Obama Mystery Theater: Vernon, Texas – Weekend Open Thread

© Miri WTPOTUS November 18, 2011

With a huge hat tip to kittycat77 and Bridgette, here’s a montage of images from a news story about Stanley Ann Dunham’s days as an elementary school student in Vernon, Texas, circa 1951-1952.

First, in the interest of educating the people of the USA about Barack Hussein Obama’s family, here’s the text of the story in full:

Reported by: Ann Arnold

Just a few weeks after president Barack Obama took office, we’re learning he has a connection to Texoma.           

Long before anyone knew she would become the mother of the President of the United States, Stanley Ann Dunham, named after her father, lived in Vernon. That small part of her life might have been forgotten, if not for one curious resident of the Texoma town.

Derrel Wall, owner of the courtyard cafe in Vernon, says he heard a little tidbit on television that the president’s mother once lived in Vernon. He started doing a little research and found out it was true. 

He says, “Stanley Ann Dunham was a third grader at the time. She was 8-years-old. This was signed by Mrs. Stanley Dunham, of course that’s the grandmother who raised Obama, and died the day before he was elected.” 

This week Wall found a school annual with Dunham’s picture inside. In the basement of the Wilbarger County Courthouse, he found a school census form with her birthday, phone number and even the address of the home where she lived. 

He says, “Sometimes people ask me why I’m interested in where she lived. Well, I’m just interested in local history. Maybe this is just one more item that would bring people here.”           

The Dunham’s name was found in the Methodist Church roster from back in 1951, and we found several classmates who remembered playing with the future president’s mother. 

Kay Bellew says, “We were in fourth grade. She was in my bluebird group. She was a friend. Not a real close friend because she wasn’t here very long. She was a very sweet girl that everyone liked.”

Francis Lowe was Dunham’s classmate. She says, “She was very nice, and very straight forward. We all liked her because she was very honest and very genuine.”

After about a year, the Dunham’s packed up and headed for the west coast according to Wall’s research. He says the Obama connection is really no surprise. 

“Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, even people I visit with in this cafe, they all have a connection to Vernon, TX. We now have another connection,” Wall says.

After leaving Vernon, Wall says the Dunham’s moved to Washington State, California and Hawaii.

As reported by Bridgette, this article was “scrubbed”; the link she had no longer worked. However, I found it in a roundabout way, which seems to indicate that perhaps the story (I find no date on it) was updated or modified after originally being published. The current link is not archived at WayBack Machine, so it’s not possible to tell if the story’s been “modified” in any way.  The site uses that tricksy “robots text”.  Why?

It’s of note that one of the chief informants about Stanley Ann’s high school days on Mercer Island, in Washington State, is a man known as Chip Wall.  How is it that Mr. Derrel Wall knew that Stanley Ann’s family moved to Washington State, California, and then to Hawaii?  Well, he does “research” her family, for some reason. Could he be a “birther”?  Somehow, I think not.

The house in Vernon, Texas, where the Dunhams allegedly lived at 2227 Roberts:

Have we seen that house before? 

Stanley Ann Dunham in the Hawkins Elementary school annual, when she was allegedly 8 years old:

Note that she looks nothing like another photo, allegedly of Stanley Ann Dunham in Oklahoma at elementary school.  Or does she?

The little girl in Mr. Derrel Wall’s booklet does, however, look like the grown woman who is being foisted off as the real mother of BHO II.

Full page from the booklet:

From another photo in the video (see story to view entire video):

The full page from which the previous photo was excerpted:

Two friends of SAD’s from those days.  The first is Kathryn (Kay) Robertson Bellew:

SAD in a school play (in the bolero jacket with sash):

In keeping with Obama tradition, we now see a copy of what looks like her school registration, although Mr. Wall refers to it as a census:

Interesting handwriting. Looks rather familiar.  Madelyn signs as “Mrs. Stanley A. Dunham”.  The child’s dob given: 11/29/1942.  A close up of the address:

Somebody can’t spell Stanley!  Do you see a phone number?  Who is J. B. Golden?  I seem to remember another Golden:

Coinkidinks ABOUND in the Obamaverse. Here’s a story about yet another Obama-connected Golden: Quin Golden, chief of staff for Obama’s very good friend Dr. Eric Whitaker.

So, what say u? OPEN THREAD.


394 responses to “Obama Mystery Theater: Vernon, Texas – Weekend Open Thread

  1. Or even a good facial recognition program

  2. While we’re discussing her again, I didn’t even want to add this because I think it’s crap information 🙂 but on geni.com I found a Jackie Chun Juanie as part of SAD’s family…she is listed as his ex-wife and they allegedly had two children together Liene and Anayaja. Other than the fact that I’ve never seen these names and there’s nothing to back it up, the two children were apparently born two months apart as their bdays are given as 12-28-66 and 2-21-67.
    That just ain’t possible. Well, possible in the case of twins, one born two months prematurely…but highly, highly unlikely.

    • Jackie is listed as whose ex-wife? Yes, highly unlikely for twins to be born two months apart.

      • Sorry, that was unclear. Stanley Ann is listed as Jackie Chun Juanie’s ex-wife
        marriage date given as July 13, 1967 and divorce 12-24-1975.
        Like I said, it looks like disinformation but I figured if anyone could figure it out it would be you ladies 🙂

  3. Yikes…. more detours…. will it put a nickel in our pockets ?
    All the lies make me ill…. sick sick sick of any & all of the blood of O
    ( & I also agree with ya all above …)

  4. Time to revisit? Maybe…I’m sure I’ve seen this “Shirley” before and it’s been discussed (I didn’t know how to find the “Shirley we hardly knew ye” article) but here goes (from Sortedbyname.com):

    SHIRLEY DUNHAM was born 04 November 1941, got Social Security number 539-38-1493 (indicating Washington,) and died January 1975.

    • On the front page, in the search box, just type “shirley” and it comes up: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/shirley-we-hardly-knew-ye-open-thread/ That rings a bell; we might have discussed it here or before this blog was started. 1975 would be later than the date that her aunt originally gave when she mistakenly said Ann died in 1970 and that’s why Barry came to the USA, but it’s close, isn’t it? If I remember, we also discussed one story (no link) that alleged that Barry and Ann both died in a plane crash in the 70s. (In Russia? Can’t remember.) That birthdate is close to her alleged birthdate, off by one year. SS# received in Washington state, so that would fit, IF the Dunhams actually lived on Mercer Island.

      • Thanks Miri. I couldn’t remember where I posted this yesterday. I also tried to find anything else on Jackie Chun Juanie (see a couple of posts above) yesterday but still just find what I originally saw on geni.com.

  5. What I know first hand. Stanley Ann was born in 1945. and at age 15 at Forbes air force base gave birth to the pres Obama. her dads real name was Daniel Wayne Pope and he took the wallet of Stanley Dunham and went to WWII at age 14 and my aunt and uncle could not get him out when they found. The mystery of who Madelyn Payne really is is a bigger mystery ass eh is called Tut and Marilyn in the family but didn’t allow her husband and dugther to even know the family. when the real dad of the pres was murdered in a racist attack on both of the in Topeka kSA the authorities found Ann didn’t;t kn even now how to find her relatives as she only knew her mother’s; Fred Phelps at westboro baptist church where her mother had sent her to go to Capper Jr HS. Much of the cover up seems to be more of who she is. . Some of the pictures in this story appear to be Ann but some do not. and its very possible that there are two Stanley Ann’s and was part of a life long cover up and deal made by the real family to allow it who may have been some relatives of my Uncle Millard Filmore Pope who was married to my dad;s sister Helen (hardy) poerp of Holyoke colorado. I had met Ann in 1958 i Topeka ks and had o idea she was a second cousin as she was using the name Dunham. i began sharing my eye witness account my own site as of 7/26/12 and and in daily recaps since. pres Obama was born at Forbes air force base hospitals his grandfather was career military wedding at a months pregnant to by aobam Sr in Topeka ks also and arranged by her dad so the baby would have a name. Linda Joy Adams

  6. Apropos of nothing, really, and curious about Quin (aka Quinshaunta) Golden, I found this today:
    https://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20130221/NEWS03/130229930/cook-county-hospital-board-member-golden-resigns (Feb. 2013)

    “Quin Golden, an original member of the five-year-old Cook County Health and Hospitals System board, is leaving about a year before her term is up.

    Ms. Golden, associate vice president for strategic affiliations and the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medicine, submitted a resignation letter to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on Feb. 13, effective Feb. 28, a health system spokeswoman said.

    It’s not clear why Ms. Golden resigned. She did not return a message to comment. …”


    “A onetime top aide to former state public health director Dr. Eric Whitaker was indicted Wednesday in what federal authorities said was a $433,000 grant kickback scam she then tried to cover up.

    Quinshaunta R. Golden allegedly used her position as Whitaker’s chief of staff to issue millions of dollars in state grants. There was no indication in the indictment that Whitaker, a close friend of President Barack Obama, knew about the alleged wrongdoing.

    Golden, the niece of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis, is the 13th person to be charged in a federal task force’s ongoing investigation of state grant and contract fraud. …”

    She got 8 years in prison. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-illinois-health-official-quinshaunta-golden-sentence-20150623-story.html



    “[Eric E.] Whitaker served director of Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) from 2003 until 2007. His chief of staff at the IDPH, Quinshaunta Golden, was subsequently indicted on charges of fraud and theft involving multiple grants made by Whitaker’s department.[12][13] After his term at IDPH, he moved to the University of Chicago’s School of Medicine, together with Ms. Golden,[14] where he was executive vice president of strategic affiliations and associate dean.[15] …”

    A family much in the news: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/20/us/danny-davis-grandson-shot-chicago.html

    “A teenage grandson of Representative Danny K. Davis was killed on Friday night after two people forced their way inside a home and argued with the teenager before one of them pulled a gun and fired, the police said. The fight may have been over a pair of shoes.

    In an interview with The Chicago Tribune on Saturday on his way to be briefed by the police on the shooting, Mr. Davis said that his grandson, Jovan Wilson, was a typical teenager who loved sports and rap music.

    Mr. Davis, Democrat of Illinois, later told reporters that he understood that a 17-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy had forced their way inside his grandson’s home, and that the boy had fired the weapon, striking his grandson in the head. Mr. Davis said he had always known it was possible that violence could touch his family personally, and described his grandson’s death as “a manifestation of the tremendous urban crisis” Chicago is facing. …”

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