America Under Attack

By: Renee

Well, it seems it never ends. Every day a new drama unfolds. Today the headlines in all the news should be the connections of terrorism, but instead, the media continues to treat each drama as an unrelated incident. Those that have become informed however are not fooled. America is under attack, and most of our country has now figured this out.

One oil rig explodes, and is spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and now a second rig is tipping over. Now breaking news is about a car bomb in Times Square on a busy Saturday night. Luckily, it did not explode, but instead smoked up the SUV it was contained inside, and  therefore saved the lives of many innocent people that could have been killed or injured if it had exploded as was planned. A man was seen running away from the SUV, as he was probably expecting fast fireworks. He is probably one disappointed freak of nature at this point.

This is not tea party folks or illegals, no doubt about it, this is terrorism. Who has America under attack ? These are not random incidents, these acts are all related.

Who has declared war on America and why ?

It is as if our leaders are in fear to tell us the truth, but when did they start hiding  things like this, that are obvious to most people ? It would not be so awful if we had not been watching high drama, corruption and mounting bodies for at least 2 years straight, as well as questionable election activities, and a president with huge pieces of his life and identity hidden. Add to that the demise of our economy and attack on grandma’s waving flags, and it  all smells like a 10 day old tuna left in the sun.

Sarah calls it the socialized media, I call it a gag and lie. The real dilema though is “What is really happening in America ?

I hear some plan to move New York to Chicago, so is this to ground in that plan and add it to the list with Auto, Oil and bank Nationalization  or is it even worse then that ?

America is under attack. I have a feeling we are about to find out why. I also have a feeling that those that are hiding all of this are about to be in very hot water.

Someone wants to hurt Americans, why ? People having a walk on a spring Saturday evening are clueless and blameless, and those responsible are hiding it all, twisting the truth in a heartless, evil way.

America is under attack. Someone’s responsible and hiding the reasons, but it seems as if the guilty are being poked and proded, and it has NOTHING to do with American citizens that love America.


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  1. I just got this one. Said checked out by Snoopes. What a letter, what a guy !

    Check his credentials. Then read his letter to Pelosi!

    Born St. Louis , Missouri , August 21, 1944
    Bar Admissions:
    North Carolina , 1969
    U.S. District Court, Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina , 1969
    U.S. Tax Court
    Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Education: Woodford College , 1966 A.B.
    Mercer University , 1969 J.D.
    Phi Alpha Delta
    Vice-Justice, District XIV, 1968 – 1969
    Professional Associations and Memberships:
    North Carolina and American Bar Associations (Member, Sections on: Administrative Law; General Practice; Litigation)
    26th Judicial District and North Carolina State Bar
    Mecklenburg County Bar Association
    American Association of Justice
    North Carolina Trial Lawyers Association
    Captain, U.S. Army, 1969-1971, Vietnam
    National Defense Medal, 1969
    Republic of Viet Nam Service Medal, 1970
    Bronze Star Medals (2), 1971
    Assistant District Attorney, Mecklenburg County , 1971 – 1974
    Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
    Chairman, Board of Trustees Providence United Methodist Church
    Board of Directors, Alexander Children’s Home
    Board of Directors, Charlotte Culinary Institute
    Wofford Alumni Executive Council
    Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America
    Board of Directors, Boy Scouts of America of Mecklenburg County
    Board of Directors, Girl Scout Council
    Life Member, National Eagle Scout Association
    Life Member, Girl Scouts of America

    Dear Ms. Pelosi:

    I write to you out of utter disdain! You are as despicable and un-American as the traitor Jane Fonda.

    I am a soon to be 65 year-old who has voted in every state and local election since 1966. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats alike. I have worked on campaigns for both Republicans and Democrats, white and black. I served the country that I love in Vietnam , as my son did in the Middle East . I was awarded two bronze stars. I have been involved in politics since age 6 when my father was campaign manager for a truly great American Congressman, Charles Raper Jonas, who worked for his constituents and his country, and was to be admired, unlike you.

    You obviously haven’t read the Constitution recently, if ever, the Federalist Papers, or even David McCullough’s book on John Adams. You ought to take the time while riding around in your government provided luxury executive jet to do just that. You represent Socialistic and even Marxist principals that our founding fathers tried to avoid when setting out the capitalistic republican form of government represented by our Constitution.

    I find it interesting that you and your husband are multi-millionaires with much of your fortune being made as a result of your “public service”. You have controlled legislation that has enhanced your husband’s investments both on and off shore. At the same time you redistributed the wealth of others. Our system of a free market economy is being destroyed by the likes of you, Harry Reid, and now our President. You ride around in a Gulfstream airplane at the tax payer’s expense while criticizing the presidents of companies who produced something for the economy. You add nothing to the economy of the United States ; you only subtract therefrom.

    I would like to suggest that you return to the city of fruitcakes and nuts and eat your husband’s canned tuna and pineapple produced by illegal immigrants and by workers who have been excluded from the protection that 90% of the legal workers in the United States have.

    I await your defeat in the next election with glee.

    Don’t ever use the term “un-American” again for protesters who love this country and are exercising their rights upon which this country was founded. By the way, while I served in the Army, I was spit on by the same type of lunatics who support you and who you probably supported in the 60’s and 70’s. You are an embarrassment to all of us who served so that you would have the protected right of free speech to call us un-American. But at the same time, I have the right to write you to notify you that I consider you to be un-American, as do the majority of the people of this formerly great country. You are a true disgrace to most of the people who served this country by offering themselves for public service in the United States Congress.

    I feel certain your aides will not share this letter with you, but I intend to share it with many.

  2. Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam Issues Threat: If You Don’t Build It “They Will Attack”
    Gateway Pundit ^ | SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 | Jim Hoft

    Posted on Thursday, September 09, 2010 12:51:59 PM by Hojczyk

    Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf issued a threat to America in his interview with CNN this week. The radical imam warned that if America did not get down on its knees and allow the victory mosque to be built on the bones of dead Americans that… “They will attack.”

    (Excerpt)

    • Video of plane at above link. This is breaking news.
      Human rights citizen reporter of Gulf coast atrocities from Ocean Springs has reported one hour ago that her home was sprayed by a low-flying plane tonight. She reported severe reactions to the poisoning and it is unknown what condition she, her family and other area residents are in.

      Lorrie Williams has taken numerous videos of the ongoing destruction of the Gulf Coast that resembles full-scale chemical warfare on Americans more each passing day.

      This evening, Williams reported on Facebook, “A plane just went over our house so low it made the house shake.”

      Happily married and mother of three children, Williams was with the family when the incident occurred.

      She advised Facebook friends, “We ran out to the truck to go take videos, cause he went to the sound. And the smell was bad. A very fine mist and truck was misted as well.”

      When the family went to jump into the truck to follow the plane to the Mississippi sound, they noticed a fine mist all over their wind shield according to Williams’ messages and photos.

      “This plane just kept doing circles over Davis Bayou and then back to the sound.”

      In the video Williams took of the incident, she asks about the plane, “Why is he so quiet?”

      One of the last Facebook messages by Williams was, “Throat,sinuses,eyes,lips numb,tongue numb and dizzy.”

        • Ocean Springs is a city in Jackson County, Mississippi (USA), about 2 miles (3.2 km) east of Biloxi. It is part of the Pascagoula, Mississippi Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 17,225 at the 2000 census.

          The town has a reputation as an “arts community.” Its historic and secluded downtown area, with streets lined by Live Oak trees, is home to several art galleries and shops plying shiny wares new and old alike. It is also home to a number of ethnic restaurants relatively uncommon in surrounding communities, such as Mediterraneo, Phoenicia Gourmet, and Shady’s Global Grille on Government street. One particular gastronomic landmark is the locally-owned Lagniappe Restaurant, a culinary gathering place for locals since the 1970s which now specializes in catering and private parties.

          Ocean Springs was the hometown of the late Walter Inglis Anderson, a nationally renowned painter and muralist who died in 1965 resulting from lung cancer. The town plays host to several festivals, including its Peter Anderson Festival and The Herb Festival.

          Ocean Springs was severely damaged on August 29, 2005, by Hurricane Katrina, which smashed many buildings along the shoreline, including the Ocean Springs Yacht Club, and the historic wooden Fort Maurepas, and gutted or flooded other buildings. Katrina’s 25 ft (7.6 m) storm surge also destroyed the Biloxi Bay Bridge, which connected Biloxi to Ocean Springs.

            • Walter Inglis Anderson (September 29, 1903 – November 30, 1965) was an American painter, writer, and naturalist. Known to his family as “Bob”, he was born in New Orleans to George Walter Anderson, a grain broker, and Annette McConnell Anderson, member of a prominent New Orleans family, who had studied art at Newcomb College, where she had absorbed the ideals of the American Arts and Crafts movement.

              Anderson was the second of three brothers, the eldest being Peter Anderson (1901–1984) and the youngest was James McConnell “Mac” Anderson) (1907–1998). The two older brothers attended St. John’s School in Manlius, New York until their schooling was interrupted by World War I and they enrolled in the prestigious Isidore Newman School (then called Isidore Newman Manual Training School) in New Orleans.

              In 1918, the Andersons purchased a large wooded tract of coastal land in Ocean Springs. It was Annette’s firm intention that all three of her sons become artists, and her husband’s, that they learn to make a living from it. By 1924, a year after the family moved to Ocean Springs, Peter was experimenting with pottery, and in 1928, after training with Edmund deForest Curtis at the Conestoga Pottery (Wayne, Pennsylvania) and with Charles F. Binns at the School of Clay-Working and Ceramics at Alfred, New York, the Andersons opened a family business, Shearwater Pottery, which is still in operation in Ocean Springs.

  3. This is going to make some changes we can believe in !
    He told the agent “If you touch my junk I will have you arrested”
    He then became harrassed. Read it here:

  4. See this ? Some of these are on my digs list. They get a pass ? Why ? This is discrimination and special favors. Will show the ones I have found before when doing reading…Amazing !


    Key people Clarence Otis, Jr., Chairman and CEO
    Andrew H. “Drew” Madsen COO, President
    Valerie K. “Val” Collins Corporate Controller/SVP
    Brad Richmond CFO/SVP
    Revenue US$7.22 Billion (FY 2009)[1]
    Operating income US$620 Million (FY 2009)[1]
    Net income US$372 Million (FY 2009)[1]
    Total assets US$5.03 Billion (FY 2009)[2]
    Total equity US$1.61 Billion (FY 2009)[2]
    Employees 180,000+ (2010)[3]

  6. OTIS
    Joe R. Lee, 63, who currently serves as Darden’s Chairman and CEO, will
    step down as CEO in December 2004. To enable the company to benefit from his
    years of experience and to assure a smooth and effective transition to the new
    leadership, Lee will remain as Chairman of the Board until his planned
    retirement in December 2005.

    Effective December 2004:

    – Clarence Otis, Jr., 48, who has been with the company nine years and
    currently serves as President of its Smokey Bones business unit, will
    become Darden’s Chief Executive Officer, and upon Lee’s retirement in
    2005, is expected to become Chairman.
    – Andrew H. (Drew) Madsen, 48, who has been with the company and its
    former parent company, General Mills, a total of 18 years and currently
    serves as President of Olive Garden, will become Darden’s President and
    Chief Operating Officer.

    • Public (NASDAQ: CBRL)
      Industry Restaurants
      Founded September 19, 1969
      Headquarters Lebanon, Tennessee, U.S.
      Number of locations 594
      Area served United States
      Key people Michael A. Woodhouse (CEO)
      Forrest Shoaf (CFO)
      Revenue US$ $2.367 Billion (2009)
      Operating income US $142.24 Million (2009)


      Take your x ray experiment toys and your porno garbage and go blow… We will see how this works out for the freaks….
      When did people in power become so stupid and perverted ? Could it be our leadership has rotted ? Global rot ? Thanks anyway. I refuse to fry fly anyone I know.
      I tried to protect you someone would say in a crisis….yeah right…looks like that doesn’t it ?
      SET UP
      Just like Glen Beck says….
      Want the airlines and a crisis ? 2 birds with one stone ?
      Does not take a rocket scientist to figure it all out. We see. We ALL see.

      Fry Fly the unfriendly skies of corruption, porn, weird and greed ?
      No thanks.
      We opt out…of all of this.
      This IS a freak show..stupidity at it’s finest.
      Skin cancer will be the least of the problems. Least.

      FRY FLY or the option number 2 is FREE FEEL for FREAKS.

      SET UP

  7. Renee | November 27, 2010 at 11:57 am | Reply

    Renee | November 27, 2010 at 12:01 pm | Reply
    h/t Leza. Everyone needs to take a look. More at the link above but here is the basic information. Our waters are now dead zones to grow alge…?

    Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Dead Zone: The Algae Biofuels and Carbon Exchange Agenda
    I feel kind of silly for not seeing this as it was right in front of me for son long but the pieces fit together oh so nicely for the disaster capitalists, the green tax pushers, the CCX agenda of the gaia and sun worshippers, the profiteer minions and misled new age hippies surrounding them. I was going to append this to the Exploiting Gulf Gusher to pass Cap-and-Trade won’t Clean-up Oil Leak as topic they are integrally related and intertwined but this deserves it’s own thread. Much credit to both the researchers involved in compiling this dot connector of an article. It make the undeniable conclusion what this Death Zone oil spill is all about. Why we are kept secret and reveal the agenda we couldn’t quite put our finger on.

    This was a challenge in terms of formatting. There were a lot of redirected links (some redundant) and I had to read through a lot of material (I like to read what I post) otherwise I would have posted it sooner.

    The companies involved included in this compilation include:
    Al Gore, George Soros, Barack Obama (Barry Sortero), USDA, the DoE ,Total S.A., Maurice Strong, NASA, Coskata, East Angila University, The IPCC, Nalco, ExxonMobil, Bill Clinton, OriginOil, Ford, Shell, Richard Branson, Valero, Honeywell, SAIC, Cargill, The Carlyle Group, Constellation Energy, US Sugar, Blackstone Group, Vanguard (Windsor II) Investment Group, The Everglades Foundation, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, GE and, of course, BP.

    Startling Reveletions. More going on in The Gulf Of Mexico Than An Oil Spill!
    Sunday, June 20th 2010 at 8:39pm by JoAnneMor

    ~~~The team is at it again!~~~

    In the course of our investigation into the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we have uncovered some startling information.

    What I am about to tell you will knock you out of your seats.

    There is a lot more going on in the Gulf of Mexico than the oils spill.

    This administration and many other entities like BP, Citi, Nalco, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, University of Chicago, holding companies along with Dept of Defense, Billionaires and Politicians are all vested in biofuels.

    What is going on in the Gulf is directly related to this new industry.

    There is an Algae these companies are interested in.

    From the mouth of the Mississippi river, all along the Gulf coast and spreading down to the Everglades is prime area for growing this Algae. Crist is aware of this. He’s funding it.There is a couple of other prime spots too. Chesapeake is one area and the Great Lakes is another. (Funny, we already had a Great Lakes Czar and a Chesapeake Czar.) (Now we have a Gulf Czar too!)

    As you know, the oil continues to flow in the Gulf.

    It looks incompetent when assessing the response to the crisis. It is not incompetence. It is intentional and willfull destruction.

    They are spraying dispersants that are toxic to sea life. The dispersants hold the oil below the surface. Ask yourselves why you would want that. Wouldn’t it be easier to vacuum the oil if it were floating?

    They are not letting foreign tankers in to help. Even the few barges Jindal got his hands on were stalled, citing they need to be inspected to see if they carried enough life vests. They did.

    They even pass the buck as to who is in charge. BP says they were in charge. O says he’s in charge. The Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen says he’s in charge. They run us in circles to divert the real questions.

    If you have noticed, most of their news conferences have very little to do with action response, instead focusing on claims processing.

    This is not incompetence. It is an intentional strategy. They don’t want to clean it up or even try to contain it.

    What they are doing is in three steps.

    First get rid of oil industry in Gulf.

    Then turn Gulf into a dead zone. A dead zone is free of life or ability to sustain it. The oil, dispersants and fertilizers deplete oxygen. It kills animals and fish, also turning their remains into fertilizer.

    Finally, use Gulf as a giant Algae farm. Algae grows on water surface, getting oxygen from air, not water. Fertilizers like Urea supply much needed nitrogen. The Mississippi and the other rivers that empty into Gulf also pick up fertilizers from the many farms along the way. This feeds the Algae at the mouths of these rivers.

    The oil in the water won’t hurt the Algae. It will only promote it’s growth and burn factor.

    Algae costs about $2. a Barrel to refine. This is potentially very profitable.

    The down side is , there isn’t enough Algae to sustain the demand. It takes a lot of Algae to produce a single barrel. That means they need a huge place to grow and multiply the supply of this Algae. Right now they don’t have this enormous Algae farm location. They have the desire, the technology, the investments and companies all set up.They have even taken the steps to map out the plan.

    That plan involves projects in the Great Lakes., Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

    This oil spill whether sabotage, negligence, accident or design is the perfect way to eliminate fossil fuels such as oil and to advance his biofuel agenda..

    They will sacrifice the Gulf and all who live in or around it for this multi Trillion Dollar industry.

    This also ties in with Carbon capture and exchange. You all know about the Chicago Carbon Exchange, Cap & Trade and even O’s support of Kyoto, so I won’t bore you with history.

    For those who don’t know details on those Bills and international climate agreements, please refer to back posts of mine, or those of others who have researched and posted.

    There is a proposal to store Carbon that has been captured by industries, in the Gulf. The Carbon will enhance the Algae growth while making a fortune for companies like O’s Chicago Carbon Exchange.

    All the usual players as well as a few new ones are involved. There is everything from lies deceit, government stealth,to insider trading and intentional destruction going on.

    My friend and research teammate has compiled a short summary. Please read this, then I will pick it up from there.

    Via: Spongedocks:

    Step by Step Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico
    The lawsuit lists potential damage claims of about $2.5 billion to the Gulf fishing industry; $3 billion to tourism; $700 million in remediation efforts so far; $6 million a day in continuing costs and “incalculable damages to BP’s reputation.”

    We have all heard it said, carbon is a bad thing for our environment. Where did all begin? Junk Science, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, Van Jones. Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Vivek Kundra, Carl Pope, need we go on?…y-5581.htm

    So what is the motivation of eliminating Carbon? MONEY!! Consider for a moment how wealthy these people and countless others are getting by promoting this carbon offset science and forcing alternative biomass science and technology. Frankly, determining the wealth of these people is an angry task. Yet, how do these people profit from this forced change from oil to bio-fuels? Stimulus money, see ‘Bombshell Expose’, insider trading, government legislation, corporate shakedowns.

    Let’s examine some events and people:

    Okay lets chat a moment about what happened. What the well explosion due to human error, was it on purpose by a human, was it the work of military for hire groups like Xe, Blackwater, DynCorp or Triple Canopy? We will never really know. Since SAIC has full control, they know the answer, but in the end, does it matter? The well exploded. Now the question is why? Destroy big oil and American business and jobs. What will takes it place? Ah hah, glad you asked, algae. Who is behind this? Crime, Inc. which by the way is much bigger than Beck is able to report and for that matter than we can report, but we are gonna try.

    British Petroleum, one of the world’s largest oil producers. BP has had the most safety violations but why is that?

    Enter MMS, Minerals Management Service.
    MMS is an Agency of the Department of the Interior. MMS gave many waivers to BP for this DeepWater Horizon rig, not to mention a safety award.

    Why did MMS give waivers to BP?…318-1.html

    Enter SAIC.

    Ok, who was head of SAIC while this agenda was being drafted and put into action? Robert Gates, you know they guy that is now the Secretary of Defense. But what qualifies Gates for this job? Hummm, good question. but why is he really on the payroll? Gates has a resume that includes: Head of SAIC,Council of Foreign Relations and he served of the Board of Parker Drilling, an American offshore rig owner with HQ in Houston. Now Parker Drilling has 75 international land rigs, 15 deep gas land rigs, 34 barge rigs, 7 platform rigs, 7 offshore jack-up rigs. Parker is also a specialist in deep well, arctic and geo-thermal drilling. Gates too was the Deputy director of the CIA.

    Who are members of SAIC?

    Is there corruption at SAIC?…03415.html Thanks for asking!

    Here are some other attached facts:
    * MMS gave a $5.5 million contract to SAIC to conduct a 5 year study of the Gulf Loop Current.
    * SAIC awarded a $21.0 million blanket purchase agreement for Biomass Engineering coming from the Department of Energy and Golden Field Office. This was done to support the Office of Energy, Efficiency and Renewable Energies Biomass program.
    * SAIC handles all technology for BP and that includes security logs and surveillance data. Ever wonder about video via closed circuit on offshore rigs?
    * SAIC has had contracts with BP going back as far as 2002 to include a $750 million contract for Global IT services. SAIC is an employee owned company with $6.1 Billion in revenue and has offices in 150 cities around the globe. The revenue comes from
    * National Security
    * Homeland Defense
    * Energy
    * Environment
    * Telecommunications
    * Healthcare
    * Transportation
    So if not oil then what do we put into our gas tanks? Algae!!…a.fuel.cnn

    Even more Federal action on this. Obama has awarded $80.0 in research grants for algae and bio-mass fuels. The Pentagon has mandated that the Air Force be 50/50 in use of fossil fuels and bio-fuel by 2012.

    If Cap and Trade or any new name they attached to this ‘junk’ legislation and life altering bill does not pass, understand, it really doesn’t matter except it would be cheaper for taxpayers in the end to pass this bill. What??? You Ask? Well, understand, Obama is having to look like a fool spending TARP and Stimulus money to back-door the bio-fuel, algae, urea agenda. He would look better if he did not have to spend this money but rather force Cap and Trade to generate tax revenue. Either way, taxpayers and just violated and scammed in the end.

    Contract With BP Has Clause To Limit Anadarko Liability-Source
    By Isabel Ordonez, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES

    HOUSTON -(Dow Jones)- BP PLC’s (BP) contract to operate the leaking Macondo well contains a clause that could limit the liability of minority partner Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC), a person familiar with the agreement said.The contract, the person said, is similar to others used in offshore drilling in which the operator assumes the cost of mistakes in case of gross negligence, the person said.Anadarko, which owns 25% of the well, has seen its shares hit hard in recent weeks as investors brace for the possibility that the Houston-based company could be on the hook for a proportional share of the costs resulting from the leak–an amount that could reach tens of billions of dollars. The confirmation that the joint operating agreement with BP contains a gross negligence clause could substantially reduce the company’s potential liability andthatoffellow minority partner Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (8031.TO).BP could be liable for 100% of damages if gross negligence is proven, said Jacqueline Weaver, who teaches energy law at the University of Houston Law Center. U.S. lawmakers said this week that BP made decisions that increased the risk of a blow-out at the well to save the company time or expense. BP didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.The uncertainty about Anadarko’s liability underscores the unprecedented nature of the crisis that began in April, when a Transocean Ltd. (RIG) drilling for BP in the U.S. Gulf exploded and sank, unleashing the largest offshore spill the country has ever seen. BP so far has spent more than $1.6 billion dollars in cleaning up the spill, and its ultimate liability could be much higher. On Wednesday, the company agreed to establish a $20 billion escrow account to pay for damages.

    Anadarko said Wednesday it had been invoiced by BP for its share of clean-up costs, although it didn’t disclose the amount.Analysts with investment bank UBS estimate that the total cost of the operation could reach between $20 billion and $50 billion, a figure based on what Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) paid for the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill. But the analysts said that if Anadarko ends up paying a quarter of that cost, it could survive.

    If Anadarko’s liability comes in at the low end of the range, or $5 billion, the company could “easily” afford it, UBS analyst William Featherston said. Anadarko currently has $3.7 billion in cash and an unused credit capacity of $ 1.3 billion. Additionally, it has assets that are not producing cash in the onshore U.S. and offshore Africa with an estimated value of $14 billion.If the price tag is larger than that, Anadarko would have to issue equity and sell a large percentage of its international and U.S. Gulf of Mexico nonproducing discoveries. But even if it had to pay $12.5 billion, the company will be able to bear the financial burden, Featherston said.

    Investors have been bracing for a worse outcome than what analysts have imagined. Anadarko’s shares have tumbled 40% since April 20, the day the rig exploded. The decline sharpened last week–Anadarko was down 19% on Wednesday alone–in a move that Barclays Capital analysts said was “disproportionate” to the highest amount of money Anadarko could be liable for. The stock was trading Wednesday afternoon at $42.70, down 4.5% from the previous session. BP has said it won’t be limited by the $75 million cap on oil spill economic damages established under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and that it won’t seek reimbursement from a federal trust fund. But Anadarko has refrained from openly joining BP in that stance: Spokesman John Christiansen said in an emailed statement that the company will do what is “right” and that questions regarding itsliabilitywillbe answered “at the appropriate time.”

    Now lets visit some of Obama’s Czars:

    Vivek Kundra, is he a phony?…ra-a-phony

    Steve Chu, this is the guy who wants all homes to have white roofs…roofs.html

    How about John Holdren who wants to fertilize the oceans?…hn-holdren

    Ok what else?

    DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency They testing for production of refined algae into jet fuel. DARPA expects to produce 50 million gallons by 2011. So who tells and pays DARPA? Yep you guessed it, SAIC and General Atomics.

    Lets go back to the Gulf of Mexico. MMS is responsible for the offshore drilling leases in ALL Federal waters. Under that 2009 contract to SAIC to study the loop current, it seems knowledge is only good to 3000′. Beyond 3000′ there are highly significant larger stresses put on drilling platforms, anchoring systems and risers. Below 10,000′ the pipe must be flexible because of variations in the strength and direction of the currents and the pipes are quite likely to break. Because engineers topside cannot see or predict currents but they often feel them, they must shut down the rigs until conditions become safer. Technology yet has not reached the depths and associated currents to measure the whole risk. Currently, all conditions are measured by SAIC through satellite remote sensing but only to 3000′.

    Now lets look at Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative:…ments.html Also check this link:…e-jet-fuel Let us NOT forget, this is all capitalism at it’s best when it comes to corporations providing goods and services and jobs especially to the Federal govt. @spongedocks
    Now I will add to it. Please bear with me on all the links. I will outline each to save time. Links are to source and reference so you can all see where we got the info.

    BP Ponies Up $10M For Algae Biofuels

    BP is ponying up $10 million for a partnership with Martek Biosciences to study the use of algae to convert sugar into biodiesel. BP isn’t the only oil major — or government agency — to show an interest in the prospect of commercially viable algal-based fuels. Just last month ExxonMobil committed $600 million in a partnership with Synthetic Genomics to develop next-generation biofuels from algae.

    The investment numbers are small compared to the oil giant’s overall capital expenditure budget. BP invested $1.4 billion in alternative energy in 2008…rtek-deal/

    Exxon’s algae

    Exxon, the west’s biggest oil company, has launched a new research programme into producing biofuels from algae, in a break from its general antipathy towards alternative energy.

    CEO envisions a Gulf Coast algae boom
    When Paul Woods looks at the Texas Gulf Coast, with its heavy industry, large tracts of flat land and muddy salt water, he thinks two words: algae farms.…090810.htm

    Entrepreneurs Wade Into the ‘Dead Zone’
    Ambitious Bid to Turn Algae Into Biofuel Taps Mother Nature

    Every spring, fertilizer runoff from the U.S. Mississippi River floods into the Gulf of Mexico, causing a massive algae bloom that leads to a giant oxygen-deprived “dead zone” where fish can’t survive.

    Now, this annual problem is getting new attention, not from marine scientists but from entrepreneurs looking for a new domestic source of fuel. And one start-up sees fish themselves being part of the process.

    The algae blooms are spawned each year as the farmland runoff from as far away as Montana flows into rivers, eventually reaching the Mississippi and flowing into Louisiana bayous and out into the Gulf of Mexico. These nutrients are a buffet for the floating algae, or phytoplankton, which are simple sea organisms that eat and reproduce quickly. This algae bloom eventually sinks and feeds an array for bacteria, which suck up so much oxygen that fish and plants either move away or perish.

    These so-called hypoxic areas exist around the world, and there were as many as 200 in North America in the spring, says Robert J. Diaz, a professor of marine science at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is the second largest in the world, after one in the Baltic Sea.

    • PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A defense attorney and friends suspect that a teenager accused of plotting mass killings in Portland was set up – groomed and talked into a plot to detonate what he thought were six 55-gallon drums of explosives in a van.

      But prosecutors led by Attorney General Eric Holder say Mohamed Osman Mohamud plunged into a what turned out to be government sting, dismissing talk of backing out and also exhulting in the mayhem he expected as Portlanders gathered by the thousands last week for a Christmas tree-lighting celebration.

      Mohamud “was told that children – children – were potentially going to be harmed,” Holder said Monday as the 19-year-old native of Somalia appeared in court and his defenders attacked the government’s case.

      Outside the courtroom, a man who has played basketball with Mohamud said the teenager wouldn’t have gotten involved in the plot without encouragement from the FBI.

      (AP) This courtroom artist’s sketch shows terror suspect Mohamed Osman Mohamud, right, and chief deputy…
      Full Image

      “If you talk with someone enough, they’ll be convinced they need to do something,” said 20-year-old Muhahid El-Naser. He was among a small number of people gathered outside a federal court building about a five-block walk from what the government alleges was the target of the bomb plot last week, Pioneer Courthouse Square.

      Inside the courthouse, public defender Stephen Sady was advancing similar arguments as he entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Mohamud.

      Public defender Stephen Sady focused on the FBI’s failed attempt to record a first conversation between Mohamud and an FBI undercover operative.

      “In the cases involving potential entrapment, it’s the initial meeting that matters,” Sady said as he asked a judge to order the government to preserve recording equipment that was involved so that defense experts could examine it. Judge John Acosta did so.

      In Washington, Holder defended the FBI sting, saying that once the undercover operation began, Mohamud “chose at every step to continue” with the plot.

      (AP) Federal public defender Steven T. Wax speaks to reporters following an appearance in federal court…
      Full Image

      Prosecutors say that agents let the plot string out to its end, with Mohamud feverishly dialing a cell phone number he thought would touch off the bomb, so that they could gather enough evidence to support the single charge he faces, attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

    • Evidence outlined in a Pentagon contractor report suggests that financial subversion carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, contributed to the 2008 economic crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system.

      The unclassified 2009 report “Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses” by financial analyst Kevin D. Freeman, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, states that “a three-phased attack was planned and is in the process against the United States economy.”

      While economic analysts and a final report from the federal government’s Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission blame the crash on such economic factors as high-risk mortgage lending practices and poor federal regulation and supervision, the Pentagon contractor adds a new element: “outside forces,” a factor the commission did not examine.

      “There is sufficient justification to question whether outside forces triggered, capitalized upon or magnified the economic difficulties of 2008,” the report says, explaining that those domestic economic factors would have caused a “normal downturn” but not the “near collapse” of the global economic system that took place.

      Suspects include financial enemies in Middle Eastern states, Islamic terrorists, hostile members of the Chinese military, or government and organized crime groups in Russia, Venezuela or Iran. Chinese military officials publicly have suggested using economic warfare against the U.S.

    • Photo: Unidentified relatives of the minorities minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, look at the car in which he was killed in Islamabad on Wednesday. NY Times

      “Shahbaz Bhatti, the minister of minorities and Pakistan’s only Christian cabinet member, was shot eight times by gunmen who ambushed him as he stepped into his car, police officials said. A pamphlet written by a group of Taliban [Obama’s would-be peace partners — but no matter how much he grovels and accedes key negotiating points, they mock and taunt our national-embarassment-in-chief] from the province of Punjab was found near the scene in a middle-class residential neighborhood, the officials said.”

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