The Obama Family Saga Continues

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Our Teleprompter in Chief

More and more  Obama stories are being scrutinized and leaked onto the internet.  Photographs  accompany these stories  in an attempt to give the people and their activities some credibility.  These photos represent the  newest  family members, associates,  and their accomplices in this high-profile drama of  mysteries, conspiracies, treachery, and cover-ups.  These are some new and old faces that are part of the latest  chapters in the Obama’s  Faux Drama.   The mystery of these people, their connections, and the parts  they play in this real life saga are being discovered and uncovered.

Five of the photos below  are from a CNN video that is very recent.    It can be viewed at:

Others are  a collection of new and old actresses and  actors.     We can only wonder  how much  they have been paid to play or are playing to be paid?  The one thing we do know is that they are all cashing in Hey, that would be a great name for a new book, “Cashing In”!


Barack H. Obama Sr. CNN

Dead.  Was He Murdered for his Socialist politics?  The Family Thinks So!  Will a “family” member write the sequel, “Like Father, Like Son?”


Ann Dunham Soetoro and Lolo


Lolo Soetoro and a head of the mannequin Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro. Good grief, who is the “artist” for these fine photos?   I did lighten the photo so her attachment to the body could be seen.


Mark Obama Ndesandjo CNN

He has gained notoriety with his  autobiographical, fictional tale about his father that he and Barack share genetically.    Barack had dreams about his father,  Mark had nightmares!    The two “brothers” met each other just a couple of years ago?  If you ask them, they have different recollections as to when that happened.   They must get together to get their stories straight! Mark lives in China with his wife. Why?  He hasn’t told anyone his wife’s name.  Now that is weird.

Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo and Wife (unknown name)

Somebody put that photo together.   Mrs. Ndesandjo looks like a young girl, doesn’t she?  …if it really is his wife.


Joseph Ndesandjo c 1999

Joseph lives in Texas, but he says he isn’t related!  (He might be telling the truth, and chose not to get mixed up in the drama.   Perhaps he couldn’t be bought!)  Unfortunately, there isn’t another Ndesandjo living in the entire U.S.A., so  where is he from?   He doesn’t care to discuss it.   More peculiar is that their  mother,  Ruth,  who shares the same maiden and married name, doesn’t have any living relatives in the U.S., and yet she allegedly is a native American.   Ancestors with that surname can’t be found in any census or database.

These are believed to be Barack Obama Sr., Ruth, David and Mark. CNN

Genetics at work..a light and a dark child. If that is Barack Sr., one wonders what type work he was doing at the time of the photo.  He appears to be dressed as a hospital orderly, or a veterinary assistant.   Where was he working?


Mark and David Obama

Or David and Mark.  Is this a composite photo?

David is dead or is he?

David Ndesandjo - at a "Transparency" International Meeting

Photo shows him to be quite alive!  Perhaps the photographer wasn’t aware the guy was just a vision.  But photographs can’t capture ghosts or can they?


Believed to be Ruth and Mark Obama Ndesandjo CNN

Why so much of a dark shadow between their heads?  This is part of Mark’s “scrap” book that he was showing during his interview on CNN.  I assumed it was his mother and him, but who knows?

Believed to be Ruth and Mark Obama Ndesandjo CNN

My, my, my what long, long fingers you have Mama!

Ruth B.? Obama Ndesandjo Nidesand or?

Ruth "B." Obama Ndesandjo 3rd wife of Barack H. Obama Sr.

Is this the older version of Ruth above?

Mabel Morris Hefty - a Favorite Punahou Teacher

There’s Something About Mabel!  Who does Mabel resemble? Mabel is dead.

Mabel Morris Hefty 1978 in Kenya


Grandma Sara with her brand new "Green" Solar Panel

Some very nice “green” environmental group equipped Grandma Sara Ogwell Obama with all new solar panels for her house.  Now she has a new house with running water, electricity, solar panels and cable TV!    She has it all over the other villagers!   Is this the Sara that is off to the Haj soon?  Or is it the younger  Dr. Sara that will be attending at the king’s request?  Will she bow to the King of Saudi Arabia too?


Grandmammy Sara


Sara Obama Getty photo



Uncle Saeed (Said) Hussein Obama, son of Sarah Obama, the Elder

Sara and U.S. Ambassador Michael Rannebager

U.S. Ambassador Michael Rannebager and  Sara Obama pose for a picture during the President Barack Obama anniversary celebration at Nyangoma Kogelo Primary School.


Ian Manners, Hawa Auma Hussein's husband, Kezia Obama, and Akinyi Manners

Auma Obama in an interview on Beckmann German TV

Half sister, daughter of Kezia

Auma Obama - As seen on her recent book tour

Dr. Auma Obama Manners  joins the other  Obama’s in writing a book.  Her book is in German, so we can’t read it to see if she describes her characters as fictional.   Let’s see, we will have books by Obama and Ayers, Maya, Mark, Auma, and I believe Sarah as well to compare.   One of them is saying Barack Obama  Sr. was murdered and that he wasn’t killed in an auto accident.  Why are they bringing this up 30 years later?    What details will they provide?  I wonder if they have hired Bill Ayers to coordinate the details!  Were their lives that interesting before their relative gained prominence?   Will they write a book explaining how they were roped into being relatives after the trials?   I can’t wait to see the scandals erupt! …But that’s another story!  Also, Auma is referenced as a half sister of Barack Obama Jr. in some articles and as aunt in others.  She is the daughter of Kezia Aoka Obama and was Barack Obama’s first tribal wife.

Abo Obama, Half brother of Barack Jr.

Not much is known about Abo Obama or Bernard Obama.

Bernard Obama, half brother of Barack

Bernard Obama, born in 1970,  supposedly lives in Kenya, but was found in Bracknell, UK where his mother, Kezia, was living in a council house, in other words,  “public housing.” He was said to be 37 in 2008.  He may be the son of Kezia, but not the son of Barack Obama Sr.   Kezia was separated from Barack Obama Sr., and he might be the product of  another  liaison, although BO Sr., treated him as his own.  He works as an auto parts supplier in Kenya.  

George Obama, half brother of Barack

George lives in a hut and works with the “downtrodden” in Kenya.   He exists on $12 a month.  Barack has offered no monetary support.   Perhaps he should write a book too. It is believed that George is the product of BO Sr., and his mistress Jael Otieno. Jael is called Barack Obama Jr.’s stepmother, but it is unknown if  the couple married or if he died prior to the marriage.

Madeline Payne Dunham

RED becomes her, don’t you think?   Dead.



Senator Obama campaigning for his "cousin" Raila Amolo Odinga

Aya Soetoro?

This lady was linked to the Soetoro family.  Perhaps someone can remind me of her importance.

Roman Obama Ekua

This is the stranded attorney that was a law student in Moscow in 1981, who is now an African government official.  His surname became Ekua after returning to Africa.  This is a newer version/portrait of the man.  His plight was originally published in the newspaper requesting money to get back home after the Russians stopped supporting him and other students.   Funny, that attorney was born the very same year as Barack Obama, and he was one of the lucky ones to study Marxism in Russia on their dime or ruble. He has dozens of pictures of himself on a website much like Facebook.  All posed, as are his many “friends.”  No messages,  just photos.


"The Chicago Four" Obama, Jessee, Blago, and Rezko

A look into the “near” future?


We are always adding photographs to our gallery, so check back often!


Additional Mugshots:


What say u? Same person or not?

Will Obama’s Real Daddy Please Come Forth?

“Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly


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  1. The Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage: Mrs. Russell Sage, 1828-1918 Digital Collection – The Auburn University Digital Library Margaret Olivia Slocum (Mrs. Russell) Sage

  2. Axelrod name is a tag to this post Miri ? That name coming up across the hall also.




    On July 26 when Tom Mboya of Kenya visited Senator Kennedy at Hyannis Port, the State Department, despite intervention by Mr. Nixon, had with finality turned down a request to provide an airlift for over 200 African students who had received U.S. scholarships.
    Senator Kennedy arranged for the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Foundation, established in the memory of his brother who was killed in World War II, to finance the airlift when other foundations were not prepared to do so. In order to keep this project out of politics, it was provided that no public announcement be made of the grant.
    After the Kennedy Foundation had decided to provide the money and just before the meeting was held to make final plans, Mr. James Shepley of Mr. Nixon’s office, learning of the Kennedy Foundation action and intervening with the State Department on behalf of Mr. Nixon, achieved – in a matter of hours over one weekend and one Monday morning – a reversal of the State Department’s long-established negative position. Mr. Shepley’s role in this has now been confirmed by the State Department’s answer to Senator Fulbright.
    The African-American Students Foundation, weighing the Kennedy Foundation’s interest in the whole project, the value of non-governmental financing, and the Government’s general hostility to the project but for Mr. Shepley’s last-minute efforts, decided not to reject the private foundation grant which had already been made. It urged the State Department to use the newly allotted funds to expand its own African scholarship program.
    The next day, after Mr. Shepley and the State Department had been informed of the decision to go ahead with the Kennedy Foundation grant, Senator Scott, a member of Mr. Nixon’s campaign board of strategy and of the Republican “truth squad,” announced and hailed the State Department grant, making no mention of the prior Kennedy Foundation action. Then the following day Senator Scott alleged that since his announcement the Kennedy Foundation had “outbid” the U.S. Government and “attempted to pluck this project away from the U.S. Government” for “blatant political purposes.”
    Even after the facts had been disclosed by Senator Kennedy and the African-American Students Foundation, and were acknowledged by Mr. Nixon’s office and by the State Department, Senator Scott went on nationwide TV to repeat and compound his wholly false charges.
    The following memorandum gives a chronological account of the facts in detail. The key facts are supported by the accompanying documents.


    Through the efforts of Tom Mboya of Kenya and the African-American Students Foundation, 81 students from Kenya were granted scholarships in the United States and a plane was chartered to bring them here.
    Repeatedly the State Department was asked to help finance this project and repeatedly it turned the project down. Copies of the correspondence on this are available from the files of Congressman Diggs. The money was raised by a direct appeal to the public.


    Continue’s @ Link ~

  4. I posted this to Renee on the Africa Part 2 thread on the research blog, I’m going to post it here as well.
    Leza | November 5, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    From the research I’m doing on Tom Mboya, it is clear that Obama Sr.did not come over on the Tom Mboya air lifts because he could not qualify for a visa for some reason to come into the United States. He came after the air lifts to Hawaii because at that time Hawaii was not considered a state.

    WHY was he not able to get an American visa to enter the United States???

    hummm….. Is Barack Obama even a real person??? I find NOTHING of solid proof a Barack Obama Sr. ever even existed in Africa.

  5. Though Obama Had to Leave to Find Himself, It Is Hawaii That Made His Rise Possible.
    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Page 4

    During his time in Hawaii, the elder Obama seemed adept at walling off various aspects of his life. He eventually told Ann about a former marriage in Kenya but said he was divorced, which she would discover years later was a lie. While the scene in the book includes two friends who were with him when he arrived late for a first date with Ann, few members of the snack bar crowd remember the Obama-Dunham relationship. Hal Abercrombie said he never saw them together. Pake Zane, who left the island for a spell in 1961, could not recall Ann from those days but had precise memories of Obama.

    Page 5

    On Feb. 2, 1961, against Madelyn’s hopes, and against the desires of Obama’s father back in Kenya, Ann and Obama hopped a plane to Maui and got married. No guests, not even family members, were there. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was born six months later in Honolulu.

    Ann, the earnest student, dropped out of school to take care of him. Her husband finished his degree, graduating in June 1962, after three years in Hawaii, as a Phi Beta Kappa straight-A student. Then, before the month was out, he took off, leaving behind his still-teenage wife and namesake child. He did not return for 10 years, and then only briefly. A story in the Star-Bulletin on the day he left, June 22, said Obama planned a several-weeks grand tour of mainland universities before he arrived at Harvard to study economics on a graduate faculty fellowship. The story did not mention that he had a wife and an infant son.

    Many years later, Barack Jr., then in high school, found a clipping of the article in a family stash of birth certificates and old vaccination forms. Why wasn’t his name there, or his mother’s? He wondered, he later wrote, “whether the omission caused a fight between my parents.”

    On his way east, Obama stopped in San Francisco and went to dinner at the Blue Fox in the financial district with Hal Abercrombie, who had moved to the city with his wife, Shirley. Abercrombie would never forget that dinner; he thought it showed the worst side of his old friend, a combination of anger and arrogance that frightened him. Shirley was a blonde with a high bouffant hairdo, and when she showed up at the side of Hal and Barack, the maitre d’ took them to the most obscure table in the restaurant. Obama interpreted this as a racial slight. When the waiter arrived, Obama tore into him, shouting that he was an important person on his way to Harvard and would not tolerate such treatment, Abercrombie recalled. “He was berating the guy and condescending every time the waiter came to our table. There was a superiority and an arrogance about it that I didn’t like.”
    [Hal Abercrombie, who had moved to the city with his wife, Shirley. Shirley was a blonde] ummmm….!?!

    • By the time he was 6, Barry Obama was a hyper-aware boy with much to think about. His mother had returned to school at the University of Hawaii and had received a degree in what her family considered an unlikely major — math


        Recent comment on O Timeline about the odd discrepancy in reports about what her undergrad degree was in. Wait for them to next “explain” that she was such a genius that she had a double major. Alice Dewey, her teacher and mentor, however, doesn’t KNOW? Alice, who likely ghostwrote the thesis as Ayers ghostwrote the book? It’s all in the “fab fake family” with these folks.

        • DEWEY…knows all…on the other side..note those JOHN Dewey connections over there…

          • Alice and friends are over here too;
            The Shores Of Lake Wanderlust | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | February 11, 2012 at 12:30 am | Reply
            Dewey was born in Burlington, Vermont, to a family of modest means.[4] Like his older brother, Davis Rich Dewey, he attended the University of Vermont, from which he graduated (Phi Beta Kappa)[5] in 1879. A significant professor of Dewey’s at the University of Vermont was Henry A. P. Torrey, the son-in-law and nephew of former University of Vermont president Joseph Torrey. Dewey studied privately with Torrey between his graduation from Vermont and his enrollment at Johns Hopkins University.[6][7]

            After two years as a high-school teacher in Oil City, Pennsylvania and one teaching elementary school in a small town in Vermont, Dewey decided that he was unsuited for employment in primary or secondary education. After studying with George Sylvester Morris, Charles Sanders Peirce, Herbert Baxter Adams, and G. Stanley Hall, Dewey received his Ph.D. from the School of Arts & Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. In 1884, he accepted a faculty position at the University of Michigan (1884–88 and 1889–94) with the help of George Sylvester Morris. His unpublished and now lost dissertation was titled “The Psychology of Kant.”

            In 1894 Dewey joined the newly founded University of Chicago (1894–1904) where he developed his belief in an empirically based theory of knowledge, becoming associated with the newly emerging Pragmatic philosophy. His time at the University of Chicago resulted in four essays collectively entitled Thought and its Subject-Matter, which was published with collected works from his colleagues at Chicago under the collective title Studies in Logical Theory (1903). During that time Dewey also initiated the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, where he was able to actualize the pedagogical beliefs that provided material for his first major work on education, The School and Social Progress (1899). Disagreements with the administration ultimately caused his resignation from the University, and soon thereafter he relocated near the East Coast. In 1899, Dewey was elected president of the American Psychological Association. From 1904 until his retirement in 1930 he was professor of philosophy at both Columbia University and Columbia University’s Teachers College.[8] In 1905 he became president of the American Philosophical Association. He was a longtime member of the American Federation of Teachers.

            Along with the historian Charles A. Beard, economists Thorstein Veblen and James Harvey Robinson, Dewey is one of the founders of The New School

            NOTE* New School= PARSONS*

    • Shirley was a blonde and her last name is CARAWAY…spicy no ? Abercrombie said he was there when that baby was born too Leza remember ?
      I think she is actually named Nancy Caraway maybe ? hummm…looked into this before alot..smells ?

      • correction, I think Caraway is Neil’s wife. She is the spicy one but if she had a sister, Neil’s wife would probably be there right ?
        hummm…Is there a Shirley Caraway Leza ?

        • This may be slightly off topic, but I got to this info from the Keywiki page for Hal Abercrombie, which led to Barak Sr….then this article:

          which identifies him as a student at the “U.H. Afro-American Affairs Institute” which made me wonder if that was part of the East-West Center (with which he and Ann are always identified), WHICH forced me to look up the E-W center which got me here:

          Which confused me because it appears from this that my impression of the EWC as part of the University of Hawaii was incorrect? Was this anyone else’s belief? Also, note the picture of the “May, 1961” groundbreaking…isn’t that a little late, if A and B met at the EWC? Later in the description it does say the first student came from Pakistan in the fall of 1960, but I’m a little perplexed.

          • hummm…SEO, can you dig for a list of first students connected if you have time?

          • I’m finding some stuff now that suggests the initial idea came from the U. of H, and that they did administer the program but it looks like the funding didn’t even come through until, at the earliest, Nov, 1960. I’ve found reference to a couple of archived Time and Newsweek articles that talk about it (one dated July ’61) but I can’t get the whole article w/o a subscription and I’ll be damned if I’ll give either of those mags my money. I’m still searching, and will also see if there’s a list of original students somewhere.

          • My impression was always that the EWC was a project of the State Dept. Yes, the timing of the groundbreaking makes their story of them meeting at the EWC bull. BHO Sr. wasn’t part of the EWC. Lolo and Ann apparently were. I found that photo of BHO Sr. speaking at that event, before. We talked about it somewhere. I have a bunch of unpublished research about that ILWU. Longshoreman union. Communist affiliations.

          • At one time I had tons of information on East West center and it’s funding. It was also given a couple hundred of 600 thousand dollars by the Ford Foundation. Rockefeller contributed to it too. Thing is these Asia /Pacific relations were already going on and being funded by Ford and Carnegie and I think Rockefeller. THeir representatives were some of the first ones to have people teaching there. I wish I could remember to tell you how to find this stuff. Ford was already funding foreign Asia /Pacific cultural programs before the East/West center.
            Most information never says Obama was actually a student of E/W center but he was associated with students of the center. You got to remember too, that the Ford Foundation had a headquarter already established in Nairobi Kenya in a very prominent area of Nairobi. Don’t you remember how Ford was accused of influencing social/political agendas back as far as 1950’s.
            It may have been that even though groundbreaking for the EAst/West building wasn’t til May 1961, that there was already a program by 1959 and 1960 being funded at U of Hawaii. I do recall reading the courses taught at E/W and I feel sure they were for year or so before 1960. I feel certain of 1959……It was when I was looking for courses taught by Lefforge,because some of the linguistics teachers taught courses at E/W.

          • I couldn’t find your picks Miri, although I know you have them posted somewhere here, I remember seeing them. I found this that has the picture of Barak Obama at the Mother’s Peace Rally, from the ilwulocal142 website – (forgive me if a link has already been provided)

            Barak Obama at the Mother’s Peace Rally

            Newspaper clipping of the Mother’s Peace Rally


            I’m sure there’s a recording of that speech, buried somewhere.

          • More pictures – Barak Obama with “friends” at a party hosted by Arnie (Arnold) Nachmanoff former Secretary Of The Treasury

            Undocumented workers – UFDC Home – All Collection Groups

            Hon. Arnold Nachmanoff, Deputy Assistant Secretary for … Political Science and Center for Afro-American Studies … Roy S. Bryce-Laporte, Ph. D. Research Institute on …


            Interesting! Hon. Arnold Nachmanoff witness testimony starts on page 11.

          • you would think dear Ann, who’s wonderful hubby, who’s just getting ready to go to Harvard, would be so proud and be sittin out front and center of this rally wouldn’t you. Or was she already somewhere else? This guy if not Barack O.s father, no Way!

          • Leza, note in that pic “and Dorothy”
            Remember the swingers on the beach ? Dot and Lloyd ?

          • There was a post I read long ago about the wife of a Union leader in Hawaii that got divorced and went back here to the mainland after delivering him a very dark newborn. Let me find who I always thought he was.

          • He is with friends on the Hawaii post. NOTE* Gov Gray Davis too;

          • Maybe Breitbart can dig it up and put on a father/son film fest, when he reveals the videos of Barry in college.
            Smiley face was supposed to land here 🙂

          • Dot and Lloyd ?
            I remember Renee. I just haven’t had time to keep up with you, so I’m not sure where Gov. Davis links….I’ll try to figure out where your leading.

          • Gray
            Northern Trust/
            Sutton-Percy Sutton
            Muna Sutton-Gardenier
            King Hussein wife
            Remember now Leza ?

        • Well I’ve found one member of the inaugural class, besides Abdul Q Zia, who was the first.
          April 13, 2005Ambrose Ambrose, Ning Sastrodarmodjo, 67, died on April 3, 2005 in Vienna, VA. She was born in Radu Dongkal, Indonesia (Central Java), the daughter of Dawoed and Koestinah Sastrodarmodjo. She worked in the American Embassy in Jakarta. Indonesia and was a member of the inaugural class of the East West Center at the University of Hawaii. She volunteered at her children’s schools and was active in the Broward County Florida’s Children’s Home Society, the Coral Springs Public School System, and her children’s scholastic and sports activities. Ning was generous to everyone she met and had a zeal for doing things for others. She was a famous cook, party giver and renowned seamstress. Most of all, she was the lifelong partner of her husband, Mike, and a caring mother to three boys. She was deeply loved by all whose lives she touched. She will be greatly missed by those who knew her during her extraordinary life. She is survived by her husband, a brother, three sons, two daughters-in-law, three grandsons and dozens of cousins, nieces and nephews. Donations in her memory may be given to the Children’s Home Society of Florida, 401 NE 4th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. Memorial services will be held on Friday, April 22, 2005 from 1-4 PM at the Tournament Player’s Club at Eagle Trace, 1111 Eagle Trace Boulevard, Coral Springs, FL.

        • Leza, Gov Gray Davis-ENRON
          ENRON- Northern Trust
          Northern Trust- Joe Sutton
          Sutton= Percy as well as Muna Sutton Gardenier=
          Mrs King Hussein of Jordan
          Sheik-prince of Saudi= Percy Sutton
          Prince-Saudi=FOX News
          FOX news = new SUN scandal w/ Murdock..
          We could go on but fingers are tired….

      • Shirley L Caraway
        View Full Results Age:66

        Address: Click Here

        Location:Camano Island, WA, Bellevue, WA, Mercer Island, WA, Seattle, WA, Shoreline, WA

        Possible Relatives:

        Name Appears As:S Caraway, Shirley L Bell, L Caraway Shirley

        Not sure I know what you mean but here’s a Shirley caraway.There’s lots of em.

        • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I knew it Alf ! GREAT catch…ringing BELLs here…..

          • Location:Camano Island, WA, Bellevue, WA, Mercer Island, WA, Seattle, WA, Shoreline, WA

            Possible Relatives:

            Name Appears As:S Caraway, Shirley L Bell, L Caraway Shirley

            Mercer Island not connected to alot of them Alf but this one ? Coincidence Miri ? Miri loves those Alfy…
            GREAT catch……

          • From Nancy Caraway Leza. Wife of Neil ..Gov of Hawaii.
            See, he has this long face that looks like others I have noted…just itches me…familiar in some ways to people I have read on…

        • Shirley L Caraway ???

          Caraway….where is this name coming from, just ask’in.

    • Maybe Hal didn’t like his arrogance but Shirley did? 😉 Did it occur to BHO Sr. that maybe Shirley’s blond bouffant is why they got a back table?

      Oh, if only we could peruse that “stash of birth certificates and old vaccination forms.” Birth certificates. Plural.

      • yeah, like maybe stacks of birth certificates!

      • Did it occur to BHO Sr. that maybe Shirley’s blond bouffant is why they got a back table?
        ROFL Miri. Of course he didn’t Miri, of course he had to ASSUME it was because of his race. But then again that is Hal Abercrombie’s version of the story. Always having to keep the race issue alive, and just when most Americans had put the issue so far into the past. Divide and concur.

  6. Property valuation of SE 100th Avenue, Mercer Island, WA: 3828 …

    Back to: King County, WA property tax assessment data, Mercer Island, Washington, … Buyer: MERCER INVESTMENT GROUP LLC …. Buyer: SHIRLEY L BELL

  7. Property valuation of SE 86th Avenue, Mercer Island, …

    Back to: King County, WA property tax assessment data, Mercer Island, Washington, …. Seller: ELIZABETH R BELL … Owner: CECIL L & SHIRLEY R NIELSON

  8. University of Washington Special Collections — Finding Aids …

    The University of Washington Archives include the permanent public records that document … Pliny L. Allen papers …. Shirley Asher papers …. Primarily records of the Herzl Congregation, Mercer Island, Washington … S. Leonard Bell papers …

    • Ok, Isn’t it cool when those names run together ?
      So special. Now Mark Thatcher’s wife left Africa and went home to Dallas. That is where Queen Noor is from too (Nieman Marcus connection there)
      That is also the home of H. ROSS Perrot as well as Mary Kay Ash;

      The Renee | February 13, 2012 at 10:29 am | Reply
      For Your Dining Pleasure | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | February 12, 2012 at 9:52 pm | Reply
      Desmond Tutu: Biography from – Similarto Desmond Tutu: Biography from
      Desmond Tutu , Activist / Clergyman Born: 7 October 1931 Birthplace: Klerksdorp , South … In line with Vorster’s decree, the seminary had been moved to Alice, a Western …… Dr. Thomas G. Gutheil went as far as to resign from the organisation

      Renee | February 12, 2012 at 9:54 pm | Reply
      The name Tutu, in his family’s traditional IsiXhosa language, means “ash.” His middle name, Mpilo, means “hope.” During apartheid he downplayed his specific ethnicity in favor of wider Black unity… He married the former Nomalizo Leah Shenxane, who goes by Leah Tutu, in 1955. They have a son, Trevor, born in 1956, and three daughters: Thandeka Theresa, 1957; Naomi, 1960; and Mpho (meaning “gift”), 1963… His authorized biography, Rabble-Rouser for Peace, by South African journalist John Allen, was published in 2006.

    • Woo, long list….but the Herzl name stands out for me…..Herzl was the Jew in the early writings on Zionism, the one who wrote the letter to or met with Lord Rothschild, on trying to set up a state for the Jews.
      Plus all or lots of these archives look to be some of the early first drove of jews which were fleeing Russian,Poland,the Baltic states and went to Canada and places like Seatle…Wa. State. I notice lots of Sephardic jewish aarchives….being some of the early jews to come. Some went to Central and S. American countries ,then to US. and Canada. Just interesting that this all looks to be concerned with Jewish stuff.

      • REALLY Alf ?

        the Herzl name stands out for me…..Herzl was the Jew in the early writings on Zionism, the one who wrote the letter to or met with Lord Rothschild, on trying to set up a state for the Jews.


    • “Presented here for the first time…” OMG. ROFLMAO. Egos, supreme.

    • I really liked this guy,Penbrook’s article. Best so far to explain what happens in hawaii births. Hey up above Leza and Renee, are ya’ll laughing at my sunday night post or congratulating me. Leza says….your nightly glass of wine before posting…Is that what you assumed after my Herzl statement. I can’t tell really, anyway I had no wine last night, but I am still under the weather. Thanks for the “cheers” anyway if that’s what you meant.

  9. I am not related to barky.

    yeah, i can see that.

    next of kin in my book.

  10. Not necessarily part of this thread, but looking for ILWU info I ended up on the AFLCIO website and this was one of the nicer message posts:
    “Did you see the video of Syria killing innocent people last night on TV . Well if people keep electing republicans that video will be the republicans killing innocents in the USA before long. It may be your body being carried out of the street one day soon . Vote democratic for president , house /senate , lets put a stop to this killing now.
    Republicans , corporations and Catholics are not people.”

  11. Alfy, about that nightly glass of wine…. they are only razzing you because of how you started out typing just fine, but then, later changed and mixed it up a little, with mostly upper case and a few lower case thrown in… they are just razzing you because it looks a little silly, like as if you had started to feel a glass a wine a little.

    But all in jest. And all in good fun.

    And I am a little thankful for both your post and the jesting about it…. all of what has been going on with our government has truly effected my spirit, which means.. they are winning, doesnt it?.

    Im resorting to prayer. Not much else I can do,…. only got one vote, unlike a lot of others in my state. .. sigh……

    Today, in honor of Saint Valentine…….
    “He was arrested and imprisoned upon being caught marrying Christian couples and otherwise aiding Christians who were at the time being persecuted by Claudius in Rome. ”
    Perhaps as a Christian, I should pray for the protection of Christians and all being persecuted right now…..

    But most of all… Ive been praying to Saint Michael….the archangel who fights evil..

    It seems to me that satan is getting pretty bold lately, coming out in the open…. great grammy show, wasnt it?…

    Saint Michael is recognized by the jews of the old testament, :
    “great prince who stands up for the children of your people”
    In the new testament…. ” and.. “it was Michael who rescued Abraham from the furnace into which he had been thrown by Nimrod (Midrash Genesis Rabbah xliv. 16)”

    In Christianity of the new testament :
    “Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan”.. (good to know)…and “In the 4th century, Saint Basil the Great’s homily (De Angelis) placed Saint Michael over all the angels. He was called “Archangel” because he is the prince of the other angels.[24] Into the 6th century, the view of Michael as a healer continued in Rome, “… So, he fought evil, was a healer, also the angel of death, giving each soul a chance to redeem himself at the hour of death….and guardian of the church….

    in early protestantism…
    .”scholars identified Michael with the pre-incarnate Christ, basing their view, partly on the juxtaposition of the “child” and the archangel in Revelation 12, and partly on the attributes ascribed to him in Daniel.[38]

    Jehovah’s Witnesses:
    See also: Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs about Jesus
    Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that there is only one “archangel” in heaven and in the Bible. They teach that the pre-human and post-resurrection Jesus and the Archangel Michael are the same person, saying: “the evidence indicates that the Son of God was known as Michael before he came to earth and is known also by that name since his return to heaven where he resides as the glorified spirit Son of God.”

    Seventh-day Adventists:
    Seventh-day Adventists believe that Michael was another name for the Word-of-God (as in John 1) before He became incarnate as Jesus. Archangel (meaning “Chief of the Angels”) was the leadership position held by the Word-of-God as Michael while among the angels. Michael was the Word-of-God, not a created being, by whom all things were created. The Word-of-God was then born incarnate as Jesus.[42]”

    Latter-day Saints:
    “Latter-day Saints believe that Michael is Adam, the Ancient of Days (Dan. 7), a prince, and the patriarch of the human family and that Michael assisted Jehovah (the heavenly form of Jesus Christ) in the creation of the world under the direction of God the Father.[48][49][50][51]

    and even in the Qur’an:
    Michael (Arabic: ميخائيل, Mikhail ميكائيل, Mikael ), is one of the two archangels mentioned in the Qur’an, alongside Jibreel (Gabriel). In the Qur’an, Michael is mentioned once only, in Sura 2:98: “Whoever is an enemy to God, and His angels and His messengers, and Jibreel and Mikhail! Then, lo! God (Himself) is an enemy to the disbelievers.”[14] Some Muslims believe that the reference in Sura 11:69 is Michael, one of the three angels who visited Abraham.[14]”

    So, I figure if we all prayed for him to intercede in something as benign as the term “world peace”… then, I believe we’ve all got our basis covered.

    I figure theres nothing else I can do until I can vote, and then only once. But I CAN pray, .. and dedicate my God given talents to it. Going to go back to painting religious art.

    Happy Valentine’s Day all.

    • Alfy, about that nightly glass of wine….

      That’s all Valley Girl, just razzing Alfy, all in fun.

      Keep your shoulders pulled back and your chin up high Valley Girl, one way or another God will see us through, good always wins over evil 🙂

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Hey Valley Girl, I thought it was something like that. I had no Idea I posted half of that in CAPITALS!. No wine,just sheer accidental.
      I didn’t know Valley Girls prayed so muchy. Keep it up , we’re going to need all the prayers everybody’s got. I didn’t realize Valley Girls voted either. Just punnin.
      On a lighter note…..this is my Valentine to all who blog here. The more weird things get I just thought I’d remind everyone that things haven’t changed that much maybe…. I just thought I would send some gushy kisses and ComRadical hugs yawz way. I won’t be doing that too often as I am not usually very touchy feely.
      ….I like this song for my Valentines to all our Bloggin Good Buddies. I like to think that we’re COOL, WILD ThinGS……on an important journey, I love this song..Hope ya’ll do to. Happy ValeNTINE’s …

    • VG, I decided a long time ago to live each and every day with no regrets, live my life the best I can make it and say thank you for every sunrise.
      I decided to give love to those around me and to give with a warm hand to my family. All we have really is memories so I try to make them special as much as I can. I value all of those here and their opinions. I deeply value close friends. I dare ask for more ? Every day we wake up and see the sunshine we are lucky. I never take anything for granted. The human spirit is beautiful and very strong. I have deep faith in the common kindness of others and feel comforted by the fact that we all pretty much want the same things in life.
      When I feel troubled about what I read or see these days I think of these things. They get me through. I just trust and drive my car in the sun with the sun roof open and the music blaring and pray for our world. People are strong. Keep the faith.

  12. I was not sure which thread I should place this. It’s going to be long so you can get the jest of it. Your welcome to cut it down if you like, did we know about this? I came across it researching. Does this explain how so many of the Obama’s (including Obama Sr.) got here, and never returned? (hope this is understandable, in a hurry. But I wanted to get it posted)

    Zambezia (1981), IX (ii).

    Information Office, University of Zimbabwe

    THE UNITED STATES, in conducting her foreign policy, developed foreign aid strategies which were geared towards realizing the goals and objectives of that foreign policy. Implicit in these strategies was the idea that foreign aid was necessary to ensure not only the rapid development of recipient nations, but also a certain type of development. Thus while the Point Four strategy (created in 1949) aimed at the ‘know-how’ approach to rapid development, the Development Assistance strategy (created in the early 1960s) aimed at developing the human resources by introducing new attitudes, values and institutions in the recipient

    In this article I will focus on that aspect of the Development Assistance programmes which aimed at providing, through the scholarship programmes which were organized in the 1960s, highly skilled manpower who would play a role in the modernizing process. Among the programmes were those sponsored by AID (Agency for International Development) such as the African Scholarship Program of American Universities (ASPAU) in 1961, the African Graduate Fellowship Program (AFGRAD) in 1963 and the Inter-African Universities Program (INTERAF) in 1967, and the Southern African Scholarship Program (SASP) in 1961 sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State.

    These African scholarship programmes were perhaps the most important American contribution to African higher education. They were created at a time when the universities in Africa were not in a position to train adequate manpower.

    They recognized the lack of highly skilled manpower in the African nations by ‘enskilling people’.1

    My intention in this article is not so much to describe these programmes as to explore and analyse their development in the light of the ideology of American educational aid. I will show that these programmes were created in response to a concern wider than the mere training and provision of highly skilled manpower.

    This will be done in three stages. First I will analyse the motives of the United States in creating the scholarship programmes. Second, I will analyse the unique historical circumstances leading to the creation of each programme and the accomplishments of each programme. Finally, I will discuss the place that these programmes had in the overall ideology of American educational aid.

    1 A, Lepawsky. ‘Enskilling people”. International Development Review (1961), III, iii. 16—22.


    In order to understand the motives behind American involvement in the scholarship aspect of development assistance, it is necessary for us to examine the international political scene at the time of the onset of African independence in the late 1950s and the 1960s. Several factors were at work. To begin with, the colonial powers were ‘leaving’ Africa, at least politically. By giving up their political power in the African colonies, they opened wide the doors for such non-colonial powers as the United States and the Soviet Union to move in and fill the vacuum.

    Second, the colonial powers left the colonies with hardly adequate qualified manpower to take over their operation effectively. The few universities they created and left behind were exclusively elitist institutions whose output hardly met the manpower needs of either public or private sectors.

    Third, the colonial powers, despite their elitist institutions, could not ‘quench the Africans’ thirst for knowledge‘.2 The colonial university colleges catered for a very small percentage of qualified students, leaving thousands of students unable to get a university education. This point is significant in that we have to recognize that it was the colonial powers who left a legacy which equated a university education with success. A university education, indeed, became a passport to a good job and a good life. Consequently, more and more students strove to obtain that passport for themselves.

    These three factors were influential in attracting American as well as Soviet interest in Africa. The two powers shared the image of being clean-handed as regards the possession of colonies, America posing as the first rejector of British colonialism, as was noted by Arthur W. Hummel, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in charge of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, in 1965:

    the United States now has a better opportunity than any other nation In the world to influence the future trends of African development. We
    have no record of colonial domination in Africa, and therefore there are no residual antagonisms rooted in past unpleasant relationships to
    condition attitudes against the United States.3

    As for the Soviet Union, the works of Lenin against colonialism, especially his Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, could be cited4 as evidence of Russian disinterestedness.

    Both powers recognized the need to assist the new African nations by providing facilities for the training of highly skilled manpower needed in the development of these nations. Both powers recognized the presence of the thirst for 2 J. Okello-Oculi, ‘Motives of foreign scholarships: The race for Cold War infiltration of African polities’, East African Journal (1967), IV, vii, 16. 3U.S. Congress: House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Subcommittee on Africa, African Students and Study Programs in the United States.

    Report and Hearings, pursuant to H. Res, 84 (89th Congress) (Washington, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1965), 141. 4 Okello-Oculi, ‘Motives of foreign scholarships’, 16.

    N. T. CHtDEYA 139
    education and, like Good Samaritans, they offered scholarships which were grabbed without hesitation. But we should also bear in mind that since the Second World War a Cold War has existed between the United States and the Soviet Union, a state of affairs which has been a key element in international relations. The United States sought to contain the spread of Communism by making her presence felt through foreign aid programmes not only in the nations of Europe and the Far East, but in the new nations of Africa as well. Thus it can be said that American scholarship programmes for Africans were created more as a challenge to Soviet interests in Africa than as a humanitarian interest in the development of the African nations.

    Ashby appropriately termed the late 1950s and the early 1960s a period of the ‘scholarship invasion’ of Africa, an expression which is indicative of the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union for influence in Africa.5

    Indeed the scholarship programmes were initiated precisely because they entailed not only the transfer of skills and knowledge to the nationals from the new African countries. They also meant an exposure to the values, norms, and practices of the donor nations. It was not only an exercise in the provision of substantive skills, it also included an inculcation of the attitudes and values. Baer makes the point that the African students were viewed as the proto-elites of their emerging nations, to be trained and then to assume positions of authority within their newly independent countries.6 Thus, indeed, these programmes were bound to influence the future leaders of Africa. As Mazrui writes: ‘the skills and intellectual habits that the students acquired in the course of their training in the United States are bound to have some kind of cumulative influence on certain aspects of national life in their own countries’.7 The first major effort began with the Kenya student ‘airlifts’ and the Nigerian-American Scholarship Program in 1959, which led to such AID sponsored programmes as the ASPAU in 1961, AFGRAD in 1963 and INTERAF in 1967, and at about the same time that ASPAU was created the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs started a special programme, SASP. This historical analysis will deal first with the AID programmes, followed by a discussion of the SASP,THE KENYA STUDENT ‘AIRLIFTS5

    American participation in the scholarship invasion began with the student ‘airlifts’ from Kenya organized in part at the urging of Tom Mboya, a Kenyan trade union 5E. Ashby, Universities: British, Indian and African (Cambridge MA, Harvard Univ. Press,
    1966), 270. 6 K.L. Baer, African Students in the East and West, 1959-1966: An Analysis of Experiences and Attitudes (Syracuse NY, Syracuse Univ., Program of Eastern African Studies, Paper 54, 1979),preface. 7A.A. Mazrui, ‘The functions of anti-Americanism in African political development’, Africa Report (1969), XIV, i, 12.

    140 AMERICAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMMES FOR AFRICAN STUDENTS leader. Mboya’s rationale for seeking American assistance was that the University College of East Africa was not in a position to provide for the manpower need. Between 1957 and 1958 the college had produced only 76 graduates.8 In response to Mboya’s requests some American private concerns hastily arranged for some Kenyan students to come to the United States. Organizations such as the African American Students Foundation 9 and the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation 10 provided the funds for 81 students in 1959 and chartered four planes to bring an additional 288 students in I960.11 These early efforts were largely ill-conceived. Most of the African students who came were not ready for college work and some of them were sent to some mediocre American universities and colleges.12 Nonetheless, the fact is that this was the first large-scale American scholarship programme and that it was consistent with the rise in American interest in African affairs at the time.

    As in the case of the Kenya ‘airlifts’, a major effort for getting assistance for Nigerian students was carried out by private concerns and at the urging of African leaders. The provision of American scholarships to Nigerian students was a result of the 1959 discussions between Stephen O. Awokoya, Nigerian Federal Minister of Education, and David Henry, Director of Admission at Harvard College. These discussions focused on the scarcity of highly skilled manpower in the African nations south of the Sahara. In the case of Nigeria, there was only one university college at Ibadan, Awokoya expressed his wish to send some Nigerian students to the United States. As a result, Henry agreed to arrange with a number of American universities and colleges to admit the students and give them tuition scholarships.

    Awokoya agreed to get the Nigerian Government to pay the travel costs and Henry arranged with the Education Testing Service at Princeton, New Jersey, to provide some tests for screening the students and, with the ‘Experiment in International Living’, a private organization, to provide orientation for the new students. He also persuaded the African American Institute, which had an office in Lagos, to agree to be the administrative agency for the programme and also to play a major role in the selection process. Thus began the pilot programme, the Nigerian-American Scholarship Program, which selected and sent some 24 students to 24 participating 8 See T. Mboya’s Freedom and after (London, Deutsch, 1963), ch. 7; see also his article, ‘African higher education: A challenge to America’, Atlantic Monthy (1961), CCVIII, 23-6.
    9V. McKay, Africa in World Politics (New York, Harper and Row, 1963), 394.

    “The Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation contributed US $100,000.
    ” Ashby, Universities: British, Indian and African, 266. “Ibid.
    “For details of this programme, see African American Institute, A Report on the African Scholarship Program of American Universities 1960—70 (New York, The Institute, 1971), 32-

    (Those are pages 1-4 Of the PDF above)
    It goes into more depth and is quite interesting. Also as it goes into more depth it explains how many of these people were never made to return to their own Countries.

    • Miri, I hope you have the chance to look this over before you leave for the day. TU 🙂

      • Leza, I skimmed it. It will take a longer time to read the whole thing. I seem to remember some of this, especially the part about Joseph Kennedy and it being “ill conceived.” It’s interesting that the Americans and Russians seemed to sort of stand down and cooperate on modernizing Africa. It’s also interesting that the people educated here were intended to go back and become “elites” in their countries. Boy, does that fit with BHO Sr.’s attitude. I’ll try to read the rest of it tomorrow.

  13. I also came across this again, and am re-posting it.

    “After Obama Senior had left Anne in Honolulu, he studied at Harvard, where he met and befriended Ruth. She afterwards followed him all the way to Home Squared. I assumed that Junior was either David or Mark, Ruth’s two sons whose names I no longer remembered. ”

    “I was more surprised when Obama Junior emerged, as if from the blue. ”

    Monday, November 1, 2004

    From Home Squared to the US Senate: How Barack Obama Was Lost and Found


    When Barack Obama Junior first visited “Home Squared” – Barack Senior’s native village in Alego in the early 1990s – they confronted him with the perplexing accusation: “You’re lost!” The words are English. Yet Barack Junior had never heard them in that context. For the idea they express is totally Luo.

    It is a literal translation of the phrase ilal – from the intransitive verb lal, to disappear or to be away for a long time without an explanation, and the transitive verb lalo, to lose something. In Chicago’s South Side, Barack Junior’s adopted home, they have a homely way of expressing ilal: “Long time no see!”

    But lal has a number of figurative meanings – to lose a line of thought, to deviate from the norm, to discard tradition. Simply by being born and growing up in America, Barack Junior had never been a Luo: He had lal.

    And yet – because ours is a fiercely patriarchal community – Barack Junior is a Luo by the sheer fact that Barack Senior was a Luo. Barack Junior was thus doubly “lost.” For, in important of ways, Barack Senior himself had for a long time “lost the way.”

    First, through classroom tutelage, he had imbibed the white man’s culture. It was in this sense that Abong’o (as Roy now prefers to be known) and Auma – Barack Senior’s children by his original (Luo) wife – had also “gone astray.”

    Educated in Germany and now a University of Nairobi lecturer, Auma was living in a relatively comfortable suburban home in Nairobi when Barack Junior came to Kenya. It was for this reason that she considered her Alego home to be “Home Squared. As we learned in the S.M. Otieno case, the Luo elite consider their urban residences to be mere “houses.

    Their real homes are in the countryside, where they or their parents were born. Which is why whenever one takes a vacation, one pronounces with great pride: “Adhi dala!” – “I am going home!” Auma preferred to give the two places equal significance. To which Abong’o quipped that, in that case, for Barack Obama Junior, Alego was “Home Cubed.”

    Finally, Barack Senior had lost his way by marrying a white woman – Barack Junior’s mother. This is the fate that he shares with James McBride, the black American autobiographer.
    I know that, elected to the Senate, he will not forget his people in Hawaii and Home Squared. Indeed, throughout the black world. Nay, throughout the whole world because – as Mwalimu Julius Nyerere used to say – all oppressed people of all colours ni Waswahili.

    This was perhaps why marrying a white woman didn’t bother Barack Senior. And there is much to be said for that woman’s own mental and moral courage that she was willing to join a black man whose world was as far away as the moon and in a country where such a marriage could prove opprobrious.

    There was, however, another white woman. That was why, when I first heard of Obama Junior, I assumed that he was Ruth’s son. Ruth was the wife I knew after Obama Senior came back from America and worked for Tom Mboya in the Ministry of Economic Planning.

    After Obama Senior had left Anne in Honolulu, he studied at Harvard, where he met and befriended Ruth. She afterwards followed him all the way to Home Squared. I assumed that Junior was either David or Mark, Ruth’s two sons whose names I no longer remembered.

    What I remember, however – and much of it emerges from Obama Junior’s book – was that Obama Senior’s marriage to Ruth was not a happy one. Like his father, although charming, generous and extraordinarily clever, Obama Senior was also imperious, cruel and given to boasting about his brain and his wealth.

    It was this kind of boasting that proved his undoing in the Kenyatta system – although, as he said, there was tribalism in it –and left him without a job, plunged him into prolonged poverty and dangerously wounded his ego.

    Like me, he was excessively fond of Scotch. In his later years, he had fallen into the habit of going home drunk every night. This was what forced Ruth to sue for a divorce to marry another friend of mine, a Tanzanian.

    Scotch, indeed, was what proved to be Obama Senior’s final undoing. Driving a car always excited him excessively.

    Obama Senior had had many extremely serious accidents. In time, both his legs had to be amputated and replaced with iron. But his pride was such that he could not tolerate “crawling like an insect” on the road. I was not surprised when I learned how he had finally died.

    I was more surprised when Obama Junior emerged, as if from the blue. I knew that Home Squared, Luoland, Kenya and Africa might soon be represented in the world’s most powerful council.

    In this way, Barack Obama Junior was not lost.

    Philip Ochieng is an editor with the Nation Media Group

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