever.”

      More, from a separate post: “I am told her own staff was unaware of this decision until just hours before the statement went out – just long enough to actually work on the release and send it out.”

  9. $750,000 soccer field for Gitmo detainees
    2/28/2012 Snips

    Guantanamo detainees need their soccer, apparently.

    The U.S. military is putting the finishing touches on a new soccer field for detainees at Camp 6 in Guantanamo Bay.The project has set taxpayers back $750,000, the Fox News Channel reported Tuesday.

    The field is reportedly half the size of a standard American football field and has been constructed so that detainees can have “maximum access” to it — about 20 hours a day — including secure passage to the field without a guard escort.

    According to a Fox Guantanamo source, outdoor activity helps to “reduce behavioral problems” and limits the interaction between guards and prisoners.

    • How great is this..The guys at Gitmo get a brand spankin’ new soccer field to call their own! All at taxpayer expense. Aren’t we glad that they can exercise, have food to their liking, and all the comforts they never had at home! Gives them something to write home about on their new computers they got the last go around. How does one spell ENEMY? or PRISONER? Who approved this expenditure to give the terrorists a soccer field? Was it one of those gems hidden in Obamacare or the Stimulus? Don’t we hope their behavior improves! Recall that the barbarians throw feces at guards. How to stop that. Throw it back! That wouldn’t cost 3/4 of a million dollars!

    • Don’t they need an olympic sized pool and hot tub too ? Room service ?

  10. Obama, Iran in secret nuclear deal
    Published: 3:35 PM 02/27/2012

    My sources inside Iran tell me that President Obama, seeking to protect the recovering U.S. economy and bolster his chances of being re-elected in November, apparently has entered into an informal agreement with Iran that he believes will defuse the nuclear weapons crisis and keep Israel from attacking the Islamic regime.

    The agreement calls for the United States to acknowledge that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons, and for Iran to hand over its highly enriched uranium, which is necessary for nuclear weaponization.
    [Israel will be happy to know that Obama lies to them! But I think they already know.]
    Iran, for its part, though engaging Obama, has no intention of abiding by the agreement and is stepping up its nuclear enrichment program clandestinely, even as it prepares for a war it believes it can win.

    When Obama took office in 2009, he threw out the Bush administration’s aggressive posture in negotiating with Iran and instead sought a new approach, one of diplomacy and friendship. He had a golden opportunity to support millions of Iranians who took to the streets over Iran’s fraudulent elections that June, but instead turned his back on freedom and democracy while believing that negotiations with the Islamic regime would yield results.

    • I find this report very concerning. If you will remember prior to the election in 2008, Obama held “secret” meetings with the Iraqi’s and asked them not to work with the Bush administration about ending our involvement there. He promised them he would handle it when he was elected. This was in violation of the Logan Act again and this information was sent to the Ethics Committee (Diane Feinstein, Chairman) and they have done nothing to investigate it. (Other violation..Odinga, Kenya)

      Now he is using the same ploy with our arch enemy Iran, as if any of his attempts to have them “unclench their fists” have worked so far! Obama was also having secret meetings with the Taliban until that information was leaked a few months ago. Lots of “secrets” with our enemies!

      • This was likely in response to speculation that Barry will meet his Waterloo over this Iranian crisis. He’s already cleverly defused the pipeline debacle by caving to his union thug friends and pushing for the completion of the OK to the Gulf leg of the Keystone pipeline. They’re going ahead and building that small part, even though the part that crosses the border into Canada was disapproved by Barry. However, his peeps in the unions WANTED THOSE JOPSSS. So they’ll build a pipeline to nowhere, basically. WSJ said that Keystone should just go ahead and call his bluff–build the entire pipeline as planned but for the tiny part that crosses the border.

        This explains those stories recently everywhere about how “experts” in the “intelligence” agencies don’t believe that Iran is really building a bomb. No, in this instance, they seem to recognize taqiyya and think the Iranians are bluffing.

        It’s probably all lies. They are getting everything in place so that they can very quickly put the pieces together and make that bomb. But technically, they can claim that’s not what they’re building.

        To Barry, hanging onto his personal power is far more important than the safety of anyone, especially Israelis and Americans.

  11. Another questionable move by the Obama “campaign”–using a taxpayer-paid-for photograph, taken in the WH, for campaign ads and to make money.

  12. The Return of Phillip Berg! Oh my gosh, Berg and Kreep together!
    USJF And Philip Berg File Obama Eligibility Case In Pennsylvania
    [CMR Kerchner and Apuzzo also have a challenge in PA – in fact tomorrow]
    February 29, 2012

    The latest state to hear arguments challenging President Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be on its 2012 Presidential ballot is Pennsylvania.

    Last week, Attorney Philip J. Berg officially challenged the nomination petition of Obama. A lifetime resident of the state of Pennsylvania, Mr. Berg was born and raised in the city and county of Philadelphia. Interestingly enough, he is a registered Democrat. It is important to remember that questions regarding Obama’s eligibility were first asked by supporters of the current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, when she was running for the Democratic presidential nomination four years ago.

    The United States Justice Foundation (USJF) is funding this project, and USJF Executive Director Gary Kreep will be co-counsel in this case.

    • More sullying of the waters? Berg is a DemocRAT. He’s arguing that Barry was BORN IN KENYA. Back to the original obfuscation that lets them label and ridicule people as “birthers”. Distraction and deflection? Games? You be the judge. Well, he did try to include all Barry’s aka’s, except he forgot BaRRack. He offers no proof of his allegation that Barry was born in Mombasa, other than the statement of Granny Sarah. Well, more power to him. The more the merrier, I suppose, other than what I said above about reviving the “born in Kenya” angle (with no new evidence).

    • Only thing good about this is that there are different kinds of ballot challenges and lawsuits occurring all over the country. It is keeping lots of Obama attorneys busy, and one is bound to screw up. May it be sooner rather than later.

  13. Pill..

    I forgot to point it out when I saw it..yet I know I told someone…your I-9 information re Obama was mentioned in something that I read in the last few days. I just can’t remember where.

    “Secondly, the rule of law requires compliance with not only the Constitution but also the Immigration Reform and Control Act that was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986. That law requires that:

    All employees, citizens and non-citizens, hired after November 6, 1986 and working in the United States must complete a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.”

    Found it…it was Pamela Barnett who used the information in her book… Pamela authored the book, Never Vetted, Unlawful President, The Loophole in Our Democracy, which proves Obama was never vetted because it was not a requirement: no background investigation, no federal I-9 form signed, no certified birth certificate. She was one of Orly’s clients, so I wonder if this information was also in that lawsuit and not just in her book. Did she attribute that information to Pill at WTPOTUS? You might drop her a note and ask.

    • I am not as interested in attribution as I am in resolution… I want members of Congress to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, specifically Article II Section 1 & Amendment 20 Section 3. Anything that furthers that goal is OK with me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who realizes that no one is exempt from the requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act that was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986.

  14. In light of Barry pandering to the autoworkers recently, how he’s touting the comeback of the US auto industry (despite those evil Republicans and taxpayers who didn’t want to BAIL OUT THE UAW), and how Barry says the autoworkers made sacrifices, too, here’s a story for you:

    General Motors is likely to spend more than $500 million on employee bonuses and profit sharing based on the company’s performance last year.

    GM, which made a record profit in 2011, will pay bonuses of at least $182 million to white-collar workers such as engineers, car designers and managers today, according to a formula obtained by The Associated Press. That’s on top of $332.5 million in profit sharing it already agreed to pay factory workers. … [I]t’s likely the average bonus for salaried employees will be more than the $7,000 each of GM’s 47,500 factory workers will get in March.

    The U.S. spent nearly $50 billion to save GM three years ago. … So far it has recouped more than $22 billion.

    Taxpayers still own 500 million shares of GM.”

    They OWE THE US TAXPAYERS AT LEAST $27 BILLION BUT THEY’RE GIVING THESE WORKERS WHO SHOULD BE GRATEFUL TO HAVE JOPSS IN THIS ECONOMY MORE THAN $7000 EACH! There are working poor who are lucky to net $7000 in a year. This is $7000 ON TOP of their ALREADY HIGH WAGES. Far more than MOST “factory workers” make. And yet, Obama tells us that they’ve sacrificed.

    • My memory is faulty, but somehow I remember reading in the last few months that Obama and Company have “forgiven” some of the debt owed to the taxpayers..part of that $28 billion that is still owed.


    Consider the parallels.

    “A British man suspected of pulling off a $1.5 million heist in England nearly 20 years ago was indicted Tuesday on identity theft and other charges in Missouri, where he was captured earlier this month.

    A federal grand jury in Springfield indicted Edward J. Maher, 56, of Ozark, on one count each of aggravated identity theft, document fraud and being an illegal alien with a firearm. The indictment replaced a federal criminal complaint filed Feb. 9 that charged Maher with a single count of being an illegal alien with a firearm, Beth Phillips, U.S. attorney for the Western District of Missouri, said in a statement. … According to the indictment, Maher used a Social Security card that was not issued to him in May 2010, and in October 2011, he used another means of identification that wasn’t his.”

    • What perfect timing for such a story! Is this happening in Claire’s backyard?

      • Yep. And guess what? She must be on the ropes, too, because she’s already running ads trying to scare old folks. She says her Republican opponent (not yet selected!) wants to “end Medicare as we know it.” Only problem is that Claire herself cast the deciding vote FOR Obamacare which WILL end Medicare as we know it. Already, Barry’s new regulations remove the ability of Medicare patients from being able to insist on seeing a doctor–they might have to make do with a nurse practitioner.

        • So Claire is running against a talking phantom! Now that is really desperate!

          I thought the deciding vote was cast by the Michigan guy – Rep. Bart Stupak – who quickly “retired” after his vote.

          • There’s a group running a radio ad against her that says she cast “the” deciding vote. It’s poetic license, seeing as how the vote was 60 to 39 in the Senate. She cast “a” deciding vote.

  16. Tracy Fair, filed a ballot challenge in Maryland. Better known as blogger, kenyanbornobamacorn. [This URL was posted by one of the Fogblow associates.]

    Below are Snips from the lawsuit- and I did not type them verbatim.

    Fair v Obama

    Obama is “hereby summoned to file a written response by
    pleading or motion, within 90 days after service of this summons
    upon you, in this Court, to the attached complaint filed by Tracy

    Failure to file a response within the time allowed may result in a
    judgment by default to the granting of the relief sought against
    you. Personal attendance in court on the day named is NOT

    Date issued January 26, 2012

    1. BHO not qualified to be on the Maryland ballot because he does not meet the NBC requirement of the Constitution.

    2. BHO “is using an alias where there is no proof his name was ever changed from Barry Soetoro back to the current Barack Hussein Obama II.”

    3. BHO using SS# from CT, and the number when entered into E-verify, “it comes back as unable to verify.”

    4. Kenyan Parliament – BHO is a “Son of the Soil of that Country and that he is not a native American” Kenyan Ambassador to US on record claiming that, “Obama’s birthplace over in Kenya, is a well known attraction.”

    5. BHO admitted that “he was a dual citizen at birth because his father was a British subject…..”

    6. BHO “posted what was to be a certified copy of his Hawaiian long form birth certificate, however this document has been labeled a forgery, by a number of experts in the field.”

    7. BHO “misapprehends the nature of the states authority, by asserting they have no jurisdiction in removing ineligible candidates from the ballot. Mr. Obama that Congress has the sole responsibility, to decide who should be placed on the ballot, not the states.” [Last sentence doesn’t make sense]

    • The more the merrier! Critical mass to be reached at some point, one hopes.

    • Why are people stuck on the SS# being from CT instead of saying it was issued to someone else? That makes it stolen; being from CT supports the main point: it is someone else’s number. This has perplexed me from the very first day it came out. Social Security Admin site used to support the fact that it was another’s number and yet the focus is always, “He uses a SS# from CT” Thanks.

      • I think we know it was stolen and there are multiple numbers that he uses/used. Those came out by Susan Daniels, the Scotland Yard guy, and Obama Hustle.

        Identity theft, stolen social security numbers, selective service forgery, real estate fraud – all felonies. The unknown guy squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a conman and a criminal.

        He is being protected but by whom? Who is the top person/people or organization calling the shots?

        Who has the power of the media, agencies, blogasphere, and financial world (economy) in his hands?

        • bogus. and we knew from day one.

          Thank you, Evelyn Pringle, Citizen WElls, and RW/RBO.

          and Red Pill.

        • I’m still reading that article posted this morning by tdr:

          Now here’s evidence that the Edith Coates bc is bogus. I found one of my old comments where I talked about the keypunch codes. Daily Pen, however, says only even-numbered birth certificates got coded for stats. But Edith’s doesn’t have codes and hers is an even-numbered bc! Wheels within wheels.

          • “Typically, they are not found on an original certificate which was prepared by an attending medical authority present at the live birth event because the medical personnel do not report natal statistics, the state registrar’s office does.

            Therefore, an official copy of the hospital version of this same document in coordination with the code file tape created by the National Vital Statistics office will confirm whether the birth information is accurate between the four agencies who processed it, including the local registrar office, the state registrar, the hospital and the U.S. Vital Statistics office in the appropriate reporting region. All should have copies of this record.”

            Now that’s interesting. Maybe Edith’s BC is a copy of the HOSPITAL version. This expert says that four agencies should have copies of each bc!

            • “Beginning in 1960, punch cards were hand-fed into a scan machine and the resulting data was then stored on a magnetic tape reel by the NCHS.”

              Since his birth was coded, it should be on that tape.

              “Based on this, it is conclusive that Obama’s certificate number is either fraudulently assigned by forgers, or it was changed to an odd number after the original contents of the document were entered in order to prevent inquiries into Obama’s record file tape. Under either circumstance, information about Obama’s birth is being intentionally obscured in order to hide his actual natal history and the negative impact it would have on his eligibility to be president.

              It is our recommendation that the identity of this individual, including his natal history, as well as all major forms of primary identification including social security number, education records, licenses and travel records be formally and thoroughly investigated.”

        • We all know SS stolen, etc., but when it is talked about around the forums and even on opposing view blogs, it is always we challenge it because it is from CT and then go into speech about how each first numbers refer to location and Obama never lived in CT. People don’t absorb that. Not concrete enough to see, actually. First and foremost should be He is using someone else’s social security number. It is so simple. Oh well. I must be missing something.

          As to your last question. Does his name start with an “s”?

          Great site, by the way.

  17. So I’m watching that video from Western Journalism that I linked on the new Sheriff Arpaio thread and I notice something odd. Do ears get inherited? Check out FMD’s ears. Very large earholes. Same hairline. Lips larger, but similar.

    • Miri, after seeing this look again at that the pic of the brothers very young.

    • Forgive my ignorance; who is in the bottom photo?

      • Same guy in both. Hard to believe, huh? Frank Marshall Davis, Barry’s communist mentor.

        • OMG. That IS Frank Marshall? What the ?? happened to him? Is he still alive even? Perversion does that to a person, I suppose.

          • Frank Marshall Davis and Stanley Armour Dunham were hoBOs and fellow travelers from the get go. Stan never saw a train track delivering furniture that he didn’t want to ride.

            his wife worked for boeing, his kid was born in Leavenworth, and he was as slick as they come. He;s buried in Punchbowl and his wife the banktress is scattered. she died of a broken hip that she was recovering from. we remember.

    • Miri, that was for you. and I am so touched to see the link everywhere you go.

      historical. we are western journalists and pundits and American humorists.

      did you notice the first frame? a cig but no mole?

  18. NY – Van Allen ballot complaint denied on Standing, Service
    Feb. 29

    So, they’re [NY State Board of Elections] saying that it’s party decision and only Democrats have a right to object to an an ineligible Dem primary candidate for President. They’re also suggesting that the general election is only for delegates to the Electoral College, meaning that the fight might be there and only after the election. Messy. And stupid. It is obvious that the delegates would be called on to vote for an ineligible candidate. It would be stupid to let things go that far before correcting them. Almost doubtlessly, they would then try to tell us it is too late.

    It may require a popular outcry- even uprising, to make the politicos carry out our will. Commissioners of the NYS Board of Elections– you are morons- and dishonest ones, at that.
    See Decision –

  19. Just now working on JONES name and NeSMITH…ohhhkayyy…

  20. Did you hear that Davy Jones of the Monkees has died of a heart attack at age 66?


    • “Andrew Breitbart’s Death Reported
      By Adam Martin | The Atlantic Wire – 20 mins ago….

      Andrew Breitbart’s news sites Big Journalism and Big Government, are reporting the death of their founder shortly after midnight in Los Angeles. “Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles,” his sites report. Breitbart would be 43 this year. Asked to confirm the news, Joel Pollak, editor-in-chief of, told The Atlantic Wire by email, “I can’t tell you more than I have already, unfortunately. We’ll know more later.” Ben Howe, a Breitbart colleague, tweets that he has “personal confirmation” the news is legitimate and not a hoax as some on Twitter had initially suspected. “”

    • Here is another report. There has got to be more to this.


      In a brief post, the site said he died at age 43 of natural causes.

      His death was confirmed to by the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office.

      According to the Associated Press, Breitbart was walking near his house in the Brentwood neighborhood shortly after midnight Thursday when he collapsed, his father-in-law Orson Bean said.
      Someone saw him fall and called paramedics, who tried to revive him. They rushed him to the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center, Bean said.
      Breitbart had suffered heart problems a year earlier, but Bean said he could not pinpoint what happened.
      “I don’t know what to say. It’s devastating,” Bean told The Associated Press. He is survived by his wife Susannah Bean Breitbart, 41, and four children.

      • Breitbart was walking near his house in the Brentwood neighborhood shortly after midnight …..

      • Hummmmm…………..

        This sounds eerly similar to what happened to Tim Russert. Natural?????

        Breitbart had suffered heart problems a year earlier, but Bean said he could not pinpoint what happened.

  22. I heard Pollak (sp?) a guy from his company on the radio. The host initially said something decrying “conspiracy theories.” After Andrew’s friend spoke, saying just what they already said, basically, the host said he didn’t even know why Pollak was on the show. Why he came on so quickly to speak. This sounds very strange to me.

    • Andrew said he had vid of O college years……

      • OH! TY. I totally forgot about that. What happens now with that video? OMG. Frightening.

      • This is so unbelievably sad. We lost a giant today. I have no words . . . It’s devastating. . . a happy warrior. We should all strive to emulate him.

        The first thing I thought was he staged it, then I thought no it’s real and has something to do with those videos that he has of Obama which he hasn’t released. But, I’m sure he wasn’t the only one who knows where they are. It’s not like they disappear with him, but maybe they hope it might scare whoever else has access into not releasing them . . . or maybe God just called him home at the appointed time. It’s just such a loss.

        I pray for his family and for his cause, which is ours also, and that all are inspired to pick up the torch of this fallen light.

        administrators: please put up an in memorium thread for him. He deserves it


    Latest Wikileaks dump shows Dems effort to throw 2008 election

    February 27, 2012

    From Wikileaks: “1) The black Dems were caught stuffing the ballot boxes in Philly and Ohio as reported the night of the election and Sen. McCain chose not to fight. The matter is not dead inside the party. It now becomes a matter of sequence now as to how and when to “out”.

    2) It appears the Dems “made a donation” to Rev. Jesse (no, they would never do that!) to keep his yap shut after his diatribe about the Jews and Israel. A little bird told me it was a “nice six-figure donation“. This also becomes a matter of how and when to out.

    3) The hunt is on for the sleezy Russian money into O-mans coffers. A smoking gun has already been found. Will get more on this when the time is right. My source was too giddy to continue. Can you say Clinton and ChiCom funny money? This also becomes a matter of how and when to out. A Stratfor internal memo. The previously examined memo said,

    “After discussions with his inner circle, which explains the delay in his speech, McCain decided not to pursue the voter fraud in PA and Ohio, despite his staff’s desire to make it an issue. He said no. Staff felt they could get a federal injunction to stop the process. McCain felt the crowds assembled in support of Obama and such would be detrimental to our country and it would do our nation no good for this to drag out like last go around, coupled with the possibility of domestic violence.

    My guy said many were shocked, but after reflecting upon his decision, thought he put the country first. “


    From Ulsterman. Another good one about the “heavy” hand of government, as wielded by MO of the large tush.

    • What? No Ben and Jerry’s on the menu?

    • Also from Ulsterman….

      Stunned. Saddened. This hits far closer to home than I would care to share at this time. “We got work to do.” God Speed Andrew. -UM

      • Recently he bought a dinner at a charity function at the home of Bill Ayers… He gave an account of it on radio on how all these leftist professors were there intentionally.

  25. Post is up to share news about Andrew. Conversations have been moved to that thread.

  26. More bad news.

    CMR Kerchner’s Ballot Challenge in PA was Dismissed this morning. This is being reported by Dr. Con’s site (of course, they would be first to report being the Left’s ambulance chaser for all things related to the Right’s claims that Obama is ineligible). Do they send an obot to report at all challenges?

    • Dismissed? I scanned Dr. Con’s this morning, after hearing about Breitbart and I saw that he said the judge denied Apuzzo entering the case.

    • No, they probably get advance notice of the disposition of ALL such cases direct from the court employees, like they got inside dope on SCOTUS cases. Corrupt. Unethical. That’s says all.

    • Kerchner & Laudenslager v Obama PA Ballot Challenge Dismissed on Jurisdictional Grounds

      Without reaching the merits of the challenge, Pennsylvania Judge Keith B. Quigley dismissed the ballot challenge lodged against Barack Hussein Obama II by Charles Kerchner and fellow Pennsylvanian Dale Laudenslager.

      The Candidate’s Affidavit in PA is routinely signed under oath stating the candidate is eligible for the office they seek. Candidate Barack Obama did not sign under oath the Candidate’s Affidavit which states that he was eligible for the office he is seeking. He did not even sign it at all. The top half was filled out by a lawyer on his behalf and the bottom part with the signatures was left blank. See copy here. It was subsequently learned that a Pennsylvania statute provides an exception for presidential candidates that they do not have to complete the Candidate Affidavit, and Obama availed himself of that exception. Hmmh, I wonder why.

      Other presidential candidates such as Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum signed the sworn affidavit stating they were eligible for the office they seek. But since Obama did not sign his, and under PA law he did not have to, it gave Obama an escape hatch in that Obama was not claiming to PA that he was eligible for the office he seeks and thus the court said it did not have any jurisdiction over his eligibility and dismissed the case.

      The court refused to hear any arguments from the objectors’ attorney, Karen L. Kiefer, that Obama has not proven to any controlling legal authority his exact citizenship status or true legal identity. The court ruled that it is not their jurisdiction to determine candidate eligibility and legal identity for presidents and dismissed the case. So once again we see that no one in the entire USA is willing to assume the responsibility for vetting presidential candidates and thus a fraud like Obama gets away with his criminal identity fraud and as a result of the PA challenge being dismissed, he will thus get another crack in PA to continue his usurpation of the Oval Office and ignoring of the U.S. Constitution, Article II Section 1.

      CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  27. In a masterful exhibition of his economic expertise, Obama today proposed getting rid of subsidies for oil and gas. Now THAT should bring down gas prices at the pump. Tax them more and they’ll pass it on to whom? We the People. Way to go, communist. Next up–nationalize them.

  28. we heard you rigged the proceedings in PA today.

    hehn? Mario is frivolous, therefore, go GY. oh, so judicial.

    and what law was cited that a case is dismissed over the defendant’s lawyers objections? do tell. or I am missing something?

    Saluting Commander Kerchner. Thank You, Sir.

    we dealt with, it could be embarrassing to it could be vexatious to it is frivolous.

    Treason. Abusive. with Malice and by Design.

  29. where’s the Birth Certificate, Soebarky?

    Ruth, where the hell is it?

  30. alfy, you were once going to tell us, if we guessed.


  31. Are the pics of the event, at this link, really the same guy? Same as in the video?

  32. where’s Chesa Boudin Ayres? by Comrade side?

    or did he return to the Homeland for further education and instruction?

    Chesa should replace Chavez. that would be so cool.

    yo Bill, where’s your kid, the Rhodes Scholar these days?

    pinko punk. how was dinner with Andrew? did you get a bird’s eye view?

    • What did Andrew eat at that dinner with Ayers? Or drink? I feel awful speculating, but there it is. It’s far too coincidental. I’m praying he pulled a Starfelt. What did he refer to when he said “Wait ’til they see what happens March 1st?” Why DID they say “natural causes” before any cause was determined? Why does that story say the hospital has no record of him?

    This is an excellent article documenting the 10 reasons why Kevin Jackson of the Black Sphere believes Barry is running scared. Here’s his website, although he writes at the American Thinker. I hear Kevin regularly on radio and he’s dynamite. He has some great articles and books out, too.

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