“Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly

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Lia Soetoro Sabah holds a monkey doll Jan.13, 2010


What information was taken to her grave?

You haven’t heard of Lia?  Neither had we.  The unknown, until now, adopted sister of Barack Hussein Obama died unexpectedly February 26, 2010.   The USA media didn’t cover the story of this woman nor was her name found until the last few days.   A competent WTPOTUS sleuth, Leza, and other researchers  uncovered an article about an adopted “kakak” (literally “older sibling”, often translated as “brother”)  in Indonesia, named Lia or Lee.  Following up on a tidbit of information and other clues, more information was uncovered.  Lia was an adopted sister, not a brother.  Two Indonesian obituaries were just found. These tell the final tale of this woman nicknamed Lia, whom Obama called “Mbak Nun”.

UPDATE: Barack’s half-sister Maya called Lia a fraud, but a PDF document from a web site of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm a relationship between Lia and Barack Hussein Obama. Start near the bottom of page 14. It’s in Bahasa Indonesia (the language of Indonesia), but even without translation you can see Lia’s and Barack’s names. Translations of that text can be found in comments to this post.

Below is a tiny photo of Edi Sobat and Lia Soetoro Sobat.                                              Lia Soetoro Sobah and her husband Edi Sobah. January. 2010

Here’s another photo:

Her name was Holiyah Soetoro Sobah, age 53, born in 1957. She was the wife of  Edi Sobah, age 60.  They live in West Java, Indonesia.   They had three children:  Heni;  Marlina, age 27;  and Nova Noni, age 25, and four grandchildren.   In translated articles  Barack Obama is referred to as her “adopted brother” and “foster brother.”  The fact she used the name Soetoro certainly is telling.   It appears that Lolo and Ann adopted Lia, but there is no documentation for that assumption, just her words in an article.   The only knowledge we have about Lia is from one article and her obituaries.

An Indonesian article was written about Lia’s  invitation to the presidential inauguration in 2008.  She was very excited about seeing Barack Obama again.  The last time they saw each other was in 1971 when Lia visited him in Hawaii.  She was 14 at the time, and Barry was 10.

When Lia was leaving Hawaii after her 3 month long visit, Madelyn Dunham gave her a monkey doll and clothes that she is holding in her picture.  The doll brought back so many fond memories that she was planning to give it to him when they met again.

She stated that she received her invitation to the presidential  inauguration in a phone call from a close friend of Maya Soetoro,  Barack Obama’s half sister.  The translation said that a white woman who wears glasses and who she knows by the name of Gelf asked her to attend Obama’s inauguration.  Gelf also asked her to  be prepared to meet with Barry  before hand.  Additionally,  Lia was told that a woman of status and  means would be paying the Rp600.000 for her birth certificate and travel.   After receiving the money, she was  told to wait for further news about the final plans.  Whether Lia came to the USA to attend the festivities in January, 2008 is unknown.

More information from the article said that Lia  stayed at the home of Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s stepfather) and Ann Dunham Soetoro.  If I understood the translation,  one morning in 1966, Lia, age 7,  ran away from home.  She ended up at the house owned by Mrs. Siti Bogor.   It happened that Mrs. Bogor was a maid who worked for Lolo Soetoro and  Stanley Ann Dunham in Jakarta.   At some point, Stanley Ann Dunham asked  Mrs. Bogor if she could adopt Lia. The answer was yes.

She said she called Lolo and Ann,  Mr. and Mrs Lolo Eny.  In return, they  called Lia ” Non”  a  nickname for Nona.   She said, “I was always called Non, but Barry called me Ma’am Non.”   When Lia lived with the Soetoros  Maya hadn’t been born yet, and Barry was living with his grandmother in Hawaii.

After living with Lolo and Ann for awhile, “Eny” [Annie] promised to give her a sister who would keep her company.  Ann told her, ” Stay well, I’ll pick up your brother Barry.”  Two years later,  Barry left Hawaii and went to Indonesia to live with Lolo, his mother, and Lia.  Lia remembered that Obama was four years younger than she. She said that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961. Lia stated that Barry Obama went to school and got a basic education in Jakarta.

According to Lia, she and Barry were always together; they played, slept and bathed together.  They traveled on vacations as a family as well.    Several times they went to the summit, Yogyakarta, Bali, to the Land of Toraja (Sulawesi South), and the Bogor Botanical Gardens.  They loved to travel.

Amazing isn’t it that this adopted sister has remained unknown and not acknowledged as part of Barack Obama’s life story.  Her name was never mentioned in his books or by Maya Soetoro-Nyg.   As far as we know, it appears  Barack Obama didn’t attend his step sister’s funeral in Indonesia.   Lia’s family need not feel bad, he nor Michelle or their children didn’t pay their respects to Grandma Madelyn either. Grandma Madelyn was not surrounded by loving family when she departed this earth, and a proper burial ceremony wasn’t performed. God rest their souls.

More facts may be revealed about Lia’s origins and her adoption by the Soetoro family.   We are left to wonder what happened to her biological parents and why was she adopted by Lolo and Ann?  Why did Lia run away from home?  What happened to Lia after Stanley divorced Lolo?   Who is Gelf?  Who was the wealthy woman that sent money to Lia?  Why has she been kept a secret?   What caused her death?  What secrets did she take to her grave?

Hours prior to her unexpected demise,  she  was talking to several journalists about Barry’s anticipated arrival to Jakarta, Indonesia.  She was sending messages to her husband’s cell phone about those conversations.  Unfortunately for her, Lia didn’t live to see Barack Obama, her “adopted, foster” brother, again.  Lia died on Friday, February 26, 2010.

Below is the Indonesian to English translation of the article and obituary.  Some of the words are incorrect when translated, i.e., Lia is called a brother, and the he and she’s are mixed up, but you certainly will understand it even if a bit confusing.

Obama’s Adopted Sister Foster Brother and Maid?
Barry Happiness, Happiness Non Mbak
Sriwijaya, Indonesia Post
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
U.S. PRESIDENT elected, Barrack Hussein Obama, was once a four-year stay in Indonesia. Although now widely separated by time and place, many Indonesian people who are made happy with the victory of Obama. One of them is Mbak Lia aka Non, foster brother when Obama was in Indonesia.
“I call him Barry because it’s hard to say Barrack. So, I call him Barry, “said Lia (51), on Tuesday [Jan. 13] at her home, in Kampung Babakan Bantam, Sukasirna Village, District Cibadak, Sukabumi, West Java.

Lia meeting Barry is a coincidence. One morning in 1966, Lia’s new seven-year-old ran away from home. Lia little confused at being dumped into a house owned by Mrs. Siti Bogor. Apparently, Mrs Siti is a maid in the house the couple Lolo Sutoro and Stanley Ann Dunham in Jakarta. When Mrs Dunham Siti pick to return to Jakarta, he asked Allie to be adopted.

Two years after Allie to be adopted Sutoro and Dunham, Sutoro pick Barry from the U.S.. At that time, Sutoro become a manager at PT Pertamina. At first, Lia pleased that means it will have a friend and foster sister. ” “We met, I said to my mother, I am not happy that a black child and could not speak Indonesian,” said Lia.

Mrs Dunham convince Lia that Barry would be a nice sister. After obtaining Indonesian tutoring for seven months, Barry began to communicate with Lia and Siti who are called by Simbok.

Barry called Mbak Lia with a call girl, followed her mother calls. There are many memories in the mind of Barry Lia about the figure. . One of the unforgettable memories that Lia is a hobby Barry’s speech.

Barry very happy listening to Suharto’s speeches on television. “When President Suharto’s speech, Barry wrote it down neatly. After that, he practiced the speech of President Suharto in front of the house, “says Lia.

One time, Barry was President Suharto‘s speech mimicked in an event several times declared Indonesia as a country that Gemah Ripah jinawi loh. ” “He’s very difficult to spell those words, but to impose that sounds funny,” says Lia.

At home, Barry and Lee shared a bedroom, but different beds. Barry and Lia always wanting to sleep and wake up together. When Lia got up earlier and leave Barry, he would be furious. ” “After that, he then tied my hands and arms with a long rope. If one woke up, only allowed to leave the room when he woke the others,” says Lia.

In 1971, Barry returned to Hawaii. Lia joined him and got three months in Hawaii before returning to Indonesia. In Hawaii, Lia often invited Barry to go to the beach or to go shopping. Lia sad when parting with Barry.

By the inauguration of Obama, Lia received notification will be invited by a member of Obama’s successful team.  However, until now there is no certainty. Despite claiming she’d love to meet with his adopted brother, Lia chose her desire to bury deep. Lia was glad her sister is black, filthy, and often annoying it becomes U.S. President.

Raise the U.S. President’s brother dies
Friday, 02/26/2010 – 14:26

SUKABUMI, (PRLM) .- The desire Mrs. Holiyah (53) residents of Kampung Babakan Bantam, Village Sukasirna, Cibadak District, Sukabumi Regency wanted to meet the President of the United States (U.S.), Barrack Hussein Obama is disappeared. Holiyah Soetoro often called Lia, Thursday (25 / 2) died shortly before sunset.

Bodies of mother who has three children and four grandchildren, the Friday (26 / 2) is buried not far from his home. Seen her husband, Ibn [Edi] Sobah not withstand the power of compassion as Lia’s body was buried.

Lia’s death which was judged very suddenly hit her feelings. Several hours before her death her husband,  [Edi]  Ibn Sobah could receive short messages via his mobile telephone. He was interviewed a number of journalists inform the related plan of the arrival of his adopted brother, Barrack Obama to Jakarta.

“He was very nostalgic to see Barry  (Lia’s favorite call to Barack Obama — ed). The news of U.S. President’s arrival plans, had welcomed the coming months the deceased. But what say he died before seeing his adoptive brother, “said suamiya, Ibn Sobah.

This was another suspect death in the family of Barack Obama.   Living relatives should beware.

UPDATE (also mentioned higher above):
The information from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm the connection between Lia and Obama. The information the Consulate General provided about Lia Soetoro and the Soetoro family starts on page 14 of the PDF file.

UPDATE 2: Video of “Lia” is available here.

Additional Reading:

Lia Soetoro Sobah Speaks in her own words…


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    Yes, another glitch in the system.

  2. I haven’t read any of these for accuracy, but they can be used to refer to. We may have different information than what is stated. All we have for certain is a fictional history.

    Barack Obama Timeline
    I read through some and noticed missing things. Ann being in school in Vernon, TX for instance was missing. It ends at BO going to Indonesia..and the next link takes you to the book the guy wrote that includes all his information.

    Barack Obama Timeline I think this one is from the Obama camp, and seems to leave out lots of details. They might have made it according to his dreams.

    Here is another one by the knowledgeable NY Times, because there would never be a slant to their information. Milestones of BO’s fraudulent career..


  3. Bridge & Miri,
    I am finding more article’s on Lia….You both are doing such an excellent job with the interpreting I will leave the translating to the two of you. I have already sent the translation of this article through goggle and below is the translation from Indonesian to the English language.


    November 4, 2008
    ‘Son of Menteng’ U.S. presidential candidates (1)
    Listen Like Obama Speech Small Pak Harto

    If the results of various surveys that favor Barack Obama does not fumble, Barry, close calls “child Menteng” forward-election (Election) the United States (U.S.) today (4 / 11) is, will elected. How to trace small when Obama lived in Indonesia? Here’s his report.

    Barry proved to have a foster sister named Lia (50), aka Sister Noon. Together with her husband, Ibn Sobah aka Edy, she lived in the village of Sukasirna, Kampung Babakan Bull, Sukabumi, West Java. Mother of three children had a chance to gather with Barry for about five years in the 1970s.

    Separated with children and grandchildren, Lia lives in a tiny house in the middle of rice fields, which consisted of two rooms, kitchen and living room. To reach the wood-floored house that should be through a steep path up and down. When the rains, the road to the tiny house slippery.

    On top of the house foundations are made of plastic mats with no furniture, and walls decorated with calligraphy, while sitting lesehan, Lia thought dreamily recalled 32 years ago with Barry. As he invited the hot milk coffee, Monday (3 / 11), Lia tells about his meeting with Barry and his family gathered five years.

    Starting from the “naughty” little Lia left home. Together with the fate of a neighbor who complained to Jakarta, he left his parents.

    Lia is now 12-year-old was introduced to one manager at PT Pertamina, Lolo Suntoro (stepfather) and Mrs Any (Barry’s mother) who lives in Menteng In. “It was my parents ran away from home in Sukabumi.

    Suddenly there was a neighbor who worked as Mr. Lolo invited to Jakarta to work and live in the family,”Lee said in a conversation while lesehan.

    Seeing her, Lolo Suntoro requested that lives with his family, who happened to no child. Lolo and Mrs Any promise to find you handsome man from the country, Uncle Sam.

    Lapse of a month, came the children who were promised and then unknown named Barack Obama to call Barry.

    With the family, Barry added Maya Suntoro, child of a marriage with Mrs. Lolo Suntoro Any, Lia years lived for five years before the Lolo and Any separation, and invites her two children returned to the U.S..

    Lia knew the daily life of a small Obama, while living with his parents in the U.S. presidential candidates Jalan Haji Ramli, Menteng In. Lia admitted his age around 3-4 years older than Barry. “Last time when recently arrived, I thought Barry was a woman, not him boys,” he recalls.

    Listen to Speech

    Lia then tells the journey of life during his childhood hanging out with Barry, who knew a bit naughty as a child. Barry, with Mrs Any kebandelannya often punished. During that period Lia placed in a different room with a cot.

    “If people can snack bule’s ngak carelessly let alone outside the home. Any mother often reminded to only eat food that was in the house. But Barry actually often ask me to buy snacks outside, so I hide out, hide out and not say anything purchasing hawker passing by. If caught, we put together, “he said.

    Another annoyance Obama, recalls Lia, if you already flushed itself into a shower often soaked. “That’s delinquency Barry if I wanted to leave for school, she likes when it’s bath water into my guyur up soaking wet, even though I was showered and dressed, yes finally get dressed again.”

    According to Lia, Barry industrious and intelligent, so in short while already understand and can speak quite fluent Indonesian. When the school in Menteng Dalam, Lia was still often do not want to drive and knock down outside of class attended, but asked to enter the classroom.

    Not for some time he menemai school, when transferred to another school some distance away, escorted by a driver only, Lia did not accompany more. Apart from school, Barry was able to quickly able to speak Indonesian is also supported by a tutor.

    Because young, Lia was not seen specific signs of political talent and outstanding leadership of Barry. That in mind, the day before the anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence, President Soeharto was always reading the state address.

    At that point, Obama listened diligently to complete small. When listening to speeches, Lia had to stand behind Barry, and should not be allowed to leave the place before.

    Sometimes”until Mr. Lolo scolded because I felt sorry to see tired feet. Yes like the aide who stood behind Pak Harto,”said Lia.

    Lia wonder so serious listening Soeharto’s speech, such as admire him. In addition to always listen to the speech was the second president of Indonesia, Barry also often listened to speeches of other politicians like Harmoko.

    Yet sometimes the”Soeharto’s speech from 10 hours to 12 hours more. He seems to admire, not like other children who do not care and ignore if someone’s speech.

    But each was asked ideals, Barry always said he wanted to make cars, not become president. I hope the young-elected,”said Lia prayed. (A Adib-62)

    Obama Kecil Suka Dengarkan Pidato Pak Harto
    (Small Obama liked to listen to Sir Harto speeches)

    Archived by RedPill here: http://www.webcitation.org/5s1gpnhAm

    • I found this in one of Lia’s quotes from one article –

      Lolo the eyes of caregivers Santoro Sukabumi birth in 1961 was likely a friendly and good. But, Any themselves even with her husband’s reluctant.

      Santoro Sukabumi birth in 1961 ??

      Meaning – Soetoro Sukabumi birth in 1961- (LG) ????)

      Link – http://www.us.detiknews.com/ read/ 2008/ 09/ 13/ 144200/ 1005629/ 10/ jadi-patung-saat-barry-dengar-soeharto-pidato

      Sukabumi – From Wiki.com

      Sukabumi is a city surrounded by the regency of the same name in the highlands of West Java, Indonesia, about 80 km (50 miles) south of the national capital, Jakarta.

      At an altitude of approximately 600 meters (2000 feet), the city is a minor hill station resort, with a cooler climate than the surrounding lowlands. Sukabumi is also a destination for whitewater rafting. Rubber production is a major industry in the area.

      In Dutch colonial times, Sukabumi was the site of the colonial police academy. In early 2005, Sukabumi Regency became the first place in Indonesia that polio was reported in ten years, the beginning of a nationwide outbreak of the disease which had been believed to be eradicated in the country.[1]

      Made in 804 the Sukabumi inscription’ is the earliest evidence of Old Javanese script and language.


      • Leza,
        What are the sentences before and after that? That is confusing.

        Santoro born in Sukabumi, West Java in 1961? Obama born in Sukabumi, West Java? Another name for him as Santoro?

        Any or Eny is Annie or S. Ann Dunham. I think she called them Mr. and Mrs. Lolo Eny in one article.

        • Bridge,
          Entire article translated through google.

          Saturday, 13/09/2008 14:42 AM

          The Story of Barack Obama’s
          CaregiverSo the statue, Look At Barry Suharto’s speech

          Jakarta – One might not expect the name of Barack Obama make a scene when it declared the U.S. presidential candidates. However, according to the nanny, a small Obama does have a hard determination in learning.

          “If more study is hard. What we can not touch hands. Books and fluffier or held movable, Barry would be angry,” said Lia (47) aka Sister Nun, who met in rented salvation Road No. 9, Manggarai Selatan, Tebet, South Jakarta, Friday (09/12/2008).

          In fact, according to Sister Nun, a small Obama often locked her door when learning. “Barry liked to learn if the room key, I lived with him in the room.’s Why I hold the key and like to run away,” he recalls with a smile.

          Whether it did have a strong determination or other factors. According to Sister Noon, Obama received a penalty when the minor is often not serious when studying at home.

          “If it’s normally played in the afternoon, but if learning is often attended by her mother, her mother emang fierce. When Barry asked for a drink or bread while learning to bring her mother forbade me,” she said.

          Unlike Obama’s stepfather, Lolo the eyes of caregivers Santoro Sukabumi birth in 1961 was likely a friendly and good. But, Any themselves even with her husband’s reluctant.

          One unique memories from Barack, said Sister Noon, was his attitude when he heard a speech Indonesian President Suharto’s second. If Barack listening Soeharto’s speech, then he’ll have Nun Sister silent behind him.

          “If the 17’s, when Pak Harto’s speech, he listened and told me quietly ordered a statue behind him. Once I fainted. Sometimes I am not strong hadapin mischief,” he said.

          In addition to accompany Obama to go wherever, Sister Nun added that his employer was the most loved children swimming in the area or Bulungan CSW. In fact, Sister Nun Obama had taken a family vacation to Hawaii, U.S., for three months.

          (Zal / objected)

          Stay update with news sms subscription follow-SECOND, SECONDS REG CEC send to 3845 (Telkomsel, Indosat, Three)

          Stay update with any information on http://m.detik.com from your mobile browser!

          detikNews : Jadi Patung, Saat Barry Dengar Soeharto Pidato
          Namun, menurut pengasuhnya, Obama kecil memang memiliki tekad yang keras dalam … Buku dan pulen atau yang dipegang digeser, Barry pasti marah,” kata Lia (47) alias Mbak Nun yang …
          us.detiknews.com/ read/ 2008/ 09/ 13/ 144200/ 1005629/ 10/ jadi-patung-saat-barry-dengar-soeharto-pidato – Proxy – Highlight – 2 more top results from this site

    • Would you do that link again please. It says forbidden when I entered it into the browser.

      • Bridge,
        I use – startpage.com for my search page.

        I used ” Lia Barry Menurut ” as my search term…try that. I fyou still cannot get it I captured entire article.

        • Original artical before translating to english –

          Sabtu, 13/09/2008 14:42 WIB
          Kisah Pengasuh Barack Obama
          Jadi Patung, Saat Barry Dengar Soeharto Pidato
          M. Rizal Maslan – detikNews

          Jakarta – Orang mungkin tidak memperkirakan nama Barack Obama membuat heboh ketika mendeklarasikan menjadi Capres AS. Namun, menurut pengasuhnya, Obama kecil memang memiliki tekad yang keras dalam belajar.

          “Kalau lagi belajar memang keras. Apa yang dipegang nggak boleh kita sentuh. Buku dan pulen atau yang dipegang digeser, Barry pasti marah,” kata Lia (47) alias Mbak Nun yang ditemui di kontrakannya Jalan Selamatan No 9, Manggarai Selatan, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, Jumat (12/9/2008).

          Malah menurut Mbak Nun, Obama kecil sering mengunci pintu kamarnya ketika belajar. “Barry kalo belajar suka kunci kamar, tinggal saya sama dia di dalam kamar. Makanya saya pegang kunci dan suka kabur,” kenangnya sambil tersenyum.

          Entah memang punya tekad yang kuat atau faktor lainnya. Menurut penuturan Mbak Nun, Obama kecil sering menerima hukuman ketika tidak serius saat belajar di rumah.

          “Kalau main biasanya sih sore, tapi kalau belajar sering ditunggui ibunya, ibunya emang galak. Kalau Barry minta minum atau roti saat belajar ibunya melarang saya membawakannya,” ujarnya lagi.

          Berbeda dengan ayah tiri Obama, Lolo Santoro yang dimata pengasuh kelahiran Sukabumi tahun 1961 ini cenderung ramah dan baik. Tapi, Any sendiri malah segan dengan suaminya itu.

          Satu kenangan unik dari Barack, tutur Mbak Nun, adalah sikapnya saat mendengar pidato Presiden ke-2 Indonesia Soeharto. Jika Barack mendengar pidato Soeharto, maka ia akan menyuruh Mbak Nun diam di belakangnya.

          “Kalau 17-an, kalau Pak Harto pidato, dia dengerin dan nyuruh saya diam di belakangnya disuruh jadi patung. Pernah saya pingsan. Kadang saya nggak kuat hadapin kenakalannya,” ujarnya.

          Selain menemani Obama kemana pun pergi, Mbak Nun menambahkan, anak majikannya itu paling suka berenang di kawasan CSW atau Bulungan. Malah Mbak Nun sempat dibawa liburan keluarga Obama ke Hawaii, AS, selama tiga bulan.


          Tetap update dgn berita DETIK ikuti sms berlangganannya, ktk REG DETIK kirim ke 3845 (Telkomsel, Indosat, Three)

          Tetap update informasi di manapun dengan http://m.detik.com dari browser ponsel anda!

          How it is Listed on Startpage.com –

          detikNews : Jadi Patung, Saat Barry Dengar Soeharto Pidato
          Namun, menurut pengasuhnya, Obama kecil memang memiliki tekad yang keras dalam … Buku dan pulen atau yang dipegang digeser, Barry pasti marah,” kata Lia (47) alias Mbak Nun yang …
          us.detiknews.com/ read/ 2008/ 09/ 13/ 144200/ 1005629/ 10/ jadi-patung-saat-barry-dengar-soeharto-pidato – Proxy – Highlight – 2 more top results from this site

          * Link – http://us.detiknews.com/read/2008/09/13/144200/1005629/10/jadi-patung-saat-barry-dengar-soeharto-pidato

          Archived by Red Pill here: http://www.webcitation.org/5s1jupCGf

          • The story of the Barack Obama Caretaker
            So the Statue, during Barry heard Soeharto Pidato

            Jakarta – the Person possibly did not estimate the Barack Obama name made was busy when declared became the Presidential Candidate AS. Namun, according to his caretaker, Obama small indeed had the determination that was hard in studying.

            “If still studied quite hard.” What was held not might be touched by us. The book and mellow or that was held was shifted, Barry was definitely angry, said Lia (47) alias Mbak Nun that was met in leased him Street Selamatan No 9, Manggarai Selatan, Tebet, Southern Jakarta, on Friday (12/9/2008).

            Even according to Mbak Nun, Obama small often locked the door to his room when studying. “Barry if learning to want the key” to the “room, to remain at me was the same him in the room.” Therefore I held the key and liked to bolt, kenang him while smiling.

            Whether indeed had the strong determination or the other factor. According to the speech on Mbak Nun, Obama small often accepted the punishment when not serious when studying in the house.

            “If played usually in the afternoon, but if learning often to be guarded by his mother, his mother emang stern.” If Barry asked to drink or bread when studying his mother forbade me to bring him, he said again.

            Was different from the stepfather Obama, Lolo Santoro that in the eyes of the caretaker of the Sukabumi birth this 1961 tended friendly and good. But, Any personally even was shy with his husband.

            One unique memory from Barack, said Mbak Nun, was his attitude when hearing President’s speech on the 2 Indonesian Soeharto. If Barack heard the Soeharto speech, then he will tell Mbak Nun quiet behind.

            “If 17-an, if Mr Harto the speech, he dengerin and nyuruh I was quiet behind was told to be the statue.” Once I was unconscious. Sometimes I not strong hadapin his delinquency, he said.

            Apart from accompanying Obama where then went, Mbak Nun added, his employer’s child most liked to swim in the CSW region or Bulungan. Even Mbak Nun could be carried the family’s Obama holiday to Hawaii, the USA, for three months.

    • Here’s an alternate translation, obtained by translating sections of the article at a time using http://toggletext.com/main.cgi?page=translation

      Obama Small liked to listen to the Speech Sir Harto

      If produced by various surveys that mengunggulkan Barack Obama was not wrong, Barry, the nickname “anak Menteng” that went up in President’s Election (Pilpres) American Serika (the USA) today (4/11) this, will be chosen. How the Obama tracks small when living in Indonesia? Along with his report.

      Barry Evidently had adopted relatives named Lia (50), alias Mbak Nun. With his husband, Ibnu Sobah alias Edy, the woman lived in the Sukasirna Village, Kampung Babakan Banteng, Kabupaten Sukabumi, West Java. The mother of three children could gather with Barry around five years in the era in the 1970 ‘s.

      Was separated with the child and his grandchildren, Lia lived in the cute house in the middle of rice cultivation, that consist of bicameral, the kitchen, and the sitting room. To reach the multi-storied house the wood must go through the steep footpath travel by-descended. During rain, the road headed the cute house was slippery.

      On the house covered the mat was made from plastic without furniture, and the wall was decorated by calligraphy, while sitting the lesehan restaurant, Lia’s thoughts daydreamt recalled in the last 32 years with Barry. While invited drank hot white coffee, on Monday (3/11), Lia told a story about his meeting with Barry and five gathered years his family.

      Begin with “kenakalan” Lia small that went to leave the house. Together with the neighbour who sought him fortune to Jakarta, he left his parents.

      Lia that at that time was 12 years old was introduced one of the Managers in PT Pertamina, Lolo Suntoro (the stepfather) and NY Any (the mother Barry) that live in Menteng Dalam. “Waktu that I bolted from parents’s house in Sukabumi.

      Suddenly had the neighbour who co-operated Mr Lolo asked to Jakarta and was asked to work and live in the family itu,’’ said Lia in discussions while the lesehan restaurant.

      Saw himself, Lolo Suntoro ask for in order to live with his family, that by chance did not have a small child. Lolo and NY Any promising will look for the brother who was handsome from the country of Paman Sam.

      The hose a month, came the child who it was promised and afterwards was known was named Barack Obama with Barry’s call.

      With the family, Barry was increased by Maya Suntoro, the child produced by the Lolo Suntoro marriage with NY Any, Lia remained for five year years before Lolo and Any was apart and asked his two children to return to the USA.

      Lia knew the everyday Obama life small, when living with parents of the US Presidential Candidate in Street Haji Ramli, Menteng Dalam. Lia claimed to be his age was older around 3-4 years from Barry. “Previously during just came, I thought Barry the woman, not knew him the male child,” kenang him.

      Lia then narrated the living trip of childhood while socialising with Barry that was known to be rather naughty by him when small. Barry, with his obstinacy often was punished NY Any. For that also Lia was placed in one room with the different bed.

      “If white people would ngak might the snack at random moreover outside the house.” Ms Any often warned so that only ate available food in the house. But Barry even often asked for me to buy jajanan outside, yes I ngumpet-ngumpet and not every-every bought jajanan that through. If being found out, we were punished berdua, he said.

      Keusilan Obama other, recalled Lia, if bathing often splashed himself became soaking wet. “That Barry’s delinquency if wanting to go to school, he if bathing liked to splash water to me until soaking wet, in fact I have bathed and with clothes, yes finally the substitute” for “clothes again.”

      According to Lia, Barry hard-working and smart, so as in time not for a long time could have understood and spoken Indonesia was rather smooth. When the school in Menteng Dalam, Lia still often delivered and the uniqueness did not want to be guarded out of the class, but was asked to enter the class.

      Not several old menemai he the school, when being moved to the other school rather far, only was delivered by the driver, Lia did not go along accompanied again. Apart from the school, Barry could be fast could speak Indonesia was also supported by the private teacher.

      Because still was small, Lia at that time did not see special signs concerning the political talent and Barry’s leadership that stood out. That was remembered, a day before the Proclamation warning of RI Independence, President Soeharto always read out the state speech.

      At the time of so, Obama small diligent listen to until was finished. When scrutinising the speech, Lia must stand behind Barry, and might not leave the place before being permitted.

      “Occasionally until was reprimanded by Mr Lolo because pity saw me the fatigue stood. Yes like the adjutant who stood behind Mr Harto“, said Lia. Lia was surprised so serious him listened to the speech on Mr Harto, as admiring him. Apart from always listened to the speech on the second RI (Republic Indonesia) President, Barry also often listened to the speech on other politicians like Harmoko.

      In fact occasionally Mr Harto the speech from 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock more. Apparently he admired, unlike other children who did not care and indifferent if having the person of the speech.

      However every time was asked by the goal, Barry always said wanted to make the car, did not become the President. Young-mudahan was chosen, said Lia prayed.
      Young-mudahan terpilih,ujar Lia prayed.

      • But Barry even often asked for me to buy jajanan outside


        Facebook group: jajanan Indonesia

      • I’m also very curious about the meaning of the word “menemai”, which doesn’t get translated to anything else by either google or ToggleText translation.

        I’ve found that word used here, in a post about a Muslim wedding…

        Majlis akad nikah ini diadakan seusai Solat Jumaat di Masjid An-Nur, Taman Putri Kulai. Hanya keluarga terdekat dan sahabat handai akrab sahaja hadir menjadi saksi kedua pasangan ini memeterai ikrar perjanjian pernikahan di hadapan Kadi dan Wali. Segalanya serba sederhana dan hening, almaklumlah akad diadakan di dalam masjid tanpa hiruk-pikuk dan riuh rendah para tetamu jemputan. Noreen diapit oleh rakan karibnya sejak dari bangku sekolah lagi, Awin yang turut mengenakan Baju Kurung serba putih. Selain dari Awin, adik-beradik perempuan lain Anita dan Zurah juga turut menemai Noreen, begitu juga dengan Mak dan Mak Ngah.

        Translates to

        This marriage ceremony council was held after the Friday Prayer in the mosque of An-Nur, Taman Putri Kulai. Only closest families and the friend handai close simple was present becoming the witness of the two couples sealed the pledge of the marriage agreement opposite Kadi and the Guardian. All of them very simple and quiet, almaklumlah the contract was held in the mosque without commotion and noisy the guests jemputan. Noreen was flanked by his intimate colleague since from the school bench again, Awin that took part in putting on Kurung clothes was very white. Apart from Awin, brother-sibling the other woman Anita and Zurah also joined in menemai Noreen, even so with the Mother and the Mother Ngah.

        I think “menemai” has something to do with Koran recitation, and perhaps the school that Barry was driven to was a school that taught Koran recitation.


        • Might it be an Arabic word if quoting the Koran? Farsi?

        • Thanks for your help Pill & Bridge….Indonesian is a very hard language to try to decipher. I do not want to misinterpret what is being said, why I leave that to you two and Miri. The three of you seem to understand the translation quite well.

        • I think the correct word is menemani. It translates from Indonesian to English:
          5.keep company with

          I found it by searching on it and one website that came up said, “Find a mate.” Translated from Indonesian, using the word menemani. SO, it could also mean mate, as in the last definition: keep company with. I think it was a typo in the story. Supposed to read, menemani.

          What’s intriguing is its use also with that Muslim wedding. Doesn’t this translation sound strange:
          “who happened to no child. Lolo and Mrs Any promise to find you handsome man from the country, Uncle Sam.”

          So Lolo and Any have no children. They want a child. Lia, whatever her age (7 or 12, but 3 years older than Barry, in any case), is brought into their household because she’s basically an orphan. So then they promise to find her a handsome man.

          Now keep in mind how Muslims sometimes arrange marriages, between first cousins usually, at very young ages. When Lia saw him, I seem to recall, she didn’t like at all that he was black. She used the same word with Barry as for when she described how she came to live with Lolo: Picked.

          It also sounds as if she went with Barry to school and sat outside the Catholic school “guarding” him, until they finally just asked her to come inside, too. But it also sounds as if he was jealous of his books and wouldn’t even let her touch them. When he transferred to the MUSLIM school, well of course a girl’s not going to be allowed inside, so she didn’t go with him to school anymore. In keeping with Ali’s theory about him hiding his ritzy background, he had a DRIVER who took him to Besuki. Was it a limousine? How many families had cars in Indonesia back then?

          Maybe Lolo and Any never expected to break up. It’s said she planned to live there with Barry and Lolo forever. But for some reason, maybe political (maybe that WAS Lolo Soetoro who was sentenced to prison), they separated and she went back to the US with only Maya and Barry. Did Lolo alone adopt Lia? Is that why she stayed behind with him?

          It’s still not clear whether Lia went to Hawaii or if she’s talking about Barry going for 3 months. It gets confusing how they switch genders and how the subject of a sentence can come after the verb.

          Could they have been thinking ahead? They planned for Barry to live with them forever, in Indonesia. Would it be easy to find him a wife, given the racial prejudices there? Did Lia present them with an opportunity? A homeless girl, close in age to Barry, to become his betrothed? Problem solved.

          Is this too wild of a theory?

          • I just translated part of that again:

            “Seeing her, Lolo Suntoro asked [her] to stay with his family, who happened to no child. Lolo and Mrs. Any [Ann] promise to find you handsome man from the land of Uncle Sam.”

            This definitely sounds as if they were planning an arranged marriage for Barry, with Lia (adopted sister) to be the “victim”.

    • Well, I guess he fulfilled that dream with his gem of a car coming out of Detroit. Perhaps he dreamed of taking over the car industry too.

      Do you think he listened to those speeches to improve his Indonesian language? He was so young according to her. Perhaps this was a teaching method. Some language classes have people listen to the television to help with their pronunciation and understanding. He would listen to a speech and write it or take notes. Then stand and say the words.

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmoko

      “Harmoko (born 7 February 1939) is an Indonesian politician. He served as information minister in the New Order regime of President Suharto from 1983 until 1997 and chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly and People’s Representative Council from 1997 until 1999.”

      Sounds like someone Barry would admire.

  4. I read another article that said Lia made Obama eat hot red chili peppers when she was mad at him. He cried. (That is what I think the translation means, yet the sentence above refers to Ann quickly punishing him when he was in the wrong.).

    Obama often breaking things in the house. The reason, the children’s age Obama, often running around the house.When was that, Mother Any (Obama’s own mother) immediately punished.
    “A lot of damaged goods at Barry, he often ran-running as well. Nakal really for kids sizes, so laundry and other helpers are often angry with him,” she explained.

    Because so annoyed, Mbak Nun claimed to have persuaded the small Obama to eat great chili red. No doubt, Obama was crying and his face was red because of spiciness.

    “I asked as Mr. Lolo, why Barry cry. I said, I love chili, not naughty, but you is not mad at that,” [she] he recalls.

    Years ago, if a child swore, their mouths were rinsed out with soap or they had to take a huge bite out of a bar of soap. I wonder what punishment is worse; Fels Naptha Soap or Hot Chili’s. The choices are between gagging and foaming or being on fire.


    • “…so laundry and other helpers are often angry with him,” she explained….”
      Again, mention of the SERVANTS in the Soetoro household — supports my contention that o lived a life of PRIVILEGE, not a life of struggle.

      • Several years ago I personally knew a family in Indonesia where the father worked at Pertamina (the state-owned oil & gas company). They had two female domestic servants (who did cleaning, laundry, etc.) and one male driver, who essentially chauffeured them around in one of their two Mercedes.

        What I am reading about Barry Soetoro’s upbringing in Jakarta (with a step-father who worked at Pertamina, female domestic servants, and a driver who drove him to school) is all very consistent. For the families of managers at Pertamina, that lifestyle was probably the norm, not the exception.

        • hummm…hidden high end lifestyle…

        • RP lol, now you tell us lol

        • When I was researching o while we were still at TD’s, I recall coming across an article in which one of o’s indo friends mentioned that o had nice clothing and proper leather shoes.
          Another article was a guy who had known and interviewed Ann at her home in, I think it was, Jakarta — he said it was very upper crust.

  5. 18 from the original 40 of Barack Obama’s classmates gathered around in the schoolyard against a backdrop on the roof that read “Good Luck Barry”.

  6. That is one I’ve never seen. I can’t read the school name, but it is in Jakarta.
    Did you read the comments? On an Indonesian blog? I wonder what Expat put there. Many comments now blurred.

    March 12, 2008
    John said. Expat. This is to inform you that our private investigators have completed their report on the identities of Texas “Darlin” and other FR miscreants like you. We will be publishing the Investigator’s final report and associated dosier on Monday next week.

    Comment: SDN Menteng? Hmmmm, I thought his primary school was in Cilandak.

  7. PLease check out latest posts at donottreadonus.wordpress.com before Obama silences the internet

  8. nice blog..good info:)
    salam kenal..
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya..

  9. Monkey Doll
    Monkey God

    Is Obama devotee of monkey-god idol?


    An older WND article but made me wonder if maybe there is a relation with the two.

  10. Indonesian to English translation
    Johannesburg – There have been many plans prepared by Leah aka Sister Noon to welcome the arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama. One of them, Leah who claimed Obama’s half sister will hold a meeting with friends SD Obama on Saturday (02/27/2010) tomorrow.

    “We already have invitations from Jakarta, met with the Friends of Assisi elementary school in Menteng Dalam tomorrow. But if you have this going diapain again,” said Leah’s husband, Eddie Sobah when contacted by AFP on Friday (02/26/2010).

    In addition to Obama’s primary school friends, Lee will also meet with neighborhood Obama in Menteng Dalam. But Eddie did not explain in detail the purpose of the meeting. “After that we have a meeting with the American embassy,” said Edi.

    Leah who claimed to be appointed as a child by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, living in Sukabumi, West Java, had been living as clothes seller. Thursday (25 / 2) yesterday at around 17:45 pm, Leah died of high blood pressure.

    Leah is buried in the family cemetery complex located not far from his residence. U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Indonesia from mid-March 2010. Obama will travel to Jakarta, Magelang, Yogyakarta, and Bali.


    • I’m such a dingbat lol — you have the date of death, and the dates for the meeting right here in this article lol. “Someone” made sure those meetings would not transpire.

      Yes, it could have all been coincidental — or not!

  11. Indonesian to English translation
    Sukabumi – News condolences came from a family that had close to Obama. Holiah aka Mbak Lia aka Nun, who once lived in the care of Obama when Menteng Dalam, South Jakarta, has died.

    Leah who claims to be Leah Sutoro died on Thursday (25 / 2) around 17.45 pm yesterday at his residence in Kampung Babakan Banten RT 03/09, Desa Sukasirna, Cibadak District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Leah claimed was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather.

    “The family no one had a feeling since the previous interview as a journalist he’s fine,” said Leah’s husband, Eddie Sobah told reporters at his residence, on Friday (02/26/2010).

    From Edi narrative, before he [SHE] died, Lia was interviewed by reporters related to the plan Obama’s arrival into Indonesia. But 15 minutes after the reporters left, Lia fainted and was revived twice.

    “We did not get to take it to the hospital, but doctors said that we bring, the blood vessels rupture and tensinya too high,” said the man was 60 years.

    Currently, Leah’s body was buried in family cemetery complex located not far from the residence of Lia and the Edi. “We buried this morning 09.00 am at the family cemetery,” said Edi. (Her / her)


    • !@#$% my comment disappeared on me!
      Leza, it was this article which led me to believe she was murdered. I had found it too coincidental that she died within 15 minutes of her meeting with reporters. One of the so-called reporters probably slipped something in her tea — a paid hit job. She knew too much, and I think “they” were afraid of what may come out of her mouth. Ayu, Maya, and all other family members are playing for the team — they have their lines down. From what I recall when I read the articles, she never made it to her meeting at the american embassy/meeting with o’s school chums — that was to occur the following day – but she died, preventing said meeting from occurring. Perhaps I read the articles incorrectly — I will check my bookmarks.
      I can just imagine the dem talking heads having a field day with our “murder” scenario (calling us nut cases) — nah, that may actually call attention to the issue lol.

      • Ali, I agree completely that Lia was murdered. She had “meetings” set up for the next day, what was going to be said during those meetings? They wanted her silenced, she knew to much.

        • Totally agree with the murder scenario. She didn’t get to meet with his friends or anyone else that was associated with Barry. I forgot the answer to this, but can Muslims be exhumed if murder is suspected? Poison would show up in her hair. She hasn’t been gone that long.

          A drug that would increase her blood pressure and cause a stroke or heart attack and could be put into her tea. Zap. Problem solved for the fictitious Barry.

          Maybe she is looking down on us and helping!

          • Bridgette lol, you know how corrupt OUR system is, imagine that a zillion times more in Indonesia — true justice, doubt it.

          • Bridgette, you’re right — we all seem to be the only ones crying murder — surely her family, her husband, must suspect she was murdered?! Or did she just do a disappearing act too, with the help of a large donation — I don’t think so with Lia, thats why she is dead — they couldn’t control what would come out of her mouth.

            O/T I have a question, you guys have often mentioned a monkey necklace worn by barry o — I’d like to see a photo if you have it.

  12. Johannesburg – Despite failing to attend inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as president of the United States (U.S.), or Mbak Lia Non pleaded not disappointed. Leah still praying for foster children had successfully led the U.S. superpower.

    “Yes, it’s not something not so go. Do not make it too dipikirin too,” said Lia at AFP on Tuesday (20/01/2008).

    According to Leah who admitted was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, now he was in his house in RT 03/09, Desa Sukasirna, Babakan Banten, Cibadak, West Java (Jabar). Until now there has been no more news about the continuation of the invitation to the inauguration of Obama.

    “Incidentally, I again was not healthy, flu and dizziness. Because of garanya three days ago came home from the Koran does not carry an umbrella rain. If I was to America, maybe I’m not strong, because of winter, no snow,” he said.

    Lia hopes, Obama’s inauguration inauguration will take place tonight when Indonesia went smoothly. She felt grateful to Barry, Obama greeting a small, officially became U.S. president to 44.

    However, Leah who had lived with family in Jakarta Barry was admitted to not make a special shower. For Leah, it is enough pray for Barry on this historic day. Caregiver Obama also ask for prayers from pilgrims recitation in four mosques in the vicinity of his residence.

    “The important thing is he’s healthy. It could be responsible as the president and lead well and fairly. Let not merely a war, I am sorry to hear that,” the prayer of this woman born in 1957.

    About monkey dolls and the little dog who originally wanted dihadiahkannya to Obama when elected, Lee said, the gift that keeps returning. Obama doll was given at the International Airport Hawaii, USA, 1971. At that time, Obama delivered Lia returned to Indonesia after visiting his grandmother, Madelyn Dunhamm, who was sick.

    “He say ‘Non, was guarded yes. Later I when to Indonesia is still there, yes'” said Leah mimicked parting words of Barry.

    Not sent to America? “Send through where I’m confused. Let it be, if you remember just come here if you do not, yeah, okay,” he concluded. (Irw / NRL)


  13. Indonesian to English translation
    On Friday, 09/01/2009 16:00 of WIB
    Diundang to the Obama Inauguration, Lia Soetoro Dikirimi Uang

    Jakarta – Barack Obama’s adoptive sister, Leah Soetoro (51), happy bukang abysmal. He was invited to attend the inauguration of President of the United States (U.S.) was elected on January 20, 2009. Even Leah also sent money.

    Leah is a small Obama nanny while living in Indonesia. Leah claimed was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather. Leah got a call from one of Obama’s campaign team in November 2008. Obama’s campaign team members who are also friends Maya Soetoro, Obama’s half sister, was an invitation to attend Obama’s inauguration. Costs and accommodation will be provided free of charge.

    The man asked, I have a passport or birth certificate what is not? I said no. Finally, I will send the money to create a birth certificate,” said Lia.

    Leah told AFP it was when found in his rented house on Jl Safety In RT 7 / 2 number 9 Manggarai, South Jakarta, on Friday (01/09/2008).

    But until a week more before the inauguration of Obama, Obama’s campaign team had not contacted Leah again. Lia had asked her contacts but not given.

    “I’m actually not too hopeful. But if you can meet with Barry (Obama), I am very happy,” said Lia.
    (Nik / iy)


  14. Indonesian to English translation
    Jakarta – has prepared a special Gift Lia Soetoro to Barack Obama. Gift will be given a lift Obama’s older brother was when he met his brother at the inauguration of U.S. President January 20, 2009.

    Leah Soetoro (51), in November last contacted Obama’s campaign team to attend Obama’s inauguration. What a gift that will be brought Leah?

    Gift it is stuffed monkey dressed. The doll is not just any monkey doll. There are stories and history that links Obama and Lia behind the monkey doll. Monkey puppet is given Obama a small doll for Leah.

    Over the past 4 years, Lia and small Obama always together. Leah is a nanny who later was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather. Togetherness younger adoptive brother was ended in 1971 when Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother and Lolo Soetoro divorced.

    Ann, Obama and Maya returned to Hawaii. While Leah was still living in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta until Lolo Soetoro marrying again with a woman named Erna.

    Currently, Leah (51) lives with her husband Ibn Sobah in Sukabumi. From her marriage, Leah had 3 children namely Heni Marlina (27), Noni Nova (25) and Syamsudin (23). Leah also has 4 grandchildren.

    Besides gift monkey puppet, Lia will remind Obama about the message his mother, Ann Dunham if it has become a great man.

    “Once the mother (Ann Dunham) was always told, before looking up, look first to the left, right, down and backwards. So you will not become arrogant,” said Lia.

    Leah also said his impression of Obama when reunited in Jakarta. At that time he was surprised by Obama’s skin is different from the Ann Dunham. “How does a black ma,” said Leah spontaneous.

    In the eyes of Lia, Obama is a person who is not arrogant and like to share. Despite being ridiculed as the black monkey, Obama still generous sharing oranges with Lia.


  15. “In the eyes of Lia, Obama is a person who is not arrogant and like to share. Despite being ridiculed as the black monkey, Obama still generous sharing oranges with Lia.”
    There are two theories, one is the “Out of Africa” the other is the “Multiregional”. Multi-regional supports the ” between two rivers [Euphrates and Tigris] Mesopotamia, IE Middle East or Iraq, or Babylon. What is the cradle of mankind? God knows.

  16. Indonesian to English Translation

    Leah Soetoro Obama’s Not Disappointed If Invitation Only Fraud
    Monday, 12/01/2009

    Jakarta – Inauguration Obama becomes U.S. president stayed 8 days again. But Leah or Ma’am Non who claimed to have offered to follow Obama’s inauguration had not heard about the continuation of his departure to Washington.

    “There is no news anymore,” said the woman who claims it is now named Leah Soetoro told AFP on Monday (1/12/2009).

    The woman who claimed the family was adopted by Soetoro and became the foster brother is claiming Barack Obama was still hoping to leave for U.S. to meet Obama.

    But he also admitted to not be disappointed if it turns out only to be duped sweet promises. “Hopefully can still go, right there’s still time. But if it does not go so it does not matter,” he said.

    Now Leah has returned to his home in the village Babakan Sukasirna Banten village, Sukabumi. Previously he was at home a week his son, Ibn Saefudin, at Jl Safety Edge, Manggarai, South Jakarta.

    Last week a woman named Lia said Luth who claimed to be a close call Maya Soetoro. She was invited Leah to follow Obama’s inauguration in Washington on 20 January. Leah had given money to Rp 600 thousand for the cost of a birth certificate.

    The woman was using the Indonesian language with an accent like a stranger.

    http://www.detiknews..com/read/2009/01/12/122857/1066819/10/lia-soetoro-tak-kecewa-jika-undangan-obam a-hanya-penipuan http://www.detiknews..com/read/2009/01/12/122857/1066819/10/lia-soetoro-tak-kecewa-jika-undangan-obam a-just-fraud

  17. Do you think she was sending money to create a birth certificate for Obama??

    • I think the money was for her birth certificate so she could get a passport to go to the inauguration. That is my interpretation. Perhaps they wanted a copy of hers to copy for him…but what good would that do? ..he needs one from the US. Perhaps they wanted to make sure they were dealing with the right “Lia” so they could silence her later. It is all peculiar.

      All those reporters that just traveled to Indonesia with O..why didn’t they interview the family? The family of Lia probably could add some important information.

  18. Maybe they just wanted to see what her birth certificate said, in case they needed to scrub it. Who knows how Indonesian vital records work? Do they get a new birth certificate upon adoption, with the adoptive parents noted as the parents? Is the original sealed, as here in the US?

    One interesting thing that came out of his latest trip to Indonesia is the hilarious revelation of that transvestite nanny. You can’t make this stuff up!

  19. Obama’s half-sister [Maya] raises birth-certificate doubts
    Claims despite ‘adoption’ by Indonesian stepfather, it is U.S. ‘law’ that matters

    April 28, 2011

    It was when it was reported a previously unknown stepsister of Barack Obama died that other questions were raised.

    Internet researchers [Refers back to WTPOTUS] made the link between the president and his previously undisclosed stepsister, Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah, after translating from obituaries published in Indonesia.

    The obituaries identified Lia as having been adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, and Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, the president’s mother.

    The surfacing of Lia as an adopted child of Lolo Soetoro and Dunham raised the question of whether Barack Obama himself might have been adopted officially as Lolo Soetoro’s stepson while in Indonesia from 1967 to 1971.

    Even though Obama makes no mention in “Dreams from My Father” of having had an Indonesian stepsister, the Indonesian obituaries make clear that Obama slept in the same room as his stepsister while the two of them grew up together in the Soetoro home in Jakarta.

    While Obama has not acknowledged having had a stepsister in Indonesia, he discussed at length in his autobiography his half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, who was born in Indonesia to Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham on Aug. 15, 1970.


  20. Found at Amazon – Discussions on Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate.” (Obots abound there). I was going to respond to the guy, but it would show my surname. Would like to correct that statement of only one researcher as many people worked on the Lia story!

    Obama had another stepsister he never mentioned: Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah: who DIED unexpectantly in 2010

    Dalekmaster says: “On page 256 Corsi details another previously undisclosed step sister. She died in 2010. This in addition to his other stepsister Maya who was the daughter of Sotoero and Stanley Ann. She was the adopted child of Sotoero and Stanley Ann.”

    So what?

    “Corsi speculates that Obama may have been legally adopted by Sotoero while he was in Indonesia between 1967-1971.”

    Translation: Corsi is making stuff up again and calls it “speculation” to hide that he can’t prove squat.

    “The Indonesian obits make it clear that Obama and this stepsister slept in the same room together, played together all the time, travelled and went on vacations together.”

    Anyone else noticed what’s missing here? There’s no name, no link to the supposed obits, no publication name, no nothing. Page 256 of Corsi’s dead-tree collection credits only “Internet researchers” for this apparent find. Well, guess what: the supposed “researchers” consist of one – count ’em, ONE – anonymous blogger who goes by the nom de plume of “Bridgette.” This apparently counts as thorough sourcing in Corsi’s world.

    And even if the story is true (which, given Corsi’s long and dishonest history, is a long shot at best) so what? Even Corsi can’t come up with any reason why it should matter.

    Typical birther MO: invent something, try to make it sound sinister and hope someone out there falls for it.


    • I found that page 256 is online is in the preview at Amazon as is the footnote. I was happy to see that WTPOTUS was cited in the footnotes. We remained Internet Researchers in the copy. From Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate, Chapter 10- Page 256.

      A Previously Unknown Obama Stepsister Dies in Indonesia

      “On February 26, 2010, a stepsister of Barack Obama died unexpectedly.

      Internet researchers(185) made the link between the president and his previously undisclosed stepsister, Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah, after translating Indonesian obituaries. The surfacing of Lia as an adopted child of Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham raises the question of whether Obama himself might have been adopted officially as Lolo Soetoro’s stepson when Obama was in Indonesia from 1967 – 1971.

      Even though Obama makes no mention in Dreams of having had an Indonesian stepsister, the Indonesian obituaries make clear that Obama slept in the same room as his stepsister while the two of them grew up together in the Soetoro home
      in Jakarta.

      The obituaries state that Lia was born in 1957 and that she had three children with her husband Edi Sobah, with whom she lived in West Java, Indonesia.

      A photograph of Lia (Exhibit 107, page 219) shows her holding a monkey doll and wearing clothes given by Madelyn Dunham, Barack Obama’s maternal grandmother, when Lia visited Hawaii for three months.(186)

      Lia’s visit to Hawaii apparently occurred in 1971, the year Obama left Indonesia for the last time.

      While Obama has not acknowledged having had a stepsister in Indonesia, he discussed at length in Dreams his half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, who was born in Indonesia to Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham on August 15, 1970.

      Yet, according to the Indonesian obituaries, Barry Soetoro and Lia Soetoro were always together — playing, traveling on family vacations, and even bathing together.

      There is nothing on the public record to indicate the President Obama sent any condolences or even acknowledged the death of his stepsister.”

      Back Matter (Footnotes)
      185. “Lia’Obama’s Adoped Sister Died Suddenly,”posted on WTPOTUS.Wordpress.com by “Bridgette,” August 7, 2010 at http://wtpotus.wordprss.com/2010/08/07/liaobamasadopted-sister-died-suddenly/.
      186. Ibid.

      Sobah, Holiya “Lia” Soetoro, 219, 256

      219 – Photo of Lia holding the monkey doll. Seen as Exhibit 107. B/W Photograph of Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1971
      [Where does it say it was taken in Honolulu, Hawaii, or wearing the clothes from Madelyn? The doll was given to her.]

      In a search..wtpotus..it only came up in back matter.

  21. I also listened to Stephen Pigeon’s radio interview and he also mentions Lia in his new book, The Obama Error. He talked about her on the radio..at about 12:18 in the video. In short he said, It is something that very few people know about that Obama had another adopted sister in Indonesia. She dropped dead. Then he said it was dangerous to be a relative especially on Obama’s maternal side.

    I will see if that book is online also.

    We do know that these two people got the information from WTPOTUS! And now our blog is mentioned in a published book! Or maybe two…we will see. We made history and our blog’s investigative work will be seen years from now. Everyone be proud!

  22. There is a preview on Amazon of The Obama Error (Volume 1) by Mr. Stephen Pidgeon. There were three mentions of Lia. Unfortunately, he cited WND instead of WTPOTUS and some blog called Story Reports. He calls BHO II, Little Malcolm, and BHO I Obama Onyango. He has a theory that Ann went to NY when Malcolm X was there..a convention where Castro was in attendance.

    Page 15. Little Malcolm never knew his birth name, His grandmother took that name away from him and covered for the leader of the Nation of Islam. Did cash change hands? In the case of the Dunhams, it is doubtful, because they had a reason to engage in this cover-up; they sought a means to establish this baby as legitimate.

    Page 16
    Obama Onyango almost certainly took money for the favor, maybe even more than once, given the divorce documents.

    “Not withstanding the pleadings to the contrary, Stanley Ann was likely married for the first time to Lolo Soetoro, and Indonesian Muslim. She packed up the family and moved to troubled Indonesia, where she gave birth to a daughter, and where Obama was adopted by his step-father along at the same time as his other step-sister Lia (now deceased). Something happened during this time in Indonesia that caused Stanley Ann to drop her son like a hot potato back in the lap of the woman who changed his name, Obama’s grandmother Madelyn. This decision was made shortly after the separation between her and Lolo, but Stanley Ann continued to work in Muslim Indonesia, and then in Muslim Pakistan for Peter Geithner and NWO. Barry was given over to his grandmother to rear without further ado. Madelyn insisted on the tax write-off for Obama as a dependent, because Anna wasn’t taking it anyway, living in Indonesia.”

    Page 60 “This, of course, would make her subsequent marriage to Lolo Soetoro in 1967 also an unlawful marriage. It was during this marriage that the family packed up and moved to Indonesia. Once in Indonesia, Soetoro, an Indonesian native, established his step-son as his adopted son, so that he might enter school. But Obama was not the only child adopted at that time by Lolo Soetoro. Obama also had a step sister name Holiyah who was also adopted by both Lolo Soetoro and Stanely Ann Soetoro, and with whom Obama shared a room back then. “(51)

    (51) Story Reports, Previously Unknown Obama Stepsister Dies, StoryReports.com, August 16, 2010.

    Page 61 “However, Holiyah Soetoro, who was called Lia, died “suddenly” and “unexpectedly” just before Obama visited Indonesia in 2010. According to the Indonesian obituaries, Barry Soetoro (“O”) and Lia Soetoro were always together as children, playing together, traveling on family vacations together and even bathing. Yet Obama fails to mention her at any level. She certainly doesn’t appear in Dreams of my father. Obama was in Indonesia from age 6 to age 10.” (52)

    (52) Corsi, Jerome R., Previously Unknown Obama Stepsister Dies, WorldNetDaily, August 11, 2010.

    Page 71. “Importantly: if he was not born on US territory, he has no legal right to call himself an American except through a process of naturalization, and no process of naturalization has ever occurred.

    His citizenship is further complicated by his adoption in Indonesia by his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian national who apparently adopted by Barry (“O”) and his stepsister Lia at the same time, which made him an Indonesian citizen during childhood. The restoration of any American citizenship (assuming the possibility existed ab initia) would also require a process of naturalization.”


  23. Can someone interview the husband and children of Lia Soetoro (Sabah)
    Posted on | June 19, 2011

    ObamaRelease YourRecords on 11:47 AM

    Via WTPOTUS; – “Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly – By Bridgette – HOLIYAH SOETORO SABAH, “LIA”, OBAMA’S ADOPTED SISTER


  24. http://us.news.detik.com/read/2010/02/26/154922/1307378/10/lia-mantan-pengasuh-obama-meninggal-dunia?nd992203605

    Sukabumi News: Grief came to a family that was close to Obama. Holiah alias Lia Ma’am Nun, who had been caring for Obama while living in Menteng, South Jakarta, died.

    Lia who claims to be Sutoro died on Thursday (25/2) at around 17:45 pm yesterday at his home in Kampung Babakan Bantam RT 03/09, Village Sukasirna, District Cibadak, Sukabumi regency, West Java. Lia claimed she was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather.

    “The family had no inkling as before interviews with journalists she was fine,” said Lia’s husband, Eddie Sobah told reporters at his residence, Friday (26/2/2010).

    Edi said, before she died, Lia was interviewed by a reporter related to the plan of Obama to visit Indonesia. But 15 minutes after the reporters left, Lia fainted and was revived twice.

    “We did not get taken to the hospital, but doctors said that we bring, the blood vessels ruptured and tension too high,” said the man of 60 years.

    Currently Lia’s body has been buried in the family cemetery complex that is located not far from the residence of Lia and the Edi. “We buried this morning at 09.00 am in the family tomb,” said Edi.

    The photo with this article has been cropped to eliminate her face!

  25. http://web.archive.org/web/20100829220345/http://sharehouse.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/obama-in-menteng/

    That’s a link to the archive of a disappeared article about Menteng and environs. It was upscale and where Suharto lived, too.

  26. “Jakarta may have a lot of people who have always known that U.S. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama lived in Jakarta. However, not many people know much about Obama’s life in the Menteng, South Jakarta at the beginning of the 1970s.

    Perhaps only Lia (47), who is often called ‘Ma’am Nun’, knows the daily life of the young Obama, while he was living with his parents in Jalan Haji Ramli, in Menteng.

    Ms. Nun, who was then a 12-year-old babysitter, hired by one of the managers in PT Pertamina named Lolo Suntoro, who was none other than Barack Obama’s stepfather. [She was later adopted and given the surname Soetoro, according to other stories. She was NOT his nanny as other reports say that Turdi, a transvestite male, was his nanny. Lia lived with Lolo until he remarried and she wanted to nurse him during his final illness, which sounds like a close relationship to me.]

    “At that time I ran away from my parents’ home in Sukabumi. Suddenly there are neighbors who worked together who were invited by Pak Lolo to come to Jakarta and to work and live in the house of Mr Lolo,” said Lia, also known to Barack Obama as Ma’am Nun, who said the story began in a rented house in Jalan salvation No. 9 RT 007 RW 02, South Manggarai, Tebet, South Jakarta, Friday (09/12/2008).

    Ms. Nun who was then aged two years older than Barack Obama used to call her employer’s child by the name Barry. “Back when I was just coming, I thought Barry was a girl, not a boy, black all over,” she recalls.

    Ms. Nun then recounts her life’s journey over the next three years along with Barry, who was known as super-naughty and mischievous. Barry, she added, had stubbornness and was often punished by Any, Barack Obama’s mother.

    “Sometimes, Caucasian people may snack carelessly when alone outside the home. Any, his mother, often reminded him to only eat food in the house. But even Barry would often ask me to buy snacks outside, so I hide, hide and do not tell the hawker passing buy. If caught, we put together,” said the woman born at Cibadak, Sukabumi, who now has three children.

    Obama got into other mischief, said Ma’am Nun, when he was bathing he splashed her frequently until she became waterlogged. “That mischief. Barry, if you want to go to school, he likes when it’s bath water to splash and I got soaked, but I had already had my shower and was dressed, so ultimately often changed clothes again,” she said.

    Ms. Nun but also had to accompany Obama if he wanted to sleep in his parents’room, because Ma’am Nun and Obama had rooms with different beds.

    “Oh, Barry is, if you want to sleep, I had to play with him until he fell asleep, even late into the night. If I wrote jailnya fell asleep there,” she said.

    An annoying again, according to Nun Ma’am, Obama loved to collect little flags, either red or white U.S. flag in his room. “He likes to put little flags similar to a U.S. flag. Some times he got into bed with me. Sometimes I got annoyed, because I can not sleep,” she said. [This sounds so sad.]
    Any, Barack Obama’s mother, was hard enough to teach their children. Barack Obama was sometimes punished, if not learning, eating snacks at random, especially if against her warnings.

    If he did not want to learn, his punishment was often to be beaten up with the feather duster made of rattan, sometimes he was most frequently locked in the bathroom and not be fed,” she recalls.

    Feeling sorry, Ma’am Nun often provided food through a bathroom window without the knowledge of his mother. When caught, she had to accompany Obama into the bathroom until the afternoon or evening.

    Obama small bad habits; he clenched his fist behind his mother as if he wanted to punch her in the back.

    “Once he was doing this, and his mother turned straight around and she got angry; in a rage, she immediately locked Barry in the bathroom and he stayed there until his mother came home that afternoon,” she added.

    Although mischievous, Ma’am Nun thinks Barry was a good person. Especially, he often distributed food to others. She does not know about his life in school, Ma’am Nun said, because the driver took him there.

    “I could not come, because the driver only took him. When he came home from school, Barry was also banned from bringing his friends to the house,” she said. http://us.news.detik.com/read/2008/09/13/023759/1005440/10/mbak-nun-barry-nakal-tapi-baik

    I did the best I could making sense of that translation. Some of the words she used were said by translators to be Malay or Filipino. I think this is the gist of her story.

    • Lolo is stepfather? Uh, no, father — “father” is what adoption made him.

      • i know, what a hoot.

        what a hoot, indeed, they have tried to call Lolo “stepfather with adoption” from the get-go. My brain always corrected it automatically.
        Father. period. just ask Elton John.

        • If just a step father, then people won ‘t say he was ever Indonesian is how it is supposed to work, huh?

        • One of the links I cited yesterday DID refer to Lolo as his FATHER. It was one of the Indonesian stories. Another referred to the both of them as his parents.

  27. he’s said he was adopted, i do believe. we didn’t pull it out of thin air.

  28. Yep, at the White House Correspondents Dinner…OBAMA said…

    MY STEPFATHER always told me,….it’s a BOY-EAT-DOG
    world out there!

    • If the stepfather he’s talking about is Lolo, then he’s lying because Lolo was Muslim and would NEVER have eaten dog. Or never have given Barry dog meat to eat.

      In fact, according to adopted sister Lia, who LIVED WITH HIM all the time he was in Indonesia, he wasn’t allowed to eat ANYTHING that wasn’t served by his mother in the house. He wasn’t supposed to eat street food, maybe because it wasn’t halal and Lolo was raising him Muslim; he was too fat; or because being “Caucasian”, he might get sick, like with food poisoning. Ann policed everything he ate, according to Lia. If he ate anything she didn’t approve of, she locked him in the bathroom.

      The woman was a regular harridan, according to Lia, so no wonder they didn’t have a close relationship. She bullied him, as did the children at school. No wonder today bullying is one of his pet issues.

      And no wonder Barry didn’t want our media talking to Lia. Poor conveniently dead woman. Think about what she represented: One person who could TELL THE TRUTH about him, Lolo’s family, Ann, and had the artifacts to back up her stories–detailed stories that ring true and that no simple housewife could ever make up. Nobody remembered her or knew about her. Not Barry; likely he forgot all about his childhood companion because she represented bad times and he probably thought she would never show up to plague him. Not Maya, for certain. She was too young to remember Lia. Obama’s campaign sent somebody over (Gelf, Luth, Lot, whoever) to see who Lia was, as soon as the Indonesia press took note of her. They wanted to know what she knew. Next thing you know, 15 minutes after meeting with “journalists”, she drops dead. Husband not with her, so no objective eye witnesses. She was taken somewhere to give the interviews. Must have been, because he got a phone call that Lia had died. WHO were these journalists who interviewed her 15 minutes before her death? Did anybody ask? Were tox screens done? I’ll bet not.

  29. Dead sister’s don’t Lie
    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Barack Hussein Obama Osserian does have a sister, a real sister, and it is not his cousin Maya Soetoro, who is the product of his uncle Lolo and his adoptive mum, Stan Ann Dunham. What follows is the continued exclusives of only this blog, in how a strange little abandoned Indonesian girl with a rich benefactor, became the adopted daughter of Lolo and Stan Ann, seemingly out of the blue, but in reality, Lia Soetoro Sobah is the only real relative of Barack Soebarkah, in they both shared the same fancy woman mother, an Indonesian prostitute of the Soetoro clan.

    This is the exclusive story of Lia Soetoro, the real sister of Barry Soetoro, who was never appeared in Dreams of my Obama, and was silenced to keep a lid on the real identity of B. Hussein Obama Osseiran.

    Lia Soetoro was murdered just as Barack Obama sr. was murdered for the secrets which they kept into the sordid past of the son of a whore Obama.Obama sr. was murdered for the disasterous blackmail he would have engaged in to rule Kenya for his silence, and the reality of the imported dock worker boy who impregnated his whore mother, would have been proof that this son of illegal non Americans, was then hauled off to Kenya for birth certification, then hauled off to Indonesia to be President there, and finally hauled off to America in illegal entry to be a plague on that nation.

    The reality is, Lia Soetoro was the missing Asian link for Chinoid Obama which would have exposed his entire fraud.

    Lia was thee most important person in Barry Soebarkah’s life. He slept in the same room with her and in reality of a creepiness of Obama, he actually put her into bondage, so she would not leave the room if she woke up early. When Lia got up earlier and leave Barry, he would be furious. ” “After that, he then tied my hands and arms with a long rope. If one woke up, only allowed to leave the room when he woke the others,” says Lia.

    There is something beyond clingy and as diagnosed sociopathic in B. Hussein resorting to ropes, abuse and fury to control another person for daring to wake up and leave their bed without his permission.
    Then again, it seems Obama and Lia did wear the same shoes in exchanging them. Barry very happy listening to Suharto’s speeches on television. “When President Suharto’s speech, Barry wrote it down neatly. After that, he practiced the speech of President Suharto in front of the house, “says Lia.

    One time, Barry was President Suharto‘s speech mimicked in an event several times declared Indonesia as a country that Gemah Ripah jinawi loh. ” “He’s very difficult to spell those words, but to impose that sounds funny,” says Lia

    This is the beginning reality of the Chinoid boy who was being groomed to be President of Indonesia, in the son of a whore.In the secrets of Obama, this girl actually returned with Obama Osseiran to Hawaii for three months in 1971, which is another bizarre cover up of using people for political gain and then simply tossing them aside when Indonesia was no longer on the forefront of political ascenion.

    In 1971, Barry returned to Hawaii. Lia joined him and got three months in Hawaii before returning to Indonesia. In Hawaii, Lia often invited Barry to go to the beach or to go shopping. Lia sad when parting with Barry.

    All of this information on Obama’s Islamic sister was silenced deliberately as these realities could not come to light, as they expose the reality that B. Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen of America, but a bastard of a whore in foreign conception.

    This was Barack Hussein Soebarkah’s family, now as dead as Donald Young and Barack sr. All taking with them the secrets of B. Hussein Osseiran.

    SUKABUMI, (PRLM) .- The desire Mrs. Holiyah (53) residents of Kampung Babakan Bantam, Village Sukasirna, Cibadak District, Sukabumi Regency wanted to meet the President of the United States (U.S.), Barrack Hussein Obama is disappeared. Holiyah Soetoro often called Lia, Thursday (25 / 2) died shortly before sunset.

    Yes the dead sister, the dead whore, the dead black migrant dock worker and the very alive son of a whore Barry Soebarkah.This is Ho Chi Obama and his birth links which have all been missing.

    Welcome to Mockingbird in the Ugly American. Have you figured out why in Inspiration I was writing about the Vietnam Coup and you missed it all?

    Once again the Lame Cherry exclusives, more information in one post than you get in 5 years from all the other media combined.

    agtG 234

    Pay attention children, Sugarland matters.

    Lame Cherry: Jerome Corsi Knows Of Sugarland

    Jun 30, 2011 – What is important to understand in this, is Hawaii was a trade and it all comes from William Lederer in The Ugly American, which followed


  30. Ok …birthdays.. Lia’s … month day & year … please.
    did she die age 53 ? … was she born 1957 ?
    Was Lia 2 or 4 years older than Barry ? can we figure his correct birth?

    • Some stories say 3, iirc, and some say 4 years older.

    • I assume because she died in 2010 and the obit said she was 53 that she was born in 1957. She is older by 2, 3, or 4 yrs depending on the article.
      So dear ole Barry could be born in 1959, 1960, or 1961. Pick one! That’s as good as it gets as with all things related to the fraud.

  31. Another gem from Lame Cherry – that involves Lia.

    Anna Chin Soebarkah
    May 27, 2012

    The real name of Barack Hussein Obama’s mother is Anna Chin Soebarkah and this is her exclusive story. She might be listed under a different “American nationality” on her entry to Hawaii in the 1950’s, but forged documents run in the B. Hussein Obama Osseiran clan.

    Anna was born in the Philippines approximately 1927 under America control from the Spanish American War. At the age of 18, she had survived the Japanese occupation to 1945. By 1956, she had become involved with as a Comfort Woman, a wealthy connected Indonesian family and become impregnated with a child who would be born named, Holiyah.

    The child would be nationalized back into Indonesian culture and the mother being “put out”, was forced to fend for herself in being abandoned and took up the position of “fancy woman” status, which led her to Hawaii on a US citizenship claim to Lederer’s Bar, home of the eastern communist front into America, and serviced by Frank Marshall Davis and his friend, Stanley Armour Dunham.

    Anna is a product of many of the Filipino culture in being a trader’s island she exhibits both native Filipino, Chinese and Japanese ethnic traits. She was a very beautiful woman and while her photo shows the years were hard to her in whoring, she was the dirty secret of European, Asian and American occupation in the mistreatment of Filipino women, in treating them like whores or whoring them, knocking them up and abandoning them.

    Anna Soebarkah was of the Soetoro clan, meaning that is in Jakarta who fathered her daughter named Lia or Holiyah, whom she abandoned for Lederer’s whore hotel of communists. It was on this front the communists of 1960 were fixating on in three Asian areas of Vietnam, Hawaii and Indonesia. Hawaii was the vantage western point in the Pacific. Vietnam would control Indochina and Indonesia would control the island states to the mainland of 1 billion people. With China and India having 2 billion in their communist hordes, the control of Indonesia and Indochina would create hegeononmy and isolate America on Okinawa and South Korea.

    The main thrust at the time was the control of Africa for the low caste figures of the Dunhams. This is why they were involved in that gay black sex cult with Frank Marshall Davis. Africa of the 1950’s was the revolutionary underground and the Dunhams hoped in that little bastard Barry to foster their own dynasty there.

    This is why when Anna was impregnated finally by a African dock worker from east Africa, as Barack sr. was not getting the job done, that a deal was worked out in Obama sr. who was heir apparent in Kenya to communist rule with Tom Mboya, that a white girl would adopt this Chinoid child, pass herself off as mother, and gain access to Obama sr. of all US financing which he was lusting after.

    The stage was then set. This Barry Obama was not born in August of 1961, but as Obama blundered out in he was born earlier in the summer of 1961 to the Filipina Asian prostitute named Anna. She was paid a small sum for the child and her efforts to disappear in being sent back to the Philippines.

    The benefactor of Lia, was for a time her mother, until she was like Andrew Breitbart, deceased from natural causes, about the time that the African adventure of the Dunhams ran out, and Lolo Soetoro was fingered as an inroad into communist south Asia.

    This is where the bone fides of Barry Soetoro come into play, as Lia was adopted by Stan Ann to give heritage and training to her younger brother who ran like a duck. Of course, it was an insane gambit in the communist Dunhams thinking a black adopted kid, hiding he was a Soetoro by being an Indonesian Soetoro from a whore, who was Filipino, would ever stick in a ethnic centric Muslim land.

    It did not take long before that plan by the Dunham’s was axed by the cartel and Barry and Lia were dumped into Hawaii, and as no one wanted a bastardette Lia around, she was after transitioning illegal Barry back into the US, dumped back into Indonesia to be married off to some old guy and seal the Obama sordid tales, until she started talking to the press and had to be silenced in murder.

    All of this has been in plain sight. It is why the Barack sr. and Anna photo was kept with the communists of Hawaii, as they were seeking proof for the breeding agenda they were involved in at Sugarland. It is quite comic really in a British Luo Kenyan pumping dust is fingered for a bastard from a Filipina Chinese Japanese woman of Indonesia market, and somehow this completely unAmerican child ends up in the White House as everyone knows how damned ridiculous this is and no one has bothered to ever say the elephant is in the room.

    This is why this blog has been filtering this for almost 4 years going, to expose and make your minds ponder this. Obama’s Dreams are a fiction and his reality is, even in fiction, he is not American. He was embarrassed by what he knows is in those hidden papers in how he was whored around, and he knows very certain he is no more American than a Peking girl.

    Barack Obama is a Chinoid, a product of slave trade merchants in Shia Africa and the merchants of mayhem of China and Japan in the Philippines, preyed upon a Christian named woman, Anna, who got pregnant by and Indonesian trader, and ended up in Hawaii trying to survive.Anna might have been registered as “American”, but was not. It was a case of one of those imported whores the State Department signed off on to please the communists and everyone just shrugged their shoulders.

    Popular surnames among Chinese-Filipinos: Chan, Cheng, Chua, Co, Cue, Dee, Go, Ku, Lee, Tan, Tiu, Ting, Ty, Sy, Yap, Yee, and others that are three-word combinations that end in -co like Cojuangco, Dychingco and Tanjuatco

    Examples of native Tagalog surnames: Dimaguiba (impenetrable), Guinto (gold), Macaraeg, Matapang (brave), Masipag (industrious)

    Barack Hussein Osseiran’s real name is in the above of his birth mother’s lineage. You now know what the elite know, what most intelligence agencies know and what this blog has been pointing you too for years. This is why this blog was Inspired to reveal the deep military occupation of the Philippines and why Obama has been visiting that nation in their Presidential inauguration. The Philippines are Obama’s native land.

    For the Tiger Lily who Inspires……..


    • References Lame Cherry uses

      Filipino Family Names

      Holiyah Soetoro
      http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2010/08/obamas-indonesian-stepsister-dies.html [does show our Blog Name at ORYR – but still does not link to WTPOTUS]

      The Obama Papers
      Homeland Security Releases Obama’s Daddy’s Records: Obama’s Daddy Was A Man-Whore; Was Obama’s Mama In The Philippines!?


      The well papered whore
      The Case Against Barack Obama, Sr.
      American Thinker ^ | November 7, 2011 | Don Wilkie

      That other not pregnant whore by the dust pumper
      Arizona elections chief asks Hawaii for proof of Obama’s citizenship
      UPDATE: Obama penned “Born in Kenya” bio, revised in 2007, 2 months after he declared for Presidential race


      • About people not crediting us with discoveries–it’s ironic but today Breitbart has its panties in a wad because the Boston paper picked up the Fauxcahontas Warren story and said they were “first” to report that colleges listed her as a minority professor, when, of course, Breitbart beat them to proving that particular angle. Now whether Breitbart was “first,” I can’t say; but they did beat the Boston paper, which doesn’t credit Breitbart but certainly sounds as if they took most of the links and sources from Breitbart’s story. Breitbart’s uses the word “plagiarism.” Talk about plagiarism. We have people copying verbatim without crediting the source!

      • Word of the day is gobsmacked, apparently. Literally means being smacked in the mouth BUT there are some scatological allusions there, too, regarding what Barry got from Sinclair, so … Some may be snarking. I would.

      • The brilliant Pam Geller says, and she is SO RIGHT:
        “As further evidence of Obama’s dishonest narrative bubbles to the surface, everyone prefaces his remarks with “I am not a birther!” (evoking Nixon’s “I am not a crook!”), so fearful are they of the taint.

        And this is the inherent problem. Why does the right allow the left to control and command the discourse? Why does the right give the left the power to dictate to us what we can and cannot talk about? We can ask questions and we must without fear of the monstorus leftist smear machine. Stop giving the left the power.”

        We don’t stop. We will NEVER stop. They have NO power over us unless we cede it to them. We know WHY we question this guy and it’s NOT because of his race because nobody KNOWS what his race is! Nobody KNOWS WHO HE IS. That’s the problem.

    • Very fanciful. All that’s missing is evidence.

    • Lame couldn’t have known this for 4 years as we didn’t find Lia until August, 2010 and LIA IS A WTPOTUS EXCLUSIVE!

      So another story added to the Obama background to mull about. Another Anna to discover. All we have to do is find an Anna that isn’t an Anna who was in Hawaii. So Obama is really a Chan, Cheng, Chua, Co, Cue, Dee, Go, Ku, Lee, Tan, Tiu, Ting, Ty, Sy, Yap, or a Yee! But there is no CHIN listed.

      It can make sense as we know the guy is a basta#@ – in one sense for sure.

      This handles the Filipino gal that was in the immigration papers of BHO.

      So how many mothers do we have for BHO Jr. now? Ann Dunham, Jo Ann Newman, or Anna Chin. Anymore?

      • Lia most certainly is and we do have to h/t Leza on that because, iirc, she was the first to comment here about that Indonesian story about Lia. We will give credit where credit is due. It was a joint effort afterwards, translating and writing up posts and doing more research, but that was the impetus.

        Is LC saying that little “Ann USA” who sits so demurely next to the dust pumper (?!) at that party at the Nachmanoff’s is Anna Chin? Where did LC come up with the surname?

        Of course, we all immediately noticed and commented about that “wife in the Philippines” (WIFE!) as mentioned in the immigration files. I still don’t know where LC gets the July birth date. Barry slipped up? When? I know that Mary Toutonghi, who has a connection to Val of the Mal and Val theory, slipped up, too, placing his date of birth in early 1961.

        Barry has more mothers than a Chinese phone book has …

        Don’t forget Shirley Ann Dunham. And now what? Patricia Ann Dunham, was it? How about that other chick? alfy, didn’t you find another candidate in the people searches? Associated with the whole Krewe?

        Yes, another wild claim–LC knew about Lia for 4 years. Even before the Indonesian press did!

        • Here Miri. I put my money here ;
          Soundex Code for Chin = C500
          Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

          Soundex Code for Shinn = S500
          Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

        • Miri, remember this:


          the hisssssser wasssss ssssspeeechifying and forgot when hissssss birthday wasssss. 7/17/2011

      • i think it’s a riddle (big suprise from LC right), 3 syllables together the mention of DyCHINgco, it’s some combination

        but, where’s the evidence? I mean BO does have those indonesian look-alikes and no kenyan look-alikes, but that’s not evidence of “anna chin”

  32. There is a Patricia A. Woodley, early 70’s, who retains ownership of a house in Seattle..she acquired the home from Mary Toutonghi in 1979. Mary and Joseph Toutonghi bought the home in 1962.

    • [PDF]

      experiences of african americans in seattle and the pacific northwest. the museum is … Leonard Wilkens, Elizabeth Williams, Pat Woodley, Matti. Woodson, M.E. …

  33. Patricia A. Woodley, real estate agent in Seattle. Realtors typically want their face known, they are sales people. It is common to see thir face splattered everywhere. Not the case with this realtor, Patricia. I cannt locate a photo of her anywhere. Not with Windemere, not with Rotary, not on FB.
    Seems odd.

    • Okay. So now LC is saying that the guy stooping on the tarmac (dock?) in front of Stan and BHO Sr. is BHO Sr’s brother and that the other Asian lady right there by them is the madam?

  34. Can’t Touch This…. ….http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/
    in LC’s reference using…WTPOTUS …2 times…. posted for all sleuthes ..
    Hey LC…”HI”… fill in some gaps & voids…. were all getting old here!
    at… Flames Eternal… 5 / 27 /2012 4:29 pm ….. by Z
    Immigration file…. BHO SR. …. load up ALL…. ” 55 pages ”
    BHO SR has… 2 birth YEARS! 6/18/1934.. also.. 6/18/1936.. weird?
    His height is 5’11’ & 165 lbs.
    (# guide bar on R side.. not match page #… so check it out)
    Ann O… also Ann S Dunham…. tons of goods … food for thought.

  35. “At home, Barry and Lee shared a bedroom, but different beds. Barry and Lia always wanting to sleep and wake up together. When Lia got up earlier and leave Barry, he would be furious. ” “After that, he then tied my hands and arms with a long rope. If one woke up, only allowed to leave the room when he woke the others,” says Lia.”

    For me, it is this little bit that gives credence to Lia’s story and existence. It is a common story of a child that is being molested or abused by someone in the household and thus, do not want to be alone because as long as there is someone else around the perp does not approach. Barry was afraid to be left alone in his room/bed.

    • Great insight. So true. And it also sounds as if he redirects his angst against someone who’s vulnerable (Lia) and takes it out on her, becoming an abuser himself. Ties her up?

      • The tieing up could have been for reassurance he would not be left alone in the room and she more agreed to it and not out of abuse or violence. Self-preservation.

        • From what I remember, there were other stories that Lia told that indicate that Barry lorded it over her and ordered her around like a servant. Remember the story where he forced her to stand at attention, like his personal bodyguard/thug, whilst he delivered his wannabe tyrant speeches, imitating Suharto? It was so abusive that Lolo intervened. Seems there was another story of him abusing a servant, too. A guy.

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