First It Was Target. Now It’s Petco: Michelle’s Slumming Again (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS October 14, 2011

Michelle Obama reports that she went secret shopping again. This time at Petco, where customers and clerks didn’t realize it was she.  They didn’t “expect” her royal highness to be at a pet store.  Some insufficiently awed subjects were skeptical:

I don’t know what people ‘expect’ but if a 5’11” black lady showed up at my cash register in Cleveland Park with Secret Service in tow, I’d sure as heck take notice, no matter what kind of dog she had. I can’t help but think she’s doing some damage control after all of the accusations that the photos of her at an Alexandria Target were staged.

No report on what she bought there. Does Petco stock Wookie Chow?

Meow!  Weekend Open Thread.

201 responses to “First It Was Target. Now It’s Petco: Michelle’s Slumming Again (Open Thread)

    • Why is he smoking? What’s the message in that?

      • I don’t know. I think just to show everybody that they’re REAL, not putting on any airs, not hiding anything (like how Barry smokes, but in SECRET), and that they believe in FREEDOM and not the NANNY STATE. That’s what I see. It’s an attempt to find common ground with real people. They’re not phony and they’re not pretending to be what they’re not.

        The talking heads discussed it ad nauseum (pun intended) on the cable shows last night. It sure got people’s attention.

  1. Paula Deen is in a food fight with Michelle:

    “MICHELLE OBAMA is now furious with Southern cooking queen PAULA DEEN for crowing that the first lady, a healthy-eat­ing advocate who’s waging a war against childhood obesity, pigs out on fatten­ing foods.

    While plugging her new book, “Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible,” the feisty TV chef took a pot shot at Michelle for gorging herself on greasy french fries, fatty hot chicken wings and sug­ary deep-fried Snickers bars!

    “Michelle’s spitting mad,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

    “She thinks Paula is trying to smear her and her family just as the 2012 presidential election race swings into gear.”

    The trouble first be­gan before Barack Obama was even elected president in 2008, when Michelle made a guest appearance on Deen’s popular “Paula’s Party” show and revealed that fried shrimp was her family’s favorite meal.

    Then in an interview af­ter filming the program, Paula quipped that Michelle would be serving high-fat, greasy and sugary foods in the White House if Obama won the elec­tion!

    Now Paula is rehashing those at­tacks on Michelle in an attempt to plug her latest cookbook and offset Michelle’s new book about eating healthy, noted the source.

    “She’s no different than the rest of us,” Paula said about Michelle in a new interview.

    Paula added: “She probably ate more than any other guest I ever had on the show! She kept eating even dur­ing commercials. Know what (the Obamas’) favorite foods are? Hot wings. Y’know – those kinds of foods that aren’t necessarily top-of-the-list healthy foods.”

    “Michelle now deeply regrets ever being on Paula’s show,” added the source. “There are a lot of digs she would have been able to brush off, but portray­ing her as a high-calorie gorger during her crusade for healthy eating is crossing the line.””

    No it’s not. This is STILL America and Paula’s one AMERICAN woman who still has the right of FREE SPEECH. Michelle, at best, is a HYPOCRITE. We’ve all SEEN her stuffing her face and we see the results, too. Paula’s just telling it like it is. I guess when Michelle went on Paula’s show, SHE didn’t have any political ulterior motives, did she?

    • Love these lines from Paula about Michelle who was probably tired of eating arugula from her sewage laden garden, She probably ate more than any other guest I ever had on the show! She kept eating even dur­ing commercials.”

      And they serve White House guests from that garden too! Grosses me out! Wonder who does the vegetable pickin’ on a daily basis? Has Michelle ever gone back to her garden after the photo ops were completed? She talks about healthy food –has it been inspected by the Dept of Agriculture? Would love to see her garden closed down for food poisoning of some kind.

      • I wonder what they use for organic fertilizer. I’ll bet those rules about home gardens specifically exempted the WH garden. Like Congress always exempt themselves from the laws they pass.

    • Welcome to the WH–enjoy your dinner! Greet the visiting dignitaries to some lead poisoning! Were those kids that worked in the garden ever tested?

      “Instead, an embarrassed White House admitted today that the plot – whose lettuce, herbs and other produce have been consumed by the first family, visiting dignitaries, local school children and a women’s homeless shelter – had tested positive for elevated levels of lead.”


    Islam makes inroads through U.S. courts
    Many cases being decided by edicts from Muhammad

    October 25, 2011

    Islamic law, or Shariah, already is being applied in the U.S. court system, according to an extensive new report.

    A recent Center for Security Policy study called “Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases outlines dozens of cases in which the Islamic system of law has been applied.

    Center spokesman David Reaboi said the Islamic strictures are being carried out mostly in cases in which foreigners are the principals.

    “Shariah enters U.S. courts through the practice of comity to foreign law,” Reaboi explained. “This happens, for example, when a judge decides to allow the use of say, Pakistani or Saudi family law (Shariah) in a dispute between Pakistanis or Saudis.”

    He said the study only scratches the surface of Shariah’s presence in the nation.

    Snip ~

    WND also reported in June that former terrorist Kamal Saleem agreed that one of the methods of carrying out jihad is through the courts.“What they’re trying to do is fake cases for Islam and these cases are done purposefully. We take an imam, there are two of them. They were fighting against each other and the fight was over a mosque,” Saleem said. “That is so devious and it is part of the culture of Islamic invasion. These two imams are fighting over a mosque in Florida. Each imam says it belongs to me.

    “One says I built it and I raised the funds. The other one says the Wahhabi government put me over here and they’re the ones who sent the money. Both of them are right,” Saleem continued.

    “They went to the Supreme Court in Florida. What happened is that they said this was a Muslim matter and you need to judge us by Islamic Shariah law or you will not understand how these things work,” he said.

    Snip ~

    “It is setting a very dangerous precedent. Shariah law and U.S. law conflict in numerous ways, including on issues of freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for women. Allowing Shariah to be a determining factor in U.S. courtrooms threatens those rights for all of us,” Geller said.

  3. Biggest US nuclear bomb dismantled in Texas
    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    AMARILLO, Texas (AP) — The last of the nation’s biggest nuclear bombs, a Cold War relic 600 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was dismantled Tuesday in what one energy official called a milestone in President Barack Obama’s mission to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

    Workers in Texas separated the roughly 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of high explosives inside from the special nuclear material — uranium — known as the pit.

    The work was done outside of public view for security reasons, but explosives from a bomb taken apart earlier were detonated as officials and reporters watched from less than a mile (1.6 kilometers) away.

    Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman called the disassembly “a milestone accomplishment.” The completion of the dismantling program is a year ahead of schedule, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, and aligns with Obama’s goal of reducing the number of nuclear weapons.

    Snip ~

    Kristensen said the Obama administration shouldn’t boast too much about dismantling the B53 when its arsenal of active nuclear warheads has been reduced by only 10 in the past seven months and Russia’s arsenal has grown by 29. The two nations signed a treaty in December to reduce their arsenals. [Hans Kristensen, is a spokesman for the Federation of American Scientists.]

  4. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Oct. 25

    Rasmussen’s Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 18% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22. That’s the lowest level of Strong Approval ever measured for this president.

    Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s job performance. Fifty-four percent (54%) at least somewhat disapprove.

    Just 21% favor the forgiveness of student loans while people remain evenly divided in their opinion of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

    People like the idea of a simpler tax code with fewer deductions and lower rates, but they look less favorably upon specific flat tax plans such as those proposed by Herman Cain and Rick Perry.

    October 24, 2011 Snips

    This summer, Obama mentioned twice that he would like to circumvent Congress when it comes to pushing his agenda. Now, according to Reuters, and the Associated Press he seems he doing it.

    “President Barack Obama this week will announce a series of actions to help the economy that will not require congressional approval,” Reuters reports, “including an initiative to make it easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages, according to a White House official.”

    The Obama administration has been working with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to find ways to make it easier for borrowers to switch to cheaper loans even if they have little to no equity in their homes.In Denver Wednesday, Obama will announce a student loan initiative.The Associated Press adds that the moves will come with their own catchphrase.

    During his three-day trip to the West Coast this week, Obama will use a new catchphrase to try to push Republicans into action: “We can’t wait.”
    It’s his latest in a string of slogans aimed at placing blame on Republicans for lack of action on the economy.

    • Remember that Soros and John Podesta gave Obama an ultimatum and told him to “Rule” by Executive Order. Well, it looks like that is what Obama is going to do…RULE!

      • I’m still waiting to hear how it is that Barry can unilaterally CHANGE how laws work without Congress approving. He’s lying and saying these changes won’t cost the taxpayers anything. They’re bound to. He’s reducing the amount that any person must pay back the government within any year. Currently it’s 15% of THEIR INCOME. Then he’s changing the limit at which the balance is forgiven from 25 years to 20 years. So, depending on the person’s income and how much they borrowed in the first place, a person could pay so little over 20 years that it might not even cover the principle much less accrued interest over 20 years. So the taxpayers get the shaft.


          “Even before the official rollout of the program at a rally in Denver, House Republicans challenged how the president could move forward without congressional approval.”

          The president is about to announce a major change in the program that we have not yet acted on in the Congress,” said Rep. Virginia Foxx (R) of North Carolina, who chaired an oversight hearing on Tuesday. “What authority does the department have?”

          “I can’t answer that question,” said witness James Runcie, the Education Department’s federal student aid chief operating officer. “Whatever we’re told to do in terms of implementation and execution, we’ll optimize and do what’s in the best interest of borrowers and students.”

          Part of the answer appears to be a move made by the Democrat-controlled Congress in March 2010. It ended taxpayer subsidies to private banks for student loans, meaning that the Education Department alone was responsible for handing out government money for such loans. That means the $60 billion set to go to private banks for student loans during the next 10 years is now tabbed for the Education Department.

          Congress directed the Education Department to use that savings to expand Pell grants for low-and moderate income students to attend college. But many House Republicans who still oppose the move they say it has made the Department of Education one of the largest banks in the nation, largely unaccountable to Congress.

          “This is another example of the Obama administration making changes to federal education policy behind closed doors,” said GOP committee spokeswoman Alexandra Sollberger in an e-mail. “We are disappointed that the Department of Education chose not to engage committee members prior to announcing this plan to the press.””

          It doesn’t MATTER to Barry that he has no authority. He’s pushing the envelope. NUDGING like Sunstein advised. IF the GOP opposes it, then after Barry promised the goodies to all the students that he KNOWS he has no authority to promise, then he will BLAME THEM for not handing the free college education to them. Ya see how that works? His goal is to fire up his base by promising them goodies via other people’s money.

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