Barack Hussein Obama II – Child of Privilege

© Miri WTPOTUS October 12, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama II introduced himself to the American public as the son of a single “white mother” from Kansas and a black “immigrant” from Africa.  During the 2008 campaign, and since, Obama has presented himself as someone who grew up without privileges–a man whose mother sometimes had to rely on food stamps to get by.

“Barack Obama would be the first president in U.S. history to have grown up in a family that used food stamps,” says Joel Berg. … executive director of New York Coalition Against Hunger… Obama grew up in poverty and I believe he can combat poverty,” Joel says. 

Obama claims that his “middle-class” grandparents had to raise him from age 10, so that he could get the benefits America had to offer, which weren’t available in Indonesia, where his mother and younger sister lived.

All of these themes (aka, exaggerations if not outright fabrications) resonated with his base, especially with African-Americans, who disproportionately are born to single mothers, who often must avail themselves of food stamps and other safety net programs to get by, and who far too often find themselves reared by grandmothers. 

From the beginning of his political career, and before, as a community organizer, half-black, half-white Obama tried hard to make himself appear to be just another guy from the “Hood”.  More than anything, he aspired to be viewed as an “authentic” black man, even though his black father had nothing in common with blacks in America. 

Obama’s ancestors weren’t slaves; it’s more likely that his African ancestors took part in capturing and selling fellow blacks to slavers in Africa. Some of his mother’s ancestors (if indeed she was his mother) were, in fact, slave owners.

One of the biggest scams Obama ran on We the People, since he burst upon the political scene, was pretending to be a role model for lower class children, black, brown, white, or any other color, who might say,

if Obama can pull himself up from his bootstraps to become president, then so can we.

Recently, in an interview with Neal Boortz, presidential candidate (and real rocket scientist, as well as accomplished CEO) Herman Cain pointed out that, unlike himself, Obama has

never been a part of the black experience in America. I can talk about that. I can talk about what it really meant to be po’ before I was poor. He can’t. So what I’m saying is I can talk about every issue two levels deep without a teleprompter …

So Cain knows all about Obama’s background, even if too many in America don’t.  Cain repeated his line about being po’ in last night’s debate.  What’s interesting is that instead of refuting Cain’s claim (because they can’t), some Obama supporters resort to attacking the interviewer and inventing what sounds like a big tent theory of authentic blackness.

Let’s examine Obama’s economic background: His grandmother was a bank vice president, as of 1970. Quite an achievement for a woman in those times.  Probably a relatively high-paying position, vice president of a bank.  She also attended the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington, although it’s said she didn’t finish her degree. Even so, it was not the norm for poor women in 1940 to attend college.

Obama’s grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham also attended the University of California, Berkeley.  He may not have finished a degree and may have gone on the GI Bill, but that’s still two grandparents who attended college.  Something out of the reach of most “poor folks” in the 1940s.

Obama grew up in Honolulu, not a cheap city in which to live. His first listed address, 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, is in one of the wealthiest areas of Hawaii.   That home was a nearly 2000 sq. ft. single family residence, with 5 bedrooms and 2 baths, a little over 10 years old at the time.   Looks nice.  Rather! The median rent in 2008 in Makiki was $1079 per month.  Nice neighborhood. Hardly a ghetto.  Although there are pockets of poverty, Obama did not live in those areas.

The Punahou Circle apartment building on Beretania, where Obama lived during high school, is a high rise built in 1965, so also relatively new when Obama’s family moved in. They lived on the 10th floor of a 10-story building.  A penthouse unit?  There reportedly were only two bedrooms; it’s said they leased the condo. Although the building is listed as 10 stories, it looks more like 12:

Nice view, I’ll bet! Before Obama’s grandparents and mother moved to Hawaii, his mother attended high school in a well-to-do suburb of Seattle–Mercer Island, circa 1960.

Mercer Island remains one of the 100 richest zip codes in America. Boeing, for which Obama’s grandmother worked during WWII, was a major reason for Mercer Island’s prosperity.

From all reports, there was no question that his mother would attend college; the only question was where.  College was something that remained unavailable for most lower middle class women in the early 1960s.  Obama’s mother attended both the University of Hawaii and the University of Washington.  Although state universities, tuition at either would likely be out of the reach of any “poor” woman who had to rely upon food stamps to support a now-fatherless child.

Obama’s mother, within weeks of giving birth in Hawaii (allegedly in August 1961) returned to the mainland, to Seattle, to visit friends.  No doubt, in those days, air travel was something else ordinarily beyond the reach of single mothers on food stamps. Where did the money come from for “Ann” to fly to Seattle, baby Barack in tow, only three weeks after giving birth? That autumn, Obama’s mother attended the University of Washington and lived in an apartment on Capitol Hill, after moving out of student housing (according to some reports).  How did she pay the rent?  She was a struggling single mother, attending college, who had to pay for child care, one assumes.  Taxpayer-funded child care wasn’t the norm in the early 1960s.  Where did the money come from to pay that babysitter, Mary Toutonghi?

After Obama’s mother remarried, this time to Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro, the family lived at 3326 Oahu in Honolulu.  That home was built in 1955, so again, it was less than a decade old.  It featured 4 bedrooms and nearly 2000 sq. ft.  The home is now assessed at over $867 thousand.  Nice.

Let’s talk about Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather:  Soetoro was reportedly a colonel in the Indonesian military, although that position may have come later, after he, Ann, and Barry went to live in Indonesia.  When Lolo requested to remain in the USA, in the mid-sixties, he claimed to be a “civilian employee” of the Indonesian military. His request stated that land his family owned had been confiscated in a “communistic” political upheaval.  Perhaps his actions on behalf of Indonesia caused his family to recover that land, but landowners in that Third World country were likely of the very upper class.

Lolo’s work may have also improved his position within the government.  He was also a manager at Pertamina oil company, and the Soetoro family (Lolo, Ann, Barry, Lia, perhaps later Maya) lived in “the biggest” and “best home among other homes,” according to Barry’s Indonesian school friends. Their home, when Maya was born,was recently on the market: It had 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a 1-car garage, and room for 5 cars on the carport.  The lot was 348 square meters, and the home was 180 square meters.  Not bad for a third-world country, where it probably remains a luxury to have a car, much less a garage to house it.  The mango tree is notable as it’s reported that Barry fell out of a mango tree as a child.  Click here for a video tour of the home.

Lia and husband

When Obama lived with his mother and Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia, the family was hardly poor.  Obama had a nanny, reportedly a cross-dressing man.  According to Obama’s adopted sister and companion, Lia, Barry was picked up and taken to school every day in a chauffeur-driven limousine.  The family had servants.

Barry’s school friends commented enviously upon his fine clothing and shoes, especially compared to the other children. Barry had, or so it seemed, plenty of spending money with which to buy street foods (cakes, for example) which he distributed to his poorer friends, like a wealthy benefactor. Obama at first attended a private Catholic school.  Later, he attended a brand new public school, which was attended by many children of the elite in Jakarta.

His half-sister Maya attended the Jakarta International School, an exclusive private college prep school, originally for the children of UN diplomats. Current tuition for grades 6-12 is $20,500.

Lolo Soetoro’s family was well-connected and wealthy, especially compared to most of their compatriots.  Barry, while in Indonesia, enjoyed benefits from the wealthy connections of his adoptive father Lolo Soetoro, whose family lived in a large, gated compound, far from the madding crowd. The estate had roses, and cherry and guava trees.  A lovely garden. Sonny Trisulo, Maya’s cousin on her father’s side, referred to Barry as his “childhood friend” but also as his “cousin”. Barry referred to Soetoro’s mother as “grandmother”, so close were they.

Above is a photo of Obama with his step-grandmother, Lolo’s mother, at the family villa, all looking quite prosperous. Obama’s half-sister Maya at times lived with Lolo’s parents, while Ann was doing her work, which was either anthropology or international banking (ironic, when you think about it:  Both his mother and grandmother were into banking, but Obama campaigns against the “evil” big banks!)

When Obama’s mother’s relationship with his stepfather fell apart, he was sent back to Hawaii to live with his bank-vice-president grandmother.  So well off were they that even adopted sister Lia went along on the three-month trip.  They traveled a lot:

They traveled on vacations as a family as well.    Several times they went to the summit [of Mount Merapi] Yogyakarta, Bali, to the Land of Toraja (Sulawesi South), and the Bogor Botanical Gardens.  They loved to travel. 

Nobody knows, by the way, what passport Obama used for his extensive international travels throughout his childhood and well into adulthood.

The Soetoros did not divorce until 1980, when Obama was at Occidental in CA.  According to the divorce records, his mother was residing

with youngest child [Maya] in 4-bedroom house provided by mother’s employer (USAID); household includes 2 full-time live-in domestics.

After “Barry” returned to Hawaii, Maya and their mother spent summers and winters in Hawaii with him.  There was an awful lot of long-distance, international travel going on.  Where’d this poor family get that kind of money?

Obama speaks of trips to Japan and Australia, as well as to the US mainland.  When Obama arrived in Honolulu to live with his grandparents, he was promptly enrolled in, and accepted by, the elite Punahou school.Very nice!

He remained at that school until he graduated from high school.  The tuition at Punahou was then and remains far beyond the means of most lower class, and even middle class, “folks”.  Obama’s particular friend from Occidental, Chandoo Hasan, knew what a feather in the cap it was to be a graduate of that EXCLUSIVE prep school. Half-sister Maya also attended Punahou. Did she “earn” scholarships, too? That’s the story, anyway.

Since Barry hides his school records, nobody knows the truth; but one can speculate there’s a reason why he hides his academic records.  He’s no genius.  If he got scholarships, they likely were for “foreign” students or came via family/friend connections.

Let’s not forget Obama’s father’s family in Kenya.  His father held a high-paying job in the Kenyan government.  BHO Sr. was friends with Tom Mboya and other higher ups in the Kenyan government.  He had several wealthy American benefactresses who funded his trips to and education in the USA (Helen Roberts, Jane Kiano, Elizabeth Mooney Kirk [three different sources] and the African American Students Foundation).

When Barack Obama Senior returned to Kenya, he and his second American wife, Ruth Beatrice Baker Obama (Ndesandjo), lived in an exclusive part of Nairobi, in a pricey house that Obama himself visited while he was in Kenya.  Their wealth allowed their children to attend expensive and exclusive international schools in Kenya and later in the USA.

After her divorce from BHO Sr., Ruth’s lifestyle remained status quo when she remarried, this time to a record and broadcasting executive. She herself is said to be from a prominent and well-off New England family.

Obama’s international family includes a branch in the United Kingdom–half-sister Auma and her mother Kezia, whom he also visited in London.  One might assume that Ruth, the only real “mummy” that Auma and her brother Malik had, according to BHO Sr. biographer Sally Jacobs, bankrolled Auma’s education (and Malik’s), with help from her second husband. But again, where did Barry, child of the middle class, get the money for so much international travel?

How could Obama, that son of a “single mother”, afford to travel to Kenya and the UK multiple times, before he hit the jackpot with his books?  He, his sister, and his mother were regular “jet setters“.

After Punahou, Obama attended Occidental college in California.  Occidental was not a cheap school, especially when one lived on campus, as Obama did. If his family were so very poor, isn’t it more likely that he would have attended the University of Hawaii, following in his parents’ footsteps, while continuing to live with his grandmother?  Where did the money come from to pay for his education at Occidental?  Why did he hang out with so many very wealthy students?

Obama took a 3-week trip to Pakistan after two years at Occidental. Where’d the money come from for what must have been a very expensive flight?  Where did he get the money for housing and food while in Pakistan (and India)?

Obama, in fact, traveled all over Asia with his mother, according to news reports. On what passport, nobody knows. Or, if they do, they’re not telling.

From Occidental, Obama transferred to Columbia University.  Another high-priced, elite school.  As a transfer student, according to reports, Obama could not live on campus, but had to find an apartment in New York City.  Such apartments, even if small, are known to be expensive in New York City.  Where did Obama get the money to pay tuition and rent for that apartment?

In 1983, jobless, he traveled to Kenya to visit his father’s grave.  This was allegedly after he graduated from Columbia University; he would have been 22 years old.  His visit lasted several months, it’s said. Obama went to Kenya yet again in 1991, with his then-girlfriend Michelle Robinson.

During the 2008 campaign, Michelle infamously missed few chances to remind voters that she and Barack struggled to pay back college loans. If true that they were buried in college debt, where’d they get the money to travel to Africa?

Obama and Michelle also spent months in Bali, where he was trying to write his book.  That would be the book some say was ghost-written or at least heavily edited, embellished, and finished by unrepentant domestic terrorist cum professor and friend of the Obamas–Bill Ayers. Since the book had not yet been published, the millions Obama made from its sale could not have funded his and Michelle’s months-long stay in luxurious, exotic, tropical Bali. Where’d the money come from, when both of the Obamas complained during the 2008 campaign that they, like so many others, were struggling to pay off college loans?  He got an advance on the book, so perhaps they used that money for a vacation in paradise, instead of paying off those loans. (Or writing the book!)

From Columbia, Obama went on to Harvard Law School.  Although a mediocre student while at Occidental, he somehow got accepted at Columbia and Harvard. How did that work, unless his family had loads of money to buy his way in, or important connections that helped him to get in? 

In sum, Obama is not a child of the lower class or even the middle class. He has always been a child of privilege. When he pretended otherwise to fool American blacks into believing that he was one of them, he was dissembling, at best.

The lamestream media love to point out the wealth of Republican politicians, like Mitt Romney and the Bushes.  Yet how often do they point out the wealth of Democrats like John Kerry, Mark Warner, Jay Rockefeller, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Claire McCaskill, or Barack Hussein Obama II?

Herman Cain was right: Obama does NOT know what it’s like to be po’, except as an outsider, looking in.

Update 11/06/11: Jack Cashill at WND has disclosed that Obama traveled to the south of France while in college.  Apparently, this trip (and perhaps others) were paid for by the Ford Foundation, as documented in

a letter purportedly written in May 1981 to Dunham’s employers at the Ford Foundation: “I would like to use my educational travel for dependent children to have my son, Barry, come out to visit us.”

How wonderful for Ann’s dependent children that her employer paid for their “educational travel,” although in this case, it sounded more like a social visit–to visit his family.

Update 04/21/12:  This article from a Hawaiian newspaper might explain why Punahou Circle is said to have 10 floors, but looks like it has 12.  Barry lived on the 10th floor, but their apartment had two stories.  How nice for them. This story tells us that Barry’s home in Indonesia also had two stories:

Obama lived in Jakarta, precisely on Jalan Haji Ramli number 16 Central, Menteng In. Obama lived with his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, in a two-story building. The house has a living room, family room, two labor rooms, two bedrooms, three rooms for gardeners, chauffeurs, and maids, and one room upstairs is used as a warehouse.

h/t Leza, who kindly provided the translation from the original Indonesian, in August of 2010.

Update 04/24/12: Currently, Obama is campaigning against his likely opponent in the 2012 election:  Mitt Romney.  While doing so, his new meme is to claim that he wasn’t “born with a silver spoon” in his mouth (the unspoken implication being that Romney was).  This article from CNS reminds us of this fact:

Barack Obama inherited $480,908 worth of Bank of Hawaii stock from his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who was a vice president of the bank.

The average American would likely consider a family that owns nearly half a million dollars worth of stock to be “of means.”  One might also assume that this wasn’t the sum total of his grandmother’s wealth, because surely sister Maya was left a similar inheritance.  Currently, the Obamas are millionaires. 

Update 07/06/12: David Maraniss reveals in his book, Barack Obama:  The Story, that the infant Obama never lived at the home on Kalanianaole, although his mother apparently did.  The Dunhams allegedly lived with the family of Stanley Armour’s employer, with the two families sharing the living space.

Update 07/30/12: A woman who was a close personal friend of Stanley Ann Dunham in the years before she died, who worked with her and knew her intimately, stated without equivocation:

After her divorce she married Lolo Soetoro, who was a royal from Central Java. They had a daughter, Maya. Barack and Maya were raised in a traditional royal environment in Jog-jakarta.

Got that?  Lolo was a ROYAL from CENTRAL JAVA, and he raised his children ROYALLY.

Update: 09/04/2012:  Last night at the Democrat convention, Michelle Obama said [emphasis added]:

Barack and I were both raised by families who didn’t have much in the way of money or material possessions

This post does not concern Michelle Obama; I leave it to others to research her middle class background. What I do know is that her father had a stable government job, was a Democrat Party official, and they lived in a two-story home in Chicago. Michelle went to good schools all her life.  When she and Obama married, they’d recently returned from a trip to Kenya.  They put almost $110,000 down on their first condo, which cost about $277,000 in 1993, so they were far from “struggling” newlyweds.  She drove a Mercedes Benz.

For her to say that Barack Obama’s family “didn’t have much in the way of money or material possessions” is an outright lie.  Of course, “much” is a relative term.  Compared to what they enjoy now, perhaps she believed they were “struggling.”

The facts in this post, which are documented, cannot be wiped away.  It remains to be seen whether the mainstream media will hold her feet to the fire and call her out, as they did Paul Ryan, for what they claimed were falsehoods in his speech.

Update: 07/04/2016: A UK news outlet reported that Michelle Obama’s engagement “sparkler,” described as a “modest” diamond ring, was worth £7500 ($9971) in 1991, but is currently worth £20,000 ($26,590)! How could these two, who claim to have struggled to pay college loans after marrying, afford to have nearly $10 grand tied up in a diamond ring? The “struggling” newlyweds, remember, also took a trip to Africa, put a down payment of $110,000 on their new condo, and Michelle drove a Mercedes. Where did Obama get the money for her ring, if they were so poor?


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  1. Very well done Miri. You have certainly pulled all of the lies about Obama’s upbringing into one concise article. So many things never made sense to those of us who have read the many articles with conflicting information. Those were written by obots involved in the cover-up of his real origins. The once muscular and stocky boy who grew up to be a tall skinny guy is another one of the perpetrated lies. How he verbally says he lived is the total opposite of what may have been true. Where are those records of Ann being on food stamps? Where are all the real pictures from Punahou …not the fake ones that they have produced. Where is someone from that time frame in elementary school and high school that will tell the truth. Show us a real yearbook with his face in it. There must be one in Hawaii.

    Yes, that was quite a step up for Madelyn to make it to VP during those years. Women weren’t holding lots of important positions then, they were being held back in major corporations and especially in banks. Equality for women in the workplace was just getting attention. I guess she was exceptional too.

    Too many foreign trips for a poor person to make..but that part of the story also jibes with questioning how the African relatives could afford coming to the US so many times as well. One grandmother sold pieces of coal to get by while Granny Sarah sold maize by the roadside. That was lots of maize being sold to exchange for multiple tickets to the US. The stories don’t add up to being truthful. Who were their benefactors?

    • TY. I realize WE know all this stuff and have known it for a looooong time. But this post was in process, waiting for a moment, that Herman Cain gave me the other day, with him pointing out that Obama doesn’t know what it’s like to be poor. SO TRUE. But I bet that’s a surprise to many people who bought into the LIES, and also who suffered from the lamestream news blackout on the TRUTH about his background, which the media know.

      Going over all that stuff again, I re-read the stories told by his Indonesian school chums, who nearly to a one described him as BIG, FAT, STOCKY, always eating. Very curly hair. They thought he was perhaps from Irian Jaya.

      One would expect that they wouldn’t think him one of them (Javanese, at least) but would instead recognize him as “foreign” because he’s half white and half AFRICAN.

      I also read again the doctor who as a child KNEW Barry and who said several times that he didn’t think Obama and the child he knew as Barry were the SAME PERSON. This was the man whose mother had photos from those days, but the doctor said they are keeping them locked away. It sounded as if they were AFRAID to reveal them.

      This was also implied by Lia, that Barry and Obama didn’t seem the same to her, either. She was anxious to meet Obama so she could verify for herself that he was the boy she knew as her adopted brother. As we know, Lia unfortunately and conveniently died right before Barry was to visit Indonesia.

      One of BHO Sr.’s benefactors, which I forgot to mention, was Elizabeth Mooney Kirk. That wealthy white woman he may have been having a fling with.

      Lies, all lies.

      Again, in looking through all the photos, I noticed his resemblance to Lolo. Lolo, who also has that widow’s peak. Similar nose. But then, again, I do think he resembles Mark very much.

  2. yeah, the first president who’s family taught him, you too, can scarf up ineligible food stamps and launder them.

    Food stamps is a euphemism for MONEY. just like postage stamps.
    US Dollars. currency.

    ooooh lookie, we canz get free money cuz we’s “qualify”.


    I never saw or heard of so many underprivileged Ph.Ds in my life.
    Time to take a census to ascertain how many deprived 21st century slaves received a free college education, just because they exist.

    Time to take a census as to how many 21st century slaves bearing degrees work in the non profit sector.

    Move On. We’re on to you, entitled ingrates.

    • which reminds me.

      No one in my family ever owned a slave, nor do we know anyone who ever had a deed to a plantation. We have been here for 500 years,

      • My Mother’s Family has lived on the Delaware River since the Lenni Lenape. Unami. Turtle Clan. The Silent Ones. Cape May NJ. Driven to Oklahoma and found their way back as Christians.

        My Father’s family arrived in the early 1600’s. England.

        never even came close to owning anything: person. place or thing.

        never even had a food stamp, not a one.

        But, let me tuck your child into bed and light your crack pipe on my way to work in the morning. Let’s Move.

      • Ditto! 500 years and before, including all ancestors. 🙂

        But it’s collective guilt, you see, and we owe ANYBODY with “black” skin, regardless of whether their ancestors were slaves or slavers, or even whether or not they’re just adopted by somebody who claims to be black. It all depends upon what the meaning of “authentic black” is. Conservative is NOT authentic black. Progressive, even only claiming to be black, is “authentic” because now they have a “big tent.”

        But since anthropologists say we’re all from Africa, then it follows that we’re ALL African-American. So from now on, put that down on census forms.

      • No slaves in our family either. You real American natives got me beat. My paternal relatives immigrated starting in 1848..and my German ggg grandfather fought in the Civil War. My maternal ggg grandfather came from England and fought in the Revolutionary War.. he joined at the age of 16. Both lived.

        My father’s family suffered during the depression. They sometimes could afford meat once a week and that piece of meat might be the size of a quarter. A bite for everyone – family of 8. Everyone worked, doing odd jobs or whatever they could find. They were poor. One died from diphtheria, and the other took factory work to support his parents, while my dad went to war. Amazingly 4 of the 6 children completed college and made it on their own working their way through. It was highly unusual for women to go to college at that time, yet my three aunts did it and so did my dad.

        My maternal g grandfather started a grocery store in his house, and delivered food by horse and buggy. He gave credit to people so they could have food. He had to tighten things up during the depression years. Yet he was able to buy a building next door to his house and turn it into a real store.

        There was a Protestant work ethic on both sides of the family, and no one ever believed in getting a hand out for doing nothing. If you didn’t have the money for it, you didn’t have it. There was great pride in accomplishing. Everyone believed in hard work to become successful and knew that there were no shortcuts to success.

        • That’s what’s so great about genealogy research. We learn what our ancestors went through and it makes our lives seem so rich, by comparison (although nowhere near as rich as the Obamas, Kerrys, Kennedys). It makes me humble, that’s for sure, especially when I see a gggrandmother listed on a census record as a “rag picker.” There but for the grace of God.

  3. This post got a grand total of 9 comments. I wrote it too early! I should have saved it for these times, when Barry is running around the country, pretending once again to be a poor kid who pulled himself up from his bootstraps and wasn’t “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” I added two updates this week, which I forgot to mention. I wish there were a way to publicize this more. WE KNOW what a liar he is, but nobody else does.

    Does your ordinary American know that he was taken to school in a chauffeur-driven limo? That Punahou was among the most expensive high schools in the entire country? That he inherited half a million bucks from his grandmother? No. He pretends that Stanley Ann was a single mother when, by his own narrative and documentary proof, she was single only after she divorced her second husband in 1980, when Barry was already in college. 20 years old. And even then, his stepfather was paying for his college education. It’s right there in the divorce papers.

  4. I reduced to quoting myself now! 🙂

    Obama went to Kenya yet again in 1991, with his then-girlfriend Michelle Robinson. During the 2008 campaign, Michelle infamously missed few chances to remind voters that she and Barack struggled to pay back college loans.

    If true that they were buried in college debt, where’d they get the money to travel to Africa? Obama and Michelle also spent months in Bali, where he was trying to write his book. That would be the book some say was ghost-written or at least heavily edited, embellished, and finished by unrepentant domestic terrorist cum professor and friend of the Obamas–Bill Ayers.

    Since the book had not yet been published, the millions Obama made from its sale could not have funded his and Michelle’s months-long stay in luxurious, exotic, tropical Bali. Where’d the money come from, when both of the Obamas complained during the 2008 campaign that they, like so many others, were struggling to pay off college loans? He got an advance on the book, so perhaps they used that money for a vacation in paradise, instead of paying off those loans. (Or writing the book!)”

  5. This was found on
    Indicates Madelyn living in Chicago in 93/94? Are these “known” addresses?
    Madelyn L Dunham
    Birth Date: 26 Oct 1922
    Address: 5450 S East View Park, Chicago, IL, 60615-5916 (1994)
    [7436 S Euclid, Chicago, IL, 60649 (1993)]

    • Unfortunately they were found under “US Public Records Index” which is a fairly useless index as it gives no source documents.

  6. Don’t know where else to ask this, but can anyone point me to an actual copy of Stanley Armour Dunhams newspaper obituary, supposed to be on page D3 of the H. Advertiser on 2.12.92?
    It seems like his hometown paper would have had SOMETHING also. I’m from a small town, when a former resident dies it’s still big news.

    • I don’t think we have ever posted it on the blog. If it was found it would be on Free Republic I think. I checked our blog
      and didn’t find it or the information that was in it. Maybe Miri remembers it and can search differently than what I found.

  7. I’m sure I saw it once, somewhere, but maybe I’ll ask the Hawaii state librarian for a copy.

    • Yeah! If you get it, please do share. I don’t myself recall ever seeing it, but it’s possible. I sort of remember us looking for one and it does make sense that there’d be one. I wonder if it’s linked at Find a Grave?

  8. There is one on find a grave but i’m interested in what they said in 1992.

  9. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have suspected that Obama was a child of privilege for a while. I knew about his grandmother’s bank job, and that his step-father had money. Where did the inheritance go to? Is Obama hiding the true value of his fortune? I think so, but have no proof.

  11. Note to Toni: You have no clue what is the race of the author of this post, so how can you make accusations of racism simply because we published FACTS that are linked to proof that they ARE facts?

    Because Obama is allegedly half black, does that make him, as a politician, immune from criticism and exempt from fact checking of his lies?

    The reason for the post was to expose the FRAUDULENT claim made by Obama that he did NOT grow up with a “silver spoon in his mouth.” It was to pop that bubble of illusion that he blows, so that people see who and what he truly is: a POLITICIAN who USES a false “narrative” to pit groups of Americans against one another.

    The argument that you try to make about his inheritance is refuted right there in the post. He inherited a half million dollars from BANK STOCK, not from selling the condo (which our evidence suggests was LEASED, anyway, not owned). Did you read the post? If so, then you aren’t very good at reading comprehension.

    You pick and choose. Why not address the proof of his luxurious, elite, jet-setting lifestyle while he was a child in both Hawaii and Indonesia? This is the very time when he was “growing up,” allegedly WITHOUT that “silver spoon” in his mouth.

    Do read the comment rules to learn why you didn’t get out of moderation.

  12. So, according to a new book The Son Also Rises, a better predictor of personal wealth than parent’s wealth, everywhere in the world, is one’s grandparent’s wealth. This is because, the author argues, privilege and wealth is an extended family phenomenon, and it isn’t perpetuated just for a generation or two, but for 10 or more generations. Families who were wealthy 300+ years ago are still wealthy (i.e., there is no lasting class mobility in the U.S., or anywhere). You can predict someone’s class background, the author shows, based on their last name . . . not their race, and not their gender, but their intergenerational connections to wealth. So, when we add up wealthy grandparents and international royalty in Obama’s family line, we’re looking at one privileged dude indeed. Thinking about changing my name to Norton, Emerson, Lovejoy . . . something along those lines.

    Looks like his mom was an international jetsetter who got knocked up on a bourgeoise vacation, which would make the only thing Obama has in common with poor folks here at home is his mom’s hypergamy. Hypergamy is worth looking up. Individually, it means hooking up with the wealthiest male possible. Socially, in the US, that male (or “patriarch”) is the government. From there, I’ll let the reader fill in the implications of welfare for women, families, and fathers and the viability of American families (see The Moynahan Report). If the poor don’t make extended families, they stay poor (see above). Interesting how the politicians does so much to destabilize our families, but not theirs.

    Women who work for and within hierarchical structures are patriarchs, too, BTW. Don’t believe otherwise. Democrat women, in particular, want big daddy government to take care of women, not men and women to take care of each other.

    • You raise some interesting points, JPB. I’m not sure that his mother’s side of the family (if she is the mother) is intergenerationally wealthy. That’s something I’ve never looked into. They seem to be solidly middle class, at least, despite being from rural Kansas. What I do know, however, is that he is dissembling when he pretends that he, himself, did not have a very-above-average lifestyle while growing up. He traveled the world from a young age. We only recently learned more details about multiple trips to Paris when he was in college or shortly afterward. These days, it’s more common for young people to travel internationally, either for school or for a fun year after college. Previously, (before Obama) our economy and a thriving middle class allowed for such luxuries. However, in the 70s and early 80s, there was recession, unemployment, “malaise” as Carter called it. It was VERY unusual for anyone but the upper classes to take trips to Europe, much less Pakistan, BALI, Africa. The trips alone argue for his “silver spoon” upbringing. Then there’s Punahou, one of the most exclusive and expensive schools in the country. Add to that Columbia and Harvard Law and it becomes obvious that he’s had the best of the best. He’s no poor child from a disadvantaged background, raised by a single mother. Actually, THAT description more closely matches Bill Clinton’s life history.

    • Just in time for this topic: Michelle in China:

      “And then there’s this other guy I know who was raised by a single mother who sometimes struggled to afford food for their family. But like me, this guy got scholarships and loans to attend universities. He became a lawyer and a professor, and then he was a state senator and then a national senator. And then, he became President of the United States. This guy I’m talking about is my husband, Barack Obama.”

      His mother was NEVER single until he was nearly 20 years old. He was raised by his mother and her second husband from age 1 or 2. So for PERHAPS a year or so his mother was “single” but she was mostly supported by and living with her parents for much of the time. After age 10, he was “raised” by two grandparents, not his “single mother” who was NOT single, but was married. We have never seen any evidence that his mother got food stamps or struggled to put food on the table for her “family”. She had no family during the time she was alone in Seattle. We not even sure Barry was there with her, other than the testimony of a babysitter with political motivations and a faulty memory. News articles early on said he was left in Hawaii with her mother. SAD got a “family” when she remarried and had a second child, but the family lived in the “royal compound” in Jakarta because her husband was from a wealthy and well-connected family. We’ve heard from some sources that wealthy people subsidized his education. We’ve seen no evidence that HE got loans OR scholarships, although there are rumors that he might have gotten scholarships set aside for FOREIGN students. Barry was NEVER a “professor”. He was a part-time LECTURER at a law school. Not on faculty. Not a professor. Barry never really practiced law, just sat in on one case but did no arguing. He and his wife currently have surrendered their licenses to practice and, therefore, aren’t lawyers. As a state senator, he was absent most of the time and cadged legislation written by others to plop his name onto and take credit for. In addition, he tried hard to ensure that aborted babies accidentally born alive were left to die of neglect because it was their mother’s choice that they be dead, despite that they were living, breathing citizens of the USA, owed the right to life under the Constitution. As a U.S. senator, he argued against GWB and conservatives doing much of what he now is doing.

  13. I wondered how he managed to attend so many elite schools-now I know.
    Since Barry became President racism has been a bigger issue; we are in further debt; too many celebrities have slept in the WH; he and Michelle (mark my word, she wants to be President one day soon!) lie perhaps more than Hillbilly Hillary!!
    Thanks for your research, Miri.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading. I wish more people knew about Obama’s background. I wish we knew EVERYTHING about his background, but I wonder if We the People will ever learn the whole truth.

  14. As usual just a bunch of low, IQ, jealous white supremacists, angry that a black man was so successful.

  15. Funny how “We the People” never has anything negative to say about whites such as Donald Trump and the many other lying, outright, dishonest people in the political arena. Obviously “We the People” is nothing but a White Nationalist group of jealous hearted dumb bigots whose slogan “We the People” really means “We the WHITE People Who Don’t Like Black People Who Aren’t Shoe Shine Boys Like Herman Cain”.

    • You haven’t read everything on this blog, have you? We’ve criticized everyone who deserves it, no matter race, color, or creed. What we’re interested in is truth and not excusing truth because it’s politically inconvenient. Everything in the post is backed up by links to the sources of the truth about Obama’s background. It’s the TRUTH, but some partisans can’t handle the truth, because that requires intellectual honesty.

  16. Thank you Miri for this exposé. Clint Eastwood was on track when he stated that BHO was the greatest hoax perpetuated on America.

    • Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. I wrote this post some time ago, so I’m sorry if some links no longer work. I try to always back up anything I write. I haven’t had time to go looking for alternate links (like at the Wayback Machine). The powers that be tend to disappear inconvenient truths. Clint has good intuition and insight. I’m forever amazed by people who didn’t immediately perceive Obama as the phony he obviously is.


      In case you missed it. Our timeline has more and lots of links to the evidence. (It hasn’t been updated in a while, though.)

  17. I relatively recently learned that when Barry attended Columbia in the early 1980s, the school did NOT admit women. Well, imagine that! The “first African-American president” attended a college that EXCLUDED females. A discriminatory place that, so far as I know, nobody has ever asked Obama to speak about. Why’d he choose a college that discriminated against women? Why’d he go to a sex SEGREGATED university?

    “The 229 classes before the Class of 1987 were admitted as all-male; Columbia was the last of the Ivy League schools to go coed. By the early 1980s, secular, all-male colleges were nearly extinct; even the five U.S. military academies were enrolling women. …”

    He needs to apologize for this, in the same way that politicians who used to belong to all-male country clubs have been made to. 🙂

  18. This article could have had some truths to it. But once I captured a few falsifications/non clear, non relatable details (i.e. he wanted to appear as another on from the ‘Hood'” and a line relating Obama paternal ancestry moreso selling slaves) I decided that this article was not from a neutral place, but a biased one.

    • “Could have?” This article has plenty of TRUTHS in it if you would read the entire thing and look at the links that provide back-up for the statements made therein. My opinion or interpretation of what I’ve read with my own eyes and heard with my own ears are not “falsifications.” They’re my take on the facts that I’ve provided and research I’ve done over the years.

      I can also deduce and then state that you are not reading from a “neutral place” but from a “biased one.”

      But whether or not I, like every human being on the Earth, including you, have opinions that may seem biased to some does not refute plain facts in the article.

      Is the reporter who claimed, in the first quote in the article, that “Obama grew up in poverty” biased, misinformed, or lazy with regard to investigating to see whether or not claims made by candidate Obama were true or exaggeration? Obama did NOT grow up in poverty. Instead, he lived a very privileged existence compared to most African-Americans during the 1960s.

      Where’s any support for the claim that Obama’s mother had to be on food stamps? Where? When? Both her husbands were well-connected and well off. Her mother was a bank vice-president. Both her parents were college graduates.

      Nothing in the background that we’ve been able to find supports the notion that Obama “grew up in poverty.” In fact, the truth is the opposite. As a child he lived among and as a member of the Indonesian royalty. His stepfather was wealthy. His step-grandmother was wealthy. So why did Obama pretend otherwise?

      Classmates from Obama’s high school and college days, if you bother to read about Obama’s life, attest to the fact that he decided to, in essence, become “black” instead of the surfboard-riding, mixed-race Hawaiian kid who attended the MOST exclusive high school on the Islands and had MOSTLY white, privileged, wealthy friends there as well as at college, some of whom he is still, to this day, hanging out with. He made this decision when he decided to pursue politics. Why?

      How is it a “non-clear” or “”non-relatable” detail that Obama’s father, a member of the Luo tribe, a Muslim and a man with many elite connections in Kenya during his lifetime, is more likely to descend from slave sellers than from slaves himself? Obama tried to make common cause with black Americans who DO descend from slaves. But Obama is NOT a descendant of slaves himself, simply because he has dark(er) skin or African roots. His father, an African, was not a slave nor were his father’s ancestors. Muslims in Africa were the ones who captured fellow blacks and sold them to slave traders. I don’t present what I sad AS FACT. I said “it’s more likely” that his ancestors (as Muslims) sold slaves than that they WERE slaves. However, it is a fact that Obama descends from slave OWNERS on his mother’s side.

      You can look at the article as an op-ed, if you like. Nevertheless, there are links to facts and I believe that my arguments and interpretations are well grounded in facts.

      I read biased articles that are not coming from a “neutral place” every day on the Internet and in the daily newspapers. I read biased and non-neutral articles every month in magazines and other publications. I see biased and non-neutral programs purporting to be news on TV every day. ALL of these come from media outlets that PROFESS to be objective, unbiased, and neutral. MOST of them are not. However, I believe I possess the common sense to question what I read and hear and the intelligence to sort the wheat from the chaff, truth from FICTION.

      A person can’t come to an educated conclusion about anything without considering all sides of a situation. Imagine sitting on a jury and only hearing the defense or the prosecution.

    • Let me say one more thing: If you picked up that I don’t like Obama, you’re 100% correct. I disliked him from the moment I first saw and heard him because he’s a phony, a flim flam man, and one who sincerely believes he’s smarter than everyone else. Nevertheless, I try to present facts and back them up with links. Some of these links, sadly, over time have been disappeared. If something doesn’t work, then use the Wayback Machine. In any case, every day, every single day, I have to listen to news and read what purports to be objective news about President Trump that’s written by people who obviously and absolutely hate President Trump. Does this fact mean that you don’t read the daily newspapers or watch the nightly news? Based upon your attitude towards this blog, you should NOT be ever watching mainstream TV news or reading mainstream newspapers.

  19. Racist sums it all.He is black,he was not entitled to a good life.

    • Where in the entire article is it suggested he’s “not entitled to a good life?” The POINT is that he pretended openly and frequently that he was not a child of privilege who had a good and prosperous life, compared to most others among who he lived. There’s NO racism involved in pointing out hypocrisy and mendacity. Are you suggesting that because someone is black (allegedly) then that person is above being held to account for claims he makes openly or at least implies? There’s racism here but it’s not where you think it is.

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