Shirley, We Hardly Knew Ye. Open Thread! (Updated, many times)

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Something’s been bothering me for a while.  Remember way back when?  When we first heard of Barack Hussein Obama and his audacious bogus biography?  When we first began looking into who this person is?  Remember the name you first heard for his mother?  No, it wasn’t Stanley Ann Dunham.  It was SHIRLEY Ann Dunham.  So how and why did Shirley become Stanley?  If her real name truly was Stanley, how did it ever become proliferated throughout the Web as “Shirley”?

 I’s lookin behind us now, into history back. … One look and we knew’d we’d got it straight. … Time counts and keeps countin’ and we knows now, findin’ the trick of what’s been and lost ain’t no easy ride. But that’s our trek. We gotta travel it and there ain’t nobody knows where it’s gonna lead.

Savannah Nix, from Beyond Thunderdome 

Let’s do a “tell” of our own, to tease out the history of “Shirley Ann Dunham”, that white girl from Kansas.

On September 11, 2006, this news article by Roland Bankole Marke stated that Barry “is not embarrassed by his father’s goat-herding heritage. … His father also met and married a Caucasian woman, Shirley Ann Dunham, from Kansas, Missouri. Barack Obama, Jr., was born of that union.”

The story was written during Barry’s infamous trip to Africa: “He started in the south, continued through the eastern Horn of Africa, visiting South Africa, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Chad, but canceled his trip to Congo and Rwanda on advice he received from the U.S. embassy in Kenya, which warned him of renewed violence in these unstable regions.”  Did Mr. Marke interview Barry for his story?  Did Barry tell him his mother’s name?

About four years ago, on Yahoo! Answers, circa 2007, one commenter wrote, “This from Wikipedia about an amazing man, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois:  Barack Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii to Harvard University-educated economist Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a native of Kenya. His mother is Shirley Ann Dunham, of Wichita, Kansas.” This same quote was cited here, in July 2006, and here in December 2006, and here again, also in December 2006.  In most cases, Wikipedia has now been “corrected.”

This article at Pam Geller’s Atlas Shrugs linked to and quoted an article by Dr. Jack Wheeler, from January 8, 2007,  which stated that Obama “is the product of a black Moslem from Kenya, Barrack Hussein Obama, and a white atheist from Kansas, Shirley Ann Dunham, who met at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.”  Though there were few comments on the article, none “corrects” her given name.

On January 15, 2007, a commenter on another blog wrote, “The senior Obama married Shirley Ann (Anna) Dunham of Wichita, Kansas, who was an anthropology student and only eighteen years old. Anna was a self-professed atheist and Obama Jr. was born on August 4th, 1961, in Honolulu.” In 24 blog comments, no “correction” of her given name was made.

A Honolulu Advertiser story from February 10, 2007, said that Obama Sr. “had married Shirley Ann Dunham, a Caucasian whose family had moved here from Kansas, while both were studying at UH.”  Four years later, her given name remains “Shirley” in this story (for the time being, until it’s scrubbed).

When I first saved the link, this genealogy record  from 2007 read, “Shirley Ann DUNHAM was born on 27 November 1942 in Wichita, Kansas and died in 1995 of ovarian cancer.  Barack Hussein OBAMA Sr. and Shirley Ann DUNHAM were married in 1960 in Hawaii …”  Her name has since been changed to “Stanley” (by Sept. 2010)  Note the comment at this link by an astute person who goes by the handle skeeter. h/t skeeter!

November 14, 2007, this blog post by Kathy Nokes stated about Barry, “Name: Barack Hussein Obama Jr.; Age: 46, born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu to Barack Obama Sr. and Shirley Ann Dunham Obama.”

This story , posted on on January 31, 2008, begins with a link to the LaTour Genealogical Collection For Obama 2008.  If you click that link, it goes to the Obama Organizing for America blog website, which would seem to indicate, at that point in time, that the “official story” for SADOS was that her given name was SHIRLEY (although there’s a disclaimer that the content of these blogs is not “endorsed” by the campaign).  In nearly 3 years, nobody has “corrected” this:  “Shirley Ann Dunham, born November 27, 1942 was the mother of Barack Hussein Obama Jr., born August 4, 1961. She married Barack Hussein Obama Sr., 1960, in Hawaii, United States. She was the great-great grandaughter of Jacob Mackey Dunham, born May 7, 1824. He was born a Virginian and a long-time Tipton County, Indiana resident who settled in Kansas and then moved and died in Oklahoma.”

A review of  his fictional, ghostwritten “auto”biography, which going by associated comments dates to about August 20, 2008, written by Susan D. Minkalis, the “resident scholar,”stated:  “Barack Obama wrote this memoir over ten years ago before he became the junior U.S. Senator from Illinois. In candid detail Obama shares his story of being raised by a white mother and grandparents in Hawaii while his father lived in Kenya. At the time of Obama’s birth in 1961, his parents were enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.   His father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a native of Kenya had left the states and return to Kenya when Obama was only two years old. Obama’s mother, Shirley Ann Dunham, of Wichita, Kansas stayed in Hawaii for awhile until she married Obama’s stepfather and then was moved to Indonesia until he was ten years old. His mother sent Obama back to Hawaii to live with her parents and it was there under the care of his grandparents his strong character started to form.” 

Eighty comments and not one “corrects” her given name.  Since this was a book review, was the reviewer working from the 1995 version of his fictional “auto”biography?  That version was revised for the second printing, which I believe was in 2004, after his wonderful speech at the Democrat Convention, when he first was “noticed” as a potential POTUS candidate.  Scrub-a-dub-dub?  Did the first edition give his mother’s name as “Shirley”?  Was it changed for the 2004 revised edition? 

A story by Riccardo Melito, October 1, 2008, said, “Suo padre,  Barack Hussein Obama Sr. era un economista keniota, deceduto in un incidente d‘auto nel 1982 a Nairobi; mentre Shirley Ann Dunham, la madre, era una studente di antropologia.”  You don’t need to read Italian to recognize that this story says her name was Shirley.

October 6, 2008, a news article in French stated, “Quant à la mère du Sénateur de l’Illinois, Shirley Ann Dunham , morte en 1995, elle est une descendante de Jefferson Davis , le président des Etats confédérés d’ Amérique . D’origine modeste et chrétienne, elle est néanmoins Agnostique. Elle était d’origine Cherokee par son père. Elle a fait des études en Anthropologie.”  You don’t need to read French to understand that this story says her name was Shirley.

November 4, 2008, this blog post contains a photo of SADOS, captioned: “Shirley Ann Dunham as the Wizard of Wichita”.

February 22, 2010, a book review by the Associated Press, published at, read, “Publisher Alfred A. Knopf says The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama will be released April 6. Knopf says Remnick conducted ‘hundreds of on-the-record interviews’ for the book, including of Obama himself, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and former radical Bill Ayers. The Bridge also will include some of Obama’s private correspondence and letters by his mother, Shirley Ann Dunham.”  In The Bridge, did Remnick refer to her as Shirley?  Did Remnick see these letters from Shirley Ann?

Looking into Wikipedia history back, one discovers an amusing battle over Shirley’s name on the Barack Obama page.  On Sept. 1, 2006, at 17:26, the Wikipedia article referred to her as “Stanley Ann Dunham”.  At 17:28, someone changed her name BACK to “Shirley Ann Dunham”, explaining thusly, “more unreferenced changes of his mother’s name to ‘Stanley’.”  A few minutes later, someone changed her name to simply “Ann Dunham”, explaining that “his website says ‘Ann Dunham’.”  The website with this “fact” was Obama’s
“” webpage that supplied his supposed biography.  It seems that Wikipedia editors/correctors are supposed to provide “references” for any changes.  It also seems that Shirley kept being changed, without references, to Stanley.  Therefore, there must have been no source to which to point to verify that her name was indeed Stanley and not Shirley.

So what WAS the woman’s name?  What is the source of this “error,” if it is an error?  If the original version of Dreams from My Father referred to her as “Shirley” and if her name was actually “Stanley”, then why didn’t her “son” know it until 2004? It’s easy to grok that a handwritten signature “Stanley” might LOOK LIKE it reads “Shirley”, especially if a person expects to see a woman’s name.  But why would someone have to learn (or guess) his mother’s name from a signature on a document, perhaps from a letter or some piece of “private correspondence,” instead of having learned it at his mother’s knee?  So that can’t be the explanation.  Can it?

How much time did he spend with his “mother” while growing up?  Surely most readers by now are aware that nearly every photograph of Barry with his “mother” looks suspiciously photoshopped.  We have posts dedicated to these photos.  I’ll link some of them at the end.  Our other authors are welcome, please, to link their posts, because I don’t have time right now to do a more thorough search.

So that’s our trek.  Any ideas about how to explain Shirley?  Any other examples of her name being given as Shirley?  There must be more; I couldn’t have found all of them.  If you have others, especially examples older than 2006, please link them here; but save them first, before they’re “disappeared”.

Not to worry!  Obots needn’t bother scrubbing what I’ve linked already.  So SAD.  I saved them all, already.  Open thread!

UPDATE 2/4/2011: This story, by Eliud Miring’uh, now unavailable but excerpted on a Web search, stated, “Aug 25, 2006 – Obama Senior later married Shirley Ann Dunham, and the junior Obama was born on August 4, 1961, although the marriage lasted barely two years. Obama has shown great enthusiasm in tracing his roots, and has visited Siaya twice before.”

Pages 56 and 57 of this Indonesian-language book , published in 2007, refer (twice) to Shirley Ann Dunham; the book includes a photograph of her with Shirley in the caption.  The author appears to have obtained some information from this now-defunct website:  The reference section from the book is not available.

An op-ed, by Tanisia Morris, on Feb. 1, 2007, said, “Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are among the candidates that have made a dash for the presidency, but neither has made it to the finish line. Obama is born to a Kenyan father, Barack Hussein Obama, and a Caucasian mother, Shirley Ann Dunham; and not surprisingly many people believe he has the ability to break down the wall that has separated the various ethnic groups in America. But his background might not be enough to help him win the election.”

February 26, 2008, starhelix wrote an article for OpEdNews that began, “A little investigative reporting revealed the following personal profiles: Barack (“blessed” in Swahili) Hussein Obama, Jr., was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Shirley Ann Dunham, a Kansan of English ancestry, and Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a Luo Kenyan. Dunham was part Cherokee Indian and a distant descendant of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy.”

Even the Germans got into the act; one blog commenter, d0bene, on May 1, 2008, said, “Barack Hussein Obama ist kein ganz schwarzer Neger, seine Mutter, Shirley Ann DUNHAM, war weiss. Barack Hussein OBAMA wurde am 4. August 1961 im Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii geboren, zu Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr. von Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya …” Gee, I can understand that, and I don’t even speak German.

October 6, 2008, footnoting the French version of Dreams From My Father, Joseph Hug wrote, “Le mariage de celui-ci avec la fille blanche d’un représentant en meubles et d’une employée de banque originaires de l’Etat du Kansas donna naissance, le 4 août 1961, à Barack junior. Le mariage dura deux ans à Hawaï. La mère, Shirley Ann Dunham-Obama, se remaria avec un jeune étudiant indonésien qui connut une situation matérielle difficile lors de son retour dans le pays, à la chute du président Sukarno.”

January 16, 2009, one Honduran newspaper wrote, “Hijo del señor Barack Obama, economista de Kenia, formado en la Universidad de Harvard, y de la señora Shirley Ann Dunham.”

January 20, 2009, another fawning foreign blog stated, “Politólogo, abogado, activista, autor de ocho libros, senador y deportista, Obama nació el 4 de agosto de 1961 en Hawai, hijo de los universitarios Barack Obama y Shirley Ann Dunham.”

January 22, 2009, this website stated, “Né le 4 août 1961 à Honolulu, capitale de Hawaï, le 50è État des États-Unis, Barack Obama est le fils d’un étudiant kenyan Barack Hussein Obama et d’une Américaine blanche Shirley Ann Dunham.”

On July 23, 2009, a UPI article asked the question, “Did Mormons Baptize Obama’s Parents?”  Well, if they did, they baptized the wrong woman!  Maybe.  A Salt Lake City woman, Helen Radkey “recently found records showing Obama’s mother, Shirley Ann Dunham, was baptized in 2008, 13 years after her death.”  And here I thought that the Mormons are always all about accuracy and original records.  Hmmm.

August 11, 2009, a Spanish newspaper stated, “Barack Hussein Obama Jr., no tiene precedente. Nacido en la ciudad hawaiana de Honolulu fruto de la unión entre el economista keniata Barack Hussein Obama Sr. y la antropóloga estadounidense Shirley Ann Dunham un 4 de agosto de 1961, el presidente sabe lo que es tener tanto hermanos americano-indonesios (por su madre, quien tras divorciarse cuando Barack tenía dos años, se casó con un indonesio), como hermanos afroamericanos (por su padre, quien volvería a casarse con una mujer americana blanca).”  Indeed, he is unprecedented; but not in a good way, imho.

August 21, 2009, this blog stated, “Sa mère, Shirley Ann dunham (1942-1995) est originaire de Kansas, chrétienne mais agnostique.”

Let’s not leave out the Colombians:  On October 9, 2009, a Colombian online news service stated, “Barack Obama nació en Honolulu el 4 de agosto de 1961. Hijo de Barack Obama Sr., economista de Kenia formado en la Universidad de Harvard, y Shirley Ann Dunham.”

December 24, 2009, another online biography of Barry said, “Nacque il 4 agosto 1961, a Honolulu, Hawaii. Suo padre, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., era nato in Kenya, e sua madre, Shirley Ann Dunham, era del Kansas.”

March 29, 2010, AOL Noticias published a biography of Barry; it said, “Barack Obama nació en Honolulu el 4 de agosto de 1961. Hijo de Barack Obama Sr., economista de Kenia formado en la Universidad de Harvard, y Shirley Ann Dunham.”

Finally, a Spanish-language database for college students, contains Barry’s biography, which authoritatively informs students that “Barack Obama nació en Honolulu el 4 de agosto de 1961. Hijo de Barack Obama Sr., economista de Kenia formado en la Universidad de Harvard, y Shirley Ann Dunham.”

Again, I ask: What is this woman’s name?  What is the ultimate source of these “errors”?

Update 2/7/2011:   Intrepid researcher Leza has turned up another permutation, this one from January 20, 2009: “The scholarship that landed Obama Sr. in America and the University of Hawaii, where he met Mary Anne Dunham, future mother of President Obama, was one of many organized by Tom Mboya.”  Mary Anne?  Now where did that one come from? Out of “left” field?  Bwa ha ha.  Go here to see what else Leza and Renee have found.

Update 2/28/2014:  Two new names for Stanley Ann in this Newsmax articleSally Ann Dunham (per Mark Ndesandjo, in the first video, about 2:14 into the interview) and Sydney Ann Dunham, in the accompanying article.  They know that the “S” in “S. Ann Dunham” must stand for something, so the guesses just keep on coming. Maybe it’s time to ask if there ever was any person by that name or whether she, like many of the other characters in Obama’s bogus biography, is a composite.

Update 3/17/2014:  Our friend SEO has found other instances of Obama’s mother being called Shirley.  Oddly enough, this “mistake” involves two professionals:  one a genealogist and the other a professor emeritus of history.  SEO alerted us to this article in the online magazine of the Arkansas Genealogical Society, which says that Professor Michael B. Dougan gave a lecture in August of 2008 about Obama’s “Arkansas roots.”  He also mentioned Shirley Dunham in an article he wrote for an online encyclopedia. As a source for his lecture, he apparently relied upon another article, written by genealogist Joy Russell, which detailed Obama’s presumed descent from an Arkansas politician known as Bradley Bunch; the e-zine states:

… Anna Bunch Allred and Bradley Bunch were both children of Nathaniel & Sarah Bunch; Frances Allred was Anna’s daughter; Margaret Bell Wright was Frances’ daughter; Leona McCurry was Margaret’s daughter; Madelyn Lee Payne was Leona’s daughter; Shirley Dunham was Madelyn’s daughter; Barack Obama, Jr., was Shirley’s son.

The following month, the e-zine published a “correction” to the prior article.

Virginia Goeldner thoughtfully sent in a correction about Barack Obama’s mother’s name which should be Stanley Ann Dunham.

Goeldner is Obama’s grandfather Stanley’s half-sister.  She is the same woman who was reported to have said that Obama’s mother died in 1970.  August of 2008 was right around the time that Obama’s birth certificate became so controversial.  But from what records did the professional genealogist derive the name (Shirley), which she originally used in her article of February 2008?  Professional genealogists rely upon verifiable documentation and named sources.  How could Russell have mistakenly written,

Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Lee Payne, was born to Leona and Rolla in October 1922, and married Stanley Armour Dunham in 1940. Their daughter, Shirley Ann Dunham, married Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., in 1960 but they were divorced in 1963.

By the way, we’ve been told that Shirley married Barack in February 1961, but no documentation to that effect has been found, other than questionable “index data” provided by the Hawaii Dept. of Health.  From where did Joy Russell get the year 1960 for their marriage?

Also in August 2008, USA Today ran a story that referred to Obama’s mother as Shirley Ann Dunham, which was based upon information obtained from Professor Dougan, who again referenced Joy Russell.  Did the reporter not check or ask for sources?   No corrections have been made to that story as of this date.

Update 05/16/2014: Our friend Zenway has found a video wherein Mark Ndesandjo, speaking about his newest memoir, again calls Barry’s  mother SALLY Ann Dunham (14:59 into the video). The interview dates to December 2013 or soon thereafter, making Mark’s “mistake” quite recent.

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  1. Miri, I started going through some of the old doc’s/links saved last night and spent 3 hr’s reading old articles we had saved from back during TD days! below I will post a few links that amazingly have not been scrubbed from the net…will finish search this weekend! 😉

    In Law School, Obama Found Political Voice

    Published: January 28, 2007

    Illinois to pursue release of Obama records
    Connection to former 1960s radical activist William Ayers at issue

    updated 8/21/2008 10:59:24 AM ET 2008-08-21T14:59:24

    • Oh, those are good ones, Leza. I love the one about Illinois going to release Barry’s records. Sounds like the Abercrombie fiasco. Still waiting for those records, ILLINOIS. Still waiting for those records, Abercommie. “… and wait, and wait, and wait.” Now I’m quoting Casablanca. 🙂 Interesting that it’s in a Muslim land and it means “white house.”

      How about another quote to start the weekend, “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill?”

    • Leza, notice all the new Shirley links I added today. Found a cache of links I forgot about.

      • Very cool Miri 🙂

      • long ago I found a Carolyn Sue Nidesand in Ohio, Cleveland , I think. Actually her alumni having a reunion . This person was listed there. The reunion site was quite rich with photos of previous reunions. There was a list of people that had not returned contact or could not be found. There was a place you could go if you were an old studend there to see old photos and such but without a password, of course that was a dead end. Evidently this Carolyn sue nidesand who would have been the correct age, has never reported to this website and that went nowhere. I will have to look for what I printed out because I may have told you inacurately what I remember.

        • I don’t know where exactlty to post this but I want to add something I think is important. I know many of you will think,,,, OK she’s a bit out there but……. You remember a few years ago the Christopher Chichester/ michael clark rockefellr imposter? does anyone remember? It is quite a remarkable story. How this man hid from his wife his real identiy( supposed real identity was Christian Gerharstreider). His wife was from a prominent family. She had gone to Stanford or Yale. Her twin sister had gone to the other of these two schools. Well in Prison (if he really ever was in prison), they proceed to interview this man………this is after he abducted their daughter in a nasty divorce.Remember, there was a movie about this. In prison he tells the interviewer he was a peaceful man , not harmful, a pacifist ; How is it this man was able to hide his several identites for years, since 1961? Even his marriage records were not clear. He STATES” he was married in a Quaker ceremony! Now I feel this is very revealing, if true, in many ways. It for purposes of all this discussion about birth certificates, marriages and so on , could shed a whole new light on our topic these days. Just let that soak in and I hope someone will begin to see what I am talking about. O, and Renee, seems Christian Gerhartstreider/michael clark rockefeller/Christopher Chichester most probably was a german spy(in my mind only). His wife’s father is a retired big wig for BOEING! Just how exactly did he sneak in here, go to college, get married, with no credentials. Your Friendly Quaker Service Committees seem to be very busy these days in the social justice department. Maybe we have Barak The FrIENDLY common denominator, courtacy the QUAKER institution in old Hawaeeeeeeee ah a. HA WE AH A…..

      • I thought I posted, but maybe not,,,,,,Miri, that is astounding that you saved all of these substantiated SHIRLEYs! Truly amazing. Now if we could just do a little snooping to see what they did with that jar her ashes were in. I’d love to see if that was Sasha’s baby powder they poured in the Pacific,isn’t that sort of like environmentally unfriendly pouring Talc in the ocean?

        • I agree, superb work Miri.

        • Thanks. I saved them up over quite a long time. Started back when I was looking for all the instances of Queen’s Medical being listed as the birth place, until it got changed, like Shirley’s name. Have been waiting to write the post. I picked the name for it months ago, but that’s as far as it went. I only today found another cache of saved links. Amazing that they all still work. There are more than I had thought. I would love to know whether or not the source for the name “Shirley” was his fictional “auto”biography. The first edition, I mean. Otherwise, where did Shirley come from? And why did it change to Stanley? Scrubbed (corrected) but NEVER noted as such. btw, I ran across a review of the book from 1995. The photo on the dust jacket was different.

          The current version has a photo of Stan holding toddler Shirley, and in the middle is a photo of Barry, with BHO Sr. and his mother on the left. The first edition had only the photo of BHO Sr. and his mom and on the right, a photo of … who? I can’t tell. Is it Stan and an adult Shirley?

          • Miri, here is a better image. Enlarge the photo and then choose the one about 1/2 way down the list. I believe that it is Madilyn.


          • I really feel like most of Stanley dunham’s files and information had already been ditched but that for fear of someone finding too much infor. on Ann, they just dit the swith and bait, switheroo, so we don’t find too much on her. They probably realized that there could be too much Shirley stuff floating around to find so they reinvented her. While we hae gotten busy looking for Stanley , they are trying to do damage control and scrubbing as much as they can on her.

            • Everything that I linked in my post is still there, with one exception; and the crucial “Shirley” text from that webpage is still available on the Google search results. I found ONE article from years ago with his mother’s name mentioned. The name given was Ann Dunham. Not Shirley Ann. Not Stanley Ann. Not OBAMA. NOT Soetoro. Not S. Ann Sutoro, or Soetoro, which was the name she used in her academic research. Not Anna, either. iirc, the article was from 1990, when “Ann” was supposedly working in Indonesia as an anthropologist. So in 1990, apparently, he gave the reporter her name as “Ann Dunham” or else the reporter got the name from Harvard. Fox Butterfield, of the New York Times, was the author. If there was any deception, it goes back as far as 1990, unless that archived newspaper article is bogus, too.

              So why did she become Shirley and then later Stanley Ann? Again, it’s almost as if he didn’t know his own mother’s given name and that somebody at some point misread “Stanley” for “Shirley”. Keep in mind, too, that she would sign her name as “S. Ann”.

              • Another thing: I read an article from 2004 in which the writer said that Stanley (or Shirley, I forget which) IS his mother. IS. As if she’s still alive in 2004.

    • GAFFNEY: Obama’s Islamist problem
      4:10 a.m., Tuesday, August 19, 2008


      Who Is Obama? Where Is the Press?
      June 11, 2008

      • He’s still trying to hide those facts about his Muslim faith. I guess you heard that yesterday at the prayer event he declared that Jesus is his Lord and Saviour. Taquiyya. Meaningless. A small sacrifice for the greater “good.” When we question his “faith,” we only make him and MO stronger, he says. I bet. I’d love to hear his explanation for why he embraced the Muslim Brotherhood over two years ago and why he’s still advocating for them now, in Egypt.

        • One last one –

          Who Vetted Obama?
          September 2, 2008
          By Cliff Kincaid

          The Washington Post reported that John McCain’s vetting process for picking Governor Sarah Palin included an FBI background check. Other reports dispute this. But when did the FBI investigate Obama? Who vetted him?

          • But it’s a winner! Cliff Kincaid writes, “We are living witnesses to an incredible media double standard, whereby a Republican vice-presidential candidate’s personal life is being torn apart, while the Democratic presidential candidate continues to get a free ride. Obama has a 30-year history of associating with unsavory characters, beginning with communist Frank Marshall Davis and continuing with Jeremiah Wright and communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, which should disqualify him from getting a security clearance in the government that he wants to run. … also turns out that the DailyKos got the leak from the Obama campaign of the candidate’s alleged birth certificate, an announcement intended to put to rest all of the questions about whether Obama is a natural-born citizen and passes the basic constitutional requirement to be president. Is the document real? I have not seen any investigative reporters from the major media assigned to this story. … In contrast to the Palin story, which will probably continue for weeks, the Obama birth certificate controversy has been left alone by the major media. They have simply assumed-because they favor his candidacy-that Obama, with a history of being moved from country to country under different names, is a legitimate U.S. citizen. A lawsuit has been filed challenging Obama’s qualifications to be president and some bloggers say the birth certificate is a fraud. But it’s not an issue for the major media. They would rather examine photos of Bristol Palin’s tummy. An FBI investigation of Obama might get at the truth about the Democratic candidate. But an FBI background check is something that the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party has not been forced to undergo. How many people even know that? … In contrast to the coverage of Palin, the major media have not highlighted that, for all of his “experience” in foreign affairs, Senator Joseph Biden, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, is an exposed and admitted plagiarist.”

  2. A question for the group:

    Ruth Nidesand.

    No one seems to have found anyone else with that name, Niseand.

    Is that true?

    • Nidzyn…nidzon…
      What is it that you have found?

      • Before I tell the group, I want the group to tell me that they have not found any other people named Niseand

        • I don’t believe that I ever found anyone else by that name. We had speculated that the name was an Americanization of the name Nidzyn or Nidzon. Since Ruth or Mark have at times been associated with Bayonne, NJ, we did find a family there named Nidzyn, but never did connect them to the Ndesandjo/Nidesand family. Others have said the name was Ruth Nides. No, never came across Niseand, either. Is that a legitimate surname?

  3. “Niseand”?
    We haven’t come across nor considered such a spelling.

  4. My bad. I meant Nidesand

    • Perhaps I shouldn’t speak in the collective, but the others aren’t online at the moment. We have found connections (as has Freepers) between the nidzyn name with Mark — at the bayonne new jersey location of his relative. Don’t remember off the top of my head whether it was nidzyn or nidzon.

    • Mr. Ron, what were you going to say about the name Ndesandjo> Nidesand ? Anything new? Sure would be nice.

      • Ndesanjo is a legitimate Tanzanian surname. I found other people with that name.

        Nidesand, however, is not a name at all. I’ve determined that it is an anagram for:

        S ANN DIED

        • It is a crazy world indeed — anagram — wouldn’t surprise me — “sick” joke.

          • Nor would it surprise us if she died. OR if Ruth is she.

          • Miri, exactly. I’ve been thinking lately, How far of a stretch would it be if Onyango was actually Barry’s “true” father rather than his grandfather and Ruth is actually Barry’s “true” mother?

          • I am bothered by the “obama divorce decree”, and the “supposed” marriageS in the county of Maui — I suspect fabrication.

          • Then there is also that document noting o as a native of “Guinea”, equatorial guinea……not too far from java we have another guinea, new guinea.
            We also have the newspaper articles stating o to be a native of kenya, kenyan born…..then again, we have o & co.’s proclamation as well as “documents” (divorce decree + newspaper announcements) which we are to interpret as proof of birth in hawaii. BTW, butterdzillion has a new post up regarding those hawaiian newspaper announcements.
            Yes, a citizen of the world lol — amazing that one can be born in several locations — the world on LSD.

        • So what is ruth’s real maiden name?
          As I said yesterday, I believe the newspaper rants from “mark” were intentionally placed per plan. As intended, we’re directed to the Bayonne address and Nidzon name …… directed to Connecticut – the Connecticut ss# …..
          And as I’ve said in the past, Axlerod, o & co must have had great fun with this. And most do love a mystery …. this is a good one

        • That’s a good one, Dr. P.!!!!

        • well, I wrote the longest bunch of info on the topic of Ndesandjo, Mr. Ron, about two hours ago and lost it. Mr. Ron, you answered part of what I was going to say. Yes, I can find Ndesanjo and that seems to be almost a common name in Tanzania. I wish I hadn’t lost this because I was going to point out so many things that I hope would bring people past this issue of this name. I wanted to touch on several issues that you put so well a few days ago. But to this name. I agree and feel almost certain I know the evolution for this name. It is more like an igneous rock of a name. The Nidzon name may have something or maybe very little to do with this name, even though Nidzon may be a name that someone has taken to use for a false Identification, as I am certain after doing my searches there are many uses of deceased people. But, this is another issue. The fact that Nidzon can be found in some jewish name databases and the fact that Mark claims he is jewish by way of his mother being of Lithuanian jewish ancestors could be that is where they decided (for what reason I am not certain)to get names from. Now for a for sure fact. Nides is the name used intially. This person(I stress this because it gets lost every time I have made mention of it) first was Ruth or Shirley Nides, then quickley Shirley disappeared from the internet. Then, Ruth Nides evolved to Ruth Nidesand and quickly became Ndesandjo.At the time , I didn’t save anything because it was so new that I figured peoples discussions were just getting facts misconstrued. Almost imediately I discovered some interesting details on this person.I figured early on that Nides and SOMeOnes name was just put together, thus the reason Nidesandjo with out the ‘i’. I almost imediately discovered the names used were of Lithuanian jewish origin. It was not until 2 years later that Mark Says his mother is of lithuanian jewish heretiage, which only helped further that my assumptions were correct. While I will not divulge the Jo part of the name (no one would probably believe me anyway) I will say it was the springboard for all my really maniacle searching. The reason for my searching has been this one area, so please everyone quit getting caught up with the name. Just assume you are working with people who are, who like Mr. Ron put so well, are ficticious. The fact that you Mr. Ron put so well that Dreams is FICTION and so why try to establish any validity to it and move on. The only facts we can take from this ficticious shananagan is possibly see the psyche of the purpose of the book and the psyche of the imaginary author. If we extract that from this body of work and use that as the tools to explore we would move along so much more. I wish what I had written before made it here because I was probably much clearer about this.
          I was going to speak at length about Mark and I will when I get time, but you are right again Mr. R. that from everything I have studied (and there is much )about him , he definately is competitave toward O.. He is almost challenging and trying to establish himself in his own venue. I saw this very early and have tried to find everything I could about him. I have studied every thing I can find, every expression ,every laugh, and his body language. i say we should all be allert to anything we can find on him and anyone associated with him.If you would imagine , he is smarter than O. he is perhaps more egotistical than O. and none of us knows exactly what he is up to and what purpose he serves in China. I have to go right now, but will be back.

        • Dr. Ron Polland with all due respect, what made you come to the conclusion Nidesand is a anagram for – S ANN DIED?

          I have seen her name also spelled as – Ruth Naydsend born 194x. No matter where you look her “true” identify seems to be hidden, just like everything else connected to “barry”.

          • correct again

          • Well, Dr. Ron do you know what I know? Seems you are beside me on the path and just like me you won’t say for a reason just like me.

          • Leza do you remember where you saw Naysend?

          • Naydsend – It was on a Russian website Alfy, even though I had to use google translate to comprehend what they were saying about barry, they had spelled out Ruth’s name as Ruth Naydsend, no translation needed.

          • Because it fits – both the letters of an unknown surname, because we still don’t know the identity of Ruth’s 2nd husband, and because there never was a David, son of OSenior and brother of Mark.

          • I forgot to say, lest we forget, the subject of this thread is the Shirley/Stanley dichotomy which also bring in what Virginia Goeldner said about her death: that it was in 1970.

            The Obots, and even the folks on our side, we’re quick to discount that because “Maya was born to SADOS in 1970.”

            Using a falsehood to prove another falsehood leaves you with the original falsehood.

            Shirley/Stanley, we hardly knew you…if at all

          • Dr. P. Have you seen the two different text versions of that news article in which Virginia said (in only one version) that SADOS died in 1970? Both were written by the same author. They were published within about an hour of each other. The first story has none of the notable “mistakes”, such as that SADOS died; the story published only an hour later says SADOS died in 1970.

            Did you see the photo of the dustjacket from the first edition of Dreams From My Father? It’s a few scrolls up, on this page of comments. Who is that on the right side of the cover?

  5. Miri, as always, great post.

  6. Another, reaching way back to the good ole TD day’s. lol (just gotta), I think it did get debunked as falsified, I think???? –
    Remember this one?

    Welcome to the STD Carriers Page

    Carrier # 156
    First Name Barry
    Last Name Sotero

    City Chicaco
    State Illinois
    Age 48
    Gender Male
    Ethnicity Black & White
    Sexual Orientation Not Sure
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Height(feet) 6
    Height(inches) 1
    Weight 180
    Disease Genital Herpes
    Additional Disease HIV/AIDS

    Additional Disease 2 None
    Additional Disease 3 None
    Additional Disease 4 None
    Earliest Known Date of Infection 9/1/1985 12:00:00 AM
    Disclosure History Has failed to notify a partner of their conditions prior to sexual activity
    Source of Knowledge Third party
    Explanation Barry has been a closet homosexual and Herpes carrier since 1985. In 1997, Barry contracted the HIV virus and has spread it to his wife Michelle. They have kept quiet about this, however Barry has been seen with another woman and could pose a risk to others.
    Picture No Picture Avaliable

    STD Carriers By Last Name

    • Otay, slapping hand, will stop now 🙂

    • OMG. I forgot all about that one, but I do remember it. The demographics fit, too, and it would be a good reason to hide one’s medical records. Also explains the periods of extreme gauntness and the austere diet. I’m not so sure MO would have it. The kids were born since, but she does have very close friends who specialize in fertility, etc.

  7. WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain’s nuclear secrets

    The Telegraph ^ | 9:25PM GMT 04 Feb 2011 | Matthew Moore, Gordon Rayner and Christopher Hope

    Posted on Friday, February 04, 2011 2:03:33 PM

    The US secretly agreed to give the Russians sensitive information on Britain’s nuclear deterrent to persuade them to sign a key treaty, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

    Information about every Trident missile the US supplies to Britain will be given to Russia as part of an arms control deal signed by President Barack Obama next week.

    Defence analysts claim the agreement risks undermining Britain’s policy of refusing to confirm the exact size of its nuclear arsenal.

  8. Miri, will you take a look at this before I post the link actual link (I saved it to webcite)

    Change in Colonial Kenya with Barak Obama Snr

    I am merely the editor of this story. This is my mother’s story of her experience in colonial Kenya when she and my father met Barack Obama Sr. She remembers Obama Snr and his passionate mission to do the right thing for his fellow African.


    The 1960s was a decade of profound change in Kenya. Forty-something years have passed since then and political upheavals in both Kenya and Uganda find my husband Joe and I living in Botswana. Our possessions have been packed and unpacked over the years by various packing companies, and many were misplaced or lost, among them treasured photographs. In the midst of a historical and highly internationalized presidential election in the United States, there is one photograph that stands out among the ones I have salvaged. It is a photo of my eldest daughter’s first birthday on May 28th 1964. Sitting to the left of my daughter, Sue, are “Jaber” and “Ratego”, the young children of Barack Obama Snr and his wife at the time, Ruth, who to my knowledge was a British national. Jaber and Ratego were the traditional Luo names given by Obama, the elder, to his children.

    • Interesting article. Woodley Estates. Hmmm. 1964, so who were the two children? Ratego means “strong man.” Jaber is not in the Luo dictionary, but Jabr and Jabir means “comfort” in Arabic. Too bad she didn’t say what gender these kids were. BHO Sr. in his early to mid-30s. He wouldn’t be, if he really were born in 1936. Too bad she doesn’t publish that photo. The story about him carrying the beloved son’s photo? Sounds like bull to me. Which son? He had a LOT of sons.

      Maybe Ruth was a British national because she was married to one (or a former one). I wonder how that works? She was supposed to be American. She supposedly gave her sons her American citizenship because she was American.

      • at some point and time Ruth would have been and expatriated citizen. I can’t remember where I saw that term used with her, but I think I did.

  9. Rat Ego…….LOL……That must be him!

  10. Good one, Kathy. It does fit. And he jab-ers a lot, too.

    But if this is 1964 and her daughter Sue played with Ratego and Jaber, then those kids had to have been born in the early 60s. They were Ruth’s kids. So who were they? Mark supposedly wasn’t born until 1965 and David and Joseph even later than that. Of course, didn’t we find a story that sounded as if Ruth had other sons with BHO Sr., besides those three?

    • I thought the Joseph in TX claimed not to be related.

    • Where did you find that Mark was born in ’65? I thought he refused to give his age as well as Ruth.

      • Mark O Ndesandjo, born Nov 1965, listed at 2243 19th Av, San Francisco, California 94116-0801 (1993); listed at 142, Palo Alto, California 94302-0101 in 1990; alternately at 672 Chiquita Front House Av, Mountain View, California 94041. From public directories, which of course might be wrong. Ruth and BHO Sr., according to news stories, which of course could be wrong, went to Kenya in 1965 where Mark and David were supposedly later born. Mark claims to be younger than Barry. iirc, David is supposed to have been 4 years younger than Mark, but NOTHING is real. What I have is in the O Timeline, which is not completed yet.

        • Miri, how do I get images to display on your blog, or are links the only way?

          • Do you have a WordPress log-in? If you don’t or if you don’t want to be logged in, then I don’t think you can directly insert photos. But if you do and if you log in, then you can use this format:

            img height=300 src=” ”

            In between the quotation marks, you put a link to a photo that must be on the Web somewhere. In addition, you have to put a “less than” symbol at the beginning, right before img, and a “greater than” symbol at the end of the string. I hope that makes sense.

            So if you put you the link you just posted in between the quotes in the string, it should show up in the comment. If it doesn’t, we can try to fix it. Please don’t increase the height too much because it will look awful. 300 is a good size. If you want us to see an image larger, then a link is preferred.

            Here’s a link to an example.

  11. I don’t belive I’ve ever come across this photo of Anne before, look at the jaw line, wow! also the teeth, I don’t see any resemblance to barry whatsoever.

    Stanley Ann Dunham Mercer High

    Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Anne Dunham, was a 1960 graduate of Mercer Island High School. This is her yearbook photo as treasurer and historian of the Girls’ Club.

  12. Leza, yes. That’s the one I saw that made me wonder when she got those teeth fixed.

    • I saw this picture a long time ago. So Stanley Ann really was a guy, again I am convinced.

      Plus this photo clearly shows the teeth being marked in to resemble that other horrid one.

      Maybe they picked a hermaphtodite to stand in for Ruth.

      • This is one of the many photo frauds created and pasted into a Mercer Island High School yearbook by The Seattle Slew – my name for the slew of conspirators in Seattle and Mercer Island who helped promulgate the myth of Stanley Ann Dunham, MIHS Class of 1960 by mucking around with the yearbooks and the facts.

        These photos are also shown in the two-part video, “The Teaching Influence of Val Foubert:”

        And that is also exposed in my video:

        • Was just looking around again and found the Maumelle, AR article on Virginia Goeldner and some things struck me, so I ended up back here.
          The quote that SAD died in 1970 is here of course, but I don’t remember hearing this one that she was born in the Seattle area??

          “Obama’s grandfather, Stanley, left Kansas and moved to Texas and it was in the Seattle area where his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, was born.

          Virginia said her niece, who was called Ann, was actually named after her father because he wanted a boy so badly he named her Stanley before she was born. She said that throughout her life she went by her middle name of Ann.
          When Ann died at an early age, it was Virginia’s brother and sister-in-law who raised the future president.”
          Maybe Aunt Virginia (who, I also figured out from this article, along with Eleanor Berkebile, is only a “half” aunt, right?) was just forgetful, although ‘forgetting’ your niece didn’t die seems beyond reason. 🙂

          • Also, I notice in many of the Bio’s listed in the article for Shirley/Stanley the dob is 11/27/42 but wasn’t it 11/29/42 at least in some ‘versions’?

          • She’s supposed to be Barry’s great-aunt, isn’t she? Great-half-aunt, to be technical. I’ve never seen a photo of the other aunt. Obviously, she knew little about what she was supposed to know about her so-called niece, until the media and the campaign told her so, when they provided the photoshopped pics, imho.

      • Papoose, realy want confusion? well maybe not, we’ve all heard the rumors..(obot’s goin nut’s right now!!) how about Obama as a woman? –

        I don’t know if it’s been photoshopped or not! I found it searching picture’s on the web..

  13. btw, I have it on good authority that someone at a MAJOR obot blog, one that’s specifically discussed at the Birther Report, thinks that we here at WTPOTUS are “seriously nutty” because the obtuse commenter thinks that we “believe” that Stanley Ann’s name was Shirley. Obviously, the obot didn’t read the post. WE don’t “believe” it; I’ve documented 34 instances of reporters, bloggers, educators, foreign media, and Obama supporters, among others, who REPORTED THAT HER NAME WAS SHIRLEY. Until it wasn’t. Until it suddenly, and INEXPLICABLY, was reported to be “Stanley” Ann.

    The point of the post is to ask for an explanation for WHY, for so many years, her name was given as “Shirley Ann”. When and why was it changed, without explanation? How did the original “error” happen? When did it happen? And why did it happen?

    I’ve put forward hypotheses, but nowhere did I state that I “believe” her name was Shirley. I simply don’t know what her name was and apparently neither do/did at least 34 others, some of whom are SUPPOSED to be in the business of reporting FACTS and checking their “facts” before they report them.

    Perhaps the obots who come over here from their close-minded little blogs might learn something if they bothered to READ our posts. On the other hand, methinks perhaps they don’t WANT to read and learn because they do NOT want to be in a position to have to question their messiah. They suffer cognitive dissonance when they’re presented with truths they cannot explain and which their messiah refuses to explain.

    Therefore, Alinsky like, instead of addressing these MANY discrepancies and at least presenting a semi-plausible explanation for them, they attack us, the messengers. In sum, they can’t handle the truth.

    • they are attorneys, therefore they are barons and baronesses of the court.
      they think.
      just lying in wait.
      lying. waiting.

      • Lying, certainly.

        If they are attorneys, then they OUGHT to be able to read and comprehend. They ought to also be able to understand what is at the very least circumstantial evidence. They ought also to be able to comprehend the difference between “fact” and “hope” or “wish”. They ought to be able to step back and look at the sum total of evidence/facts and then come to a logical, unbiased conclusion about what is more likely to be true as opposed to what they, in their ideology, WISH WERE TRUE.

        They are not ALL like the obots about whom I speak. Some Obama-supporting bloggers attempt to keep an open mind, such as Dr. Conspiracy, with whom we shall agree to disagree. He at least has not attacked our friends, as have many who frequent his blog. In addition, he disapproves of the tactics of the blogger in question, who seeks to identify and totally destroy anybody who opposes his point of view. This is fascism of the worst sort. Let’s give credit where it is due, to Dr. Conspiracy, for voicing his opposition to such low lifes.

  14. OK, I’m signed in with wordpress.

    I do have a wordpress log-in.

    I was using the IMG SRC code, but I noticed in the article you noted that there is a slash before the end, as in “/>”

    OK, let’s try this:

    • I don’t have to put a slash, but I do have to be careful to not put spaces except where indicated on the template. I don’t put all those entries into it. I just put img, height, and src.

  15. If the previous pic did not come through, this might.

  16. Dr. P. , for some reason, your photo doesn’t show and neither does the html string show when we try to edit your comment to see what happened. Can you give me the links and I’ll try to fix it?

  17. I’ll use this account only to post pictures. I’ll stick to Dr. Ron Polland for everything else.

  18. Ann Dunham was interviewed on tv in 1961 as she was about to leave the US . My mom said: She’s going over the water to marry her black prince-her baby’s daddy. In that interview the interviewer said to her that she would lose her citizenship-her reply was:(i don’t care,THIS isn’t my country ANYWAY.

    • Do you have a link to anything with regard to this? The name of the interviewer? The TV station? Your mom said? Your mom remembers this? How and why?

      Not that I doubt what she said. It sounds like her, based upon what others who knew her said about her.

    • This is the comment that Donna left here about this supposed interview she remembers from 50 years ago. She never came back to answer my questions. Where Donna goes, Texoma follows, I notice. Donna told him on P&Email News that they had only CBS, NBC, and channel 6 at the time. She says this ran in OHIO. They have some back and forth about HILLARY Clinton, who was barely in her teens at the time and would hardly be a “young Republican”. Texoma claims that in 1960, when Ann was 18, she was in Chicago for a summer job. Hillary was supposedly there, too. Well, probably so. She was raised there, right? So now are they suggesting that Hil and Ann knew each other? And both were such rising stars that they were interviewed on TV? Wow.

      I challenge Donna and/or Texoma to come here and tell us more. What have they found? Or do they exist to send people off on searches down rabbit holes? Back up your contentions with links. I can’t even remember details of TV interviews I saw last year, much less 50 years ago. And Donna’s mom remembers, too. And Donna’s mom even talked about how the baby could never be POTUS.

    redirects to Ann Dunham

    Ann Dunham (1942-1995)
    Redirected from Shirley Dunham (1942)


    539-38-1493 D550 DUNHAM, SHIRLEY 11-04-1941 WA 01-00-1975
    CD 110, Vol. 1, November 1994 Edition, SS Death Benefit Records
    also at

    • Thanks, Sue. Welcome, if you’ve not commented here before. I did notice that familypedia wiki that redirects from Shirley to Ann’s page. Seems to indicate that somewhere back in time, that wiki page also believed her name was Shirley.

      The Shirley Dunham who got her SS# in Washington state, just like “Ann”, is also interesting. She died in 1975. Was born the same month that “Ann” supposedly was born (it’s very odd, lots of events in that entire family happen in November), except a year earlier. Many events in the life of SADOS (Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro) have an odd discrepancy of about a year, at least in earlier stories. Nobody REALLY knows for certain when she graduated from Mercer Island High School. They say 1960, but going by the date of birth given by her family, she should not have graduated until 1961.

      The Shirley Dunham you found at is also in the LDS SSDI, and she died, it says, in 1975. There are some who suggest that Obama’s mother did die in the 1970s, which may explain why he was sent to Hawaii to live with SADOS’s parents. Maya, the other child, lived with HER grandparents, Lolo Soetoro’s parents. That also suggests that possibly the mother was deceased. Just more things that don’t add up.

      Anybody who’s done genealogy work knows that there often are discrepancies in records, such as children being listed by their middle names or nicknames, dates of birth varying in census records, etc. But the sheer number of “discrepancies” in this family, coupled with the near absence of documentary evidence, seems like a red flag.

    • California Death Records
      9,366,786 records from 1940 thru 1997

      Last Name First Name Middle Birth Date Mother Maiden Father Last Sex Birth Place Death Place Residence Death Date SSN Age

      DUNHAM SHIRLEY J 11/04/1941 F WASHINGTON SACRAMENTO 01/16/1975 539-38-1493 33 yrs

      • I just found a Texas marriage registry (via search) with a SHirley A Dunham marrying Clifford McClease in August, 1980, later divorcing in August 1992. They list her age as 37 and her dob as “abt 1943”.
        Just another curiousity, has anyone come across that record before?

  20. The untold story of Obama’s mother
    June 17, 2011

    Barack Obama’s [ Images ] mother was a truly unusual person, a woman with a curiosity, a keen intellect, and an internationalist orientation much ahead of her times, says B S Prakash after reading A Singular Woman

    Hitherto many knew a bit about Obama’s papa, but less about his ma. One reason is Obama himself. In his moving book, completed even before he had became a US senator, let alone the president, titled Dreams from my father, Obama had told the story of his dad: an intelligent, charismatic and proud Kenyan who had gone back to his country after fathering Obama, and who had died in Africa much before Obama started rising.

    B S Prakash is India’s [ Images ] Ambassador in Brazil [ Images ] and can be reached at

    • Gag me with a chapati.

      Playing catch up yet again, for some reason, today, WND links on their front page to this old story we hashed and rehashed long ago:

      • The good people of Kansas would appreciate this line: “Ann came from a very ordinary white family from Kansas, a relatively backward part of the US.” A native of INDIA says that about KANSAS. Relatively backward compared to where? Hawaii? Chicago? THIRD WORLD INDIA? Please. Compare and contrast.

        Should be no surprise because even our POTUS has the same attitude towards flyover country. We’re just a bunch of rednecks who cling to guns, religion, and xenophobia because, gosh durn it, we don’t know no better.

        Why is she “Ann” throughout and not Stanley Ann? I REALLY do now have to wonder whether this author read Barry’s first edition and not the revised version that came out once he decided to reinvent his reinvented biography. Oh how I would love to know if the first edition EVER called her Stanley. In another story this guy wrote, linked from that article, he doesn’t even call her Ann–he just calls her, as Barry was so often wont to do, “his mother.” No name at all.

        This guy writes, “Obama has referred to himself as his ‘mother’s experiment’.”

        Huh? Would be interesting to learn the context. Experiment in the sense that she fulfilled that ideal when she told her high school friends that she didn’t have to marry to have a child; she could adopt?

    • This was probably the worst rehashing of Obama’s background that I’ve read. I only posted it because of the writer’s occupation. I wondered who his audience was or is.

      Dang you are funny today Miri! I thought of adding gag me after posting it..but never thought of “Gag me with a Chapati!” Hilarious!

  21. Reposting this for Kathy from an Open Thread.

    It Runs in the Family: Obama Mom’s Social Sec Application is Fake
    June 18, 2011 by Eowyn

    In response to a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) to the Social Security Administration for the release of Stanley Ann Dunham’s (Obama’s mother) application for a Social Security card (the SS-5 form), the following was released:

    Click form to enlarge

    At the bottom of Dunham’s SS-5 form is Stanley Ann Dunham’s signature and, to the left of the signature, is her handwritten date: May 22, 1959

    Below that is a printed line that ends with the month (July) and year (1965) when the SS-5 form was printed: Revised on 7/65

    Isn’t that odd.

    How could Dunham, in 1959, sign a form that wouldn’t be printed until SIX YEARS later?

    H/t ObamaReleaseYourRecords.

    • Time travel. 🙂

      Seriously, that’s a great catch. Yet no doubt an obot will tell us that the coding at the bottom of the form doesn’t mean the year. Silly us. It means something else altogether. Like maybe 7 out of 65 forms were revised. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      How stupid ARE these people? Did they have a cache of 1965 forms handy from when they were rigging up BHO Sr.’s records or Lolo’s or what? Got mixed up. Their bad.

  22. I have followed most of the comments regarding Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro…as well as collecting for YEARS info on that “Natural Birth Citizen” requirement rather than just a “Citizen” and have taken it into what S.Ann Soetoro was doing in Jakarta Indonesia in 1966-1976 working in the U.S. Embassy during the purging Genocide of the Communists Indonesians. The Vietnam War in progress and a 5-10 year old Barry was in a Muslim School registered as the Son of Lolo Soetoro (Muslim).. Seems to be a political chaotic situation…

    • Thanks for following Jack. Welcome, if you’re new here. Yes, it was a very chaotic situation and yet we’re to believe that Ann just traipsed on over there with a young boy in tow. Registered him in school and went about her merry way, teaching little kindergarteners to speak English. Or whatever.

  23. From this link above (in French)

    check out the wedding pics and note the boutonniere changes lapels…

    Michelle “le roc” de Barack Obama: En octobre 1992, Barack Obama a épousé Michelle Robinson, juriste originaire de Chicago rencontrée en 1989 dans le cabinet d’ avocat où il travaille et où elle est avocate associée.

    • Darin, welcome. You’ve given links to the same photo. Did you mean to send another? I don’t know what the name bracelet means. I can see the bracelet. Are you saying that it’s one of those baby bracelets that hospitals used to put on babies as id? There’s a specific type for twins?

      I wrote this post just to point out the curiosity that before Obama became relatively famous, his mother’s name was given as “Shirley” and not “Stanley”. Just trying to figure out WHY and why they changed it later on to “Stanley” or to “Ann”.

  24. there is a baby pic of SAD that shows her wearing a “name” wrist braclet used for twins- You can click on the other link i sent and click the arrow and it shows the child pic i was talking about- Virginia Goeldner said anna died in 1970. this would make barack around 10 years old to go and live with his grandmother- If you look at all “so called SAD pics” you will notice that they all differ just alittle bit- one has short curley hair and a crooked tooth, and the other has long streight hair and streight teeth– im suggesting that madelyn had twin girls and named them Ann and Anna..

  25. also on the family photo of the child SAD i posted above at link, the photo is to small in size – it should be wider- Is there another child not shown due to downsized of the photo?

  26. If you look at the girl on the left of SAD -the first link i sent you, that seriously looks like a twin to me, not identical but close. I had several peeps look at it and they said the same as me — “thats a twin”.

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