What Say U? Same Person or Not?

© Miri WTPOTUS 2010

Composite of Barack Obama Photos © Miri WTPOTUS 2010


Above is a composite of photos purportedly of the POTUS (with one exception).  These are photos taken at various stages of his life, in various settings.

If you click on the composite, you’ll see a larger composite image.  If you want to see the photos larger still, change the zoom level on your computer display from 100% to 200%, or more; however, the photos will lose resolution as they become larger.  You will have to enlarge to see the numbers I assigned to each photo.  Many of these faces were cropped from other images.  In some cases, cropped out of small snapshots or from newspaper images, all previously published online.

Since I’m not a photo-shopper, I beg your forgiveness for the amateurish appearance of this effort.  Please also forgive that somehow the aspect ratio of some pictures became distorted.  This composite was thrown together quickly, in order to satisfy my own curiosity about what appear to be inexplicable morphological differences.  Now that it’s finished, I’d like to invite you to look at it, to see what you think.  Pay close attention to the noses, teeth, smiles, chins, hairlines.  What do you see?  What do you think?

Note:  The final photo in the bottom row, on the far right, is not supposed to include Barry Obama; it’s said to be a photo of two of his half-brothers, one of whom is said to be deceased.

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  1. Funny, they look more similar in the smaller sizes. Click on ’em and the differences start jumping out. The one looks like it could have been Michelle o. with a short crew cut – #27.

  2. Photos supposed to be taken in Indonesia: 3,9,12,14-19,25.

    Photos supposed to be taken in Hawaii: 1,2,4-7,10,13, 20-24,26.

    Photos supposed to be from Punahou: 31-34.

    Photo from California: 35.

    Photo from Harvard: 39.

    The rest, I don’t remember or never knew the alleged location.

  3. Foreheads, too. Differences there, too, imho.

  4. As for the last photo,41, the one of David and Mark, you can really see how someone distorted David’s face via photoshopping. (And it wasn’t me!) Why was that done? His right eye and his upper lip were changed.

    • Miri, Do you remember when we at one time were talking about the Indo dictator and I remarked that something was wrong with one of his eyes ? Hummmm…interesting and amazing that you noticed this Miri. Good post. Really good one.

  5. Great post Miri, you did an excellent job configuring all the photo’s together.

  6. Just my 2 cent’s –

    #12 – ear shape and size is completely diffrent than the other pic’s.

    #18 – buck front teeth.

    The skin color / complexion changes

    Blonde – ish hair at young age, appears to darken then blonde again, then goes dark again.

    Nose size changes / diffrent not the same.

    Perhaps twins and one did or did not die – both still living?

    Perhaps “Barry” is nothing but a made up fiction as a cover for “Barrack”?

    Maybe Ann never had a male child and Lolo and Ann adopted “Berry” from Papua?

    Or, maybe “Barry” could be Kenya’s revenge on US?

    • Or, maybe “Barry” could be Kenya’s revenge on US?

      Correction – Indonesia’s revenge on US?

      Kenya on the brain!!

    • Leza, I agree. That nose is sometimes upturned, sometimes downturned–sometimes thin, sometimes fat, as if he got punched in the “doze.” Check out number 39!

      Look especially at the smiles: sometimes the corners of the mouth go up, other times down. As Bridgette pointed out: Do you see the gums in any of these photos, as in number 40? Look at the upper lip on 37. Do you see that puffy upper lip on any of the other photos? No, the upper lip is thin in most of the other photos, sometimes very thin, disappearing when he smiles, as in number 11.

      Number 30 is amusing, because the rest of the photo includes Maya. Doesn’t it seem as if someone photoshopped certain of her characteristics onto Barry, to make them look more alike? In only that photo, do I see any similarity to Maya. Check out his right eye. Obviously distorted for some reason. Why? Or did somebody punch him that day, too?

      Sometimes, the teeth are in need of braces, and then magically they’re as straight as they can be. See numbers 12, 13, 16. They must have had amazing dentists in Indonesia. What used to take YEARS was accomplished in no time flat. No photos of any kid with braces, so if he didn’t have braces, how did those teeth get so straight by the time he showed up at the airport with his “dad”? They don’t look very straight in number 22, but then that entire photo is very straaaaaange, to borrow a phrase from Madelyn.

      Sometimes the ears are close to the head, other times sticking out. Sometimes the earlobe is close to the head, other times not.

      Sometimes the chin is cleft, other times not. Sometimes it’s long, other times not.

      The head shape differs: sometimes broad at the top, other times narrow. Number 32 was suppsed to be of Barry in Hawaii, at Punahou, when he was allegedly a basketball star. Does that kid look quick on his feet? Note the eyebrows, short cleft chin, bulge on the forehead, ears not sticking out. The next photo, 33, would have been taken around the same time. Notice the “heart shaped” face versus the face on 32.

      The problem, however, is that upon enlargement, most of these photos show evidence of tampering around the eyes and lips, especially. If we could see the unmodified photos, then what conclusion would most people draw?

      • I have to agree with Dave, you Miri, and other’s. Maybe only a “few” of these pic’s are of Obama (or who ever he is) the rest are “manufactured (or) photo shopped”.

        1,2,3, and possibly 4,5,11,27 are the same child, not the same person or person’s as in the other photo’s. What I question about these are they are the only photo’s that o’ team did not release themselves I belive. These if I remember right they were released by people that new o when he was a child growing up in Indonesia / HI.

        All of the article’s from Indonesia we have collected most all the people there (Indonesia) have said – “Barry” disappeared in 1971. They never new where he went “until” they heard he was running for the presidency of the United States, when O started being plastered all over the world as a running candidate of the US Presidency. All the people that knew him in Indonesia questioned “if” it was really him because he did not look at all as they remembered him.

        What is upsetting is that “our” new’s media never looked into any of this. They never vetted him in anyway shape or form. Fox new’s is the only one that did any research into “Barry” and it was minor vetting at the most.

        Refer to this link for the Indonesian artical’s – https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/one-huge-fabricated-family/

        • Fun, yet frustrating, post Miri! Great job on gathering all those pics — some, I’ve never seen before!
          I agree with Leza’s analysis — not all photos are of the same child — looks like photos of several different people.
          I don’t know about #3 — I think that may be yet another different child.
          I would add photo#28 to Leza’s list — #28 looks like it may be a smiling/toothless version of #27.
          It’s possible #30 is an older version of the same child #’s 27 and 28 — or is #30 a female?
          #’s 20, 21 and 31 look like a young michele obama.
          #32 looks like an entirely different person from all the others.
          #22 also looks like yet another entirely different person from all others.
          Don’t know what happened to your #41 in this collection — that photo doesn’t look the same as other copies I’ve seen of #41 — other copies don’t have the messed up eye. https://wtpotus.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/mark-david-photo-ali.jpg?w=341&h=519
          Baby in #1 does not look like the baby which maya supposedly provided here in the following link (may want to add this one to your collection)
          The upper lip in #1 and #41 are not evident in the baby picture provided by Maya — I think these are two **completely different babies**.

          • Thanks for that link to Bridgette’s version of the Mark and David photo. I got my copy from somebody else, who may have been messing with me or the photo. Here it is for everyone to see easily:

            Now I do think he looks like the child in number 1. The Maya-supplied baby pic looks more like Mark to me:

        • GRRRRR — my comment didn’t post and I have to start all over!
          Miri, what a fun, yet frustrating post lol! Fantastic job gathering all this photos — some I’ve never seen before.
          Now, if I can remember all I’d written.
          Agree with Leza — these are photos of MANY different people.

          Would add #29 to leza’s list — 29 is the smiling toothless version of 28.
          #30 may be the same child as #28, a few years older in age.

          20,21 and 31 look like michele obama.

          32 looks like a stranger.

          Your 41 pic is messed up — other copies of that pic don’t show a messed up eye on the cute child

          #3 is another, i think, entirely different child

          Baby pic #1 looks like a completely different child from the baby pic which was supposedly provided by Maya — completely different upper lips

        • VERY astute comments, Leza, especially if you’re correct that the photos that do appear to be the same person, were released by persons other than the campaign. I think you’re right.

          I also believe that 1,2, and 3 are the same child. I’ll go out on a limb and say that I also believe that the child sitting with Mark isn’t David, or if he is David, that is the person who is now POTUS. Look at his right ear and then look at Obama’s right ear. That child may also be the child in photo 1. The tubby little tummy gives it away (except I cropped it out of the photo. If you look at the Fab Family thread, you’ll see the tummy in all its glory.)

          Yet if we’re dealing with twins . . .

          Forgive me for forgetting: Someone linked to a Free Republic thread with a photo of Obama that I’d not seen before. I used the face from that photo for number 19. The link also contained the explanation for David’s name, Opiyo. It means twin. Or the elder of twins. Thanks to whoever it was who found that link; I remembered reading that somewhere, but couldn’t remember where. I’m sorry that I forgot who linked to it and even where that link is (what thread, I mean). But I appreciate the tip.

  7. Hiya Miri,
    I didn’t get a chance to read this yet, but, wow. I can’t wait.

    Wonder why no age progressionists have stepped up yet. or even a couple of plastic surgeons. ~ an age ‘progressionists’ could nip this in the bud.

    I always wonder why barky wrote a poem called Pop for his Gramps…

  8. Hey, Papooski! This isn’t the world’s greatest post or greatest effort. Sort of like the obots who put together his life story, I’m not very good at working with photos. Let me know what you think. The more I look, the more confused I get, although that may be by design–to keep messing with everyone’s head. His mother’s photos aren’t any more consistent.

  9. Some are photos of the guy we call obama
    others are photos of someone else

    We all know this, he is manchurian candidate.

    Fox News had a UCLA girl on tonight.
    She went to a tea party rally and did research on whether the posters were racist.

    She said no.

    Her closing statistic, only 1% of the signs questioned the prez’s eligibility to be president.

    Amazing thing is they mentioned it at all.
    Go Alito, Go!

  10. Test
    I’ve sent two comments which have disappeared into thin air when I hit the “post comment” button

  11. Test
    I’ve written two comments re the photos, and yet my comments are nowhere to be found! My comments on renee’s shoe thread post, yet my comments on this thread do not!??????

  12. Ali said this, but it got posted on the wrong thread. WordPress bugs again.

    Ali: “Anyway, I was going to say re the baby pic provided by maya — that baby has a different face and mouth than pic #1 of Miri’s photo post.”


    Miri: Thanks, Ali, for pointing out the most obvious omission from my composite! 🙂 I don’t know how I missed that one. It IS supposed to be little baby Barry. That baby also has the different hairline and straighter, finer hair. Don’t you think?

  13. I have always wondered whether that boy who’s in the photos at the airport with BHO Sr. and elsewhere during that trip to Hawaii, might be one of his other sons. The smile and teeth are different. The hairline is different.

    • And he is alot heavier too Miri, I know kids change weights in life but this kid is alot heavier. I find that to be odd as the descriptions from Indo note him as stocky. Maybe he really was fed well in Indo. Who can know ? Someone knows.

      • Oh, especially in the Christmas photo, number 22. That’s supposed to be the same child as in number 26, taken the same month–during that Christmas visit by BHO Sr. when Barry was 10.

        Also odd how the stories from Indonesia all talk about how much Barry ate when he was living there. How he’d eat a whole chicken. How big he was. How his mother locked him up and wouldn’t let him have food, but Lia sneaked him food, anyway.

        So you see those chubby Barry photos but other photos that are supposed to be taken of him in Indonesia (or between trips to Indonesia) don’t show him fat (12 through 16, for example).

  14. You guys got them posted! All of them lol.
    I think #39, of o in law school, looks different than the rest of the pictures in that row! Longer face/chin, more defined cheek bones, different eyes — lol looks more like the kid laying on the ground with his friends in indo — the “o” pic with the pointy features. LOL that would be too funny if he had a stand-in for law school lol — I’m being silly, but #39 does look different.

  15. 39 is the one where he looks like somebody punched him in the nose. What a honker! How can it be so wide and then so slim? Did he get a nosejob as a graduation gift?

    • Hey not funny ! Did you know that in the 80’s the foreign girls that came over from the middle east as refugees got nose jobs paid for from Medicare or our Gov. Ins program for them here ? My friend knew 5 or 6 herself. They told each other to go to the doctor and claim breathing probs and it worked ! They all got new noses and guess who paid ? Yes, that would be the US taxpayers that wanted nice noses TOO !

  16. I didn’t mean to offend. I’m just pointing out the obvious. Sometimes he has a honker and other times not. It makes no sense.

    I was joking about the graduation gift because I actually knew girls who got plastic surgery of one kind or another as a graduation gift. I didn’t know that our government paid for nose jobs for Middle East refugees. Why would they want them? Most Middle Eastern girls seem pretty, by American standards. Like Hispanic women–generally quite lovely.

    Insurance companies usually won’t pay for plastic surgery unless it solves some medical problem, so it makes sense to claim breathing problems. I’m sure Medicaid gets scammed that way all the time.

  17. Very interesting set of Obama(?) pics. Here is something which I’ve noticed repeatedly concerning current photos which appear from time to time: the EARS! A number of the portraits show him with ears pinned back, and, then again, his ears are VERY protruding….. Somewhere I read that he can control his ears, (like some folks can) so that MIGHT explain the present “ear” situation.
    Something else I would like to comment on is the very large, pronounced SCAR on the right side of his head itself, not the forehead. You have to look closely, as it is partly hidden by hair. It starts above the right ear and extends upward for what looks to be about five or six inches. That is not mentioned in his books. It would be interesting to compare current pics of that side of the head. Personally I feel that we MAY be dealing with more than one Obama, but that’s just crazy ole’ me.

    • Cabby, if some people say he can control his ears, I’d take that with a grain of salt. It sounds to me like typical obot rationalization. Too funny!

      We point out the discrepancy, so maybe Gibbs and the rest of the krewe sat around in the basement of the WH and came up with that one. Yeah, that’s the ticket! We’ll say he can control his ears.

      Of course, why would he bother? Just to mess with our heads? Somehow, he knew back when he was a kid that he would someday be POTUS. (Of course he did! All of his fawning elementary school teachers remember his essays, of all the others that they read over 40 years ago, when he wrote that he wanted to be president. Oh, wait. That was president of Indonesia, a dictator just like Suharto, whose speeches he memorized and who he liked to imitate.)

      So when he was a kid, he’d sometimes pull those ears in and at other times let ’em fly, just to mess with our heads, Alinsky style, decades later. 🙂

      We’ve talked about that scar, too. There’s even a thread here about it. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/obamas-nasty-scar/

      He may have had that problem where the bones in his head fused too soon. Maybe he needed surgery. Others have said it could have been a forceps delivery, but that usually only distorts the shape of the head for a while. I’ve never heard of a doctor actually scarring the scalp, but anything’s possible. Then there were those stories about him being hit in the head, while living in Indonesia. Was it with a rock? Baaaa-rock! Ouch.

      Photo #6 shows a bizarrely protruding forehead. I believe that’s not normal. Either the photo was distorted by photoshopping, or there’s something wrong with the kid’s skull, whoever he is.

      • I thought, when he was younger, he may have been hit in the head by a surfboard — but the scar is so long and large — looks more like a surgical scar — hmmmm.

  18. Here’s a photo from just yesterday. Check out the ears:

    I do think that the photo of David shows tampering with the earlobe and the top of the ear. Probably to hide the match to Obama’s ear.

    • — just in time for Halloween —

    • Earlier this evening I was checking out some of the facebook photos of melanesians — maluku and papua have many facebook participants — o could easily pass as one of them. However, that scenario wouldn’t fit with o sr. and all of o’s kenyan sibs. Father could also have been from Washington state or Hawaii. Guess I’ll stick with o sr. lol, that’s what the divorce decree states — so why make it difficult lol.
      A couple things stand out in my memory re his campaign –
      1) he repeatedly mentioned the 7:24 time on his birth certificate — 7:24 numerics work with the scenario I posted the other day re his ss#, 7:24, and the many fictitious dates re ann, sr., lolo.
      2) his mention that his mother told him that he had his father’s eyebrows. Well, o sr. does not have thicky bushy eyebrows — Ann does. So either o said that to throw us off, or it was true. Well, I haven’t known him to say anything truthful lol — and he could have easily acquired those eyebrows from Ann, so he probably did acquire them ann. Though I will also add, for the fun of it, that many melanesians also have thick brows. His half-brothers, Mark and ???the young one lol, also have thick eyebrows which they may have acquired from Ruth.

      • Those are very good points you make, Ali, about the numbers. Mnemonics to help him remember his fictitious “facts”?

        I see absolutely NO resemblance to O Sr. Do you? I do see a resemblance to SAD, but that may be only through her father. I see no resemblance to Madelyn, by either Barry or SAD. Do you? But SAD does look like Stan.

        He said he’s a blank slate. In the same way, he’s a blank homologue. He can appear of any ethnicity. He can run around saying, with no evidence, that he’s a “desi”, he’s African-American, he’s Caucasian, he’s Native American, he’s Hawaiian, he’s Indonesian, he’s Papuan, ad infinitum. He’s messing with everyone’s head because nobody knows and nobody may ever know the truth about him. I asked before, in another post, WHO IS THIS MAN? Not only because we don’t know his true identity or ancestry, we don’t even know his true NAME.

        “Pleased to meet you; hope you guess my name. But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”

        You better believe it, bub. (No pun intended: Beelzebub.)

        Our problems lie with these facts: We don’t know WHO his parents are; we don’t know if he was adopted, which throws everything out of the mix; we don’t know his ethnicity; we can’t rely on photos because they are mostly all messed with.

        This is basic Alinsky: Confound, confuse, create chaos, concoct complexity. (I love alliteration!)

        If they make everything so confused and complex, nobody can easily explain the problem therein. Notice how hard it is to get “reporters” to understand, much less investigate.

        It becomes so difficult to get a handle on, so impossible to research and even explain (especially with no EVIDENCE) that people throw up their hands in defeat. They simply give up, go with the flow. It’s far easier that way, and far better for their careers to not rock the boat. Don’t tip the boat over!

        These days, journalism is in a sorry state. Most reporters don’t do any research. They just repeat, ad nauseum, whatever they see elsewhere. Stories go viral before anybody checks facts and sources.

        Look how easy it is for an evil cohort of political hacks to create “reality” out of whole cloth, given a lazy, complicit media that will accept pre-written, pre-“researched” stories.

        Whatever became of sourcing? Whatever became of requiring at least two independent sources for “facts”? Whatever became of researching the sources, to uncover bias?

        Dangerous for the Republic, when a bottleneck like the NY Times can control the narrative, through the natural tendency of human beings to be, in a nutshell, EFFING LAZY?

        Small wonder that this administration wants to control and even, at times of their choosing, SHUT DOWN the Internet.

        For the most part, only on the Web will you still find (citizen) researchers, attempts at REAL journalism, and questioning of the presented narrative of the pResident.

    • So you really think o could be david? I went down that road ?a month or two ago — but I didn’t pursue it — I thought it was probably a trap, it just seemed too easy — as if it were yet one more intentional distraction to focus on place of birth rather than the fact that sr was not a U.S. citizen. Hmmmm, now you have me reconsidering — but I still think its too easy — that by getting everyone to focus on the place of birth rather than sr.’s lack of u.s. citizenship, o will, in the end, trump us, by pulling out the long form and claim the case is now closed…at least long enough to get him elected to a 2nd term.

      • ahhhh, but that would tie into all those prior attempts by the dems and o’s legal buddy’s paper proposing potus eligibility to those born outside the u.s. — I don’t recall, in their proposition, whether they brought up the requirement re u.s. citizenship for both parents — do any of you remember whether that was included in their propositions?
        That takes me back to the charade during the dem primary in which they concluded that McCain was eligible — they focused on place of birth, didn’t they? Was that yet another distraction from parental citizenship, or not?

  19. Ali, I don’t think I read that proposal by the obot elitist lawyer. Would be interesting to read. I remember some details of the resolution. Seems that it read one way, but was eventually changed to more closely fit McCain’s situation. I believe it said born outside the country to citizens, but then was changed to be for citizens who were in the military or government service.

    If you read Bridgette’s NBC thread about the historical meaning of that term, it seems that previously it didn’t matter why your parents were overseas when you were born. You were a citizen, but NOT a NBC. They specifically talked about diplomats and persons overseas, working for the government.

    I don’t, for certain, think that Obama’s David, but it’s another of the possible answers. Who even knows where David was born, or if he ever existed in the first place? Ruth’s his mother. They moved to Kenya, so I assume he (and Mark?) were born in Kenya. If so, then both have the same situation as Barry, IF Barry wasn’t born on U.S. soil–their mother was a citizen of the U.S. (still?) but their father was never. So are Mark and David NBCs? Same question. Are they even citizens at birth? Same question.

    Do you know the provenance of that photo of Mark and David? Was this a photo put out by the campaign or by a rogue person (in their opinion, like the Indonesians)–someone NOT associated in any way with furthering Obama’s narrative, at least not until leaned upon, threatened, inconvenienced?

    • You may have forgotten, but you’ve read the article, we discussed it at TD’s.
      Here is the link, as well as additional links — re Herlihy, and re natural born citizen at wiki.

      Click to access Herlihy.pdf



      • You’re correct, Ali. Now that I read it again, I do remember it. How naive and ridiculous this person’s arguments are. These people think they are so intelligent, but all it takes is a person with a modicum of common sense to see how idiotic they really are. How insulting, too. Typical elitist garbage. Naive to the extreme. Smarter-than-thou. Looking down like her messiah on the little people–those bigoted rednecks who cling to their guns and religion and don’t realize the good that would come from having a globalist POTUS. Asshat.

        I do notice that the writer focuses on naturalized citizens being allowed to become POTUS. No mention of someone with Obama’s history, if his story is really true. Someone whose parents were not both citizens. The issue of globalization is so off point. If the author was pro-Obama, then perhaps the argument is on point, if the author knows he was born in another country and/or adopted from another country and brought here at 3 months, as in the example. I do remember discussing that before. Interesting that she used adoption as her example. Fie on her! Eejit, that’s all I can say.

  20. Re provenance of baby photo David/Mark –
    I believe it was kathy, here on this blog, who told us about it. She got it straight from the horse’s mouth — Mark obama ndesandjo’s website.


    I recall reading (somewhere) that Mark said he intended to write a true (nonfiction) autobiography which was to be released in Oct. 2010 — I’ve neither seen nor heard of its grand debut.

    ” …My next step is to publish an autobiography. It has just been completed and will be available in the next several months. It will answer a lot of the questions that Nairobi to Shenzhen raises….”


    “Nairobi to Shenzhen” was a *semi*- autobiographical story — a work of fiction.

    • Thanks for the links, Ali. They’re good ones. This photo:

      Isn’t he wearing his “wedding ring” in that photo? He’s got that wasted look down pat.

      His ears do look like “David’s”. Do you notice how odd David’s upper lip is? It’s as if someone pasted a rectangle over it. It pinches in the corners of his upper lip. It’s totally manipulated, as is the earlobe. Also, check out how the hair on the left side of “David’s” head is screwed up because it looks like someone used the “fuzzy” tool to scrub out something. Mark’s shirt also looks funny where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt. It’s photoshopped for some reason.

      Has anyone read Mark’s fictional autobiography? I wonder what’s in there about his mother. I’d love to read his true autobiography, if anyone will be allowed to read it soon. Something tells me publication will be delayed until after Obama leaves office.

  21. In these photos, o really does look like “baby David”.

    Came across these websites while doing a search — grabbed the photos from

    Would like to see a close-up of that obama family photo — http://tobuds.com/blogs/media/father.jpg

    found it at

  22. Ok, here is my latest scenario — of course, I have no idea what the truth is — this is just another guess, another hypothetical-
    When I click on the baby photo to enlarge it, I believe the issue with the older child is not his shirt, but rather it appears the cute little one’s left arm is extended over the back and left shoulder of the older child. The older child is grasping the hand to hold it securely. The little child’s whole body is stretched toward the taller child to complete the embrace. Very sweet.
    I am so taken with the face of the younger child, I just want to sweep him up in my arms and take him home — he just has such a sweet loving face.
    I think the reason the younger child’s lip looks funny is because it appears he is biting his lower lip while smiling — he is a cutie pie.
    Now the reason I haven’t referred to them by name is because I think the photo is mislabeled. Yes, I know according to Mark’s site, he is on the right and “david” is on the left –that is, from the viewer’s perspective. However, from the participant’s perspective, Mark would be on the right. Supposedly David was younger than Mark. So I don’t think the older child is David, I think it may be either one of Kezia’s children or ….. Granted, I have no idea what I’m talking about…just guessing.
    Its just that when I look into the face of the little guy, that sweet face, those sweet loving eyes — don’t you see Mark? Mark sounds like he is a sweet loving soul — thats what I see in those eyes, in that face — I see Mark.
    Now I’m basing this on the assumption that Mark is not trying to pull one over on us re Barry O — but who knows, maybe he is, maybe he is not the sweet soul that I think he is, perhaps he is playing me — I don’t know.
    But, Ann also traveled to Africa, possibly Kenya, while doing her work. Its possible when Ruth left sr., at Ann’s invitation, Ruth and Mark went to Indonesia for a while before going on to Boston. That would explain the tall blond woman, and the small boy with the blond curls. So perhaps Barry and Mark were both in Indonesia. Perhaps the young boy, with his head down, in the Martodihardjo photo — perhaps that is Mark. Doesn’t have to be — that child could be anyone — I haven’t a clue — but it could be Mark.
    As for Joseph (I forgot his name the other day), isn’t he @20 years younger than o and Mark? I don’t know about him lol — perhaps she created him with another african when she returned to Nairobi, after Mark graduated high school in, we’re told, Boston.
    Now if I then try to figure out why the similarity between baby “Mark” and photos of the toddler in hawaii — lol I get confused again.
    But that baby photo of o on his tummy ( provided by Maya), that baby does not have the same face nor lips as the toddler in hawaii — not that I can see. Doesn’t mean I’m right, but….lol Then again, maybe it is baby o lol…

    Yes Miri, I have a feeling you are spot on — unless mark is playing us — I think we will have a long wait on that autobiography (unless it too is a work of fiction).

    • Ok, I just thought about Leza’s remark re photo provenance — lol totally blows my latest scenario — the cute little guy does look similar to the toddler photos — but not like the baby photo provided by Maya.
      !!Maybe that 3rd grade photo of scott inoue with the fake o, maybe that is actually mark.

      • But I like my scenario lol — I think it sounds pretty good — its possible

        • How do we know whether the baby pic provided by maya is actually o? And how do we know that the toddler photos are o?
          Just looked at the toddler photos again — lol confused again.

          #8, 9, 11, 22 — Miri do you have the links for those photos?

          • I’m sorry, Ali. I don’t know where I got the photos. Either someone sent them to me or I found them over the years and saved them to my computer. I can’t figure out how, if it’s possible, to see the source. I ought to save links with the photos, but I don’t know how to do that easily. The software won’t let me save the link as the name of the photo. Some of them are on Bridgette’s mugshots article.

            If you look at Mark’s hairline (today), his ears, his teeth, he does look like the darker child, on the right from our perspective. Look more closely at the younger child’s photo. Enlarge it and you will see the distinct line of pixels that make up the rectangle that I talked about, which goes over his entire upper lip, cutting across at the corners. That was done to obscure something. What, I can’t say. But it’s not a normal part of the snapshot.

            Nor is the “smudging” between the boys’ heads. You can actually see where the person used the smudge tool in little circles and drew out some of “David’s” hair. Not deliberately; just accidentally, while deleting something else.

            That’s a good point about one child holding the other’s hand. You’re right. I didn’t see that before. Notice how dark that little hand is, compared to the rest of the child. Straaange.

            btw, Ruth is their mother. Do you see ANY resemblance between Ruth and either of those boys? I’m sorry, but I don’t.

            Second, btw: Have you ever noticed what a looooong chin Ruth has?

            There are photos that are supposed to be Barry but which look more like Mark. Notice how Mark’s teeth slope outward from top to bottom, while Barry’s are straight up and down. In some photos that are supposed to be Barry, I see those Mark traits. Could Mark be the child whose teeth came in even, while Barry’s the one who needed braces? Or vice versa? Which might explain why the teeth change back and forth?

            Mark seems to have a thin upper lip as an adult. I do agree that the little boy who’s supposed to be David looks sweet. I think he is the same child that we see in photos 1 and 2, possibly 3.

            We can almost group the photos by nose: Wider nose, downturned nostrils versus narrower nose, slightly upturned nostrils. Keep in mind that everyone’s nose changes over the years, tending to become longer and point down more at the tip.

            Not only is Barry wearing his wedding ring (that intricate, gold Indonesian one) when he’s at Occidental, BEFORE he ever met Michelle–long before–but where’s that pesky moveable mole?

            I made a newer composite and tried to fix the problem with the Mark/David photo, but the distortion happens when I insert the smaller pic into the composite. This is better, but not perfect, so it’s better to compare to the pic in Ali’s link.

      • Oh, it doesn’t blow my scenario. Leza said those toddler photos were not provided by the o team. Oh, I don’t know….

  23. Ali
    More links to picures that may be clearer to view

    Occidental college
    Compare the teeth in these two pictures supposedly taken at the same time……looks like before and after pictures for modeling of cosmetic dentistry


    • I fixed the link, in case anybody wonders.

      Don’t you love this comment about the wasted photos of Barry?
      “For a while, Jack put the negatives in a safety-deposit box, so that they could not be used until after the election, when there would be no chance they could be used for a political purpose. ”
      Have you noticed the Dems seem to have no such qualms about bringing up issues from their opponents’ distant pasts? For example, O’Donnell dating a guy who imagined he was into witchcraft? Rand Paul being accused of worshiping “Aqua Buddha” whoever that is? But we’re not supposed to bring up Barry’s dopehead years, his Muslim identity, his radical black liberation theology, his Hannuman charm (worshipping false gods there, Barry?), etc.

      Anyway, your cosmetic dentistry theory might be true. Why would this aspiring photographer single out Barry and take so many photos of him, in particular, for her portfolio? Was she perhaps that white girlfriend he talks about? Whatever happened to her, I wonder? There’s that ring again:

    • Renee want to know who owns the Chicago Tribune. Anybody?

    • Thank you Aone! So are you guys telling me it is o who I want to sweep up in my arms and take home lol!!!

  24. A later comment says that Lisa Jack, the photographer, “never realized her dream of becoming a photographer and is now a psychologist.”

  25. I’ll freak you out. Do you know who Mark DOES resemble?

    • Teeth slanted outwards. Nose, ears, facial expression, smile, eyebrow shape. Just sayin’.

    • Oh Miri!!! Mark DOES look like Madelyn!
      So you think Madelyn had an affair with a younger man — with obama sr?! But that would have been a long affair if Mark is several years older than o — if Madelyn is also the mother of o.
      Mark states o is older than he (Mark).
      Then how would Ruth fit in?
      Oh my, I am now more confused than ever lol.

      • I’m just pointing out the similarity. I can’t explain it. Maybe the characteristics skipped a generation. They often do.

        Maybe we’re dealing with changelings. Switched identities. It could be coincidence, but . . .

      • But Mark is supposed to be younger than O because Mark’s mom, Ruth, and O. Sr. got together after after O. Sr. and Stanley Anne.

        • Supposed to be. That’s the key. It’s said that Ruth and O. Sr. got together after Stanley Ann. Yes, that’s the prevailing tale, but it’s also said by a friend who knew him that he had several “blonde girlfriends” while in Hawaii. Does anybody know how old Mark is? Barry, either, for that matter?

  26. Is little Barry wearing that stupid white cap in so many photos to cover up a bald head from surgery? Why’s he nearly bald in the photo where his “mom” holds him up on the fence?

  27. I think Baby David looks like boy in photo 28 and a bit in #11, also.

    Crazy about that missing mole.

    And that ring!

  28. jeebs, I think he looks like Gramps, Pop in the poem.

    this guy is related to barky and he refuses to divulge his birthdate/ age. its a secret that is probably holding up his semiautobiofarce that continues to be pending. Its got more chins than a chinese phonebook.

    Ruth Nidesand Obamayeahright Ndsesandjo (Tanzanian husband bwah!) and Stanley Armour Dumbham would have made a great couple. Swing your partners, boris and natasha.

    President Soetero, you are so busted.

  29. This is a week that was and WTPOTUSOA were had. Collusion is the Crime.


    Collusion. Deceit. Epic.

  30. Did Chief Justice Roberts swear in Barry D. Soetero on Wednesday, the 21st dy of January in the year 2009, A.D.?


    President Soetero. It has a RING to it. I like it.
    Yeah, like Ferdinand and Imelda.
    The Shah of America and his chic fashionista thigh thumping beard.

    where in the world did barky get that ring? who? when? and where?
    and… having a Columbo moment…ummmm

    President Soetero
    He’s surrounded by swine, like a pig farm. oink oink he’s in hog heaven.

  31. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/arts/la-et-obama-photos27-2009may27,0,5574190.story

    Did we discuss that story before? It’s about Lisa Jack, the photographer cum banker cum psychology teacher. Important excerpts:

    *Obama can thank Jack for keeping the roll of photographs she took of him in 1980 out of circulation until he was elected. [You betcha.]

    *Jack rummaged for the long-ignored negatives in her Minneapolis basement early in 2008, after it became clear Obama was a serious contender for the presidency. . . . “I’m sure Hillary would have paid a fortune for them . . . ” Jack said . . . “I could have made a boatload of money, probably, but I wanted to do it right.”

    *She says a LACK OF MONEY forced her to pass up graduate studies in photography; instead she went into BANKING, then branched into psychology. [Where banking, doing what, I wonder?]

    *The young woman from Rye, N.Y., loved her psychology courses but cared enough about photography to find MENTORS ON THE FACULTY who tutored her in independent study courses. [Who were the mentors? There’s a research project for someone: Who were the photography profs at Occidental in 1979/80?]

    *That day a friend was telling her about a student named BARRY she ought to photograph . . .it impressed her that Obama had taken the initiative to bring the big, banded hat, a leather, bomber-style jacket with a fur collar and cigarettes as grist for her lens.

    *Jack appreciated Obama when SHE RAN INTO HIM THAT SUMMER IN A HONOLULU NIGHTCLUB– he a local, she a visiting SUMMER STUDENT. “He was sitting there with a woman on each lap. They were babes, and I’m not a babe.” But the president-to-be extricated himself, came over to Jack’s table and chatted. [Uh, huh. A babe on “each lap”? How many laps does he have? Who believes this one? Was this around the time Sinclair was talking? Jack was hard-pressed for money for grad school, but somehow she managed to go to Honolulu for summer school? WHAT SCHOOL did Jack attend that summer? U of Hawaii Manoa? East-West Center? Hmmmm? Don’t you love how these reporters ask important questions? Not.]

    *At Time magazine, chief photo editor ALICE GABRINER viewed the contact sheet Jack had sent on spec before the election and was impressed. . . . When the discussion turned to payment, Gabriner . . . told her, “You have to think what’s the right home for these. I’m sure a tabloid would pay you a lot of money.’ She said, ‘No, no tabloids.’ ” [Gabriner gave her excellent advice, I’m sure. Looking out for Jack’s best interests, no doubt, instead of making sure that the “right home” was that safe deposit box until after the election. What incentive was given for putting them in the right home, hmmm?]

    *Gabriner, who left Time in March TO BECOME DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF THE WHITE HOUSE PHOTO STAFF, says she’s never heard what Obama thought of Jack’s pictures. [There’s a coinkidink for you. NOT! Just pulling your leg. Payment for services rendered or obot all along?]

    *But a payday may await. Shannon Richardson, the gallery director who e-mailed Jack in January with a proposal to bring it all back home to L.A., says prices will start at $1,000 to $4,500 for the photographic prints, available in limited editions of 230 for each image. [Was this the second “right home” for those photos, being placed there only after the election was safely in the rearview mirror? Payment for services rendered, part two? Who’s Shannon Richardson, we wonders?]

    *And at some point, [Jack] adds, “I’m looking forward to my invitation to the White House, because he owes me.” [Yes, he does.]

  32. Have you ever seen this one?

    Check out the photo. He went to Occidental because he “met a girl from Brentwood while she was vacationing in Hawaii.”

    Nameless girl, and nobody bothers to ask, so they can look her up. What a scoop that would be, huh? But no reporter wants that scoop. All let the opportunity roll right on by. And the lady herself, who could make a “boatload of money” selling her story–why she’s being coy, too. Did she give Barry that gold ring?

  33. So we’re supposed to believe that Lisa Jack just happened to discover that she happened to have photos of a student she barely knew who just happened to run for POTUS?

    http://www.oxy.edu/x9048.xml (Page through the pics. Some interesting ones and some new names. Maybe one of these is the mystery girl from Brentwood?)

    Lisa’s roommate: Susan Keselenko Coll. Radical socialist/feminist, author of a book called “KARLMARX.COM” Here she is again:

    Married to President and CEO of the New America Foundation: Steve Coll. And wouldn’t you know Trevor is miles ahead of me?

    start excerpt:
    In February 2008, in response to accusations that Obama had used drugs while a student , journalist and blogger at The Washington Note Steve Clemons , interviewed Steve and Susan Coll about Obama’s drug use at the time – without mentioning his connection to Steve Coll.

    A separate couple I found on my own and who knew Barack Obama at Occidental College are New America Foundation President and New Yorker staff writer Steve Coll and his wife Susan. I asked Coll what the depth of his and his wife’s relationship with Obama was — and whether he’d seen the presidential aspirant get “wild.”

    Coll told me that he was two years ahead of Barack — and his wife one year ahead — and that they were all pretty good friends. They are friends now, but at a more pronounced distance and don’t see each other much.

    Coll recounted that he and Susan were impressed with Obama then and saw absolutely nothing on the drug front with him — though he can’t say the same about a lot of his other Oxy pals. He said that his one wild thing that got him a lot of accolades was his hard lobbying to get the trustees to divest Occidental College holdings from South Africa, which they did.

    Steve Clemons is the Senior Fellow and Director of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation Could he be one of the more than 200 as yet unidentified “JournoListas”?”
    end excerpt
    Call out the usual suspect: George SOROS!

    Do ya still believe in coinkidinks? Why is it that it takes a REAL journalist from NEW ZEALAND to expose the corruption in OUR country? Isn’t this what the lamestream media has Constitutional protection for? Freedom of the press? Where is the media? Why have they not investigated this? Bill O’Reilly? Can you take your nose out of somebody’s rear for one moment, step back, and SEE WHAT’S IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES? (Ewww. What an image.)

    Who’s Melanie Von Der Shulenberg? Who’s Mitch? Angie Bell (now a doctor in Scotsdale)? Jennifer Lambert Churchill? Becky Luening and husband Brian Wilson? Mark Dery and wife Margot Mifflin (now CUNY prof)? Barb Novinger, Jessica (Shuster) Glick , Elise-Marie Young, Jane (Zimmerman) Ettinger? Judith Kinst? Linda Glover? Debbie Levi Holtz, journalist? Shelly Marks Weathers?

    Mum’s the word. Aren’t any of them talking? Hmmm? Are they ALLOWED to talk? What a krewe. Who knew?

    Anybody remember the name of the “white girl” Barry loved, until he realized they were from different worlds?

  34. Melanie Von Der Shulenberg:

    Global Community Dinners & Events

    Santa Barbara, CA
    215 World Travelers

    Creating a closer global community through food, conversation, and new friends — one bite and one word at a time A place for folks with global interests Have you ever travele…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    Her tony high school is looking for her:

    Oh, my, but it pays to be rich, beautiful, and connected. Lives in Santa Barbara. How nice. Would Nancy Pelosi be interested in letting us share her wealth, too?

    I realize this is a far cry from the post’s topic, but it’s on topic in a way: Figuring out who Obama is. Photographs, too. They help. So if you find anything more on his Occidental krewe, feel free to put it here.

    • Here’s what one graduate says about Melanie’s high school:
      “PDS is an exclusive school in a privileged community, which meant that kids got Porsches for their first cars and spent a lot of time abroad. It’s a nondenominational private school with grades kindergarten through high school.”

      So Barry was running with a pretty privileged crowd out there at Oxy (appropriately named, huh? But wait, his friend Coll never saw Barry messing with drugs, even though Barry admits it!)

  35. Miri, Coll ? Like Cole and Kohl ?
    Diehl too Miri ?

    Susan Coll
    From KeyWiki

    Jump to: navigation, search

    Susan CollSusan Keselenko Coll was born in New York and was a socialist/feminist activist at Occidental College. She was a friend of Caroline Boss. She currently lives outside Washington, D.C

    Classes with Obama
    Susan Keselenko took classes with Barack Obama from Prof. Roger Boesche who is also a socialist, a proponent of John Rawls’, A Theory of Justice.

    Susan Coll is the author of the novels ROCKVILLE PIKE and KARLMARX.COM, and has worked as a freelance writer and book reviewer.. ACCEPTANCE is her third novel.

    Her articles have appeared in publications including the International Herald Tribune, the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review, and the Washington Post. A short story set in India, Fire Safety Week, was broadcast on BBC World Service Radio, and the first chapter of the novel BRAIN FEVER, written with J.H. Diehl, appeared in the literary journal ENHANCED GRAVITY.

    She runs occasional workshops at the Bethesda Writer’s Center

  36. Mark Dery:
    There, from Wikipedia: “Mark Dery (born December 24, 1959) is an American author, lecturer and cultural critic. He writes about “media, the visual landscape, fringe trends, and unpopular culture” From 2001 to 2009, he taught media criticism and literary journalism in the Department of Journalism at New York University. In January 2000, he was appointed Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow at the University of California, Irvine In summer 2009, he was awarded a scholar-in-residence position at the American Academy in Rome, Italy.

    Dery was born in Boston, and earned a B.A. from Occidental College in 1982. He identifies his politics as “unrepentantly leftist” and his religion as Church of the SubGenius. (On his Facebook page, he gives his “Religious Views” as “Godless. And loving it.”)

    He has written for The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, Lingua Franca, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Spin, Wired, Salon.com, “Suck.com”, and Cabinet, among other publications. He has been a featured guestblogger on the pop-tech website Boing Boing. Much of his work has dealt with cyberculture and the cultural effects of the Digital Age.”
    Sounds like a friend of Barry, doesn’t he?

    He’s also at http://www.facebook.com/#!/mark.dery and
    http://markdery.com/ (You may not want to read his site. Barry might.)

    The ONLY mention of Obama on his website points to an article he wrote, ridiculing, among others, “birthers.”

  37. Margot Mifflin, Dery’s wife, has written about Barry:

    “The year before Barry (as we called him) arrived, the freshman “core program” was begun, requiring students to become globally literate through courses on international culture that raised questions like, “How have different societies defined justice, the sacred and the truth?”

    The student body was international, although not nearly as racially diverse as it is now. But we were economically diverse, hailing from homes with swimming pools in wealthy Los Angeles suburbs like Brentwood, as well as from blue-collar towns in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We swam in Santa Monica, bowled in Eagle Rock, camped in Mexico, hiked in Joshua Tree National Park and skated at Venice Beach — something that Barry occasionally did with his friend Hasan Chandoo. We partied, but only after we studied. Our professors pushed us to apply for grants that took us around the globe, and worked community service into our course requirements. They wanted us to become citizens of the world.

    For Barry, that meant moving on. A few months after the rally at Coons Hall, he left to finish his degree at Columbia, having decided to pursue public policy — in large part, he later said, because of his involvement in the divestment movement. His closest friends had just graduated. His activism had been ignited. And as an aspiring writer, he’d immersed himself in literature with the kind of Talmudic dedication that, I’m convinced, ultimately made him a brilliant speaker. If Occidental’s goal was to make us deep thinkers with a concern for justice and community, Barack Obama earned the degree.”

    She’s on Facebook and has her own website, too:

  38. Miri, Attention to this name. This group is all over our threads. The skating people Miri. It is too much coincidence.
    A short story set in India, Fire Safety Week, was broadcast on BBC World Service Radio, and the first chapter of the novel BRAIN FEVER, written with J.H. Diehl, appeared in the literary journal ENHANCED GRAVITY


    • See skater Anna Toot.
      Skating Rink

    • Miri, Same names again…missing people…


      • Children’s Literature also, J.H. Diehl

        valiant: a modern tale of faerie reviews From: J. H. Diehl – Children’s Literature
        This best-selling author’s unique amalgam of traditional faerie lore with edgy YA issues creates a narrative by turns eloquent and crude, ethereal and gritty, a book that tempers childhood fairy tales with dysfunctional family issues, teen sex and substance abuse. Its audience might be anyone fifteen or older who simultaneously feels nostalgia for simple fairy stories yet relishes a novel that gives expression to some tough adult emotions and situations. In the book’s first chapter, 17-year-old Valerie Russell discovers her boyfriend having sex with her mother and flees home in New Jersey for life on the streets of New York City. Val winds up sharing an abandoned subway platform with homeless drug-addicted teens and starts to enjoy the effects of shooting drugs herself. Val’s subterranean, urine-scented, “Blade Runner-esque” night city craftily intersects the world of Faerie Folk; the drug is actually a medicine that keeps faeries healthy but induces hallucinations in humans. Her new friends are couriers, delivering the medicine to Folk living concealed and not altogether pleasant lives around the City. Any middle grade reader could relish some elements of the story: powerful magic potions, mermaids and faerie queens and kings. A charismatic troll named Ravus trains Val, who was a member of her high school lacrosse team, in the art of combat with a glass sword. After saving Ravus’ life during a formal duel with an evil faerie villain, and rejecting drugs, Val winds up back home, in school, hoping to join the fencing team in college at NYU, and to continue her romance with Ravus. 2005, Simon and Schuster, Ages 15 up.

        Edits for Black as well as Lauren Myracle, Marty Rhodes Figley, Jeannie Baker and Sigmund Brouwer among other work.

  39. Miri, You wrote above :

    Who’s Melanie Von Der Shulenberg? Who’s Mitch? Angie Bell (now a doctor in Scotsdale)? Jennifer Lambert Churchill? Becky Luening and husband Brian Wilson? Mark Dery and wife Margot Mifflin (now CUNY prof)? Barb Novinger, Jessica (Shuster) Glick , Elise-Marie Young, Jane (Zimmerman) Ettinger? Judith Kinst? Linda Glover? Debbie Levi Holtz, journalist? Shelly Marks Weathers?

    Miri, Jennifer Lambert Churchill? Like Bunny Mellon Lambert ? Like Ward Churchill Miri ?

    • The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Lamb-hale to Lanahan
      Lambert, Paul Christopher (b. 1928) — also known as Paul C. Lambert — of New York. Born in New York City (unknown county), N.Y., March 14, 1928. Son of Prall Wilson Lambert and Lorena (Carroll) Lambert; married, June 9, 1956, to Mary Lee. Republican. Lawyer; delegate to Republican National Convention from New York, 1984, 1988, 1992; member of New York Republican State Executive Committee, 1984-89; U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador, 1990-92. Christian. Member, American Bar Association. Still living as of 1994.

    • Bunny Mellon. Poor Bunny. I wish she never gave her money to John Edwards. I am serving Bunny tea. I love Bunny.They did not treat her fairly.


      • Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon (born August 9, 1910) is an American horticulturalist, gardener, philanthropist, fine arts collector, member of the International Best Dressed List, and widow of philanthropist, art collector, thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder, and banking heir Paul Mellon.

        Known as Bunny, she is the eldest child of Gerard Barnes Lambert, a president of Gillette Safety Razor Co. and a founder of Warner-Lambert (Warner-Lambert is now part of Pfizer, following a 2000 merger). Her mother was the former Rachel Lowe. She had two siblings: Gerard Barnes Lambert Jr (1912-1947; married Elsa Cover, former wife of Angus D Mackintosh) and Lily Cary Lambert (1914-2006; married William Wilson Fleming and John Gilman McCarthy).[1]

        Her parents divorced in 1933, and several months later, in 1934, her mother married, as her second husband, Dr Malvern Bryan Clopton, a surgeon. He had been the widower of Gerard Lambert Sr’s sister, Lily Lambert Walker.

        Gerard Lambert Sr married, as his second wife, on 18 April 1936, Grace Cleveland Lansing Mull, the former wife of John B Mull and a daughter of Henry Livingston Lansing.

        In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1932 (divorced 1948), Rachel Lowe Lambert married Stacy Barcroft Lloyd Jr.[2] They had two children:

        Stacy Barcroft Lloyd 3d
        Eliza Winn Lloyd (died 2008; married and divorced Viscount Moore).[3]
        In 1948 Rachel Lambert Lloyd married, as her second husband, banking heir and art collector Paul Mellon (11 June 1907 – 1 February 1999). By this marriage, she had two stepchildren, Timothy Mellon and Catherine Conover Mellon (later Mrs John Warner and now known as Catherine Conover). Together the couple collected and donated more than 1,000 works of art, mostly eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European paintings, to the National Gallery of Art[4]. The couple also bred and raced thoroughbred horses, including a winner of the Kentucky Derby.

        Mellon was a longtime friend of John Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy, advising Mrs. Kennedy first on fine arts and antiques during the Kennedy White House restoration, and then contributing to the design of the grounds of the president’s house. In 1961 on Mrs. Kennedy’s request Mellon redesigned the White House Rose Garden creating a more open space for public ceremony and introducing American species of plants including Magnolia soulangeana. She next began work on the White House’s East Garden, but was unable to complete it before the assassination of President Kennedy. First Lady Lady Bird Johnson asked Mellon to complete work on the East Garden and in 1965 it was dedicated as the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden.

        Frederick Baron, Edwards’ campaign finance chairman, in August 2008, told NBC News that he had been providing financial assistance to both Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young without Edwards’ knowledge. He further stated that no campaign funds were used.[114] Young had reportedly also successfully solicited funds from Rachel “Bunny” Mellon, a 99-year-old heiress to the Mellon fortune.[115]

        Retrieved from “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Lambert_Mellon”

        • Her parents divorced in 1933, and several months later, in 1934, her mother married, as her second husband, Dr Malvern Bryan Clopton, a surgeon. He had been the widower of Gerard Lambert Sr’s sister, Lily Lambert Walker


    • does Ward Churchill have any kids. Or how about Danny Glover? That’s jumping a bit, but Ward Churchill just came to mind when I saw the Jennifer Lambert Churchill and if Danny Glover had any children or neices they would fit the genre. Just asking rennee. Excellent ties with The Susan Col and husband. And did you say the photograpers roomate was the Col girl? Well, shazam, I knew this photography interlude was not just coincidence. Don’t know if it will help or make things weirder, but A professor Willard Wilson who graduated Occidental College in 1961 was either a visiting professor at University of Hawaii around 1962, or he became part of administration at U. of Hawaii.Could Brian Wilson be related. Could be connected?

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