What Ed Morrissey Gets Wrong When Attacking “Birthers”

By Itooktheredpill

Over at HotAir.com, Ed Morrissey posted the following at 1:00 pm on February 6, 2010 :

Farah claimed that the Tea Party movement was partially fueled on the notion that Barack Obama isn’t really a native-born citizen of the US. … Breitbart responded, “When has a president ever been asked to prove his citizenship?” But in fact, Obama did do just that when he released the Certification of Live Birth in June 2008, in response to an entirely different question. That may have been the first time a Presidential candidate has ever done so, and the COLB is a document that could get Obama a passport, a driver’s license, and a Social Security number. It’s all the legal proof required. If that wasn’t enough, Obama’s political opponents found contemporaneous records of his birth in the Honolulu Advertiser from August 1961.

Let’s break that down sentence by sentence and show where Ed Morrissey, who is very talented and usually nails things spot-on, this time gets several things wrong…

Farah claimed that the Tea Party movement was partially fueled on the notion that Barack Obama isn’t really a native-born citizen of the US.

Ed confuses “native-born citizen” for “nautral born citizen”. He assumes the terms are synonymous, but they are not. “Native-born” refers only to location of birth. “Natural born” refers to Natural law, and incorporates not only location of birth but also citizenship of parents. See: “born in the country, of parents who are citizens”

Ed Morrissey continues:

… Breitbart responded, “When has a president ever been asked to prove his citizenship?”

Firstly, anyone sworn to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” has a sworn duty to support and defend the enforcement of the Presidential eligibility requirements found in Article II Section 1, as well as the clear mandate found in the 20th Amendment that qualification of the President and Vice-President must be performed:

…if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified…

How would it be possible to determine that the President had failed to qualify, unless the President was first forced to prove he qualified? The language is clear: “a President shall have qualified“.

Secondly, the rule of law requires compliance with not only the Constitution but also the Immigration Reform and Control Act that was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986. That law requires that:

All employees, citizens and noncitizens, hired after November 6, 1986 and working in the United States must complete a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.

Obama is not exempt from that law, and he is not above that law.

Ed Morrissey continues:

But in fact, Obama did do just that when he released the Certification of Live Birth in June 2008, in response to an entirely different question.

Wrong. Obama did not “release” his Certification of Live Birth. Obama did not authorize the State of Hawaii to release a certified copy of his Certification of Live Birth. What did Obama release in June 2008? A JPG file on a web site. If you were starting a new job, would you be able to use a URL to a JPG as a “Document that establishes Employment Authorization”?


You could not ask your employer or the government to just look at a URL in their web browser. You would be required to present an “Original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a State, county, municipal authority, or territory of the United States bearing an official seal.”

When the release of the JPG didn’t stop the “Birthers”, Obama produced a hardcopy of the COLB at his campaign headquarters in Chicago… but only allowed a very small hand-picked audience to examine it. Not a single person in that audience was someone from Congress.

Members of Congress examined official certificates, sent under seal from the Secretary of State of each of the 50 states, of the electoral college vote. Yet those members of Congress never examined an official certificate, sent under seal from the State of Hawaii, to certify the birth of Barack Obama, (or sent under seal from the State of Pennsylvania to certifiy the birth of Joe Biden).

Instead, we were once again asked to go to a URL (Annenberg Political Fact Check) and look at JPG pictures of this supposedly genuine document. Something that would never be accepted as proof of eligibility to work at McDonalds is somehow accepted by Ed Morrissey as proof of eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States.

Ed Morrissey continues:

That may have been the first time a Presidential candidate has ever done so,

No, John McCain did so as well.

and the COLB is a document that could get Obama a passport, a driver’s license, and a Social Security number. It’s all the legal proof required.

An original or ceritified hard copy, bearing an official seal, is all the legal proof required. But that is not what Obama has presented to Congress or the public. To the public, he has presented JPG files, NOT “a document”. There is no reason that we should be asked to just accept the word of Obama, his campaign, or Annenberg Political Fact Check, which has been proven to have gotten the facts wrong on multiple occasions. (Leo Donofrio forced them to issue corrections no less than twice)

Ed Morrissey continues:

If that wasn’t enough, Obama’s political opponents found contemporaneous records of his birth in the Honolulu Advertiser from August 1961.

A newspaper birth announcement is not an acceptable document for an I-9 form. It has no legal weight. Multiple people have given their own personal testimonies of how newspaper birth announcements reported their birth as being in a certain state, when in fact they had been born elsewhere.

I’m not saying Obama was not born in Hawaii. What I am saying is that he has not provided certified documents to Congress and the general public to prove that the “birth narrative” he has told is authentic.

And I am saying that whether Obama’s “birth narrative” is authentic or not, he fails to qualify to hold the office of President!


Because if he has been untruthful about any detail of his “birth narrative”, then he is guilty of fraud, at a very minimum.

And if Obama’s “birth narrative” is exactly as it has been told, then he was born a subject of another country, due to the foreign subjecthood of his father, and he does not qualify as a “Natural born Citizen” of the United States.

It is difficult to understand how Ed Morrissey could think that this is not important. He generally supports and defends the Constitution and the rule of law, but not in this case. In this case, he seems content to trust JPG files posted by the Obama campaign, Fact Check, and newspaper announcements… none of which would satisfy even an I-9 form.

By ITookTheRedPill

82 responses to “What Ed Morrissey Gets Wrong When Attacking “Birthers”

  1. It is exhausting, this argument and debate.

    At this point, it is just plain ignorance or deliberate compliance to defend this creep’s eligibility. It is required by the Constitution that a POTUS have two American parents. The BC is moot.

    The guy was ineligible to even run for office or be given the Peoples’ money to finance his campaign in the first place.

    Chief Justice Roberts broke his sworn Oath. That is the most frightening thing to me.

    We are entitled to peruse a President’s c.v. and question his resume without being denigrated as “birthers”. It is our right.

    Barry is not 100 percent American regardless of where he was born. We don’t need a BC to prove that.

    Barry is a born liar, that we also know. He has impeached himself time and time again.

    What do they label people who don’t care about the BC and yet demand to see his bona fides?

    John Roberts had no right whatsoever to set precedent and give a green light to anyone born on US soil with one American parent to be sworn in to the Office of President of the United States.

    The creep even has people convinced his heritage is African American. He’s an impostor from the get-go.

    If the winds shift ugly, I will stand with the Muslims. Really? Well, we can see that, too.

  2. Why is the press supressing the information concerning all the law suits and the millions of dollars being spent by the First African American POTUS in order to avoid deposition and discovery?

    What do you call a journalist that hides this and refuses to report the hidden agenda of the Oval Office?

    Has civil commotion and bloodshed been discussed and debated as an outcome if the Truth were to unfold?

    • Who do you think started the idea about riots and bloodshed..to scare anyone thinking of “outing” him? It would be interesting to find the original commentators or news articles that started that and what was going on at the time. Was it right at election time or after?

      • Bridgette, I remember the talk of civil unrest during the primaries. In fact, it was the candidate who begged people to get in “their faces”, at work, in the neighborhood and in church. In June 2008 in Philadelphia he stated to the effect, if they bring knives, we’ll bring guns. He even told Ed Rendell, to shut up and just bring the check. The New Black Panthers made it clear at the polling place during the General by bringing their billy clubs.

        The threat of bloodshed was delivered by the man, himself.

        Think for a second, what would be the climate in your city immediately if Barky was proven a fraud? We already know that the Chief Justice succumbed to something as Barky was sworn in as POTUS even though he he’s not a full blooded American, which is caucasion, incidentally.

        The man has written in stone that he sought to associate with revolutionists.
        His buddy Bill Ayres was just delivered into Egypt by Senator Kerry. This in itself deserves a full and thorough investigation. Americans are arrested for crossing an inch into foreign countries, yet these thugs had a contingency of violent peacemakers interfering in foreign affairs with the blessings of a former Predidential Candidate.

        Many of us, even though we are scared, will tumble into the streets.

        What’s up with all these Executive Orders of late? What is the purpose for the amendments that are being signed without mention?

        What’s up with this new Board of Governors being named as Federal agents? What’s the mission? Where is the report of this new Body? Why are the talking heads silent?

        The guy is subversive in plain sight. People don’t want to be run down by Federal agents as they cross the street.

        The promise of injury is well understood, though unspoken.

        This is what I believe.

        Why is it not reported that the Oval Office is up to its big ears and flapping purple lips with law suits spending millions of dollars to avoid deposition and discovery as respects his origins? What is it he is hiding? Why is he hiding it?

        Why was it overlooked that as a Senator he conferred with foreign governments and even particpated in a foreign election?

        So many Why’s. People are scared of being stalked and maimed if they even report an issue.

        Joe the Plumber was an example of the trouble you could expect if you even expressed a thought.

        Why was the AFP in Hardin with an empty prison ignored? Why did the BMWs with the logos suddenly disappear.

        Yep, people as individuals are scared to death. Philadelphia would be a war zone in a NY minute if a newscaster uttered a word about the ongoing and secret lawsuits.

        He’s terrifying.

        • I remember him saying to get in their faces, but the talk of riots and bloodshed in the streets came at a different time. Perhaps when Berg’s lawsuit was getting attention, then Leo’s, and before the electoral votes were counted. They (Left) were screaming about it being a historical win, so if the electoral votes came up short, there would be riots. The chatter came again about the time Cheney was to verify the votes too. It seemed to happen in waves. Remember fear hit the blogs too way early.

          I have the same questions you do and it all comes down to Why?

          • Here’s one mention of riots pre election

            October 23, 2008

            Law enforcement are gearing up for riots, something a whole lot of us have been aware of for some time. Why? Because a mulatto might be elected (via vote fraud) and if he isn’t, violence is possible”…in cities with large black populations.” In other words, if one particular race of voters don’t get their choice, they might burn their own neighborhoods, or yours, to the ground.


  3. We don’t have to prove he was born elsewhere, he has to prove he was born in the US.

    And what few are failing to mention is that if we do ever get a look at his real bc, and the vitals were not good enough for the state of hawaii to register them with the sec of state, THEN he Has Not Proved He Was Born In The US.

  4. And I wonder why the filed vs accepted hasn’t already been used in a lawsuit.

    If the info wasn’t good enough to convince the doh to send it to the state registrar to be accepted, then how can it be good enough to be potus?

    And, according to the statutes of the state of hawaii, there is definitely a difference between filed and accepted.

  5. Document Acquisitions Require $700 in additional donations.

    (Feb. 6, 2010) — The Post & Email is seeking your help to assist us to acquire hundreds of pages of documentation which can be used to expose Obama’s British connections and to force the release of his vital records. The first investigator will provide us information which we can report in toto.


  6. Hypothetical Question:

    Had a threesome of white sheet-clad individuals stood outside a West Philly polling place
    weilding whips, what would be Attorney GeneralHolder’s stance be on their charges?

    Okay, I’ll wait for a hypothetical answer.

  7. A blogger said that “Ed is employed by Michelle Malkin, who is employed by Fox, who was told they would be annihilated if they reported on this issue. I am confident that this is why Ed – who is normally so right on – is saying what he is.”

    • Bridgette, It looks like this Ed guy keeps talking but is very confused, thus a big part of the confusion and problem. Can someone send him some actual facts, or does he not want to know them ? Someone send him some facts before he talks about this anymore. He seems very off point and mistaken alot here. I have not followed him much I guess. I will start listening to him better now. If he is indeed paid by FOX, that may be the answer. I wonder how long he has worked for Malikin thus FOX, if this is correct info. Interesting to think about. Redpill mentions his past accuracy so…..hummmm…It does not really make sense. I am now confused too !

  8. Birthers are Constitutionalists…don’t let them marginalize those that want concrete documentation. That is their plan and it is proven by Andrew and Ed. They are marginalizing themselves, and they are bloggers for heaven’s sake. If they would do a little research they might have a lightbulb go on…and it might not be made by GE! Every time you see birther …call them out! What fool believes a document put on the internet is real?

  9. OT but ohhhhhh ! Who dat ? Looks like dat be da Saints ! Yeah baybee ! Superbowl 2010 !
    Those poor people in NO have been through so much ! They need this and deserve this !

    Goooooooo Saints !!!!!!

    Parrrteeee Time ! The streets of NO will flow tonight with Beer, and very happy people !
    New Orleans we love you !

  10. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Brilliant and spot on Papoose (@ 10:17)

  11. Hi Rosemary ! So good to see you ! Have you found any addl info on the post@10:17 ? It is quite interesting isn’t it ?

    His buddy Bill Ayres was just delivered into Egypt by Senator Kerry. This in itself deserves a full and thorough investigation. Americans are arrested for crossing an inch into foreign countries, yet these thugs had a contingency of violent peacemakers interfering in foreign affairs with the blessings of a former Predidential Candidate.

  12. Great post, Red Pill!

    Ed said that the COLB would be good enough to get “Obama a passport, a driver’s license, and a Social Security number.”

    This meme has driven me crazy since the inception of this controversy, especially the FactCheck blog story, which used the same passport argument.

    None of those agencies would accept a digital image on a blog as proof of anything.

    But even if someone has a passport, driver’s license, and SS#, that still doesn’t mean that person is a natural born citizen of the USA.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger no doubt has a US passport, driver’s license, and SS#. Ditto for any other immigrant who came here legally and was naturalized.

    But those documents don’t and NEVER could prove that Schwarzenegger is a natural born citizen, because he’s not.

    They don’t mis-speak when they interchange “native born” with “natural born.” Or when they talk about passports, driver’s licenses, and social security numbers.

    This is a deliberate campaign to obfuscate, confuse, misdirect. WHY?

    That’s the question that must be answered.

    • They know the difference between a natural born citizen and a native born citizen.

      They’re just acting stupid to spread stupidity because they think we’re stupid anyway, stupid enough to not know the difference between a natural born citizen and native born citizen whose parents could hypothetically be Nikita Khrushchev and Evita Peron.

  13. I have a lot of respect for Ed, he’s just been fooled into believing all of the following:

    Being a native-born citizen of the United States is sufficient to satisfy the “natural born Citizen” Constitutional qualification to hold the office of President and Commander-in-Chief.

    Barack Obama has released an official Certification of Live Birth from the State of Hawaii.

    Contemporaneous announcements in two Hawaiian newspapers confirm beyond any doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii.

    When, in fact, each of those statements is FALSE.

    The truth is that “Natural born Citizen” is a subset of “native-born Citizen”, and requires both parents to be U.S. Citizens.

    The truth is that Obama has never released a single document directly from the State of Hawaii.

    The truth is that newspaper birth announcements merely reflect that Obama’s birth was reported to those newspapers, and does not prove birth location nor who reported his birth.

    • But WHY does he believe these falsehoods?

      Anyone with a brain KNOWS that a digital image on a partisan blog is NOT equal to releasing a birth certificate for examination and verification.

      • I believe that Ed does what he thinks is his best to support and defend the Constitition of the United States.

        I don’t know why he thinks “native-born citizen” = “natural born Citizen”.

        I don’t know why he thinks it’s not a big deal that Obama’s campaign web site admitted that Obama was born a British subject. I don’t know why he seems to think that someone born a subject of another country can be considered a “natural born Citizen of the United States”, qualified to be POTUS and C-in-C, as long as they were born in the United States. This sets a precedent for “anchor babies”, born on U.S. soil to illegal immigrant parents, to become POTUS and C-in-C.

        As to the digital image, Ed appears to be trusting the hard copy COLB that was produced at and by the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago, even though this hard copy was only shown to a very small, very controlled audience from Annenberg Political Fact Check. Ed seems not to care that FactCheck had to publicly admit that Leo Donofrio had caught them, not once but twice, getting their “facts” wrong. Ed seems not to care that not a single member of Congress ever inspected this hard copy document. Ed seems not to care that those who have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States must support and defend not only the explicit qualifications to hold the office of President (found in Article 2 section 1) but also the requirement to “qualify” the President (found in the 20th Amendment). Members of Congress never “qualified” Obama. Instead, they “outsourced” that responsibility to an unelected, unaccountable, non-governmental group: Annenberg Political Fact Check.

        Ed appears to think that this is “not a winning issue”, when this is not about winning an election, it is about supporting and defending the Constiution and the Rule of Law.

        Again, this is not an elections (“Democracy”) issue, this is a Rule of Law (“Republic”) issue.

        Ed is stuck in a “Democratic” mindset, instead of his normal “Republican” mindset.

        That’s all I have to offer in terms of a speculative explanation of Ed’s behavior.

      • Miri, they are very afraid of getting run down by Federal Agents as they cross the street.

        They both know, they know fully well.

        Why don’t they just skip over the BC and demand the creep’s resume and transcripts? It’s more than a “birther” issue.

        Plus, if Barky gets ousted due to his ineligibility,
        they won’t have much to write about and will have to put away the blackboard and hidden cameras.

  14. This site is asking for a flood of calls to let Glenn Beck we know that he too is hiding the ineligibility


    And then enjoy this Lame Cherry rant about the ineligibility issue:


    Mr. Breitbart or Mr. Farah both do not comprehend as this blog has pointed out that the Birther issue is the escape clause not for the right, but the escape clause for the left. This issue they keep bringing up like saying they “don’t rape children” inflaming the issue, is the emergency valve they will pull when it comes to a time to dump Barack Hussein Obama.
    The Birther issue is like an NFL football kicker. He starts the game off which Birthers did after taking up the cause of Lawrence Sinclair in the pregame warm up which was the first thing that stopped Barack Obama.

    The kicker then is no that noticeable in the rest of the game, until it comes down to the last drive and the winning field goal is necessary. That is what the Birther issue will do. It will win it for both the right and the left as they just want to be rid of Obama as fast as possible.

    What neither Mr. Breitbart or Mr. Farah have even fathomed is all of this is coming full circle as this blog has been the exclusive lead on.
    How is that?

    read the rest!

    • DaveM, I find Lame’s take interesting above, and especially this part, which I find very correct. He is probably exactly on target on how this will probably happen. Someone’s magical quote will just spill out, at exactly the most useful moment for their own reasons and gain.
      He says in the above post;

      Why this matters is all Edwards has to do to a disgruntled Democratic electorate is just utter the phrase, “Barack Obama said on his website he was British but it expired. Never knew England expired as we fought a Revolution over it. So what is Obama British or what?”

      The public court of opinion is where Obama can not try this case and he is going to be wiped out by it with the appropriately timed comment from someone who wants the 2012 nomination as Democrats lose power.

      What do you think DaveM ?

    • I’m lovin’ that Lame Cherry piece.

  15. And here’s Orly on Russia Today, a worldwide
    syndicated English language broadcast,

    I can get it on my satellit box,

    Here’s Orly…….

    • Bwahahahahaaa…clean out your ears, if that’s your problem…or are you just a natural born liar, Missy.

      Oooooo, they are exhausting, these Obots.

  16. Dave
    I totally agree with you that they are keeping the birth issue to keep BHO in line…. When they have had enough of him everything will be “leaked”
    he is putting himself between a rock and a hard place as the democrates are already playing tug of war…….. The democrates have hold of one ear and the progessives have hold of the other !!!!!

    • AOne, I agree. Maybe O has a clue to this. Maybe he will get even and give out the information on his own. Then no one will benefit from his leaked background. Remember, he has more then a few dirty secrets he can use on the other players too. He is alot smarter then some people give him credit for.

      • My two cents: While many are angry with O’Reilly and I do not agree with all he says…last week while having the “birther” discussion with Beck, O’Reilly corrected Beck and said (paraphrase) “He has only presented a facsimile on the net, he needs to send me the original.”

      • Smarter in the sense of more crafty and more sly and more sneaky and more devious and more . . . well, you got the idea. 🙂

  17. Just got here and haven’t checked all threads, so if this is a repeat, sorry!

    Illinois Woman is Not an American!!!!


  18. Since this is our latest post for “Elections”, I will post this link here. As all of us here know, we must be busy LOCALLY, and then statewide, and preserve our rights, correct those laws that have been written that infringe on the rights our Loving God and our brave Founding Fathers gave to us. Evidently, that will be a far greater task than some of us may even realize; as noted by this latest story from North Carolina. I was not aware that due to “bad weather”, our right to carry a weapon is null and void and risk arrest/fine! We got to get busy folks, before there is no time left to save what rights we have now!!!

    Residents fumed over weekend Alcohol, Firearm Ban – King, NC


  19. Thanks everybody!
    Polls show a majority of Americans don’t thnk “Obama” is eligible to be President.
    Yet the democrats are suddenly talking about it.
    Imagine your disapointment if you were part of that creepy new world order secret society.
    Obama has been a total failure. The climate change plan is dead. The health care crisis is over.
    They have got to do something.
    The only other possibility is to let someone start a destructive war. Obama has done all he
    could get away with to let Iran develop the bomb and use it against America but one little country
    hasn’t played ball.

    I don’t know what the creepers will do. They could throw the final gamble on a war to destroy enough
    American cities to enable martial law, I’m
    guessing about five will do, or they could say
    Basto! and wait another hundred years. If they choose that Obama is toast.

    Here’s a “timely” warning from Debka about
    February the 11th:

    Tuesday, Feb. 9, Tehran followed through on its leaders’ promise to start home-processing of uranium up to 20 percent grade, in open defiance of a UN ban. Adding insult to injury, UN inspectors were invited to Natanz to witness the event, which was charged with echoes of the threat sounded by Iran’s spiritual ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the day before: “The Iranian nation with its unity and God’s grace will punch the arrogance [of Western powers] on the 22nd of Bahman (Feb. 11) in a way that will leave them stunned!”
    This declaration climaxed the series of “scientific and military” achievements to which president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad laid claim in the last ten days: The launching of a space capsule carrying a small zoo by the new Kavoshgar-3 carrier on Feb. 3; the inauguration of production lines for “advanced drones capable of precision bombing,” on Feb. 8; Iran’s attainment of the ability to enrich uranium up to 20 percent grade – all capped now with the spiritual ruler’s ominous remark.

    Some of the claims are dismissed by certain informed circles in the West as empty boasts, part of the extremist Islamist regime’s war of propaganda against the world or its campaign to still domestic fears of a US or Israeli attack.
    Yet debkafile’s military sources say certain points cannot be lightly dismissed:
    1. While some boasts are indeed unfounded – like the one that Iran has developed an interceptor against air and missile attack more advanced the S-300 system withheld by Russia – most of Tehran’s claims with regard to military, missile and nuclear advances have been borne out as resting on solid achievement.
    2. The fact that Khamenei issued his apparently wild threat in the presence of the commanders of the Iranian Air force – and just three days before its promised execution – indicates he must have something serious up his sleeve and is building up the drama.
    Foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki contributed to the heightened tension generated by the war-mongering from Damascus in the last ten days. He pledged that if Israel attacked Syria or any other Arabs, Iran would come to their aid.


    Is that a Punch or is it just “Punch and Judy” ?

    Who knows?

  20. Bush billboard “Do you miss me yet ?”
    Hahahhahaha ! No one knows who put it up !

  21. Off topic: But does anyone know how to email Beckwith at the Obama Files? I wanted to ask him a question about that so-called Barry in 3rd grade photo, which he discusses on his latest page. I wanted to specifically ask him about the hand-written caption at the bottom of the photo.

  22. Here’s a link to a previous discussion we had about this:


    What’s interesting is that Beckwith says he “created” this photo on his blog in 10/2009, before the newspaper story. But I’m reasonably certain that we discussed this very photo long before last October. Way back at TD blog. I’m sure we saw it, if not at Beckwith’s then somewhere else. What do you all remember?

  23. Thanks, AOne. My take on this is that it’s possible that he was in 3rd grade in that photo but he should have been in 5th grade. Maybe he was set back when he returned to Hawaii. He’s way bigger than that other kid. Why? There’s no explanation. Notice how the caption at the bottom was written, apparently, at two different times? Different ink. You have to look at the photo at beckwith’s:

    Why did the newspaper crop the caption off the photo and write in their own? Interesting. The photo originally said, “Scott” and that was printed. Later, someone added in script “and Barry 3rd grade 1969”. Very suspicious. Would be embarrassing for this genius to have been “left back” in grade school, even if it was only because of an inferior education in a third-world country or frequent moves by his mother. Maybe this is also why all the elementary records are “lost.” Not the genius he puts himself out to be?

  24. Redstate.com Bans Eligbility Question SNIPS

    (Feb. 13, 2010)

    Many Republicans are outraged, following the discussion ban of the eligibility question, imposed yesterday, by the Editor-in-Chief of Redstate.com, a leading Republican News Blog published from Washington, D.C

    Eric Erickson justified his action, in a post entitled, “Vigilance: I’m Banning Birfers, Truthers, and Groups Affiliated Therewith“, for the following reasons:

    But just who is Erickson, and why does he have such animus against the Eligibility question?

    It appears that Eric Erickson, the Editor-in-chief of Redstate.com is an attorney, who once practiced law in the same courthouse as the infamous Judge Clay D. Land, who sanctioned Attorney Orly Taitz for having the daring to plead the Eligibility question in the case of Captain Conne Rhodes’ deployment.

    Erickson himself admits that he was an attorney with Sell & Mellon, L.L.P, of Macon, Georgia. His former law firm proudly displays an image of the William Augustus Bootle Building, where Taitz appeared before Land.

    It is not known if the clients of Sell & Mellon are known political donors to the Democratic Party, but if any were, that might be a reason for Ericson’s animus.

    According to an anonymous source, The Post & Email has been informed that Judge Clay D. Land’s frequent drinking partner is none other than a local attorney who is notoriously anti-birther, one who is affiliated with the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is not known who this individual is, but it seems that Eric Erickson shares the same prejudices as the personal friends and aquaintances of Judge Land.

    Perhaps that is the real reason he has banned the Eligibility Question over at Redstate.com, he just cannot afford to lose an invite to any social gathering down in Macon, Georgia.

    Does that sound like an Republican to you? Certainly it is a far cry from the manliness exhibited by our founding fathers.


    • ” We should also remember it was the Clintonistas who started the birfer rumor and the most vocal truthers live in Hollywood and voted for Obama. That is not, however, an excuse for us to associate with the nuts.” ~ from Red State article

      Remember, it was the Clintonistas who started the rumor?

      No I don’t. Prove It.

      • What rumor? Another degrading label for Constitutionalists…..birfers and nuts? An intentional misspelling to separate himself from the others? I hope the birfers pile on to show they aren’t fringe.

        • Red State claims in the article, “remember it was the Clintonistas who started the birfer rumor…”

          Is he making a claim or is he referring to TD?

          • Bridgette, what shall we call people who could care less about the BC but are intent on seeing the resume documents?

            Everyone all ready knows that they guy is not a full blooded American, according to his own biography. (Maybe he is a full blooded American and that’s what he is hiding.)

    • Wonder if Red State is being the Republican Asselrod? You know, telling people what to think or else they will be ridiculed relentlessly.

      Hope somebody can capture a photo on their cell phone of the judge and his drinking buddy sometime.

    • Those who can’t handle the truth,
      try to silence those who speak it.

    • As to 9/11, most of you are already well aware of this, but I challenge anyone to disprove even a single one of the TRUTH statements here:

      A Different “9/11 Truth”

    • As to falling for the Alinsky tactic of ridicule

      despite the Republican Governor of Hawaii confirming the legitimacy of the Democratic President’s birth origin as a citizen of the United States these birthers (”birfers” because it sounds as crazy as they are) refuse to move on.

      The one who sounds crazy here is Erick Erickson

      Show me the official document with the “Republican Governor of Hawaii confirming the legitimacy of the Democratic President’s birth origin”.

      Show me the official document where the “Republican Governor of Hawaii” lays out the legal justification for claiming that a man who admits to having been born a subject of a foreign nation is now considered a natural born citizen of the United States.

      • Reading this article, it makes me wonder what’s the motive of Red State in giving the green light to anyone who seeks the office of the presidency to deliberately withhold and hide their resume and bona fides.

        In doing this, they have put the stamp of approval on anyone being president regardless of their citizen status.

        ~ No problem with elected officials campaigning for foreign governments, as well.

  25. In doing this, they have put the stamp of approval on anyone being president regardless of their citizen status.

    Yes Papoose, so the big question is “How much dirty money do they make in exchange for those stamps ?” Lets point them out, and follow every unamerican decision they make.
    We will see how that works out for them soon.
    Unamerican ativities. We need a list. They better watch their decisions, we will. All of America will….Party time is over for this “coven” or what ever they are. They are not honorable.

  26. Saudi controlled FOX moves against Gubernatorial candidates who question Obama’s Eligibility

    Feb. 15, 2010) — In a move which openly and shamelessly manifests FOX’s anti-American agenda, the former conservative news agency has launched a propaganda campaign against U.S. Citizens who, having announced their candidacy for State Governor in their home states, also question the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of U.S. President.

    In an unsigned report published at their website, on Friday, Feb. 12, 2010, Fox News takes aim at Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal and Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Debra Medina.

    In its title, “Gubernatorial Candidates Echo Theories of Birthers, 9/11 Truthers” the report echoes the terminology and strategy adopted by Eric Erickson of Redstate.com; lump a legitimate constitutional, pro-American issue with an illegitimate anti-American issue so as to confuse viewers and suborn their loyalty to the nation.

    By this statement, FOX has made it absolutely clear to America that they will not tolerate anyone who will not work with Obama and be respectful to him.

    This move by FOX comes less than a month after a member of the Saudi Royalty, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia, announced his desire to forge closer ties with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, the parent of FOX

    According to Discover The Networks, Khalid Al-Mansour, a wealthy Muslim businessman, is the one who reportedly helped Barack Hussein Obama II transfer from Columbia University to Harvard in the 80’s, remaining an important supporter of the mulatto candidate who openly claims as his own Arab/Muslim roots in Kenya.

    Al-Mansour is an Afro-American from San Francisco who converted to Islam, made friends with Prince Alwaleed and was eventually hired by the latter to promote fundamentalist Islam in America.

    Thus, it can be rightly said that a foreign power is the power behind the policy decisions both at FOX News and in the Obama campaign.

  27. Blogger Ed Morrissey, Hot Air, received CPAC’s Blogger of the Year award.

  28. Remember that Eric Erickson wouldn’t allow any “birther” to add comments on his blog..it was about the same time as Ed Morrissey was dissing the birthers. Now we have an answer as to why he did that..he was no doubt in contract negotiations with CNN and they wouldn’t allow a commentator that was a constitutionalist and wanted Obama’s eligibility questioned!

    CNN Hires Conservative; Hell Freezes Over

    Prominent conservative commentator and RedState.com editor Erick Erickson will join CNN as a political contributor, appearing primarily on CNN’s new show John King, USA¸ the network announced Tuesday.
    Erickson, a self described “obsessive news junkie” who grew up in Dubai and rural Louisiana, will also provide perspective and
    commentary on other programs across the network . . .”Erick’s a perfect fit for John King, USA, because not only is he an agenda-setter whose words are closely watched in Washington, but as a person who still lives in small-town America…

    Erick is in touch with the very people John hopes to reach,” said Sam Feist, CNN political director and vice president of Washington-based programming . . .

    Kyle Smith| 3.16.10 @ 2:16PM
    No wonder Erickson spent last month bashing birthers instead of focusing on the resurrection of Obamacare. Here comes the next David Brooks. When you step into the liberal bonanza, moderation and liberalism is soon to follow. It’s like CNN is just buying him out, so Red State will go out of business, and all that’s left is another weenie “conservative”.


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