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Nigel Farage For President Please

Renee Copyright 2011

There is a power keg across the pond folks. A very nice looking one too. He has common sense, and tells it like it is. Can we have him please in 2012 ? Since anyone here can run for president, can we add Nigel to our choices ? I mean, if no one is vetting anyone, and picking people for us, then why not him ?

I have watched Nigel Farage on CSPAN for the past year in the House Of Commons. I like his attitude, honesty and guts. Where did all the real leaders like him for the people  go ? We have fake news stories, liars and thieves all around us so we need about 200 Nigel’s. Can we just have him or one like him at least ? I love watching this man. He has my vote. Lets look at him more and what he has to say.

Maoist Communist Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, Hypocrite –

Hat Tip Georgia Peach

This Mansion is in Harare, Zimbabwe and is purported to belong to Robert Mugabe

While his people starve and die because of no medical help…. and we are asked to help his people over and over again… he and his family live like this…….his GREED kills his people..

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