The Challenge of Multitasking with Two Phones

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Apparently it’s a monumental challenge for a particular type of woman to multitask by carrying around two phones. That sort of woman prefers “convenience,” she says. Other women, however, are perfectly capable of handling two phones as well as a newborn babe. (And they’re smart enough to know that you can have more than one email address per smart phone.)

Maybe THAT’S the type of woman we need as our first female president–an honest one, to boot!

We don’t need no stinkin’ obfuscating dingbat.

Run, Sarah, run. Pretty please?


90 responses to “The Challenge of Multitasking with Two Phones

  1. This article recounts the extremes that Hillary went to in 1992/93 to ensure that her thesis (about Alinsky, remember?) was hidden from view. The university went so far as to create a policy especially to cover her: the school “closed access to any thesis written by a U.S. president or first lady, a rule affecting only Hillary D. Rodham’s thesis.” Apparently, now that she’s no longer First Lady and not yet (let’s hope never) a president, her thesis is available for anybody to READ, but not copy, publish, or transcribe in full, because in 1992 she also made sure to copyright it. So even after all these years, Hillary is still HIDING her past. It’s so interesting at this point to see the media accusing Hillary of EVERYTHING that Obama has done and continues to do, to the detriment of the entire country.

    The more they write (finally) about the machinations of the Clintons, the more we can appreciate that Obama has been using their playbook for lo these many years.


    “A day after Hillary Clinton’s explanation of her use of a private email account while secretary of state, a State Department watchdog reported that only a fraction of the department’s emails have been preserved. The Inspector General’s report says that of the 1 billion emails sent by State Department employees in 2011, just over 61,000 were kept. …”

    That, and then there’s the fact that Hillary previously said she gave 90% of her emails from her personal server to the archives at State, until she then said, yesterday, that there were 60,000 and she gave HALF of them to the archives at State. So 90% = 50% in Hillary math?


    I won’t rehash this incident. I said my piece yesterday. What I want to point out in this article is a curiosity I noticed. How many times have you seen Michael Brown referred to in the media as a “man”? I have NEVER seen him referred to as a man. He was 18 years old. He was ALWAYS referred to as a “teen” or a “teen-ager” or an 18-year-old. NOTICE, however, in the above article about the two college students who were expelled unconstitutionally from the U of OK for racist chanting that they are referred to as “men”. I understand, from what others have said, that they were freshman, but that could be wrong. In any case, they’re COLLEGE students, so probably in their teens or early twenties. The story does not call them “teens” or “teen-agers” or 19-year-olds (or however old they are) or even always “students” but sometimes calls them “men”. WHY IS THAT? What wasn’t Trayvon Martin ever called a “man”? Are whites referred to as “men” to imply they have more responsibility for their own actions than do 18-year-old, unarmed black teens? I’m just wondering what the standard is here and WHY the difference in terminology.

    • Remember my wild hypothesis yesterday about a potential setup, especially considering that the group that “outed” the chanters met in JANUARY with Boren with a list of DEMANDS for black-oriented goodies at U of OK? Now consider this juicy tidbit from the above story which just happens to fit with the subject of this post (and I don’t mean Sarah, but I DO mean Hillary):

      ““A president of the university speaks for the institution, and so they need to be pretty careful about what rhetoric they use,” Scott said. “That’s the concern I have here.” [Boren had called the chanters “racists” and “bigots”, which, imho, is pretty harsh language to use when talking about teen-agers.]

      A first amendment professor at UCLA School of Law, Eugene Volokh, wrote for the Washington Post that the move could start what he called “censorship envy”.

      “Consider the president’s statement to the students: ‘You will be expelled because of your leadership role in leading a racist and exclusionary chant which has created a hostile educational environment for others,’” wrote Volokh. “Similar things could be said about a vast range of other speech,” he said, pointing out offensive speech about women, the LGBT community and religious denominations.

      The university president, Boren is a former Democratic governor of Oklahoma and US senator for the state. A long-time adviser to the Clinton family …”

      Volokh has a great point about how, now that the precedent has been set, we will probably see a host of similar incidents with similar unfortunate results (innocent people like the chef, the house mother, and all the OTHER non-chanting frat members being “collateral damage”).

      Wait for it. How long before some LGBT with a wild hair makes an accusation about Christians creating a “hostile educational environment” for gays?

      As for Boren, my crummy memory strikes again. I didn’t place him as a former governor BUT isn’t it interesting that he’s a special friend of the CLINTONS?

      • I’ll go on record again that gangsta rap on campuses most DEFINITELY, imho, creates a hostile environment for any female who hears it. Hands down, no contest. It’s definitely sexist. It’s definitely hostile. It’s definitely threatening. When do WOMEN get equal treatment on college campuses and throughout society? We’re not all Beyonce, willing to kneel down … well, I won’t go there, even if she did in her “song” to her “guy”.

        I love this organization. I remember talking about it here, long ago:

        “… Even if neither of these students choose to challenge OU’s actions, their punishment remains a threat to freedom of expression on campus, and no student can be sure what action administrators may take against them with no notice or meaningful opportunity to be heard.

        A growing number of media outlets are pointing out that whatever one’s personal feelings about the chant in question may be, the university’s actions are inconsistent with our nation’s broad free speech protections. …”

        Indeed. First they came for … Soon it may be YOUR speech that the progs consider unworthy of constitutional protection and worthy of SWIFT, UNCONSTITUTIONAL PUNISHMENT WITHOUT DUE PROCESS.

        The people who SHOULD sue are everyone inconvenienced and unfairly punished by this unconstitutional, hasty punishment. Namely, the chef, the house mother, and everyone else who was kicked out of his housing based upon what someone else said.

        Oh, wait. Sorry. I said I said my piece yesterday, and here I go again.

        But I think this is important. It’s not the chants; it’s the danger of these progs who are EVERYWHERE getting away with flouting our Constitution.

        I do not think it’s an accident. Boren may as well have said what Barry always says, “I HAD TO ACT swiftly. It was the right thing to do.” Subtext being that the LAW and PROCESS and the Constitution don’t matter, so long as BARRY (or Boren) does what HE deems is the RIGHT THING. Trust him. Do you DARE? (They trusted Hitler, for a while.)

        • Does THIS sound like Barry? I think so:

          “OU has written procedures that dictate that students facing punishment for conduct code violations must receive notice of the charges against them, a meeting to discuss the charges with the Student Conduct Office, and a hearing if timely requested. The procedures even afford students additional safeguards when they are facing expulsion. Yet Rice and Pettit were informed by the university president—not the conduct board—that they were to be expelled based solely, apparently, on President David Boren’s judgment of the case. And Boren’s letter does not even specify what part of the student conduct code Rice and Pettit supposedly have violated—the most basic information they would need in order to defend themselves against punishment by the university.”

          So what about the written procedures? Like Barry’s attitude about the laws and the Constitution, Boren “can’t wait” and “has to act” because it’s “the right thing to do.”

        • We’re not all Beyonce, willing to kneel down … well, I won’t go there, even if she did in her “song” to her “guy”.
          You have to know this, even if is tangential to the thread – about beyonce:
          Put “Sasha Fierce” into your search engine.
          I won’t select a result for you.
          Sometimes things actually are what they are.

          • That’s scary, Dave. Remember the stories about Barry being heard chanting before a similar transformation? She has some of the same expressions that he does at times. Her neck? Yikes! Is she similar to Mooch, btw? It comes to me that maybe …

            • Came across this link, too, which reminded me of something Dr. Eowyn had the other day about 666 being imbedded in Disney logos and also about the ABC TV show with 13-year-old boys kissing. btw, coincidence? The writer of the iconic song in Frozen has “long championed LGBT ‘rights’.” Glee? Rent? More pushing of the agenda. This article points out a few more pro-gay moments in that Disney movie and other Disney movies that are more blatant. Who knew? Not I.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            Yes Dave…her admission to not being able to do what Sasha does onstage ranks below Bob Dylan’s admission to Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes, and alongside Katy Perry’admission (she, the daughter.of a pastor) Sometimes, things ARE actually what they are, as you wrote!

  4. Foxy Lady !!!! Megan Kelly finds the needle in the haystack – Emailgate. Form 109 !!!!

  5. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Ferguson erupts again. When will enough be enough? To put it frankly, these people are damned ingrates! GO TO WORK! You are devastating your hometown,

    Race relations, as predicted, are much worse since the purported mulatto president took office. Again, his alleged “mother” and “grandparents” must have been awful for him to hate white people with such vengeance. Holder too. BOUO (Bastards of Unknown Origin~ TM, RW)

    • That is so true, RW. They wonder how something like that racist chant in OK can happen in 2015. Well, ask Obama and Holder. They’re the ones who incite racism by their own blatant racism. After people see honorable people lose their jobs because of a LIE (hands up) AND because of their race (white), how else will other whites react? With resentment. It’s only human and natural.

      Instead of trying to bring people together and heal wounds that seemed to be healing until the “post-racial” Obama showed up, he and Holder (and Soros) are inciting as fast as they can.

      Was the trumped-up report on the so-called racist Ferguson city NECESSARY? No, it was not. It was red meat intended to APPEASE the mob, since even Holder couldn’t persecute Darren Wilson any more than they have already. Now they got an unprecedented six WHITE people to resign and the mob is still not happy. They want more. They taste blood in the water, so they keep on pushing. They want the mayor and ALL the police fired (don’t know whether that includes the black cops, but probably so, because they’re surely “Uncle Toms” or else would just be collateral damage like the chef in OK). I ponder and despair.

      BOUO. That’s good.

    • Hey, alfy! Where ya been? We missed you.

    • Wow. That’s some allegation. They suspected that somebody ratted. Nothing would surprise me with that cabal.

      btw, wasn’t Huma Wiener a government employee, too? In which case, she also violated the law and policies when SHE used an email address on the Clinton server. I wonder if they’ve done FOIA on HER email?

  6. Obama’s insurance!!! :facepalm:

  7. If racism is a problem in Ferguson, then perhaps we should look at the party in power.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I am too damn tired (not to sound like Shrew Clinton) to be politically correct. Let’s call as spade a spade: when a subculture is generations removed from any sense of normalcy, civility, manners, and decency, how can deviance not the be end result?

      When LBJ’s policies discouraged black men from working hard to support their families, discouraged marriage, encouraged teen pregnancy (more mouths to feed= more monthly government support) generations ago resulting in no collective memory of any work ethic whatsoever …where those who attempt to escape their shackles are told to “stop trying to act white” ….where children are left to raise themselves like feral animals, or at best, raised by those who were left to raise themselves as feral animals…where sloth and “sticking it to whitey” is encouraged…..well, this is the end result.

      I wonder how well planned this destruction of the black community was? And I wonder who “The Planners” were? Disgraceful.

      • I agree, RW. It was far too successful to be an accident. Even now, the progressives play the black community like a fiddle. I read something somewhere yesterday about what James Carville (Clinton shill) really feels about THEIR voters (which, by definition, means he knows the opposite about conservative voters). What he said was, in effect, that “the truth is whatever we DemoncRATS can convince people IS true (whether or not it is true)” and that the DemoncRATS KNOW how easily they can make their voters THINK what they want them to think. IOW, they know how “STUPID” (Gruber) and MALLEABLE their voters are, which explains why they move them around like pieces on a chessboard. Conversely, then, they MUST KNOW that they can’t fool all the people all the time because the REST of the people who don’t believe their lies vote Republican, Libertarian, or at least conservative. IOW, despite the lies they like to tell about non-liberals, those are the people who are SMART ENOUGH to see through the DemoncRAT BS and lies. All of which explains why the DemoncRATS want to import millions more undereducated and underprivileged illegal alien voters.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          And what was it LBJ said? No one here needs a reminder. He was a dog who many people believe was behind Dallas. But I won’t delve into that though. There is too much to deal with right now.

    • Artful DOJer! That’s great. As for statistics: What percentage of the looters and arsonists in Ferguson were black as compared to the black population of Ferguson? We’ve seen the videos of looters-in-search-of-booze-meat-and-hair-extensions, so you be the judge. iirc, I read that the Artful DOJer’s report deliberately did NOT identify the home city of those stopped for traffic offenses in Ferguson, SO it’s invalid to compare the percentage of white versus black violaters with their percentage in the home population of that city. But the Artful DOJer KNOWS THAT, which is why his peeps failed to take THAT “variable” into account.

  8. save this; it’s proof that Ruth Nidesand did exist and I can cross reference her every which way you want to. If you look for Ruth Beatrice Baker or Ruth Nidesand or Ndesandjo I can still put her with these people in Texas.

    Here Arthur Anthony Baker is 69 years old and theres much more. I can cross reference these people also to the last name Ochoa and you can find Ruth Nidesand as Ruth Beatrice Ochoa too. Too much here to explain, but whatever you do save this for future. You’re going to need it.
    Ms. Nidesand existed before Ms. Janny Scott(whatever her name is) wrote that she was Ms. Ruth Baker ,but they aren’t Bakers from Newton Ma. They are Bakers from all over Texas and she ties to Ochoa in Texas too. Now Ms. Ruth Beatrice Nides, Nidesand, Ochoa, Baker, Ndesandjo really gets around. O what a tangled WEB!!!!!

  9. Mooch partying with the Iranians in our house. 👿

  10. Ryan J. Reilly Become a fan

    Eric Holder Condemns ‘Damn Punk’ Who Shot Cops In Ferguson

  11. ~ Harvey 7 minutes ago …@ yahoo
    The Media is to Blame for Fueling the Tension & Drumming for More Publicity. I was amazed at the report that over $5 million dollars in just overtime has been spent from the time of this Brown incident thru December for police work in Ferguson. It wasn’t even including the time of the grand jury let alone the Federal government investigation which proved the innocence of the officer involved in the shooting. EACH of the incidents must be handled on a case by case basis by law enforcement NOT…. collectively by the Media or any of the public who were not directly involved. When some one is under attack & in fear of their life adrenalin plays more of a role than the ability to control shot placement. It did not help that Mr. Holder knowing he is leaving office took the liberty to also help with the incitement with his comments. If every crime committed is not handled by local jurisdiction & a Federal investigation is requested every time we will be heading down the path of bankruptcy not to mention a Civil War. !!!!

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      I believe a Civil War is what they are looking for, Zen. But the timing isn’t quite right. 20 months until the next election. Too soon. Unless a Jefferson Davis appears, that is.

      • I have often Marveled at our Founders & their understanding of Proper Rebellion. They understood that God alone is the author of liberty
        (2Cor 3:17) & that it was our duty to Him to defend & protect the precious Gift He had bestowed upon this nation (Gal 5:1). And they understood & declared that government’s proper role was to protect these God-given rights. While many may think that our Founders rebelled against an authority that was appointed by God to rule over them, the Declaration of Independence made it clear that they were rebelling against a monarchy that was lawless & infringed upon the God-given rights of the people instead of protecting them. Their list of declared offenses was long. Unfortunately, it contained many commonalities with our American experiences today, such as imposing taxes upon us without our consent (a/k/a Obamacare); & joining with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution and unacknowledged by our laws (UN treaties). Today we have a government that passes unconstitutional legislation, circuitous amnesty, & oppressive taxation that exceeds the powers they are granted in our Constitution- sometimes with nothing more than a Pen…. & …. Phone. …. !!!!

      • I think Barry and Holder are upset about the shooting only because it might dissuade some of his paid (and unpaid) peaceful protesters from showing up. The progs who are on board with this “revolution” are nothing if not narcissists themselves. They may believe in their “cause” but they certainly value their own behinds more, so if they think that there’s ANY possibility that they might get caught in crossfire when other “peaceful protesters” shoot at LEOs, then they might stay home and then what? Their planned race war, revolution, followed by a commie dictatorship will fizzle. SO, in the meantime, they’ll pretend to be upset about the “punks” who shot at the police, keeping in mind, of course, that these “punks” are just “lone wolves.”

      • For sure, Rose, So that Barry can declare Martial Law and stay in power forever. 👿

    • Excellent! Susan Daniels says,

      ” As the Obama administration continues to attempt to bankrupt the country as quickly as it can, it is paying social security benefits to 6.5 million people over the age of 112. That strains the credulity of even the most liberal in our society. Especially when a quick look at the 2010 census records attached reveals that the number of Americans 100 years or older totals 53,364, including both males and females. That reflects a 5.8% jump from 2000 when the number totaled 50,454. (

      There is no plausible reason that a person with an average IQ, even a government employee, would not see the serious flaws in the money being paid out. Part of the problem stems from the fact that unless a family submits a bill to the government for the $255 death benefit, the number is not added to the Master File Death Index.

      The solution is so simple it boggles the mind. Start by making it mandatory that every hospital, coroner, nursing home and funeral home be required to report all deaths to the Social Security Administration. Yes, there will be duplicate reports but so what and it will only take minutes to do?

      Then take the 2010 census, verify those 53,364 people are still alive and cut everyone else off. There are 60,000 private investigators in the country, most would volunteer to help. We could each verify one person as still alive in less than five minutes. I volunteer to look up ten.”

      My gosh, I’d volunteer to do thousands, if not all of them, especially if it’s true that it takes less than 5 minutes each! Imagine if WTPOTUS could actually put our heads together and do this. But, of course, the bureaucrats would NEVER STAND FOR efficiency.

      • Protester Taunts Cops After Two Police Officers Shot in Ferguson
        3719 comments · 12 hours ago
        A Murderous Mob Incited by Holder and Obama
        1438 comments · 9 hours ago
        Obama, Holder, Sharpton Stoke Flames, Ferguson Officers Shot
        679 comments · 6 hours ago
        Obama Tweets Prayers For Shot Ferguson Officers
        384 comments · 3 hours ago
        Over 100k Sign White House Petition to Prosecute GOP Senators for Treason, Forcing Obama to Respond
        1924 comments · 18 hours ago
        Univision Host Compares Michelle Obama to Ape
        290 comments · 4 hours ago
        First Muslim College in US to Gain Accreditation
        1849 comments · 1 day ago
        Holder: Ferguson Shooter ‘A Damn Punk’
        134 comments · 3 hours ago
        Sharpton: No Protester I Know ‘Would Condone’ Ferguson Cop Shooting

  12. Remember the kids in OK who were severely punished for a racist chant they performed on a privately chartered bus, which only came to light because someone saw fit to record it and then inflame the campus, the state, the country, and the world with it? Well, seems it all depends upon what color you are, how people should react to words:

    “After a press conference from St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar on the overnight shootings of two police officers in Ferguson, CNN anchor Carol Costello pressed Missouri State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal on whether the protests had taken an ugly turn.

    Costello mentioned chalk graffiti found at the protest site stating “pigs kill yourselves.”

    “One of the things Chief Belmar discussed is an ambush,” Chapelle-Nadal said. “And this is the same feeling and language that many of my constituents have felt for a very long time. Under attack, being harassed consistently for years on end. So if someone is drawing something on the ground, that is a non-violent way to express oneself.”

    Some people would take that as a threat,” Costello said.

    “What we have to do is protect people who are feeling hurt on both sides,” Chapelle-Nadal replied. …”

    Let’s paraphrase: If someone is chanting something on a privately chartered bus, that is a NON-VIOLENT WAY TO EXPRESS ONESELF.

    So, does Chapelle-Nadal feel the same way about the white teens from OK and what they said as she does about whoever wrote that threat against cops in Ferguson? Will she go on record defending those white teens’ free speech rights?

  13. March 12, 2015 ~ Dem Rival Twisting the Kwwnife in Hillary ~
    By Thomas Lifson .. & much more…. FUN…. @AT

    It begins! Like a wounded gazelle on the Serengeti, the “inevitable”

    Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton is attracting predators.

  14. Huhn?
    The $500K Green Card: Obama, Clinton Kin Courted by Foreign Middlemen

  15. O’ LORETTA Lynch the Ties that BIND THEE … confirmation???

  16. .. sounds like when BHO ??? who? was new 2 … I hear OK + ??
    I hear that Bill wants Hillary to run / win more than she does…. she
    may have more dirty laundry…or wants to spend much more time with
    her …baby huma? or maybe DUMP…. BILLY 4 good? she’s a snake

  17. Rosemary Woodhouse

    HEADS UP: Don’t ever…and I mean never,,,,,post anything about Cruz potentially not being a NBC on Breitbart. Don;t say I didn’t warn you!


    • Isn’t it odd that so little coverage was given to this? I watched the national news that evening and it wasn’t even covered. RIP. God bless and keep them. I wonder and ponder WHY.


    Actually, I’m more than a little tired of the topic, but it’s gratifying that Apuzzo notes what I always note when addressing the obot arguments about what an NBC is:

    “The authors cite to the Naturalization Act of 1790 and ignore the fact that the Naturalization Act of 1795, with the lead of then-Rep. James Madison and with the approval of President George Washington, repealed it and specifically changed “shall be considered as natural born citizens” to “shall be considered as citizens of the United States.” This is even more a blatant omission given that they argue that the English naturalization statutes referred to persons born out of the King’s dominion to British subject parents as “natural born subjects.” They fail to address this critical change made by our early Congress, critical because Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 provides that a “Citizen” of the United States was eligible to be President only if born before the adoption of the Constitution and that thereafter only a “natural born Citizen” was so eligible. Hence, Congress referring to one as a citizen rather than a natural born citizen, given the presidential eligibility requirements of Article II, was a serious thing. They do not discuss what the language of the 1790 Act, “shall be considered as,” meant. They fail to address the issue that this was naturalization language and nothing more. They fail to discuss whether Congress even had the constitutional power to make anyone born out of the United States a natural born citizen, if that was Congress’s intent in the first place. …”

    The obots ALWAYS refer to the 1790 law which was repealed/changed only 5 years later, when the Congress realized the IMPLICATIONS of considering such citizens “as natural born citizens”.

    In arguing that Cruz is an NBC, the Harvard authors say only someone who needs to naturalize is not a natural born citizen. And yet, in Cruz’s instance, what he more correctly is, is a naturalized born citizen, not a natural born citizen. Without Congress making it so, he would not have received automatic naturalized U.S. citizenship at birth. iow, they passed a law to automatically naturalize such children at birth.

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