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Because They Spy Illegally On Everyone

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Because local law enforcement now uses technology to perform what amounts to unconstitutional, wholly unreasonable, wide-ranging searches of the communications of innocent citizens, criminals are going free!

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Prayer Circle

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We light this candle for our country. Come each day, bow your head, if you wish, and say a prayer with us for our constitutional republic. Continue reading

Happy April Fools’ Day!!

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Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone! Apparently this is a “holiday” that most of the world happily celebrates. Continue reading

The Irish Voice

800px-Russet_potato_cultivar_with_sprouts - CopyWith apologies to René Magritte.

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“Get the Hell Out of the United States of America Obama!”

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Allen West Tells Obama to Take His Ideology  Anywhere…but

“Get the Hell Out of the USA!”


Allen West - GOP Lincoln Day Dinner


Allen West, the former Florida representative,  is a true patriot and his words resound with truth and clarity whenever he speaks.  We are all aware of how the election was fraudulently won by the Democrats in his district.   It appears, West is not going to be silent even though he reluctantly gave up the fight during the election mismanagement and voter fraud allegations.   The GOP didn’t assist in helping him and they should hang their heads in shame.  This man has honor and integrity, and should be the voice of the GOP!  In fact, many of the cowards could learn a thing or three from listening to him.   He IS the voice of the people! He IS the voice of true blue, patriotic Americans!

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Obama’s SOTU Drival is Proven By the Numbers (Open Thread)

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America “Tuned Out” Obama for State of the Union!

The Numbers Prove He is Already a Cooked Goose!


Goose and Obama


So How Did He Win Reelection?


Last year’s State of the Union in 2012 had a total audience of 37.75 million across 14 broadcast and cable networks.  That was down 12 percent from his SOTU speech in 2011 that had 42.79 million viewers.  There were 48 million viewers in 2010, and 52.4 million in 2009.  The Chief  Bloviator Obama wins the prize for the second-lowest rating since Nielsen began recording viewership in 1993.  Bill Clinton is still the winner with the lowest number of views in 2000.

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