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Obama’s Silver Spoon – A Reprise and Open Thread

© Miri WTPOTUS April 25, 2012

Too many times over the past few weeks, Barack Hussein Obama II has alleged that he was NOT born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth. But he most certainly was! FACTS turned up by our team here at WTPOTUS, supported by our intrepid force of Internet, library, and newspaper researchers and commenters, have proven that this man grew up in circumstances that many in today’s America would envy.  To wit: Continue reading

Obama Mystery Theater: Kezia’s Baby

© Miri WTPOTUS November 14, 2011

When Barack Hussein Obama Senior (BHO Sr.) flew from Kenya to attend college in Hawaii, supposedly in the summer of 1959, he left behind his Kenyan Luo wife, Kezia, who was then 3 months pregnant with their second child, daughter Auma.  Their son, little “Roy” Malik Abongo Obama, was a toddler, a little over a year old.   Auma was born  in January, 1960.  By the following September, her father had met Stanley Ann Dunham at the University of Hawaii. Just two months later, if you believe Barack Hussein Obama II’s admittedly fictional memoirs, Stanley Ann was pregnant by BHO Sr.  The following February, 1961, BHO Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham were married.

All this is relatively well known, so far as the story goes. What seems not as well known is one reason why BHO Sr. pursued Ms. Dunham and married her in short order.  Continue reading