What Say U? Same Person or Not?

© Miri WTPOTUS 2010

Composite of Barack Obama Photos © Miri WTPOTUS 2010


Above is a composite of photos purportedly of the POTUS (with one exception).  These are photos taken at various stages of his life, in various settings.

If you click on the composite, you’ll see a larger composite image.  If you want to see the photos larger still, change the zoom level on your computer display from 100% to 200%, or more; however, the photos will lose resolution as they become larger.  You will have to enlarge to see the numbers I assigned to each photo.  Many of these faces were cropped from other images.  In some cases, cropped out of small snapshots or from newspaper images, all previously published online.

Since I’m not a photo-shopper, I beg your forgiveness for the amateurish appearance of this effort.  Please also forgive that somehow the aspect ratio of some pictures became distorted.  This composite was thrown together quickly, in order to satisfy my own curiosity about what appear to be inexplicable morphological differences.  Now that it’s finished, I’d like to invite you to look at it, to see what you think.  Pay close attention to the noses, teeth, smiles, chins, hairlines.  What do you see?  What do you think?

Note:  The final photo in the bottom row, on the far right, is not supposed to include Barry Obama; it’s said to be a photo of two of his half-brothers, one of whom is said to be deceased.

130 responses to “What Say U? Same Person or Not?

  1. case closed. you don’t need a Ph.D to know a punk.


    operator. its that simple.

    African? I highly doubt it.

    busted. again, imPOSter President Soetero.

    We need to bring back the firing squad. Only in the case of Traitors and Domestic Enemies. yea, Domestic Terrorism is a magnitude of high crimes, a collusion and Treason, that’s all. For the sake of humanity.

    Look what they did to Sadaam Hussein – t0 US us – on New Years Eve. yep.
    over and over again….the goose is just as accountable as the gander.

    • Good photo, Papoose. Look very closely. Does that look like a repaired cleft palate? A “hare-lip”?

    • in this photo, o does look more like an indo/malay/melanesian mix…
      or he could be david…

      • I’m referring to the link/photo provided by papoose

        • Do you remember how Bridgette focuses on those (lying) purple lips? I think she really is onto something there. I saw CBS morning show today and they interviewed a guy from Bali, Indonesia. I was fixated on his purple lips. VERY obvious trait, that Bridgette (I think it’s B.) says is characteristic of certain southeast Asians. The guy also had purplish GUMS. Check out Barry’s gums and lips versus, say, Mark’s pink ones. In Papoose’s photo–doesn’t it look as if there’s a scar on his upper lip, extending through his lip? Slight but possible remnant of good plastic surgery? In addition, his nostrils meet his upper lip in an odd way. Look at some of the older photos of him, above. Numbers 6, 7, 10, 28, 29, 34. Upper lip looks odd. In number 29, the teeth and gums either side of the gap don’t even line up. Same with the teeth on number 30. Sides don’t match up.

          Off this topic, but I found another version of Ruth’s possible surname: Najdzion. The source for the name Nidzyn. Still trying to track down old Ruthie. She’s supposed to be from a PROMINENT and wealthy Jewish family from New England. If they’re so prominent, then where the heck are they?

          • Miri, I just can’t shake ruth — trying to retrieve that conversation — I know/remember for a fact, that she said she had a son, Mark. What I’m fuzzy on is o and david. I could almost swear on my father’s grave that I remember her saying something about Mark having his stepbrother barry (?there?) — I know/am sure barry was mentioned. I’m not clear on baby david.
            Darn, wish I would have seen the program of which you speak. Those blue lips are a puzzle in themselves lol —
            In looking at the photo, I see what you are saying about the center line in the upper lip, I also see that it does look odd how the skin drapes the left bottom center nostril — don’t know whether its the photo or the person. I can’t really see the right side of the nostril due to the shadow.
            Those pics make me nuts lol I think #30 looks like a girl.

            • I also remember the word “adopted” was in that conversation — I just can’t precisely recall that last part of the conversation.

            • I get brochures from the Smile Train all the time. Do you know what I mean? It’s a charity–doctors who perform plastic surgery on kids with cleft palates, mostly in places like Indonesia and Africa. I looked this up once. Cleft palate is far more common among far east Asians and Pakistanis, than elsewhere. Lowest rates among African-Americans and Native Americans. But it seems related more to fetal environment than genetic makeup. One thing: Mothers who fly early in pregnancy have a higher incidence of babies with cleft palate.

              Anyway, this charity sends “before and after surgery” pics in order to tug on your heartstrings to get you to donate. It’s a good charity because ALL the money goes to medical procedures. None for administration (they say). So I see those photos a lot. I’ve developed an eye that condition.

              About number 30: I think he looks like a girl because in the rest of that photo, he’s sitting with Maya. It’s a sweet little brother/sister photo. They photoshopped the photo to make him resemble her more. IMO.

      • even polynesian — many polynesians have the same look

  2. yesssssssss the hiss.

    he slitherssssss

  3. Polariks enlarged version of mark/david photo and photo of o I grabbed off newsbird


  4. Baby #1 and Child #28 sure do look like that photoshopped toddler in #41

  5. Some photos I’ve never seen.
    I’m leaving this link here as well as at the “family saga continues” post.


  6. Doesn’t he look like a melanesian mix in this photo?
    Polarik claims o is from (born) the middle east — I wish Polarik would tell us why he claims this — what is Polarik’s source to indicate the middle east as o’s origin? Do any of you have any info/insight as to Polarik’s middle east claim?


    • He said he traveled over 3 continents and researched it. Otherwise, we have to wait for the book! The only document that we have seen that is almost believable is from that investigator’s data base saying he was born in New Guinea.

  7. I realize this is a very old thread but ended here on my browsing. So many of the links to pics no longer work and people think we are paranoid???

    • Gosh, if you find a link that doesn’t work, please let us know and we will try to locate it. The paid Obotic scrub a dub dub team is always hard at work thinking they can erase history.

      • Here are two links that don’t work.



        So many things about the guy just keep disappearing. Way back when right when O was going to run, I heard about his abortion comments and thought, “No way”. I plugged into some site from Illinois gov that showed all the transcripts and read for myself. A couple of days later I went to show a liberal relative who was starting to salivate over the guy and it was gone. Nowhere. I had bookmarked it twice so I know I was getting to the correct place. That was the first encounter. Someone had said on a board we should check his SS# out. Well, I was into genealogy so I checked it at SS Admin and got a dead guy that died in CA and card was issued in CT. I was too “unthinking” at the time and thought, “Well, that was stupid, some dead guy, must not have Obama’s correct number.” A couple of months later it came out, I think from Susan Daniels. So I checked right away at SS. It was still there. Two hours later inaccessible. I think it went back up again as part of the “out in the open strategy”. People see it but because it is so in-your-face it can’t be true in their minds. I don’t know how many videos we have all watched that have disappeared. Yes, yes, WE DID see them. It is all so surreal.

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