Gangsters Masquerading as Politicians – Mayor Richard M. Daley

By Bridgette

Richard M. Daly

Chicago’s “Illustrious” Mayor

Our Illinois Rogue Gallery of Gangsters is presenting those who masquerade as honest politicians. Today’s Illinois politician, Richard Michael Daley, deserves a serious look because of the family’s historical significance in Chicago.

Richard M. Daley, born in 1942, is the oldest of 7 children born to Former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and his wife Eleanor. He was brought up in the Irish Catholic neighborhood of Bridgeport that is on the southwest side of Chicago. He received his law degree from DePaul University.

Richard and his wife Margaret had four children, Nora, Patrick, Elizabeth and Kevin who is deceased. He started his career with the help of his father’s machine’s backing. He was in the Illinois Senate for 8 years. After that he won the election to become Cook County’s State’s Attorney where he remained for 9 years from 1980 – 1989. Daley ran for mayor and won in 1989. The previously elected mayor, Harold Washington, died in 1987 of a heart attack. (He was allegedly one of Obama’s mentors).

Richard’s brother, William M. Daley, served under Former Pres. Bill Clinton as US Secretary of Commerce. Then he worked in a paid “advisory” capacity on Obama’s presidential campaign. Their other brother, John P. Daley, is the finance chairman on the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

The family is best known as the “Daley Machine.”   The negative social, financial and economic impact and influence of the Daley Machine on Chicago politics is well documented, yet both father and son kept getting elected.  Is it name recognition, ACORN and union intimidation and thuggery, broken kneecaps, twisted arms, or rigged voting machines that has kept this family in power for almost 50 years?

One scandal in 2005 was Daley explaining $48 million in overruns for the renovation of a terminal at O’Hare International Airport. Representative Jesse L. Jackson Jr., (D) stated “You can fool some of the people for 16 years – the question is whether the people want to be fooled for 20 years.”

In 2006, A federal investigation of “pervasive fraud” in hiring and contracts at Daley’s City Hall led to 30 indictments, including two senior administrators closely tied to the mayor, and a dozen cabinet-level resignations. The Mayor was also interrogated. About the same time, it was revealed through court records that one of Daley’s allies, the head of the Hispanic Democratic Organization, “helped arrange promotions for politically active city employees and orchestrated campaign work by administration officials.”

In a New York Times article on January 6, 2006, they stated:

Gone is the 38,000-strong patronage army of city workers Richard J. controlled, but it has been replaced by what John Callaway, a political analyst and former host of a Chicago public affairs television program, described as “special forces units,” like the Hispanic Democratic Organization, now under federal scrutiny.

“The main trouble he’s in is with the federal government,” Mr. Callaway said of the mayor. “What are the highest people who have been indicted so far, or subpoenaed, what are they going to say about what Daley knew about what he says he didn’t know?”

On January 22, 2007, Senator Barack Obama endorsed Richard M. Daley for another term. From a CBS report, Obama said,

“As long as he has passion for the job, then I think he’s gonna be one of the best mayors, if not the best mayor in the country.” He also addressed the corruption investigation involving Daley’s administration, saying “I continue to be concerned.” But he said Daley had taken crucial steps to root out corruption, including improving procurement rules. “As a consequence, you’re gonna see the kind of leaner, cleaner government that Chicagoans expect and, I know, the mayor expects,” Obama said, speaking with the 64-year-old Daley at his side.

While Barack Obama said he’s inclined to keep U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald in that job, Obama added Fitzgerald’s federal investigations of corruption at City Hall have not shaken his confidence in Daley.

Daley won his sixth term by receiving 70% of the vote for reelection in 2007. Richard J. and Richard M. Daley built a multi-ethnic, multi-racial coalition that has kept them and the Democrats in control and power throughout Illinois.

Mayor of Chicago

If anyone achieves any power in Chicago, they have been supported by Mayors Richard Joseph Daley and his son Richard M. Daley.   Nothing got done unless their dictates were followed.  Richard M. Daley has “reigned” over the city for about 21 years.

Richard M. Daley’s continuing sphere of influence is seen in the Windy City as well as in Washington, D.C.  Following are some of the ties that bind these people together.  One who worked closely with the mayor and has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the machine is Valerie Jarrett. She was Daley’s Deputy Chief of Staff and now serves as Obama’s confidant and Senior WH Advisor. Valerie was responsible for hiring Michelle Obama as Daley’s assistant. Michelle worked in that capacity for about 18 months.

Another Machine operative was David Alexrod. Not only was he Daley’s first political campaign manager, he is a major SEIU supporter, and a Marxist.  He totally orchestrated Obama’s successful  “Hope and Change” election campaign and now serves We the Lucky People in the corrupted White House as Obama’s Senior Advisor.

In 1989, Rahm Emanuel served as Daley’s assistant and principle fundraiser; badgering, bullying, and guilt-tripping people into supporting Daley’s mayoral campaign. His nickname, Rahmbo, was assigned to him at the time for his ability to get things done. With Daley’s help, Rahm moved on to serve as President Bill Clinton’s fundraiser and then became part of his White House staff. He now serves as Obama’s right arm and chief intimidator. In 2002, Daley endorsed Rahm for Blago’s congressional seat in Illinois and he won. (Blago had left his seat to run as Governor.). Interestingly, Rahm has his eye on Daly’s leather chair and recently voiced his ambition to run for Mayor of Chicago. Richard M. Daly is up for reelection next year.

Daley took over control of the Chicago School System hiring Arne Duncan as the CEO over the Chicago Public Schools. Arne served from 2001 – 2008. He was to preside over the educational system and fix the mediocre public schools. Arne Duncan, whose achievements are questionable related to improving the educational system in Chicago, was hired by Obama as the U.S. Secretary of Education. Would you be surprised to learn that Duncan was raised in Hyde Park? He was just another guy in the neighborhood! Oh, and he went to Harvard too. How close were Arne Duncan and Bill Ayres?

Daley called in the D.C. troops for the Big One..the failed 2016 Olympic Bid.   Barack Obama’s influence along with his sweethearts, Michelle, Valerie, and Oprah did little to influence and win the prize they so coveted.  How many backroom Chicago real estate deals were done in anticipation of the crown?   How much money was lost for those backers?   This was a deal that soured and there is no doubt many were “banking” on another Obama win.   Daley and Obama didn’t have enough clout or international influence to pull off the deal they were all expecting. It is harder to intimidate officials in a foreign country. No feathers in their caps for these birds of a feather!

An article on April 28th, from the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) pointed out some stunning revelations about Mayor Daley and his “forward” thinking. A few pertinent paragraphs:

The ISRA is well aware that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is under a lot of stress these days. Soaring crime, the sinking economy, and thinly-veiled suggestions from Rahm Emanuel that it’s time to step aside certainly create a recipe for high anxiety. The toll being taken on the Daley’s sensibilities evidenced itself earlier this week when the mayor recommended that the World Court take up his petition to shut down law-abiding U.S. firearm retailers.
What Mayor Daley is suggesting is that we voluntarily nullify the U.S. Constitution and cede our sovereignty to a hostile world body,” commented ISRA Executive Director, Richard Pearson.

Mayor Daley is totally out of line by trying to sidestep the intent and authority of our founders just because he hasn’t gotten his way here at home. As we know, the mayor’s earlier attempts to shutter lawful firearm retailers failed to meet the tests applied by the Illinois Supreme Court. In short, an American court established by authority of the Illinois Constitution plainly stated that Mayor Daley’s complaint against lawful firearm retailers is without merit — end of story. We do not need the help of the World Court in running our affairs.”

Maybe Mayor Daley needs to take a little time off,” continued Pearson. “A little R&R would probably do him some good. He could take a little time to read up on the Revolutionary War. Maybe take a civics class over at Daley College. But, in any case, Daley should ponder well the sacrifices made by millions of young American men and women to protect and preserve the freedoms that he is so eager to give away.”

Is Daley showing the true colors of the others that he is aligned with in the White House? Was the intent for global governance and the New World Order revealed by ISRA? Is Daley’s thinking shared by the White House occupants and the administration?

When will Illinois put a stop to all of the corruption and take back their state? We know they won’t be getting any help from Washington, D.C. That is a given. The Chicago mob is just getting started in raping companies, creating new ones, and siphoning money to newly created groups, organizations, and companies. What is truly amazing is that neither Richard M. Daley, nor his father, nor Barack Obama seem to get indicted for crimes. How many people are bribed, paid off, or threatened to allow them to appear squeaky clean?

There are hostile forces at work in our USA, and they are attempting to dismantle our county. Those involved in this national crime syndicate are slowly, but surely, being identified. We will see justice, and it won’t be social.


26 responses to “Gangsters Masquerading as Politicians – Mayor Richard M. Daley

  1. To read more about how the politicians all intertwine, Pringle’s investigation is a must read if you haven’t done so. It is a great refresher if you read it before. Many of the players will be mentioned at Blago’s upcoming trial.

    Pringle: Barack Obama — Operation Board Games For Slumlords
    April 7, 2008 Snips

    Barack Obama has a long history of working with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and governors of Illinois, including the current Governor Rod Blagojevich, in doling government funding for housing development in Chicago. His history is hardly a model of success, except for the hundred of millions in profits made by the chosen few slumlords.

    Less than a year ago, in the April 26, 2007, Chicago Sun-Times, Fran Spielman reported that Chicago aldermen were accusing the Daley administration “of being asleep at the switch while low-income housing projects developed by the now-indicted Tony Rezko collapsed into disrepair.” “The spigot of loans, grants and tax credits should have been cut off when the first of 30 taxpayer-supported Rezko buildings in Chicago fell into disrepair, the aldermen said,” according to the report. Instead, Spielman said, a “Sun-Times investigation showed that the city, state and federal governments kept the gravy train rolling — to the tune of $100 million between 1989 and 1998.”

    There’s already a plan in place to guarantee that the Chicago model of “community development” is carried out in the White House. In his “Plan to Fight Poverty in America,” Obama says, “we should create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund to develop affordable housing in mixed-income neighborhoods.”

    The Plan will create a “White House Office of Urban Policy” to develop a strategy for metropolitan America, and Obama will appoint a Director of Urban Policy who will report directly to him, as president, to “coordinate all federal urban programs,” the Plan states.
    Mayor Daley will probably be hired for this gig. The Plan explains that Obama will task his new Director “to work across federal agencies and with community and business leaders to identify and address the unique economic development barriers of every major metropolitan area in the country.”

  2. See –

    Breaking ~

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    On thread –

    Puerto Rico Our 51st State? Why Now?

    (I dident want to hi jack Bridgette’s new thread with the scandal article.)

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  5. Bridgette/All,

    I found a great link from the LA Time’s with old archived articles concerning Richard M. Daley, daddy Daley, and bro Daley. Seem’s from what I’ve read so far daddy Daley once was the probe of an FBI investigation. Lot’s of Corruption concerning all the Daley’s, also using the black’s to gain their vote. I’m going to be busy/in and out all day but hope to dig into these articles tonight. I’m posting the link so that anyone else that may have the time today may want to go through them.

  6. “Sorich Was The Daley Administration’s Go-To Patronage Guy In The Highly Influential Mayor’s Office Of Intergovernmental Affairs,
    Scandals Swirl Around Daley
    The Chicago mayor’s name keeps surfacing in talk of trials and probes over city corruption.
    May 29, 2006 Snips

    Yet all anyone here could talk about last week was Mayor Richard M. Daley. They murmured about how his former patronage chief and three other city officials were on trial, accused of securing municipal jobs for people with ties to local political organizations.
    And they wondered whether the federal investigation might reach all the way to top. On the surface, the case is simply the latest in a series of federal probes that have resulted in the convictions of dozens of former and current state and city workers.

    Federal prosecutors have charged Robert Sorich, who worked in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, with manipulating the hiring process. Prosecutors allege that Sorich, former department co-worker Tim McCarthy and two former staffers with Streets and Sanitation used the office to place clout-backed candidates into city jobs. The candidates became building inspectors and truck drivers, gardeners and bricklayers — despite being unqualified or never interviewed.
    Recent events show the glacial pace of trying to change a region where organized crime settled nearly a century ago.

    A federal grand jury has been investigating the hiring practices of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s administration. More than two dozen former and current city workers have been convicted in an investigation into the city’s Hired Truck Program.The program, which contracted vehicles from private businesses to assist with public works and construction projects, was promoted by City Hall as a way to cut costs. But federal investigators found that many trucking companies were being paid millions of dollars for no work, and city workers were seeking bribes in exchange for securing the contracts.

    An Office The Court Described As ‘The Beating Heart Of This Fraudulent Scheme.’ On July 6, 2006, A Jury Found Sorich Guilty Of Systematically Rigging City Hiring For The Political Benefit Of Mayor Daley And His Favored Politicians.”

    Jay Stewart, Op-Ed, “Court Rips Patronage Hiring, But Daley Still Doesn’t Get It,” Chicago Sun-Times, 4/8/08)

      • I didn’t know anything about her. That article says she worked for Rahm, John Glenn, Tony Hall, and Louise Slaughter (the rep that talked about somebody taking her sister’s dentures during healthcare). Her name doesn’t come up in Google with many articles. Perhaps King is a married name, and she went by another name previously.

        She is working for Kay Hagan now. Hagan beat incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) in 2008. Supposedly, Elizabeth lost because of accusing Hagan of being Godless in TV ads. The ad got lots of negative publicity. I think Ted Kennedy endorsed Kay…a progressive?

        2005 -2006 Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
        Midwest-Crystal King
        Political director on the 2004 Democratic Coordinated Campaign in Ohio; earlier worked a political desk for the Kerry campaign. Worked for SEIU in Washington, DC. A west central coordinator (Montgomery County) on the 1996 Ohio coordinated campaign. Dayton native.
        During the 2006 cycle, she worked under Congressman Rahm Emanuel at the DCCC.

  7. Breaking news. Somebody placed a bomb in a car in Times Square in NY. A call was made to the police department that a car was on fire. When they investigated there was gasoline, propane, wires, a detonater. Luckily, it didn’t go off with the about 100,000 thousand people in the area on a busy Saturday night! A man was seen running from the car. Still the Times Square area was evacuated. The person that did it was planning to hurt lots of people. This sounds like a terrorist attack. The Middle East ways have come to the US. The NY Police are on it..what will we hear from good ole Janet Napolitano..? A robot was checking out the car.

    New York City Police Close Times Square for Possible Car Bomb
    New York City police say a mounted police officer noticed smoke coming from the SUV at 6:30 p.m.


  8. Obama gave a speech tonight at the WH Correspondents Dinner (media and newspapers) (3,000 attendees) where he made a couple statements. One was that he was talking about his low approval ratings. Then he said, “My approval ratings are still high in the country of my birth.” Laughing [at birthers] with his nose in the air. Then he said, Someone is here whose ratings have fallen more than mine is here, Hello Jay! [Leno].

    He brought up his birth certificate too, but I missed it.

  9. oldsalt78 // May 3, 2010 at 12:29 pm


    Your allegation that Al Gore is the Main Nashville connection to Chicago’s Daley organization is something I am glad to finally hear from sombody living in Nashville. I have known this for a very long time,but unfortunately nobody in Nashville would admit to it. Perhaps the public really didn’t know,but I know better than that. It heartens me to see that FINALLY somebody is trying to stand up to the GORES, the DEANS, and all the others. You ARE going to recieve some lumps in the process,and maybe even be locked up again by MS.IMPORTANT herself. I’LL even bet that she tries it again. Soon. But you have my support. You are up against the GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB,OF THE OLDTIME SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS. They are about a half a step down from the ORIGINAL KKK people. Many of them W-E-R-E KKK members.

    • This is the original comment that the person above was answering. CW again.

      Leo Patrick Haffey // May 3, 2010 at 12:15 pm


      Obama supporter Al GORE had Bill DALEY of the CHICAGO SYNDICAT as his Campaign Chair.

      GORE was very active in the Obama campaign, a major fund raiser. GORE held a fund raiser for Obama after his debate in Nashville in 2008.

      Our investigations reveal that Al GORE is the MAIN NASHVILLE connection to the CHICAGO SYNDICATE.

  10. The Daley Show Still Tops in Chicago
    APRIL 28, 2010.
    CHICAGO—Mayor Richard M. Daley has had a bumpy ride of late: budget cuts, corruption scandals and a bid for the 2016 Olympics that flopped on the world stage. Last fall, his approval rating fell to 35%, lowest in his 21 years in office.

    Mr. Daley, 68 years old, hasn’t said whether he would seek a seventh term and, with his wife battling cancer, there is considerable speculation that he may not.

    The topic came up anew last week when Chicagoan and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said he would like the job should Mr. Daley take a pass.
    The most high-profile black politician who has toyed with a bid is U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. But Mr. Jackson has been dogged by connections with the corruption trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, although he hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing, and is unlikely to run.

    Chicago’s economy has fared better than most Rust Belt cities. But taxes and fees have climbed steadily while in the past six years, more than 45 members of Mr. Daley’s administration have been convicted of corruption.

    Chicago Wins Prize as Home of Big Carrier
    Published: May 4, 2010
    CHICAGO — Mayor Richard M. Daley and other politicians stood with the leaders of United and Continental airlines in downtown Chicago on Tuesday, proudly underscoring plans that the proposed merged airline — to be the largest in the world — will have its headquarters here.

  11. Cook County Commissioner, John Daley, Named in FBI File of Chicago Mob Boss
    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Giancana’s FBI file has some rather interesting information. We’ll quote to you: FBI Headquarters File Number 92-3171-2602

    Samuel M. Giancana, Top Hoodlum Program – Anti Racketeering. Daily Summary, July 2, 1975.

    As Bureau aware, Cook County States Attorney’s Office, Chicago, has in its possession some papers and documents seized under search warrant from Giancana residence. Appearing in July 1, 1975, issue of “Chicago Daily News”, column of Mike Royko in article captioned “The Giancana Wedding Gifts”, was a list of names of some of the several hundred guests who made monetary contributions at wedding of Giancana’s daughter, Bonnie Lou, to Anthony Tisci. In previous tel. some of these guest were made known to bureau to include Circuit Court Judge Daniel Covelli.

    In addition to those individuals previously noted to Bureau. Article reflected that wedding list also contained following individuals:

    Pat Petrone “deceased”, 25th Ward Alderman, $200 gift;
    Fred Roti, Alderman from First Ward, Chicago, $200 gift,
    Frank Chesrow, former President of Metropolitan Sanitary District of Chicago, present member of Cook County Board of
    Commissioners, $200 gift;
    Anthony DeTolve, former Illinois State Senator, nephew to Giancana by marriage, $200 gift;
    John Kringas, member of Chicago zoning board of appeals, partner with Vito Marzullo, Alderman in a lucrative funeral home , $50
    James J. Adduci, former Illinois State Representative, $20 gift;
    James Rinella, former Illinois State Representative, $20 gift,

    Louis Briatta, father-in-law to Chicago Mayor Daley’s son, John Daley, who recently married Briatta’s daughter, $100 gift.
    Well, there you have it: Illinois politicians willing to give gifts to Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana’s daughter and it made the newspaper prominently. Mike Royko was arguably the most popular columnist of his day. You’ll notice John Daley’s name comes up.

    • Remember the post by Diss long ago ?
      She said “They own all the funeral homes”
      I found alot of them also…who knows all secrets of how people die that some may be covering up ? Alot of caskets get shipped too…drug smuggling ? Arms smuggling ?
      Odd deaths and blackmail… ??? hummm…

  12. Did feds kill off the mob?
    Monday, December 23, 2002 Snips

    The mob has always wanted friendly judges on the bench for help on cases and cops on the force to keep some crimes unsolved. Controlling unions provides jobs for flunkies and money for pols. Friendships with legislators prevent bills cracking down on video poker, which some say nets $100 million a year for the mob.

    Most of all, the mob wants friends in government for jobs and contracts. The mob doesn’t offer health insurance–mob lackeys need day jobs for that. “It used to be you’d give him $200 a week to get the [illegal betting] books–now you get him a city job,” a city worker said …. “There’s a lot of power with jobs,” said Terrance Norton, the Better Government Association executive director.

    Mayor Daley has not cut all ties to the mob-linked Duff family, which donated $8,875 to his campaigns and reaped $100 million in local government contracts.

    Patriarch John F. Duff Jr. was a character witness for mob boss Tony Accardo. “I just know them. That’s all,” Daley said. “I’m not personal friends with them. I know them. So what?” A federal grand jury subpoenaed records of Duff contracts with local governments.

    Daley’s main ally in pushing a downtown casino in the early ’90s was Ed Hanley, who had to give up control of the Hotel and Restaurant Workers union amid a federal probe of mob ties.

    Chicago police have watched as powerful ward committeemen still in office today huddled with mob higher-ups such as Vincent “Jimmy” Cozzo.
    “What does the mob want from government? No. 1, money, and No. 2, power,” Cooley said. “Nobody could ever get a city job or a promotion without the approval of the 1st Ward. They had all the jobs in McCormick Place, all the city jobs, police, sheriff’s, state’s attorney.”

    “The attraction of a union to a mob organization is the union’s pension fund investments and medical plans, which are supposed to go to benefit union rank and file, most of whom could never enter the same restaurants … as Hanley and his syndicate friends,” said Combined Counties Police Association President John Flood. “And the main attraction of a union like that controlled by Hanley to the politicians also is the ability to dish out cash contributions.”

  13. Hummm..Baskin, Daley and Pickens…how cozy.Want ice cream and a TBoone steak with a DALEY prayer ? All in here together. Save it for a rainy day for sure…

  14. The gangster families and friends of the Obamas robbed my company, terrorized my friends, family and me. They use bio-terrorism to poison and drug their targets. They use a “System of Gangster-Terrorism” to steal and murder with impunity. These people make blacks look bad. This time in America will be recalled as a time of a dark, downward spiral of corruption with the country being taken over by a gangster whitehouse, gangster corps and gangster families – all in collusion to steal and control. They’ve destroyed this country. It’s too bad because they could have taken the high road, but if they had they would have never made it to the whitehouse because they don’t qualify. They can’t compete on a level playing field. If they could, they wouldn’t have to use gangster-terrorism to steal.

  15. Patrick Fitzgerald: Prosecutor details alleged hiring schemes at Mayor Daley’s City Hall.

    By Lynn Sweet on April 11, 2006 1:21 PM

    In papers filed in federal court, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald outlines alleged political hiring schemes at Mayor Daley’s City Hall.

    Read the uncut, complete juicy details of the case against Daley’s former patronage chief, Robert Sorich, now facing federal fraud charges.

    It’s long, but worth reading….

    v. ) No. 05 CR 644
    ROBERT SORICH, et al. ) Judge Coar
    United States Attorney
    Assistant U.S. Attorneys
    219 South Dearborn Street, Room 500
    Chicago, Illinois 60604
    (312) 353-5300
    Case 1:05-cr-00644 Document 113 Filed 04/10/2006 Page 1 of 98




      No. 05 CR 644

      Violations: Title 18, United States Code, Sections 2, 1001, 1341, and 1346.



      The SPECIAL FEBRUARY 2005-2 GRAND JURY charges:

      1. At times material to this indictment:

      A. The City of Chicago (‚the City₤) was a municipal corporation, and a political subdivision of the State of Illinois. The functions and services provided by the City on behalf of its residents were coordinated through various agencies and departments. The City operational departments included, but were not limited to, the Department of Streets and Sanitation, the Department of Water, the Department of Sewers, the Department of Aviation, the Department of General Services, the Department of Buildings, and the Department of Transportation. (On January 1, 2003, the Departments of Water and Sewers merged into a Department of Water Management.) Each of these departments was headed by a Commissioner. (The City operational departments, collectively, will be referred to as ‚the Operating Departments.₤)

      B. The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (‚IGA₤) was a division within the Office of the Mayor of the City. IGA functioned in part as a liaison between the Mayor’s Office and other units of government, including the City Council, the State of Illinois and the government of the United States.

      More @ Link ~

      • Feds go after City Hall
        U.S. sees `massive fraud’ in hiring

        By Dan Mihalopoulos and Matt O’Connor, Tribune staff reporters.
        Tribune staff reporters Laurie Cohen, Todd Lighty, Ray Gibson and Delroy Alexander contributed to this report
        Published July 19, 2005

        Mayor Richard Daley’s administration illegally doled out city jobs to reward campaign workers for the mayor and other politicians in a “massive fraud” that spanned City Hall for more than a decade, federal prosecutors alleged Monday.

        Daley’s longtime patronage chief was accused of systematically circumventing a decades-long federal ban on most political hiring by secretly directing top city managers to hire “preselected” applicants favored by politicians and union officials.

        Federal investigators said current and former City Hall department heads and personnel chiefs are among more than 30 cooperating witnesses in the ongoing probe.

        “Now is the time to cooperate because this train is leaving and you’re either on the train or you’re on the tracks,” said Robert Grant, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Chicago office.

        For the first time, a high-ranking official in Daley’s office was arrested and charged in the probe. Cooperating city officials told investigators that Robert Sorich, Daley’s patronage chief and a family friend, orchestrated hiring efforts that often favored “goofballs” over more qualified candidates.

        U.S. Atty. Patrick J. Fitzgerald, who has charged former Gov. George Ryan and other state politicians on similar allegations of mixing campaign and public payrolls, said he hoped the ongoing probe would shake a City Hall “where people are being scored not on the merits but by who they know or what clout they have.”

        Snip ~

        David Axelrod, a political consultant to the mayor, noted that the Shakman decree settled a civil case and contested the notion that political hiring by the city is a criminal offense.

        “Now [Fitzgerald] seems to be criminalizing it in a way that has never been done before,” Axelrod said. “This is a new area of law the courts are going to have to look at.”

        Axelrod also sought to distance Daley from Sorich, saying that “the mayor’s contact with Robert Sorich is probably negligible.”

        Sorich allegedly coaxed a Streets and Sanitation Department official to form a white political group because the “mayor’s organization” needed it to complement Hispanic and black groups in the department. Authorities also said Sorich would attend kickoff rallies for political candidates, often delivering the message that “the mayor supports this candidate’s campaign.”

        Sorich, 42, is from Bridgeport, the mayor’s native neighborhood, and he has longtime ties to the Daley family. His father was the official photographer for the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. Before joining IGA, Sorich served as 11th Ward aldermanic secretary.

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  17. You’ve been quoted, Bridgette!

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