A place for photos that are found yet are to  dark or small to see properly from their original source.    These are lightened, cropped, or enlarged.      They are saved as large photos,  but when they are transferred to WordPress,  they are compressed.    Those shown are as large as they can be after transfer.  This may or may not work;   click on the photo and see if the photo gets bigger.

Indonesian Family with Obama.

UPDATE:  Per Miri   6/1/11

The elderly lady is Lolo Soeotoro’s mother, according to Janny Scott, the woman who wrote a new book lionizing SADOS.   DO NOTE whose hand she holds. There are several versions of this pic in the book. In all, Barry is standing next to this lady, like a devoted grandson. Don’t you think?

ÿØÿà JFIF      ÿÛ „

Ali and Leza

Ann Dunham

This is a “Ducky” creation of her holding a duck.  Note her  arms by her elbows.  Then look at her neck.  Major discoloring between white and dark flesh.

From the neighborhood URL – Leza.  Same WTPOTUS  URL as above for discussion.

Obama’s Two Sized Hands.. original from Lame Cherry. This is lighter.  Skinny hand and club hand


Obama's Ear - image from 2008 Campaign FR

Recent Closeup of Obama's Ear

Neck indentation or scar is still visible. 

Body double or did he have an ear transplant?


How Could His Ears be Sooooo Different?



School Group Photo – Obama in the Circle

Check out the ears in this photo!

ÿØÿà JFIF   ` `  ÿþ LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 ÿÛ „

Is this Obama? From the UK’s Telegraph

Ever Seen Those Gums in Photos?


ÿØÿà JFIF  H H  ÿì Ducky     G  ÿÛ C 

Photographer named  his saved photo as “Moo Belly Bottom”

Bedbugs in Jakarta?

Photo Documentary regarding the  left’s Fashion Icon!

Tales from the Backside

BO needs a walk more than once a month.   It would do them both lots of good.

Michelle walking the dog, BO.

There are No Words to Describe This!

Is that a pickle in her pocket?

H/T Lame Cherry

BO and Step Grandma Sara - Grandma?

The Black dye job hides the gray and his real age!  He needed to look older and wiser at the Arizona Memorial.   Then he had to look youthful and in charge a couple days later.   Now it isn’t just his “in house” Chicago hairdresser that knows for sure!   Does he use Clairol?    What does he use to cover the huge scar?

Change is Good

Michelle says he doesn’t dye his hair..perhaps he colors it instead.  Then again, it might be a rinse. This made news on the MSM for a week? She also likes to say that he hasn’t smoked in a year.   You know how the Dems like to reinvent new definitions for words… and we certainly know that the Obamas never  lie…misspeak, yes, lie… never!

A photo from 1995  that is a still of a video that Ulsterman posted.  This shows Obama’s teeth. The darker version of the photo also shows him with a widow’s peak that he no longer has.    How can one change a hairline?

Obama in 1996 - Ulsterman photo

Obama 1996 Ulsterman- lightened to show hair and features

Look at the unusual  hairline and the curly hair.  A lazy eye? Ears are closer to his head.

David and Mark Obama

Who is this person?

Miki Booths Certificate of Live Birth - Hawaiian Long Form Photo:Tiffany LeRoux

From her Facebook:  A Genuine Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth.  Added yesterday. [April 6, 2011]

OBOT LIE EXPOSED. Here’s proof that you can still get a HI DOH long form BC. Next time an Obot tell you that you can’t – Shove THIS in their STUPID face!

As you can see there is no box for religion. Obots spinning the story that the birth certificate might have his religion as muslim and he doesn’t want that to come out. Bull-crap! Here’s your proof NO BOX For religion. That would be a violation of HI state statutes to ask one’s religion.

The Latest Photos from the New York Times and submitted by  “Friends and family of Stanley Ann Dunham.”

SAD  mag-24Obama-t_CA1-articleLarge

Stanley Ann Dunham in Borobudur in Indonesia, in the early 1970s.

Obama as a Pirate and his Mom with a Hand Injury in Hawaii

Stanley Ann also seems to have a skin disease from all that rubbing of her face.   And her poor whiter than white hand..

The previously unknown “Ruth” Beatrice Baker AKA, Nidesand, Ndesandjo etc.  Supposedly followed BHO I to Kenya after meeting him when he attended  Harvard.  Was her family’s last name really Baker or was it Kaplan?   We need a copy of this yearbook from Simmons to see if Ruth was indeed a real person.   Did Ruth really stay in Kenya running an elementary school?  Did Ruth really marry a Tanzanian man with the last name or Ndesandjo?  Who are her children and who was their real father?  Is Mark her real child or was he an orphan?  How about Joseph who lives in San Antonio, but says he is not related?

Ruth Beatrice Baker, 1958 graduation Simmons College, Boston. Source: Sally Jacobs

The elusive illegal alien, Omar Onyango Obama, AKA  Omar Okech Obama, Obama Onyango, who apparently skirted the US Immigration laws like his sister, Auntie Zeituni.  He attended an exclusive private college prep school, which became Buckingham Browne and  Nichols, in Cambridge, MA from 1963 to 1965.   It has now been found that he has a “valid” social security number.  How did he obtain it if he is not a naturalized citizen?  How did he escape detection or deportation for 40 years?  Did he get his social security card from the same place that his “nephew” got his?   Will ICE deport him, or will it be to dangerous for him to return to Kenya?  (His sister’s excused to remain on the government dole!)   Did he work for the immigration attorney Margaret Wong in a convenience store that she owns?

Omar Onyango Obama Source: Boston Herald.
More full blown color.

Obama’s African Family – November 2008

Obama Family - Africa - November 2008

Obama African Family - Nov. 2008

Simeon Ndesandjo, Ruth Beatrice Baker Obama Ndesandjo’s   “Tanzanian” husband.  He might be a member of the Luo tribe  and the Tanzanian nativity might be a cover. 

85 responses to “PHOTOS

  1. not really for publication –
    Just wanted to say, Good Job Bridgette 🙂 — I like the photo page idea with its own designated tab.

  2. Looks like barky wore his watch on his right wrist when he was with the Indonesian family.

    • That’s an interesting point, Papoose, because many, many “tales from Indonesia” go out of their way to mention that Barry Soetoro was left handed. Hmmm.

  3. Through his youth (according to the photos) o switched back and forth/right wrist left wrist re his watch. BUT Mark is also left handed and I think the hanging head child up above in that particular family martodihardjo photo is MARK — not o. O also lived there — so did Mark.

    • Yep, Ali. I agree.

      barky at age ten at the airport wears his watch on his left hand as he does when sitting on the lawn with Gramps aka “Pop”, and his so called biological mother, as he does today.

      They forgot to reverse his arms in the Indonesian Family picture.

      Wish we could find an Age Progression Expert to put this all to rest. Nip it in the bud.

      The baby in photo 1, the child in 28 and the toddler in 41 all seem to have the bite down on the lower lip syndrome.

      I am keenly interested in that Ms. Hefty… she is key.

      Who is Ruth Nidesand Ndedandjo/ funny that she drops off the radar and there is no such American personage from NY State with enough money to make Obamarama Sr. enjoy his nightlife. Funny, that all these “teachers” are just a a figment of our imaginations.

      barky’s semi auto biographical fairy tales are going to be his downfall in due time. He is so busted.

      That Kenyan BC submitted to TPTB, where does it stand as we blog?

      Wiki claims bogus potus was born in K’ hospital… prove it, wiki. Liars.

  4. F R A U D

    Academy Award: Best Actor in a Cheesy Situation

    he is sickening, I hope I live to see the day he’s arrested.

    • I swear there are two of them…I have looked at so many photos and watched his cheesy smile on TV, and never see those gums like this picture shows. His head gets fatter and skinnier as well as his hands too.

      I can’t remember that movie, but the president has a stroke, and they get a guy who runs an employment agency to act as pres. The first lady knows because she sees him in the shower and notes there is a major difference.

      It would be great to go back to the old fashioned punishment for treason..drawn and quartered. It is probably the worst kind of punishment that I have ever read about. I would be in the audience cheering.. not watching, but cheering!

      • The movie was “Dave”. It was a really funny movie. Scarry now though huh?

      • love your passion Bridgett, for the treason punishment.The tarred and feathered part would be nice too. Yeah, also that movie If Obama were cast in that one , I’d like to see it….She pulls back the shower curtain and there’s tinker toys instead of BALLs!

  5. Yep, B., the first time in my adult life I can truly understand how the peasants/ serfs/ slaves gathered and stood in throngs to see the gruesome end.

    I never understood the sadistic nature of people *the extras in epics* and how they stood there cheering with blood thirst and thumbs up.

    Yep, I definitely think he has a shadow understudy. The Wizard of Oz has a new meaning within a meaning to me… I’m a munchkin; toss the bucket of water; let’s dance in the street!

    Stocks and Bonds on County Corners should come back for the corrupt public servants. I’d love to toss crap at them. Just say no to plexiglass shields for these betrayers, these treasonous criminals. Spit.

  6. Bridgette, I think this photo thread is a great idea. Cudo’s
    Would you please add the photos from the Obama Family Saga Continues thread. Also, please add the photo of Ruth, I think in pink, taken during her one short interview. There are too many threads, I don’t know which ones it’s on.

  7. The Klingon War Bride grabbing her crotch in a pantsuit that doesn’t come close to fitting and WTH is that ‘protrusion’ in the aqua dress?

    I always believed she was a man, given Barky’s non-history with women.

    Hope my dinner stays put after looking at those photos. Thanks, Bridgette. I think :).

  8. i see that Baby David again.

  9. there goes that baby with the toddler again.

  10. Baby David LIVES!!!!! Tricks or NO TREATS!!!!
    YEP! YEP! YEP! Must we arrest 2 of um?

  11. Comment by mstngcindy at WND:

    “His legs are really dark in the photo with grandma, what is up with that?”

  12. Large photo….scott inoue & barry in 1969 ? stashed away …
    for 40 years… in his child home in Manoa …

  13. check out the lady in the top row.

    • LMBO Papoose…The over sized load needs a warning sign attached too her over sized load, flashing warning lights would not hurt also. Good lord! has that over sized load gone through a DOT for over sized permits. My guess is it is illegal 😉

  14. American Thinker catching up on photoshopped pictures of barky

  15. Picture of Ann with baby pirate Barry — that Ann is only about thirteen or fourteen. Fifteen, at the very most.

    • absolutely!

      • You know, it might just be the pic to start fb’ing with “BHO age 2 and his mom SAD age 13” and see if people catch it.

        • Good point. Remember, this photo below is supposed to be her at age 17-18, when she was a senior in HS, BEFORE giving birth to Barry. Now if he’s age 2 there in the “pirate photo”, then it’s 1963, so she should be 2-3 years older than in THIS pic:



          Compare and contrast. Where does she look YOUNGER?

          • Exactly. The outfit of the 20-ish mother of the pirate looks like a preteen outfit, also.

          • What is she holding? And where is her thumb?

          • OK. Here is a funny. So I crop just half of Ann with no head and nothing of any part of the pirate and search the image on google. Up comes “Obama Pirate”. What made me laugh,though, is under familiar images up pops this: HaHaHa. Thanks, google for the chuckle!

          • the pirate photo, if you blow it up a little, there appears to writing or letters on the left of Bo’s bag.??? Actually , thought this whole photo appears to have been done with a few photoshop tools……..the grass in the forground should be more in detail , yet it is almost smudged and also has been added and runs into the little sword, yet not possible. It just about appears as a two dimensional photo, with a short shadow under her arm and his hat, yet no shadows under her shorts or his pants near the ground where one would think the light woud be lessoned. I think this whole photo is of other people and just made to look like its Sad and BO.

            • If you just look at the shadow under her sleeve, as you pointed out, that entire green area looks like a photography shop backdrop. The shadow of her sleeve would not look like that if the grass were really where grass ought to be and not right behind her sleeve! Good eyes, alfy. Are those shadows caused by a flash on the camera, which is right in front of them? Look at the shadow cast by the left side of his hat. It’s the same story, just as you said: If that were really grass and not a backdrop right behind his head, the shadow wouldn’t look like that. And there’s no shadow on her blouse from the other side of his hat. Same story with the shadow from his fingers on his right hand. So if it’s a backdrop, as it appears to be, then why did somebody bother to photoshop “grass” around his feet and her knees? Look how bad of a job they did around his right foot. If it’s a studio portrait, then I suppose the photographer might have had astroturf or something for them to stand on, to make it look more realistic. But why? Why not just go outside with little Barry in his Trick or Treat outfit and snap a photograph, like most people would? Took me a while to figure out that those look like spooks (like Casper the friendly ghost) on his bag. My, what big flat feet you have, little Barry.

          • Alfy, the boy’s left arm has been painted out on his left arm, which can be seen easily when enhanced 800%. The mom’s hand is an unfinished photoshop attempt and her shorts go out real wide to be seen between boy’s legs. What would really be funny if all these years Dear Barry thought these were his real story photos and saw them for fakes about the same time everyone else did.

            • He looks like he has that creeping crud on his arms, like you can see on his legs in the Indonesia photos, where he’s sitting on the little wicker settee with his pinheaded baby “sister”.

          • oh, is that SAD with a half lower lip and slanted nose?
            All this time I thought it was Olive Oyl’s industry headshot!

            Funny how the one nostril is dark and then right below it the lip is so light it appears missing.

            • That’s is allegedly she. Note that she also got her nose and her teeth fixed, pre-pirate pic. Where’d that poor single mom get the dinero?

          • checkout how one lopsided eye smacks right up to her nose and the other bright eye is a mile away.

            She looks as though she’s ready to say, yes, Sweet Pea is my baby brother.

            Checkout the shading on her chin and neck.

            Then in pirate picture she looks like she has 6 digits on the caressing hand. Her legs are very tan. You’d think her face would be since its, presumably, October in Hawaii.

          • Oh by the way speaking of photos…I was checking out the wedding photos cause a few of those are probably photo shopped(or any choice of photo enhancement programs)for sure. So interesting that a couple would only have a few photos of their wedding , only ones with his mystery mother Ann and then one with Malik . But the one that, remember, the sorta cosmopolitan shot on the long settee, well unless there is some tradition of changing your corsage if you lay down, then there is no reason his corsage should have achanged from one side of your tuxedo. Check that one out. And then those columns where Bo and MO are posing in their wedding attire..look awfully familiar, like maybe taken at the same place where Mo attended a Rainbow coalition……the same marble columns??? I don’t know about that one;haven’t checked back.

          • check out the plaid pattern under her arm.

            • Don’t you love the way her hair follows the same arc as her earlobe? So fashionable. It looks like a wig. OTHERWISE, explain how in the “pirate photo” she has that nice silky-looking hair, but just a few years earlier it was like WIRE. That HS grad photo truly looks as if she’s facially deformed. The left side of her nose appears to go with the right side of her lips, and vice versa. And, yeah. One eye much closer to the nose than the other. Almost looks as if she had a stroke at such a young age. btw, what happened to the end of her right eyebrow? Looks as if it was missing and then drawn in. Bizarre on so many levels. Aren’t her upper arms rather LARGE in that pirate photo?

            • We’ve probably discussed this before, but it’s interesting that they changed that “essay” in February 2009 after publishing it at the end of January 2009. Here’s an interesting change:

              From: “In 1960 Dunham graduated from Mercer Island High School and moved to Hawaii. She briefly moved back to Seattle with her new baby (Barack) about 18 months later.”

              To: “In 1960 Dunham graduates from Mercer Island High School and moves to Hawaii. She will move back to Seattle with her new baby (Barack) the following year, but then return to Hawaii in 1962.

              18 months after her graduation from Mercer HS, in June 1960, would mean she returned to Seattle in DECEMBER 1961 (not September, when she allegedly was enrolled at U of WA.)

              I do suspect, however, that there was an even earlier version of this story (they probably changed the link) that said NOTHING about her coming to Seattle so soon after the kid’s birth. Remember that it was supposed to only be a “visit” with Susan Blake, who saw little pink Barry when “Ann” didn’t even know how to change diapers? This update to the story was likely modified AFTER we all pointed out the discrepancies, especially with the timeline. Remember Toutonghi, the babysitter, who “forgot” whether her own FIRST CHILD was an infant in diapers or a toddler in the terrible twos when she allegedly babysat that BIG BABY Barry? The babysitter, iirc, originally said that Barry was 7 months old when she babysat him (which would make it closer to Feb./March ’62, which would comport with their original story that Ann returned to Seattle in late winter ’61. However, there’s the evidence that she was enrolled in school the previous Sept., just a month after ALLEGEDLY giving birth in August 1961.) In addition, the babysitter said her own child was 18 MONTHS old at the time, that child was born in July 1959, so 18 months later would be … SURPRISE! December 1960/January 1961. But wait! That’s BEFORE BARRY WAS ALLEGEDLY BORN! This story was published in March 2009 (allegedly AFTER the other story was updated): (See the 3/30/2009 version. You have to roll down a lot to find the story.)

              “Mary Toutonghi who now lives in Soldatna Alaska, recalls Barack as a really alert baby, very happy and a good size. She does not remember him ever crying (although she adds she is sure he likely did but does not remember any undue fussing). She recalls as best she can the dates she baby sat Barack as her daughter was 18 months old and was born in July of 1959 and that would have placed the months of baby sitting Barack in January and February of 1962.” [NOPE! 1961.]

              Note that this is NOT the original version of the story. That story did NOT originally contain the information that Mary’s daughter was born in July 1959 (but unfortunately, I didn’t save the original version). That fact was discovered by Internet researchers, who put together the discrepancy from there. WND had a story about this, too, and later they just up and accepted Toutonghi’s explanation that she was mistaken about the age of her own daughter when she babysat for INFANT Barry AND she also claimed that she had NO PHOTOS from those days–days when she was a young FIRST-TIME mother. How many mothers do you know who have NO PHOTOS of their first-born children from their earliest days? The WND story UPDATED uses the SAME phrase: “as best she can.” The story says Toutonghi babysat Barry for only about 2 months. Somebody was not keeping their stories straight. Were they? We talked about this a long time ago:

              • They also added this whole paragraph:
                “Added Maxine Box, Dunham’s best friend in high school: “When she was younger she was comfortable in the setting of Mercer Island, [but] I think when she moved to Hawaii it opened new worlds for her. When she had the baby at 18, it must have been really hard, but I think once she realized she could handle it, she felt that she could handle anything” (Maxine Box interview).”

                Max, her bestest friend. The one we count upon to help invent the backstory for SAD.

                Originally, the story said:

                “Shortly after Barack was born, Dunham and her new son moved to Seattle. They lived in Apartment 2 of the Villa Ria Apartments at 516 13th Avenue E on Capitol Hill, and she enrolled at the University of Washington. But their stay was brief — probably less than a year — and in 1962 they returned to Hawaii. Not long after their return, the senior Barack Obama left to continue his education at Harvard, with eventual plans to return to his native Kenya with his family. Dunham felt otherwise and filed for divorce in 1964.”

                This was changed to:

                “Soon after Barack was born, Dunham and her new son moved to Seattle. They lived in Apartment 2 of the Villa Ria Apartments at 516 13th Avenue E on Capitol Hill, and she enrolled at the University of Washington. But their stay was fairly short — about a year — and in 1962 they returned to Hawaii. By this time the senior Barack Obama had left Hawaii to continue his education at Harvard, with eventual plans to return to his native Kenya with his family. Dunham felt otherwise and filed for divorce in 1964.”

                Is your head spinning yet? If she returned to Hawaii in 1962 after a stay of about a year, then when did she arrive in Seattle? What could be the EARLIEST date she might have arrived in Seattle if she went to Hawaii any time in 1962 after staying a YEAR in Seattle? So HOW could she have been enrolled in U of WA in Sept. 1961? Of course, the other discrepancy is whether or not BHO Sr. was STILL there in Hawaii when she and little Barry came “back” to Hawaii. WAS SHE EVER IN HAWAII BEFORE THEN?

              • On that old thread, I linked to this story:

                It bears repeating: Here’s a woman in the news for having her Obama yard signs vandalized. She’s active in Democrat politics. She’s an avid supporter of Barry. She’s IN THE NEWS. Being interviewed in September 2008. EARLY the very next year, she’s in the news AGAIN. She was BARRY’S BABYSITTER! However, just months before, she didn’t MENTION to the reporter that she just so happened to be not only a Barry supporter but also his babysitter when he was a little baby in Seattle! Or else we’re supposed to believe that she did mention it but the reporter didn’t think it newsworthy. What a surprise! This same reporter is cited as a source for the Seattle Chat Club story!

                • That link that Papoose just found for our O Timeline puts the date of when SAD returned to Hawaii as 1963! Good find, btw, Papoose. There’s stuff in there (unfortunately with no sources in some cases) that I didn’t know. Offhand, one item: The author cites the HOTEL where Barry stayed in Pakistan. How’d s/he know that?

        • Going by the pics, Ann was maybe fourteen when had baby which would put the baby born around 1957?? Old stuff. Old speculations. Round and round.

          • Wow 800%, I sort of wondered too about the left arm. But the main thing is the head on the body of Ann is just weird…..and the little guy’s ears appear added .
            Here’s one problem with going by the pictures and speculating anything about age or otherwise………You cannot use a LIE to support a truth and this photo is a lie ,so we can’t assume Ann was forteen, we can’t even speculate the person’s face we’ve been looking at is and Anne Dunham,and we expecially can’t say that Barry’s mother ever was Ann Dunham, really.

        • Looks like the hair is in pigtails — or hair added to photo.

          • I think they add hair to many of her photos. The headband helps A LOT with photoshopping that hair in. So the headband is put in, too, imho. Did she iron her hair back then to get those smooth shiny loose waves? I thought Ms. Dunham had coarse and frizzy hair. And not shiny hair, either.

  16. want to know what a former black panther thinks of Obama administration. This man served time because of Cointelpro back in the day. He does not come on in this video till 24:00 minutes in. Worth a watch ,forget anything you think you know about Panthers back then, that’s not the issue.

    • Hi alfy, meant to run in the other Day to say, i listened to this video soon after you posted it. thank you.

  17. yea, those wedding photos would be fun if you need some fun, brain-bending down time. its relaxing. hahahahaha

    i noticed the “case of the flip-flopped boutineer” when i first saw them. i thought maybe the photo was developed on the wrong side of the negative and then never went back to them as I was enjoying a snack. lol

    It was a great day in TUCC history, nevertheless.

  18. Read above & below the group photo 1959 isn … Angelo Codevilla?

  19. Bapak’s Mother

    The photo in the headline is circa 1968 maybe? Wonder when this photo was B’s Mom was taken?

  20. check out this photo. what’s she really looking at? the art of looking ahead when you’re not really.

    • I do feel for the kid and don’t want to pick on her. That said, her parents and live-in minder (aka Granny) have done an awful job instilling manners (aka grace, class) in the offspring. SINCE they are traveling the world on our dime and representing the USA, then the least they could be expected to do is pretend. Of all the Obamas, I find Sasha the most appealing, because she seems guileless. I’ve said that before. She’s no phony and she seems open and honest, from what I can tell by pictures. We don’t hear anything from their mouths. I haven’t a clue what either of them even sounds like. I imagine that, like other kids their age, they have better things to do on spring break than being hauled around the world. Has anyone ever said what she did to her hand? Maybe she’s in pain from it. The story says it’s an “apparently broken thumb.” Both girls should be schooled in body language (crossing the arms?), especially when We the People are paying from them to represent us around the world. Otherwise, they should just be left at home. We’re not supposed to talk about them. They’re supposed to be “off limits” EXCEPT when their parents want us to pay for their world travel and/or when they want to use them as props to show the Chinese how the Obamas allegedly value “generations”.

      “Michelle’s Travels”

      among the Lilliputians.

    • Scary! Horse teeth. What’s up with that? Is that a bridge? Look how much smaller the front teeth are, compared to the side ones. Yikes.

  21. link

    h/t Papoose and the Obama File

    SAD’s tax lien.

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