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Lia Soetoro Sobah


Video of Lia Soetoro Sobah has recently been found.   Lia speaks to us, in her own words, about two years before her untimely (or perhaps all too timely) death.  We don’t speak Indonesian, but perhaps some of our readers do and will enlighten us. Lia’s story begins here, in stories by Yayat Suratmo and Arip Budiman, published from 11/17/2008 through 11/25/2008, just after Obama’s election. For your convenience, I translated the introduction to each video:

“Lia, a nickname. She lived at the family home of  Lolo Soetoro for 15 years. And four years of which she spent in the company of a  black kid who came from Hawaii. The boy was brought by his mother, a beautiful white woman, Ann Dunham, who was married to Lolo Soetoro, a manager at Pertamina.

Barry, the boy’s nickname, was about six years old.  Lia, who he called Sister Miss, was asked by the couple, Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham, to protect and accompany Barry. But who would have thought that Barry, a black boy who often asked her to play ‘mouse-tikusan’, has now become the U.S. president-elect?

Watch our exclusive interviews from the house Non Ma’am, in Sukabumi, West Java ..”

Part Two“Barry (Obama’s nickname) was happiest when asked to walk along the summit area. He brought home, from there, cake that he often bought–Mochi, a type of sweet snack smeared with flour, in a small basket placed in a box.   Barry bought in quantity, mochi-mochi, seemingly, to share with children around his home village.

That wasn’t all:  Barry also often climbed the mango tree at his house in Jalan Haji pekarangannnya Ramli, Menteng Dalam, together with Non Mbak [his adopted sister Lia]; they picked mangoes and then shared them with the village children.

Part Three:  “On his birthday which [allegedly] falls annually on August 4, Barry was very happy because at the same time, there were also crowded, hectic preparations [for the Indonesian festival of ] Agustusan.  At home, at Jalan Haji Ramli, Menteng Dalam, many red and white flags were placed along the streets and alleys. Seeing that, Barry asked for a happy birthday cake and was given a red and white flag. Barry also asked to buy a lot of red and white flags. He put the small flags in virtually the every room, including his bedroom.”

Part Four:   “Between Barry and Sister Non [Lia], who were like brother and sister, they have a pet each one tail.   [This is a quaint Indonesian expression for counting animals.  Each child had one pet, apparently.]  Non Mbak also admitted during his stay in Menteng Dalam, the Lolo Soetoro family never moved …”–y7-g

Part Five:    “Alm.   Lolo Soetoro had said that he bought the house for Obama and Maya.   Obama bought his house in Ciputat, while Maya was conceived at the time they occupied houses in Menteng In.   Non Mbak also said that, remember, almost nobody from the Lolo Soetoro family ever came to his house, except for Mr. Lolo’s mother who was called Grandma by Obama and Non Mbak.”

(Photo: dock SDN 01 Besuki)

Part Six:    “After playing together for so long, ultimately, Obama and his sister Mbak must be separated. When the airport, Obama was crying and did not want to part with Mbak Non, who was then worn shoes Mbak Non taken Obama because they do not want to split up.”

Part Seven:   “Mbak Non is thankful that Obama’s belongings are still there and stored neatly away.   Blankets filled with vomit stains  and Obama still have a wooden carving of the traditional house of Toraja Land purchased for Mbak Non by Obama is also still there and other objects. We parted with Obama, a lot of belongings Non Mbak also brought Obama, like his shoes and clothes.”

So there you have it.    In her own words.  Make of these introductory translations what you can and will.  Some are difficult to decipher.  I look forward to hearing from anyone who can translate and transcribe the actual interviews for us.

However, it certainly sounds plausible that not only did Lia live with Barry for years, she also remembers much about their time together.  Detailed memories, capable of being verified.  Names, locations, visitors to the house.  Witnesses who could corroborate what Lia says.  She even retains many of Barry’s belongings from those days, including, if I’m reading correctly, vomit-stained blankets!  She shows the blankets and other artifacts to the reporter.  DNA, anyone?

Some have questioned the authenticity of Lia’s memories.  Is she a charlatan, out for her 15 minutes of fame?  Perhaps.  But she must be (strike that: must HAVE BEEN) a very clever and daring person, to have invented such detailed memories.  Memories that ring true and which hang together.  Especially since the Indonesian media were taking her seriously and could easily do the legwork necessary to try to authenticate what she said.  After all, they had well over a year from the time of these “inaugural” interviews until the time of her death, in Feb. 2010.

Ask yourself two questions:  Why did Obama cancel that trip to Indonesia after Lia’s story came out?  Why did Lia die so suddenly and mysteriously, as she was again being interviewed by Indonesian media, in anticipation of the Obama visit, planned for Spring 2010?

Then ask yourself these questions:  Who had more to hide?  Who is the bigger charlatan, fabricator, liar?


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  1. Miri,
    Holiyah is Liah.

  2. Well done, Miri. Another excellent find. These videos are believable..and certainly her translated words detail more experiences than any written in the book her brother’s friend, Bill Ayres, wrote for him. Obama seems to have selective memory recall. If Lia read the book on “Dreams” and found she was left out, imagine her pain in not being acknowledged. In one translation she said she lived with the Soetoros for fifteen years, yes, 15 years.

    She knew something about politics since she wanted Obama to solve the problem between Palestine and Israel.

    Perhaps the Indonesians will look into her untimely death. But then again, we might look to see how much additional “humanitarian” aid was sent there and when. Have the Indonesians erased her records like was has been done on Obama? Will any reporters find her husband and children and get the story? Will the Indonesians that had Obama’s statue removed from a village demand to know more details? We can only hope.

    • she wanted Obama to solve the problem between Palestine and Israel.

      If there was foul play involved in her death, that is the reason why.

      She was Muslim, and she expected Barry to publicly side with Palestine against Israel because she knew Barry was also Muslim.

      Barry told U.S. voters, “I’ve never been a Muslim”. Lia may have been about to speak the truth about Barry’s Muslim past.

      Those who can’t handle the truth, try to silence those who speak it.

  3. Wow, the you tubes are a great find Miri. You did a fantastic job listing and translating what you were able to also. Lia, she lived with the Soetoros for fifteen years 15 years, amazing.

    Lia’s comment above – “Mbak Non is thankful that Obama’s belongings are still there and stored neatly away….Hummm, was Lia “storing” maybe a birth certificate /old passport as part of Obama’s belongings?

    • Poe is really getting a workout here. I cited The Imp of the Perverse the other day. He was quite the armchair psychologist. A genius, truly.

  4. Leza, bridge and all
    just a word of caution. Note the date on the videos…2008
    just at the time the birther movement was taking off
    ( actually started by Hillary)
    Lia is obviously a real person, but it is what she “remembers” after all this time seems to be the date of birth, that he was there for 4 years…
    Much of what she said sounded like she was coached……
    It was the surrender of her birth certificate AND her untimely death
    plus the video was taken without her head scarf that tells a different story
    BE Cautious…….all may not be what it seems

  5. AOne: We are always cautious and aware that much is not what it appears to be. Such is the harsh reality of the Obamaverse.

    • Agreed Miri. AOne thank you so much for your concerns, our very own, much love to you! I do have to disagree with your evaluation of Lia sounding as if she is being couched. To me she talks in the videos very naturally and talks of her life with Berry Obama as if she had a great deal of love for him. There was a great deal of research completed here at WTPOTUS before the article here was presented on Lia Soetoro Sobah. All anyone can do is complete their own research and come to their own conclusions.

      • I agree that the stories she tells are real as is the apparant love for the family…..What I question is the dates and FACTS that are thrown in that may or may not be a product of her unaided recollection……..I also question the actual “adoption” into the Soetorro family though there is no doubt that she lived in the household and cared for BHO.
        Supporting documents are needed to substantiate the facts.
        And yes there is No birther “movement”, just many who want to see actual documents substantiating the date and place of birth

        • Miri
          In Nov 2008 there may have been nothing to be gained by Hillary, but that was the time when the “birther” cases and the cases of eligibiliy found their way to the courts, making their way to the Supreme Court.
          A lower court has already taken “judicial notice” of a copy of a purported newspaper clipping as “evidence” of the date and place of birth. Although highly irregular, it has substantially muddied the waters on review.
          Soooo, there still are many reasons that this information may have been fabricated in whole or in part by some very savvy people……..never under-estimate

          • AOne: I respect your opinion. We simply disagree.

            I don’t underestimate and I resent your suggesting so. Obama’s eligibility became an issue when he ran for the presidency. Everything that followed afterward, of course, followed afterward. It’s as likely to be coincidental as it is to be by design.

            We simply don’t know the truth. We’re looking for the TRUTH.

            We are not gullible and we will not be used, as, btw, imho, TD was used with regard to those announcements.

            The court did NOT take judicial notice of the announcements. Obama’s lawyers asked the judge to, in a footnote. jbjd has explained the use of a footnote. Relatively meaningless. A clever ruse by a clever lawyer to give an impression that’s false. He didn’t present the document to the court because he could not. Why couldn’t he? Because he’s an officer of the court and wouldn’t want to risk his standing AS an officer of the court. It’s his career, after all.

            • I am sorry but never meant to imply that you “under-estimate”
              just that we all tend to underestimate the craftyness and underhandedness of those that attempt to deceive.
              I appreciate your research and all your thoughts
              But ….it is very frustrating knowing that the whole truth is out there but it keeps slipping away…
              Like the old school clock ….. Back one … Forward two
              maybe we are getting somewhere and not just spinning our wheels

              • We’ve been spinning our wheels for over 2 years now, but I’m not going to stop. I’ll never give up. One of these days, the car’s going to come out of the ditch. All we have to do is keep on pushing.

        • If we can’t even get supporting documents to prove what the president of the US says about his birth circumstances, how likely is it that anyone will ever see proof of what Lia has said? Especially since she’s dead. That speaks volumes. That she’s dead.

          In the absence of documentation, testimony of eye witnesses is accepted, if there’s corroborating evidence, like artifacts from their years together. Lia had such artifacts.

          Apparently, she even had a birth certificate that somebody may have tricked her into giving up. Suppose the Indonesians could be corrupted into disappearing documents from their archives. Then any birth certificate that Lia retained would have to be destroyed, too. Right? What better way to get hold of it than to tell a gullible woman that some rich woman was going to pay her way to America, so she can be an honored guest at her brother’s inauguration? All she had to do was to give them her birth certificate so that they could get her a passport. It sounds as if she provided the document and then heard nothing else from these people, ever again.

          Let’s take it a step further. You believe her stories are real and that she loved that family. That she lived with them. That she knew and cared for Barry. All that being true, why has he never mentioned her? In his books, there were all kinds of stories about his childhood friends in Indonesia. Why no mention of Lia? Who slept in the same room with him and who snuck him food when he was being punished? Who was perhaps his best and only friend?

          Why did Maya, his alleged other sister, come out so strongly to avow that Lia didn’t even exist? Maya, who would have been too young to know her, anyway. Who may never have even lived with her father again, after her parents split up. Would Maya have known Lia? If she did, would she admit it?

          • All that being true, why has he never mentioned her? In his books, there were all kinds of stories about his childhood friends in Indonesia. Why no mention of Lia? Who slept in the same room with him and who snuck him food when he was being punished? Who was perhaps his best and only friend?

            Why did Maya, his alleged other sister, come out so strongly to avow that Lia didn’t even exist? Maya, who would have been too young to know her, anyway. Who may never have even lived with her father again, after her parents split up. Would Maya have known Lia? If she did, would she admit it?

            Because it messed up the fake storyline…It could have AOne’s twist in there too. Someone told her to fudge the dates a bit maybe for all of the info they all wanted out. Told her a fake reason like”There is a secret about your friends and family that must stay hidden” and she innocently agreed. A poor girl, promised royal treatment,travel, sent her docs out and poof…no party.

            • Renee, I’ve been thinking about that. While it’s true that she might have been coached on the meme, it may be that she did speak what she knew as truth. We know or reasonably suspect that somebody filed a birth registration for him in Hawaii back in 8/61. So Lia might have been told the same story, as Barry apparently also believed that his birthday was in August. That’s when they celebrated it. The connection to the obscure Indonesian holiday is pretty interesting. I don’t know if that’s in his book or not because I can’t bring myself to read it. She might have read the Indonesian version of the book. If so, then because memory is constructive, she might have found her recollections influenced by the book. It happens to everyone, which is why eyewitness testimony always should be taken with a grain of salt and corroborated with at least some circumstantial evidence. Then people have to simply use common sense. What’s more likely to be true? Who stands to gain by lying?

              The part about somebody faking her out of her birth certificate surely rings true. But consider this possibility:

              She says SAD went to Hawaii to “pick” Barry, just like Lia herself was “picked.” aka, adopted. The nuances of the Indonesian language make it hard to determine what “foster sister” and “adopted sister” truly mean. But Lia used the exact same word for herself as for Barry. And she used the sort of words that adults use when explaining to children that there will be an addition to the family–you’re going to have a new brother.

              Supposedly, S. Ann was not in Indonesia in 1964. But Lia says that she was. At some point, S. Ann went to Hawaii to “pick” Barry. What if he was born in Hawaii on that date, in that place, even in Kapiolani hospital, but not to S. Ann and BHO Sr.? They adopted him at birth. Her marriage to BHO Sr. was for the convenience of having the adoption go through. Single women didn’t adopt children back in those days. If she wanted to adopt, she had to have a husband.

              After his birth, she parked him with her parents and went to school in WA State. No explanation for that in this theory, unless one considers the competing theory that her father was actually Barry’s biological father by a non-white woman, obviously not Madelyn, who herself was kept in the dark all along (especially since Madelyn was the sole supporter of the family).

              S. Ann left school in Hawaii by Dec. 1960. Why? Where was she between then and the following August? Was this all part of the ruse, to fool Madelyn? Did she believe S. Ann was perhaps in a home for unwed mothers in Seattle, when all along she was simply staying with friends there until “the birth?”

              All speculation. But that’s the problem. There is NO proof that anything that he says about his background is true. Most ordinary people can EASILY prove the circumstances of their birth. Of their schooling. Of their entire biography. Why can’t he?

            • I dont think she was educated. Nothing I saw gives me reason to believe that she knew anything about dates or times. All she did say was that she lived with them for 15 years and cared for BHO. She never mentioned that she went to school ….just played with him and slept with him!

              • I may be mis-remembering, but I thought that somewhere amongst all those translations, there was something about her going to school with Barry until he moved to the Muslim school.

            • All that being true, why has he never mentioned her? In his books, there were all kinds of stories about his childhood friends in Indonesia. Why no mention of Lia?

              Perhaps Barry never told Bill Ayers about Lia, or Bill decided to leave her out of the book.

              • Going one step further with that thought RP, perhaps she was left out because the scenario of Lia being used as a “child nanny/hired help” could resemble child labor/slavery!

                AOne, re your concern that the slant of these threads are dessert for the o camp — I tend to agree with you in that it provides cover re the “child over 18” in the soetoro divorce decree.

                • Ali & AOne,
                  Even though Miri gave very detailed explanations today also picked this story up and went a step futher with it. Perhaps it will give you and AOne more insight, hopefully!

                  Previously unknown Obama stepsister dies

                  Posted by Sky on August 12, 2010 at 7:08pm

         says “Show us the birth certificate,”
                  Previously unknown Obama stepsister dies
                  Raises question of whether president adopted by Indonesian stepfather


                  • did a great article.
                    Leza, please do not take offense to my statement — no offense was intended. I’m looking at all sides.

                    • G-d bless Leza — now you have me feeling bad. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I think ALL of you are great sleuthers! And your Lia find has produced food for thought. I am just looking at ALL sides . I love you guys — so please ALWAYS know that any remark I make will never be in a spiteful or condescending spirit.

                    • MUCH food for thought 🙂

                • Elaborating even further, the child nanny, the maid, Lolo manager of oil company … creates the opposite effect from what o and ayers were trying to achieve in the fabrication of o. In other words, life of leisure/of the privileged v. life of struggle/the average man. The Elite v. the working class.

                  • Ali,
                    Your comment –
                    AOne, re your concern that the slant of these threads are dessert for the o camp —
                    This>>>I tend to agree with you in that it provides cover re the “child over 18″ in the soetoro divorce decree.
                    *****If this were true ——-WHY DENY LIA??

                    • I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings….
                      Ali please do not assume my feeling’s have been hurt., they have not. I appreciate the fact of your questioning, we only post what we find. It is up to you to come to your own conclusions.
                      Hug’s to you my friend.

                    • Very good point Leza.

  6. To recap for our new readers:

    We have devoted ourselves at this blog to the QUEST FOR THE TRUTH, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth.

    These videos were filmed in Nov. 2008, right AFTER the election. It makes sense that Lia would be found and interviewed by the Indonesian press when her brother has just been elected president of the United States.

    If this were disinformation or dirty tricks by the Clinton campaign, it came far too late to help Hillary.

    Obama’s missing birth certificate and THE FACT of his ineligibility to be POTUS on account of his SELF-AVOWED dual citizenship, as well as his possible loss of simple American citizenship through adoption (if he ever WAS a citizen in the first place) and lack of evidence concerning who his actual parents are–all these were issues long before the election took place. By the time Lia hit the radar screens, there was nothing to be gained by Clinton but a lot to be lost by Obama.

    There is NO “birther movement.” We the People of the United States simply ask for and deserve the TRUTH from the person WE HIRE TO SERVE US AS POTUS. Especially a person who, during his campaign, professed total transparency.

    We are not wild conspiracy theorists. Neither are we dupes. The fact REMAINS that to date this man has provided NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to prove his eligibility to SERVE us in the office of the presidency.

    He has had numerous opportunities to present such PROOF to the courts of law that are hearing the many lawsuits over his eligibility. He can subpoena his original vital records, present them to a court, and have all of these cases immediately dismissed, once and for all.

    Instead, he spends millions of his own and the TAXPAYERS’ dollars to prevent his lawyers from providing courts of law with the PROOF that they contend exists.

    As Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, he stands by and watches an American hero, Lt. Col. Lakin, be court martialed, to possibly lose his career and his freedom, all in order to keep from producing documents Obama could easily obtain for less than 20 bucks. Why won’t he show the proof, IF it exists, as he contends?

    He and his supporters claim that he is eligible. They claim his birth certificate has been presented in the form of an unprovenanced, digital image posted on the Internet on partisan blogs and on his campaign website–a document which, iirc, not one named individual has stood up to publicly SWEAR, on the record, to its authenticity.

    Instead, they LIE when they say that officials at the state of Hawaii’s Department of Health assert that they produced the underlying document and that they stand behind the truth of what’s printed on that document.

    The press releases from the HDoH were carefully parsed and NO OFFICIAL has EVER said that the image at FactCheck faithfully represents whatever is on those mysterious “original vital records” held in the state archives.

    It REMAINS FACT that those vital records (plural) under the laws in effect at the time of his birth could be nothing more than

    * a registration of a birth by someone claiming knowledge of the circumstances of the birth and then, perhaps filed years later after a mysterious Aug. 2008 visit to Madelyn Dunham,

    * nothing more than an affidavit signed by someone attesting to the “truth” of what was written on the registration form.

    The HDoH stated that these “original vital records,” which they reviewed, “VERIFY” that he is a natural born citizen. However, the HDoH staff claim to have consulted with the Hawaiian Attorney General while composing their carefully parsed statement. To verify. Look in a LEGAL dictionary. To verify means “1: to confirm or substantiate by oath, affidavit, or deposition.” From:

    So, under Hawaiian law at that time, Madelyn Dunham could have registered his birth as having taken place at home, unattended, in Honolulu, no matter WHERE it took place, and that registration could have been filed at the HDoH on 8/8/61. That registration (filed but NOT accepted because it was pending PROOF of the facts stated therein) would have caused the newspapers to announce the birth of an unnamed son to alleged parents Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama on 8/4/61 in Hawaii, all based upon what someone said, perhaps even mailed in–no proof yet provided.

    In 2008, Madelyn Dunham could have provided the “proof” in the form of nothing more than an affidavit from her under oath stating that she witnessed his birth.

    Those two documents (registration form and affidavit) could alone compose the “original vital records” viewed by HDoH. Madelyn Dunham is now conveniently deceased. Timely death, too, right as he was elected. Mysterious death, too. “Toot is doing fine.” Chilling words, those.

    He was elected to SERVE us, not to rule over us. He is OUR EMPLOYEE. As his employers, we demand that he prove his eligibility for the job. That’s all we ask for. The TRUTH. The whole truth. Nothing BUT the truth.

    • I think of this. What if Liah was brought out to prove alot of lies by one group, and silenced by them…then the group that uncovered her would be running for cover…?? Does that make sense ?

    • We are not wild conspiracy theorists. Neither are we dupes. The fact REMAINS that to date this man has provided NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to prove his eligibility to SERVE us in the office of the presidency.

      Obama started his new job on January 20, 2009. He, like every other employee in this country, was legally required to submit an I-9 form with substantiating hardcopy documentation. Without evidence to the contrary, we must assume that Obama is in Violation of Current Immigration Law.

      The I-9 does not accept newspaper birth announcements as documentation.

      The I-9 does not accept URL links to a web page with .JPG images of a COLB as documentation.

      The only “evidence” that has been presented has been things that do not qualify as acceptable documentation under current Immigration Law.

      And that’s before we even get to the issue of whether the Founders intended for someone born a British subject, after the ratification of the Constitution, to be eligible to become Commander-in-Chief of our military.

      Obama’s Eligibility: It’s a Matter of Faith

      • So true. You’d be hard pressed to find ANYBODY who would accept as PROOF URL links to JPG images at partisan BLOGS and campaign websites or unsubstantiated newspaper announcements.

        Try that, next time you apply for a job, a passport, admission to school, a driver’s license, etc. See what happens.

  7. Aristotle said it the best: “The only one to fear the truth is a crooked person”

    Occam’s Razor law being the simplest solution is usually the correct answer applies here.

    Q: If 0bama has nothing to fear, why does he constantly try and hide his birth-certificate?

    A: Because 0bama fears the truth.

  8. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Wow. Wow and wow…I just knew that someday your collective, superlative investigatory skills would bear fruit. I believe you just hit pay dirt! Well done!

    As to his birth cert, another possibility just occurred: obviously, his handlers wanted him in office post haste as evidenced by his sudden ascent from obscurity to the highest office in the…world. Perhaps, his enablers (pelosi were rushed/forced into this and now realize, after the fact ,that they are subject to charges of treason. Just a thought.

    • doesn’t matter. there is only ONE and only ONE fact that matters. That is all in government are supposed to work for US! I don’t care how much government and liberals try to spin it to make it appear otherwise. They are to work for US!

      To be seen any other way constitutes a dictatorship with us as the subjects at their disposal.

      We pay their salaries, and high ones at that. So if we demand something, especially something that is not unreasonable by any stretch of the imagination it better be given to us.

      You go for a job, you better have a birth certificate plain and simple.

      To polish ones @ss in a lofty position making that much ridiculous amount of money just so they can jet set should at least be forced to show something as simple as a birth certificate as soon as possible on request.

      So even IF a birth certificate was to one day come out and be in 0bama’s favor… the next question, which is a very rational question should be… why did it take so long?

      On that note, no matter WHAT document is ever presented now, it’s already lost any credibility.

      Old saying… silence means yes. yes, 0bama is NOT a natural born citizen of the United States of America.

      Hell, I’m ready to wager he’s not even a legal citizen at that as of right now.

      • Exactly kristy, well said!

      • “…So even IF a birth certificate was to one day come out and be in 0bama’s favor… the next question, which is a very rational question should be… why did it take so long? …”

        Because it is a distraction, a diversion. Two years ago, Leo Donofrio answered this question for us. The birth certificate is a distraction. The real issue is that o’s father was not a U.S. citizen. To be a “natural born citizen”, a requirement under Art. II for the position of POTUS, one must be born on U.S. soil to U.S. citizen parentsssssss.

        • My comment is based on the assumption that o was born in U.S..

        • Distraction or no distraction, that is not even the issue. The issue is… when we demand something, the ones we pay huge salaries to have better produce and produce on demand or else get out!

          Can’t do the job, then quickly get them OUT!

          And one of the many requirements of the job is to produce what we DEMAND, and right away with no questions!

          Ask once, any fiddling around… POP… out of office immediately!


          Because they are to work for US!

          No compromise, no negotiation!

          They don’t like it? Then they should work at a chucky cheese or taco bell instead.

  9. Rosemary Woodhouse

    An admittedly snarky aside: I kept INSISTING that his mother was a jackal!

  10. It’s really very simple..make him provide all necessary documents, birth certificate,schools he attended, etc.. If he doesn’t, then he must be impeached. period!

    • Impeachment is for those who were eligible to hold the office, but then committed a crime while in office.

      Obama was never eligible to hold the office. As a usurper, not only should he be removed from office, but every action he performed as “President” nullified and removed from the record. (There is precedent for this in the Congress.)

      And then, try him for treason!

      • If he has been recognized as the President then can’t Congress impeach him? They certainly do treat him as such. Who else can walk in, handcuff him, and read him his Miranda rights? Who has that authority?

        What is the correct term then if not to impeach him? Accuse him of a crime or 20, fire him, and walk him out to a waiting paddy wagon? But who will do it?

        There is precedent..for a usurper ? Or are you thinking Nixon or Clinton?

        • No, not Nixon or Clinton. They were eligible to hold the office and were not usurpers. There have been members of Congress who were found to have been ineligible because they had not been a U.S. citizen for the minimum amount of time required by the Constitution (7 years for a Representative, 9 years for a Senator). They were removed as usurpers, and everything they had done was expunged from the record.

          I don’t have a link handy for that… I’m recalling it from memory of a post that I think had been on Leo Donfrio’s blog before he streamlined that blog to focus on the Chrysler bankruptcy case.

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  12. Interesting links, Ali. Thanks. So Maya claims she discussed Lia with her grandmother, who didn’t remember Lia coming to Hawaii. And she also says that none of her cousins ever mentioned Lia. Who are these cousins? Her brother claims he doesn’t remember Lia. I bet.

    I’m not sure from those translations whether Lia went to Hawaii herself or whether she was talking about Barry going to Hawaii for 3 months to visit his “sick” grandmother. We do know that he went to Hawaii for a time, when he attended part of third grade at Noelani. In the book, Ayers wrote about a summer that Barry spent in Hawaii. So that’s up in the air, given the translation problem.

    If Lia had ever gone to Hawaii, then she’d have a passport already, wouldn’t she?

    In any case, Maya says she discussed Lia with her grandmother, but one has to wonder when this happened. Lia did those interviews in Nov. 2008. Madelyn was in the hospital, deathly ill, and died in Nov. 2008.

    I wonder who “Luth” is–the woman who wanted Lia’s birth certificate? They said the woman’s name sounded like Luth. Could it have been Ruth?

    That story says Lia was only 47 in 2009. Must have been a typo because that would make her closer to Barry’s age. She’s supposed to be 4 years older. Unless he’s really 4 years younger than he claims.

    • Lia was given the monkey doll at the airport by Madelyn Dunham. I read it that Lia was in Hawaii for 3 months and as she was leaving the doll was given to her. I couldn’t tell from the translation if it was Madelyn who was “sick” or if it was Lia who was ill at that time. I wondered if the translation meant that she was sad to be leaving.

      Luth and Gelf were the two names Lia mentioned speaking with. Luth translated to Lot. Gelf was Gelf.

    • Darn, I guess my earlier comment got lost in the sphere .
      As usual, great observations, Miri. Miri, I think you’re right, “Ruth” could be “Luth”.
      I also think it highly unlikely that Toot, while ill/on her deathbed, would be discussing or recalling Lia. Do any of you know when Lia first came out of the closet?
      Didn’t sound to me, from this article, as if she’d ever been out of the country (but I haven’t read the article which Bridgette read/translated). Don’t know how it works in Indonesia, but one would think if she’d had a prior passport, it would’ve been easy enough to renew. Again with the emphasis on the birth certificates — brings me back to my prior post ….

      Re 3rd grade — Bridgette had nabbed that pic as photoshopped, I agree (thought we all did). LOL actually looks like the head shot used was from the same batch of the above photos with the children in the schoolyard (don’t know — the pictures are small — is he wearing the same shirt lol). Anyway, this link should take care of that photoshopped 3rd grade photo from Inoue — O/T is he related to sen daniel inoue (sp?).
      You guys are going to have to tell me how to copy from translated text — I was unable to do it — so here is the link. Several paragraphs down, o’s 3rd grade teacher, Effendi, from elementary school Besuki (Menteng).

  13. I read that too, but then I read something else that confused me. Made me wonder if Lia went to Hawaii or just to the airport to see him off. I do remember that Madelyn gave her the doll. But did she give it in person? One has to wonder what Madelyn WOULD remember when she’s on her death bed. That’s if you believe Maya’s telling the truth in the first place. You know, under ordinary circumstances, you could chalk all this up to a person looking for reflected glory. But these aren’t ordinary circumstances. I totally believe the woman and her husband were led to believe they were going to the Inauguration. Why would they travel 3 hours to Jakarta, waiting to be contacted again? AND we can’t forget that she’s mysteriously and conveniently dead, like too many other inconvenient, truth-knowing people. We really ought to keep a list. Maybe make a post for the Inconvenient Dead.

  14. Just tried to send a comment, and ended up with a computer glitch. Will check back later to see whether the comment was received.

  15. Bridgette. Sorry that I forgot about the Flies post. If I think of any additions, I’ll stow them there.

    • Good finds, Ali. So from these stories we learn more:

      Barry left the Catholic school in the middle of third grade. But he went to 3rd grade with Scott Inouye in Hawaii. He was in Hawaii, Christmas ’69, with Scott, in 3rd grade. Yet his friend Dara says he lost touch with Barry in mid-3rd grade because Barry transferred to SD Besuki, the Muslim school. So which is it? Or is it both?

      Barry failed Indonesian language class. 🙂 A genius, he is.

      He would go to his friend Dara’s house after school and Dara would have to tell him, in English, to go home. Dara suggested that Lolo and S. Ann were too busy. Barry also ate meals with Dara, and if people picked on Barry, he hid under Dara’s bed.

      Dara had never heard the name Obama. Not until he e-mailed Barry Soetoro at the U.S. Senate. Then, he says, Barry emailed back and said he was Obama.

      The second article disagrees, too. Says Barry was at Assisi for 3 years, ’68 through ’70. More confusion. More obfuscation. Never any facts that aren’t fungible.

  16. lol, I got the “copy” to work.
    “…Registered under the name Barry Soetoro (following his father’s name) in Primary Schools (SD) State 1 Menteng, Jakarta, ideals became president Obama has articulated. Saat itu dirinya bersama teman-teman di kelas 3 SD mendapat tugas mengarang dengan topik “Cita-citaku: Ingin Menjadi Apa Kalau Sudah Besar.” “Dia saat itu memilih judul ‘Saya Ingin Menjadi Presiden’,” kenang Fermina Katarina Sinaga – yang pernah menjadi guru kelas 3 SD untuk Obama dan teman-temannya – seperti dikutip surat kabar Los Angeles Times 15 Maret 2007. At that time he was with friends in third grade elementary school given the task of making up with the topic “my ideals: Want to Be What If It’s Big.” “He then chose the title ‘I Want To Become President,'” recalled Fermina Katarina Sinaga – ever third grade elementary school teacher for Obama and his friends – as quoted by the newspaper Los Angeles Times March 15, 2007. Guru yang kini berusia 57 tahun tersebut mengaku bahwa Barry sudah menunjukkan talenta sebagai pemimpin….”

  17. Miri, I don’t know if you saw my comment at Aug 15, 12:47 a.m. in which the article includes Effendi, o’s 3rd grade teacher at Besuki. Evidently o went to Assissi grades 1 through first half of 3rd grade — then o transferred to Besuki in the middle of the 3rd grade and continued there through ? the fourth grade.
    As for the xmas noelani photo with scott — I think it was photoshopped using a photo from the same batch of school photos — looks like he is even wearing the same shirt. IF it was not photoshopped, then I guess he and Ann could have visited Toot in Dec of that year.

    We’ve questioned as to why Maya and family would have denied knowing Lia.
    It is possible that o and ayers left out Lia because it would complicate his story (more questions/don’t know what Lia would say) and would erase the image of o having a lower middle class upbringing — remember o wanted to attract the “black voting block” and the “white guilt voting block”. He couldn’t appear to be one of the elite — recall how he talked on the campaign trail of his and his mother’s struggle, how they had to use food stamps, yada yada…. When the truth is that o has always lived a privileged life — Lolo was an oil executive who had a maid, a child nanny for o… then o ends up in Hawaii going to Punahou — which is/was the exclusive prep school for the privileged at that time — plus, having a child nanny resembles child labor/slavery lol. Following Punahou, he then attends exclusive private universities. Nothing about his life relates to the so-called “struggle ” of black americans.
    One would think Lia could have been easily bought-off. Again with the emphasis on the birth certificates, perhaps o’s camp did intend to use Lia’s birth certificate as a cover for “the one child over 18” in the Soetoro divorce decree.

    • IF Lia’s story is true, in full or in part, Maya’s denial of Lia’s existence makes me think that Lia may have had knowledge of facts the o family wanted to keep hidden. Its Maya’s flat out denial which leaves me with questions.

      • I agree.

        Maya is clearly willing to perpetuate Barry’s “I’ve never been a Muslim” myth. Lia, who wore the Hijab and expected Barry to support Palestine over Israel, may not have been willing to perpetuate Barry’s “I’ve never been a Muslim” myth. Hence, the need for her to be silenced.

    • Ali, the thing is we don’t know who to believe. The media is either complicit in putting out the stories or all the friends and teachers are. I agree that Lia’s existence would be hard for him to explain. If she was a servant, then it puts the lie to his story about being poor and living in what was basically a slum in Jakarta. Trying to go for that Slumdog Millionaire meme. On the other hand, if Lia really was an adopted child. Chosen because her parents didn’t want her (or vice versa) and the grandfather with whom she lived died, then that would be quite uncomfortable for him to explain, too. For one thing, it would add to the theories about he, himself, being adopted, which I am more and more certain that he was–by Lolo and perhaps even by SAD. This Lia also appears to state that Lolo always lived in Menteng but bought a house in Ciputat (sp.?) for Maya and Barry. This may have been AFTER he and SAD separated. But I found and linked another story the other day that said that SAD was doing anthropological work on another Indonesian island WHILE Barry was studying in Jakarta. This might be the exact timeframe when Lolo moved Barry to the Muslim school. Maybe when SAD returned and found out, she didn’t like that so sent Barry to Hawaii. Somebody who read his book said that his mother did talk to Barry about the summer he spent in Hawaii, before he was finally sent back to attend Punahou.

      Now about Scott, I thought he was another supportive friend, but then I read recently a story about how puzzled Scott was about the photo and how Barry supposedly wasn’t in Hawaii in ’69. He asked for the reporter to explain the conundrum, whenever he got to the root of the problem. Scott insisted that his mother wrote that caption on the photo and that if she wrote ’69, it was ’69. Interesting, huh?

      Red Pill makes a good point about how Lia could easily put the lie to his claim of never having been Muslim.

  18. What was Lia’s maiden name? Is it possible they got her an Hawaiian birth certificate inorder to get a pasport?

    • Kathy, I don’t think Lia ever had a passport (but I haven’t read the article which Bridgette translated). My impression of Lia is that she has never been out of the country. I don’t think “Ruth” ever intended to get Lia a passport — I think “Ruth” enticed Lia in order for Lia to get her birth certificate — I think o’s camp may have intended to use Lia as cover for the “one child over 18” in the Soetoro divorce decree. This scenario, however, doesn’t mesh with Maya’s blanket denial — it is Maya’s blanket denial which leaves me with questions.
      Please keep in mind that this is all speculation on my part — I approach this as a game/a puzzle.

      • I think they wanted Lia’s birth certificate to see what it said. To see if it really said she was adopted by SAD and Lolo. But I don’t know how Indonesia deals with BCs and adoptions. They may have wanted to trick her out of her original copy, so she couldn’t show it to the media. They could deal with any copies in the Indonesian archives.

        But if she didn’t have an original and she was able to get a copy, then I’m puzzled. Perhaps they wanted her BC to show the media, in case her adoption was an informal thing, in order to “prove” that Lia was a liar. But I think they told her they wanted it to get her a passport so she could go to the US. But it was a trick. For some reason. A trick, because she never heard from them again.

        Kathy, can you go over those various translations again and let me know where in all of them she talks about 3 months in Hawaii? I’m a little fuzzy on that. Because of the translation problem. The translations are very weird. Hard to decipher and hard to figure the actual meaning of what’s said. I’m with Ali. I don’t think Lia had ever been outside of Indonesia.

  19. Ali, I meant a passport to Hawaii when she was there for three months and Grandma Dunham gave her the monkey doll.

  20. LOL You guys didn’t say anything! I just realized that the o schoolyard photos to which I referred in the above comments, were not included with the articles I provided. Here are the photos which also appear in the main body of Miri’s post. Speaking of, Miri where did you find those two particular photos? Anyway those are the photos in which it appears he is wearing the same shirt as in the 3rd grade noelani xmas photo. LOL Maybe I’m confused, I haven’t seen the xmas photo in awhile.

    • Too funny — Miri, you are not kidding about the translation problems lol. Check out the last link above this comment “Found, Obama photo found in little in Menteng” — toward the bottom right of the page lists the “Latest in Forum”. The 4th listing beneath that forum heading reads “In America, the Women’s Fall Due to Fuck in the House” LOL

    • Ali, sorry it took me so long to respond. Those two school photos were within the stories that contained the videos. I hadn’t seen them before, either. You have good eyes! I didn’t even notice it’s the same shirt. So which photo was he photoshopped into?

      • Ok, I don’t know where to put the next set of questions re this issue. Should I continue this at the “Fabricated Family” thread?

      • Miri, I answered you/continued this on the “Fabricated Family” thread.
        Bridgette lightened the school/birthday party photos — turns out its not the same shirt as the noelani 3rd grade photo — Its not even the same face. His face appears older in the party/schoolyard photos — his features are more defined, face is longer, and his teeth are better/adult teeth grown in.

    • “Lia, a college named in the birth certificate, to VIVAnews some time ago claiming Obama had been a small caretakers while in Jakarta. Oleh ayah tiri Obama, Lolo Soetoro, Lia diangkat sebagai anak. By Obama’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, Lia was appointed as a child….”

      • Lia was “appointed”, when she was still a child, to be o’s caretaker/nanny.

        “…a college named in the birth certificate…” lol, I think they are messing with us lol

  21. I just now saw your comments, Miri and Kathy. Which article is it you guys are speaking of re a 3 month stay in Hawaii?
    Miri, I believe o was “formally”/officially adopted by Lolo. Firstly, he would under Indonesian law have been automatically considered Lolo’s son — I recall reading, when we were at TD’s, under Indonesian law at that time, in marriages where the children are age 5 and under, they are automatically considered the natural born child of the father.
    I remember there was a debate as to whether U.S. law protected children from losing their U.S. citizenship in such circumstances. But I think Lolo and Ann probably went through a formal adoption process re Lolo and o.

    • I never doubted that it was o who was the “one child above 18” in the Soetoro divorce decree.
      LOL o’s citizenship history is a fruit salad. Kenyan father/british citizenship/Kenyan allegiance + Indonesian father/Indonesian citizenship+American mother/?U.S. citizenship

      • Forgot to add — Indonesian allegiance+????U.S. allegiance+?!?Muslim allegiance

        • “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American Army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

          John Jay (eventual first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) letter July 25th, 1787 to George Washington, then Presiding Officer of the Constitutional Convention

          Wise and Seasonable

          • RP, I keep thinking that he had to have been placed in office to take care of the Iran situation. That it would be best for the U.S., Israel, and the world, if it is a fellow muslim who eradicates Iran’s arsenal. That is the only logical explanation I can conclude. That is why I approach this as a game.

  22. Which one of you has the link to the article Bridgette translated? Is she online? Kathy, it is Bridgette’s article to which you refer re the 3 month Hawaii/Lia passport, is it not? If you have the link, I’d love to see it — I haven’t read that article.

    • The link is in the title of the obituary on the original Lia thread. The translation is already there to read. The link will go to the translation or the original work. I can’t remember now. The 3 month vacation for Lia was written in several translations, not just one. She received her monkey doll at the Hawaii airport.

  23. We know Ann married Lolo in ’64 or ’65, that would have made o 3 or 4 years of age.

  24. Everybody: I’ve come to the conclusion that at least at one point, unless the reporter(s) misunderstood what Lia said, she did go to Hawaii for 3 months with Barry. I ran the various versions of the story through several different translators. End result: It still comes out that she says she went to Hawaii with Barry and while there, even would go shopping and to the beach with him. When she left, Madelyn gave her toys and clothes. And they both cried because they didn’t know if they’d see each other again. This supposedly happened in 1971, but we know Barry spent a summer, part of third grade, or a year in Hawaii around Dec. 1969, if we believe the various stories. So Lia might have gone earlier.

    • If that is the case, then there is no way o would not remember Lia! How could her treat her with such disregard, such cruelty — to dismiss her as a fraud! Cold and Dark–

      • Very easily, she didn’t fit into the story. She KNEW. I am still stuck on his bent foot and if you look at the pictures of him … they show he is a stocky kid, then a skinny kid. No one has to have photos manufactured of their childhood and life except an imposter. If Lia met him in person, the imposter wouldn’t be able to recall the stories she told. She might have looked into his eyes and known that wasn’t the kid that she lived with day in and day out for years. Sparks of recognition wouldn’t be there.

        • Perhaps he does not remember her because he is not Barry? Check these photos out. The one on the left is actually the first photo to look like the kid in pics from Indonesia. It is possible Barry and Barack are two different people and Barrack, for school purposes and/or citizenship used Barry’s identity. Who knows where the real Barry is. Also, this newly surfaced pic of a young-man O. has the same “soul” behind the eyes as the kid in pics when Barry was Indonesian as a child.

          • Hi Yo, Welcome

            I remember that photo from a long, long time ago. I didn’t translate the information yet, but I will bet the story is about him looking like BO. That is the guy that is supposed to be Barry’s double.

          • Translation.

            Obama’s False Hope To Obama Original
            “We welcome him as a villager who tries to stop them,” said Ilham Anas
            Thursday, March 18, 2010, 08:41 AM
            Renne RA Kawilarang, Farida Harriska Adiati
            Photo comparison of Ilham Anas and Barack Obama
            (AP Photo) RELATED NEWS

            * Obama’s Not Coming, The party had been held
            * Nobel Obama donated to Haiti
            * Since So the President, Cholesterol Obama’s Rise
            * Obama’s Apparently Still Enjoys Smoking
            * ‘Big Brother’ Obama Never Diaku

            the TERKAIT NEWS
            * Obama did not yet come, the Party already Digelar
            * Nobel Obama was contributed to Haiti
            * since So President, Cholesterol of Obama Naik
            * VIVAnews – Ilham Anas, a man who was mentioned faced similar to Barack Obama, hoping president of the United States (U.S.), it could realize his desire menyambangi Indonesia. Obama Evidently Still liked Merokok
            * the ‘Older Brother’ Obama that Never

            Diaku VIVAnews – the Anas Inspiration, the man who was talked about faced resembled Barack Obama, hoped the United States president (the USA) that could bring about his wish to patrol Indonesia. The inspiration that was experienced in party gaps of the Obama reception that was spread out by the community of “Friends of Obama,” in Jakarta on Wednesday night, on March 17 2010.

            The party was held a week before the Obama arrival schedule to Indonesia, that is March 23-25 2010. “If I had the opportunity to meet Obama, I will say”

            Welcome “in Indonesia, it is hoped you could be HOMEWORK (public relation) Indonesia, it is hoped you could succeed in as the president, succeeding in bringing about what it was said during the campaign,” said the man was 36 years old this.

            The magazine photographer Hi, that denied the playing offer in this film, also felt necessary to welcome Obama “Kita answered he as villagers who left home,” said the Inspiration.

            While Effendi, Obama’s teacher while he was in third grade in elementary school Besuki (Menteng), wanted to provide a memento for Obama if they could meet. “I want to say welcome and want to give something,” said Effendi, who is still keeping the form of prizes.

            To be sure, Effendi was hoping to see these former students. “After 40 years is not met, I hope to see you,” he said, showing pictures Obama with classmates.

            Unfortunately until now no certainty whether Obama really will visit one of the former school because the agenda was changed. However, Effendi also claimed to be disappointed because their wives and children participate Obama canceled. “Whereas other than to see Barry, I also want to meet her family,” continued the teacher who has taught at several
            international schools.

            Concerning the coming of Obama’s rejection of action by a number of groups, Effendi said, “I do not know politics in detail. People there are happy with him, there is not. Like (President) SBY, there is a happy one is not,” Effendi said
            without commenting further far.


    • Miri,
      I agree. All the research I have done also leads me to the same conclusion, that Lia did indeed go to Hawaii for 3 months with Barry. Also, I have been going back over some of the pictures Bridge has posted on her OBAMA’S HUGE FABRICATED FAMILY thread. In some of the “family photo’s” if you look at the direction of their eyes looking at the photographer does it not seem like they are looking at a small (child) size person? another instance is – the picture bridge has posted of ANN DUNHAM’s 2ND HUSBAND LOLO SOETORO, MAYA AND BARACK why is Ann and Lolo looking up and Barry is looking towards the photographer with his eye’s lower as if he is looking at a child? is it just me?? also – sorry I have not been on the blog much. I have been using all my free time to do more research into Lia. Funny?… researching I happened to just come across a story about – George Soro’s and his Open Society Institute Office being Raided at his riverside property at 8 Ozerkovskaya Naberezhnaya in central in Moscow being raided, passports stolen ect.. when some links took me to the Emma Lazarus Fund – Open Society Institute (Moscow). Seems in 1997 he made a hundred million dollar contribution also to these funds. (I will post these articles on one of the threads here.) Ali, you are coming up with some great theories, I apologize for being short with you the other night. I had very little sleep and over reacted to your question.

  25. Thanks, Leza and Ali. I will catch you on the fab family thread.

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