Illegal Aliens and Birthright Citizenship

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With his illegal amnesty action, Barack Obama is predicted to bestow as much as $1.7 BILLION on illegal aliens over the next decade, mostly in the form of earned income tax credits, which in some cases “returns” more money to a recipient than the person ever paid in taxes (if any).

If that’s not bad enough, the head of the IRS has confirmed that illegal aliens who benefit from Obama’s illegal “amnesty” program by obtaining Social Security numbers will be allowed to file tax returns going back years, which may net an illegal alien family as much as $35,000 in one fell swoop, emphasis on fell (at least for the citizens and legal immigrants who paid the taxes that are being redistributed to people who have no legal or moral right to be in our country in the first place, much less to collect a tax “return”).

Another issue in the news lately is birthright citizenship. Federal agents have busted criminals who facilitate the entry into the U.S. of pregnant Chinese women. They bring women here to give birth so that their newborns will be U.S. citizens, even though it’s debatable whether or not these children actually deserve U.S. citizenship, especially because their mothers go home as soon as possible, taking the children with them.

In no way were these women ever permanent residents of the U.S. or even persons who have established any kind of legal “residence” or “domicile” here, which seems to be at least one condition delineated by U.S. law and SCOTUS rulings.

The U.S. is out of step with most countries with regard to birthright citizenship which in this country is apparently de facto law (meaning no law at all): [emphasis added to quotes]

The overwhelming majority of the world’s countries do not offer automatic citizenship to everyone born within their borders. Over the past few decades, many countries that once did so … have repealed those policies. Other countries are considering changes.

In the United States, both Democrats and Republicans have introduced legislation aimed at narrowing the application of the Citizenship Clause. In 1993, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) introduced legislation what would limit birthright citizenship to the children of U.S. citizens and legally resident aliens, and similar bills have been introduced by other legislators in every Congress since. The … [111th] Congress saw the introduction by Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.) of the “Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009,” which … [had] nearly 100 sponsors … [but sadly did not pass].

The issue of “birthright” citizenship has come up in nearly every recent Congress, with Senator David Vitter being merely the latest official to attempt to codify that U.S.-born offspring of people who are not citizens or even legal residents of the U.S. should not be granted U.S. citizenship. The American people are overwhelmingly against birthright citizenship, especially for illegal aliens, as well as amnesty for illegal aliens.

Cities along the U.S. border with Mexico find themselves inundated with pregnant women who cross the border specifically to give birth here, hoping that their “anchor babies” will provide them with a ticket to legal entry, as well as to social welfare benefits.

Note: birthright citizenship is not natural born citizenship, although many confuse the concept of citizen at birth with natural born citizenship. The latter differs in that no law passed by Congress (such as the Nationality Act of 1940) can confer natural born citizenship, which, being natural, merely is.

Natural born citizenship, of course, means having been born within the U.S. to two U.S. citizen parents.

Contrary to what many believe, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution defined simple citizenship, not natural born citizenship. How do we know? Read the pertinent sentence:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.

Because that sentence refers to naturalized citizens in the same breath as born citizens, then obviously the amendment does not modify the definition of natural born citizenship, because naturalized citizens are not natural born citizens.

Note that one who is born within the U.S. becomes a citizen only so long as the person is “subject to the jurisdiction” of the U.S.

How do naturalized citizens become “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States? By renouncing any allegiance to their birth countries.

It follows, then, that anyone who is born within the U.S. does not become a citizen if that person is not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the U.S. and is instead subject to the jurisdiction of another country, such as the home country of his or her non-U.S.-citizen parents, especially if those parents are mere tourists or illegal aliens.

Such a child does not renounce the foreign allegiance at birth, nor do the parents. How, then, does the child become a U.S. citizen while subject to the jurisdiction of another country?

If naturalized citizens must renounce other citizenships, then why should “anchor babies”, who are citizens (or nationals) of other countries, be allowed to become U.S. citizens without being held to the same standard as those who naturalize?

All of the above was an inspiration to look further into the issue of how Mexico (from which many illegal aliens come) treats immigrants and illegal aliens within its own borders:

Mexico has a unique citizenship policy in that the country’s constitution grants automatic nationality to anyone born in Mexico, but not automatic citizenship. This is true even of children born to Mexican citizens. When a Mexican reaches the age of 18, they then acquire citizenship.

Mexican government officials with whom [the author] spoke were uncertain how often their country grants nationality or citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants. The effort Mexico makes to discourage immigration indicates that this may be a rare occurrence.

For example, the Mexican Constitution, among other things, allows the government to expel any immigrant for any reason without due process. When combined with the protected constitutional right of making a citizen’s arrest, which allows “any person” to detain a suspected criminal and his accomplices who are caught violating a law, it is clear living in Mexico illegally is not easy.

The constitution also severely limits the property rights of immigrants and requires immigrants to get permission from the government to own land; even if permission is granted, the immigrant can never own land within 100 kilometers of land borders nor land within 50 kilometers of the coasts.

An immigrant wishing to change these rules will have difficulty as the Mexican Constitution states that only citizens are entitled to participate in Mexico’s political affairs.

Even with Mexico’s form of birthright citizenship, any child born to illegal immigrants or even legal immigrants in Mexico is barred from becoming president of Mexico; not only must the Mexican president be born in Mexico, but so must at least one of his parents.

While Mexico may grant citizenship to children born to aliens, the nation’s constitution clearly imputes a second-class status on children of immigrants.

Here is another quote from the article linked above that is bound to raise some hackles among U.S. citizens:

[I]n its recent amicus brief to the U.S. District Court overseeing the injunction hearing on Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration bill S.B. 1070, the government of Mexico refers to Mexican illegal aliens as “its people” and “its citizens.” This is not a new perspective.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox appointed one Juan Hernandez to head a governmental agency called the Institute for Mexicans Abroad. According to Mr. Hernandez’s own website, the agency’s principal objective is to “serve and dignify the 24 million whom President Fox has called heroes — the countrymen who live in foreign lands.”

Mr. Hernandez explains: “We are betting on that the Mexican-American population in the United States…will think ‘Mexico first’ … But now I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think ‘Mexico first.’

Mexico first? Unto the seventh generation and beyond?!!

And we are supposed to be on board with Obama illegally giving these illegal aliens Social Security numbers so that they can take monies and benefits that rightfully belong to U.S. citizens? Even worse, so that they can and will illegally vote in our elections (as many already do)?

Imagine the gall of a country that files an amicus brief in our courts, arguing in favor of its “citizens“, millions of whom are in violation of our laws and sovereignty, when that same country does not allow any non-citizens to participate in its own politics.

It is worth noting that Barack Obama–who was admittedly a British subject at birth, later a Kenyan citizen, and still later an Indonesian citizen–had a foreign-citizen father who was never a permanent resident of the U.S.  (That’s if we take him at his word as to who his parents were.)

It is not known if Obama ever renounced any of his foreign citizenships.


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  1. Crusader 4 hours ago 1 12 … ^^^^^ comments….
    This is Obama’s claim to Selma

    So they got together & Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don’t tell ME I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don’t tell ME I’m not coming home to Selma, Alabama.”

    Only one problem with that, Barrack Obama, Jr., was born on August 4, 1961, while the first of the 3 — marches across that bridge in Selma didn’t occur until March 7, 1965, at least five years after Obama’s parents met. …..OMG!!!!! REALLY?????

    He also makes this claim later in the speech

  2. William 103p · 9 hours ago

    To correct my timeline mentioned in the above post whereby Obama Sr. and/or Ann Dunham never met in Selma Alabama in 1965, as Obama claims – here is the timeline. I posted 65 for the filing/divorce when it was in fact 63 filing and granted a March 64 divorce. One year prior to the Selma March.

    •Stanley Ann Dunham allegedly married Barack Obama, Sr. in 1961.
    •Barack Obama, Jr. was allegedly born on August 4, 1961 to Stanley Ann Dunham
    •Later in August of the same year, Dunham moved to Washington to attend University of Washington
    •Obama, Sr. continued studies in Hawaii until June 1962 and then went to Harvard.
    •Dunham met Lolo Soetoro in 1963
    •Obama and Dunham divorced in March 1964
    •Soetoro and Dunham married in 1965 in Hawaii (according to P3 in the files obtained, but 1964 in P5)
    •Soetoro leaves Hawaii for Indonesia in 1966, leaving behind Dunham and little Barry
    •Dunham and Barry would travel to Indonesia in 1967


  3. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
    I believe this was written originally abut the Trojan Horse but
    here is the modern equivalent since the Greeks elected a communist government to demand money to the people! (right on)

    Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos warns Europe that if no bailout of its economic crisis is forthcoming, his nation will flood Europe with migrants and jihadists, providing them with papers to travel legally throughout the continent.

    Greece is expected to go broke this month.

    Kammenos said: “If Europe leaves us in the crisis, we will flood it with migrants, and it will be even worse for Berlin if in that wave of millions of economic migrants there will be some jihadists of the Islamic State, too.”

    European Union finance chiefs are currently debating whether to continue a bailout plan, with Germany a deciding vote.

    “If they strike us, we will strike them,” the official said. “We will give to migrants from everywhere the documents they need to travel in the Schengen area, so that the human wave could go straight to Berlin.” The Schengen area is passport-free.

    Only Britain would be spared the threat, if carried out, as it has retained its border controls.

    Communists! Don’tya just hate em. ??
    Seriously folks, there is a caution here.
    If you want to visit southern Europe, like maybe you got some family there,
    like talking about Greece or Italy say Sardinia or Sicily, you are less than
    100 miles from isis in Libya, and if you were thinking about Malta,
    that’s like thirty miles and since isis is threatening to launch a naval
    invasion, I say vote with your feet and send the lefty elite governments
    of southern europe a clear message – This Crap Won’t Do.

    I’m taking the rail tour of Canada, me, next year!

    • Nothing like ensuring that they’re not going to get any help. Wait for it. After that sinks in a while, he’s going to say that he merely “misspoke” and that he didn’t mean it as a threat but just was saying what would likely happen when Greece fails.

      Yes, I do just hate communists.

      • p.s. I knew that European “union” was a major mistake. The Brits, thank goodness, weren’t stupid. It occurs to me that Mexico might totally do the same. Don’t you love it how these articles call that guy “right” wing?

  4. Joke of the day Miri, Right wing. 😀

  5. Just a little compare and contrast. Moral equivalence? What’s that?

    Regarding the police shooting of a black man who attacked pedestrians and a police officer in Madison, Wisconsin:

    ” … Madison: Wisconsin Circuit Court documents indicate Robinson [the perp] pleaded guilty in December to an armed robbery that occurred last April. But when [Police Chief] Koval was pressed for more details, he refused to talk about the teen’s record or any run-ins with law enforcement.

    “I could but I choose not to,” the chief said. “I frankly think it is, for our purposes today, wholly inappropriate and I am not going to blemish anyone’s character, particularly someone’s [sic] as young as his. [sic]” …”


    Now compare to how the characters of young white men are “protected”, but do note: in no way do I excuse or fail to condemn their racist chant:

    “… University President David Boren issued a statement saying the investigation into the Sigma Alpha Epsilon video was continuing.

    I have acted today to expel two students who were leaders in the singing of a racist chant,” Boren said in a tweet that linked to the statement. When the identities of others involved is confirmed, they will face “appropriate disciplinary action,” he said.

    Boren said the students had created a “hostile environment” for students and the university community.

    “I have emphasized that there is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the University of Oklahoma,” Boren said. “I hope the entire nation will join us in having zero tolerance of such racism when it raises its ugly head in other situations across our country.”

    The university did not immediately release the names of the students. The Oklahoma Daily, the university’s student newspaper, was among publications identifying one of the chant’s leaders as …”

    They go on to identify by name a student. One might also point out that the Ferguson “peaceful protesters” engaged in racist chants and even threats, but all politicians declared that they have a “right to free speech,” even when it included violating the rights of other individuals (such as by blocking streets and harassing them as they tried to eat in restaurants or enjoy a symphony concert). In addition, Mr. Robinson MOST ASSUREDLY got his due process and his day(s) in court, a chance to defend himself, and a trial either by jury or a judge. These white college students are PUNISHED immediately for WORDS, no due process whatsoever. They WILL BE HOUNDED for the rest of their days, no doubt. Their future DREAMED OF careers destroyed.

    Now here’s the final ironic kicker: the video of the fraternity members on a chartered bus, SOME OF WHOM were chanting using racist words, was supplied to the media BY A BLACK ORGANIZATION. In addition, we learn that the “Greek system” on that campus in OK is SEGREGATED, meaning that blacks have their own fraternities, as well as separatist student “organizations”.

    The gist of the chant involved these white fraternity members chanting that their fraternity will never admit a black person. Okay. It’s racist, beyond doubt, to use racial epithets (or threaten lynching, which I understand may also have been done) to describe black students. BUT, will the black fraternities now be forced to INTEGRATE, too? Will black student organizations be forced by the university leaders to integrate and NOT BE RACIALLY SEPARATIST? If not, why not? Why the huge double standard? Why the rush to judgment? What’s the other side of the story, IF ANY (although I really can’t imagine any excuse other than stupidity, being young, and maybe (one has to wonder) being under the influence of something besides testosterone).

    IF we are to consider age and mental status (Robinson is said to have ADHD and some other mental diagnosis) when dealing with blacks who offend, must we not ALSO consider age and mental status when dealing with whites who offend? Not to mention DUE PROCESS?

    What’s worse in the big scheme of things? Using the N-word in a chant on a private chartered bus OR armed robbery, conviction, followed by physically attacking people on the street and then attacking the police officer who responds in order to protect the lives of other innocent people? Hmmm?

    (In addition, the entire fraternity is being punished by dissolution of the fraternity and forcing the members to VACATE their building, which means that probably at least some innocents are being punished for the stupid words of others. Is THAT fair? Is THAT justice?)

    • Riddle me this: Who created the “hostile environment”? The people who chanted in a bus where nobody would hear except their own little cabal of whoever was on that CHARTERED bus OR the people who videotaped them and then deliberately broadcast the offensive words to the world?

      It would be interesting to know the circumstances of the trip. Did the university charter the bus? Was it any kind of “official” event? Or was it a private affair? Is it legal to surreptitiously videotape someone and then publicize the video, which leads to people being harmed for their WORDS? I’m just asking, because, if Ferguson has taught us nothing, it’s that people have FREE SPEECH RIGHTS. Or do they?

      Again, I’m not defending people who are ignorant enough and stupid enough to chant racial epithets. One would hope they would have better manners than that. That said, when will there be repercussions for others who shout, speak, chant racist words that attack people other than black?

    • That story linked above praises the chief of police for going to the family of the deceased teen and APOLOGIZING for their loss. Now what I want to know is: Does he do this all the time, whenever a citizen is shot by police, no matter the circumstances or races of the deceased and the officer? If a black officer kills a white teen, will the chief immediately go to the family to APOLOGIZE? It’s mind boggling.

      btw, read closely and you learn that the black chef at the fraternity is now out of a job, after working there for 14 years. In addition, the first comment reminds me that Obama has hosted at the WH his very special friends who RAP ABOUT racist topics and misogyny, not to mention sexual perversion. It seems the n-word is a-okay from some, but not others. Just as it was fine to hang Sarah Palin in effigy but not Barry. (imho, it’s not fine to do it to anyone, but there is, after all, free speech and expression–for some, apparently.)

      • YEP… as we PONDER the BOGGLING ^^ of ONES Gray Matter…
        SO just what MATTERS MOST?.. & .. 2 Whom & Why? REALLY…
        It’s only out of HAND .. as long as WTPOTUS.. Sit on OUR HANDS!
        I guess ..they R treating us like “dogs”… remember THAT ONE? !

  6. IT’S …NOW …. really JUST A GAME!!! DO U play Games? DO U
    Know HOW 2 WIN ? We “NOW” know the RULES written in BLOOD
    theirs OR OURS …… the rest is really UP 2 US ! GET READY…!

  7. This is interesting:

    “No, a public university may not expel students for racist speech …”

    Well, they did, didn’t they? There is no free speech for whites anymore. There is no Constitution anymore. There is no equal protection under the law anymore.

  8. Black? treat-in’ really Black like a BIG BAD “dog” ….O’ gets MAD!

  9. What crap that the Secretary of State thinks its A-OK to mix personal and business on one device. The Secretary of State conducting international business during wartime.. BULL.


  10. I guess I’m not the only one thinking along these lines:

    “The 10-second video of fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma (OU) singing a racist song has provoked national outrage, the destruction of the fraternity, and widespread calls for harsh punishments, with two students expelled just two days after the video leaked. But one of the United States’ premier campus civil liberties groups says that despite widespread calls for students to be expelled, everything contained within the video is actually constitutionally protected speech. …” [Not only that, but imho, the videographer and those who published the video may find themselves in legal trouble, too. The way I read the laws, it was an invasion of privacy to AUDIOTAPE something that occurs on private property (the property of the person or organization leasing the bus) if the videotaper did not get permission and if the person was not part of the “conversation”. People have not only free speech rights but the right to privacy. This was NOT public transportation. So far as I can tell, it did not happen on campus, but I could be wrong about the location. In any case, it was on a bus transporting that fraternity. One almost has to wonder, since this allegedly is a chant that was sung many times before, if someone was an instigator in order to be able to tape and then publicize this incident. iow, was this a “sting” of some kind?]

    They’d better think long and hard about the precedents they set. How hard does anyone have to look to find sexist statements by, say, the school’s star jocks, black, white or brown? Will THEY be expelled? Will the racist black fraternities be kicked off campus? What about Muslims who call for death of “infidels”? What about people who promote the racist concept of “white privilege,” which I find offensive?

    Here’s another:

    “Meanwhile, several legal experts agreed that the expulsions were on shaky legal ground. But at least one of them said the university president did the right thing morally, if not legally.

    “The irony here is that [Boren is] arguing he’s protecting the rights of some students while infringing on the 1st Amendment rights of other students,” said Joey Senat, an associate professor who teaches media law at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. “The speech is offensive, the speech is abhorrent, but the 1st Amendment protects unpopular speech.” …”

    Apparently that’s true only if one is a “person of color.” White people need not apply for equal protection under the law or the Constitution. Remember how the school out west banned white students from U.S. flying flags or wearing U.S. flag colors on Cinco de Mayo, on the excuse that the school is trying to protect students from “violence” that might occur as a result of Mexican-descended students who take offense at American patriotism?

    Look at the photo of the fraternity building. Now which “crime” is worse? Exercising one’s right to free speech, no matter HOW offensive, OR reacting with threats of violence and vandalism against a fraternity of men of which only a few have spoken offensively?

  11. BLACK GUILT vs … white guilty parties ….. I ponder…
    mother’s family emigrated from Saint Philip. The eldest of 2 brothers, Holder grew up in the Predominantly Black ….. neighborhood of East Elmhurst, Queens. …… (coming 2 America .. loved that movie!!!)

    Holder attended a public school in his neighborhood until the 4th grade, when HE …. was Selected … to participate … in a program for
    “intellectually gifted children” The school consisted of Predominantly White students, which Holder says Forced him to keep his “foot in both Worlds.” ?? ……. This only became more apparent when it came time
    to attend high school. While his Friends at home chose to attend public schools in Queens, Holder’s White schoolmates were taking an exam to enter the city’s most elite institutions.
    Holder got into the prestigious Stuyvesant High School, … 1 1/2 hr
    Commute from HIS home, which pulled him even farther away from
    HIS …..neighborhood friends …. & community.

    Holder says he concentrated mainly on his studies in high school, & felt OVER- Whelmed by the Rigorous Academic Demands “placed on him”
    at Stuyvesant. …..
    SO gifted more than some… BUTT’ still lacking?

  12. My head’s going to explode. Consider:

    “Possibly caught in the collateral damage was a black chef who worked for SAE, Howard Dixon. By Monday morning, an online fundraiser set up for Dixon had raised more than $40,000. [Good for them! The fraternity brothers set this up.]

    A similar online fundraiser for the fraternity’s white house mother, Beauton Gilbow, was taken down after a short video clip emerged Monday night showing Gilbow repeatedly using a racial slur while singing along with a popular rap song, “All Gold Everything,” by Trinidad James, which repeatedly uses the slur.

    I am heartbroken by the portrayal that I am in some way racist,” Gilbow said in a statement to News9-TV. “I have friends of all races and do not tolerate any form of discrimination in my life. I was singing along to a Trinidad song but completely understand how the video must appear in the context of the events that occurred this week.” …”

    So, if one is black, it’s okay to write, sing, sell “rap songs” that use racial slurs. IF, however, one is white and SINGS ALONG WITH THE SONG, then that person is labeled a racist and should not be compensated when she loses her job unfairly as a result of the university illegally violating the free speech rights of someone else (no matter how offensive).

    Obama can invite to the WH “rap artists” who use the n-word and disgusting sexist language, not to mention violent imagery, and that’s fine. All well and good. They’re just exercising their right to free speech.

    But woe betide the white woman who SINGS ALONG WITH A SONG SHE SOMEHOW MUST LIKE (why?), and she’s labeled a racist to be punished?!! For what? Simply for being white? What other conclusion can you draw? If a person of any other color sings along with that song, will s/he be labeled a racist unworthy of sympathy? This road leads to nowhere good.

    Does ANYONE have privacy anymore? Can anyone ever be shielded from these kinds of witch hunts? Who videotaped this woman and what right do they have to publicize that video, misrepresent it, and hold her up for slander? How sad.

    This is so out of control. There is no common sense anymore. It’s like the Salem witch hunts. There is blood in the water now and all this capitulation does, all this rush to judgment and lack of due process, and throwing out the window even the concept of free speech rights for offensive speech, only ENCOURAGES MORE OF THIS. Will anyone ever be safe from being secretly videotaped and then hounded on the Internet?

    • IF that rap “song” is played in the black fraternities or anywhere on campus, will the person playing the song be expelled? Here’s Trinidad, btw. I thought it would be a woman. More fool I:

      Let’s take a wild guess about the lyrics of his songs. Sexist, too? Violent? Be back in a flash. Okaaay. A little taste of that “song”:

      This ain’t for no f*ck n*gga
      You a real n*gga then f*ck with me
      This one for the hood n*ggas
      Hipster bitches
      For the hoes, my n*gga
      That’s p*ssy popping at Magic City …
      Them bad hoes at Onyx
      I don’t f*ck with no snitches …

      AS SUSPECTED. Sexist, racist, misogynistic, violent. But he has his free speech rights. Tell me: WHY would any white woman know this “song”, much less sing along with it? Even worse, she’s reported to be 79 years old. Likely, the white kids introduced her to this “song”. WHY? This writer argues that the university was wrong to expel the students and yet he calls the 79-year-old woman a racist and a liar. Nice.


    Note the date: January 15, 2015. This is the group that “outed” the fraternity. They presented grievances to the university president months ago. Does the outsized response make more sense now? Does it seem possible there was a setup here (no matter how stupid some were to fall into a possible trap)? There are far too many instances of progressive dirty tricks for me NOT to wonder about this case. It reminds me of the university president who bent over for the “peaceful protesters” at St. Louis University. And look! It comes right on the heels of Barry’s speech in Selma about how we need to mobilize and fight racism because it’s still out there. (Yes, it is, and EVERY RACE has racists. And sexists. And etc., etc., etc.) I’m heartened by the number of people who say this is a dangerous precedent, to expel those students. A dangerous precedent. I’ll say.

    Consider the irony:

    The Black Student Association’s president is not surprised.

  14. now for a beautiful …story of love & PROTECTION… I wish WE all
    could just pause & linger a bit – just what does it take to LOVE & CARE?

    • That is a sad but wonderful, goosebump-raising story. I feel for that child and wonder what, if anything, will she remember from that horrible incident. God bless her. May her mother be with her always.

  15. Now tell me. Is THIS racist?

    “In Oklahoma the media is decrying a group of university students for expressing racist opinions while on a bus. However, in Chicago a government funded public school is giving racist instructions via “Blacks Only” assembly. The same media = (((crickets)))

    Imagine if a public High School held a student in-school assembly event for “Whites Only” and the teachers stood at the door as enforcers to keep black students out. Do you think the media or community might have a problem with that? Yet, in Chicago that’s exactly what happened. Oak Park and River Forest High School held a school student meeting in the auditorium – only the black students were allowed entry, the white students were told they were not permitted to attend. …”

    We’re spitting into the wind here, folks. What the heck has happened to COMMON SENSE in this country?

  16. Another ….B S …. story will get THEM off the HOOK…once MORE!
    a Judge & the Immigration Program see nothing – hear nothing wrong?

  17. Jonp11, Sioux Falls, United States, 10 minutes ago …(COOL)

    I believe we should all hearken back to something Hillary said in 2007 when drilling David Petraeus. “I think that the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief.” Additionally, I believe Clinton’s remarks today, using “convenience” as some sort of an excusable justification, really shows the true arrogance of the political class. This is indicative of the do as I say, not as I do mentality in Washington. We can argue all day about whether or not Mrs Clinton’s actions were legal or not, but how about we just settle on using this as an example of why her judgment disqualifies her to be president of the …… United States. !!!!!!

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Good point about her words to Petraeus who, btw, was recently nailed to the wall for having classified data off site.

  18. Got to give it up: Pharrell and Robin Thicke must pay $7m to Marvin
    Gaye’s children for copying Blurred Lines from soul legend’s music …

    Now 4 a Black & White Crime…of sorts….. it all just got BLURRED!!!!

  19. ~ AvengerK ~ Mar. 10, 2015 … Defiant “RULES” by Hillary CLINTON

    “At the end, I chose not to keep my private, personal emails, emails about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends, as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes,” she told reporters.

    A more obvious attempt to play on emotions (a typical liberal trick) in order to turn suspicion into compassion I’ve never seen before. Funerals, condolences, weddings, family vacations….

    And “yoga routines”? Hillary has put on even more weight recently (the pressure must be getting to her) and she’s trying to tell us she does yoga?

    This is how I know she’s lying & hiding something…it’s just too obvious a ploy. ….. so watch HER Slip thru the SLIME & MUCK of LIES!!!!!

  20. DUST off YOUR FLAG …..FOLKS….. a very sick WORLD ????

    • So now the U.S. flag comprises “hate speech?” Indeed this is becoming a sick country, if not a sick world. So then is flying the Mexican flag in U.S. public schools an example of hate speech, too?

  21. O’ Wise “WON’ …. 4 sure is not a Christian – 38 on the LIST …

  22. صاشف هس قثشمم عح صفاهفتنتسمىءىؤتي أ


    Exactly what I said! Anybody playing or singing racist and sexist and violent rap “music” should also be expelled. Isn’t it creating a hostile environment ON CAMPUS when young men loudly blast those sexist rap songs everywhere that young women will hear them? I find it totally hostile and offensive, and if I had a daughter on campus, I’d be letting my voice be heard about that issue right now. Todd Starnes says,

    “while the fraternity’s chant was “disgusting and racist” and clearly inappropriate, he believes that the university’s leadership is enforcing a double standard: “Oklahoma’s president says that ‘those who have misused their free speech in such a reprehensible way’ are ‘disgraceful’ and I agree. And I hope he applies the same standard the next time a student plays racially offensive rap music. The same standard should apply to all.”

  24. I guess the Hillary thing has now reached Watergate proportions,
    maybe it should get a new thread,
    for example,
    AP sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records

    But for me, I wonder if Hillary’s life is in actual danger now.
    I am not saying I want that to happen – for I do not!
    But we have seen other individuals with likely inside knowledge die in mysterious cicumstances, form Loretta Fuddy to the passport fiddler,
    from Brietbart to the Rolling stones newsguy,
    in each case these people had real potential knowledge and died.
    Now Hillary?
    Well, the prevailing wisdom is that she is to carry on the leftist movement started by obama, but what is on that server?
    It’s too high profile now!
    Maybe it’s just a bit of incompetent apple pie baking,
    but I doubt that WH invested their reputation in knowlingly moving all
    this stuff to a secret location (like obama’s personal blackberry) just
    because Hillary said she would like it to be that way.
    If there is stuff on that server that will topple the government,
    the calculation might have already been made.

    There is a really tense British Spy Thriller, a classic now,
    called Defence of the Realm. (British spelling of defense)
    There’s a lesson in it.
    When you realize that they are now finally on to you, DO NOT GO HOME,
    not to even pick up your car keys or say goodbye to your lover.
    I recommend the film, and if Hillary has something happen to her,
    like her house blows up due to a gas leak, you read it here first.

  25. Defense of the Realm ~ (1986) ^^^ a real Thriller ~
    ~ Quotes ~
    Ministry Man: ~ You would agree, would you not, that certain things
    bearing on the defence of the realm are best left unsaid.

    Nicholas ‘Nick’ Mullen: ~ If you mean covered up, no, I wouldn’t.

  26. ‘Quite naive’
    “I argued with them that they should release it,” the emeritus professor said in the telephone interview from North Carolina, one stop on his tour of Wellesley alumnae groups to discuss their favorite topic these days, the political development of Hillary Clinton.
    “The more you hide something, ~ the more people will want it,”

    Alan H. Schechter said. “It was a stupid political decision, obviously,
    at the time.”

  27. 9-6- 2007 How the Clintons wrapped up HILLARY’S thesis

    Said she emailed with Bill…
    BUT spokesman claims he only has sent two in his life…
    Circus back in town…
    Media Demons Return To Haunt…
    Huma and Cheryl Mills used private emails at State…
    VIDEO: Wacth her age 50 years in 60 seconds…
    FLASHBACK: Deputy independent counsel says he wrote
    …. ‘rough draft indictment’ of Hillary…

  29. While China is a leader of electronic production, the U.S. is a leader of pornography.

    ~kbech • 2 minutes ago
    O’.. has something on everyone, ‘friends’ and enemies. He keeps them
    in line by threatening to expose their ‘sins’ & no ONE is exempt.

    ~Lucy • 15 minutes ago
    I bet Hillary has the PROOF… of O’s birth. She almost USED it in 08. Wouldn’t that be Great. Love to see them destroy each Other. !!!

    • All of the above is highly likely. Remember when the Clintons took office and immediately ordered 900 FBI files transferred to the WH for perusal? Now what could they possibly have been doing with all those files? This personal server in her home (or in Manhattan, an alternate suggested location) could contain WHO KNOWS WHAT AND ON WHOM?

  30. Hillary Insider: Email scandal “INSIDE JOB” by… Obama? O’ sure

    • Well, you know, if this is true … what is it that they say? Payback is a b-word? Tell us the truth, Bill, about Barry. YOU KNOW IT. You’ve suggested as much. It’s ABOUT TIME for the truth to come out. Are you going to stand by while this ******* (fill in the blank) ruins her chances AGAIN? (Not that I won’t be doing a happy dance if she has zero chance once again.) Do we believe this or is this just another ploy? Was Hillary taking a deliberate fall in 2008 and is she again slated for another one this time, just so they can grease the skids for the next “first” wunderkind–Fauxcahonatas, the first female fake Indian president? Wheels within wheels. I believe NOTHING, except I do believe that Barry and Val-Jar do not want to see the “great one”, in their never-humble opinion, succeeded by Hillary Clinton (and Bill).

      OK. I read on and now I know this is BS. The particular BS is that Barry and Val-Jar (meme alert/propaganda alert) think that HILLARY IS TOO CENTRIST!!!! OMG. I’m going to choke to death laughing.

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