Obama’s 2009 Jokers

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In a Class by Themselves

Obama’s Jokers: Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Carl Levin, Senator Ben Nelson, Senator Al Franken, Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Dick Durbin

Gateway Pundit Posted A Message Worth Repeating to Democrats who Supported Obamacare.

“We can’t stop them from passing their radical, unpopular, rationed health care legislation but we can promise them this:

We promise to actively and openly campaign against every Democrat who votes for this bill no matter if you are a Red State Democrat or a Blue State Democrat.

We promise to forever kill the myth that there is such a creature as a Blue dog Democrat.

We promise to donate to campaigns to defeat the Democrats who voted for this radical expansion of the federal government.

We promise to make it known how you bought your votes with our taxpayer money to pass this bill.

We promise that we will never forget how your party leaders and your state-run media called Americans who opposed this lousy nationalized health care bill – mobsters, radicals, Nazis and tea-baggers.

We promise to never forget that you voted to force taxpayers to fund abortion by voting for this bill and that your bill requires a monthly abortion fee.

We promise to never forget that your plan allows for government coverage of illegal aliens.

We promise to attend your town hall meetings and confront you about your vote to takeover one-sixth of the nation’s economy. Not even your SEIU and ACORN thugs will keep us away.

We promise to let Americans and seniors know that Democrats just cut $470 billion from their Medicare.

We promise to let Americans know that you voted to ration their health care.

We promise to NEVER FORGET that you voted against the wishes of the people you represent.


From the Senate Conservatives Fund, “Senate Democrats passed President Obama’s health care takeover this morning [December 24] by a vote of 60-39. Now the bill goes back to the House where many who supported the original bill say they won’t support the Senate’s version. If changes are made to the bill in the House, the Senate will have to pass the bill again where Democrats cannot afford to lose a single vote. Americans must continue to put pressure on Senate Democrats throughout the month of January so we can stop the bill.

SCF will be targeting several key Senators based on this vote. Their support for this health care takeover is unacceptable, and we will do everything we can to replace them with true conservative leaders as soon as possible.”

The Senate Conservatives Fund provided a list of the Democrats who voted for the bill to show when they are up for re-election.
Bayh (D-IN)
Bennet (D-CO) — SCF Target — Support SCF PAC
Boxer (D-CA) — Support Chuck DeVore
Burris (D-IL) — Open Seat
Dodd (D-CT)
Dorgan (D-ND)
Feingold (D-WI)
Gillibrand (D-NY) — Special Election
Inouye (D-HI)
Kirk (D-MA) — Special Election
Leahy (D-VT)
Lincoln (D-AR) — SCF Target — Support SCF PAC
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murray (D-WA)
Reid (D-NV) — SCF Target — Support SCF PAC
Schumer (D-NY)
Specter (D-PA) — Support Pat Toomey
Wyden (D-OR)

Akaka (D-HI)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Brown (D-OH)
Byrd (D-WV)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Conrad (D-ND)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Kirk (D-MA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Sanders (I-VT)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Tester (D-MT)
Webb (D-VA)

Baucus (D-MT)
Begich (D-AK)
Durbin (D-IL)
Franken (D-MN)
Hagan (D-NC)
Harkin (D-IA)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kaufman (D-DE)
Kerry (D-MA)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Levin (D-MI)
Merkley (D-OR)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)
Warner (D-VA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)

A variety of Joker posters available


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  1. Those that cannot be “voted” out should be investigated and recalled. Optimally, prosecuted.

    Dereliction of Duty is not a benign term.

    Conspiracy and Bribery are crimes.

    We need to look at our States Reps, as well. Who should be terminated as soon as possible and who is in position to rise. Never Forget how Barry Soetero infiltrated our government’s elected offices. He is not the be all, end all. There is much to learn about their methods.

    People need to evaluate the officials in their districts as they are hiding in plain sight. Who endorsed this POS in 2008? They need to go back under rock from once they crawled and slithered.

    Who is your District Attorney and with whom does that person collude?

  2. Serious allegations leveled at Rahm Emanuel and a call for his resignation in a coauthored letter to AG Holder on Dec. 23 by two unlikely allies from two sides of the policial spectrum; Grover Norquist, head of anti-tax group, Americans for Tax Reform, and Hamsher, from the blog Firedoglake, for progressives.

    Odd Couple Of Norquist, Hamsher Call For Investigation, Rahm’s Resignation
    Dec. 23 by Chris Good Snips

    “We write to demand an immediate investigation into the activities of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. We believe there is an abundant public record which establishes that the actions of the White House have blocked any investigation into his activities while on the board of Freddie Mac from 2000-2001, and facilitated the cover up of potentially malfeasance until the 10-year statute of limitations has run out.

    The purpose of this letter is to connect the dots to establish both the conduct of Mr. Emanuel and those working with him to thwart inquiry, and to support your acting speedily so that the statute of limitations does not run out before the Justice Department is able to empanel a grand jury.

    The New York Times reports that the administration is negotiating to double the commitments to Fannie and Freddie for a total of $800 billion by December 31, in order to avoid the congressional approval that would be needed after that date. But there currently is no Inspector General exercising independent oversight of these entities. Acting Inspector General Ed Kelly was stripped of his authority earlier this year by the Justice Department, relying on a loophole in a bill Mr. Emanuel cosponsored and pushed through Congress shortly before he left for the White House. This effectively ended Mr. Kelly’s investigation into what happened at Fannie and Freddie.

    Since that time, despite multiple warnings by Congress that having no independent Inspector General for a federal agency that oversees $6 trillion in mortgages is a serious oversight, the White House has not appointed one.

    Continue reading..

    • Let’s do it! And how about that obstructionist, Holder?

      Oh, Granny, what big teeth, you have!

      Better to eat you, my dear. Slurp. Burp. Fart.

  3. Clowns to the Left of me; Jokers to the Right: Here I am; stuck in the middle with you:


    Easy Reading for a rainy day…

  4. Charleston, West Virginia Daily Mail
    Dec. 25, 2009

    SENATE Democratic leaders had to bribe 11 of their own members to assemble the 60 votes they needed to pass the Senate version of the Democratic health plan. The following stick-up artists obtained special benefits for their states:

    1. Mary Landrieu of Lousiana, $300 million.
    2. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, $100 million.
    3. Carl Levin of Michigan, an exemption to the insurance tax for Blue Cross Blue Shield in his state.
    4. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, $100 million for a university hospital.
    5. Roland Burris of Illinois, funding for the discredited ACORN group.
    6. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, $600 million.
    7. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, $10 billion for community health centers across the nation.
    8. Bill Nelson of Florida, an exemption for 800,000 Florida seniors to rules that take the advantage out of Medicare Advantage.
    9. Max Baucus, extra Medicare benefits for Montana residents.
    10. Tom Harkin of Iowa, increased Medicare payments to eight hospitals in Iowa.
    11. Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad, both of North Dakota, higher Medicare payments to doctors in their state and four other states.

    That’s how Democrats in the Senate tackled “health care reform” – by exempting some of their members’ districts from the provisions they intend to inflict on the rest of us.


    • Romney backs taxpayer funded abortions…..
      I have to say something about this.
      This is purely disgusting.

      Now you know when you have sex that there is that nagging risk of pregnancy. Now when you and the other partner do the bumping, and a baby results we get to pay for your nasty, drunk and climatic party nights ? How gross. There are condoms, pills, Diaphrams, implants, you name it-available for birth control. How does anyone these days play stupid ? Lets face it, they don’t care. Lets face it. If those that play had to pay, there would be alot less unplanned pregnancy.
      Pay for your own damn abortions- and sex-have a small bit of pride at least-even if you are a sleeze.
      Have a tiny bit of self respect and responsibility, even if you are the town tramp. Do you think we pay for sex too ? We don’t. Or in a normal place we don’t. This is NOT normal or the way of a moral country. Are we or are we not a moral country?
      If these same pregnant people want an abortion-fine, I am pro choice, but it is a personal problem. Go take care of it on your own. I have a BIG problem paying for dead babies with my hard earned bank balance. This is immoral. A breach of my rights as a tax paying, law abiding citizen.
      I feel my rights are violated ALOT. It is HORRIBLE enough that we keep on funding welfare for more and more of these babies of mothers and fathers that keep popping them out because the healthcare is on us, the housing is on us, their food stamps are on us, and yet we are blamed for their plight ? I am not buying this manure. The rest of us are responsible with sex, pay for our own kids food, birth expenses, clothes, housing, insurance, healthcare and education. Why can’t the rest of you ? Because someone stupid encouraged you to keep on screwing everyone you met so we could enable your filthy lifestyle ? If you had a job or two supporting your self and family, maybe you would be tired at night…. like the rest of us. Too tired to be having sex parties huh ? I want to vomit, this is vile. This is one reason besides bureaucratic theft that our country is broke maybe huh ? Hellllloooooo ? Is anyone sane in our government these days ? Can you see the piles of dirt you have created for the rest of us yet ? Can you taste the bile in your throat ? if you cannot, you have NO business representing we the people….Go find a real job, we do not want you anymore……………..Go piss somewhere else. We are sick of the smell. I find it a breach of our rights that our money pays for garbage. I thought the priority should be our elderly and vets. They barely can buy food and meds, yet worked and paid into this their entire lives. Are they less deserving then the wild screwers we are supporting ? Hardly. This is really, really sick. Really wrong. Time to say no more yet ? God help us all.
      I am wondering if my money funds abortions and kills babies if I will go to hell for having helped fund this death ? Will God excuse me ?
      Where has common sense and doing the right thing disappeared to ? Thanks Romney. Appreciate seeing what you stand for. You are not a “Golden” boy to me at all. You are an enabler for the immoral in my eyes, and you have lots of company these days. Bad company…

      • Ditto, ditto, ditto!! Those same thoughts are being echoed across our land! Thanks for telling it like it is!!!

      • Former Gov. Romney was never pro-choice. He stated more than once that his beliefs shouldn’t be a mandate for what others choose to believe. Obamacare was passed in a LIBERAL state of Massachusetts..Does Ted Kennedy ring a bell? He didn’t write the law, the legislators did for their constituents. Most often he was smeared for being a Morman, but he is a highly ethical man.

        Romney’s Religion Problem is Mine Too
        Nov. 30th, 2009

        My mother was in Mitt Romney’s congregation before he ran for Senate in 1994. Romney excommunicated members of his congregation who had abortions, and their spouses if they let them. He’s always been against abortion. The whole flip-flopper label is itself a dishonest stigma imposed by evangelicals. He’s a principled man.
        Romney states that he never called himself “pro choice” and felt at the time that despite his personal convictions that public policy should not mandate the pro-life position – a feeling that has shifted as he has seen the value of human life cheapened by the abortion culture to such an extent as to create human beings via cloning for use as spare parts or research subjects.

        Why has he taken his marital commitments so much more seriously than Mccain and others who are given a pass for flopping on them? Romney’s accomplishments in the private sector, with his family, and with his education, far exceed anything Huckabee or McCain managed or were capable of. It is obvious to me (as it should be to all informed voters) that Romney is unfairly labeled by evangelicals in ways other candidates aren’t, and I believe the impetus compelling that stigma is evangelical outrage not over his words and deeds, but over his religious beliefs.

        But this Dem smear ignores companies like Staples, Inc., which started as a tiny store but under investment from Bain Capital expanded into the national chain we’re now all familiar with (with all the thousands of jobs that created). You want to create jobs, you have to start by creating profitable companies that make products people want to buy. That’s something that liberal Dems in Obama’s cabinet who never worked a day of their lives in private industry simply don’t understand.


        • So Bridgette, Do you think someone is trying to blame this on Romney maybe ? Smear him ? Nothing would surprise me. What do you think ?
          If that is the case, I hope he bellows his beliefs from the rafters for all to hear. I take issue with anyone forcing taxpayers to fund abortions. It is disgusting. I would never have thought our citizens would stand for this.

      • This is where I got the Romney info above. Forgot to post it-sorry !
        What do you think Bridgette ? Smear or real ? I hope Romney bellows if a smear !


        • A friend reminded me of this, so I will post it.
          Giving Romney the benefit of the doubt for now.

          Massachusetts backed it…and not Romney. Yes, he was the governor and signed it…But was representing Mass.
          I hope he makes very clear immediately, his stance on this issue. For everyone to hear.

          • At one time, I read a lot of the bill. There were whole sections that he vetoed that were overridden. I was satisfied that Gov. Romney wasn’t in favor of the bill at the time. Check it out and see if you come to the same conclusion.

            Chapter 58 of the Acts of 2006 – Massachusetts
            An Act Providing Access to Affordable, Quality, Accountable Health Care. Commonwealth Care Health Insurance

            See all of the Sections that Gov. Romney disapproved and vetoed, but the legislature overrode his vetoes. “Governor disapproved the following section, The Legislature overrode the Governor’s veto.”

      • Renee, good rant! 🙂

        I heard a woman on the radio talking about how her private insurance won’t cover in vitro fertilization for her, when she and her husband want a child so very much. Yet in the state where she lives, Medicaid will pay thousands of dollars for single mothers to get in vitro, when they’re completely on the dole and have no way to support themselves or potential children except for welfare. If in vitro doesn’t work the first time, Medicaid will pay for the procedure until it “takes.” This is insane.

        But we’re not supposed to make value judgments when people who can’t even afford to support themselves, much less a family, ask others to pay for their reproductive “rights.”

        They have a right to have children, you see; but We the People get the responsibility for paying for those children. It’s completely crazy.

        Anybody and everybody has a right to reproduce. That’s true. BUT none of them has a right to shove the responsibility for supporting those children off onto other people. With rights come obligations.

        I don’t want to pay for their abortions, either. It’s so wrong to FORCE people to pay for something that fundamentally violates their sense of morality.

        Every being has the right to life. Not to mention liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        I saw a great t-shirt the other day. It read,

        “When they outlaw freedom, only outlaws will be free.”

        I’m starting to get the Outlaw Blues.

        I don’t know what to make of Romney. He makes me nervous. I don’t like how he and others treated, and still treat, Sarah Palin. If it’s not elitism, it’s sexism. Maybe something else. Maybe whatever condition it is that McCain suffers from, too. RINO-itis, perhaps. I don’t want to see Romney run in 2012.

    • From the article above.

      However, one of Sutton’s most notable moments is absent from the media hagiographies I have seen: he stated on television that he knew that an Islamic supremacist, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, and advisor to a wealthy Saudi, had paid for Barack Obama’s education at Harvard Law School.

      Exactly how young Barack Obama, a man of slender means, managed to pay for a Harvard Law degree has long been a mystery, and the President has not been forthcoming about any details of his elite education.

    • Renee, I heard Cameron over the weekend talking about how he wants Avatar to be seen for the MESSAGE and not for the special 3-D effects. It’s as if he used the spectacle to lure people into the movie so that he could indoctrinate them with his anti-military, anti-American message. It’s blatant and it’s a shame that he pimped himself to the anti-American World to make money at the expense of his own country. If nobody else enjoys it, the anti-American left throughout the world will eat up his tripe of a FALSE PC “message.”

      When I read the first review, I decided to boycott AVATAR. I’m not putting one cent into that anti-American jerk’s wallet. I don’t care how wonderful the effects are. I don’t care how much the movie cost. I don’t even care that Rupert Murdoch (to whom we owe a lot on account of FOX News) will take a bath on this one, which is reported to have cost 300 million to make.

      I read that AVATAR was out-performed by another movie over the weekend. Great. Let’s make it so that Cameron won’t get funded for any other anti-American movie.

      btw, he’s Canadian by birth. Maybe it’s time he high-tailed it back to the Great White North.

      • Not a penny or moment of attention here either Miri. No Avatar for us here. Keep it…..We pass…
        If this type of movies keep coming out, our money will grow at home. I will not spend a dollar to watch or let my family watch either. That goes for all the toys, candy and all junk Avatar. Thanks but uh…no thanks……….Not junk dealers here..Maybe we should send all our Avatar movie money to our soldiers. Razors, toothpaste, food, etc…

  5. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5BD4D020091214

    Biggest carbon footprint ever !
    I would laugh, but it is not funny….

    • From the article above. Does this not lead one to think in reading this story in an Indian article
      that these men are all the sons of Ruth ? An American Chamber of Commerce hosted the launch of his new book ? Interesting…..

      Mark has been living in China for the past seven years. For the launch of his latest novel, a press conference was hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce that is located in South China. The conference was attended by members of the United States Consul-General. Mark spoke at length about his turbulent childhood. He recounted events from his childhood when he had to spend days listening to the screams of pain of his mother. He admitted that his father abused not only him and his brother, but also his mother. His mother, Ruth Ndesandjo was his father’s third wife. They got divorced two years after the birth of Barack.

      Read more: http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/politics/mark-ndesandjo-unveils-new-novel-speaks-of-abusive-father_100269996.html#ixzz0avDa8RNW

      • 3rd brother Joseph Ndesandjo .Wow ! He owns a security company in San Antonio, Texas. I forgot that !

        • Minority Tech Firm of the Year
          Joesph Ndesandjo
          Owner and President, DHS Security, LLC

          Joseph Ndesandjo is President and Owner of DHS Security, LLC, a leading security systems integrator based here in San Antonio. The core business for DHS is enterprise level surveillance, alarm and access control implementation and service. Under Joseph’s leadership and assistance from the UTSA – MBEC, DHS has successfully earned SBA 8(a), HUB and SCTRCA certification. He has however successfully implemented sales strategies and tactics, developed with UTSA – MBEC consultation assistance, to have established a well diversified base of public and private sector clients.

          Joseph was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He represented Kenya across Africa as a member of the Junior National Tennis Team. In 1997, he came to the United States as a freshmen enrolled at Trinity University. In

          2001 his team won the NCAA Intercollegiate National Championships and he graduated Cum Laude in Economics. Joseph is a graduate of the Minority Business Enterprise, Executive Education Program of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Joseph recently wed the beautiful Dora Zepeda. He is currently the youngest San Antonio member of the International Entrepreneurs Organization. DHS has experienced significant and consistent growth in sales and customer acquisition over the previous three years and is poised to exceed its own revenue projections for 2007. Through hard work and dedication, Joseph Ndesandjo has earned recognition as one of San Antonio’s best and brightest, minority business entrepreneurs.

  6. For being such a POOR family, they sure are getting around. What with Grandma Sarah’s new foundation and trust fund and all. Amazing what a few white lies will get you in Kenya. A new addition t your home and running water and electricity too!
    And how wonderful that she gets to meet Kadhafi…mmm. Lockerbie terrorist is there too. Perhaps she’ll see him in the hospital if he happens to be back there. And he calls her “Granny” too, how sweet, how ironic, how familial….but not blood relations to Sarah…but who is he related to? Granny Sarah is how old? Didn’t she just get back from Saudi Arabia? A traveling woman!

    Kadhafi meets Obama ‘granny’
    Dec 23, 2009

    TRIPOLI – LIBYAN leader Moamer Kadhafi received the third wife of the grandfather of US President Barack Obama on Tuesday, Libyan state media reported.

    Mrs Sarah Obama, who the US leader refers to as his granny even though she is not a blood relation, came to Libya to congratulate Mr Kadhafi on his efforts to unify the African continent, the official JANA news agency said.

    She told the Libyan leader she had come ‘to tell him of her pride as an African citizen in the efforts he has made to unify the African continent and his humanitarian initiatives for Africans,’ JANA said.

    Mrs Sarah Obama lives in western Kenya. Mr Kadhafi is the current chairman of the African Union and has been an outspoken supporter of greater unity within the bloc. — AFP


  7. Second man involved in flight to Chicago not mentioned in connection….. ?

  8. If an administration wanted to pull a fast one on American citizens and keep a move that puts them on the hook for hundreds of billion dollars as quiet as possible while still disclosing it, when would be the best time to take that action? How about an evening when people all across the country turn off their televisions and laptops to spend time with family and friends, celebrating an important religious holiday? Could any President be as calculating and cold-blooded as to do something like that?

    Welcome to the new transparency:

    The Obama administration’s decision to cover an unlimited amount of losses at the mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over the next three years stirred controversy over the holiday.

    What reason would the White House need to lift the caps, anyway? Of the $400 billion authorized by the previous bailout, Treasury has only used $111 billion of it, almost evenly split between Fannie Mae ($60 billion) and Freddie Mac ($51 billion). The WSJ quotes an analyst from Credit Suisse as saying that the larger lending market would find the expansion of the Treasury commitment “reassuring,” but having almost $300 billion left in a line of credit should be pretty darned reassuring on its own. And if a larger commitment was needed, the White House could have set a new limit rather than uncap it altogether.

    It looks as though Obama wants to use Fannie and Freddie as proxies for more social engineering and wants to prepare for them to take more losses as a result. That would be the only reason to completely uncap the commitment to cover its losses. After all, the bailout was supposed to help put the two GSAs back into the black, and at the rate they have used that bailout (assuming no improvement), we wouldn’t have to worry about exceeding caps until 2012. I’d bet that the Obama administration retools its foreclosure prevention programs to have Fannie and Freddie buy up the paper and forgive parts of the principal on the loans, and have taxpayers eat the losses on a massive basis.

    Welcome to “Spread the Wealth Around”.

    Remember that woman in the audience at the Democratic Convention who said that once Obama was in office she wouldn’t have to pay her mortgage?

    Some people laughed at her then.

    She’s probably laughing at us now.

    I doubt that she just came up with that thought herself. Much more likely is that someone else told her that. So, the question is who told her that? Who knew the lager plans for wealth redistribution and reparations?

    • RP, Probably another good reason not to have installed an Inspector General to oversee this transaction! Perhaps those two unlikely allies Norquist and Hamsher have put two and two together and that is why they want an investigation and resignation of Rahm Emanuel. They said this needed to be in place by Dec. 31. and the price tag quoted was $800 M (bridgetteb // December 27, 2009 at 9:12 am).

      There was also another bill introduced a month or so ago by Barney Frank to get monies from all of the TARP repayments to refinance Fannie and Freddie..so they can go out and do what they do best, take care of the poor, undeserving, and unqualified people and help get them into homes. It is what got us into this mess in the first place..but practice makes perfect! Barney introduced a second bill for Fannie and Freddie also, but I can’t remember what that one was supposed to do.

      Mr. Slick is far away and will get regular updates while sunning on the beach or playing golf or checking out how operations are going at the DOH in Hawaii. Who could possibly be in charge of the details? Holder will respond long after Dec. 31 if at all.

  9. The “Articles of Freedom”
    The Resulting Document of the Continental Congress of 2009

    It is proposed that these Articles be distributed to All in the Land with the intent to draw the attention and courage of a “goodly number of millions of People” who, entitled to their Freedom and essential to Its maintenance, Arise to Restore the Constitution for the United States of America.

    Then and only then shall America’s Destiny be Fulfilled.



  10. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Here’s the real deal. Here’s hope. Col. West actually references the woman who commented about having her mortgage paid by Obama in this video. I urge everyone to support him in any way you can. Thank you.


  11. Ndesandjo? The name is Nidesand. These people are a real 3 ring circus. They change their names like they change their underwear. They are all in it together and placed stratgically all throughout the World.


    Sarah does haj in the Saudi King’s palace and then off to Libya to profess her pride and joy. Give me a break. Is Sarah a Queen of something?

    George and Maya are also writing books. Alohahahahaha!

  12. Scars, Czars and Starz By the Light of the Silvery Crescent Moon.

    America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth, won’t you join me in transforming it?

    We have a lot of hard work ahead of us to remake America, the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Will you help me?

    • He had married Shirley Ann Dunham, a Caucasian whose family had moved here from Kansas, while both were studying at UH. Their son was born in 1961, but the couple divorced when he was 2, and Dunham later married Lolo Soetoro, a student from Indonesia.


    • Why doesn’t Senator Obama ever visit his mother’s side of the family or the places they’re from?

      Barack Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii to Harvard University-educated economist Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a native of Kenya and a Muslim. His mother is Shirley Ann Dunham, of Wichita, Kansas. When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced. His father eventually returned to Kenya, and he saw his son only once more before his death in 1982. Ann Obama then married his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia. In his early childhood while growing up with his mother, Barack used the name ‘Barry’. The family then moved to Jakarta. When Obama was ten he returned to Hawaii under the care of his grandparents, (Madelyn Dunham) and later his mother.

    • 6) Investigate the fact that the mother of Mr. Obama, Stanley Ann Dunham also used an alias of Shirley Ann Dunham. A company Dunham Organization, owned by Shirley A. Dunham has been operating in the state of Washington at different locations (according to Intelius information agency) and the description of this company shows it dealing with mortgages, car loans, legal services, whereby social security numbers could be accessed.

  13. Sec. “Baghdad Bob” Napolitano should be added to your gallery of jokers.

  14. I found this curious:


    “Widely published biographies say Obama lived in Indonesia from 1967 through 1971, and none mention his third-grade year at Noelani, Inoue acknowledges. But he said Obama attended at least part of his third-grade year at Noelani in 1969, perhaps during a visit back to Hawaii, and moved away.’~~

    • I didn’t recognize the school either, but in my notes was the following. I hadn’t visited that site in a long, long time…but it seems it would be worthwhile to visit again. See if you can find the answer there and let us know. Thanks.

      “Here’s a surprise! Hawaii’s Department of Education has been unable to find AKA Obama’s Kindergarten records. By this time maybe you are no longer surprised.

      Obama’s Noelani Elementary School Kindergarten records, oddly missing from the the State of Hawaii Department of Education, is the first in a series of “coincidences.”Although Obama has had a first-class education that spanned 25 years, there is only a single document that has ever been released, the application for entrance to the Franciscus Assisi Primary School (next item)

      It also is important for two additional reasons:
      A. The Department of Education does not “lose” the records of one particular student. (So, who paid whom what sum to make this record disappear?)
      B. There would have been NO shameful low-test scores, NO embarrassing Equal Opportunity advancements, and NO trails of fraudulent funding to hide that could possibly “excuse” the quashing of public school Kindergarten entry records.

      This is different. Hawaii should be able to verify he attended their school since he is featured in class photographs. State and federal tax dollars paid for his initial year of education. Why is there no documentation?This is the beginning of an intentionally erased life of a fraud and conman and it reeks of complicity by officials within the State of Hawaii’s Dept. of Health and Dept. of Education.”
      Hat tip to Don Fredrick at

      • The people over on Citizenwells seem to think that photo is photoshopped. I’m no expert but it looks fishy to me.

        • I agree with the photo shopped…his hand belongs around something else… and not surprisingly it was created at the same place as the birth announcement. One side of his face is dark, yet the other kids is not..no shadow. Whoever does this work is lousy at it!

    • I think he’s taller because he’s older.

    • So, do you see that same kid (Inoue from the third grade) in the kindergarten picture? If so, which one is he?

      He claims he was also in kindergarten with Barry.

      It’s possible that Barry was in third grade with him, yet why didn’t Barry mention that in his books?

      What usually happens when a kid comes to the US from another country, at least in days past, is that the kid was behind his grade level and was put in classes with younger children. Maybe that’s why they can’t find Barry’s records from kindergarten. He wasn’t there in the year he would be expected to be there. Why? Because he’s actually older than he says, which would explain why he’s so much taller than the other kids.

      Of course, there’s the school record from Indonesia which gives his age; but could that be a plant?

      Nothing about him makes sense. Why is it that every time he shows up in Hawaii, photos or other records mysteriously appear out of nowhere?

      Why is it that all these friends of his now live in California, where Barry lived, too.

      • http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaEducation.htm

        In January, 1968, he entered 1st grade in Indonesia at age six and a half. So, around December, 1969, he was in THIRD grade in Hawaii? It doesn’t make sense. Supposedly, he completed three years of elementary school at that school and then two years at the Muslim public school, both in Indonesia. So what’s he doing in Hawaii at Christmas time, IN SCHOOL, in 1969?

        • Oddly enough, Beckwith has that photo of “Scott and Barry” on his education page. It doesn’t say where it came from, where it was taken, or where he got the photo. Text near the photo talks about O’s schoolmates, most of them Muslims in Indonesia. Curious.

        • He’s such a Liar!

          At least it’s only going to cost us $59.99 to build his Presidential Library. Unless the price of LEGOs come down.

      • I’d like to see the picture of the “kid” holding the check he got for his “BS” story.

        Wonder if this picture coincides with time he met his dream-worthy absent father at the airport. It was Christmastime also. HoBO was about 10 then, his sketchy bio purports. Hmmmm.

          • Miri, who even says this is Stanley?

            Wonder why they really named her that, btw. Cruel and selfish, maybe. Maybe they didn’t know she was a girl at first.

            The whole story is a con job.

        • It’s curious, Papoose. I still wonder where Beckwith got that photo and why there’s suddenly a story about it in the Honolulu paper. Inoue says he just got the photo back from the WH, autographed. So where did Beckwith get it? And why doesn’t he have any commentary about this new story about that photo?

          • I will try to find out.

            • A, there is another one, too. The little boy is playing baseball. They say he’s 2 and he’s at least 5. Its the same child which is not Barky.

              They need to do age progression on this little subject. I wonder where he is today.These photos aren’t even dated. All we have is Asselrod’s say so. Where’s the family pictures?

            • Great, AOne, if you can find out I’d love to know the story behind that picture. I seem to remember that photo at The Obama File from way back when we talked about it at TD’s blog. I sort of remember discussing who “Scott” was or if that’s really what the name reads. Now we know it’s supposedly Scott Inoue, but if it’s in Hawaii, then why does every other source claim Obama was at school (the Catholic one) in Indonesia for three years, starting Jan. 1968? I wonder if that photo was taken in Indonesia? A Catholic school would have Christmas pictures on the wall. Would Noelani? Wasn’t that a public school? This was pre-PC, so maybe they would have Christmas themed art on the walls. Then again, were they sensitive to “natives” back then? Maybe so, since it was Hawaii.

            • AOne: If you can contact Beckwith, ask about the caption on that photo, too. Doesn’t it look like two different writers and two different pens? As if it said, Scott and then somebody inserted “& Barry 3rd grade 1969” afterwards? Maybe the 1969 was there originally, but “& Barry 3rd grade” looks added on. The whole thing looks photoshopped.

          • It is curious. I think the pics of the child are the same. I just don’t think its Barky. I don’t see the resemblance at all. How does someone grow ears the size of Mickey Mouse if you didn’t have them to begin with?
            He’s the biggest con that ever walked the face of the earth.

            Who hides their bona fides and writes bogus bios at age 35? Why?

            All these foreign siblings?

            Beckwith usually posts the dates, doesn’t he?

            He doesn’t want anyone to know who he is because he ain’t who he says he is.

            This ndsandjo thing is a key. Even that name is really nidesand.

            • Look closely at his smile and teeth. His mouth And teeth do look different in the two photos. Supposedly they were taken 1 yr apart …. 1969 and 1970.
              I agree ………No mickey mouse ears

              • Its not him AOne.
                First of all the little kid is cute and secondly, he’s not in the least an Arab.

                They’re throwing bull out there to keep us from keeping an eye out on the clandestine operations of dismantling our country. Plus, he’s feeding his base with adorable trivia.

                He’s a slug. A plant. A frugasi.

            • I know what you mean. Look at the ears and the teeth, in particular. Also, the shape and fullness of the lips. It looks like a similar child, but perhaps not the same child, although the hairline is similar. The nose looks different, too, but could be the angle of the photo. All this is why I wonder if there might have been two boys, with one taking the place of the other.

          • Miri that is another photo-shopped picture. I opened it and it was done by the notorious Ducky that put together so many of the other fake ones. Info from the 3rd grade picture properties is:

            Ducky   2 ® Õ 2 0 0 9 D e c e m b e r 0 4 C T Y – U N D A T E D C O U R T E S Y P H O T O , S c o t t I n o u e a n d P r e s i d e n t B a r a c k O b a m a a s t h e y w e r e i n t h e t h i r d g r a d e , 1 9 6 9 a t N o e l a n i E l e m e n t a r y S c h o o l , a u t o g r a p h e d b y t h e p r e s i d e n t . P H O T O C O U R T E S Y O F S C O T T I N O U E ÿî !Adobe dÀ

  15. Max Baucus drunk on senate floor ?
    Next joker please !

    • Pretty pitiful! I wonder if his health insurance pays for a treatment facility? In fact, I wonder if Obamacare will do that too for others. He isn’t up for re-election until 2014….now that is a shame. Montana should be so proud. You get what you pay for!

    • Of course he does! Believe what they say not what they do!
      Now its gutter politics and an internet smear to reveal his behavior..and slander too! And you wonder why the bill is 2,000 pages long?!

      Sen. Max Baucus DENIES BEING DRUNK during Senate speech
      Tues. Dec. 29, 2009

      Montana Senator Max Baucus, who led the Democrats’ health care reform legislation through the Senate last week, is responding to accusations that he was intoxicated while delivering a speech on the Senate floor. Video of the speech posted to YouTube over the weekend shows Baucus appearing to slur some of his words and repeating himself at times. Baucus’ spokesman Tyler Matsdorf released a statement on Monday refuting claims that the Senator was drunk, calling it an ‘untrue personal smear Internet rumor.’ Matsdorf said, “This is beyond the pale and this type of gutter politics has no place in the public sphere. It is this type of slander that makes Montanans, and Americans, disgusted with the politics as usual in Washington. And what is even more sad is that such a personal attack would be given any validity at all, let alone being elevated to the status of news.”

      Former Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley posted a video clip of Baucus’ speech on his Facebook page on Sunday, and wrote: “breathalyser for members of congress.” ..


    • Renee, we saw this yesterday on FOX when we got in from lunch…we both screamed…HE’S DRUNK!!!! We were laughing hysterical. I think it was on Cavuto’s show.

  16. You Lie! from an unexpected source!

    Cuba’s foreign minister called President Barack Obama an “imperial and arrogant” liar Monday for his conduct at the U.N. climate conference. Rodriguez’s comments Monday echoed remarks by former President Fidel Castro, who in a weekend opinion column called Obama’s speech in Copenhagen “deceitful, demagogic and full of ambiguities.”

    Bruno Rodriguez spent an hour and a half lambasting Obama’s behavior in Copenhagen, telling a news conference, “at this summit, there was only imperial, arrogant Obama, who does not listen, who imposes his positions and even threatens developing countries.”

    He called the summit “a fallacy, a farce” and said Washington used back-room deals and strong-arm tactics to foist on the world a deal that he labeled “undemocratic” and “suicidal”

    You can’t make things like this up. To say, “This is rich,” is an understatement; a communistic dictatorship, its diplomatic corps calling Obama out on the very same things as conservative citizens of the freest country on earth!? What a world.


  17. Martha Stewart took a tour of the White House Christmas decorations and avoided the public ?
    Why Martha ? You were never shy around cameras before…

  18. I had planned to tell you guys about the article at worldview with the announcement of the UN buillion coins that are planned as world currency. This is the same currency I saw Medvedev showing the crowd several months ago with the Unity/Diversity crappola. Pat Paulsen said that there would be some strong reaction in US to global currency..”be viewed as a step toward a NWO. Duh! As I read other articles, just pointing you to site. Click on Most Recent News.


  19. Not to pick on Barky or anything, but I think he could have put a tie on when he came out to advise as to what allegedly happened on Christmas Day involving that isolated extremist attempting to create physical damage to an expensive airplane.

    He actually needed notes and his twins to give us his report. I was shocked to hear the news!!! and was disappointed that he forgot to get dressed in business attire. I do, however, find comfort in knowing he will not rest until all these poor, lost citizenry are found. So, I hate to pick on him. It was an inconvenient and unnecessary appearance and I am obliged to give him a shout out for his effort, nonetheless. Thank you Barky!!! Aloha
    While you’ve been funnin’ and sunnin’, we’ve been looking at your fake 3rd grade picture.

  20. croutch-bomber ( what a fitting name. -hope it sticks)

    Already the jokers are out in force crying “lone wolf”……..we can’t do anything to guard against attacks by those acting totaly alone……..
    Why Fox news gave them air time is interesting (maybe to let them put their foot in their mouth?)
    Was he deaf??? Did he not hear the confessions that the bomb was placed on him by others??? That 25 more are right behind him?

  21. Papoose
    You must stop picking on Barky like that…. You know he didnt have time to put on a coat and tie. eGe rushed right out when he heard the news.
    After all, our messyiiiia had to immediately ( if not sooner) spread the word that a “lone wolf” has attacked…..no panic …. Napo has everything under control …. Just ask her!

  22. 😉 AOne!

    Taqqiya is hard to spell but you know it when you feel it.

    He’s terrifying and should not be permitted re-entry into our mainland. He should be arrested on suspicion of treason, interrogated and his blackberry confiscated. He can then sue us for whatever he pleases.

    He is without a doubt an Enemy of the State and there is plenty of evidence to hold him for inquiry.

  23. To me all the photos of Obama’s childhood look photo chopped. The surrounding never seem to fit the picture of him. He seems closer to the camera than the other kids. It also seems very weird that all his relatives are dead. Now a new brother, who incidently looks a whole lot like Obama. Who in the hell is this guy? I don’t think Stanley Ann or Shirley Anne is his real mother. I think his real mother is black and his dad is white. He has to have been sired by someone rich enough for his past to be covered up. He is someone’s son that wants to use the blackness to take over the politics of this country. A powerful individual.

  24. Isn’t it amazing how his ears outgrew his adult head?

    He sure didn’t look like a DumBO when he was a child.

    Funny, that.

  25. ****BREAKING*****

    Violins, please:


    (Thank goodness for 2 things. 1) advisors allowed him to keep his beloved Blackberry; 2) he has Friends

    Aaahhhhhh, I hear a collective sigh…

  26. I wondered whether the executive order concerning Interpol had to do with

    1. letting the internationals arrest GWB


    2. in case quo warranto goes forward, hiding whatever records the international authorities have on him, especially passport, visa, and naturalization records, or anything else that he wants to hide.

    • Yes, Miri.

      Why would we do something like that to begin with.

      If Bush gets arrested it should be for hiding the truth about this Obama creature.

      That order stinks to the high heavens. Why’d he do that?

      • Sometimes I think he does things just to play with our minds. Today, I read in the paper that Obama thinks not enough government records are available to the public. You know how invested he is in “transparency.” Snort. Let’s start with those government records in Hawaii, Barry. Followed up by all the records at the State Dept. and probably even the CIA.

        • He’s not playing with our minds, Miri. He’s brainwashing his disciples. He’s laughing at us, but we all know about those that laugh last. He’s digging his own grave, as everything he says and does is going to come back to bite him. He thinks he won.

          How about all those photoshopped pictures coming out?
          He’s so miraculous that he can be in Indonesia and Hawaii simultaneously at Christmastime in 1969.

          Nah! He’s getting over on his sheep making them out to be a pack of fools.

  27. Unbeknown to most investors, the Obama administration is quietly planning to devalue the U.S. dollar even MORE. The decision has been made . . . and it’s working.

    Obama adviser Warren Buffett accidentally revealed in a recent CNBC interview what the Administration REALLY has planned all along.

    Buffett told the interviewer that the United States will do what every other country has done when faced with huge obligations and decreasing revenues — inflate (devalue) the currency!

    The reason is simple.

    The Democrats have waited nearly 30 years, ever since Ronald Reagan was elected, to begin spending money on social programs again.

    They’re not about to let a global economic wipeout stand in their way.

    Deliberately devaluing the U.S. dollar will make U.S. government debt obligations less onerous, American exports relatively cheap, and rally the stock market.

    There is only one problem with their plan!

    By causing inflation to soar, it will wipe out the life savings of generations . . . and destroy the U.S. economy for decades to come . . .

    I am quite sure many of you have heard this or seen it written somewhere…just felt the need to share this reminder of what Mr. Buffett had to say about their plan.

    I would also like to repeat part of one of DrKates’ great bits of wisdom from last year. I leave this posted where I can see it daily to remind me that we are strong and defeat is NOT an option !!!

    DrKate: “Never allow the dark passions of a desperate world to stain our national soul by believing that any one man or group of men are above the Constitution that empowers them. Guard our Constitution and our Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    Thanks DrKate for all your wisdom and for building our confidence and strength.

    God Bless America !

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