Obama’s Silver Spoon – A Reprise and Open Thread

© Miri WTPOTUS April 25, 2012

Too many times over the past few weeks, Barack Hussein Obama II has alleged that he was NOT born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth. But he most certainly was! FACTS turned up by our team here at WTPOTUS, supported by our intrepid force of Internet, library, and newspaper researchers and commenters, have proven that this man grew up in circumstances that many in today’s America would envy.  To wit:

  • Obama’s grandmother was vice president of the Bank of Hawaii.
  • Obama’s grandparents on his mother’s side both attended college.
  • Obama’s parents both attended college.
  • Obama lived with his maternal grandparents from age 10 until he went to college in California. They lived in a 2-story apartment at the top of a high rise in one of the most expensive areas of Honolulu.
  • Before Obama’s mother and grandparents moved to Hawaii, they lived on Mercer Island–one of the 100 richest zip codes in America.
  • Obama’s first home in expensive Hawaii (when he was an infant) was less than 10 years old and had 5 bedrooms and two baths.
  • Obama’s second home in expensive Hawaii, where he lived with his mother and new stepfather, had four bedrooms and 2000 sq. ft. of living space.
  • Lolo Soetoro, his stepfather, was a colonel in the Indonesian Army, was from a wealthy Indonesian family, and was a manager at an oil company. Obama’s childhood friends in Indonesia said on the record that Obama lived in the largest and nicest home in the neighborhood–4 bedrooms, 3 baths, room for 6 cars.
  • Obama was taken to school in a chauffeur-driven limo. He wore the best clothes. He had a nanny. The family had other servants besides.
  • Obama attended a private school and then later a public school reserved for the children of the “elite.”
  • His sister Maya attended a private college prep school that today costs more than $20,000 per year.
  • From childhood through young adulthood, Obama traveled the worldIndonesia, Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Bali, Kenya, England, France, Pakistan, India. A regular jet-setting family in an age when air travel was not the norm.
  • Obama and his sister Maya attended Punahou school in Hawaii, one of the most expensive schools in the USA.
  • Obama’s father worked as an economist for the government of Kenya and had many wealthy connections, including Tom Mboya and other leaders of government. Obama Senior’s second wife was born to wealth, and he lived with her in one of the most upscale areas of Nairobi. His education was funded by several wealthy American women. His children by his second wife also attended expensive international college prep schools.
  • Obama inherited nearly a half-million dollars from his grandmother Madelyn Dunham, when she died.

There’s more, but you have the picture. This was not the life of a poor child, raised by a single mother.

That’s a prevarication, too.

His mother was married from 1960 to 1980–his entire childhood, save a few months between husbands. His married grandparents raised him from age ten until he left for college.

Details of our sources and photos of these various homes are placed into evidence on our original post about Obama’s life as a “child of privilege” and also on our O Timeline.

It remains to be seen whether the New York Times will actually keep their promise to vet the claims that Obama makes on the campaign trail.

They can start with this whopper–that he claims that he was NOT born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

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  1. DreamWorks Nightmare
    Major Obama Donor’s Film Studio Under SEC Investigation
    April 26, 2012

    The Hollywood studio run by one of President Obama’s biggest donors is under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission for bribing Chinese officials to secure exclusive film rights in the communist country—rights secured in secretive negotiations that included Vice President Joe Biden.

    The SEC is investigating at least five Hollywood studios—including 20th Century Fox, Disney, and DreamWorks Animation—for allegedly making illegal payments to Chinese officials, Reuters reported Tuesday.

    DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is the largest donor to the Obama reelection super PAC Priorities USA.

    Dreamworks announced in February a $2 billion deal with the Chinese government for the company to build a production studio in Shanghai. The deal came just days after Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping held an extensive meeting with Barack Obama in Washington, followed by the Chinese Vice President’s trip to Los Angeles to meet with Katzenberg.

    At the time of the deal, Katzenberg spokeswoman Jennifer Lin denied to the Free Beacon that there was any collusion between Katzenberg and the Obama administration. However, the New York Times reported Tuesday that Biden joined Xi in personal negotiations to secure the deal.


  2. Sixty-three is a Lonely Number
    April 28, 2012 Snips

    John McLaughlin’s blog, Congressmen Complain as IRS Harasses Tea Party published here at American Thinker yesterday, described a letter written to the IRS Commissioner, Douglas H. Shulman, regarding the harassment of embryonic Tea Party groups trying to set themselves up as 501(c)(4)(A) non-profit organizations.

    Congressman Shulman had 62 of his colleagues in the House add their signatures to his on this letter, for a total of 63. 63? Only 63? Out of 435 Congressmen. Oh, and every single signature was from a Republican lawmaker. Not one Democrat was willing to display anything that might be mistaken for holding principles that were not politically motivated
    Have those 226 Republicans such short term memory problems that they have forgotten that without the Tea Parties, they would still be enjoying minority status in both houses of Congress right now?

    The Democrats in Congress might be cheering on the actions of the IRS to effectively shut down Tea Parties, unlikely as that might at first appear.


  3. “Sheriff Joe’s Lead Investigator: We Have Proof Foreign-Born Children Listed As Born In Hawaii”

    Full interview:

  4. Barack Obama ‘Making History’ Again
    By Jeannie DeAngelis
    April 28, 2012 Snip

    If “making history” includes trying to accommodate the sexual activities of American citizens, exhibiting intrepid leadership when standing against the United States Constitution, imposing an antagonistic mandate upon religious organizations, and placing contraceptive availability above the free exercise clause of the First Amendment, then Barack Obama certainly has made his mark.

    Moreover, when compared with great moments in history, listening to Michelle Obama laud her husband’s legislative victories makes the Louisiana Purchase pale in comparison to the monumental magnitude of dispensing morning-after pills and condoms free of charge.


  5. Bridgette,
    The website I linked has a lot of information about how dishonest the whole thing has become, but it was the Pigford connection that I thought might interest you all. it is funny (not ha-ha funny) how corrupt and connected things are.

  6. Oh thank goodness the Muslims are given one last fling! And they make it lawful on top of it. Egypt paves the way! Pedophilia and necrophilia are so 21st century! The practice must be widespread enough to make it lawful. I call it sick.

    Sexing the Dead
    By Marion DS Dreyfus
    April 28, 2012

    Latest (and possibly the one most likely to raise eyebrows of a permanently cynicized public) outrage to hit the news world is that Egyptian authorities are reportedly giving the nod to their…upright…citizenry to have sex with their dead wives “for the first six hours” without it being forbidden or a problem for the cultically Observant. We can observe that, as with fish, fresh is best. After the wife has lain on the floor or divan for 7, 8, 10 hours, she is just not so appealing a sex object as she was when she was newly stricken, stroked, decapitated, or cardiac-arrested for whatever reason.


    • What is wrong with these men? Seriously? What is WRONG with them?

      “It seems bizarre to say so, but in fact Islam is infamous for fevers of crime against millions of the living and enemy dead — it is not unexpected that men who are allowed — nay, encouraged — to beat their wives and kill wayward daughters insisting on their right to marry out or convert or the like might simply kill the wife, have sex, and tell the medical examiner that she died after sex. Tsk, such a nice woman, she had been.

      They behead women, their daughters, and their own wives with impunity, since the cult is little more than a shell for male domination of others and conquest of nations in the name of “religion,” with maximum prejudice against non-sharing “infidels.” So what would stop them from wholesale murder should their abused wives choose to say no to sex.

      Recall that the word has gone out not long ago that Arab men may breast-feed off lactating female adults who are not their wives or kin — using some sort of bizarre reasoning to justify this excuse for mammary play with strangers, without running afoul of prostitution laws or adultery accusations. … madmen can exert their small-organ, small-income, small-mind, limited-vision (take your pick of temporal “reasons” and rationales) extremist lack of self-esteem.

  7. Barack Hussein Obama Regime’s EPA Philosophy to ‘Crucify’ American Energy Companies is Under Senate Investigation thanks to Senator Imaho! Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) isn’t buying the hollow non-apology of the EPA official who made his reprehensible, yet incredibly revealing ‘crucify’ comments. He is launching an investigation, and won’t back off due to the non-apology. The guy is talking to the people who enforce EPA regulations and is telling them how to go about getting people and corporations to adhere to their rules…the same intimidation tactics and threats of public humiliation are used by the Left throughout all of their organizations. This video exemplifies how they operate.

  8. Homeland Security Vehicles On The Move
    April 13, 2012

    What is DHS/ICE preparing for with this type of “Law Enforcement” vehicle?
    DHS, ordered 2,717 International® MaxxPro® Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in January… So? What “hot” area in the US do they think they will be fighting in that they need a Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected vehicle??? or are those and the gun ports just to protect you and make you feel safer???

    [See photo with Homeland Security on the vehicles!}

    Is there a war stateside that I am unaware of? Honestly, what is the reason for having this type of vehicle on American streets? Does this go with the 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammo they just ordered too? (That’s ultra high performance optimum penetration for terminal performance rounds from Defense contractors ATK) and since they are doing this under the auspices of ICE…


    • and i read they are making tons of bullet proof cubes. sounds like checkpoint booths to me. the modern day shield

      i wouldn’t be surprised to learn that while our Military walk around in desert camouflage, they have super human dapper uniforms somewhere for the new police.

      just like the Secret Service getting chaperones… new installations announced by DHS. undermined again…

      i envision the new police to be dressed in form fitting, black amphibian suits and pockets filled to the gills with super-duper gadgets. their helmets reminiscent of space gear complete with quad devices… drones and thermoeverything…everywhere. i hear painful sirens, in my mind’s eye.

  9. the commie hyena has false teeth, not saying dentures, per se ;).

  10. h/t Bridgette: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2877453/posts See comment 26; it quotes my post and I’m very grateful because we NEED this information out there. The post at Free Republic is Bill Maher PROPAGATING THE LIE, once again, that Obama grew up with a single mother on food stamps. I’ll tell you what. If she ever did collect food stamps, it was a scam. From what we know about this family of grifters.

    This woman was single for only a few months of his life growing up. In fact, she may have had TWO HUSBANDS at once because she divorced the first and married the next before the first divorce was FINAL, according to various documents. (See the O Timeline for particulars.)

    Depending upon whether you believe her bogus passport records, she might have married Lolo the year after her divorce was final; but it still adds up to only a few months of “singlehood” while he was “growing up.”

    From age 6 to 10, he lived in wealth in Indonesia. From age 10 to 18, he lived with his grandparents in that two-story condo at the TOP of a high-rise in expensive Honolulu, while he attended the MOST EXPENSIVE high school in the USA.

    Some stories allege that a connection of his grandfather’s got him in. One says he got a scholarship to help with FEES. Fees are NOT tuition. How did he pay tuition?

    His grandmother was a bank vice president and his mother had connections to the Indonesian government and WORKED for the Indonesian government at various times, and also the well-connected Ford Foundation and USAID. This was NO poor black child growing up in a single family.

    And then there’s Romney’s family. He is very wealthy NOW, but that’s money he earned. Just as Obama is very wealthy NOW, but that’s money Bill Ayers earned for him, via his best-selling books.

    Growing up, Romney lived in a solidly upper middle class family. As Bridgette recently reminded me, in those days CEOs of auto companies did not make the huge salaries they do today.

    Obama’s childhood was upper middle class. Romney’s childhood was upper middle class. Que es lo mismo. They both come from the elite.

    Barry’s childhood and young adulthood had NOTHING in common with the life of a typical African-AMERICAN child.

  11. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/bachmann-cals-rumors-of-war-iii-documenatry-frighteningly-accurate-absolutely-profound/

    Michele Bachman has some hope for us. I hope! It’s about Beck’s documentary exposing how much the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government. It’s really very chilling, especially when you consider that the current spat between the houses of government concern WHICH dept. will oversee “cybersecurity”. Senate DemocRATS and obviously Barry want DHS.


    The list of people in this administration, in sensitive operations, is truly frightening. Thank you, Glenn Beck. Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him? I hope Michele can fill his shoes.

  12. So get this: http://www.wnd.com/2012/04/breitbarts-coroner-poisoned-to-death/?cat_orig=us

    Might be one of the coroners who worked on Breitbart’s case is now poisoned.

  13. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/04/over-twice-as-many-u-s-soldiers-have-died-in-afghanistan-under-obama-in-3-12-years-than-did-under-bush-in-8-years-yet-no-media-outrage

    Twice as many of our troops killed in Afghanistan in Barry’s 3 1/2 years in the WH as in all 8 years under GWB, but nothing is said about it. I remember talking months ago about how, suddenly, as soon as Barry usurped the WH, my newspaper STOPPED publishing a graph counting the deaths AND referring to them as “victims” of the war. When GWB was in office, it was constantly there–a ticker to keep track of the “victims” instead of brave lives given for our country. They refused to honor them, preferring to call them victims, WHEN GWB was in office. Now, they don’t report the deaths very often and when they do, they don’t call them “victims”.

  14. “GOP lawmaker: Eligibility too scary to take on”

    “In former Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams, eligibility activist Tom Ballantyne thought he had found a Republican ally who would champion the Constitution by demanding a congressional investigation into Barack Obama’s “natural-born citizen” status.

    When it came to investigating Obama’s eligibility, however, Adams – who is now running for the U.S. House – said he feared Congress standing up to the chief executive would trigger “a constitutional crisis unlike one we’ve seen since perhaps the Civil War.”

    Further, Adams questioned whether an investigation by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio – determining probable cause to suspect the White House presented forged documents as “proof” of Obama’s eligibility – lends “credibility” to the case.

    In a video shot by Ballantyne, author of “Oh Really, O’Reilly!” and cameraman Gabe Zolna, Adams affirmed his oath of office to defend the Constitution, but worried that investigating Obama’s potential violation of that Constitution would create tremendous “fallout” among the American people.

    Instead, Adams insisted Congress shouldn’t act until the question of Obama’s eligibility had “worked its way through the legal process.””

    [video at link]


    • What legal process? Everything that’s happened to date has been extralegal. NO judge to date has followed the law or the Constitution. Surely this is a case where EVERY citizen has standing.

    • Sher Zieve:

      “Largely through apathy, we have already lost our country to our suppression at the hands of the few in Washington D.C. It is becoming more pronounced with each passing day. The US Congress does nothing to stop it, as too many of its members are on-board with Dictator Obama and are part and parcel to the overthrow of the US government. And, let’s not kid ourselves. The US government HAS been overthrown.”


  15. “Obama: ‘I was born in Hawaii,’ wink, wink
    Invites reporters to join with him in joke on American people”

    [video at link]


    • He has to rub our noses in it every chance he gets while at the same time he continues to make fools of and ridicule those fawning toadies in the media. He knows they will never vet him. He knows or at least engages in the magical thinking that he will never be outed, so he must laugh at everyone. “Thank you, Satan.”

  16. “Sheriff Joe’s Next Press Conference to be Held in Late May or June



    • Thanks for reminding me, Gordo. I listened to that radio program where Zullo was interviewed by the preacher. He said a few things I don’t remember hearing before:

      There were 11 people on the Cold Case Posse committee that analyzed the LFCOLB. They met in a room together and hashed it out until they came to the conclusion that it was forged. They were forensic document examiners, computer experts, detectives, etc. There were Obama supporters, people who VOTED for Obama, on the team. Even the Obama supporters admitted something was fishy at the end of their session (my words. Don’t remember his exact words.)

      He said that without doubt there were children who were BORN IN CALIFORNIA who were adopted IN HAWAII and got certificates of live birth and were announced in the Hawaiian papers. FACT!

      So I conclude that if a person born in California can be announced in the newspapers as a registered birth in Hawaii, after being adopted in Hawaii, then somebody who was adopted in Hawaii but born in another country would also be announced in the newspaper and obots would assume that announcement was proof that the person was born in Hawaii on the day the birth was registered. But it isn’t so! As we have known all along.

    • Just now reading the link. Did you see this story they link to? http://www.kpho.com/story/17903888/arpaio-to-release-new-obama-eligibility-information

      CBS station! “CBS 5 News has learned exclusive details on a forthcoming announcement from Sheriff Joe Arpaio concerning his team’s work on President Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold office.

      Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, provided some insight into what will be released later this spring.

      “Let me put it this way,” Zullo said. “I wouldn’t be doing it to give them a rehash.”

      CBS 5 News pressed Zullo for answers upon learning that he and the sheriff are planning another news conference in late May or early June. The announcement would come roughly three months after Arpaio released the results from his six-month probe into the validity of the president’s birth certificate. The controversial announcement: the document is a fake.

      “We didn’t make a mistake the first time. We’re not making a mistake this time,” Zullo said.

      The new findings will include data on Obama’s 1980 registration for the draft. Earlier this year Arpaio sent the U.S. Selective Service System a letter which requested a loan of the original document. … “The Sheriff- he really thought [the investigation] would have settled the issue last time,” Zullo said. “I thought it would have cleared it up the last time.”

      The upcoming press conference will likely yield the same results. You may recall that Zullo also has a book for sale (see here at Amazon or Barnes&Noble) based on the investigation, and although he promised there will be new information to release, his next response was both surprising and revealing.

      CBS 5 News asked, “Do you think [this press conference] will clear it up this time?”

      Zullo gave a long pause and answered with one word: “No.””

      A member of the lamestream ought to KNOW why Zullo said “no”–because no matter what evidence people come up with against Obama (1) the lamestream doesn’t report it or (2) they spin it, lie about it, and attack the messenger for him. Why would Zullo imagine in his wildest dreams that anything will ever change?

      Well, they do have the memory of the crestfallen and amazed faces on the reporters who covered the Arpaio news conference when they SAW the evidence about the Selective Service registration that isn’t. They didn’t even know about it and they must have realized then how serious that is. But not to worry. They WILL rationalize it and cover for him, once again.

  17. OK – did Washington get their “No More War on Terror” and “Al-Qaida is toast” talking points confused? Here we have Brennan saying the opposite of the articles from last week – as he also said today on Fox with Chris Wallace. Be only afraid of airplanes? What came up agin for dear leader in his chat with Wallace? Why HIS magnificent slaying of the dragon, Bin Laden. Show us the pics of the guy’s death –as if we haven’t seen enough gore in movies and in our daily news to be able to stomach Osama’s demise. We want the proof. Not for consumption for the sake of national security? Tsk, tsk. We have no security with Obama at the helm.

    U.S. Wary of al-Qaida Attack on Aviation

    WASHINGTON, April 29 (UPI) —

    A top U.S. counter-terrorism official said Sunday al-Qaida apparently still is open to a plot to attack commercial aviation as it did on Sept. 11, 2001. John Brennan, chief counter-terrorism adviser to President Obama, said Sunday while al-Qaida has been significantly weakened, a high state of vigilance is still needed in the air-travel industry. “Aviation has been a traditional target of al-Qaida and they continue to do that,” Brennan said on ABC’s “This Week.”

    …But at the same time, al-Qaida’s operations in Yemen remain a particular concern.“They have demonstrated both the intent, as well as the capability to try to carry out an attack,” he said. [Let’s finish them off in Yemen with a few drones or a couple bombs!]


    • Famous words…”I Don’t Do Politics” by John Brennan! But he does hire people to cauterize passport information for Obama – that’s not politics, so it must have been for national security.

      Obama Advisors Fight Over Whether Obama Politicized OBL Kill
      2 hrs ago

      Barack Obama’s top adviser on terrorism brushed aside criticism by the president’s political opponents that he has exploited this week’s one-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s killing for political gain.

      “I don’t do politics. I don’t do the campaign. I am not a Democrat or Republican,” said chief White House counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan. “All that I know is that the president made the decision when he was given the opportunity to take a gutsy decision, to carry out that raid with our special forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan,” Brennan told ABC television’s “This Week” program.


      Chris Wallace, FOX, asked him what his feelings were on that day in the National Security room when they all “watched” what the Seals were doing…he was thinking of those that died on 9-11..yeah right on. Remember that photoshopped picture of the tiny headed Obama sitting in the corner of the room? They showed that photo. The manure continues to flow.

      • Oh, ha, ha, ha, ha. He doesn’t do politics but he uses the political talking points!!!! “Gutsy move.” What the heck guts did it take for OBAMA? It was the SEALS who had the guts. Who took ALL the risk.

        It’s politicizing the event just by this jerk claiming his move was “gutsy”. In what sense? ONLY IN THE POLITICAL SENSE. Only gutsy if he was thinking about Carter and the failed mission to rescue hostages that helped end his career as the second worse POTUS in history (Barry is NUMBER ONE, now. He loves to be NUMBER ONE, so he gets that honor, too–worst potus in history.)

        The only guts involved in the take down of OBL on Barry’s part (if decided by him and not his puppeteer) was POLITICAL.

        In the big scheme of things, it’s sacrilege to compare his own situation to the situation of those BRAVE NAVY SEALS who RISKED THEIR LIVES for We the People. THAT TOOK GUTS.

    • They probably think all this talk of terrorists and Al Qaeda will drown the memory of their premature “mission accomplished” on the War on Terror. They think nobody will notice. Actually, hardly anyone reported it. They know how that played in Peoria for those who DID hear about it, so this is their response. To pretend it was never announced and then to pretend that they’re on the job, keeping us safe.

  18. Obama Mocks Romney, GOP, Trump
    (AP) Romney, Secret Service, GOP: Obama mocks them all

    President Barack Obama scattered the barbs during the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner as he poked fun at White House races past and present, the Secret Service and Donald Trump.
    Even the entrance to his speech Saturday night was part of his schtick. The president walked off stage just before he took the podium with an alleged “hot mic,” making fun of getting caught last month on an open microphone with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. [Congress thought it was so fuunny when he did it too and started an investigation! Obama makes light of compromising the US?]
    Kimmel, the night’s featured entertainer, asked Obama: “You remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? That was hilarious.”

    “There’s a term for guys like President Obama,” Kimmel said with a pause. “Probably not two terms.”


  19. Obama’s deficit attention disorder
    Keith Koffler of White House Dossier
    4/29/12 Snips

    President Barack Obama seems to be governing in some parallel universe — where the United States exists without mortal dangers threatening its economy and the nation’s most pressing exigency is the reelection of its president.

    But when Obama swore to defend the Constitution, and therefore the nation, he did it in the dimension where the rest of us exist, where the economy appears to be headed toward its annual spring stall and an endless series of massive budget deficits threatens to unleash a financial crisis at any time.

    While big issues simmer untended, our leader is focused like a laser beam on trivia that benefit him politically but do the country little or no good.


  20. Is Your City a Target for Tomorrow? Here they come again to destroy what others have built. I wonder if anyone has totaled the total damages nationwide from these anti-American thugs.

    Mayor warns Occupy May Day could turn violent
    Protesters may conceal weapons, target police, damage property

    May 29 Snips

    The mayor of Seattle has warned protesters may use Tuesday’s Occupy May Day events to “commit violence, damage property and disrupt peaceful free speech activity.”In a news release over the weekend, Mayor Mike McGinn also warned, “Websites have described trainings in how to conceal weapons beneath signs and banners, and how to target police officers on horses.”

    The group’s official websites announce plans to “occupy” Manhattan-bound bridges and tunnels as well as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Tuesday.

    Besides street protests, sympathizers are asked to engage in a U.S. general strike to “shut it down,” referring to the country’s economy.

    The MayDayNYC.org website, which serves as a national planning hub, published the call to arms:
    “This May Day, Occupy Wall Street, in coalition with numerous other organizations and occupations, calls for a Day Without The 99%: No Work, No School, No Shopping, No Housework, No Compliance. Let’s take the streets, reclaim our communities, and support each other. NOT the 1%.
    “If you can’t strike call in sick. If you can’t call in sick hold a slow down. We know how to shut it down because we’re the ones that prop it up.”

    The Occupy-affiliated StrikeMay1st website links to May Day schemes from the movement’s local branches in over 120 cities nationwide.
    Occupy has partnered with an anarchy movement to deploy joint chaotic actions aimed at protesting capitalism.

    The anarchy tactics apparently come directly from the playbook of a direct-action organization known as the Ruckus Society, which helped to spark the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle that turned violent. Ruckus is directly tied to Occupy. WND previously reported official direct-action training resources for Occupy events include several manuals from the Ruckus Society.

    Ruckus is funded by the George Soros-financed Tides Center, which has been involved in Occupy since the movement’s onset.Another grantee of Tides is the Adbusters magazine, which first announced the Occupy movement. MoveOn.org, which has joined Occupy, is funded by Tides.


    • And in Chicago, the authorities announced that during the NATO summit, they will IGNORE the IL law AGAINST recording police without their permission. IL law requires all parties to consent to being audiotaped and there’s a special provision for police. However, it’s a known PLOY of the Occupiers to CREATE bogus video and audio of what they contend is police brutality. And it’s not surprising that the Chicago politicians will SIDE WITH, AID, and ABET the Poopstockers in their goals AGAINST the police who will be hard-pressed enough to deal with these anarchists.

      Gateway Pundit once showed staged video of what the Poopstockers claimed was a police car rolling over the leg of a fallen motorcyclist. Evidence showed that the person deliberately downed his bike and positioned his leg under the wheel of a police car, to make it APPEAR AS IF the cop drove over him.

      This is an old trick of the DemocRATS and their supporters. I first became aware of it during one of Dick Gebhardt’s campaigns, where an operative was sent to a parade in which Dick’s opponent was marching. The operative, film camera in hand, got in the face of Dick’s opponent, and then staged a pratfall, claiming that he was attacked by Dick’s opponent. Then he pressed charges. The video ended up in campaign ads, damaging the guy’s reputation and Dick won again. Only after the election did the opponent get exonerated. Of course, Barry raised dirty tricks to a new level all his own, when he succeeded in getting all opponents thrown off ballots and/or by managing to get his hands on SEALED divorce or child custody records and publicizing them.

  21. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Hollywood/2012/04/29/lovitz-doubles-down-on-obama-bashing?utm_source=e_breitbart_com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Breitbart+News+Round+Up%2C+April+30%2C+2012&utm_campaign=Breitbart+News+Round+Up%2C+April+30%2C+2012&utm_term=More

    Lovitz doubles down again. Actually, the way this story reads, it almost sounds like another obotic snarky WARNING (intimidation). If Lovitz cares about his career …

    Well, Kimmel is making news, too. It’s NOT GOOD for you when the comedians start swarming around. They’re like vultures. They sense a kill (and I mean no second term. This is NOT a threat, Big Sis.)


  23. The best sentence “EVER” written …(OUR dang ignorance leaders+fools) Afterburner by Bill Whittle…. http://www.tpath.org/

  24. O’S …… got him a …..NEW SLOGAN…..FORWARD!!!!!!

    • Gateway Pundit proves that the theme song for Youth for HITLER used the slogan, “FORWARD!” Hear it here.

    • Forward Comrades!

      New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism
      April 30, 2012

      The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward”a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

      Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name “Forward!” or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called “Forward (generic name of socialist publications).”

      “The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications,
      ” the online encyclopedia explains.

      The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.


      Oh, they looked at history, that is where these Marxist and Ismista’s get their goals and agenda. This author doesn’t mention Mao’s use of the word in his “Great Leap Forward!” where he killed 40 – 50 million people within 4 years!

      • And where today, women are FORCED to have abortions against their wills, especially if the baby is FEMALE, and where women are FORCED to be STERILIZED if the STATE decides they should be, and where if a person speaks out against these atrocities, he is ILLEGALLY imprisoned and forced to take refuge from tyranny in the US embassy for being PRO-LIFE. Good luck getting THIS US administration to care–Hillary and Obama are NOT pro-life and BOTH love Chairman Mao.

        • I doubt this amounts to anything, but has the name “Alice C. Huang” come up before? Just found it on familysearch with the mother’s name Soetoro. born 4-20-77 in California. As I said, I’m sure it’s nothing but curious if it’s been mentioned here previously.

          • I saw that myself just today! Great minds think alike. I didn’t have time to pursue it. I also saw those Obamas associated with Johnsons. I think Bridgette has looked into this. I can’t remember whether or not we’ve discussed Alice Huang before. Did you see Maya’s marriage record from Clark Co., NV? Newssleuth found that the hard way, years ago. I saw Sutoros in CA and Dunhams, too. But Dunham is such a common name. I was trying to find Shirley Ann. 🙂

  25. That’s funny…I have also found Maya’s marriage record before. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve searched the Hawaii online records. Time to return to the islands…
    I’ve tried doing some general searches on Alice Huang…nothing of interest so far.

    Unfortunately I’ve just this month let my Ancestry.com subscription lapse.

  26. But while thinking of relatives…wonder if Cecil and Ginger attended the inauguration this year???

    • Good question. I know Granny Sarah didn’t. It might behoove us to go back and search all the kin again. Things pop up online all the time that weren’t around back when. I did find one thing at familysearch for a Lidia Obama, but they wanted me to “sign in” to see the image. Is this something new? I can imagine WHY they want to know who everyone is. Can’t you? The LDS have been so forthcoming with their genealogy records that it’s disheartening to see them buddy up with Ancestry AND the NARA and join the ranks of obots. I do believe they have helped hide his information. What reason do they have for SUDDENLY requiring people to sign in?

      Remember that they made a big show of giving him his family tree? I wonder why they don’t share that historic document with all of us? You know, it’s probably BASED upon his bogus stories. I’d like to know WHAT original documents they based the tree on.

      Do you remember my post about Ancestry and their so-called genealogists? Hypocrites.

    • it’s likely about time for Cecil land Ginger to kick the bucket .How about their daughter that married the Arab dude. You reckon they were there?

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