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Tim Adams

By: Renee

“Tim Adams Chief Elections Clerk, Hawaii, exposes Obama Birth Certificate Scandal.

Revelation from the Chief Elections Clerk in Honolulu in 2008 regarding BHO’s non existent birth certificate. He says this on the James Edwards radio show on June 5th..

He was in the position to look at all databases. There is NO long form birth certificate. Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii. People there knew.

Another scandal happened at the same time, Fifty (50) Identity forms from ambassadors from the Pacific Rim were stolen…political appointees. Absentee ballots were taken so they would know who voted for whom. Election fraud involved.

Tim Adams is now teaching at Western Kentucky University.”

A new player has entered the story it seems. Tim Adams. Who is Tim Adams ? He seems to be connected to a group called “The Council of Conservative Citizens” Who are they ?

I guess since we have the NAACP, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Council of Foreign Relations and tons more groups for ethnic advances it stands to reason that there would be a few for Europeans and White Americans right ? Ok, so back to who are they and who is Tim Adams ? It seems he is said to have held a position called “Chief Election Clerk” in Hawaii and he says no Birth Certificate for Obama is in Hawaii ? Really ? Amazing..Where has he been for 2 years ? Wishing he would have spoken up a bit sooner.

Tim Adams is now teaching at Western Kentucky University? Let’s dig into this a bit and see what we find on this new story. He brings to mind  Addams and Hull-Hall House when I note the name. Spicy…


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Born in Equatorial New Guinea? A Background Report says YES!

At the rate the documents are appearing, Obama could have 57 countries as his birth place before he leaves office. First, we have the documented fake ones that the Left wants everyone to believe are copies of the real birth certificate. They are still referring to the identical Certification of Live Birth (COLB) documents on Fact Check, Snopes, and KOS as their proof that he was born in Hawaii. That document was a forgery and one of them was created by the infamous “Ducky”.

They also like to direct people to a birth announcement that appeared in a flyer type sheet or newspaper from Hawaii. Those two items are supposed to prove Obama’s natural born citizenship. Obama’s lawyer, Robert Bauer, even cited the online Certification of Live Birth (COLB) as a footnote in one of his defense lawsuits, but he did not produce the real vault copy of the birth certificate for the defense. That is peculiar, when it would have ended the lawsuits and the controversy now becoming a scandal that encompasses people and officials in the highest offices in the land.

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