Global Villages …

It takes a global village …

Kansas1906 - Copy


Elephants_in_Kenya - Copy


capitol hill house (2) - Copy


Bali-Indonesia - Copy


Hawaii - Copy


Occidental_College_in_the_1920's - Copy


Pakistan - Copy


Central_park - Copy


Chicago - Copy


… to raise a Global Village Idiot:


gayparis - Copy


145 responses to “Global Villages …

    • Oh, that’s a good headline. Wish I’d thought of it. Just an excellent, excellent post. Wish I’d written it. Kudos.


        That’s an excellent post, too. GP points out that Barry is using the “spirit of Selma” to push for his illegal amnesty for illegal aliens, when it will be mostly blacks who will be impacted and lose jobs to illegal aliens.

        • ~ Yehuda Levi • an hour ago
          For some reason, Obama & Holder both seem to be Hoping that we R back in the Selma days. We Aren’t…….

          They are so Desperate for this that they try to Fabricate Events to Match their own Fantasies ….. of being civil rights Heroes…….

          Neither R a civil rights Hero – they are simply Racists of a different kind.

          ~ camp7 • 14 minutes ago
          What gets me is Obama is so OBsessed with his own Racist Mania he even refuses to acknowledge Holder’s feeble admission of “NO credible evidence” in reference to Ferguson. Now he’s grasping 4 straws using “Selma is NOW” like he spouted “remember during the Crusades”.

          How can a-n-y-o-n-e take this jerk seriously? …??? >>> ???

  1. ~ AR154U • 2 hours ago @ WND…O’ sees Racism “Everywhere” ??

    Of course Obama sees Racism everywhere,.. with vision like his,.. he’s been able to go to school FREE because of his RACE,.. get elected to Senate because of his RACE,.. get elected & re-elected president because of his RACE !!!
    When Obama is criticized it’s because of his RACE !!
    When Obama loses a court battle it’s because of his RACE !!
    When Obama is caught in scandal it’s because of his RACE !!
    When Obama scandals are exposed it’s because of his RACE !!

    TREATING the ones.. soon 2 follow… level the play-ing-field now…
    he’s getting us ready 2 see nothing say nothing do nothing eat..CRAP!

  2. School decides No More Homework!

    They’re spinning with the question: So teachers will have less work?

    No! Its so parents do not know what their children are ‘”learning” (and not learning) in school. No More Homework = Shut The Parents Out.

    Yeah, we know studying doesn’t really help a child or anyone for that matter.

  3. QUOTES… from our Character MASTER in chief…..

  4. YES…. things are BOUNCING OFF the WALLS…. BRING IT ON BABY!
    OVER ~ & OVER ~ the dance twirls on…. @BR

  5. Bridgette Traveler, 48, a disabled Army veteran who came from Shreveport, La., was in Ferguson last year protesting the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. The Justice Department found the Ferguson Police Department rife with racial bias.

    “We have a long way to go when Michael Brown was killed for just walking down the street,” Ms. Traveler said.

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