“Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly

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Lia Soetoro Sabah holds a monkey doll Jan.13, 2010


What information was taken to her grave?

You haven’t heard of Lia?  Neither had we.  The unknown, until now, adopted sister of Barack Hussein Obama died unexpectedly February 26, 2010.   The USA media didn’t cover the story of this woman nor was her name found until the last few days.   A competent WTPOTUS sleuth, Leza, and other researchers  uncovered an article about an adopted “kakak” (literally “older sibling”, often translated as “brother”)  in Indonesia, named Lia or Lee.  Following up on a tidbit of information and other clues, more information was uncovered.  Lia was an adopted sister, not a brother.  Two Indonesian obituaries were just found. These tell the final tale of this woman nicknamed Lia, whom Obama called “Mbak Nun”.

UPDATE: Barack’s half-sister Maya called Lia a fraud, but a PDF document from a web site of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm a relationship between Lia and Barack Hussein Obama. Start near the bottom of page 14. It’s in Bahasa Indonesia (the language of Indonesia), but even without translation you can see Lia’s and Barack’s names. Translations of that text can be found in comments to this post.

Below is a tiny photo of Edi Sobat and Lia Soetoro Sobat.                                              Lia Soetoro Sobah and her husband Edi Sobah. January. 2010

Here’s another photo:

Her name was Holiyah Soetoro Sobah, age 53, born in 1957. She was the wife of  Edi Sobah, age 60.  They live in West Java, Indonesia.   They had three children:  Heni;  Marlina, age 27;  and Nova Noni, age 25, and four grandchildren.   In translated articles  Barack Obama is referred to as her “adopted brother” and “foster brother.”  The fact she used the name Soetoro certainly is telling.   It appears that Lolo and Ann adopted Lia, but there is no documentation for that assumption, just her words in an article.   The only knowledge we have about Lia is from one article and her obituaries.

An Indonesian article was written about Lia’s  invitation to the presidential inauguration in 2008.  She was very excited about seeing Barack Obama again.  The last time they saw each other was in 1971 when Lia visited him in Hawaii.  She was 14 at the time, and Barry was 10.

When Lia was leaving Hawaii after her 3 month long visit, Madelyn Dunham gave her a monkey doll and clothes that she is holding in her picture.  The doll brought back so many fond memories that she was planning to give it to him when they met again.

She stated that she received her invitation to the presidential  inauguration in a phone call from a close friend of Maya Soetoro,  Barack Obama’s half sister.  The translation said that a white woman who wears glasses and who she knows by the name of Gelf asked her to attend Obama’s inauguration.  Gelf also asked her to  be prepared to meet with Barry  before hand.  Additionally,  Lia was told that a woman of status and  means would be paying the Rp600.000 for her birth certificate and travel.   After receiving the money, she was  told to wait for further news about the final plans.  Whether Lia came to the USA to attend the festivities in January, 2008 is unknown.

More information from the article said that Lia  stayed at the home of Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s stepfather) and Ann Dunham Soetoro.  If I understood the translation,  one morning in 1966, Lia, age 7,  ran away from home.  She ended up at the house owned by Mrs. Siti Bogor.   It happened that Mrs. Bogor was a maid who worked for Lolo Soetoro and  Stanley Ann Dunham in Jakarta.   At some point, Stanley Ann Dunham asked  Mrs. Bogor if she could adopt Lia. The answer was yes.

She said she called Lolo and Ann,  Mr. and Mrs Lolo Eny.  In return, they  called Lia ” Non”  a  nickname for Nona.   She said, “I was always called Non, but Barry called me Ma’am Non.”   When Lia lived with the Soetoros  Maya hadn’t been born yet, and Barry was living with his grandmother in Hawaii.

After living with Lolo and Ann for awhile, “Eny” [Annie] promised to give her a sister who would keep her company.  Ann told her, ” Stay well, I’ll pick up your brother Barry.”  Two years later,  Barry left Hawaii and went to Indonesia to live with Lolo, his mother, and Lia.  Lia remembered that Obama was four years younger than she. She said that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961. Lia stated that Barry Obama went to school and got a basic education in Jakarta.

According to Lia, she and Barry were always together; they played, slept and bathed together.  They traveled on vacations as a family as well.    Several times they went to the summit, Yogyakarta, Bali, to the Land of Toraja (Sulawesi South), and the Bogor Botanical Gardens.  They loved to travel.

Amazing isn’t it that this adopted sister has remained unknown and not acknowledged as part of Barack Obama’s life story.  Her name was never mentioned in his books or by Maya Soetoro-Nyg.   As far as we know, it appears  Barack Obama didn’t attend his step sister’s funeral in Indonesia.   Lia’s family need not feel bad, he nor Michelle or their children didn’t pay their respects to Grandma Madelyn either. Grandma Madelyn was not surrounded by loving family when she departed this earth, and a proper burial ceremony wasn’t performed. God rest their souls.

More facts may be revealed about Lia’s origins and her adoption by the Soetoro family.   We are left to wonder what happened to her biological parents and why was she adopted by Lolo and Ann?  Why did Lia run away from home?  What happened to Lia after Stanley divorced Lolo?   Who is Gelf?  Who was the wealthy woman that sent money to Lia?  Why has she been kept a secret?   What caused her death?  What secrets did she take to her grave?

Hours prior to her unexpected demise,  she  was talking to several journalists about Barry’s anticipated arrival to Jakarta, Indonesia.  She was sending messages to her husband’s cell phone about those conversations.  Unfortunately for her, Lia didn’t live to see Barack Obama, her “adopted, foster” brother, again.  Lia died on Friday, February 26, 2010.

Below is the Indonesian to English translation of the article and obituary.  Some of the words are incorrect when translated, i.e., Lia is called a brother, and the he and she’s are mixed up, but you certainly will understand it even if a bit confusing.

Obama’s Adopted Sister Foster Brother and Maid?
Barry Happiness, Happiness Non Mbak
Sriwijaya, Indonesia Post
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
U.S. PRESIDENT elected, Barrack Hussein Obama, was once a four-year stay in Indonesia. Although now widely separated by time and place, many Indonesian people who are made happy with the victory of Obama. One of them is Mbak Lia aka Non, foster brother when Obama was in Indonesia.
“I call him Barry because it’s hard to say Barrack. So, I call him Barry, “said Lia (51), on Tuesday [Jan. 13] at her home, in Kampung Babakan Bantam, Sukasirna Village, District Cibadak, Sukabumi, West Java.

Lia meeting Barry is a coincidence. One morning in 1966, Lia’s new seven-year-old ran away from home. Lia little confused at being dumped into a house owned by Mrs. Siti Bogor. Apparently, Mrs Siti is a maid in the house the couple Lolo Sutoro and Stanley Ann Dunham in Jakarta. When Mrs Dunham Siti pick to return to Jakarta, he asked Allie to be adopted.

Two years after Allie to be adopted Sutoro and Dunham, Sutoro pick Barry from the U.S.. At that time, Sutoro become a manager at PT Pertamina. At first, Lia pleased that means it will have a friend and foster sister. ” “We met, I said to my mother, I am not happy that a black child and could not speak Indonesian,” said Lia.

Mrs Dunham convince Lia that Barry would be a nice sister. After obtaining Indonesian tutoring for seven months, Barry began to communicate with Lia and Siti who are called by Simbok.

Barry called Mbak Lia with a call girl, followed her mother calls. There are many memories in the mind of Barry Lia about the figure. . One of the unforgettable memories that Lia is a hobby Barry’s speech.

Barry very happy listening to Suharto’s speeches on television. “When President Suharto’s speech, Barry wrote it down neatly. After that, he practiced the speech of President Suharto in front of the house, “says Lia.

One time, Barry was President Suharto‘s speech mimicked in an event several times declared Indonesia as a country that Gemah Ripah jinawi loh. ” “He’s very difficult to spell those words, but to impose that sounds funny,” says Lia.

At home, Barry and Lee shared a bedroom, but different beds. Barry and Lia always wanting to sleep and wake up together. When Lia got up earlier and leave Barry, he would be furious. ” “After that, he then tied my hands and arms with a long rope. If one woke up, only allowed to leave the room when he woke the others,” says Lia.

In 1971, Barry returned to Hawaii. Lia joined him and got three months in Hawaii before returning to Indonesia. In Hawaii, Lia often invited Barry to go to the beach or to go shopping. Lia sad when parting with Barry.

By the inauguration of Obama, Lia received notification will be invited by a member of Obama’s successful team.  However, until now there is no certainty. Despite claiming she’d love to meet with his adopted brother, Lia chose her desire to bury deep. Lia was glad her sister is black, filthy, and often annoying it becomes U.S. President.

Raise the U.S. President’s brother dies
Friday, 02/26/2010 – 14:26

SUKABUMI, (PRLM) .- The desire Mrs. Holiyah (53) residents of Kampung Babakan Bantam, Village Sukasirna, Cibadak District, Sukabumi Regency wanted to meet the President of the United States (U.S.), Barrack Hussein Obama is disappeared. Holiyah Soetoro often called Lia, Thursday (25 / 2) died shortly before sunset.

Bodies of mother who has three children and four grandchildren, the Friday (26 / 2) is buried not far from his home. Seen her husband, Ibn [Edi] Sobah not withstand the power of compassion as Lia’s body was buried.

Lia’s death which was judged very suddenly hit her feelings. Several hours before her death her husband,  [Edi]  Ibn Sobah could receive short messages via his mobile telephone. He was interviewed a number of journalists inform the related plan of the arrival of his adopted brother, Barrack Obama to Jakarta.

“He was very nostalgic to see Barry  (Lia’s favorite call to Barack Obama — ed). The news of U.S. President’s arrival plans, had welcomed the coming months the deceased. But what say he died before seeing his adoptive brother, “said suamiya, Ibn Sobah.

This was another suspect death in the family of Barack Obama.   Living relatives should beware.

UPDATE (also mentioned higher above):
The information from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm the connection between Lia and Obama. The information the Consulate General provided about Lia Soetoro and the Soetoro family starts on page 14 of the PDF file.

UPDATE 2: Video of “Lia” is available here.

Additional Reading:

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  1. check you date of death typo
    Of what significance is this?
    His eligibility and citizenship should continue to be questioned until proven to be in order.

    • Of what significance is this? As in why question Obama denying his past? Is that the question you are asking here or am I mistaken.

    • I don’t know what typo you are referring to. Do let me know.

      I truly hope that his suspect American citizenship and lack of eligibility continue to be at the forefront.

      This was just another puzzle piece of his life’s history. Don’t you find it peculiar that all his alleged relatives are dead? Why are all the photos of him photo-shopped? Why won’t he release any documentation from schools he attended? Isn’t it unusual that Lia was searched for and found by the Obama administration. Then she turns up dead JUST before Obama is supposed to go to Indonesia? I think she was talking to much and he was worried about what she might divulge. During her interview (that occurred after talking with Maya’s friend), she regurgitated his birth date and where he was born as on cue. Don’t you wonder why Obama didn’t personally contact his sister? Why didn’t Maya call her? Why the go-between?

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is no more an accident that this woman died, just as she was speaking to reporters about Obama, than it is that Obama’s self-confessed homosexual lover caught a bullet in the head on the steps of Jeremiah Wright’s church before the 2008 election, shortly after talking to the press about the affair. He, too, had made the mistake of speaking about the “anointed one”. (Read Orly Taitz’s Motion for Reconsideration, which she filed after a federal judge ruled that her clients didn’t have “standing” to bring questions about Obama’s birth/qualifications to be POTUS before the courts, if you want to know more about this. If citizens of the U.S. do not have standing in the federal courts regarding their President’s qualifications to hold the office, who does?) Enjoy the internet blogging/commentary while you can. Why do you think Obama wants the internet “kill switch”? He can’t take the heat of people knowing the truth about him.

  2. Excellent article Bridgette. I happened to discover Lia by cross referencing. I had found an old article that stated in Indonesia they had called Obama the menteng kid. I cross referenced that and came up with another article that said
    Bocah Menteng Calon Presiden AS (A Menteng kid a U.S. presidential hopeful) and buy combing the to references I found ‘Lia”. Amazing isn’t it that she happened to pass. When I came across an article that said Maya and Obama were denying Lia I figured we would discover Lia had passed “suddenly”. She knew to much and was talking…

  3. An old article in an Indonesian newspaper the Banjarmasin Post about Lia and Obama and their life together.

  4. I find it difficult to believe!
    It looks like a biography of BHO rather thn a story of LIA…….. Placed there to cohorborate his birth date?
    Funny she was there. 1971. ….at the airport…..
    What a crowed place it must have been…….
    All the relatives together…. What a happy family

  5. In the second line after “What has she taken to the grave?” in my initial email the date of death was 1910……..I see that it has since been corrected.

  6. I am Moving some of the research to here –


    Leza // August 5, 2010 at 5:37 am | Reply
    From above google link

    Lia. “We looked at each other and he seemed to know that we will never meet again. My eyes filled with tears, so did Barry. He told one day we’ll meet again. He said: Ma’am Miss, do not be sad, we will inevitably meet and together again, “said Lia.

    Translated from:

    Lia sempat tiga bulan di Hawaii.Pengalaman hidup bersama Barry meninggalkan kisah mendalam bagi. Hingga kini, Lia pun ingat saat perpisahan tiba.

    “Kami saling berpandangan dan sepertinya ia tahu bahwa kami tidak akan pernah bertemu lagi. Mata saya berkaca-kaca, begitu juga Barry. Ia berpesan suatu saat kita pasti bertemu lagi. Ia bilang : Mbak Non, jangan sedih, kita pasti akan bertemu dan bersama lagi,” ujar

    Then I just found this –

    One day in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta Selatan, in 1969. A fat black boy walking arm in arm with two little girls braids. They headed for a stall to buy the mother of five marker orders. In the middle of the street they met the “enemy”. Four local children while shouting encouraging words to the kids that black monkey. Only a woman who fell and pulled her braid hair. She cried to go home with a bloody elbow. Two victims were Barack Hussein Obama, who is now President of the United States from the Democratic Party who was elected today and Lia, his adopted brother.

    Translated from this –

    Seorang bocah lelaki gemuk berkulit hitam berjalan bergandengan tangan dengan gadis cilik berkepang dua. Mereka menuju sebuah warung membeli lima spidol pesanan sang ibu. Nahas, di tengah jalan keduanya bertemu “musuh”. Nahas,

    Empat anak-anak setempat mendorong sambil meneriaki kata monyet kepada anak hitam itu. Hanya perempuan yang jatuh dan ditarik rambut kepangnya. Ia menangis pulang dengan siku berdarah. Dua korban itu adalah Barack Hussein Obama yang kini Presiden Amerika Serikat dari Partai Demokrat yang terpilih hari ini dan Lia, kakak angkatnya



    Lia, Obama’s adopted brother? Just curious about this, I have never heard of Obama having an adopted brother.

  7. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/so-sad-passportgate-and-open-thread/

    Leza // August 6, 2010 at 12:19 pm | Reply


    What do you make of this Lia Obama’s adopted brother? When I first found it I didn’t give it to much thought…But now I’m not to sure, I found this……..

    1. Invited Obama, Soetoro Bring Lia Doll Memories
    Surprised, tenderness, sadness, and pride. That feeling is now raging in the minds of Lia Soetoro,
    51, foster brother Barack Hussein Obama, was elected president of the United States (U.S.). After
    tens of years apart, the two planned to meet again in the atmosphere and different occasions. If there are no obstacles, Lee will attend the inauguration of Barack Obama as U.S. president in Washington DC, January 20 ahead of a special invitation from his adopted brother’s.
    If Barry, little greeting Barack Obama, has now become the number one in the U.S., Lia was still lived in the village. Aside from being a housewife, wife of Ibn Sobah, 58, also had a busy day-to-day find grass for the goats that he raised in the village of Sukasirna, Babakan Kampung Bantam, RT 03 RW 09, Cibadak, Sukabumi, West Java. We met in a rented house his son, Ibn End of the Road Safety Syaifudin RT007/02 No. 9 Manggarai, South Jakarta, yesterday, Allie looks simple.

    Fill out the responsibility of the Directorate Infomed news, department of foreign affairs 15 Women born August 17, 1957 was an occasional smile smile when receiving SINDO presence. The mother of three children named Heni, Marlina, 27, Nova Noni, 25, and this Syaifudin then start a conversation. According to Lia, since Obama was elected as U.S. president, himself telahmendapatundanganuntukmenghadiri adoptive brother’s inauguration. Invite begins when the messenger who claimed near-sister Maya Soetoro Obama’s half-contact himself, 9 November 2008. At that time, white-skinned woman with glasses of known and named Gelf asked Lia Obama attended the inauguration. Not only that, Gelf also asked Lia prepare Lia Barry Menurut ahead of the inauguration, women who have posture and high-haired. It provides money for long Rp600.000 for the manufacture of a birth certificate. “Because I akta.Belum no idea what for, “said Lia. “After giving the money, he then asked me to wait for further news, “he explained. Until now no further information about the plan. However, Lia hope that if the meeting took place he has prepared a monkey doll and clothes given Obama told him when separated at the International Airport Hawaii, USA, in 1971 ago his grandmother Madelyn Dunham, after visiting the sick at the time.

    Occasionally, Lia is wearing a black headscarf and long sleeves with a motif. These flowers looked dreamily at the ceiling of the house. Lia went on story. Two weeks ago he got a call asking to wait, because everything being prepared. “Until now I have not got a phone call or information again, “he said. In addition to Barry’s belongings, Lia also intend to give a message to
    are still etched in his soul. Messages that are always given Obama’s late mother, Stanley Ann Dunham when we were together, especially before eating and sleeping. “The message is, before looking into above, look down, left and right, including forward and backward, “recalls Lee.
    This message, he said, given that Ann Dunham Barry became a good person and not arrogant. Perhaps, this message is very useful for Barry to be wise in applying policies to its people, including to all countries around the world. Recognized Lia, meeting by Barry started when he was asked his grandfather the late Hamim.Saat that, he left at Mbok home Siti, Lolo pair housekeeper Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro-in Leuwiliang kampong, Bogor, who was then going to Cibadak, Sukabumi.

    When Lia was still seven years old, four years older than Obama, who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961. Siti Lia then invited to Jakarta and stayed at home couples Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s step father) and Ann Dunham. Lia usual greeting both with Mr and Mrs Lolo Eny. “It was not yet born Maya Soetoro, whereas Barry still lives with his grandmother (in Hawaii), “he said. After some time living together, Eny promised to give her sister who would accompany him. “Stay well, I’ll pick up your brother Barry, let me have your friend at home,” he said Eny imitate speech. Obama was eventually brought to Indonesia and had mengenyam basic education in Jakarta. No doubt, during his stay together, always accompany Barry Lia wherever. Not just playing, sleeping and even bathing together. Including travel, because Barry’s family, including loved vacationing to places tours. Several times he was invited to the summit, Yogyakarta, Bali, to the Land of Toraja (Sulawesi South) and the Bogor Botanical Gardens. “My children asked me to Bogor, but I’m sad, because it reminds me of the past, “he said. At home, Lolo and Eny call Lia with Non-which is a greeting call Short of Nona. “As always called Non, Barry so call me Ma’am Non, “he said. He said small-bodied bongsor and Barry is a good figure and generous. He always shared meals or snacks to his friends.

    Bandung Students Invited
    Alvin Adhitya Arief, 21, never dreamed, in his footsteps wander into the land of Uncle Sam delivered to the White House. Alvin’s face is now more sumringah. Because, very soon, he will be one important guest to the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama-44 at 20 January next. Inauguration invitation sent by the University Presidential Inaugural Conference was accepted Alvin since February 2008. Email sent the committee does not necessarily rewarded Alvin. Because, he Fill out the responsibility of the Directorate Infomed news, department of foreign affairs.

    Click to access PC-005-090109.pdf

    • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/so-sad-passportgate-and-open-thread/

      Leza // August 6, 2010 at 12:24 pm | Reply

      This all starts on page 14 of the PDF and was translated from Indonisian to English useing google.

      • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/so-sad-passportgate-and-open-thread/

        bridgetteb // August 6, 2010 at 10:32 pm | Reply

        This is how I interpreted the sentences in the article.

        Lia was invited to the inauguration by Barack Obama. Lia was to bring the doll which brings back memories of surprise, tenderness, sadness, and pride. Those past feelings are now “raging in his mind.”

        LIA SOETORO, 51, foster brother[sister] of Barack Hussein Obama.
        It says brother, yet in a photo Lia is a SHE. ” SHE Lift: Lia Soetoro (right), accompanied by her husband, Ibn Sobah, when found SINDO in Jakarta yesterday.”

        Lia and Obama haven’t seen each other in years [They last saw each other in 1971. The article was written before Obama’s inauguration in 2008]

        LEE will attend the inauguration. (Lee a variation of the name Lia.)

        Lia’s husband, the son of Sobah, aged 58, lives in West Java. They have three children named Heni, Marlina, 27, and Nova Noni 25 and this Syaifudin?.

        The invitation to the inauguration came on November 9 from a close friend of Maya Soetoro, also a half sister of Obama.

        A white woman who wears glasses and who she knows by the name of Gelf asked Lia to attend Obama’s inauguration. Lia was told that a woman of status and means would be paying for her birth certificate and travel.

        Gelf also told Lia to be prepared to meet Barry before the inauguration ceremonies.

        Lia hopes that at the meeting, she will have the monkey doll and clothes to give to Obama. She received them at the airport from Madelyn Dunham when she was leaving Hawaii in 1971. She was sick at the time and was given the doll.

        Lia was seven years old, four years older than Obama {3 yrs old} who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961.

        Siti? Lia was invited to Jakarta and stayed at the home of Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s stepfather) and Ann Dunham.

        Lia usually called them Mr. and Mrs. Lolo Eny. Maya Soetoro wasn’t born yet. Barry lived with his grandmother in Hawaii.

        At home, Lolo and Eny called Lia “Non” which is a nickname for Nona. “I was always called Non, but Barry called me Ma’am Non.”

        This one has me baffled:
        Recognized Lia, meeting by Barry started when he was asked his grandfather the late Hamim.Saat that, he left at Mbok home Siti, Lolo pair housekeeper Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro-in Leuwiliang kampong, Bogor, who was then going to Cibadak, Sukabumi.

        How about this?
        Lia first met Barry after Lia’s grandfather, Hamim Saat, died. He lived at the Mbok home. Lolo’s wife and housekeeper was Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro who was living in Leuwiliang village, Bogorleaving. She was leaving and going to Sukabumi.

        Or was Hamim, Barry’s dead grandfather?

        The photo of Lia and her husband was on a translated page that caused problems for my computer. It was so tiny that one couldn’t really identify the people too. So I won’t add the URL.

        • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/so-sad-passportgate-and-open-thread/

          itooktheredpill // August 7, 2010 at 12:11 am | Reply

          I haven’t been following this in great detail, but I just wanted to add something that may be helpful.

          In “Bahasa Indonesia”, the language of Indonesia, the commonly used words do not refer to the gender of the sibling (i.e., not “brother” and “sister”), but instead refer to whether the sibling is older or younger.

          “kakak” is used for an older sibling.
          “adik” is used for a younger sibling.

          There is a word for female, “perempuan”, but it’s not always used. For example, an older sister may be referred to as “kakak perempuan”, or as just “kakak”.

          So, the net is that if you are translating URLs from Bahasa Indonesia to English, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the default translation said “brother”.

          I am not fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, but I do know a little…

          • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/so-sad-passportgate-and-open-thread/

            bridgetteb // August 7, 2010 at 1:21 am | Reply

            Good information RP:

            Lia, kakak angkatnya translated to
            Lia, his adopted brother. So it should be
            Lia, his sister, instead… That makes sense now. I couldn’t understand why a boy was given a doll as a gift. The photo proved Lia was a girl.

            The word perempuan was used in the article.

            Yet, the translation of their words show adopted or foster brother…what else could those translated words of foster and adopted mean?

            • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/so-sad-passportgate-and-open-thread/

              itooktheredpill // August 7, 2010 at 8:13 am | Reply

              “angkat” means “adoptive”. I believe the “-nya” suffix makes it possessive, i.e. “his”.
              So, “Lia, kakak angkatnya” translates to “Lia, his adopted older sibling”.
              I have not read the original Indonesian text, but if the word “perempuan” appears close to “Lia, kakak angkatnya”, then that likely indicates they are talking about “Lia, his adopted older sister”.

        • Note to readers: The above is basically a translation of the PDF file Leza found recently; corroborating evidence, mentioned elsewhere in these comments. From:

          Click to access PC-005-090109.pdf

          Worth repeating, for clarity.

  8. Lia Experience With Obama in Hawaii (2-Out)
    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | 7:26 pm

    Ms. Lia and her husband at their home in Sukabumi.

    Lia, Sukabumi origin boy who became foster brother Barack Obama or Barry, go to Hawaii when Obama’s moving there in the late 1970s. Lia got three months in Hawaii. Experience life with Barry left a deep story for Lia. Until now, Lia also remember when parting arrived.

    “We looked at each other and he seemed to know that we will never meet again. My eyes filled with tears, so did Barry. He told one day we’ll meet again. He said: Ma’am Miss, do not be sad, we will meet and together again, “said Lia.

    According to Lia, she and Barry are equally familiar because it has no friends. In South Jakarta, Barry did not have any friends. He even always harassed and teased the kids her age. Similarly, in school, in elementary Francis of Assisi, Menteng. Because not match the atmosphere of school, while third grade, Barry moved to SDN 01 Menteng or SD Besuki.

    Lia too. At her parents’ house in Sukabumi, she did not have many friends. He then joined Mrs Siti, co-grandparents. Siti Lolo Soetoro worked in the family. Lia was accepted in the family was asked to accompany Lolo and Barry.

    Lia closeness with Barry can be seen from the goods of their childhood stored neatly in the house Lia. These items is a brown glass ice cream and one-legged, blue-striped white sheets, and decorative carvings of the Toraja.

    “Everything in pairs. Barry’s another one of mine. We both are like siblings. If Mr. Lolo bought something for Barry, I also had bought. If I do not buy it Barry will be sulking and angry, “said Lia.

    About seven years since the return from Hawaii, Lia diperistri Edi Soba, Betawi man, and stay with his adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro, in Menteng In. Lia is also waiting on the Lolo when his adoptive father was sick and hospitalized Pertamina Hospital in the early 1980s. However, when Lolo married Erna, 1981, Lia began to keep his distance. Lia and her husband then lived in Palbatu, Tebet, not far from the house of Lolo. When Lolo passed away in 1983, Lia was in Sukabumi to visit her parents are sick and unable to drive to the retreat last Lolo.

    Now, Lia-Edi couples who have three children spend his old age in Sukabumi all to accompany his mother, Mrs Arwita (84). “Since childhood I lived far from the capital. Now, I want to close and stay with the mother because my father was dead. So I invited her husband to enjoy old age in Sukabumi, “he said. Lia returned to Sukabumi since 2004, or when her children were married.

    Together with her husband, Lia breeding goats which amount has now reached nine tails. “Every day we are looking at best grass for the goats, the Koran, and enjoy the day. Nothing special about us, “he said.

    One day, in early September, bringing home Soba Edi Newspaper articles about Obama and show the child that so Menteng U.S. presidential candidate. “At first I was not sure if Obama is running for President of the United States it is Barry, the brother of my childhood friends at the same time lift. But when I saw on TV, I am sure he is Barry, though not fat as a kid. How to speak and his eyes were like 37 years ago, “said Lia.

    Lia admitted to not knowing how the reporters get the information that he is the older brother Barry lift. Since Barrack Obama wins the U.S. Presidential election, a number of journalists went to Lia’s house in Sukabumi. Even Lee was also invited to several TV stations in Jakarta.

    Greatly missed even though his adoptive sister, Lia was not too hope to meet with Barry. “Barry has now become the most influential people in America, even in the world. I can only pray for him so he can run the task with the best, “he said. (Budi Sam Law Malau / Out




  9. One day in Menteng Dalam, Jakarta Selatan, in 1969. A fat black boy walking arm in arm with two little girls braids. They headed for a stall to buy the mother of five marker orders. Nahas in the middle of the street they met the “enemy”.

    Four local children while shouting encouraging words to the kids that black monkey. Only a woman who fell and pulled her braid hair. She cried to go home with a bloody elbow. Two victims were Barack Hussein Obama, who is now President of the United States from the Democratic Party who was elected today and Lia, his adopted sister.

    Both came home and complained to the Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’s birth mother white. Since then, Barry, close calls Illinois senator, forbidden outside the home. He may only play with Mbak Non, called Lia. The incident comes a year after Obama lived in Jakarta, precisely on Jalan Haji Ramli number 16 Central, Menteng In.

    Obama lived with his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, in a two-story building. The house has a living room, family room, two labor rooms, two bedrooms, three rooms for gardeners, chauffeurs, and maids, and one room upstairs is used as a warehouse.

    Non Mbak who is now aged 51, four years older than Barry, the first black candidate for president of America. Lolo which became manager in Pertamnia been raised as a child Non Mbak two years before Barry with his mother came from Honolulu, United States.

    The incident had made an impression in the minds of Barry. He never asked why klulitnya different color than the mother’s and Non Mbak. “While entertaining, his father says you’re too much sunbathing like Papa,” said Sister Non told Tempo on his cell phone yesterday.

    Still, he remained true to my friends who insulted him. He did not hesitate to spend a basket of oranges that were distributed to his friends close to home. To the extent that her parents got home from work missed.

    Non Mbak and Barry is very familiar like brother and sister. “We shared a bedroom but different beds,” said women from Sukabumi, West Java, this. Walls of the room was filled with pictorial paper-made for Obama. There were two cabinets contain Obama’s toys, such as masks, Angklung, and another one where they dress.

    They always spend time together at home after Barry went to Catholic Elementary School St. Francis of Assisi Strada (sekrang Francis of Assisi). He was there until the class II and moved to the Elementary School 01 Besuki, Menteng (now the Public Elementary School Menteng 01, Jalan Besuki, Central Jakarta).

    A Tempo source said while registering at Assisi, Barry noted Christian, while in Besuki as a Muslim. “Because the daftarin his father who was Muslim. He also often involved in the practice of prayer that the lessons of religion, “he said.

    But Sister said Non, Barry never prayed, at home. He just always follow his mother to church every Sunday morning in Tebet, South Jakarta. “He said he sang out,” he said. He expressed Lolo Barry never asked if only Id prayers twice a year. Ann has never put up the Christmas tree while commemorating the birth of Jesus.

    Already 37 years old he was never in touch with Barry. Neither of them ever catching up even though through the mail. But still remember Barry Non Mbak a carefree child, intelligent and active. She admitted she was surprised to find her adopted brother became the presidential candidate.

    “Though he aspires to make planes and cars,” he said with a thick accent Sunda. Only, Barry often spoke in English that he has made himself in front of his parents. “I was told to stand behind him, baseball should move and scratch.”

    Like a child, Barry was also mischievous. Non Mbak like upset because Barry did not want to stop when playing cat and mouse Tom and Jerry imitating his favorite movie. They also like playing hop-stepping on the bed. “It is also often throw up in bed and pee on the plastic because I was lazy to the bathroom,” she said.

    Barry also had a habit of worrying. He likes to sleep while walking. “Therefore, mothers prefer to lock our room from outside,” he said. He also had a sniper stance Barry wakes from sleep. “Take bantak bolsters that he hugs or kelitikin idungnya with the feather duster.”

    But Obama’s childhood led to controversy. Mbak Non pretty sure Barry family has never contracted a pavilion at Jalan Taman Amir Hamzah No. 22, Pegangsaan, Central Jakarta. Though the house was reportedly already exist that offer up to USD 150 billion.

    She asserted that she joined the family Lolo 15 years until his adoptive father had died. “I swear by Allah, we never moved from the Menteng Dalam,” he asked, adding nearly ten times Lolo Obama bought a house in Ciputat. While the top houses in Menteng Mayaberhak In.



    • Barry also had a habit of worrying. He likes to sleep while walking. “Therefore, mothers prefer to lock our room from outside


      But Obama’s childhood led to controversy. Mbak Non pretty sure Barry family has never contracted a pavilion at Jalan Taman Amir Hamzah No. 22, Pegangsaan, Central Jakarta. Though the house was reportedly already exist that offer up to USD 150 billion.

      He asserted that he joined the family Lolo 15 years until his adoptive father had died. “I swear by Allah, we never moved from the Menteng Dalam,” he asked, adding nearly ten times Lolo Obama bought a house in Ciputat. While the top houses in Menteng Mayaberhak In.

      I find these bits very interesting…

      • I noticed those two items, too, Renee. GMTA! So he is/was a sleep-walker. Doesn’t sound like the kind of detail a person would make up when telling a fable. This rings true.

        From Wikipedia: “Several experts theorize that the development of sleepwalking in childhood is due to a delay in maturation. There are also high-voltage delta waves in somnambulists up to 17 years of age. This presence might suggest an immaturity in the central nervous system, also a possible cause of sleepwalking. Sleepwalking is clustered in families, and the percentage of childhood sleepwalking increases to 45% if one parent was affected, and 60% if both parents were affected. However, there is no recorded preference to male or female individuals. Thus, heritable factors appear to predispose an individual to develop sleepwalking, but expression of the trait may be also influenced by environmental factors. Other precipitating factors to sleepwalking are those factors which increase the slow wave sleep stage. These most commonly include sleep deprivation, fever, and excessive tiredness. The use of some neuroleptics or hypnotics can also cause sleepwalking to occur. . . . Sleepwalking can, however, be a symptom of people with psychological disorders. In one study, adult test subjects were given the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, a psychiatric test. According to the study, patients showed “outwardly directed behavior patterns…suggest[ing] that these adults had difficulty handling aggression. They did not support an interpretation of sleepwalking as ‘hysterical dissociation’.” . . . In some cases, sleepwalking in adults may be a symptom of a psychological disorder or of drug use. One study done by A.H. Crisp et al. of St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London supports the possibility of dissociation in adult sleepwalkers because the test subjects scored unusually high on the hysteria portion of the Crown-Crisp experiential index. According to J.E. Orme, an expert in psychology, “A higher incidence [of sleepwalking events] has been reported in patients with schizophrenia, hysteria and anxiety neuroses.” Also, patients with migraine headaches or Tourette Syndrome are 4–6 times more likely to sleepwalk. Some medications that may precipitate sleepwalking include: Chlorpromazine (Thorazine), perphenazine (Trilafon), lithium, benzodiazepine (Triazolam), amitriptylin (Elavel, Endep), Zolpidem (Ambien) and beta blockers.”

        Another interesting factoid: this foster sister disputes where Lolo Soetoro lived and for how long. If this were a planted story, then why the discrepancies? This type of detail does ring true and could lead to further investigations, which some may not want to occur.


  10. Bridgette: great article. Everybody else: great research. Since Red Pill is familiar with Indonesian, can he try to nail down the translation? btw, I fixed that typo “don’t tread” mentioned. It said 1910, not 2010. Anyway, Brigette, I saved that other photo of Lia and her husband. Do you mind if I edit the post to insert it? I don’t know how to put it into a comment.

    • Oh do add it ! I don’t think you can add a photo to a comment. Good picture…I saw it but I couldn’t get that newspaper to stay still so I could get it.

      Oh, I also added Dr. Sarah Obama’s picture to the fabricated family. I found a nice close up of her face. She was given her honorary doctorate in May. So both she and her nephew have honorary degrees. Sarah never stepped into a lecture hall in her life. It was for community service I believe. I wonder if she is a community organizer too.

      • Dr. Sarah Obama. You had me going there for a minute. I forgot all about Granny Sarah’s honorary doctorate. I could sure use one of those things. What do I have to do to get one, fabricate a connection to The One? 🙂

  11. How easy all this is to plant in the right places in Indonesia…….
    Guess they are getting set for a trial where they need more proof that there was another child of the Soetorro marriage that was referred to in the divorce document.!

    Oh ntoo bad she is dead…..the court will just have to take Judicial Notice of the emails and old news stuff that suddenly appeared………such freedom of speech they have in Indonesia………and money doesnt talk there at all

    I don’t buy any of it…….

    Leza…..I respect your research but I dont think it ever happened!

    • Leza…..I respect your research but I dont think it ever happened!

      Thank You Aone. You could be right maybe it is just another smoke screen, but why would Lia just “happen” to get bumped off…opp’s, pass away so suddenly after she starts talking?

      • My thoughts exactly. If not something to it, how did she conveniently and suddenly become silent forever ?
        Come on. This is a huge pattern no ?

      • My take is she only said what they wanted her to say…..
        Date of birth
        airport picture 1971 validity with Sr
        divorce doca
        SAD in. Indonesia- Im still not sure we found ANYTHING ti support this…..TILL NOW

        how very very convenient

        • The post at Free Republic has comments that link to other reports of Lia. They date to February, 2010. The linked stories were from 2008. There’s no way anybody can turn Soebarkah into Non Mbak, Holiyah Soetoroa, or Lia.

          It’s true that ANYTHING we find anywhere on the Web could be bogus. Could be planted. Nothing about Obama is real, verifiable, documentable. Nothing. That’s it in a nutshell.

  12. Several things stand out: SAD was living in Indonesia in 1964, if you believe Lia. She says she was 7, and she’s 4 years older than Barry. She was born 1957, so she was seven in 1964. Maya was not yet born. Barry was still in Hawaii. Does this fit the fable? I don’t think so.

    Interesting that as soon as Barry was elected (and journalists found Lia, who perhaps Barry forgot all about), somebody from his team contacted Lia and asked for her birth certificate. What did the Obama team want with Lia’s birth certificate? To take it and hide it?

    Or is it possible they wanted to facilitate getting her some travel documents, so she could attend the inauguration? Or was there some other reason? A pretext to get her out of the country and put her–where? Or to KEEP her from traveling?

    In Kenya, they’ve managed to throw a cordon around the family compound. Nobody talks. There are “bodyguards”. Why?

    Maybe the same thing wasn’t feasible in Indonesia. A different type of country altogether.

    It does sound as if she was coached to say certain things. Also, perhaps she was on the verge of being bribed. A rich lady will pay for everything? Hmmm.

    I’m with Bridgette. I’ve always wondered why he kept cancelling trips to Indonesia. Then Lia ups and dies, suddenly, unexpectedly. Buried that very day, I would imagine, since this is Muslim tradition. No autopsy. No coroner’s report. What did she die of so suddenly right after talking to American journlists?

    Who fed what to poor Lia?

    One has to wonder, seriously, whether ALL these children of SAD’s are “foster children”. Not unlike Mia Farrow’s brood. Or Angelina Jolie’s. Perhaps SAD was a woman before her time. A free thinker collecting a family of international adopted children.

    Remember: One of SAD’s friends was quoted as saying that Stanley Ann told her that she didn’t have to marry to have children–she could adopt.

    Were her husbands true husbands or simply stand-ins to facilitate the collection of her multi-ethnic brood?

    Bravo, everyone here at We the People! Good job.

    Now all we need to do is get the rest of the world to sit up and take notice of the fraud this guy has perpetrated on everyone.

    • I thought they wanted her birth certificate to get her a passport…

      I liked all Lia’s little stories, they seemed normal and natural to me. I wonder if O is into S & M since he got early practice by tying his sister to the bed with a rope.

      Indeed, she was excited and chatting up a storm and the next minute she died.. right at sunset. I didn’t know the Muslims buried the dead immediately. No mourning time, I guess.

      I love your analysis Miri.

      • I agree, excellant analysis Miri.

      • Bridgette, iirc, Muslims bury people the same day they die. Before sunset, if possible. I think. Not an expert on Islam, but they also bury them in simple shrouds. Same day service.

        Makes it easy to avoid coroners. This happens all the time with the “civilian” deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. On account of the culture, the dead are already underground. Nobody can investigate to see who the dead were, why they died, how they died, even if they died. Graves can be empty, after all. Just for show.

        They have to be culturally sensitive, so they don’t dig them up for autopsies. All making it very easy to invent and exaggerate civilian deaths.

    • Miri, I think they got big benefits from someone to take these kids. I think it is a lineage they are trying to keep going. It is a pact I think. Raise these kids and hide their real identities and the rewards will rain down…like magic. Careers, money, etc…Maybe the Ford, Rothchild or Rockefeller lineage-no specific country.


  13. Bridgette: I added the photo to the post. (Glad that it doesn’t look as if I screwed anything up!) I know how to insert photos in posts; I don’t know how to put a photo in a comment. If anybody can tell me quickly, I’d appreciate the instructions. For future reference.

    • I found this. Perhaps this is how it is done using HTML. I haven’t tried it. More detail at URL. It doesn’t let me show the code instead it posts the photo. So I deleted the carets at each end so the code shows.

      Posting an image:
      <img src=”web URL location“>

      Clarity is needed – you can’t just snag a favorite picture from a desktop folder…it has to be hosted someplace to be transferable to our posts. ~

      This code:
      <img src=”http://www.notablebiographies.com/images/uewb_09_img0611.jpg”>

      posts this photo:


      • Whoo hoo it worked! This is how to add photos to comments. Totally unexpected. This must be the new theme that our blog was changed to that allows this.

  14. Do you remember that the woman who called Lia for Obama was called Gelf?

    GELF is an acronym for Genetically Engineered Life Form!

    Could this be the “got ya” moment?

    You all know I do believe in my petri dish theory.

    • And terrorizing them

      Although the family is treating the incident as common robbery, Sarah Obama who attended the funeral of the late Saleh at Kendu Bay Muslim Cementry in Kendu-Bat Town, Rachuonyo district broke her silency and said the family was targeted

      for elimination by unknown people with sinister motive and expressed fear that the killing has some element of political overtone, which could be related to his grand son’s latest campaign for the US presidency.

      Mama Sarah Obama who is now living under twenty four hours police protection in her home at Nyang’oma, Alego Kogelo near Siaya Town about 100 kilometres away was herself recently attacked by unknown night raiders who broke her door and window s during the night.

    • What a family background to have..we have not one novel…but volumes.

      Kenya: Senator Obama’s relative murdered – Is it a political message on things to come?
      October 10, 2008

      A close relative of the US Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barrack Obama jnr was among the three fuel stations attendants who were mowed down with gun shots and killed by unknown gangsters.

      Mr Saleh is the son of Mr. Abdo Omar, who is the brother of Sen Obama jnr surviving step grand mother Mama Sarah Obama.

      Wasn’t it the African Press that said they had the “whitey” tape..that was never heard? Then they found the African press was being published out of Norway or Scandinavia?

  15. Another search term that I find more articles on Lia Soetoro that I have cross referenced is –

    Diundang Obama, Lia Soetoro Bawa Boneka

    I received 18 hits on Lia Soetoro, Obama, Maya Soetoro,

  16. SBY “Lost prestige” By its citizens

    January 20, 2009

    Inauguration of the 44th U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama on January 20 was kept a surprise for Indonesia. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), was not invited to the historic day U.S. society.While citizens, Alvin Adhitya Arief, 21, and Lia Soetoro, 51, gets udnangan special.“It seems that the President will not attend because there was no invitation.

    And indeed the head of state did not always have to come in the inauguration ceremony, “said Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah. Lia preparing monkey dolls and clothes given to him when Obama parted International Airport in Hawaii, USA, in 1971 ago after visiting a sick grandmother Madelyn Dunham in those days. While Alvin Adhitya Arief, a student of University Presidential Inaugural Conference that will take what belumj elas. But definitely student from Bandung, to receive an invitation letter that since February 2008. for sharing the story here …

    Translated from:
    Pelantikan Presiden AS ke-44 Barack Hussein Obama pada 20 Januari ini menyimpan kejutan untuk Indonesia. . Presiden RI Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), ternyata tak diundang dalam hari bersejarah masyarakat AS. Sementara warganya, Alvin Adhitya Arief, 21, dan Lia Soetoro, 51, mendapat udnangan istimewa. “Sepertinya Presiden tidak akan menghadiri karena tidak ada undangannya. Dan memang kepala negara tidak selalu harus datang dalam acara pelantikan,” kata juru bicara Departemen Luar Negeri Teuku Faizasyah. Lia menyiapkan boneka monyet dan baju yang diberikan Obama kepada dirinya ketika berpisah di Bandara Internasional Hawaii, AS, pada 1971 silam seusai menjenguk neneknya Madelyn Dunham yang sakit kala itu. Sedangkan Alvin Adhitya Arief, mahasiswa University Presidential Inaugural Conference itu belumj elas mau bawa apa. . Tapi yang pasti mahasiswa asal bandung itu menerima surat undangan itu sejak Februari 2008. Wah kira-kira semewah apa ya pelaksanaa pelantikan Presiden AS yang pernanh ngelmu di SDN Menteng 01 Jalan Besuki, Jakarta Pusat itu? Well what about ya fancy as pelaksanaa inauguration of U.S. President pernanh ngelmu at SDN Menteng 01 Road Besuki, Central Jakarta that? bagi-bagi cerita yak di sini…



  17. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2009/01/16/obama-family-rejects-liah039s-claim-calls-her-a-fraud.html

    “Obama family rejects Liah’s claim, calls her a fraud
    The Jakarta Post, JAKARTA | Fri, 01/16/2009 4:48 PM | Headlines

    “The drama of the upcoming inauguration of United States president-elect Barack Obama has spilled over into Jakarta, with claims of kinship and allegations of fraud.

    Liah Soetoro, 51, has been telling the Indonesian media for the past week that she is Barack Obama’s adopted sister and she and her husband will be attending the historic inauguration on Jan. 20 in Washington DC.

    “I will bring along mementos belonging to me and Barry,” Liah Soetoro, who says she was adopted by Barack Obama’s stepfather two years before the soon-to-be American president and his mother, Ann Dunham, moved to Jakarta in 1964.

    According to Liah, she received the invitation from Luth, a close friend of Maya Soetoro.

    “This Lia is definitely a fraud,” Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama’s younger half sister, the daughter of Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham, said.

    “I have no idea who she is and there’s no stepdaughter and no one was ever adopted into the family formally or informally that I am aware of….””

    • Continuation of above article. Are any of these part of the relatives in California? Remember the photo of o’s relatives who attended a private fundraiser by Maya at the home of ? in southern California (?? was it in orange county?)

    • So was Lia a fruit loop, seeking her 15 minutes of fame Or what?

      • Also, how do we know all the “facts/dates/etc.” in the articles re Lia are indeed the truth.

        I don’t trust any of the “facts” we’re given in any of the publications. Supposedly Lolo was born in ’35. Supposedly the yearbook photo is from ’63 — doesn’t add up. If he was born in ’35, then perhaps the yearbook photo is from ’53 or ’58. Then he could’ve gone back to Indonesia for ?4 years for his bachelor degree; then to Hawaii in ’62 for his Masters — all the “facts” are fudged.
        Besides, Lolo was wearing a Fez in his yearbook photo — just seems to me that may have been more likely in the ’50’s than in ’63.

        • And how do we know that all the documents from the State Dept., and all the other documents such as the University records are true and accurate? Back to the “fabrication” of o.
          What if Lia is not a nut, what if its the truth? Who knows.
          I think this is exactly how the o team planned it — everything is a question mark — all is fudged — all is INTENDED to confuse — INTENDED to KEEP the FOCUS on trying to figure out his past — RATHER THAN FOCUS ON THE FACT THAT O’S FATHER WAS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN AT THE TIME OF O’S BIRTH.

          I must admit, though, that I do enjoy the puzzle — the whispering doubt, was he born in indonesia, or africa, or …. Exactly what they want. All the missing and mismatched pieces make the puzzle impossible to complete. That was their intention. Diversion. Yet right before our eyes, o states his FATHER was NOT a U.S. CITIZEN at the time of o’s birth!

        • Just making a correction:
          Yearbook photo would have to be no later than ’53 if Lolo born in ’35

    • Called a fraud by the WH about 1 year before she died. No further articles until O was supposed to visit. No aftermath stories about going to D.C.?

      This one says she received the invitation from Luth, a close friend of Maya Soetoro.

      She came away from looking for grass to feed her goats to make up a story that she was invited to the US? Why no USA media coverage on Lia? The A/P didn’t pick it up? Maybe I missed seeing that someone found one and has posted it.

      I think you are right..it was LA, Orange County, where Maya was stumping for O. I remember researching the names of the people invited. One group that she addressed was an elite group of Pakistani’s, I believe. I don’t remember one for CA relatives.

      • Luth? There’s another weird name. Who would have been planning the inauguration events?

        • Just checked, Luth translates to Lot in Indonesian.
          Lot threw in his lot for Obama!

          Wouldn’t you think Michelle and hubby made a list to invite and handed it off to their staff? They had to have some input, otherwise how would they know the African relatives that were invited.

          Presidential Inaugural Committee..who is on it?

          United States Congress Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. The members of the committee are sitting members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

          2008 – Its present full composition is as follows:
          * Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)—Chairwoman
          * Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
          * Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT)
          * Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
          * Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD)
          * Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)


        • Ruth

          The name game !

  18. Metrotvnews.com, Sukabumi:

    Lia Soetoro who became known as the President of the United States foster brother, Barack Obama, has died at his home in the Village Sukasirna, Cibadak Subdistrict, Sukabumi, West Java. In fact, Lee had previously hoped to meet with his adopted brother, Barack Obama, who plans to visit Indonesia in March next.

    Lia died because of high blood pressure and cholesterol that causes blood vessels in his neck to break. Lia Kholiah real name is the family which is the stepfather Soetoro Barack Obama, once considered a child. For Lia’s parents who had worked at the Soetoro family has also been considered as part of the Soetoro family.

    Lia has even get an invitation to meet with Barack Obama in Menteng, Central Jakarta, while later the number one in the U.S. was visiting Indonesia. According to Edi Sobah, Lia’s husband, his wife is very pleased to have the invitation. Obama met his hopes would come true.

    Unfortunately, pick up Lia die first. Edi said, until her death, Lia was still storing some items that will remind Obama with his childhood past. Goods that are given Obama monkey doll to Lia and a number of clothing memories of the past “Bery” which is a nickname for Obama and “Ma’am Non” which is the nickname Lia. (DSY)

    http://www.metrotvnews.com/ index.php/ metromain/ newsvideo/ 2010/ 02/ 27/ 100523/ Lia-Saudara-Angkat-Obama-di-Sukabumi-Meninggal


  19. Not really another topic as it is on BHO’s extended family

    current news. a MUST read


    • I agree — a MUST read!!


    • Reparations plain and simple!
      The numbers don’t lie.

      I want to be a farmer…farming pays. How many ghetto rats filed as a farmer this year to get their due? How many farms are located on Chicago’s south side? If they have a window box with 3 tomato plants in it they just might be a farmer. Michelle Obama might be trying for the title …after all she grows arugula in her backyard. Has she given out her secret for a compost pile yet? The main ingredient…@#@#!

      I think the increase in claimants is due to more black farmers growing acorns! Farm subsidies for ACORN farmers?

      It’s big business for nut jobs. Now I really want to be black. Being black pays and pays and pays.

  20. One more thing I remember from my research last year — and I am CERTAIN I read this (but of course, I can no longer find it!!!)

    I recall reading that Lolo was hospitalized in Southern California for his ?liver disease/cancer — don’t remember if it was Los Angeles (think it was), or Orange County.

    It was reading the above article in which Lia spoke of his death at a hospital in Indonesia, which jogged my memory. I don’t remember whether he died in California or Indonesia.
    But I do remember the article said Ann had arranged for him to seek treatment/hospitalization in ?L.A. .

    • From the Mormon, LDS, site

      Lolo Soetoro Compact Disc #142 Pin #2345503 Pedigree Sex: M
      Event(s) Birth: 1930 Indonesia
      Death: 1987 Indonesia

      Submitter: Stephen David CABANISS
      Lolo Soetoro Compact Disc #141 Pin #4773777 Pedigree Sex: M

      Event(s) Birth: 1936 Jakarta, Malaysia
      Death: 1987
      Submitter: Mary GILBERT, AZ
      Lolo Soetoro Compact Disc #144 Pin #1643825 Pedigree Sex: M
      Event(s) Birth: 1936 Surabaya, Indonesia
      Death: 1987 Jakarta, Indonesia

      George LARSON II, Nevada (THE Obama researcher. He is an anthropologist)


    • I looked again for the article — POOF, its gone. Lolo’s Los Angeles hospital records would have been worth much money — just think of the personal information in that file!
      For some reason, I think it was ’84 when he was hospitalized — could’ve been ’82 or ’83 — it was one of those years. But alas, like all important information which would reveal info re o — gone, disappeared, poof – can’t find.

      • Ali, I remember this, too. Wasn’t the fable that S. Ann paid to bring him to the U.S. for treatment?

        Something about S. Ann (bears repeating if I told y’all already): I found evidence that S. Ann left Barry in Jakarta and moved to another island for her anthropological pursuits. I wondered if this was when Lolo moved him from the Catholic school to the Muslim public school and registered him there as a Muslim. Maybe that’s another reason S. Ann isn’t mentioned on the school registration. She wasn’t there.

  21. Your request to archive the content of


    has been entered into the archival queue. An archive of this page should shortly be available at


    • The Adopted older brother US President
      Meninggal Dunia on Friday, 26/02/2010 – 14:26
      Sukabumi, (PRLM). – the NY Wish.

      Holiyah (53) the resident of the Babakan Banten Village, Desa Sukasirna, of Kecamatan Cibadak, Kabupaten Sukabumi wanted to meet United States President (the USA), Barrack Hussein Obama was obliterated already.

      Holiyah that often was called by Lia Soetoro, on Thursday (25/2) died moments before adzan the West reverberated. The mother’s body that that was blessed with three children and four grandchildren, on Friday (26/2) were buried was not far from his house.

      Seen by his husband, Ibnu Sobah not the power kept feeling when Lia’s body was buried. Lia’s
      death that was considered very suddenly that really struck his feeling. Several hours before the hour of death picked up his wife, Ibnu Sobah could accept the short message through his mobile phone. He informed middle diwawancara several related reporters the arrival plan of his adopted brother, Barrack Obama to Jakarta.

      Lia really missed wanted to meet Barry (Lia’s pet name to Barrack Obama — red). The news of the arrival plan of US President, the forthcoming month could be welcomed happy late. No matter what dikata he died before meeting the brother angkatnya,� said suamiya, Ibnu Sobah (60) to �PRLM�, on Friday (26/2).


      • Bridgette: The link at Free Republic that Red Pill supplied: There’s a big photo of Lia. There’s also a comment by expatguy. If you click his name, it goes to a page where you can get to his webpage. He might be able to translate the stories. He translated the part about SAD’s abuse of Barry. Maybe he can pin down the exact wording in those other stories. The relationships. The timeframe. Did Lia really go to Hawaii or was she talking about Barry going for 3 months to visit his sick grandma? If you search on “Soetoro” on his blog, you can find a lot of interesting posts he did back in 2008, before the election. I think we read it all back then, but it’s good to know where we can find it again, to update our “working memory”.

  22. This isn’t totally off topic. It has something for everyone, some emphasis added:

    “Among those clamouring to dine in the same room as the wife of the US President are a host of European CELEBRITIES AND ARISTOCRATS, including Gunilla Gräfin von Bismarck, great-granddaughter of Otto, who has a home in Marbella.

    Also in attendance will be tennis player Boris Becker with his wife Lilly Kerssenberg, and bestselling spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, who had all flown in for the fund-raising Starlite gala in aid of children’s charities.

    One name on the guest list that could raise a few eyebrows among US diplomatic circles is ADNAN KHASHOGGI.

    The Saudi Arabian businessman, 75, who made his name as an arms dealer in the 1980s, was linked to the Iran-Contra scandal in which the Reagan administration allegedly sanctioned the sale of weapons to Iran in breach of an international arms embargo.

    Another rumoured to be on the guest list is Sir Mark THATCHER, the disgraced son of the former Prime Minister, who has a home in the hills above Marbella.

    It could be one of the only opportunities for him to rub shoulders with such American elite as he has been banned from the US following his conviction in South Africa of unknowingly funding an attempted coup in EQUATORIAL GUINEA.

    If Mrs Obama does chose to attend the event it is unlikely that she will join guests to dance the night away at the after-party organised in Marbella’s premier nightclub, the Disco Olivia Valere.

    She has an invitation to lunch on Sunday with Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at their summer palace on the island of Majorca before flying home to Washington DC.”


    The part about Equatorial Guinea makes this sort of on topic. Obama’s place of origin, according to some documentation.

    • Miri, I am in shock. Do you wanna know what I see ?
      A goldmine of names in my bits…

      I hear middle eastern royals have property there too…
      Is this a place for banks that hide or launder money to avoid taxes and questions ? What is the big attraction there ?

      Who are King and Queen ? Need to find…

    • Ten short days later, Lia was dead. It’s chilling.

      On 2/16/2010 expatguy posted a large photo of Lia at Free Republic and then wrote, “Not just beaten with the rattan but locked in the bathroom until night.

      Lia also tells the story of how she was punished together with young Barry by Ann Soetoro for simply bringing him outside food to eat.

      Barry’s mother Ann liked to lock him in the bathroom and Lia would pity him and give him food through the bathroom window.

      Locking a kid up in the bathroom and then not releasing him until the next afternoon is pretty damn cruel.

      The Indonesian story of Lia (Mbak Nun) is not kind at all to Obama’s mother Ann at all.

      You can expect to see a lot more of these stories from the Indonesian media, none of them will be covered by the US MSM you can be assured of that.

      There is a LOT more you are going to learn about Obama in the days ahead including a lot concerning his religion. The Indonesian government intends to treat him not just as a visiting head of state but as a fellow muslim in their own protocol.

      I’m hoping I can get some time to work on this and give updates concerning the trip.”

      Of course, the trip was canceled. More than once. I had thought it was to be rescheduled for this month. Or was it October? In the meantime, they took down his triumphant statue. He’s not so popular in Indonesia as some would suppose.

      These stories about abuse: It fits with the sleepwalking, doesn’t it? It sounds almost as if SAD was forcing him to diet. Was she ashamed because he was fat? Is that why he wasn’t allowed to eat anything except what she gave him at home? He was locked in the bathroom and Lia snuck him food through the window? Is this why he’s now so thin? Anorexia? Anxiety? And here all along I thought he was abused in another way by FMD. Maybe he was. That, too. It’s all of a piece and it could be used by a good psychiatrist to explain what we see.

      It would be sad. Something to shake our heads over, if it weren’t so dangerous for our Republic to have such a wounded person running our government.

      However, Red Pill, think about this: expatguy posts Lia’s photo. He writes this comment about how the Indonesian media will be all over stories like Lia’s. And apparently they were because Lia’s talking to reporters the very day she suddenly dies. expatguy says he’ll follow the Indonesian stories and report them at Free Republic, because the US media won’t.

      Do you think the bots don’t monitor Free Republic? We KNOW they do. And ten days later, Lia is dead.

      And the trip is cancelled. Why? To keep the American media, the WH press pool, from being in Indonesia where they WILL hear the stories and might possibly be tempted to investigate on their own and write stories about what they learn?

      Poor woman. Poor, poor woman. Think about it: She’s his only childhood friend. They both cry when they’re parted. She sympathizes when he’s abused and sneaks him food to comfort him. She saves mementos from their days together. She cherishes the monkey and the clothes SAD gave her. And now she’s dead. Why did Lia die?

      • Sounds a little like dear Annie could be named “Mommie Dearest.” Perhaps that is why he wanted to be with his daddy so badly, so to bring him into his real life, he created a fantasy vision of him. The abused often give glowing reports of their abusers also.

        Rattan paddles or switches would hurt a bunch. Putting the kid into the bathroom as punishment for hours upon hours? Convenient babysitting tool..lock them up. At least he had water. Parents often imitate what was done to them. Interesting .. Stanley and Madelyn perhaps saved the tyke or punished him the same way Mommie dearest did. I had the same thought about abuse when he tied Lia to the bed with ropes.

        Any one think it peculiar they bathed together …until what age do you think? A seven year old and a 3 year old? Then he was seven and she 11.

        My take on it, I still don’t think her stories are all false. She wasn’t given lots of money for her interviews. She was proud to be related at the time of her connection. Did she ever receive the money to get her passport? Was it a set-up to get her address?

        Barry refused to acknowledge he knew her, and Maya also denied the connection. But isn’t that Barry’s way and the way of those that support him. Deny, ridicule, destroy. Unfortunately they hit the destroy button for Lia.

    • Wow. RP, Miri, I haven’t yet read this latest freeper link. Good job RP. Great review Miri.

      I’ve only found particular Freeper articles through my general search. I’ve never done well navigating the Freeper search engine — lol yes, I’m pathetic.

  23. Good post Brigetteb.

    On another thread someone asked what was happening in 1987. One thing I believe was Iran Contra.

  24. I have seriously wondered about Stanley Ann, ever since I heard that she’d waken Barry every morning at 4 am and make him read aloud english language books. Much less that she dumped him with his grandparents at age 10.

    It doesn’t surprise me to learn that she also would lock him in the bathroom overnight without any food, as a punitive measure.

    NO wonder we now have a TOTUS — that’s ALL he was trained in childhood, was to Read Aloud with Perfect Enunciation. He’s Batterred Barry, spawn of Mommy Dearest.

    83 posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 12:13:17 PM by hennie pennie

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the scar on Obama’s head came from a beating by his mother.

    • I hear you. I thought of those scars, too, when I read about sleepwalking and a possible connection to epilepsy. Well, epilepsy sometimes comes from a brain injury. Remember that Barry admits to having suffered a head injury where he had a lump on the side of his head the size of a goose egg. That could mean an open skull fracture, with the fluid escaping to collect under the skin. (Far better than a closed skull fracture.) But what was the real cause and was there surgery to relieve the pressure? Was it a street fight with other kids or was it domestic violence? There’s another hard to decipher part of Lia’s story that almost sounds as if she’s saying Barry was a bed wetter. That would go with the syndrome, too.

    • Remember the story about how Obama told teachers early on that he wanted to be president? I wondered at the time: President of what?

      He admired Suharto! According to Lia, he would watch Suharto’s speeches, write them down, and practice giving them. Mimicking Suharto’s speech patterns and emotional style.

      This SO rings true. That man, if nothing else, IS a mimic. He patterns himself after so many others: MLK, JFK, Malcolm X (even down to flipping off opponents), on and on. Even Harry Reid pointed out that Barry doesn’t speak with a “Negro dialect,” unless and until he WANTS to. And we know how true that is.

      So his adopted sister Lia noticed and reported about his tendency to imitate powerful others. To be what he is not. To pretend to be omnipotent. And at such an early age. Fits the abused child syndrome, doesn’t it?

      Somebody suggested that it’s no coincidence that S. Ann married two Muslims–that she was an early convert herself. If so, then perhaps the reason she didn’t want Barry eating any food except what was served at home was to make sure that what he ate was halal. Or this could have been an edict handed down by Lolo, when he was intent on making Barry into a good Muslim. Remember how he schooled Barry to ignore S. Ann, because she’s just a woman.

      • It’s interesting that Lia talked about how Barry used to force her to stand behind him while he pretended to be president, just like Suharto had his henchman stand behind him, whenever he gave a speech. Poor little Lia said she had to stand for so long once that she fainted, and Lolo had to chastise Barry for putting Lia through this charade. It certainly does sound as if Lia was his servant.

  25. Forgive me if this was already linked previously…


    Archived to:

    Translated using:

    (and remember the “brother” is really “older sibling” and should be read as “older sister”)

    Want Sukabumi Caregiver Affect Obama’s Israel Problem

    Almost every day, Sister Noon, this petite woman, always hugging and praying to get a close look at her half brother who is now going to become the number one in the country, Uncle Sam, United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Sister Noon is Obama’s half sister as well as caregiver time in Jakarta and Hawaii.

    Woman named Lia who also bears the last name Soetoro (Obama’s stepfather’s name) is claimed to be charitable chest when an invitation to attend the inauguration of Barry, Obama calls small, aborting. Small monkey that has been washed away today, will be hoping that he kept returning, a brown monkey doll that could be submitted directly to Barack Obama.

    “Memories I told Barry, yes this brown monkey. I’ve washed and perfumed. I have also put the his shirt again. The plan is, I want you to Barry, but anyway, I’m not sure I could go there. Until now there has been no news anymore, not even my plane ticket grasp. In fact, the inauguration of Barry staying a few days, “said Sister Noon, veiled woman was when talking with Persda Network (Solar Group), Saturday (17 / 1).

    Previously, Sister Noon admitted so glad to hear requested leave for the residence of Barack Obama in Hawaii to make salvation, thanksgiving before the inauguration of Barack Obama to be held on Tuesday, January 20 later.

    However, until now, the letter birth certificate which is prepared to take care of her departure, only stored in his house as there is also no certainty the news went to Hawaii with her husband, Ibdu Soba. A woman named Lot who claimed a close friend before calling Sister Maya Soetoro Nun to be able to come to Hawaii.

    “If it’s disappointed, certainly yes. However, if it could not leave anything, may Allah not give permission. Confirmation of certainty to go there (Hawaii) did not come. Let my husband was also not disappointed if not so. Maybe next time, “said Sister Noon, sounded flat.

    “Said miss, surely the same miss Barry. So far, it can only be seen from the TV and was shocked when he knows he will be the American President. My sister was really great, I am proud to Barry, “he said again.

    Want to Affect Obama

    Temu kangen, said Sister Nun, would be its primary purpose if it could meet with Barack Obama. However, more women who live in Sukabumi, West Java than in his home in Jakarta is claimed to have another mission. Hopefully he can say directly to Barry so that Israel could do a lot.

    “I say the same Pingin Barry, please stop the savagery of Israel to the Palestinian people. He’s been so great, so the American President, certainly should be able to be peacemakers. Barry would want to, do not follow his predecessors. Every night I pray to be able to say that the same Barry, just anything so I go there (America)? “Lamented Sister Nun, while occasionally a small chuckle.

    “Still have to go back there, I want to. Allowed to stay, let alone, see fit. I Pingin reminisce with him and his heart once Pingin Barry intrigued to see Palestinian children killed by Israel in vain. Hopefully if it can not get there, Barry could hear my desire is, “Please Sister Noon. Unfortunately, he has not been as fortunate as aktriis Ayu Azhari is said it is definitely invited to attend the inauguration of Barack Obama because her husband, Mike Tramp, was a U.S. citizen. Rachmat Hidayat

  26. Off topic, but this explains why they whisked Col. Lakin away and wouldn’t let him talk to the media:


    An actual story by CNN. In addition, the fact that the MSM is reporting about Lakin might explain the renewed interest in ridiculing and marginalizing the “birthers”.

    • Dang Miri, I have searched for that darn monkey that he wore and you found it. I couldn’t remember what significance it had. Obama wore a necklace around his neck..was it the same thing they are saying he carries in his pocket? A ‘tiny monkey God’ that represents Hanuman, the Hindu God. It is supposed to be for good luck. Is he an antheist holding on to the monkey? A Christian wearing a Hindu symbol? Or is it a Muslim wearing it? That crescent in Organizing For the Usurper sure make me believe the latter.

      Christian here, with living rabbit with four feet, my bible, and a golf club.

      Lia’s monkey doll has even more significance now. Bananas anyone?

      The classic monkey doll

      Great job on Luth, the Lot.. yes, how did he get on Obama’s site. Foreign donations comes to mind.

      Channeling GELF

  27. http://www.luthcomputer.com/

    Starting his own company? Check out that logo. Gonna get hold of the proverbial U.S. Gummint hind tit? (Pardon my French.)

  28. Uh, what’s this dude doing on Organizing for American and Barack Obama pages, anyway?

    Click to access nation.pdf

    You have to search the pdf for the name “Luth”. Same guy.

    • Link locking up my pc…Anyone else ?

      • Odd. My computer has been acting up for at least the last 2 hours. Are you guys having trouble in loading your pages? It is so slow…
        ugh… its taking forever to send this!

        • Yep…me to Ali very slow. WordPress actually went down for about 45 minutes tonight, just now back up.


      • Everything I tried to post last night late disappeared. Over and over. Brought back memories of Lavender, and an old friends kitchen table. I could smell the lavender growing outside at that kitchen table.Yeppers, as Bridgetteb says, brought back old memories…
        I gave up and slept well. Always a new day and a new adventure…..Good morning to all.

  29. To All –

    I posted Bridgette’s article –

    “Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly” on Free Republic this morning to get their response / input. Unfortunately it was before Lia’s date of death correction was noted and changed so there was some sarcasm over that but once they realized the date had been corrected their input was positive. Evidently they had discovered Lia awhile back but did not follow through with extensive research. Hopefully between the great researchers at Free Republic and here at WTPOTUS we can continue the research on Lia and find some truths into Obamas past and maybe why they wanted Lia silenced.


    • I wonder why Free didn’t come up in searches for Lia. We welcome all kinds of help. Yuppers, there is always one guy that points out a mistake and they run with the mistake and not the content. I never saw the error and still don’t know where it was, Miri did and fixed it..I am thankful she did.

      • I belive because they did not have anything titled “Lia”. Lia was only listed in a small part of their research on the FR thread RP has listed above.

        Bridge…please dont feel bad ! I read through twice and did not notice the DOD mix up..! The freeper’s “catch” everything, what makes them so good at what they do over there.

      • Bridgette: The typo was right up there at the top of the post, where you typed “she died unexpectedly February 26, 1910.” I noticed it right away but then as I read the comments, I saw donttread’s remark and figured somebody was already fixing it. Lots of times, I go in to fix a little typo and then when I try to update, it says somebody else is editing the post. So I waited a while and then I took a chance and changed it. Hours later, when I went over to Free Republic, I saw how somebody posted your article there (Leza, we now know), and how they focused like eejits on what was obviously only a typo. Sheesh. They’re good, but sometimes they drive me crazy. Many of them aren’t often inclined to cut anybody any slack. If they had read the article, they’d immediately see that it was only a typo. You know, this is exactly what obots do–focus on something inane to distract from the substance of what’s being said. Just sayin’.

        • Goodmorning Miri, your right I went back and looked at the names on the Free Republic post that seemed to want to focus on the DOD and I was not familiar with any of the names that wanted to take away from the article its self. Very possiably bots. Realy, you did not relize it was me that posted the thread on FR?

          Posted on Saturday, August 07, 2010 9:33:54 AM by Leza2

          It says Leza2 because FR would not let me sign up as Leza. I guess they already have a member by the name of Leza so I had to go with Leza2. I should have let everyone know yesterday as soon as I posted it and I apologize for that, but when I posted I realized The information we had originally posted about Lia should be brought over to this thread so I hurried to that. Also post the other information on Lia I had not posted yet, and then got buzzy with personal life…again I apologize for the confusion.

          • No problem. I didn’t even see Leza2 on the post. I saw “Bridgette” and assumed she cross posted it, so I went right down to read the comments. Sorry! Anyway, that’s when I noticed their focus on the darned mistake. I had already fixed it here. You’re right about the distracters. I don’t recognize any of them. And they have those cute little sayings after their names to make it sound AS IF they’re one of the good guys. Not sayin’ they’re not. Just don’t get where they’re coming from. If they’d read the post, they’d see how, further down, the correct date is given. Typo. Obviously, especially because of the photo. While checking into this further, I ran across this interesting link that I’d not seen before:


            It’s off topic but adds to the names for the list of conveniently dead: Larry Bland, Nate Spencer.

  30. Listed on – http://en.wordpress.com/tag/2008-election/

    Eighth listing down..Doe’s this mean WTPOTUS is in the top 10 blog’s ? If so Very, very cool and a BIG high 5 to the WTPOTUS team !!

    “Lia”Obama’s Adopted Sister Died Suddenly — 107 comments
    bridgetteb wrote 19 hours ago: By Bridgette HOLIYAH SOETORO SABAH, “LIA”, OBAMA’S ADOPTED SISTER Lia Soetoro Saba … more →

    Tags: Mug Shots, Biographies and Selected Persons, Maya Soetoro Nyg, Stanley Ann Soetoro, Indonesia, Lolo Soetoro, Barack Obam, Holiyah Soetoro Sobah, Edi Sobah

    • I don’t know how they determine that list, but they do keep stats for the blog of the week, I think. Most hits that week. Something like that. I remember TD making the list at least once. I was thinking about this the other day because the past few threads here have drawn a lot of hits. We need a few more to round out the week. Nothing like the BC topic or Obama’s “fabricated family” to do the trick.

  31. Must be a mistake. Says Lolo died in ’93. I don’t see any reason to “fudge” Lolo’s date of death. Perhaps the author confused it with date of Grandpa Dunham’s death?

    “According to his nephew, Lolo Soetoro “fond of drink, a smart and warm, and the most mischievous kid in the family.” Lolo Soetoro died in 1993 and was buried at Tanah TPU coachman.”

    Translated from:

    “Menurut keponakannya, Lolo Soetoro “gemar minum, seorang yang pandai dan hangat, dan bocah paling nakal di dalam keluarga” Lolo Soetoro meninggal dunia tahun 1993 dan dimakamkan di TPU Tanah Kusir .


  32. Tell the truth about Obama results in a death sentence. Similar to Bill Clinton everyone is expendable. I hope that the USA can survive or should we be looking for reverse immigration.

  33. How did mankenlik ajansi suddenly appear ?

  34. mankenlik ajansi


    Man can lick agency

    Sorry if a real name ! LOL !

  35. I noticed that we’re getting incoming traffic from an interesting site:
    Exposing Communists in U.S. Government

    • Excellent site RP, Commieblaster.com. He / She comments here every so often. I see they have linked this article to their site. Many thanks Commieblaster.com.

      Obama’s Indonesian Step-Sister Dies Suddenly. What Secrets Followed Her to Her Grave? 08.07.10


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