Kissing Cousins: Who Do We Think He Is? Open Thread!

By Miri

Recently, announced that President Barack Hussein Obama II is related to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and President George W. Bush.

What’s interesting is the firmness with which they state their findings:

A genealogist at the Utah-based, Anastasia Tyler, said Obama and Palin are 10th cousins through a common ancestor named John Smith, a pastor and early settler in 17th-century Massachusetts. Obama is related to Smith through his mother, as is Palin, Tyler said. . . . As for Limbaugh, he’s also a 10th cousin of the president — one time removed — through a common ancestor named Richmond Terrell, who Tyler said was a large landowner in Virginia, also in the 17th century. ‘His history is a little more nebulous,’ Tyler said.

How do the genealogists come up with this stuff? Tyler said they start by picking the people they’re interested in, then examine their family trees, going back further and further into history, looking for common surnames and locations. . . . But former President George W. Bush? He’s related to both Obama and Palin, the site found. Obama and Bush are 11th cousins through common ancestor Samuel Hinckley, and Bush and Palin are 10th cousins one time removed, also through Hinckley.

Notice that Ms. Tyler qualifies her findings by warning that Richmond Terrell’s “history is a little more nebulous.” One would assume that Terrell is the antecedent of her statement, but perhaps she was actually referring to the POTUS. As we all know, his history is more than a little “nebulous.”

Anybody who’s even dabbled in genealogy knows how important it is to start at the beginning and work your way up a family tree, carefully documenting sources. Here’s a link to basic rules about starting a family tree:

Here is some of their advice, with pertinent phrases emphasized and a few smart-ass wisecracks interspersed in brackets: 

Family information that is freely published in many Internet databases and Web sites is often unsubstantiated and of questionable validity. While useful as a clue or a starting point for further research, the family tree data is sometimes more fiction than fact. [Sometimes readily admitted by the “author” of the fictional biography.] Yet, people often treat the information they find as the gospel truth. . . . Whether its [sic] a personal Web page or a subscription genealogy database [ anyone?] all online data should include a list of sources. The key word here is should. You will find many resources that don’t. . . . Email the contributor of the data, whether it be the compiler of a database or the author of a personal family tree, and politely ask for their source information.”

This website also wisely advises researchers to carefully evaluate information:  Does the data come from a primary source? These sources, created at or close to the time of the event by someone with personal knowledge of the event (i.e. a birth date provided by the family doctor for the birth certificate), are the most likely to be accurate. Secondary sources, by contrast, are records created a significant amount of time after an event occurred or by a person who was not present at the event (i.e. a birth date listed on a death certificate by the daughter of the deceased). Primary evidence usually carries more weight than secondary evidence. [Apparently not with the lamestream media, Congress, and the courts, so far] . . . How many steps is the data from the original source? A database on that is derived from a published book, which itself was compiled from original records means that the database on Ancestry is two steps away from the original source. Each additional step increases the likelihood of errors. . . . Did any time elapse between the event and the creation of the record that relates its details? [most likely] . . . A delayed birth record may have been issued dozens of years [or even decades] after the actual birth. . . . Does the document appear altered in any way? [You betcha!] Different handwriting may mean that information was added after the fact. Digital photos may have been edited. [Double-dog you betcha!] It’s not a normal occurence, but it does happen. [Oh, indeed it do.] . . . What do others say about the source? [Eligibility questioners: anything to add here?] If it is a published book or database rather than an original record, use an Internet search engine to see if anyone else has used or commented on that particular source. [Only us chickens] . . . One last tip – just because a source is published online by a reputable [?] organization or corporation doesn’t mean that the source itself has been vetted and verified. [No sireee, Bob, it doesn’t. In fact, in some situations, “researchers” run the other way to avoid vetting and verifying.]

I swear that I did not make any of this up. Read the link for yourself. Can you believe the number of points they make that are pertinent to our more-than-two-year search for the answer to the question I asked before,

Who is this man?

You tell me how a “reputable organization” that specializes in family tree research, that produces a television program demonstrating the importance of going to the source, can build and stand behind a family tree that begins upon the most flimsy, undocumented, unsourced, unprovenanced, unverified of “facts”.  Those being:

who are the biological parents of Barack Hussein Obama II?

Without documentary evidence, PRIMARY SOURCE EVIDENCE, that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama ARE the biological parents of this POTUS, any family tree that anyone builds is a waste of time and trouble. cannot say with any certainty that Obama is related to Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, or Rush Limbaugh.  Not until the primary sources are revealed.  

If it is so important to see primary sources in order to be sure to create an accurate family tree for your own family, how much more important should it be to our country that the POTUS present primary sources to We the People in order to prove his eligibility to serve us?


109 responses to “Kissing Cousins: Who Do We Think He Is? Open Thread!

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  1. This is soooooooo COOL! It gives me chills. You have to see.

    • The WBC in topeka Ks. had posted they were going to show up and Protest his funeral. (the Fred Phelps group)
      Who are they ?

    • Kathy,
      Thank You so much for posting that, it gave me tears of joy to see such patriotism. It also gives me faith American’s are waking up and rising up!

  2. This picture is so funny — it must be photoshopped. wish I knew how to place it here for you to see.


    Excerpts from that story:

    The festivities come as a new study discovered Obama has 28 living relatives sharing his Irish ancestry – but some of his newly discovered kin said they aren’t eager to share a pint with him.

    “I really don’t like to claim a relationship to Obama,” Roma Joy Palmer, 66, of Mulvane, Kan., told The Associated Press. “He is not my favorite President.

    “I don’t have anything against him personally, but I don’t think we have the same agenda.”

    In the study, released to the AP by family history website, genealogists traced the descendants of about two dozen passengers who came to America from Ireland on the ship Marmion in March 1850.

    Obama found out years ago that an ancestor, Falmouth Kearney, fled the potato famine in Ireland and was brought to the United States on the Marmion when he was 19.

    Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, was a descendant of one of Kearney’s daughters and a man named Jacob Dunham.

    The study further filled out the branches on Obama’s family tree and identified 28 living descendants of Kearney living in the U.S. and abroad.

    Another relative, 83-year-old Dorma Lee Reese of Tucson, said she wasn’t about to dance the Irish jig over the news.

    “I’m not a Democrat, so I can’t say I clapped,” she said. “I don’t appreciate what he’s done by any means, but I do appreciate that he holds that office.”

    Vietnam vet Daniel Dillard, 63, though, said he took pride in “being related to a President of the United States,” even though he didn’t vote for Obama.

    Dorma Lee Reese, 83, wasn’t thrilled to learn she and President Obama share common Irish ancestors.
    Here’s another story:

    From that story:
    Sandra West, 65, of Hereford, Ariz., also was identified by but had already discovered years ago that she was distantly related to Obama when she investigated the Dunhams of Kansas.

    “I figured there had to be a connection somewhere,” she said.

    West, who works as a nurse at Palominas Elementary School, said that it had become a running joke and that the principal had suggested requesting a tour of the White House. But West figured the president already had enough going on.

    I don’t think he would want to pay much attention to me,” she said. “I’m sort of a peon down the road. I’m nobody special.”

    That’s a good bet, Sandra. He would look at you as a peon, especially if you’re religious and a gun owner. And he wouldn’t want anybody who’s well versed in the genealogy of the Dunham family to show up at the WH.

    This new “study”, which I can’t find yet on Ancestry, was supposedly released this week and was done by the same “genealogist” Anastasia what’s her name, as did the first one I wrote about. Does she document her ORIGINAL sources, though? Hmmmm?

  4. Yet another story:'s%20Irish%20Kin/id-42b51f2cac924843943251caf789b902

    This one says that Dorma Lee is Barry’s third cousin, if you look through the photos on the right side of the page. They talk about this study that was released to AP but where the heck is the STUDY itself? Is it secret? Is it locked up with the rest of his documentation, until 100 years after? Still looking for it . . .

  5. Forgot this interesting excerpt from the story I just linked:
    “The survey allowed genealogists to further trace branches in Obama’s family tree and others who arrived on the ship, known as the Marmion, on March 20, 1850.

    According to the survey, the passengers’ descendants live in Canada, Syria and throughout the United States. Among Obama’s newly identified relatives is 83-year-old Dorma Lee Reese, of Tucson, Ariz.”

    SYRIA? Saudi Arabia, too. Right? What another coinkidink.

    Oh, wait. I bet I know WHY it’s secret. It’s got living people in it. One wonders whether Dorma Lee and the rest were warned before they were outed to the AP so the lamestream could come calling.

    • But really, where is the ACTUAL STUDY that got released to the AP? Why doesn’t AP link to or release the darned study? I can’t find it. Can you?

      But you know what I did find? That there are relatives of Obama’s (supposedly) named Harmon. Not HarmAn, like Anastasia, but one wonders what her special interest in Barry’s family history might be.

      • It supposedly links to this..but this is probably about the potato famine project and zip will be there about O.

        Maybe somebody will join Ancestry for their free trial and see what they find. I can’t do it because I was a member for a long time.

        Isn’t this appearing right after Trump is questioning Obama’s background?

    • Lee, like Madelyn ?
      I have found the name before

  6. Obama Plans Ireland Trip in May
    * March 17, 2011, 6:56 PM ET

    President Barack Obama marked St. Patrick’s Day with several celebrations and an announcement that he will visit Ireland during a trip to Europe in May.

    President Barack Obama, left, with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, right, and House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), center, attend the St. Patrick’s Day lunch in the Rayburn Room of the U.S. Capitol Thursday. (AP/Photo)

    Mr. Obama, wearing a festive green tie, said he his Ireland itinerary will include the usual tourist sites and a search for his family roots. The president, whose mother was from Kansas and father was born in Kenya, likes to tout the little bit of Irish in him on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s become somewhat of a holiday tradition for Mr. Obama to tell audiences that his “great-great-great-grandfather” was from Ireland.

    “It’s true,” he said during a luncheon Thursday at the Capitol. “Moneygall, to be precise.”

    “I can’t believe I have to keep pointing this out,” he added in a joking reference to lingering conspiracy theories about whether he was born in the U.S.

  7. Moneygall. That’s appropriate. The guy has the gall to think it’s his job to redistribute our money.

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