Obama Mystery Theater: His Ever-Morphing Face (updated)

1979, graduation from Punahou High in Hawaii:Wide, open-lipped smile.  Good teeth. Slim lips. Below is another from the very same day:

Below, at Occidental, circa 1980:  Smiles with his lips closed, sometimes.  A wide nose and a slimmer nose.  Slim lips and fuller lips.



He looks younger than he did at his high school graduation.  Effect of marijuana? Below, during his first trip to Africa, after his father’s death, 1982/3:Smiles with his lips closed.  Again, he looks younger than he did at high school graduation.  Below is supposed to be the same trip. 

This is the infamous pasted-on head photo with Granny Sarah: 

 How can he look so much older than he did in the photo above, when it’s supposed to be the same trip?  Note the clothing.

Below, at Columbia, circa 1982, so around the same time as the two photos above: 

Here he keeps his lips closed, and has a narrow nose.  Below is supposed to be in NYC, the same timeframe.  Smiling wide with straight teeth and there’s that wider nose again.

1987 (allegedly):My how Granny has aged.  Smiling with those tightly closed lips again. Downturned nose.  A dimple? 

Updated 11/29/11: Now below is another (h/t tdr) supposedly from that same visit to Kenya, circa 1987. Barry with half-brothers Samson Nyandega (aka Abo) on left and Bernard on right:

Compare his face to the face in the man in the previous photo. Same person? Same summer?  Is it likely? (Who was cropped out on the far left?  David?)

Update 11/30/2011: by request, for Kathy, the full image:

Some of the same individuals, wearing the same clothing, from a 2007 Sun Times article that gave no date for the photo:

Front row: Auma Rita (Kezia’s daughter), Kezia, Sarah, unknown; back row: Said (son of Sarah), Barry, Malik, probably Malik’s American wife, Samson (Abo), Bernard.  Wikipedia identifies woman on far right in front row as Zeituni, but it’s not Zeituni. It may be Auma Marie, Obama’s first cousin.  More photos here for comparison.

In 1991:Open lips, looks older.  This comes from a recently released video that is supposed to be from 1991–Obama at the Harvard Law Review, speaking for Black History Month on TBS.  Below, the same timeframe, while at Harvard Law, circa 1991:

Directly above is from a newspaper story that was PUBLISHED when he was at Harvard.  There are those straight teeth and the wide nose, again.

His wedding, Oct. 1992:

Straight teeth, not such a wide nose.  Now it gets interesting.  From 1995, after the release of his book, Dreams From My Father:Isn’t that curious?  Now he looks younger than he did in the 1991 video.  His teeth are anything but straight and even, and he’s got a widow’s peak. His nose is wider than at his wedding. Below, 1996, according to Ulsterman:


Back to smiling with closed lips.  Look at that odd hairline and wide, downturned nose. He looks more like that person in the 1987 photo with Granny Sarah.  Did he get a “Marcel“?

May 1998:

This post came about because of the recently released 1991 video that looks like one of those videos of talking babies, where a moving mouth is cloned onto the baby’s face.  Click the image below for a larger side-by-side comparison. 

If the 1991 video (the image on the right) is legitimate, how can it be that four years later (the image on the left), he looks younger, his teeth are uneven, and his hairline is different?

We have another post of Obama “mug shots”.  What are we dealing with here?  Obviously, even to an amateur, some of these photos and videos have been modified.  Is it because we’re dealing with a vain person who once had bad teeth and so made sure that his smile was “corrected” on all early photos? 

What’s the solution to this mystery?

Update 12/06/11:  Hayden, one of our new commenters, provided these photos; click to enlarge:

Hayden explains:

The mysterious disappearing wedding ring. Compare Obama’s left hand in the two pictures outside the photoshop… Figure 1: Cropped image of Obama’s left hand from the large group picture taken outside of the photoshop. Figure 2: same image as Figure 1 with increased Contrast, from normal to +30% Figure 3: same image as Figure 1 with decreased contrast. I actually had to bring the contrast down from Normal to -20% and Brightness down to -20% to more closely match the coloring of figure 1 to the figure 4. Figure 4: cropped image of Obama’s left hand taken from the smaller picture of only the 3 guys taken outside the photoshop. Notice the shadow under Obama’s hand is darker in this image and he looks to be wearing a gold ring on his left ring finger! Figure 5: The same image as figure 4 with increased contrast to +30% Figures 1 and 4 side by side – supposedly the same picture but he has a ring on in one and not the other. Additional notes: It looks like Obama was/is holding a cigarette in his right hand which was cut off. The area between Obama’s right side and the guy next to him blurs abnormally. The black line in the background running down the window of the photoshop should go directly into and behind the man in the blue t-shirt’s arm. Instead, a blurry line forms where it meets his arm, as well as in the area where it meets Obama’s jacket. everything else in the background is clear with relatively crisp lines. The blurring is inconsistent with the rest of the photo.

Please refer to the complete source images in the post, above.  I agree that it does appear as if he had a ring on and then it was “blurred” out of the image.  If you look closely at the photo where he’s sitting next to Granny in Kenya, and her hand is up near his face, you’ll see that he appears to wear a wedding ring in that photo, too. It’s blurry, though. 

As for the right hand in the brothers group photo, it almost looks as if he has that finger in a splint or bandage. Or as if they removed a gloved hand and replaced it with Barry’s hand, and forgot to smudge out a few of the white-gloved fingers. Maybe Michael Jackson was there?

Update 12/19/11:  Because of a recent article by Martha Trowbridge, it behooves us to place an excerpt here that shows the pertinent part of the 1990 article that was shown earlier, above:

This is no huge revelation. We’ve discussed this anomaly for several years now. Do note that Obama himself had not “uttered” the words. The reporter wrote it, without attribution. It is interesting that this “mistake” was made in 1990, though. It’s arguable, certainly, that the AP interviewer got the information from somewhere. But where? The reporter doesn’t say. It’s mere inference to assume that Barry uttered these words. Harvard Law might have provided a “biography” on background. The mistake may have been made there. His parents did divorce when he was 2 (if you accept his fab bio). He subsequently moved to Indonesia. Somebody else may have mixed up the facts.  It would also behoove people to acknowledge sources.

304 responses to “Obama Mystery Theater: His Ever-Morphing Face (updated)

  1. Obama allegedly graduated from Punahou School in 1979, where he is said to have played basketball for two years on the varsity squad. In 1978, Punahou lost the Hawaii State Championship game in overtime by 2 points to University High School. In 1979, they won in a blowout over Moanalua.

    Doesn’t anyone else, besides myself, find it odd that no one has posted a single photo of either game on the internet? Two state championship games that featured the future president of the United States and no pics? A little fishy, don’t you think? Similarly, where is the video? You can easily find the 1980 Hawaii Boys Basketball championship game Between Punahou and University High School. This file on is YouTube, where it was posted by Punahou School (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlUNy5dPTyY). Why would the school choose to post the 1980 game, but not the year before (79) or the the year before that (78), particularly because their favorite son should be on the tape? What about a game program from the 1978 and 1979 Hawaii State Championships? Hell, I would settle for an original box score from one of Punahou’s games that was printed in the local paper. Has anyone tried to dig up the Honolulu papers and checked in the sports sections from the years 1978 and 79, concentrating of the months of January through early March when basketball season was in full swing? Has anyone actually seen an original yearbook? –not some fabricated version that has been sanitized? Has anyone found players from opposing teams that may have saved footage or have memorabilia from when they faced Punahou in the years in question? How about the scorebooks? Where Obama may not appear in a box score from lack of playing time, he would have to be in the score book. What about earlier years? Has anyone looked at 76 and 77 score sheets and box scores? Does anyone have the name Shabazz on the team???

    Looking at the three existing team photos that are out there for Obama in 77 (JV team), 78 (varsity), and 79 (varsity) a few things stand out….

    First, there are only two players that appear in all three photos. Obama and Greg Orme. Has anyone talked to Orme? Can anyone find the guy? He should be famous at this point. There are a number of other players that appear in two of the three photos. Those are: Brian Lum, Jason Oshima, Tom Topolinski, Kam Mahi, Darin Maurer, and Jamie Lee. Has anyone talked to them? Can anyone find photos or family films that were taken? Do any of these boys have a mom that scapbooked?

    Perhaps most curious is the 1978 team photo from the Punahou yearbook that shows Obama (supposedly a junior at the time) clearly with his arms on the shoulders of Kam Mahi and coach Bob Dixon. He is wearing the number 25 and is the only black in the photo. The next year, 1979, the team photo shows Obama (now a senior) in the back row with the number twenty something. The second number is conveniently behind the fold of his warm-up. You would naturally assume that it is a 5 though. But you would be wrong. Number 25 is sitting in the front row — he is John Kamana another black on the team.

    Obama clearly decides he wants a number change after a season in which he was two points from winning it all as a junior. Who changes their number? Apparently Obama has gifted the number 25 to John Kamana (who in 1979 is a junior). This is the same John Kamana that wears number 25 the following year in the 1980 State Championship game as a senior (see the youtube clip from above). The same John Kamana that played football at USC and latter for a bit in the NFL. How is that such a talented guy couldn’t make varsity as a Sophomore? Or did he? The answer is — he did. See this article (http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2010/Jun/06/sp/hawaii6060398.html) in the Honolulu Advertiser that clearly talks about Kamana and how good he was and that he was a 4 year starter in basketball. This means, of course, that the 1978 team photo should have Kamana in it wearing his familiar #25. Conveniently, however, that photo has one black player in it that happens to be wearing that number (#25) but with the head of BHO. What a smurfing coincidence…

    Can someone let me know how to post these pics so everyone can see what I’m talking about????

    • Welcome! Love your name. 🙂 You ask VERY interesting questions. It’s like with his birth hospital. Nobody wants to cash in (in one of the 57 states most known for corruption, poor “folks”, economic inequality, etc.) You’d certainly think that somebody would have put any of that on the Web by now.

      You asked, “Has anyone actually seen an original yearbook? –not some fabricated version that has been sanitized?” I haven’t. You can ask the same question about his mother’s yearbooks. Those were sanitized. Complicit close “friends” (the ones approved to speak by Barry–others to STFU) SHOWED their yearbooks to selected reporters. The REST of the yearbooks DISAPPEARED from the local repositories. Isn’t that odd?

      What a smurfing coincidence! Amazing analysis, 57th State! You’re correct. Kamana should have been in that team photo, so there should have been two blacks. We’ve discussed the ever-changing shirt numbers before, but you hit the nail right on the head.

      We haven’t researched many of the fellow players. We have done a lot of research over the past few years, but not a lot focused on finding his classmates. You asked a lot of good questions. I don’t know if the Hawaiian papers are online anywhere. Certainly, they’ve hidden a lot of what used to be online. They made almost all of their old links not work when they created a new website with a new archive function.

      We’ve searched on Obama’s name in newspaper archives that are on the Web or at libraries. Haven’t turned up much, when surely sports pages should have shown his name. Great point! It never occured to me to search for Shabazz. I’ve searched for Soetoro, but not Soebarkah. If only we had a trusted researcher who lives in Hawaii, but they’ve gotten clever on a lot of that, too. They make people log in or otherwise identify themselves, in order to see certain things.

      About posting photos: You can use html to post them within a comment, if they’re on the web somewhere and if you have a WordPress sign-in and if you are logged in. See this link for an example of how to do it: http://www.davidairey.com/how-to-insert-an-image-or-photo-into-your-blog-comment/

      If none of the above, then if you have them on your computer, you can email them as attachments to wtpotus at either yahoo or hushmail and we’ll take it from there. I believe we may have posted these photos somewhere before, but now that I look at the link you sent, those Morales twins look strangely like what’s supposed to be Barry in one of the team photos, except they played for the other team. (Many say Barry plays for the other team, but that’s neither here nor there.)

    • Welcome here 57. You note very good points, many of which we have not looked into. I have alot of work on the research side on John Kamana in the Hawaii post. Kamana is a Hawaiin ROYAL name. I also have found the name JAMIE* as well as LEE. You have given us things to look into. We are glad you have joined us. As for addl help w/ pics, Miri, Bridgette and Newssleuth are amazing in this area, but not me. Miri, will you do a fast post on this area? I can tie alot of my Hawaii work in also.
      Again, welcome 57 and thank you.

      • Thank you Renee!! I have come to the conclusion that if I don’t get off the sideline and get on the field that I have not room to keep on complaining. The stakes are too high…

      • Just read the hon. newpaper article with the twins and Kaman no 25. Now I don’t want to fuel any disputes (just an observation) that Kamana in the first picture looks an awful lot like The star player from 1979 that I posted about who wore no. 23.
        And notice the number 25 darkly centered squarely on his back(no shadows, no wrinkles) . Could this be another fabrication ? I am not saying it is, but there’s still something fishy here. Would love to see a REAL newspaper, wouldn’t everybody? Or a real yearbook. You’d think Obama would have saved his cherished memories from Punahou….the only part of his youth that he claims to have been, on the basketball court, was place he could forget about his racially inferiority complex of a life. Doesn’t Obama have a yearbook, or were they too poor after the expense of tuition. You’d think his grandpa Stanley that loved to joke with the coaches and came to the school all the time, as one of the articles claimed, would have for sure saved pictures of their darling grandchild.

        • No worries, alfy. I meant to tell 57th State that the basketball issue is one of your particular interests. 57 can go back through this thread to find your comments about it.

          I was looking in our media library for the team photos. We have a few. Maybe it would be useful to find them all and put them together for comparison, so I’ll try to do it soon.

          In that link 57 sent, I noticed that the Morales twins on the other team look photoshopped. Now why would that be, given they’re not even on Barry’s team?

          We’re surrounded by fabrications and I will never understand why the media doesn’t notice this or ask the same logical questions that we all do: Where is anything that documents, beyond doubt, his BACKGROUND and HISTORY? Since it’s all missing, why is nobody in the lamestream looking for it? All we see, biography after biography, are those same few Obama-family-supplied photos but very little from independent sources. INDEPENDENT sources. Not hand-selected informants from among complicit Obama-supporting “friends of the family.”

          I did, however, hear one person on radio recently who admits to actually knowing Barry at Harvard. His name is Bill Randalls (sp.?). He’s running for governor of MO, iirc. He said he was a year ahead of Barry and had one class with him and was NOT impressed in any way by him. So I guess this person otherwise known as our current potus actually did go to Harvard and one Republican remembers him. Whether or not THAT person is the same one who went to Noelani, Punahou, Occidental, or Columbia, is anyone’s guess. That they need to photoshop all photos from those eras seems to argue otherwise.

          I’m still waiting to see a REAL NEWSPAPER with the birth announcement in it. Imagine how much that sucker would be worth, if it really existed. Since nobody’s brought one forth, then it seems rather obvious that that doesn’t exist, either. And never did exist.

          • Randalls ? Like the grocery stores ?
            hummm…I did research on them before…..

            • No, he’s just some Tea Party guy (I assume) who’s challenging the DemocRAT governor of MO. But it was odd that he did mention that he knew Barry at Harvard and that he was basically underwhelming. As we suspected all along.

          • tell 57, the basketball interest is one of my particular interests…Geesh, I just realized it…But my main one is the one and ONLY Ruth…I figure if you figure that one out, you got em,Lock Stock and Over the Barrel! She’s probably the busiest little bee, creating her ficticious life/lives. Perhaps she even has a psuedenym as a writer/journalist. I know one thing, for sure we’ve come in contact with a lot of people in the library science field,in case you haven’t been keeping track of that. What better occupation could you have if you needed some supplimental facts for a collage of real peoples histories to make a nice fraudulent one from. Someone that could help explain to Mark, where he came from, and to Obama,someone to supply him with his history, and of course supply us with B.Sr’s life and all that threaded history.And someone who could supply us with all the lovely jewish ties. Who is Obama least interested in (like you said Miri)? Ruth and Mark.They are key.

            • Sure. What I meant is that I think you’ve done the most research on the basketball issue, of all of us. Ruth is a key. And it’s interesting that Barry seems uninterested in Ruth and Mark. SEEMS.

        • I think you are correct. The pic in the article appears to me to be Warren Decern (sp??) who was #23 on the 1980 state champ team. That clearly is not Kamana…

          Why would a newspaper photoshop that? Makes no sense. What the hell are they doing down there in Honolulu?? — it is as if they are living in a parallel universe where reality is what you want it to be after it already happened. Unbelievable.

          • What the hell are they doing down there in Honolulu?? — it is as if they are living in a parallel universe where reality is what you want it to be after it already happened. Unbelievable.

            We know 57…Amazing no ?

          • ROTFL here. 57, I cannot help but admit, I gave you a nickname….I am so sorry but…it is “Steak Sauce” ! I cannot help laughing each time I read a comment. Just know that if I call you that it is because I have alot of work on the Kerry-Khoury-Forbes-Paine-Heinz subject. I hope you do not mind. I have nics for just about everyone here. Again welcome.

    • I had just been looking over the photos again myself this morning; as I had done before, I got utterly confused with all the players in the differing photos, making no sense out of who was actually on a team in a given year. I kept noticing the numbering of jerseys too, til I gave up.
      Good observations by you 57.
      I did come across a site that had a video not longer available of a supposed game at Punahou, discussing O.s basketball years. The Video said something like; “This video had been removed, copy writes of Punahou or Ownership of Punahou.”

    • miri, I finally got one of the photos printed out from a friends computor. Now I want to try and email it, I guess. It will be a scanned document. My email doen’t work so My friend is going to try and email it. Tell me again exactly the email address. This one may have weird properties, but if this sends, I may later be able to send the properties from the original; which even though I can’t understand coded hypertext language mark up, I can understand the first tiny bit……which the first thing it said was Photoshop , microsoft something….it also said something about 1998 Hewlett Packard…..and what looked like another thing that could be a date of 2001. I’ll send it if this goes. Please Miri or Renee tell me where to send it again.

    • up above, you know that dinner party photo in May 1998, Barack has that Harry Belafonte look> Harry has a son born around 1958 and befor he shaved his head, his youthful photos look somewhat like B.
      Their ears also have some characteristics similar, and Harry Belafonte had a widows peak back in the day as well. Just puttin this out there. Harry’s son is named DAVID—–by Harry’s second wife Julie ROBINSON! Aint that funny???

      • yep Alf…it is all in the name….
        Soundex Code for Fonte = F530
        Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:
        FANT | FONDA | FOUND

  2. Here are the incriminating images of The Grifter wearing 25 in 1978 and John Kamana wearing 25 in 1979…..

    • maybe when that large knot goes down from the top of your head, 57, you can post us a picture or two of the other players you were speaking of. I’m just joking about your knot…I just looked at your little id. icon. I’m glad you’ve tapped into the possible actual team players for several years at Punahou. It helps alot.

  3. Apparently I am not the most adept poster, because I can’t seem to post these photos so they show up here. Here is one last try:
    1978 Punahou Varsity Team Photo (http://www.natedsanders.com/ItemInfo.asp?ItemID=32379)
    1979 Punahou Varsity Team Photo (http://media.nowpublic.net/images//8e/a/8ea901e8dd51503b1d46dc44f507a334.jpg)

    • http://www.natedsanders.com/InvImages/32379.jpg?iframe

      That’s the link. I’ll do it for you. TY for the link. Haven’t seen these before. What you must do in order to put images in comments is get the “properties” address of the image on the Web AND you must use that html string in that article I linked to AND you MUST be logged in with a WordPress sign in.

      For comparison:

      • Quite a few “ANDs” in there — I’m not usually that compliant….

      • 57th – you brought up some very interesting points. I have these photos. It must be the water in Hawaii, because they all suffer from severe neck deformities. I never noticed the number change as I was interested in the photo shopping of the pictures.

        Speaking of a scrapbook, very early on someone put a scrapbook of Obama online. It was supposed to prove his background and give him a look of authenticity. That is where some of these photos originated I think.

        I found the URL for the scrapbook and of course it is now gone. It had a multitude of photos. I know I saved lots of the photos from there. Ann Dunham (fat) and BO…another picture of her in Indonesia http://obamascrapbook.com/34.htm

        I remember another one called something like Obama’s neighborhood that contained photos too. Found it too. It is also gone.

      • And now that I look at the top photo, look how ridiculously long his arm looks and how long the arms of the guy in back are. It’s silly.

        Interesting that the only source of these photos is alleged to be that yearbook (see the link) that somebody is pretending to sell. That’s not a scan of the pages from the yearbook. Obviously, somebody put the captions on the pics. Number 25 certainly looks more like Kamana’s body than Barry’s.

        Check out the heights.

        In the photo on the stairs, doesn’t Barry look much younger and much shorter than in the other photo?

      • Miri, in the last photo you posted for comparison, does it say who the coach is on the bottom in the center? It unusual for them to change coaches. I wonder if we could track down the coaches?

      • Oh you guys…..Is this me or am I starting to have HALLUCINATION!. There’s a large hand growing out of Barry’s right shoulder. Maybe this was presurgery but just whose hand is that?

  4. Everybody, with help from Bridgette, and a suggestion by Renee, and a hat tip from 57th State, I published a new installment of Obama Mystery Theater–basketball. You might want to repeat some of your most pertinent comments there and continue the conversation there. If anybody has new photos, send the links and I’ll update the post as we go along. Or one of us will! Bridgette, I need an explanation of Skippy’s funeral. My memory isn’t what it used to be. Thanks for the help, everyone.

  5. It’s sure not the guy in the back. It’s not his hand. Barry has a growth! Wonder who they rubbed out of this photo?Somebody quick, I’m suffering deleriously. and My, how he is a big fellow for someone just 17 , then to become so skinny the rest of his school years.

    • Alfy, why are you so sure it’s not the hand of the guy behind him? The guy next to Barry also has a hand, on the opposite shoulder.

  6. I’m putting this here because of Trowbridge’s latest fantasy. Who wants to mess with Jack Cashill? http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=377413

    “No, Malcolm X is not baby Obama’s daddy

    Posted: December 14, 2011
    1:27 pm Eastern

    © 2011
    Lately, about once or twice a day, I receive an email from a well-meaning correspondent asking whether the late black nationalist Malcolm X was, in fact, the natural father of President Barack Obama.

    The question is not as outlandish as it sounds: The falsification of Obama’s official bio makes speculation on his origins almost inevitable.

    The Malcolm-as-father proponent usually begins with photos of Malcolm and Obama. (Yes, they do look vaguely alike.) He then builds a case by adding any random detail that might support his thesis and ignoring those that don’t. The latter category includes just about everything known about Malcolm X’s character and history.

    In1960 Malcolm X was the least likely black man in America to have impregnated Ann Dunham, Obama’s mom, then a mousy white adolescent in Washington state or Hawaii or wherever.

    Beyond the logistical problems – Ann, are you sure America’s most prominent black nationalist will feel comfortable at your lily white prom? – Malcolm was bound by several restraints, both philosophical and personal.

    For one, while a member of the Nation of Islam (NOI), the married Malcolm opposed adultery. He did so with such conviction that it would ultimately cost him his life.

    In 1962, the year after Obama’s birth, Malcolm learned that two of the former secretaries of Elijah Muhammad, his spiritual leader in the NOI, had sued the old geezer for child support.

    Malcolm was nothing if not faithful. From the time he entered prison until the time he married 12 years later he claimed he did not touch a woman “because of Mr. Muhammad’s influence upon me.”

    He presumed the same principled restraint from other Muslims, Muhammad especially. At first, he refused to believe that Elijah Muhammad, the man who made the rules, would “betray the reverence bestowed upon him” by so many trusting black Muslims.

    As the rumors grew stronger, Malcolm investigated, confirmed the stories and finally confronted Elijah with the facts. In so doing, Malcolm all but signed his death warrant. “Hating me,” he said prophetically, “was going to become the cause for people of shattered faith to rally around.”

    In the last year or two of his life, Malcolm wised up to the mess he had made of his early years. “I was a zombie then – like all Muslims,” he said, “I was hypnotized, pointed in a certain direction and told to march.””

    Rest at WND.

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