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Solyndra And Obama

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Well, we have been looking into these green energy companies popping up out of  who knows where, obtaining big money and then deflating like a balloon in the desert heat and sun. We keep asking about these insiders, how they get their deals and their inside connections but it is difficult to get clear answers. Continue reading

HSBC Grows With Money Laundry, Cartel And Terrorists


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Funny how old work comes back around…

I have read up on HSBC before as well as connections to that Sutherland name. Here is what Wiki says about them first.

HSBC Holdings plc (commonly known as HSBC) is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. As of 2011 it was the world’s second-largest banking and financial services group and second-largest public company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine. Continue reading

Morsi Wins Egypt Election

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Egypt became a very interesting topic around the world today. The Muslim Brotherhood candidate was declared the winner of the run off election.

Celebrations roared in Cairo and Tahrir Square as Morsi wins 52% of the votes.

Extra military and police have been called in.

It will be quite interesting. When a friend was there 10 years ago people could not buy sugar or meat. It was rough for people to get by there then, so I wonder how this will work out…What do you all think ?

Trade Secrets aka Obama Trade Document Leaked

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We have all heard the term “corporate takeovers”, but this is far beyond that term. We the people expect to be governed by those WE place in office, so what has happened ? Are we now ruled only by the elite and their global corporations ? Ineligible candidates keep swirling in the pot for our key positions in government, so is that it ? Must we have global control to be handled ? Now we have another leak too ? What is the story behind this one now ?

Another week, a new scandal…is anyone else tired of this non stop, filthy drama ?

About That Passport Again


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Our definitive review of the passport scandal:

More recent research on CGI/Stanley here:

Well folks, here we are again. Back to that little passport situation. Let’s look once more. We will recall first that break in and the name Harris. Things have changed a bit in a certain corporate structure since we first heard of him.,_Inc.

Next, let’s look at more. Continue reading

That Other Birth Certificate Again


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You all know how confusing things have been lately. Sheriff Joe in Arizona and that birth certificate and selective service fraud, Andrew Breitbart’s questionable death the same day and all the other little stories in between such as zip code issues on  an address in Hawaii and bank execuitive resignations one after the other.We read that Tim Geithner was detained, there are certificate fraud stories blowing about and Derrick Bell is a new film star. Let’s start here by looking at one of these first, and we will comment on the others later on. That birth certificate in Africa that Smith found, and a name in it that just keeps bothering me. Kwame. John Kwame. Let me post a story someone else wrote on this bc first. Continue reading

How SMART Are You ?

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What is your IQ ? How much privacy does one need ?

Did you ever think that you would become just one, big machine ? Did you ever think that just like a machine a bigger machine would keep track of your every word, key stroke, picture or thought ?

Think again….

Carrier IQ;

Cash Walking

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Once upon a time there was a boy, his name was Cash Walker. He was joined one day for a waltz with his older brother. His brother’s name was Gun Runner. The older brother Gun Runner could run, very fast and furiously.

And they danced, and they walked, and they danced, and they ran…so far away.

Where did they get their music ?

The new story and additional information is here;

A new story to add to the list ?

M. F. Global Gate

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Have you heard the leaks yet ? Have you heard of Jon Corzine ?

From wiki;

Now this? Bill Clinton collected 50 K per month from M.F. Global ?

Is this for real ? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now there is more ?

440 Days

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In 1979 The U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran was siezed by radical students that held 52 Americans hostage for 440 days.

440 days….

Today, in Iran, radical students attacked the U.K. Embassy. They captured 6 diplomats for 6 hours until the diplomats were rescued by police. London gave the Iranian diplomats there 48 hours to leave the country.

Not a good situation. We will follow it in comments.