Obama Mystery Theater: Who’s Your Nanny? Obama’s Servants

Barry’s Nanny, Evie. He/She is on the Left.

© Miri WTPOTUS May 16, 2012

One thing that becomes more apparent by the day is that Barack Obama is at best prevaricating when he pretends to come from a humble background. The soon-to-be-released book by David Maraniss, excerpted by Vanity Fair magazine, reports that both of Obama’s white college girlfriends were wealthy and from prominent families, as were his many Pakistani friends. What are the odds that all of Barry’s chums were rich?

Of course, Obama supporters will likely rationalize that since he attended the creme de la creme of colleges–on loans and scholarships, of course–then he had no choice but to befriend the wealthy because he was the only “poor” student. Note, however, that one must very carefully read all mainstream media articles about Obama’s past, as well as the many authorized biographies, to discern truth from planned befuddlement.

What’s seldom publicized in the mainstream media are the circumstances of his childhood–that the homes in which he lived in Indonesia were relatively luxurious and that the family had many servants such as chauffeurs, cooks, maids, and nannies for the three children.

The house was a pavilyun, an annex on the grounds of a bigger main house. It had three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a library and a terrace. Like the households of other Indonesians who could afford it, it had a sizable domestic staff. Two female servants shared a bed­room; two men — a cook and a houseboy — slept mostly on the floor of the house or in the garden. The staff freed Ann from domestic obligations to a degree that would have been almost impossible in the United States. There were people to clean the house, prepare meals, buy groceries and look after her children — enabling her to work, pursue her inter­ests and come and go as she wanted.

Lia Soetoro Sobah, at 47

Yes, three children, unless you believe the falsehood that Lia Soetoro Sobah was Barry’s nanny and not his adopted sister.

How could Lia be Barry’s nanny, when the mainstream media recently introduced us to Turdi (aka Evie), his transgender, biologically-male nanny?  That’s  Turdi at the top of this post, in drag, obviously much younger than s/he is today.

Lia can hardly enlighten us, because like so many others, she’s conveniently deceased, having died suddenly and mysteriously on her way to an interview with the media, before Obama as suddenly canceled his visit to Indonesia.

It’s possible that the Indonesian word that our media translated as nanny is more accurately translated as babysitter. It’s likely that Lia, being four years older than Barry, was at times recruited to watch her younger brother, as many sisters are. If you’re thinking that Lia was one of those two female servants, think again. Lia reports having her own bed but that she shared a bedroom with Barry. In her own words, she described to the Indonesian media how she came to live in the Soetoro home, and how Barry was brought to Indonesia to be her brother.  Her surname was Soetoro.

So there were three children in the Lolo Soetoro household: Barry and Lia, together from 1967 until early 1971, when Barry was sent to Hawaii; and Barry’s younger half-sister Maya, who was added to the family in August 1970. Adopted sister Lia lived in the household before Barry was brought over from Hawaii.

Barry remained a short time in Indonesia after his half-sister Maya’s birth. There’s a much-seen photo of the family taken in Indonesia when Maya was just months old. (Many believe this photo is heavily photoshopped and that Barry was added to the image.)

Not long after Maya’s birth, Barry (but not Maya) was sent packing to live with his grandparents in Hawaii, where he was enrolled in the extremely expensive Punahou school. One has to wonder if there was a reason other than education that prompted the separation of these siblings.

Was Barry jealous of his new sister, who arrived nine years after his birth and who was doted upon by his mother and even his “beloved” white grandmother, Toot, who traveled to Indonesia to see the new baby?

Newborn Maya Soetoro with her mother and grandmothers

Could the young girl in the background, above, be Lia?   What’s curious is that another photo shows Barry and Maya with Maya’s nanny:

Maya and Barry Soetoro with Maya’s nanny, 1970

This woman is not identified in the caption, but her face is not Turdi’s.

Turdi (Evie) Barry Obama’s nanny

So the question now is: Did each child have a nanny?

Turdi, then a cook, met Stanley Ann Dunham at a cocktail party in 1969, when Barry was 8. “Ann” hired Turdi to work in her home; he later became Barry’s “caretaker.” Not long afterward, Maya was born. The story goes that Turdi remained with the family until they left “in the early 1970s.” Barry went to Hawaii in 1971, to live with his grandparents.

When Maya came along, did she get her own nanny? It appears so.

There seems to be no mention of Lia Soetoro Sobah or Turdi/Evie in Janny Scott’s definitive biography of Stanley Ann Dunham, (so far as I can tell by searching Google books.)  We can easily see from the photo of Maya’s nanny, that she is NOT Lia Soetoro Sobah.

Lia Soetoro Sobah

 If Lia were Barry’s nanny, then why was Turdi hired?  Why do the biographers mention some of the hired help, such as Saman, who reported that Ann Dunham beat Barry with Lolo’s belt and that Barry at times struck Saman?  (A regular little bully towards the domestic help.)

Why is Lia discussed in the Indonesian media and even in the Indonesian consular records, but definitely not discussed in any of the authorized biographies?

Nanny or adopted daughter, you’d think someone who spent 4 years with Barry, even slept in the same room with him, would deserve a mention.

Why was Turdi hired as Barry’s nanny?  Why was this cross-dressing nanny not mentioned in any of the biographies?  You’d certainly think that deserved a mention, if not a photograph or two!

So many questions.  So few answers.


125 responses to “Obama Mystery Theater: Who’s Your Nanny? Obama’s Servants

  1. Can’t wait to see how the obots twist this information about all of the nannys or even answer the questions you’ve raised. Note that the Bots never address Lia in their discussions.

    It is amazing that these so called biographers like Janny Scott fail to note or discuss Lia who was interviewed in Indonesian newspapers. Yet they are able to find new and improved sources for their information. Why didn’t they go to the family of Lia, who more than likely remember the stories she was telling and who hold important information especially about her keepsakes…the monkey doll. Does Lia’s family have more photos of the then chubby person purported to be the one now masquerading as skinny Barry?

    What type mother would hire a transvestite to watch over her kid? Oh Ann would because she was so accepting of the diverse culture she was living in. Yet she couldn’t accept socializing with those of higher station Indonesians or ex pats that Lolo was working with? Yet she met the transvestite Turdi at some highfaluting party where he/she was a servant.

    • Nobody mentions Lia except us chickens. And the Indonesian media. Of course, the obots take Maya’s word for it when Maya was not even a twinkle in her father’s eye when Lia arrived and her parents separated shortly after she was born. They lived in totally separate households in Indonesia. Lolo bought a house just for Ann, Maya, and Barry (until he was sent to Hawaii). When Ann was out of the country on her banking/anthropology/government “work”, then Maya was either sent to her grandmother’s estate or a nanny watched over her, until Maya herself was sent off to an “international school” where she boarded and where the elite of Indonesia sent their kids. And even IF she knew the story, is it likely she’d tell?

    • Oh, they will spin the servants as a jobs program, don’t ya know? If they had not given them the dignity of a job, instead of a handout, they would be prostituting, selling their babies, pimping, and stealing from their grandmothers. Just saying this will automatically erase from the free-lunch voters (and free medical care, birth control, syringes, viagra, cell phone yadayada) that they are not being spared that dignity.

  2. While writing this it came to me that perhaps they got a male nanny for him for any of several reasons:

    By 1969, Lia was getting closer to puberty when she certainly could no longer sleep in a room with Barry. She’d actually be considered “unclean” at those times of the month.

    Or maybe they had to get someone who could be firmer with Barry, like a man, especially since it was reported by the houseboy that Barry was striking him.

    Or maybe it was unacceptable in Muslim society to have a female nanny for a male child.

    • New Headlines:

      Barry Abused and Bullied Servants!

      BHO is still a bully but now he does it verbally!

      • He really is and it fits if we read between the lines. I can imagine that a kid who was an “only child” (not counting Lia, who he also abused) would be jealous of a sibling who comes along 9 years later. And a girl, who has a special connection to mom and both grandmas. He doted on that Indonesian step-grandmother, too. And there she is with Maya, her true granddaughter. He was violent towards “The Help” (ironic, ain’t it?) and he shoved a little girl when he was at school in Hawaii and he also broke a kid’s arm when he “tickled him” when they were riding a bike together. A picture emerges of a kid that was too much for mom to handle. And if it’s true, and it probably is, that SAD was extremely punitive as a parent (locking him in the bathroom, whipping him with a belt), then it makes sense that he’d redirect his anger towards others. I do pity him, but not enough to think it’s a good idea to have him as potus.

    • They are having us believe that during BHO’s younger years that culturally in Indonesia they were lenient in that they accepted transvestites, but not gays? In a Muslim household – meaning Lolo’s home?

  3. http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Sasono_Adi_42527506.aspx

    Have we ever looked into this guy? He was a friend of Ann’s in Indonesia.
    Adi Sasono.

  4. The Scott article also makes me think about the citizenship of Maya. Born in Indonesia to an Indonesian father, USA citizen mother. Under their laws she would be Indonesian, not a USA citizen. So exactly what is her status? If she is out campaigning for Barry – is she a foreigner and is it legal? Did she naturalize? Did she attend college as a citizen or did she attend as a foreigner? Do the bots use the 14th Amendment to classify her?

    “Ann gave birth to Maya Kassandra Soetoro at Saint Carolus Hospital, a Catholic hospital thought by Westerners at that time to be the best in Jakarta.” Is there any other verification of this birth at this hospital?


    • Oh, I’m sure she, like Barry, is a citizen of the World. I imagine they also classify her as a dual citizen and say she has American citizenship. But how can that be so? Isn’t there some requirement for the US citizen parent to reside in the US for a certain period of time before the birth? Well, Ann was allegedly in Indonesia for 3 years prior to Maya’s birth THERE and she was an ex-pat, lived there for most of her life after Maya’s birth. Allegedly she came to Hawaii to VISIT Barry over the summers; but she never gave up her residence or her jobs over there. I’d like to know how Maya was classified at Punahou, too. And at college. There was a tidbit I read in one of the stories I reviewed today, maybe that NY Times magazine one that you linked. Whatever story it was, it said that after graduation from college, in 1994 (although that seems sort of late for her, being born in 1970)–anyway, after graduation Maya spent the summer, traveling around the Southwestern USA. Nice work if you can get it! Where’d she get the dough? And how does that fit in with her first (unmentioned) marriage?

    • Interesting tidbit from our Timeline – as to where Maya went to college — since BHO chose to give a commencement address there this past week.

      Maya did attend Barnard College in New York but only for a year and one semester. She dropped out and went to Indonesia to be with her mother and became a travel guide until her return in the early 90’s to resume her schooling at the University of Hawaii.

      Also did she marry Gary Forth so she would instantly become a US citizen? A marriage of convenience?

      • Oh, good memory! I forgot about that. I bet it was a marriage of convenience, maybe like Malik’s marriages to American women? I wonder if Malik is also considered a US citizen now? Didn’t they marry in the “American Southwest”?

  5. some cultures, like samoan (and hawaiin) historically had men who did “women’s work.” they were considered a third gender and it wasn’t because of sexual orientation necessarily. their role seems to have evolved and has more to do with sexual orientation modernly, but historically it was more about economic pragmatism. so it wouldn’t have been odd to have a male crossdresser doing a traditionally (for us) female job. maybe Indonesia has a similar history. not saying i agree that a young boy should have a transvestite as his nanny! here’s a good summary:

    “What is known about the origins of the fa’afafine status is that it is rooted both in family life and in individual efficacy in labour practices. Schmidt discusses gender identity in the Samoan village context and remarks that “a sense of oneself as gendered is largely defined by one’s labour contribution to aiga (extended family) and community. Fa’afafine… are identified at an early age by virtue of their propensity for feminine tasks (Schmidt, para. 12).” Although efficacy in gendered labour may lead to one being identified as fa’afafine, Mageo notes, on the other hand that “when there are few girls in a family, a Samoan boy may be brought up as a girl (Mageo, pg. 450).” The origins of this liminal status then must be understood within the Samoan gender binary, as both a result of choice/propensity and economic necessity. Further, role identities, where gender is largely defined by labour contribution, are relatively stable in Samoan society (Mageo, pg. 452), and shifts in identity can be shown to correspond with movement out of villages and family contexts, and the arrival Western discourses and westernization.”

  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/24/magazine/mag-24Obama-t.html?pagewanted=all

    So, I’m reviewing this article and I came across two interesting things:

    (1) Saman, SAD’s “houseboy” in Indonesia, backs up adopted sister Lia’s contention that SAD was physically abusive to Barry: “Saman said that when Barry failed to finish homework sent from Hawaii by his grandmother, Ann “would call him into his room and would spank him with his father’s military belt.” President Obama, through a spokeswoman, said his mother never resorted to physical discipline.”

    Doesn’t this remind you of “Upstairs, Downstairs” or “Downton Abbey? Who to believe, the potus and his sister OR the servants? My money is on the servants.

    (2) BARRY BULLIED AND ABUSED THE SERVANTS. Call the Washington Post!!!! “On this occasion, Barry, who was 8 or 9 at the time, asked Saman to turn out the light. When Saman did not do it, he said, Barry hit him in the chest. When he did not react, Barry hit him harder …”

    Of course, they’re not about to report this because it will call attention the FACT that Barry HAD servants in Indonesia to abuse.

    I’m repeating this from the current open thread, because it fits and I think, in light of the stories about Romney being a bully in high school, it bears repeating.

    This also reminds me of that recent hit movie “The Help”. I’m sure Barry wants the world to identify him WITH the black women in the movie, but he’s more closely identified with their WHITE EMPLOYERS.

    • They’re repeating the story by Madsen about Rahmbo and Barry at the gay clubs in Chicago. Good. Let the real vetting begin. (btw, that story about Barry being accused of sexually harassing men at Harvard Law MAY be satire. The blog never admitted it, but some think it’s bogus.)

  7. Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam (Video Report)

    • CNN is, as usual, campaigning for Barry on this one. There was a long segment this morning on some CNN program about how a group of Republicans, headed by the evil guy who owns some Chicago team, are making a series of “racial” ads. They plan, GASP, to revisit the Wright connection. The host of the show asked, “Hasn’t this been gone over in 2008? Why bring it up again? Will this work? Why are they doing this now?” Then they went on to blast the evil racists. There was, of course, some pretend semblance of balance. Some unhinged black guy who spewed the talking points. Then some white guy, no idea who he is, who pretended that well, it’s probably a losing strategy and it does open the door to bring up Romney’s Mormonism, but we really didn’t discuss Wright’s VIEWS or how Obama shares them. The host, of course, lied and said Barry condemned Wright’s view, but he did not. And the white dude said that we never really talked about “hope and change” and “change from what to what?” Which was at least one good point. The black guy said that Mormons have treated blacks horribly. They have? Who knew? Well, they’re mostly white, so by definition, they share that WHITE BLAME that’s inherent in our genes. We’re born racists, you know. Alone among all the peoples on Earth. WHITES are born racists. (Pay no attention to those racist Fiji Islanders who didn’t want a Miss Fiji with even one drop of “European blood.”)

      • It’s official. Whites are now in the minority when it comes to birth rates. For 2011, more hispanics were born in the US than whites. I guess they will have to drop the persons of color line and throw hispanics in with the whites. This black racism makes me so sick. I don’t like racism in any form.

        • They already HAVE said that hispanics are whites, so how can they say that the white birth rate puts them in the minority?

          It all depends upon the agenda. If it suits the “people of color”, then hispanics are either white or not white. Zimmerman? WHITE. They want to tout that hispanics will soon outnumber others? Then they’re NOT WHITE.

      • Oh, I get it now: Talking points have gone out to the Journolist. It’s not only CNN. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/super-pac-plans-attack-obama-ties-rev-jeremiah-132518668.html http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/17/us/politics/gop-super-pac-weighs-hard-line-attack-on-obama.html?_r=2&hp&pagewanted=all

        “A copy of a detailed advertising plan was obtained by The New York Times through a person not connected to the proposal who was alarmed by its tone. It is titled “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama: The Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good.””

        SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME! So this anonymous person lets the NY Times speak for him and characterize his “alarm.”

        In other words, it was obtained by an anonymous planted spy (hey, Watergate, anyone?) and passed on the the NY TIMES so they can smear all these guys as racists far in advance, and force them to not put out the ads in Sept., just like they made McCain cry “uncle”.

        We see through you. Is this campaign DIRTY TRICKS? In the interest of fairness and UNBIASED coverage, NY Times, NAME THE SOURCE.

        “People involved in the planning said the publicity now certain to surround it could send the strategists back to the drawing board.

        But it serves as a rare, detailed look at the birth of the sort of political sneak attack that has traditionally been hatched in the shadows and has become a staple of presidential politics.

        It also shows how a single individual can create his own movement and spend unlimited sums to have major influence on a presidential election in a campaign finance environment in which groups operating independently of candidates are flourishing.”

        Would that they were interested in sneak attacks when Obama deep-sixed Ryan and Hull. Oh, that kind of sneak attack? Nevermind.

    • Again, how is this NOT an attempt to bribe someone to keep quiet, EXACTLY what was done in the John Edwards case, except the recipient took the goodies? It’s still a violation of campaign laws, isn’t it? To offer bribes? Surely BARRY wasn’t going to pony up the dough, nor was Dr. Whitaker. You can guess where it was to come from. If they can put Edwards on trial even when the rich woman who gave Rielle Hunter the money did NOT donate it first to Edwards’s campaign, then how is this not a crime, too? Different strokes. Is there one set of rules for white politicians and another for black politicians? Seems so.

  8. I may be mistaken but I think you have captured something here. Look at the top photo with a new born Maya. The boy looks to be about 8 maybe 9. Look at the lower photo with the nanny where Maya looks to be 9 to 12 months. Boy looks to be 6 maybe seven. Does anyone see this?

    • It’s hard to tell. He never looks like the same person from photo to photo. Remember the photo of him with Lolo’s mother?

      Here’s the link to see larger: https://wtpotus.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/obama-yogya-indonesia.jpg

      Now does it look like the same child? He left for Hawaii not long after her birth. Less than 6 months. So how can he be so slim in this photo with Lolo’s family? Obviously the step-grandmother is the same. SHE doesn’t change. How can Barry be so slim and his face look so different?

  9. GO TO DRUDGE!!!!!!


  10. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/17/The-Vetting-Barack-Obama-Literary-Agent-1991-Born-in-Kenya-Raised-Indonesia-Hawaii

    “It is evidence–not of the President’s foreign origin”….still hedging at Breitbart news.

    • “Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

      The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.

      It also promotes Obama’s anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White–which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.”

    • Yes, they called it an “errant” biography and that there are “contemporaneous” articles that say he was born in Hawaii. Odd that his own publisher SOMEHOW got the idea that he was born IN KENYA. As the KENYAN GOVERNMENT SAYS, too.

      • Just how many “ERRANT BIOGRAPHIES” does it take UNTIL WE DECIDE he was born in Africa? They cite the NY Times story but it’s a TRANSCRIPTION. Has anybody seen an image OF THE STORY FROM THE NEWSPAPER? How hard is it for the NY Times to modify their transcription, call it a correction, and nobody will ever know unless they happen to have a copy of the paper from 1990?

        • Ok. So I do believe in the story that is a screen shot from a newspaper from 1990, as FIRST PUBLISHED ON OUR BLOG.

    • yes, they are still hedging.
      but i wouldn’t doubt if they are quietly actually pursuing it, until they have absolute incontrovertible proof.
      if they come out with this booklet and go the “birther” route with it, then they would set themselves up for the dems/media to say that it was just politically motivated/not true/manufactured/absurd/crazy like they have with “birthers”. this way they put dems on defense and have to answer why obama lied back then. makes him look like a typical politician willling to lie, say do whatever to get ahead.
      i’m sure they have or are seeking more on this route. if they have more, they can leak it out the same way; why is the president lying about his birth/childhood?
      then, if they find the smoking gun, the original hawaiin docs or microfiche, whatever, THEN they can come out and say, look here is the truth.
      i hope . . .

  11. It just seems like they are trying TOO hard at Breitbart to keep their distance from those crazy birthers. It would have been perfectly fine, and adequate, to say “this of course does not PROVE he was foreign born” and maybe mention the evidence that he was born in Hawaii, but to say it is not “evidence” is an outright ridiculous falsehood. Methinks he does not know the meaning of the word evidence.

  12. I was reading Breitbart’s stuff, but I have to read more later. The main thing to me is right now at Drudge, huge, underlined red letters saying that, and lots of folks will just look at it. It’s a mental thing.

    • “Dios Mio indeed. Obama, in college, completely trashed his California dorm room and left it for “Mexican” women to clean. It was so beyond the pale, including vomit, it brought the hard-working women, who had no doubt seen messes every day, to tears—in Barack Obama’s presence—but he did nothing and let the immigrant women clean up his vandalism and destruction.

      Hmm. Perhaps the Fourth Estate should report that (and if I were the RNC, I’d do some Spanish-language direct mail on it). Since we are always told it is laziness, not liberal bias, that keeps the DMC from this kind of investigation, here are a few ready-made questions for them to ask Obama about the incident:

      1. Have you ever sought out the Mexican maids to apologize?

      2. Will you apologize today?

      3. When you had your personal maids in Chicago “come in and clean the house once a week,” as you put it in The Audacity of Hope (pages 341-42, copyright 2006), did you treat those maids as you did the ones in California?

      4. Were your Chicago maids also Mexicans?

      5. Mr. President, what is worse, cutting a kid’s hair in high school or abusing Latino women in college?”

      That’s good. Only at a fancy elite school like Occidental ARE there maids for the students’ dorm rooms. MAIDS?



      • Yeah, there’s an Obama Mystery Theater episode right there:

        With the evidence staring them in the face, Breitbart sticks to its guns and remains anti-“birther”. WHY? This is the story of the millenium, if it turns out to be true that he WAS born in Kenya.

        • Nobody wants to believe that they fell for his bullshit; meanwhile, we have been eating shit sandwiches for 3 and half years.

    • I got screenshots of the Headlines! Fantastic! I haven’t had a chance to read the article yet. New Post up for reactions to Breitbart’s article and the headlines!

      Thanks 57th! I was there just as Drudge was making another change.

      • Oh, TY! I didn’t think of doing that. The pc police will be out intimidating in no time. Let the backtracking begin.

  14. above 4/17/12 1:38pm….
    check out the comments on page.. ( of…obama and maids )
    Video …… by Bill Whittle 1/2 down/page 23hrs ago (picture of ANN Dunham)
    (by eileen for freedom-libery) … can you bring over?
    also funny O’s list from jat .

  15. Speaking of Maya – leads to Lolo and Lame Cherry has a take on Obama’s parentage.

    Uncle Lolo Soetoro
    Thursday, May 17, 2012 Snips

    Barack Obama jr. as he was registered originally was supposed to be the despot ruler one day of Kenya once arrested from the British. That empire in Africa falling out of favor, brought again the Asian feature of B. Hussein Obama in his half Indonesian Mulims roots of the Soetoro clan working for big oil and part of the cartel project to raise it’s own bastards to overthrow nations and control them.

    That is who Lolo Soetoro came to be the “husband” of Stan Ann Dunham, in the genetic link was, Stan Ann had been the foster mother to his “sister’s” child.

    When this blog exclusively informed you almost a year ago on May 31st, 2011 the meaning of the name Soebarkah, none of you comprehended the depths of this, and B. Hussein Obama was not just in a few weeks later murdering bin Ladens’ corpse to cover up the Jerome Corsi investigation of the fraudulent birth abstract, but it was to keep the information on Barack Soebarkah from being exposed.

    Barack Soebarkah, was by Islamic custom, adopted by his near kindred paternal to be his son, to give him a name as his son. Soetoro signifies the adoptive father as Lolo Soetoro.

    Bar is obvious in Barack, but also links to the Islamic Aramic in bar means SON. So we have confirmation of this is the Son of Soetoro. The Kah is interesting in Indonesian, KAH translates as WAS. In names, KAH is added as a suffix to form a question of “Who?” So what SOE BAR KAH means is literal, and I’m genuinely surprised with even Indonesian “experts” asked to explain all of this, that none of them had any comprehension of the language of their own nation. Soe Bar Kah means literally Who is this, but the son of Soetoro.

    Examining the well known baby Mia photo, one is missing that Barry has the same chin, same ear structure flagging, same hands, same nose and same lips as Lolo Soetoro, his biological uncle.
    It is this same family structure in Barry’s birth mother. Barack Obama looks nothing like Barack sr. as none of his children do, as he was pumping dust and couldn’t knock up a door with brass knuckleheads.

    Barack Osseiran is 50% Indonesian. 38% Arab and 12% Luo. Barry Osseiran is an Afroid Asian, a Chinoid.

    This is why Lolo Soetoro hauled this boy back to Asia and adopted his own family’s flesh and blood, and got stuck with that cartel communist whore Stan Ann jungle and yellow fever.Mia [Maya] Soetoro is a cousin of Barry Soebarkah, even if he calls her “sister”.


    • Soebarkah
      Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Snips

      As an exclusive as only found here though, the name Soebarkah is a confirmation of adoption, Obama’s Muslim status and a sort of strange Islamic prophecy of the day Barry was adopted by Lolo Soetoro in that it was not in the stars to last.

      Soetoro in the name, in the prefix of SOE links the name to Javanese roots and not Indonesian alone. Why this matters is that Indonesian names reflect region, family and often religion. It is quite obvious or should have been by now in no one has noted it, that the name Soebarkah is a combination and not one word. The name is Soe Bar Kah.Soetoro signifies the adoptive father as Lolo Soetoro. Bar is obvious in Barack, but also links to the Islamic Aramic in bar means SON. So we have confirmation of this is the Son of Soetoro. The Kah is interesting in Indonesian, KAH translates as WAS. In names, KAH is added as a suffix to form a question of “Who?” So what SOE BAR KAH means is literal, and I’m genuinely surprised with even Indonesian “experts” asked to explain all of this, that none of them had any comprehension of the language of their own nation.

      Soe Bar Kah means literally Who is this, but the son of Soetoro.This name is the actual legal title of Barry Soetoro, his bona fides, that he has been legally adopted, is a Muslim and is an Indonesian from the Javan region.

      Just as Johnson in Scandinavian means Son of John, and Johnsen in Dutch means the same in different dialect. What this name on a legal document filed in America as a passport for Barack jr. is his legal manifestation that he is Indonesian, not American, as he has renounced his entire ties which bind to these United States.
      If this was American English, it would be I, Barack, am a foreigner, as a name means everything in explaining who the individual is. In Indonesian, this name is telling every person there, on the street or in government, that this tan kid is the adopted son of Lolo Soetoro and a certified Muslim…………he is one of the Indonesian clan.

      This name Soebarkah is the legal document which would hold up in Indonesian courts as it requires no other documentation. It appearing on a US document signifies it was in use as Obama’s defining name outside these United States.

      This is Barack Hussein Obama’s legal name. The meaning of it disqualifies him from the White House and exposes him as criminal fraud, as this child had it explained to him completely what this name meant in adoption, Islam and Indonesia, that he was no longer American.


      -kah : adding this suffix indicates that the expression is a question. The suffix -kah is added to the word in the sentence that is the main focus of the question.

      examples: siapakah {siapa+kah} = who?
      bolehkah {boleh+kah} = may I?

      • Soebarkah is a confirmation of adoption..Renee and I have been trying to say this exact thing here at WTPOTUS since before LC came out with this, but TU LC for getting peoples attention to the fact! If I remember right I posted a link with proof the name Soebarkah means adopted close to 2yrs ago!

        Now this part from LC –
        That empire in Africa falling out of favor, brought again the Asian feature of B. Hussein Obama in his half Indonesian Mulims roots of the Soetoro clan working for big oil…..

        big oil – keeps me going back to the Soebarkah I found..has to be a connection… to Lolo / Lolo’s family?

        • big oil – keeps me going back to the Soebarkah I found..has to be a connection… to Lolo / Lolo’s family?

          Maybe O, if O is lying about his age?

        • We have talked about Soebarkah multiple times after the name was found on the immigration papers. I recall the P & E doing a post where they talked about the meaning of the name also. I have not read or don’t recall that the name meant it was a “confirmation” of adoption. Nor do I think we ever said that Lolo and Barack were blood relatives. Adopted yes, blood no. Lame Cherry is saying they are blood relatives. Soetoro was supposedly a common name, but didn’t come up at LDS – only Lolo’s did. Did Lolo’s sister have a child out of wedlock and give him the name Soebarkah? Meaning that he was related to the Soetoro family…a son of a Soetoro woman? Or was it the father’s surname?

            by Sharon Rondeau Snips

            (Aug. 5, 2010) – The Post & Email has made contact with a highly credible individual who was born and raised in Indonesia. Here he explains the significance of the term “Soebarkah,” which first appeared to the American public on July 29, 2010 on passport application forms released by the Bureau of Customs and Border Control to Mr. Christopher Strunk, who had filed a lawsuit in November 2008 after his FOIA request was denied.

            AM: The word “Soebarkah” as it was presented in the article that you wrote in brackets under the name “Barack Hussein Obama” signifies to me a different name for Barack, so it’s his other name. Now that is an Indonesian name, and the majority of Indonesians have only one name. When I first saw it, knowing or having read about some people’s contentions that he was adopted
            by his Indonesian stepfather, I thought it might be his given name when he was adopted: Soebarkah.

            SHARON: Do they usually change the name when there’s an adoption by an Indonesian man?

            SAM: Sometimes they do; sometimes they don’t. But I believe most of the time they probably do. So based on what I have heard or read that he might have been adopted, I think that must be the name given to him at the time of adoption.

            Now that is just one name, because Indonesian Muslims don’t usually have a surname; they only go by one name. However, these days, there is a trend among the younger generation to give their children more than one name. So they might have two names, but both of them are “given” names; they’re not family names.</emSo it all depends, and it gets confusing. In her case, she used her husband’s first name as a last name, which is pretty common.

            SHARON: Could it represent what Americans call a “nickname”?

            SAM: No. “Lolo” might be a nickname. So his name might be “Soetoro,” because most Indonesians do have nicknames. So “Lolo” might have come from what he called himself when he was very young.

            OSAM: Only Muslims have just one name. Christians always have given name, baptism name, and surname. The Chinese do as well; they always have three names, and the surname is the first word. For example, with “Sun-e-Wah,” the first word, “Sun,” is the surname.

            AM: The laws have changed recently, but what we had always understood at that time is that, especially with a woman (because in the Muslim world, men have more rights than women; they’re above women), if you married, if a spouse is of a different nationality or citizenship, and if the Indonesian spouse returns to Indonesia to live, then the alien spouse had to change citizenship in order to be able to live there.

            SHARON: To your knowledge of that time, if a child was adopted by an Indonesian man, would the child have had to become a citizen of Indonesia?

            SAM: Yes, definitely. And again, the school registration does say that he was a Muslim.


          • Bridgette, we didn’t state that they were blood relatives, but we OFTEN speculated about it. I know I did, especially when I saw the resemblance between the younger Lolo and Barry’s youngest girl. The Lolo I’m talking about is that alleged photo of him at El Camino high (iirc) where he wears the Muslim hat. Even if that’s NOT Lolo, it is an Indonesian dude named Soetoro who shares facial features with Sasha, which should not be, if she’s who her father says she is.

            Nobody can say who are his parents because nobody knows. Not us, not Trowbridge, not Dr. P., not LC. Maybe Barry himself doesn’t know.

            But those lying purple lips? A Papuan? A Javanese? Who knows?

            I only remember that Lolo had a bunch of siblings, but don’t remember how many were female. Why would he pull a sister out of his hat (LC, I mean, s/he) and put her IN HAWAII with BHO Sr. and Stanley Armour Dunham? It seems pretty obvious that SAD became, shall we say, somewhat promiscuous. I do think Barry looks more like Lolo than he does BHO Sr. But then, again, he does resemble Mark, imho. It’s a puzzle waiting to be solved.

        • We already had the school registration where he was noted as Lolo Soetoro’s son and an Indonesian citizen, by the name of Barry Soetoro. This probable adoption was noted by us as far back as TD’s. When the Soebarkah passport “name” came out, it was just more straw on the camel’s back. Remember how he said he was a “desi”? They’re ALL connected to oil. All of them.

          • Aug 19, 2008

            “Obama calls himself a desi”

            “”Not only do I think I’m a desi , but I’m a desi ,” the San Francisco Chronicle quoted Obama as telling a mirthful crowd. “I’m a homeboy.” Obama then went on to recall how when he first went to Occidental College, his first roommate was Pakistani. And in his dorm, he said with a laugh, “Indians and Pakistanis came together under one roof … to cause havoc in the university.” To applause, he said he became an expert at cooking dal and other ethnic dishes, though “somebody else made the naan.””


            • He’s a global citizen. An every man, from every continent. A blank slate. Maybe he’s extraterrestrial, from some other place or world. Can think of a few I’d like to consign him to.

            • TY. I knew we saw that somewhere. So he’s explaining to the world why it is that he had all those Pakistani friends and roommates. They “came together under one roof.” Indians and Pakistanis, and he was one of them.

    • We’ve always noted the similarities between Barry and Lolo as well as the obvious possibility that SAD was two-timing BHO Sr. with her next husband. In fact, according to some of the stories, she didn’t even divorce one before she married the next. It’s always been on our radar screen that Lolo might have been his biological father. Why would it have to be Lolo’s sister? Which one and how could she possibly have met BHO Sr.? When and where? Lolo Soetoro was in the USA in the 1950s. Long before they claim. We’ve also noted that photo of him where he so resembles Sasha, Obama’s youngest daughter. Barry was VERY close to the Indonesian step-grandmother. Why would that be?

  16. Compare pics of Valerie Jarret to Lia. Just saying. (Actually, I have been saying for a long time, that HarryBarry and Jarret are related. (But maybe I am just racist and all non-whites look the same to me? NOT)

  17. KenyanBornObama

    Obama literary agent claims Obama was Kenyan-born ~ Now DOZENS more articles confirm the same!

    • Long time no see KBO! Well done! So glad to hear part of the radio conversation from so long ago where the ambassador admits Obama’s birthplace is there (Abt 5:40!). I was listening to that Detroit station when they made that call, and then it seems it was buried.

  18. My apologies for being repetitious, but yesterday afternoon I posted a couple of Chicago addresses I found for Madelyn L. Dunham for the years 1993, 94 and asked if anyone had seen them before. Now I can’t remember where I put them and I would like to follow up if there is any interest?

    • SEO, It is here;
      Barack Hussein Obama II – Child of Privilege | We the People of the United States
      This was found on ancestry.com
      Indicates Madelyn living in Chicago in 93/94? Are these “known” addresses?
      Madelyn L Dunham
      Birth Date: 26 Oct 1922
      Address: 5450 S East View Park, Chicago, IL, 60615-5916 (1994)
      [7436 S Euclid, Chicago, IL, 60649 (1993)]

  19. Thanks Renee. I can’t tell from that, but Obama was also at the 7436 Euclid address? It appears (although the ancestry “source” was a US public records database with no backup documents available) Madelyn was living with them after Stanley died, at least for a couple of years? Or maybe she was just somehow associated with their address.

  20. Has anyone ever noticed there are no public photographs of newborn Barry and his alleged mother Ann Dunham. The latest photos seem to be when Barry was walking, maybe 1-2 years old. Yet, there are a number of photos showing newborn Maya Soetoro being held by Ann Dunham.

    • Yep. We’ve noticed! Curious, isn’t it? A first child, too. Shame.

      • So, I’m not sure where this is going, but I am in the middle of doing some searches on ancestry.com and in the INS files finding a group of people arriving in the US (or leaving..it’s not clear yet) from Indonesia in 1959, a Lt. Sutoro (and Dr. Suharto) among them, who list their home addresses as “Palace, Djakarta, Indonesia” and their local address as the Beverly Hilton in LA.
        About to put the names together and do a search to see if I can figure out who they all are. If this is Lolo I’m thinking that’s pretty interesting info, no?

        • Very interesting, SEO. I had evidence that Lolo was in Kentucky in the mid-1950s. There’s a student in El Camino HS in CA in 1973 the early 1960s who looked a lot like Lolo. Iirc, his name was Soetoro. In the “Child of Privilege” post, I think I linked to a story that said that Lolo raised Maya and Barry in a “royal environment.” Iirc (and I often don’t), it was a friend of SAD’s from when she was in Indonesia, who reported this.

        • dr. suharto? Sukarno came to the us in 1959. Where do yu find suharto coming to us in 1959?

  21. But I’m getting nowhere in my search….

  22. But here is what I found:
    25+ people in this contingent of Indonesian “visitors”; All except a few are classified “A-1” which, according to a gov’t list I found (assuming it has not changed) means they are classified as official foreign goverment. THe others are A-2 which is family members of the A-1s, etc.
    I think they were departing the US on/around June 1, 1959. It was a Pan Am flight, but no flight number given.
    The files are the individual INS cards; most don’t give a first name (just Mr. or Dr. or Lt. etc) or birthdate, so I can’t confirm that “Lt. Sutoro” is Lolo.
    but other noteworthy names are PVM Soekarno, Dr. Suharto, Adam Malik (was a VP of Indonesia at one time).

    • SEO
      Have you searched using Lolo’s other name? Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo or Mangundikardjo?

      Interesting information that he might have come to the US along with other foreign dignitaries. That would elevate his status don’t you think from just a soldier to more than that.

      • I found this Sutoro as an alumni 1989 . I think it is at a Loyola College or University in an area near Samarang Indonesia. found a photo of a small quite old Loyola (that’s a catholic jesuit college, and also a high school of co-ed students) institution. Can’t find who this individual was, mainly cause you can’t search for anything with Sutoro mentioned in it without getting the usual junk. Maybe someone else can figure out who this Sotoro person would be.
        Oh, this person is down around #707 on this site.

        • Bogor is on Java. It became the location of the summer PALACE of the Indonesian president in 1964. Some stories said that Lolo was FROM Java.

          “Bogor Palace is one of six presidential palaces Indonesia Republic of Indonesia which have their own unique, compared to other palaces, as have aspects of historical, cultural and fauna that stand out. At this time only remaining possessed Bogor Palace cultures and fauna, because many national efforts have not done yet, and yet the general public is allowed to visit as a group, the previously asked for permission to the Secretary of State, cq Household head Presidency.
          Bogor Palace with captivating architectural form was opened for public visits since 1968 on the approval of Mr. President Suharto. Stream of visitors from both local and overseas every year reaches about 10 thousand people. … Bogor Palace as the official residence of the Governor-General of the Netherlands as well as President of the Republic of Indonesia has a main building with the left and right. Previous Bogor Palace is equipped with a large garden, known as the Botanical Gardens, but in the end will fit the needs of the Center for Knowledge tropical plants, removed from the auspices of the Botanical Gardens palace (1817).

          Bogor Palace main building consists of the Head of State private office, library, dining room, conference room and space ministerial screening, Garuda space is the place the official ceremony, a lotus, wing reception area state guests. While the right and left are used to sleeping great guests such as Head of State / Government, ministers and others. [In fact] in 1964, [it was] built for the [summer] break [of] Mr. President and his family, which is known by the name Dyah Bayurini.”

          • Your Sutoro there might be a relative. Thanks to Leza, we know that SAD LIVED IN BOGOR and that Barry and Lia visited the famous Botanical Gardens there many times. In fact, Lia said that she wouldn’t take her own kids there when they asked, because it made her sad to think about the past and the happy times they once had there but now lost: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/liaobamas-adopted-sister-died-suddenly/comment-page-1/#comment-20582 I’m going to rephrase the translation; it’s an art. 🙂

            “Obama was eventually brought to Indonesia and had fundamental education in Jakarta. No doubt, during their stay together, Lia always accompanied Barry wherever he went. Not just playing, sleeping and even bathing together. Including travel, because Barry’s family, including vacations because they loved visiting tourist spots. Several times she was invited to the summit of Yogyakarta, to Bali, to the Land of Toraja (Sulawesi South) and to the Bogor Botanical Gardens. “My children asked me to [take them to] Bogor, but I’m sad, because it reminds me of the past,” she said. At home, Lolo and Eny, as Lia called Ann, referred to Lia as Non, which is a nickname for Nona. “As I was always called Non, Barry called me Ma’am Non, “she said. She said Barry was short in stature but large bodied, and he was generous. He always shared meals or snacks with his friends.” [Note: that last sentence was confusing. It might be that Lia was short and Barry was taller and fatter.]

            http://www.kjri-melbourne.org/pdf/press_cable/PC-005-090109.pdf (scrubbed) Try this one: http://web.archive.org/web/20090912221610/http://www.kjri-melbourne.org/pdf/press_cable/PC-005-090109.pdf

            “Lia first met Barry after Lia’s grandfather, Hamim Saat, died. He lived at the Mbok home. She went to live with Siki, the housekeeper of Lolo’s wife, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, who was then living in Leuwiliang village, Bogor. She was planning to go to Sukabumi.”

          • Your Sutoro is somehow associated with PT Unilever of Indonesia. His employer? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unilever_Indonesia

            From alfy’s link:

            Dwi Sutoro
            NIM : 13089078
            Angkatan :1989

            PT Unilever
            PT Unilever, Graha Unilever 4th floor, Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 15, Jakarta

            Jl. Pajajaran 156, Mediterania I, Sentul City, BOGOR
            0000-00-00 00:00:00

            This appears to be about him: http://www.yatedo.com/p/Dwi+Sutoro/normal/2cdef947d073cc08131c36112b6a9427

          • could even be a real son of lolo’s. Notice all the relatives from one of the parts clicked on ….Sutorova Radka, Barbrah Sutorova,susan Sutorova ,Timothy Sutorus Arthur and Caryn Sutorous.

  23. Miri: Found the older comments and looked at the story by the Indian woman. Interesting…
    Also, before I forget I just saw another article (1995) that said Barry spent his early years..FROM AGE 2 to 10..in Indonesia. I can find it again when I have time but I think it was on the Chicago Reader(?) website.
    It may even have been linked from here, so maybe not new…it was one that started off about “after 3 brilliant years at Harvard…”
    Bridgette: I have searched ancestry before using those other names, but not lately so I will have to try again.

    • Yes, I’ve seen that one, too. I’m sure we linked it somewhere! Somewhere, also, we have a list of all the variations of Lolo’s last name. Let me look for them.

    • larger

      You’ll have to enlarge that but you saw it here (in that post) first. I got the image of the news story a looooong time ago and it was propagated from here to other places. In the text, it says that Obama “moved to Southeast Asia at age 2.” Now the interesting thing is that while I was trying to find where I’d read this, I came across a Dr. Con rationalization that Wiki and others who reported this must have got mixed up and assumed that because his parents divorced when he was 2, that’s when he moved there, but the INS papers say otherwise (Dr. Con says.) AND YET, this is a news article from 1990! This site kindly transcribed it: http://ironicsurrealism.com/2012/03/14/obama-1990-interview-were-going-to-reshape-mean-spirited-america/

      Keep in mind, however, that it’s likely Obama supplied the information to these people. Who knows what’s true? At the very same time, his publisher was saying that Obama was BORN IN KENYA. It’s possible that he told the truth when he said he moved to “Southeast Asia” at age 2. (Why not Indonesia?)

      • The picture up in the main part of this post, where Barry and Maya are with the unidentified nanny shows a Barry that is pre-k age when compared to other pics of him at nine years old……That is not a nine year old boy in this pic….

        • Although, little Barry does seem to have a bookbag/schoolbag on his back. Still this lil boy in pic looks to be in first grade max and does not look as old as the boy on the coach with parents and baby Sis.

          • Exactly what I just said! I didn’t read your comment before I wrote. I can’t tell, but it seems as if he’s not wearing his favorite Hanuman necklace in the pic with the nanny.

        • Just look up two photos and see him sitting on the settee when Maya was even younger than in the photo with her nanny. He looks older than he does when she’s younger! Check out how chubby and matronly Ann looks (as you’d expect) where she’s holding newborn Maya and then wow! How slim and young and non-motherly does she look just a month or so later. She lost all that “baby” fat out of her face. And there’s Barry, when Maya’s so young, but with his own face looking so much more mature than in the photo with Maya’s nanny. He looks at least a year younger in the nanny photo. If nothing else, this again shows that the settee photo (as we’ve long suspected) is a photoshopped collage. (Maya’s pin head gives it away, if nothing else.) But to what end? To make it appear as if Lolo and Ann were a happy couple? To make it appear as if Barry were there in Indonesia when Maya was born when maybe he really was in Hawaii, at Noelani, with Scott Inouye? Or are there two Barrys?

  24. I’m finding minimal information regarding a 1959 trip by the Indonesian president and delegation to the US…but just found this in State Dept. history: (Sounds like maybe it was an “unofficial” visit?)
    201. Telegram From the Embassy in Indonesia to the Department of State SourceSource: Department of State, Central Files, 756D.11/5–2159. Confidential; Priority. Also sent to CINCPAC.
    Djakarta, May 21, 1959, 2 p.m.

    3502. CINCPAC also for POLAD. For Robertson from Ambassador. As you are aware [less than 1 line of source text not declassified] Soviets laid on plush reception for Sukarno during his Russian visit11. Sukarno was in the Soviet Union May 7–12 as part of his world tour. but nevertheless distinct coolness apparent between President and Khrushchev. This seems to me present US with opportunity to exploit by means of some warm personal gesture from US when Sukarno arrives Los Angeles.

    Of course an informal invitation from President Eisenhower to spend a day at Camp David or Gettysburg would be the best possible means of accomplishing the objective of placing US-Indonesian relations on a close personal basis, which is the only basis which has much impact on Sukarno. At the same time it would play to his vanity, another essential in influencing him. Such tokens have more effect on Sukarno than more material fruits of friendship.

    I recognize that time may be too short to arrange anything of this sort and might present precedent problems, but I can suggest two useful alternatives which would be for Vice President Nixon to visit California coincident with Sukarno’s stay, with an informal meeting to be arranged as a consequence. Sukarno is a staunch admirer of the Vice President and any courtesy from him would have considerable effect.

    Another possibility which I urge to be done in any event would be for President Eisenhower to send a wire to Sukarno at the time of his arrival in Los Angeles, welcoming him to the country and expressing a wish for a pleasant stay there and in Honolulu.

    No doubt Sukarno’s personal stock in Washington is at even a lower ebb than usual due to erratic performance during his trip. Nevertheless he continues to be the center of political gravity in Indonesia and we must hold his friendship if we are to achieve our objectives here, even if sometimes his visit be repugnant to us.

    If, as seems possible, Sukarno arrives on American soil in a frame of mind antagonistic to the Soviet Union, the right human touch could do a great deal to nail down the improvement in US-Indonesian relations that already has taken place

    • Good info, SEO. So Sukarno was on a “world tour” that summer. Interesting.

      • Interesting how little bits of info here and little bits of info there seem to have connections. Remember the stories of Sukarno raising Barry because he was supposedly MalcolmX’s son (I forget why he was supposed to be with Sukarno). But what if Barry went there because he was……..the result of his mother being offered as entertainment while Sukarno was in HI????

        • That’s a good point, What a Hoot! Where was that story? At Trowbridge’s? I’m not sure how much stock I put in her theories. Iirc, the photo of somebody getting into a car wasn’t very convincing. It’s fun to speculate, though.

          Wheels within wheels. The fogblowers have psychological theories that they claim explain our psychosis. I have choice words that explain theirs, too. 🙂

          So Sukarno travels to Hawaii in 1959, with a fellow in his “court” who has a VERY familiar name and who is a “Lt.”, one assumes, in the Indonesian military.

          Meanwhile, also in Hawaii, known communist (a fellow traveler of Sukarno’s because both are commies) FMD is photographing what just may be the very young SAD.

          The guy who publishes the magazine in which these photos appeared, in late ’50s, just happens to be a fellow traveler himself, and also someone who specializes in “studying” and writing books about lesbianism (there are alleged photos of SAD with other women) and (can you believe it?) male cross-dressers (SAD hired an Indonesian male transvestite as Barry’s nanny. WHY?!! We still have no explanation of that.)

          Now, get this (I swear I’m not making it up) this publisher is also into healthy eating and nutrition (a la another fellow traveler Mooch). Read this comment at GP and see the link: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/09/x-treme-film-exposing-obamas-mom-in-porn-sent-to-1-million-us-voters-video/comment-page-3/#comment-811051 if you dare; it’s risque but not much worse than the SAD photos.

          Also in Hawaii, 1959, was BHO Sr., another fellow traveler! Also possibly Stanley Armour Dunham, another fellow traveler. It’s said Stan went to Hawaii before Madelyn and SAD, but was that true? He went in 1959, according to some stories. Did SAD go in 1959, too? Or perhaps even before 1959? Maybe the year she turned 16, when she was supposed to be an au pair in Chicago where (what a coinkidink!) FMD once lived and the Jarretts also lived.


          Is it possible that FMD “introduced” his girls to Sukarno and company, whilst they enjoyed the balmy weather in beautiful Hawaii? This would be mid-1959.

          Any progeny would make an appearance, then, long about spring 1960.

          Keep in mind that the yearbooks from Mercer Island HS were stolen from the school library. Nobody knows FOR SURE when SAD was born. Do we? If she truly were born in 1942, then she was too young to graduate when they said she did. If she was precocious in school, then maybe in other areas as well. (Fogblowers like to say she couldn’t be the “model” photographed by FMD, because she was back in Seattle and too young when the photos were taken.)

          The “Ann” that FMD wrote about in his novel that he says is autobiographical, was in a menage a trois with his then wife and himself, when the girl was only 13.

          Later on, SAD, Lolo (a member of the Indonesian military who was “recalled” from Hawaii during the overthrow of Sukarno) and Barry go to live in Indonesia, where, of course, Mr. Sukarno was once dictator.

          And, of course, we have written news reports that quote a friend of SAD’s, who worked with her in Indonesia, stating that Lolo raised Maya and Barry in a “royal environment” because Lolo had “royal” connections. Lolo’s family lived in Yogyakarta, right where Sukarno was sworn in as president! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yogyakarta Barry is photographed there in Yogyakarta, holding hands with Lolo’s mother, who was like another (he has many) grandmother to him.

        • Picked this up from a site translated. . would read for abit and then have to press translate button again because after a time lapse when back to Indonesian (I think). There is a lot of stuff here and most waaaay above my head in the history department, but seems to align with what you say about dreams of someone’s father, so to speak.
          “On behalf of Sukarno
          Full name at birth was Kusno Soekarno Sosrodihardjo. When I was little, because often sick, according to Javanese custom; by his parents renamed Sukarno. At a later date when it became the President, the spelling of the name of Sukarno Sukarno was replaced by her own being because he uses the spelling of the name of the invaders (the Netherlands). He still uses the name of Sukarno in the signature because the signature is the signature contained in the text of Indonesia Independence Proclamation diubah.Sebutan not be familiar to Ir. Sukarno was Bung Karno.
          Who is Ahmad Sukarno?
          In some Western countries, the name is sometimes written Sukarno Ahmad Sukarno. This happens because when Soekarno first visit to the United States, a number of journalists to wonder, “Who’s forename Sukarno?” Because they do not understand the habits of most people in Indonesia who only uses one name only or do not have family names. Somehow, then add the name of someone in front of the names Ahmad Sukarno. “

  25. SAD using her Right Hand…. is Barry REALLY a Lefty ?

  26. All your research above on Sukarno are quite interesting SEO. I at one time had several pages of research into Indonesia and Sukarno with connections too Lolo and Ann. The research was lost but I still maybe able too gather some of it that was posted. You and Miri are definitely on too something here.

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