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Born in Equatorial New Guinea? A Background Report says YES!

At the rate the documents are appearing, Obama could have 57 countries as his birth place before he leaves office. First, we have the documented fake ones that the Left wants everyone to believe are copies of the real birth certificate. They are still referring to the identical Certification of Live Birth (COLB) documents on Fact Check, Snopes, and KOS as their proof that he was born in Hawaii. That document was a forgery and one of them was created by the infamous “Ducky”.

They also like to direct people to a birth announcement that appeared in a flyer type sheet or newspaper from Hawaii. Those two items are supposed to prove Obama’s natural born citizenship. Obama’s lawyer, Robert Bauer, even cited the online Certification of Live Birth (COLB) as a footnote in one of his defense lawsuits, but he did not produce the real vault copy of the birth certificate for the defense. That is peculiar, when it would have ended the lawsuits and the controversy now becoming a scandal that encompasses people and officials in the highest offices in the land.

This scandal equals and is larger than the one that brought down former President Nixon. Those involved are just waiting for the first shoe to drop or the real leak to occur. The more people that know about the hidden and sealed records and their complicity in the cover-up, the higher their anxiety about being caught. Someone will break, they always do. There is no doubt that those that assisted in this fraud and believed they got away with it suffer mentally and internally unless they are totally devoid of any moral compass.

People can be paid or threatened to maintain their silence. Thugs threaten families, jobs, security and lives to maintain anothers silence. Others receive new jobs, bribes, and other rewards. Yet greed is a funny thing. One of those people will need more than they have gotten, and believe they can tap into that deep well one more time. Those who committed the first crime will end up committing another crime to cover themselves. Their devious ways have worked so far, but it is only a matter of time and the clock of conscience is winding down. Think of the drama already created and being staged for the world to see. This is the Obama’s reality show with scandal, mystery, robbery, document manufacturing, fraud, deception, blackmail, thuggery, payoffs, company takeovers, voter and election fraud, judicial malfeasance, murders, and others to numerous to mention. A man with forged documents, a manufactured resume, fake family members, hidden identity, hundreds of social security numbers, and a created background was chosen to run for office and then elected to the US presidency.

It has taken over two years to educate the public and especially the Left about the differences between being a plain vanilla citizen or someone who became a citizen under the 14th amendment, and a natural born citizen. A natural born citizen doesn’t need a law or amendment passed to make them a citizen. You are either born to it, or you aren’t. It is all based on blood and soil.

At this point, the Left know what is being defined, unless they are beyond dense. Wherever they blog, they read the definitions and the research conducted about natural born citizens, so it isn’t that they haven’t been exposed to the information available to them. They are looking more and more like fools who are unable to comprehend the most basic information. They continue blurring the two definitions of native born and natural born citizens and attempting to marginalize those that want concrete answers to Obama’s eligibility. More than likely the parrots of the Left are all graduates of the ACORN schools of progressive education where they aren’t or weren’t taught how to think logically or analytically. Ignorance is bliss for those that refuse to educate themselves. Being paid to repeat the same lie on blog after blog must get boring as well as be exhausting. Perhaps if you repeat it time and again, you begin to believe your own lies. That’s what the Left expects the uninformed to do..believe their lies.

Ask the Left bloggers why they don’t want to know the truth, and like the robots they are, they will refer you to those same online fake documents or a statement by the Hawaiian Department of Health. Ask them why Obama doesn’t just show his documentation instead of defending lawsuits at a cost of $2 million dollars. Their response will be a none response, such as he doesn’t have to, you are a racist, or asking where is Sarah Palin’s or Trig’s. Notice that they never answer the question because they can’t. Logically, who would spend millions for something they have in their possession? At least he wrote in his book that his birth certificate was found among his mother’s things after she died, so apparently it has been conveniently misplaced. Yet a vault copy remains sealed in Hawaii and can be released to him for a few dollars. .

Born in Hawaii? Who knows? The Left will refer once again to those fraudulent online documents. Remember when a birth certificate from Kenya was produced? It has yet to be proven fraudulent. Of course, the Left was so worried that it was real, that they manufactured a few more duplicate Kenyan birth certificates to make the first one look questionable. They laughed with pumped-up pride about their photo-shopping abilities. The didn’t think twice about what they were doing and how the public was being deceived. Nor do they now.

Interestingly, Orly Taitz, met a former immigration officer and asked him if he could search a database that he had that wouldn’t be available to the public. His search produced another document, an immigration record for Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, a database search was performed by a former immigration officer and his search shows that Obama was born in Equatorial New Guinea.

In Orly Taitz’s lawsuit, Barnett v Obama, she wrote a letter to Judge Carter and stated the following:

“From 11.11.09. to 11.22.09, I had the honor to be a delegate at the Continental Congress 2009. One of the guest speakers for the Continental Congress was a former Immigration officer and currently a private investigator in CO, Mr. John Samson. I have stated to Mr. Samson that I need to tie some loose ends and I was wondering if, as a former immigration officer, Mr. Samson would be privy to the information, that other investigators couldn’t obtain.

In my presence Mr. Samson used his password and logged into the Database “Intelligator’, and he printed out a document attached as an exhibit. It shows that Mr. Obama’s immigration records show one more birthdate: 08.01.61, and in the area of Ethnic origin it stated Equatorial Guinea. The rest of the information was the usual, showing Michelle Obama as the spouse and the rest of the information that we are used to see.”

Below is the background information report from the “Intelligator” about Barack Hussein Obama. Easily obtainable information for those in Washington D.C., yet no one in Congress will question the authenticity or identity of the man occupying the White House? You can see the original here.

Background Report 11/16/2009
Barack Obama STATE IL

Barack H. Obama
5046 S. Greenwood Ave. Chicago IL 60615
County: Cook
DOB: 08-01-1961 Age 48 Not August 4, 1961
Gender M
Education: Graduate School
Occupation Group: Professional/Technical
Occupation: Unknown
Ethnic Code: Equatorial Guinea
Ethnic Group F
Language Code E
Possible Relatives MICHELLE OBAMA age 45

One researcher, who has done an extensive investigation of Obama’s background in his articles, “Three Stooges Go to Washington,” stated in his September, 2008 report, “Considering the “Obama” name is Maluku in origin and his physical traits, BHO was likely born in Papua, New Guinea—not Hawaii.” It appears he might be right.

Does the Ethnic Group F designation mean that Obama was a member of the Fang tribe? According to Wiki,

“The majority of the people of Equatorial Guinea are of Bantu origin. The largest tribe, the Fang, is indigenous to the mainland, but substantial migration to Bioko Island has resulted in Fang dominance over the earlier Bantu inhabitants. The Fang constitute 80% of the population and comprise 67 clans.”

Are all of those people that the media has defined as fringe and birthers wrong to question Obama’s ability to meet the Constitutional requirements for the presidency? NO, they aren’t wrong. They are RIGHT and have been since the beginning. These questioners are Constitutionalists and Patriots!

Obama’s eligibility was questioned prior to the election and still exists, and yet not one member of Congress will do their sworn duty to represent the people and uphold the Constitution? THEY KNOW, but they haven’t questioned Obama and requested documentation? Why? Answer the People Obama! Who are you? If you can’t produce the documents to refute those that question your eligibility to serve the people, then step down. This quest for documents will not end without proof of your background. The media propaganda machine spokesmen aren’t going to stop the questions because they dare label Citizens that question your background. These patriotic questioners will dog your administration and they won’t stop until sealed documents are released and the answers are known.

Why are those with the biggest megaphones trying to make the Constitutionalists out to be fools or loons as Bill O’Reilly calls the questioners? Why is there a concerted effort to silence the questioners by conservative bloggers at Red State, Hot Air, and Breitbart in the last two weeks? Why are they joining the Leftist fray and labeling those who have honest questions about Obama? Red State has joined the Leftist meme and banned those questioning Obama’s constitutionality from his site and labeled them as “birfers.” O’Reilly calls the questioners loons and stated they represent about 5% of the far right extremist groups. He had the gall to say the questioners are a fringe group and join the ranks of the the KKK and the anti-American 9-ll Truthers. Those that question Obama have every right to do so and they will continue supporting those that want the Truth. Nothing, absolutely nothing, but the Truth will do.

Isn’t it amazing that those lying blue lips of Obama’s are indigenous to Equatorial New Guinea and that there is a Background Report that shows just that. So Obama, are you a British citizen, a Kenyan, an Indonesian, or a product of Equatorial New Guinea? We do know according to your forged COLB document you are not a Natural Born Citizen whose only allegiance is to the USA. There are only 3 requirements to be president of the USA, and Obama only met two of the three. He isn’t and never can be a Natural Born Citizen unless he lied about his parentage, and in that case it is fraud.   Has Obama’s usurping the presidency of the USA left our nation and its people vulnerable to foreign and domestic enemies and blackmail by other governments?

Obama you are known by your lying blue lips!






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  1. Case in point: Example of how they offer jobs as bribes:


    Of course, the “White House” denies the allegation. After all, that would be unethical, if not illegal. Is a POTUS supposed to use federal jobs (and taxpayer money) for partisan reasons? Isn’t a POTUS supposed to put the best person for the job into the position?

    Pshaw! O’Bobblehead would NEVER do otherwise. Would he?

    • An update on the Sestak issue: Congressman Darrell Issa is pursuing an investigation of this alleged bribe and may call for a special prosecutor. According to Megyn Kelly of FOX News, it’s a serious issue and could be a serious crime, if proved true–that Sestak was bribed to not run against Specter, even if he didn’t accept the bribe. Sestak hasn’t backtracked on his story yet and had “no comment” when specifically asked if the job offer was for Sec. of the Navy.



    Obama has shown his birth certificate, the official birth certificate of Hawaii. Yes, the Certification of Live Birth is the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and it is the only birth certificate that Hawaii sends out. It no longer sends out copies of the original birth certificate.

    • Ann, You need to do more research. Your data is wrong and so what you are saying is also wrong.

      Obama is not a Natural Born US Citizen because he has a foreign father who was never a citizen of the United States . Therefore O is not a Natural Born Citizen no matter where he was born.

      At the very most he might be a Native Born citizen as are all other Native Born citizens who were born in the US but have foreign national parents.

      O admits he was born with dual nationalities, US and British, so he is not a Natural Born Citizen.

      A Natural Born Citizen is born of parents who are both US citizens and is born in the US on US soil.

      The Natural Born citizen qualification for president is to prevent divided loyalties with other countries due to dual citizenships.

    • Ann1: Read and educate yourself, if you intend to remain as a commenter on this blog. We welcome open and honest debate; not cut-and-pasted talking points from an obot manual.

      To deconstruct your falsehoods:

      1. Obama has shown nothing, much less an “official birth certificate of Hawaii.”

      The digital image posted on his Fight the Truth (excuse me, Smears) website and on partisan blogs (politifact and factcheck), is NOT equal to the official birth certificate of Hawaii. It’s a digital image; it’s not a birth certificate.

      Try flying on an airplane by showing a digital image of your passport on a partisan blog. See how far you get.

      Furthermore, the digital image, purportedly of his COLB, has NEVER been authenticated by anyone in Hawaiian state government. Never.

      If that image was indeed a scan of a three-dimensional document, not one member of the public except anonymous “staffers” from FactCheck blog ever saw that piece of paper and they are not qualified to authenticate it in the first place.

      FactCheck blog has NEVER asserted that that piece of paper, whatever it represents, CAME (without a doubt) FROM Hawaii, nor that it was certified by the state of Hawaii. They said only that the piece of paper they saw was stamped on the back and that it had an embossed seal. From their own photographs, one can easily see that the seal embossed on that piece of paper, whatever it is, is NOT the seal of the State of Hawaii.

      2. You claim that “it is not possible to get a birth certificate from Hawaii that says ‘born in Hawaii’ on it . . . unless there is proof that the child was born in Hawaii.” FALSE.

      If the child was a foundling and/or was adopted by Hawaiian residents, that child, no matter where born, will get a birth certificate that says birthplace = Hawaii, regardless of where the child was truly born. See the Hawaiian statutes that were in effect at the time of Obama’s birth for particulars.

      In addition, a person could have a COLB that says born in Hawaii, even if the supplementary information that was supposed to follow an affidavit from”any person with knowledge of” an unattended birth was never forthcoming. In that instance, the birth certificate is filed but not accepted; however, any COLB is supposed to reflect that fact.

      Did it? Perhaps so. Perhaps that’s why nobody but employees of partisan blogs have ever seen it. Perhaps that’s why they did not photograph the entire back side of that piece of paper. If that paper was even issued by the state of Hawaii, of which “fact” there is NO proof whatsoever. None.

      The Hawaiian DoH specifically refused to opine upon the authenticity of that COLB DIGITAL IMAGE. Specifically, they instead stated that they cannot say “what it represents.”

      The Hawaiian DoH will not release any paperwork that is required to be released by their own Freedom of Information statutes, with regard to purchase of a COLB by Obama or his campaign in 2007. Why not? Because there was no request?

      And now a state congressperson is trying to reform state statutes to restrict access to any paperwork underlying a birth certificate, such as affidavits, supplementary “evidence”, records of amendments. Why, if not to protect whatever are those “vital records” (plural) that are “on file” in Hawaii concerning Obama’s birth?

      What’s on those papers that is so important to hide from We the People of these United States?

      3. The officials in Hawaii did NOT confirm that Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. They stated only that they have seen vital records (plural) that purport to “verify” that he was born in Hawaii. However, the legal definition of the word “verify” includes a signed and filed affidavit by someone attesting to be telling the truth. That affidavit, however, might be based upon a lie. If so, the affidavit itself, if on file in Hawaii, would “verify” that he was born in Hawaii when perhaps he was not, and the DoH can make that cleverly worded statement that the papers verify that he was born there.

      The COLB, if authentic, may be accepted as proof of citizenship by the military and the State Dept. However, the State Dept. recently stated that they do not confer citizenship, they merely confer and revoke paperwork. In addition, that’s citizenship–plain and simple. Arnold Schwarzenegger can use a COLB to get a passport or join the Army. However, he is not and NEVER will be a natural born citizen who is eligible under the Constitution to be POTUS.

      This is why Obama should release ALL of the vital records on file in Hawaii.

      There’s absolutely NO logical reason for him not to do so, UNLESS something in those papers either disqualifies him from eligibility or proves that he’s a fraud.

      • A link to the statutes. Read them, at the bottom of the document. Read them all and weep. They prove your contention wrong: a person not born in Hawaii has several avenues to pursue that will end up at a birth certificate falsely stating that he or she was born in Hawaii.

      • In regard to my assertion about the legal meaning of the word “verify”: http://research.lawyers.com/glossary/verify.html

        First legal definition offered: “to confirm or substantiate by oath, affidavit, or deposition”

        So is this why the Hawaiian DoH supposedly consulted the AG before issuing a statement about those “original vital records” (plural)? To ask if using “verify” in the legal sense allowed them to state that they’ve seen the original vital records (perhaps including nothing more than an affidavit) “verifying” that he was born in Hawaii and is a NBC? Thus obfuscating further, but within the bounds of plausible deniability along the lines of “it all depends upon what the meaning of ‘verifying’ is?”

        Memo to Cass and minions: Good try, but we’re on to you. How’s that for a “conspiracy theory?” Some day, you’ll be exposed and when you’re caught using taxpayer money for partisan purposes, we’ll watch in satisfaction as they “frog march” you out of your cushy offices and war rooms. Remember: Nothing lasts forever. Even in Massachusetts. Remember the “Kennedy seat?” Long live the Constitution of these United States. And may God bless America.

    • Ann, your messiah is ineligible to be Commander in Chief of the United States of America.

      He claims not be a full-blooded American.

      And if he is lying and truly is a full-blooded American, then his name is not Bara(c)k Hussein Obama II.

  3. Facts:

    1) The state of Hawaii did not make a statement saying, “Obama was born in Hawaiii” until a few hours AFTER the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution stating “Obama was born in Hawaiii”.

    2) The state of Hawaii has never verified the authenticity of the hard copy COLB presented at and by the Obama Camapaign headquarters.

    3) The only people outside of the Obama campaign who have been allowed to inspect the hard copy COLB were representatives from Annenberg Political Fact Check, an organization which was twice forced by Leo Donofrio to issue corrections to their errors. And “FactCheck.org”, like the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (which contained both Barack Obama and Bill Ayers on its board), are both connected to the Annenberg foundation. Annenberg Political Fact Check cannot be trusted to be an independent verifier of facts. FactCheck gets facts wrong, and both they and Obama have connections to Annenberg. Learn more about Annenberg:

  4. Re: “O’Reilly calls the questioners loons and stated they represent about 5% of the far right extremist groups.”

    Not so!


  5. OBOT ALERT FOR ANN2 AND ANN1 says Bridgette

    Obama has already shown his birth certificate, and the facts on it were twice confirmed by the two top officials of the Department of Health of Hawaii, who are members of a Republican governor’s administration.

    AND, in Obama’s case, the facts on the birth certificate–that he was born in Hawaii in 1961–were twice confirmed by the officials in Hawaii, who are members of a Republican governor’s administration.

    • What more proof of obotness/trollness do you need than the cut-and-paste drivel put out by ann1 and ann2? You are on notice, anns. Debate honestly and don’t just regurgitate talking points, or you’re out of here.

    • Ann2: We could give a rat’s patoot what party the governor of Hawaii purports to belong to. Do you expect us to march in lockstep with Republicans? If so, then you’re sadly mistaken about the community that exists on this blog.

      RINOs are RINOs. Career state government employees are toadies. They will say and do whatever will please whomsoever may hold power over them at any point in time–a POTUS being far more powerful than any governor.

      A governor may toady up to a POTUS, depending upon whatever goodies might be forthcoming.

      We already know that O’Reilly, Beck, McCain, and numerous other so-called conservatives/Republicans/Independents/unbiased commenters are marching in lockstep on this issue. What we don’t know is WHY.

      That they do so does NOT mean that Obama’s on the level. It means perhaps only that they don’t want to stick their necks out when there’s no PROOF one way or the other and there may NEVER be proof one way or the other, because he’s sanitized or sealed all of his paperwork, if any ever existed anywhere in the world in the first place.

      He remains an undocumented POTUS. Undocumented until he reveals all the vital records that are on file in Hawaii in three-dimensional form.

      He could end this controversy in a split second by merely authorizing Hawaii to open the files. Why won’t he?

      You can’t answer that question. Or you won’t answer it because you can’t handle the truth.

  6. ann1 and ann2,
    (is that like “thing1” and “thing2” from The Cat in the Hat?),

    Interesting boilerplate message you’re broadcasting there.

    There are more than a few problems with it.

    Here are just a few:

    Obama has already shown his birth certificate

    The hard copy has been shown to only a small, controlled audience. It has not been shown to the general public.

    the facts on it were twice confirmed by the two top officials of the Department of Health of Hawaii

    False. Fukino did not say “Obama was born in Hawaii” in October 2008, and only did so in 2009 after the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a resolution saying “Obama was born in Hawaii”. And Fukino illegally refused to make public the opinion letter from the AG that was used to make her public statement.

    who are members of a Republican governor’s administration.

    That’s moot. The Republican governor has not seen the birth certificate, so you are falsely implying that she is vouching for something when, in fact, she has never seen it nor vouched for its authenticity.

  7. Hmmmmmm
    Ann’s come here right after this post…….
    Maybe Roman and BHO really are the same guy….
    Just lots of scrubbing and alittle photos hoppinv

  8. OT, I think…

    Barky Immigrant Supporters at SEIU offices in Los Angeles 2/19/10

    Freep picked it up. Please check out the video
    from YouTube.

    Its really funny. I’m sure our Troops will be rolling on the floor.

  9. I haven’t read the linked stories, so I may have missed the answers to my questions below..

    The “Intelligator” record is certainly interesting.

    I certainly would be interested in knowing why the following fields contain the data they do:

    Ethnic Code: Equatorial Guinea
    Ethnic Group F
    Language Code E

    Does “Language Code E” designate English?
    What does “Ethnic Group F” designate?
    Why is the “Ethnic Code” “Equatorial Guinea”?

    Keep in mind that Equatorial Guinea is on the continent of Africa, while Papua New Guinea is part of an island in the South Pacific… the other half of the same island is part of Indonesia… which is also interesting given Obama’s years of living in Indonesia (but on the island of Java, quite a distance away).

    If Obama truly were born in Kenya, could the Ethnic Code: Equatorial Guinea been the closest Ethnic Code that existed to categorize someone born in Kenya?

    What document led to this Ethnic Code being stored in Intelligator?

  10. It’s quite interesting that the Obots have come out in force here. That tells me that this information hits close to home, and they are trying their Alinsky best to defuse it before it explodes into the mainstream.

    • I think its interesting too. I always wondered what took him to Bali for months while Bill Ayres actually wrote his fake biography.
      DE has an article up on the poems Barky wrote when he was at Occidental. One in particular is about apes in underwater grottos/ caverns eating figs and their musty pelts glistening in the blue. I find that very interesting as well. Orangutans live in the rainforests of Indonesia and they do eat the fruit from trees called strangling figs. The poem comes across as absurdly silly, but it really is a serious effort on his part.

      The other one we discussed here before, “Pop” also seems to ring true as one of the lines is something like “and he recites an old poem he wrote before his mother died”. I find that to be a hidden revelation, also, as we know Frank Davis was a poet. (Plus,Barky called his grandfather, Gramps.)

      These poems are not as silly as they seem.


      • He got a big advance from the publisher. Since Ayers was actually the person writing the book, the advance money allowed him to go island hopping for 6 months, back in his old haunts. Isn’t that special?

      • and BHO Sr.’s mother is still alive.

  11. other fakes:
    Glenn calls Obama a progressive.He gave a speech at a conservatice convention.
    Beck has been bought.
    He knows Obama is not a progressive.
    He’s a plant.
    Glenn Beck is a Facebook friend of Orly Taitz.
    Figure it out.
    Obama is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate,
    a moslem jihadist masquerading as a NWO type
    masquerading as a progressive.
    And Beck gives him cover.
    Not good.

  12. Seems to me Dave m, that Progressive is the new Communist.

    Beck has revealed himself. He’s the last person that should be calling anyone a kook.

    I wonder if he has been threatened. I mean seriously threatened.

    Did you see the new US Missile Defense Logo? What more do you need to know?

  13. Dave
    what do you think about the Manning video where he asserts BHO was hired by the CIA because he spoke Arabic and never really went to Columbia?
    I asked Renee but she hasn’t addressed this yet.

    I agree…. There is a problem with Glen Beck….NWO sounds right

    • I don’t know what to make of Beck. It could be as simple as pressure on his boss from the Muslim part-owners of the network.

      In Beck’s world, “progressive” basically equals Marxist, socialist, communist.

      Even more disturbing to me is Bill O’Reilly’s latest, excessive campaign to disabuse the nation of the idea that Obama is “socialist.”

      I don’t even watch O’Reilly, except when channel surfing, if something or somebody catches my eye. Over the course of just a few days, I’ve seen O’Reilly cross-examine nearly every person on the show about whether that person believes Obama’s a socialist. Newt Gingrich, for one. Bernie Goldberg, for another. Nearly everyone said that they DO believe Obama’s a socialist (maybe because it’s TRUE)!

      But O’Reilly seems excessively concerned that the label will “stick.” Why does he care if it sticks, especially since it’s true?

      If O’Reilly were truly an unbiased (we report; you decide) commentator, then he wouldn’t be obsessed with trying to make sure that America doesn’t wake up to the FACT that Obama has a MARXIST/COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST idealogy.

      O’Reilly claims that Obama isn’t a real socialist because he doesn’t seize anybody’s property. Oh, yeah? How about the stockholders of Chrysler? How about the current owners of land that he wants to return to Native Americans? How about the billions of our tax dollars that he’s redistributing to the favored folks via the porkulus bill and even the recent $1.25 billion “settlement” with African-American farmers?

      Who is one of Obama’s idols? Why, it’s Hugo Chavez. Give him enough time and power and he will do what Chavez is doing. Just because Obama is sneakier about it, doesn’t mean that he’s not doing it nor that he’s not doing it for the same reasons.

      “From each according to his ability. To each according to his need.” Add in a little “reparations”, and you have the recipe for Obama “hope and change.”

      • Forgot to add that coincidentally, or not, Obama recently complained that he’s NOT a socialist.

        Does it sounds as if O’Reilly gets his talking points from that personal contact in the WH?

        O’Reilly said recently that he suggested to the WH that they hire him as an advisor. Perhaps they already did, but he’s working under the table.

        • While Obama complained that he’s not a Socialist he didn’t complain that he is not a MARXIST now did he?

          From now on I’m skipping the polite term “socialist.” I am through pussyfooting around. Obama is a “Marxist.” He would implement a full Marxist agenda if he thought he could get away with it. Instead he works under the table to implement his Marxist ideology.

      • I don’t think they would cover the Socialist story for 3 – 4 days if they weren’t trying to label Obama and have it stick…O’Reilly can suggest that Obama’s actions don’t fit all of the ideology..but he is allowing the guests to get the message through. Saying he thinks the label might stick and hurt Obama…is still getting the message out.

        • O’Reilly is looking for a position with the Oval Office. He personifies the word Bloviator.

          He’s a stooge who woos people to buy his wares.

          Drips with conceit like his Barky.

  14. Someone needs to write a pamphlet for this woman. No need for a “booklet”>


    It can be a one page with a front and back cover.

    Simple so she can UNDERSTAND>

    Front Cover ~ Titled:
    Secrets of “TEA Party Americans”

    Page 1:
    Taxed Enough Already.

    Back Cover:
    We get it and so do you, Dumby.


    Another Booklet for Stupid >

    An American’s Answer to Stealth Jihad

    page 1:

    Giddyap Git

    Back Cover:

    We get it and so do you, Dumby.

    • Papoose, So that is who started this spin…..??

      Jarrett blasts popular movement as ‘anti-government,’ thriving on scare tactics

      She may want to ask Billy A. about scare tatics instead, says my crippled, little, old aunt the tea party gal who knits and hides those needles under the peppermints in her knitting basket. She does not even kill bugs ! But she remembers Billy A. This is so stupid I have to laugh.
      This spin will only make the Tea Party stronger, and make Amerians laugh their butts off at Valerie Jarrett. She needs to hush up on this subject if she is smart. Wrong words.

      • From RAV
        (Valerie may want to read)

        Tea Party Patriots Poll: Up to 57 Million Conservative Activists in U.S.
        Washington Independent – The rise of the Tea Party movement has demonstrated that its numbers are large, but a recent poll conducted by a group affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots revealed that there’s a potential for up to 57 million conservative activists in the United States. America’s Tea Parties have given citizens a voice, and they’re starting to use it.

        Pssst….Val baby-57 million…….Not violent Val…57 million non violent Americans-paying attention real well…
        Pssst,,,,Val baby-57 million. Tell your friends Val baby……

        And Val baby…Tell em Ronnie R sent us….you may want to read up a bit on him….and Val…we are not Republicans or Dems anymore….We are Americans….we are not like Jelly jars anymore.
        We only have one label now. Americans…
        Pssst…Yeah Val baby…tell your friends….

        • Yep, Simpletons of America, unite. 🙂

          Said the brainy Ms. Jarrett: “And it’s always a lot easier, again, to scare people and to get them angry when they’re already scared, and they’re already uncertain.”

          Who knows this ploy better than Jarrett and her everlovin’ O? Alinsky acolytes, both.

          Oh, but he’s SO bright. It’s so very difficult for him to talk down simply enough so that We the Moronic People of these United States will understand him and stop voting against our “own self-interest” and realize that we “everyday” people (as the illustrious Dr. Lamont Hill recently opined) don’t NEED to understand the details of every piece of legislation. Indeed, those of us who lack PhDs or who didn’t attend Ivy League universities will only get a headache if we even try to grok the lofty ideas expounded by the great and powerful That One.

          Speaking of McCain (a hero and patriot I regret voting for) and this ad he ran against his opponent:


          McCain on being “questioned whether being born in the United States should still be a requirement for presidential candidates [said]:

          ‘If someone (was born elsewhere) and came here as a 1 year old, and served a productive life, I’m not sure,'”

          Gee, does he have anyone in particular in mind with that analogy?

          Does he perhaps KNOW exactly when a certain other person whose eligibility is in question was actually born? And when exactly he came to the US, where he “served” a productive life?

          • I cannot help but laugh!

            An obvious sneaky, snarky, juvenile, pathological liar with a false biography is “bright”.

            Don’t they just crack you up?

            Gotta love this line, though:

            ‘If someone (was born elsewhere) and came here as a 1 year old, and served a productive life, I’m not sure,’”

            Yeah, and “IF “the Queen had balls she’d be King.

          • Miri,

            He just lost my vote too. Baseball cap and all….

            McCain on being “questioned whether being born in the United States should still be a requirement for presidential candidates [said]:

            ‘If someone (was born elsewhere) and came here as a 1 year old, and served a productive life, I’m not sure,’”

            Gee, does he have anyone in particular in mind with that analogy?

            • Renee,

              Since he said that, why don’t the people of Arizona call it up for debate?

              I think it is Arizona that just passed legislation or something that come 2012 anyone who wants to run on their Presidential ballot must prove eligibility.

              I wish this quote was on the forefront and not buried in our comments.

              It is revealing and a US Senator saying such a thing should be forced to explain himself.

              • Papoose, Do a thread on this. Should prove to be interesting. I think Mr. John just worked himself out of a job. He is getting older, and has probably had his share of politics, and has personal wealth, so maybe this was his way out.
                Maybe the guy is tired, and wants to take it easy. He did not go all out for Prez election, so that is what I think.
                I did not see him really

    • Link from Lame Cherry:

      Everything you ever wanted to know about Valerie.

      Hmmm, pdf financial statement, too.


  15. Get your printer ready; grab a highlighter and go for it. This goes back to early 2008.

    Evelyn Pringle’s Operation Board Games, the series.


  16. The Latest, thanks to Beckwith:


    Gird Your Loins

  17. Clever Legislators in Arizona Hit on New Way to Find Obama’s Birth Truth
    By Jerry McConnell Thursday, February 25, 2010

    I can’t speak for all of you out there reading this, but I sure do get a lot of concurrence from the readers of CFP articles regarding the absolute necessity to establish the validity of one Barack Hussein Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen” of the United States in accordance with the requirements as set down in Article 2 of the U. S. Constitution; Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly notwithstanding.

    It seems that with each passing day more news is presented of cases of challenges from every corner of this country. Many of these cases have met with Judicial intransigence from the lethargic or shady decisions of many judges at many levels of our society all the way up the chain of command. But even so, there always seems to be some still pending a full hearing of even an open discussion which gives me, at least, the feeling of ‘what’s going on with this birth business’?

    But as in life in these ever surprising United States, every now and then a bright light suddenly shines on a brilliant new attempt to solve a riddle or stalemate.

    In the area of “Why didn’t I think of that?”, the AP authored an article that appeared in the February 23, 2010 edition of the New York Times titled, “Ariz. Lawmakers: Verify Citizenship of Candidates” in which it reported that 40 of the state’s 90 legislators sponsored a measure that would require presidential candidates who want to appear on the ballot in Arizona to submit documents proving they meet the requirements to be president.

    The article further stated that “a state House committee on Tuesday approved the measure that was proposed by Skull Valley Republican Rep. Judy Burges.” Though it was not reported, the new requirement presumably will now appear on the state ballot in the Fall 2010 election to be held in Arizona.

    It is an apparent attempt by the Arizona Legislature to force President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate to state officials if he runs for re-election.

    Just imagine the consternation that will be passing through the minds of the Obama campaign organization as early as probably today on how to counter this action after they have spent close to 2 million dollars in legal fees to prevent having to disclose the information from the public.

    White House officials have passed the controversy off as “politics” in an effort to discredit efforts to have Obama prove he is actually Constitutionally eligible to serve in the office of president.

    While many have blamed Congress for not performing their official duties of clearing applicants prior to certification and acceptance of applications, there are equally as many who discredit them for conducting hearings in official sessions to force John McCain to produce his birth certificate prior to the presidential primaries in 2008.

    In that charges of misfeasance of duty could be considered if it were to be proven that Congress deliberately neglected to perform that part of their assigned duties, such a proposition as the Arizona requirement of ballot application requirements could be extremely contentious to say the least.

    Arizona will undoubtedly be in the spotlight during the upcoming months leading to the 2010 Fall National Elections, with a factious battle for a U. S. Senator seat by incumbent John McCain and challenger J. D. Hayworth, a former Arizona Congressman. Such a contest will often refer to McCain’s similar position in the 2008 proof of citizenship Congressional hearings.

    Wanna bet the Obama apologizers will find a way to declare it un-Constitutional? Wouldn’t that be a ‘hoot’? The man who has thumbed his nose at the U. S. Constitution getting to use it to keep on abusing it.


  18. Newssleuth, I am reading a bit on Hayworth. He looks pretty popular in Az.


    • Hey Redpill, He is your kinda guy !

      After his six terms in Congress, Citizens United named J.D. as its first “Ronald Reagan Fellow.” Hayworth is also a “Paul Harris Fellow” of Rotary International, and an Eagle Scout.

  19. Middle Class Tax Relief

  20. Drunk praises Conyers

  21. Anyone else watching O’Reilly interviewing J.D. Hayworth now ? Beginning showed clip from McCain’s Internet Campaign video with Berg, Orly and Hayworth remarking on BC issue!

    Hayworth says that was “just esoteric”….’spoke to BC issue to provoke conversation’ (paraphr). Watch rerun to see him backing up 90 miles an hour from O’Reilly’s question !!!

  22. Ummm.. This is far off the mark.

    Equatorial Guinea – place on west coast of africa.
    Equatorial New Guinea – place above Australia.
    Papua, New Guinea – same place above Australia.
    Maluku – Island off Indonesia, populated by people of indonesian appearance NOT papuans.

  23. An Indonesian translation to English:

    Barack Obama, the Paddy-field Duck in Menteng
    Barack Obama, Bebek Sawah di Menteng Dalam
    Kamis, 23 Oktober 2008 | 13:04 WIB Snips

    The Interaktif TIME, Jakarta: Every Time witnessed Barack Obama in television, the Djoemiati memory melenting to the far period. The grandmother 66 years that live in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta Pusat, that remembered true the Illinois senator from this Democratic Party. Djoemiati knew the senator currently competes seized the candidate’s seat United States President. He Barry Soetoro small that was irritating. �Ya, that he, Barry. If running, he was similar to the duck sawah,� said Djoemiati terkekeh.

    Barry the Obama nickname during the period of the child in Jakarta. His age just six years in the last 40 years during him with his mother, Ann Dunham, and his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, remained neighbouring with Djoemiati. Coenraad Satjakoesoemah, currently 77 years, the husband Djoemiati, sell some of his lands in Street Kiai the Pilgrim Ramli 16 in the region Menteng Dalam to Lolo.

    ****At that time the Lolo family just moved from Papua.

    Immediately Djoemiati was impressed when being acquainted with Barry. The child had black skin, had a fat body, and had curly hair that fast socialised with children sebaya him in the village. Although still could not speak Indonesia, he wanted to be asked to play any. The petak umpet, gulat, shot-shooting, kasti, through to football, Barry hayo then. Barry was happiest to run. The style ran him often became the laughing stock of the resident Menteng Dalam. They mentioned him �si the Sawah� Duck. �Dia that was fat, so if running funny banget,� said Djoemiati to the Time.

    The Soetoro family moved to Menteng Dalam by bringing various traditional ornaments the Papua house. �Saya the first time knowing the Irian spear, yes, time dropped by at the house Barry,� said Eddy Purwantoro, 51 years, the next neighbour Barry. Lolo Soetoro also accompanied the kept animal, like the snake, the monitor lizard, the turtle, the monkey, through to several birds kinds from Papua. Animals so that often was exhibited by Barry to his friends. Yunaldi Askiar, 45 years, his neighbour who was other, said, he was once angry when Barry made him startled when putting forward the head of the turtle to his face. But Yunaldi anger did not take place old. Not up until a month later the animal vanished the reason for the Lolo house was attacked by the flood.

    Could not exhibit the kept animal, Barry did not run out of the mind. The Yunaldi classmate in the class of I Sekolah Dasar Katolik Fransiskus Strada Asisi (now Francis Assisi), Menteng, that showed several collections of the toy pistol. Johny Askiar, 50 years, the older brother Yunaldi, had been given a toy pistol by Barry. For Johny, his neighbour was on the end of Street Ramli counted by the kind friend. Apart from having many toy pistols that were similar to the original pistol, the Hawaii birth child, on August 4 1961, that had spidol. �Waktu that only of the person’s rich children that had spidol,� said Johny recalled. Johny currently opens efforts of the motorcycle workshop in Ciganjur, Southern Jakarta.

    In the matter of eating, especially if being rendang or chocolate bread, Barry was very ravenous. Djoemiati narrated, one day, when Obama drop by at the neighbour, he almost finished the cake tar that will be served to the guest of the family. The angry reason, the servant relentlessly pursued Barry. �Si Bebek Sawah� ran hurriedly before hiding in the bed cellar. Dishonest words, should not disrupt, and like that should not be the Indonesian expression that most often it was said Obama small. Israella Pareira Darmawan, 64 years, the teacher Barry when the I class in the Asisi school,named the vocabulary Indonesian Barry was very limited in beginning months went to school. Just in the fourth and fifth month, Obama began to be able to speak Indonesia although haltingly. Barry’s value of Indonesian only 5. But he was very clever mathematics. On the whole Obama entered ten big. �Dia the smart child, patient, was easy bergaul,� Israella words.

    The mother of the teacher still remembered, Obama liked to defend his friends that bertubuh small. He often embraced or held the hands of the friend played him that fell and cried. Bertubuh most the heron, Barry liked to lead the line. �Kalau the teacher did still not enter the class, he will forbid who to
    enter the class more dulu,� said Israella. In Asisi, Obama went to school from 1968 to 1970 beginnings. Further he moved to the Primary School 01 Besuki,Menteng (now the Primary School of Negeri Menteng 01, Street Besuki) when the class of III. Barry went to school in Besuki only up to the end of the class of IV. Dia afterwards continued his basic education in Hawaii, the United States.


    • Good one! So many curious things. The teacher is 64 herself or taught 64 years? This was 2009, so she’d be 67 now. Only 17 years older than Barry himself?

      I remember reading an Indonesian article long ago, where somebody said they ALL thought that Barry himself was a native Papuan, from “Irian Jaya”. So now this story said that they lived in Papua NEW GUINEA BEFORE they moved to Jakarta? When and where, other than Indonesia (and here on WTPOTUS), has this tidbit ever been reported?

      • I found the article, but it was disappeared from the link I had saved. I could click it but it would default to their normal index and then the story wasn’t found on search. Interesting, huh? This was an Indonesian newspaper. Probably ordered to disappear the story. Fortunately, there were other versions and one archived for certain at a former fellow blogger’s: http://rosettasister.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/dolley-madison-george-washington-the-tornado-and-the-burning-of-washington-in-1814/#comment-16557

        Here are two more links: http://www.sawfnews.com/Lifestyle/33799.aspx http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report_indonesian-classmates-recall-confident-barry_1081335

        BECAUSE they are trying to suppress this, I will copy in full for the purpose of EDUCATION. It was originally published, I think, by AFP (Agence France-Presse) which is a “global” news agency. Educating the public is critical in these times. So …

        “JAKARTA: Indonesian former classmates of Barack Obama have high hopes for the kind-hearted, confident and easy-going boy they knew as Barry who has set his sights on becoming the first black president of the United States.

        When he was six years old, Obama moved to Indonesia after his divorced mother remarried an Indonesian foreign student, Lolo Soetoro. His classmates still recall the day nearly 40 years ago when a foreign kid joined them at the state-run SDN Menteng 01 school in the upmarket Menteng district of Jakarta. “I will never forget the first day he entered class and the teacher introduced him in front of the class,” Onny Padma said.

        I thought he was from Papua, Indonesia’s easternmost province. He had curly hair, dark skin and was a fat boy. But the way he dressed was really American style,” said Padma. [However, if you look at the photo of the supposed Barry, he looks like all the other kids. No darker, not fat, not much difference in hair. btw, Lia supposedly went to school with Barry then. Is she that girl standing in the center in the white dress? Resembles her.]

        Dewi Asmara, now a member of parliament, also remembered Obama as a “kind and confident” boy when she knew him in the late 1960s. “Obama was a fun and a kindhearted boy. Unlike other boys, he never got involved in any fighting,” said Asmara.

        Obama, 45, says Indonesia left a lasting impression on him during his formative years. “It was very powerful. I had an Indonesian stepfather. I went to an Indonesian-speaking school,” the Illinois senator said. “It gave me an enormous appreciation for the magnificent culture and history of Asia. It gave me a great love for the people of Asia,” he said.

        Sonny Imam Sukarso said he was astonished to learn that his old school friend was aiming to become US president. “Barry always came to my home after school to play games. His home was just at the back of mine. His driver always dropped and picked him late afternoon,” Sukarso said, adding enthusiastically: “I am pretty sure he will remember me.” He said he had already sent Obama an email — but was yet to receive a reply.

        The current headmaster of Menteng 01, Kuwadiyanto, said he had been fielding lots of enquiries about Obama from the media and the US embassy. [WHY would the US Embassy be contacting the headmaster? To shut him up? To get all the records? This was February, 2007.]

        In his autobiographical Dreams From My Father, Obama describes his time in Indonesia as “one long adventure, the bounty of a young man’s life”. [Young man? He left at age 10.] He recalls his introduction to the exotic delicacies of snake meat and roasted grasshopper, and describes his pet ape and his days in a boy scout troop.” [It was more likely Youth for Sukarno.]

  24. Papua New Guinea – and Lolo lived there. He moved back to Indonesia with Ann and Barry and Barry was about 6 at the time. 1967? the year isn’t mentioned as to when Lolo purchased the home or land from the man.

    Have we ever seen that Lolo was living in New Guinea? When did Lolo move to New Guinea?

    Barry was so fat that he ran like a duck and was ridiculed. Barry gave a toy pitol to a friend that only rich kids could afford. (So much for the “Woe, poor is me” meme, once again).

  25. Obama Has the Power to Help Papua, the ‘Weak Man’ Under Indonesian Rule
    Andreas Harsono, Indonesia consultant for Human Rights Watch
    Published in: The Jakarta Globe
    February 21, 2010 Snips

    In Jakarta in the late 1960s, a young Barack Obama noticed his stepfather’s great unease and silence about his one-year military service in New Guinea. Lolo Soetoro, his stepfather, did not like to talk about his time there. He did tell young Barack about how leeches got into his boots in New Guinea’s jungles. “They crawled inside your army boots while you’re hiking through the swamps. At night, when you take off your socks, they’re stuck there, fat with blood. You sprinkle salt on them and they die, but you still have to dig them out with a hot knife.” The leeches created a series of indented scars on Lolo’s legs.

    Fact No. 2: New Guinea is now called Papua. Its western part is legally a part of Indonesia since the controversial UN-approved Act of Free Choice in 1969, in which 1,054 Papuans, hand-picked by Jakarta, voted unanimously to join Indonesia. Papua, to use Lolo’s words, is still the weak man under Indonesian rule.


  26. Friday, October 17, 2008
    Posted by Pamela Geller

    “RUTHLESS:Obama’s Mop Up Man, Faleomavaega, Scrubs Indonesia”

    “Faleomavaega recently traveled to Indonesia to meet with government leaders and while there, he visited the school that Senator Obama attended when he was living abroad with his parents.Hmmmmm, that’s strange. Why would Faleo visit Obama’s school where he was registered as a Muslim.

    “According to our Indonesian sources, “officials” who accompanied Faleomavaega were interested in acquiring any and all documentation or photographs of a young Barry Soetoro for America’s “national archives” and they were offering cash, lots of it. In a show of faith, Barack Obama’s childhood school would be one of the very first beneficiaries of this outpouring receiving thousands of dollars to upgrade the school and for the purchase of computer equipment, thanks in part to the benevolence of this visiting junket.”

    “Obama is Indonesian. American Expat in Southeast Asia, Larry Martin told me that his sources claim that Obama was adopted and that the Indonesian government is aware of this – so are Obama’s people who cut a deal with the Indonesian government to have the records suppressed.
    “Obama: Throwing Papua Under the Bus An American Expat in Southeast”

    “The only issue of contention Faleomavaega would face from the Indonesian government would be the issue of West Papua. In the end, it was simply a give and take situation. The Obama campaign needed assistance from the Indonesian government and the Indonesian government wanted a free hand in Papua.”


  27. It’s ‘Paradise Lost’ for many students stranded in Moscow.
    Thursday, Feb. 13, 1992
    MOSCOW (AP) For nearly a ***decade, [1982 – 1992] Roman Obama’s life at Patrice Lumumba University was almost paradise. He studied for free and got warm clothes and cheap airline tickets that let him see the world. “We had so many possibilities. Maybe it was not a luxurious life, but we could travel and do things,” said Obama, a 31 year old law student from Equatorial Guinea. [Same age as Obama – law student,too. A decade in class or was it because he was “traveling?]

    The former Soviet Union spent huge sums of money over the past few decades to educate tens of thousands of foreign students – mainly from the developing world – all in the name of “peoples’ friendship.” Young people from Asia, Africa, and Latin America studied medicine, agronomy, law and Marxist economics at universities and institutes around the country. For those students, the place to be was Patrice Lumumba, founded by Nikita S. Khrushchev in the early 1960’s when dozens of Latin American, Asian and African countries won their independence.

    Now Lumumba’s dorms are crumbling. The Russian government and the university have little money. Once a Soviet showcase, the university and its students are a burden. The entrance to all dormitories at Lumumba are guarded by police who demand to see the passports of all visitors. In Obama’s building, the lights do not work in the elevators, the garbage chute is clogged and heating is a problem. Named for a Congolese revolutionary, Lumumba, was considered in the West to be a ideological training ground for future cadres in Soviet-backed regimes such as Ethiopia, Nicaragua and

    As the collapse of communism became more apparent, Obama revised his thesis to address the problems of cooperation between the International Monetary Fund and Africa. [IMF] He hopes to work in private practice or for his country’s government.

    Sitting on his bed, which takes up most of his dorm room on the 13th floor of a deteriorating high-rise, Obama wonders how he’ll survive his last semester. His scholarship of 137 rubles a month is now worth about $1.37. He has no money to pay for the airline ticket that would cost 215,000 rubles to return home to Equatorial Guinea. Obama’s room is more cramped than usual. His countryman Luis Alonso, who was studying in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, managed to buy a plane ticket at the old price and is headed home. But hotels cost too much so Alonso is camping out with Obama until he gets an exit visa. “It’s impossible for us to study. The universities have no money and our government has no money. We are hostages,” said another countryman, Enrique Edu, 29, a law student at Baku University in Azerbaijan. Edu came to Moscow to plead help for his wife, their child and about 150 other students from Equatorial Guinea in the former Soviet Union. The students’ plight was raised last week at a meeting of heads of government of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Burbulis or Durbulis of Russia said the commonwealth members agreed to seek new accords “taking into account the obligations of the former Soviet Union and preserve them in order to guarantee normal vital, activity of foreign students.

    Thursday, Feb. 13, 1992

    • I originally found that article about Roman in 2008 and kept it under wraps looking for more information. When it surfaced later on, I think at Free Rep., a photo had been added to it that was not part of the original article. I know that because I was able to lift the photo from the article. I was attempting to cut and paste the article with the photo because it was different than the one I found by the AP. (I didn’t know how to screenprint) The photo pasted by itself. Had it been part of the original article, that wouldn’t have happened. The photo, of course,didn’t resemble Obama, it was an unattractive man. At the same time I found another article mentioning Roman Obama. Remembering the ugly neanderthal looking person, I came across a a fake website for Roman Ekua who was quite handsome a couple years later. It was apparent to me that someone wanted the information buried otherwise there was no reason to add a photo after the fact.

      This is the website in his name..all photos of him, and fake friend’s photos. You could see it wasn’t a normal Facebook website..but a pretend one. Then they gave him a new last name also, and he was working for the African? government in some capacity. His name became Roman Obama Ekua.

      Equatorial Guinea
      Mr. Pancracio Bee Ebang Efiri, Charge d’Affaires, Embasssy in Ghana
      Mr. Roman Obama, Administrative Officer, Embassy in Ghana
      Mr. Charles Adotse, Interpreter, Embassy in Ghana

      United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
      May 23, 2008

      Click to access tdinf41_en.pdf

      Chancery:Consulate General of Equatorial Guinea, Accra
      Chancellor:Pancracio Bee Ebang Efiri, Honorary Consul-General
      Address: No.70 Airport West, Accra
      Telephone No:021 766 357
      Fax No:021 766 425
      Working Hours:8:00am – 4:00pm
      ****Administrator: Roman Obama Ekua
      Consulate Officer:Martina Ondo Nsang


      • Free Lance Star Feb 13, 1992 Screen print
        Roman Obama in Moscow

        Roman Obama Ekua

      • I can’t find my notes, but I remember there being information that a newspaper changed the names in the article and eliminated Roman Obama in this article that appeared the same day IIRC.

      • You know, I never knew that Spanish is the official language of Equatorial Guinea. Recently, in one of the SAD articles, it was mentioned that she traveled to Ghana, too. It’s close to Equatorial Guinea.

  28. April 03, 2011
    Barack Obama’s favor to George Soros
    editor’s note Snips

    Ed Lasky, American Thinker’s News Editor, has an op-ed in today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on a favor the Obama administration has given to InterOil, a foreign oil company that is a major holding of George Soros’s hedge fund.

    The column is based on an earlier American Thinker column that outlines how our government is spending our tax dollars to help develop the oil and gas resources of Papua New Guinea, where InterOil has the vast bulk of its assets.

    A sample from the PTR column: Perhaps the better question might be: Who benefits from President Obama’s push to help New Guinea become an energy power? That answer would be George Soros, sugar daddy of the Democratic Party and long an ardent and very generous supporter of Barack Obama’s political campaigns. Soros stands to massively benefit if New Guinea becomes an energy exporter and will profit even more if American taxpayers pick up the tab for the costs of such help.

    George Soros has a huge ownership interest in a company called InterOil, whose one major asset is reportedly a huge reservoir of natural gas in New Guinea. He has been increasing his ownership interests in recent months and, as of last November, showed an 11.9 percent ownership stake. His InterOil holding is the third-largest stock holding in his hedge fund.

    InterOil has been subject to some controversy — there are some investors who are shorting the stock, thinking that the reserves might not be as large as claimed and that it will be very difficult to develop them given the problems with developing energy resources in such an undeveloped nation and the heavy expenses overcoming those problems entails.

    Meanwhile, the administration blames lack of staff and money for the slowdown in drilling permits given to American oil companies to drill and develop our own domestic energy resources. This is all part of pattern by Barack Obama and various Democrats to reward their donors at our expense.


    • InterOil’s Own Geologists Say It Is Lying To Wall Street, Says Shortseller (IOC)
      Henry Blodget, provided byusiness Insider April 5, 2010 04:00 AM

      Monday, April 5, 2010

      Last week, we published a detailed investigation of controversial oil-exploration company InterOil (IOC) written by an analyst who is skeptical of the company.

      InterOil bears saw it as more evidence that the company is a fraud.

      The analyst’s broad contention is that the type of rock InterOil is drilling in has been shown to produce huge initial pressure and flares (thus explaining the “world record” flows the company has touted), but that the gas reservoirs InterOil has discovered are not as extensive as the company has said. Also, the analyst believes that the gas that is is is not recoverable at a reasonable cost and, therefore, that the massive future profits InterOil is promising investors are a figment of its imagination. The analyst believes InterOil is having trouble finding a deep-pocketed, experienced partner (such as ExxonMobil) to help it develop the gas field–because the potential partners aren’t buying InterOil’s reserve estimates.
      We have, however, received a copy of a fascinating investigation into InterOil’s operations in Papua New Guinea, which we’re publishing excerpts of here. This investigation provides further fodder for those who suspect that InterOil’s claims of a vast natural gas discovery are not what they appear to be.


    • It was same thing with brazil petrobras. Soros had shares in it and Obama gives brazil 2bil when he had moratorium in gulf

      • Soros owns Secretaries of State and he owns an ineligible potus, too. This is a crime to give away our money to the likes of Soros. Where is Congress? Where are the HONEST Democrats? Is that now an oxymoron? I think so. Every last one of them. Dishonest. Compromised one way or the other. Marching in Nazi-like lockstep with Obama.

    • This is interesting. Somebody should email this story to Glenn Beck.

      He was talking about natural gas just this morning on the radio. He said that the USA is becoming THE leading pruducer of natural gas on account of fracking and the discovery of massive reserves of natural gas within the USA. It’s so plentiful, he says, that it’s practically free.

      That’s why Obama is now attacking the process of fracking (in the USA) because natural gas MUST also “necessarily skyrocket.” He is NOT for us being energy independent. He is for keeping the USA forever dependent upon other countries. HE IS ON THEIR SIDE, NOT ON THE USA’S SIDE.

      This adds just another country and person and purpose to my theory about why he is AGAINST allowing the US to be a net exporter of energy or, at the very least, energy independent, which we easily could be both. I said before that the Middle East is running out of energy. They can’t eat sand. They won’t have oil to buy food. They will then lose their stranglehold on the rest of the world IF they have to import energy from elsewhere. This they do not want. Nor does Obama, who bows to and is beholden to the Saudi royal family.

      This is why Obama is strangling OUR oil production and planning to hand the Saudis ALL the green energy technology developed with our tax dollars (which so far has been a bust because only the free market will succeed in that regard).

      But this is a new group of people whose interests he is also protecting. Africans and Soros. IF we have abundant natural gas and can export it and succeed, then that will mean we COMPETE with the New Guineans and the NWO can’t allow that. Like the minority contractors of the world–the Africans MUST BE protected within a special market where nobody competes, where they get all the business and the profits, and where nobody else can participate in a FREE and FAIR market. Other’s MUST have one hand tied behind their backs.


      I really do think Beck would love this story. I hope he sees it. He was talking about Soros today, too.

      Either Limbaugh or Beck (I was switching back and forth; I think it was Rush) also brought up the issue of the EPA making carbon emission standards that WILL destroy the livelihoods and wipe out entire towns in Pennsylvania and West Virginia that depend upon coal. It was so disgusting because the man cried crocodile tears about “having” to follow the “law and policies” and how courageous it was for Jackson (I think that’s her name) to make the decision (he might as well have said “gutsy call”) to go ahead and wipe out those towns. He made it sound as if he and all the EPA employees, but especially Jackson, WERE THE VICTIMS HERE and that THEY HAD NO CHOICE. He said it’s “the law”, which of course it IS NOT. It’s what the NWO and SOROS and the rest of the Marxist/Commies have decided, not what our Congress has decided. Not what We the People have decided; and in America, We the People are the deciders.

      Actually, iirc, didn’t SCOTUS tell them they don’t have this power? In any case, what struck me is this:

      The EPA pretends they have no choice but to destroy the lives of thousands upon thousands of US citizens by deliberately destroying the coal industry. IT’S “THE LAW”, THEY SAY.


      How ironic. It’s an illegal, ineligible usurper’s policy that they say forces them to follow the law and policies and destroy the lives of an untold number of US citizens.



      (Unless you care to do it sooner than November and join us in our quest to have him removed from office because of his ineligibility. IMPEACH him NOW. SAVE THOSE TOWNS IN WEST VIRGINIA AND PENNSYLVANIA. If he gets another term, there will be more towns on the chopping block.)

      • Miri, your head must hurt something fierce with the amount of thinking and organizing of info it does! Then you take it and present so someone unfamiliar with the topic understands and sees the issue clearly. Thank you!

        • It hurts only when I try to remember something and can’t. The sad part about this is that in order to stay one step ahead of these weasels, I must be able to think like them, so what does it say about me that I can? I’d like to think it’s something I learned at my mother’s knee, because SHE always knew, somehow, what WE were up to and so we got away with very little. 🙂 TY ALL for participating. I’d never get the raw material without everybody tipping us to it.

      • It is really an oxymoronic thought to think that O. or anybody else is against our energy independence, when every frickfracking oil/gas company out there is owned by people in this country with board members of the elite/government officials (ie, condeleeza rice, richard helms and others) and others are tied to companies off shore…they don’t need US oil when they can usurp /abuse the environment, run other governments to there benefit, which they’d have a much harder time doing in their own country..the US. Palin could tell you all about it but no one wanted to know what she understood about big oil companies, who serves them and how we could benefit our own people if we’d just move home.

  29. renee…. love when your wheels get to spinning…..hummm…

  30. LIA??? Yes it is…she was 2 or 4 years older ?
    She looks lovely… if only she was still alive….we miss you Lia….

  31. I watched the interviews of Lia and was completely taken in by her. She was indeed a lovely lady. So sad.

  32. Seems people are starting to question the guy’s ethnicity http://4gfc.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/the-indonesia-connection/

    In looking here to leave links as this has been discussed extensively around these office cubicles I got off in a bunch of directions and came across some interesting things. Again I don’t know how to get pics here so I put them up over at Island Hooz. If you want them here, bring them over as I post and I will delete them over there as they appear here. It really is a collective (do I get points with the other side for using that word and/or demerits with our side?) research and it seems weird to have them stuck over there. They really are wtpotus pics; I am just the gal Friday compiling.

    Anyway, I do not know if any of these places and/or companies are connected. http://islandhoozhooz.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/who-speaks-soundex-i-was-born-in-hawaii-huwai-huewai/

    And for laughs check out the pic I left at 4gfc in the comments.

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