MAGA or Betrayal?

Today there is little joy in Magaville, as President Donald J. Trump signs the RINO/Democrat $1.3 trillion “omnibus” spending bill. (Yes. Trillion!)

Puzzlement, maybe, at best. A sense of betrayal. There’s that, too. What exactly is or was he thinking?

What shall be the verdict of We the People?

Like the very stable genius James Woods, do you believe that Trump has blithely received from the Democrats the rope with which he will be hanged? Ann Coulter seems to believe that Trump will be impeached. (Entirely possible, if enough of his base desert him, giving never-Trumpers in Congress the green light: permission to vote to impeach on whatever trumped-up charge Robert Mueller delivers.)

Do you believe that Trump has betrayed his supporters by signing this bill that funds Planned Parenthood, illegal alien centers, and Obamacare subsidies, among other expensive and unnecessary items on the Democrat wish list, but also does not fund the promised border wall? Also today, Trump immediately pursued a DOJ ban on bump stocks. Then, to add insult to injury, the President fretted aloud that the omnibus bill did not include what amounts to amnesty for Dreamers.

What’s to like in this bill for Trump supporters? More funding for the military. That’s about it.

Is this the day that the Swamp won, as some believe?

Or, like others, do you believe it’s wise to bide our time, see what happens next, trust the president, and consider this little more than a strategic retreat, to be followed anon by a YUGE win in the war to make America great again?

Pray for the United States of America. There’s a lot at stake this coming November, with the mid-term election, and over the next few years, with likely changes to the Supreme Court (and maybe even in the presidency).

Stay the course, is my gut feeling. That, and praying hard.

May God bless the United States of America.



156 responses to “MAGA or Betrayal?

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    @ The Liberty Daily

    • Judgmental little snowflake. Nobody’s supposed to criticize him because of what he allegedly went through, being a “survivor” of a shooting that took place in another building altogether, BUT he can criticize a man who is a WAR HERO, a POW, and a several-times cancer survivor who’s currently fighting another round for his very life. I really wanted to call him a little something-besides-snowflake, but I’ll leave it at that.

    • That kid’s really getting on my last nerve. His boycott of Laura is going to backfire for the sponsors who dropped her show. Rightfully so. People are boycotting THEM now. You’d think these companies would learn after Target.

      iirc, he was allegedly hiding in a closet but he actually wasn’t even in the same building as the shooter, so … It’s a HUGE campus, apparently, with different buildings for different classes (such as freshman, sophomores, etc.).

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