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Obama’s Executive Actions to Take Guns from Social Security Recipients?

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I couldn’t and wouldn’t watch Barack Obama’s town hall about his recent executive actions concerning guns. (Note: They are actions, not executive orders. To date, there’s no officially published executive ORDER on this topic at the White House website.)

In the course of the town hall, did anyone mention the Obama policy to  encourage the Social Security Administration to rat out beneficiaries who have others handling their financial affairs, for any reason? I’ll bet not.

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The Danger of Old News – Open Thread!

© Miri WTPOTUS January 10, 2012

APOLOGIES TO OUR READERS FOR REPORTING OLD NEWS!  Unfortunately, this story is from 2006.  I (Miri) did not do the “due diligence” to check exactly when “yesterday” was!  My bad. 

But it’s a cautionary tale–for me as well as for those of us who  need to keep on top of this issue.  It seemed SO TRUE at first glance, because of …

well, because of everything. 

So, NEVERMIND!  I’m so sorry for misleading everybody and getting you all “wee wee’ed up!” 

I’ll leave the story here, with a few changes, so y’all know what we WERE mistakenly talking about.  Continue reading