“Fugly FLO” Oh, oh, oh

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Fugly FLO – The Rise of the Bagman

The following story was written by an associate/peer of Michelle Obama’s (or as I like to call her, Fugly FLO) who had the privilege of passing her in the halls when they “worked” in the same firm in Chicago. The letter was sent to Mr. Beckwith, The Obama File. This is the side of FLO that the media never investigated, and the side of her that you wouldn’t want to meet up with in a dark corridor. Some “inside” commentary on FLO’s other half is an eye opener.

This provides some background on their sudden fame, quick riches, and job security. It’s all in the connections! It will make you wonder who the real power brokers and backers were/are in Chicago. Sounds like FLO and BO both landed real cushy jobs where you don’t have to show up or do real work. They might boast about the upside of their dream jobs as “Nice Work If You Can Get It.” Yet with every up there is a down. There will be no boasting at the downside because there is “Only One Way Out.”

H/T The Obama File


Mr. Beckwith, The Obama File, received the following over the transom from an attorney who was an associate and peer of Michelle Robinson (Obama) at the law firm of Sidley Austin, LLP, Chicago, IL.

“Michele’s office was on my floor at the firm and I would walk by it everyday. She was rarely in the office, had very limited work papers in her office, yet apparently was drawing an associate salary while not practicing law, and billing huge hours as is ordinary for an associate. My fellow associates and I worked to 10 p.m. customarily and many times to 2 to 3 a.m., every weekend, meeting the crushing work loads. But Michele never had to do that, which understandably caused a lot of resentment amongst fellow associates.

I have no first hand knowledge since it would be a private and confidential arrangement, but the associate scuttlebutt drawn from partner “leaks” was that she was drawing a firm salary while working full time for City Hall doing political fund raising and “special projects” work for the Daley Machine. The word was that this arrangement benefited the firm because many times their real estate clients had city zoning and other legal issues that required city approvals or resolution, so the firm needed to be viewed as on the city hall team and accede to their wishes.

So from the very start of her career my opinion is that Michelle was the beneficiary of the nefarious city hall back scratching schemes. As demonstrated by The Obama File, she seems to have benefited from these arrangements” her entire professional career. I have my doubts that she did much at the University of Chicago to justify such an enormous salary and have never heard tell of any significant projects she was handling, let alone any accomplishments or major successes in the healthcare field.

Michele at one point did leave officially to work for the Daley Administration, but was already well engaged in political activities during the day and regularly absent from the firm for a lengthy period of time before she left. I can’t recall the precise time lines, but I would estimate that she was listed as an associate at the firm but not carrying a regular work load for well over one year, maybe even two years before she “left” for the City Hall payroll.

On a personal note, Michele was simply the most arrogant young person I have ever met in my life. She simply would not engage with her fellow associates and apparently viewed herself as superior to them. I personally observed that she would only engage with partners, most notably senior partners. Never a friendly smile or good morning for staff or fellow associates as she walked past them day after day after day.

I remember one particular instance where a group of associates and I were chatting at a firm cocktail party and I noted how no one seemed to know Michele but were constantly gossiping about her. The gang just commented about how arrogant and unfriendly she was and never around. I commented that maybe she was just uncomfortable as a Southside girl being around all of these elitist, snobby white folks at a silk stocking firm.

So I walked over to her when she was getting hors d’ oeuvres and introduced myself as a friendly overture. She gave me a dirty look, literally threw her head back and turned her back on me and walked back over to a group of senior partners gathered around Eden Martin! As if you say how dare you approach me you filthy little underling. I went back to my group of associates friends feeling embarrassed, and they just chuckled and said “told ya”.

So, Michele was not the sweet or kind person the media would like us to believe. She was an elitist and only was interested in those who could advance her personal interest, not ordinary folks. To this day, that episode was the rudest I have ever been treated by anyone, and there are lot of rude lawyers out there.

I never met Barack, but only heard about him second hand. My fellow associates who were summer interns with him (in ‘89 I think) described him as very tall, handsome, thin, and amiable, but pretty aloof. They commented of his love of basketball and that he was always up for a game, and that basketball and politics is all that grabbed his interest at the time. They stated that he did not seem to be interested in practicing law at a big firm and doing the hard and dull work that that entailed, was just drawing his big pay check, that he did not turn work assignments in on a timely matter, was gone frequently, and generally wanted to be a community organizer in preparation for a political career, not as a practicing attorney.

As a result, the firm, according to what I was told by people that should know, did not extend him an offer. So as shocking as it seems, our Obama apparently did not make the cut as a summer intern. I suspect that it is buried like all written documentation and will never see the light of day, but I do wonder if Obama could produce an offer letter from Sidley?

According to what I was told, and this is just second hand, he was not offered a job and was instead sent a regrets letter. This, of course, is not to say that he could not have succeeded if he wanted to. He is bright and quick, and I would hate to try a lawsuit against him, but certainly not the brilliant legal scholar and committed, talented practicing attorney that he has been portrayed as by the media. He was, and is very much a clever Southside Chicago pol, no more and no less.

According to Wikipedia, Obama was a summer associate with Hopkins & Sutter in 1990, and graduated in 1991 from Harvard. So that would suggest he was a first year summer intern at Sidley in 89 (?), was not offered to return for a second summer, took a summer intern job at Hopkins & Sutter, and probably did not get an offer there either — unless he can account for his time away from legal practice. Hopkins paid a top tier salary, so I doubt that he would turn that down if he was offered it.

Both were kind of odd cases at Sidley, frankly. Regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or other background, all other young lawyers to a person that I met were very committed to making a career at the firm, worked very hard at their projects, worked on honing their craft and were trying to build a reputation within the firm for doing quality legal work and build a career.

However, both Michele and Barack came into the firm and were treated very differently and behaved differently, more like political hires who were just using the firm as a political vehicle, getting a blue-chip firm stamp on their resume, and being funded in the meantime. Same basic “arrangement” as Bernadine Dohrn had. She did not do legal work to my knowledge and paying her a salary was simply a deposit in the favor bank to borrow a phrase from Bonfire of the Vanities. Mary A. Dempsey, current head of the Chicago Public Library and husband of super lawyer and Dem pol Phil Corboy, was another political hire. She did not really practice law but simply practiced Chicago politics and drew a salary at the same time. This is what they call the “Chicago Way.” Future leaders are not chosen on merit or strength of character but are simply groomed and co-opted as appartchniks of the political machine.

My strong sense is that both Michele and Barack Obama are mere empty creations of the Chicago political machine who advanced through the ranks in order to support vested political and economic interests. Who these vested interests were or what back room deals were made, no one will ever know.

Barack’s background as a “constitutional scholar” is widely acknowledged as being a sham by the true constitutional lawyers and scholars in Chicago. How can you be a constitutional scholar when you have not written a single legal brief on the subject, given a single meaningful scholarly lecture before experts, published a peer-reviewed scholarly articles or treatise?

There is simply no “there, there” which is why BHO is so lost when he goes off of teleprompter and seems to be so lost for answers and fresh ideas or even rudimentary knowledge — he is simply the spokesman for these hidden interests and power brokers who espouse a radical far left ideology and delivers the same old tired leftist adages and buzz words.

My measurement of him is that he is literally the living, breathing and tragically elected “Chauncey Gardiner of the Left.” (Remember the scene where the power brokers at the end of the film “Being There” were talking about raising Chance the gardener to the office of the President).”

Michelle Obama has been on court ordered inactive status with the Illinois State Attorneys bar from 1993, after only 4 years of practicing law. Many are curious to know what did she did, or didn’t do, to acquire this status.

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  1. Poor thing:


    Thank goodness, Valerie Jarrett approved.

  2. She looks adorable. Probably got to be state attorney because of her bite
    w ww.donottreadonus.wordpress.com

  3. “What big teeth you have”

    “All the better to eat you with, my dear”

    • Haaaahaaaaa.

      Just like Granny, tied up in the closet whilst they rummage through her apartment and write her bogus obit.

  4. Good post Papoose. I find this person interesting, as I have encountered these names alot the last 2 years.


    Who is Marti ?

  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACE_Limited

    Hummm…like ACE CASH EXPRESS, ACE Hardware and Johnny Cash…those names again…..

  6. Fugly FLOTUS coming to a nightmare near you soon:

  7. Great find Papoose. Is this the first time we’ve seen a real honest narrative of both MO and BO’s work habits as remembered by a one time associate. Of course others would have noticed they weren’t being held to the same standards and had to wonder why. Usually the freshmen lawyers are worked to death. This sentence stood out because of the unusual word usage.

    “Future leaders are not chosen on merit or strength of character but are simply groomed and co-opted as appartchniks of the political machine.” Did you click on the word appartchniks to see the definition?

    Also, I didn’t realize that Bernardine Dohrn, MO and BO were all associated with this one law firm. All three given a free ride without having to do the work? Another unusual sentence in Wiki. Sidley Austin reopened its New York office on Mon., September 17, 2001 in the old Sidley & Austin office on Third Ave. that it had planned on closing on September 16. Instead, it leased four additional floors in that location, in a deal completed less than three hours after the collapse of the World Trade Center.”

    • Barry’s their lackey and the perfect specimen to progress their agenda.

      They trained him in Non Profits and then created a biography for him. Hire David Asselrod and Voila!

    • Sidley-Austin has knack for hiring hiring cream of the crop crackerjacks!

      Christopher B. Seaman.

      Wonder when he’ll be appointed to head some made up Office in the West Wing.

  8. http://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2008/10/26/rbo-bill-ayers-red-star-symbolism/

    ~~~~ Special Request~~~

    Please put Uppity on the Blog Roll. Thank you!

  9. This video is about Michelle Obama

  10. Yo, Billy, Bernie and Moe,

  11. BREAKING NEWS !! This will be the 2nd person out of that department…the other one received a raise and a better job!

    Feb 9 11:51 pm

    It seems that fear of legal entanglement in Fukino’s statements, spurred move of self interest SNIPS

    Miss Janice S. Okubo garnered national fame on account of her duty to respond to hundreds of inquiries regarding Obama’s original vital records.

    This inference is based on the fact that Okubo, unlike her usual practice, is no longer answering UIPA requests, but instead, these responses are being sent out of an anonymous Department of Health information address.

    Letter sent to her….”not to mention the consequent legal liabilities of civil damages which could be sought against you personally and as a department by all the members of the armed forces who are maimed or killed serving under Obama, if in fact he is not eligible for the office of president, in not being a natural born citizen of the USA, either by reason of having a foreign father or being born outside Hawaii.”

    Perhaps my letter sparked a visit by Okubo to her personal attorney, and she acted in her own interest. Such a resignation at this time would be a very strong confirmation that my warning, above, is not based on mere speculation of facts, but on the actual situation in that Department.

  12. Great article Papoose. She reminds me of those nasty fish that suck off the side of the fish tank, only they serve a purpose!!

    Mary that was for you!!

    Where are you? You are truly missed.

  13. Grab your barf bag…Ron Reagan is finally proud of being his father’s son.

  14. Off topic but important,

    Stuff they won’t tell you:


    Evidence has reached debkafile’s counter-terror sources that the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 which crashed after takeoff from Beirut on January 25, killing all 92 aboard, was blown up in mid-air.
    This was an al-Qaeda operation timed for one month to the day after its failed attempt to destroy an American Northwest airliner bound for Detroit.
    It is becoming clear that either a bomb was planted on the Ethiopian flight with a timer or a passenger acted as suicide bomber.
    Western security agencies in the Middle East involved in combating al Qaeda believe that its planners picked on the Ethiopian flight for more than one reason apart from the date: They had been tipped off that a group of French undercover agents, including Maria Sanchez Pietton, wife of the French ambassador to Beirut, and top Hizballah operatives, including secretary general Hassan Nasrallah, would be aboard.
    Mme Pietton lost her life in the crash, while the Hizballah travelers were saved by switching to another flight at the last minute.
    The first bodies recovered from the Mediterranean off the Lebanese town of Naama showed all the hallmarks of explosion victims: They were found strapped to their seats with their heads, hands and feet blown off and scattered, typical effects of an explosive blast.
    Eye-witnesses at the time heard a loud explosion and saw the plane enveloped in a ball of fire as it gained altitude after takeoff from Beirut international airport.


    Why does this matter? Because the underwear bomber thing
    is now proven to work.

    Because a “stunning punch” is promised by the
    shiiteholes for Feb 11, that’s tomorrow.

    Just be aware.

    • Isn’t today their Feb. 11th? Aren’t they, because of the time factor, ahead of us?
      Frightening. Shouldn’t the Al Queda creeps have taken responsibility for it by now… as they love the attention and publicity.

      • bridge
        Mother Nature may have kept them out….

      • Bridge, It is about 12 hours ahead there, maybe a few less. It is now 2-11 there. Everyone stay very alert, but do not let their fear factor games get to you, as this is their game. Davem is too polite. They are shit. Pure, savage shit. I think all the snow is keeping things pretty quiet for now. AOne, you may be right.

      • I defy them.

        I dare them to Strike.

        Show me. Don’t tell me.

  15. Oh, contraire, davem.

    This is soooo On Topic.

    A thread about the Queen of the U.S. of antiAmerica is the topic.

  16. Papoose
    Please take that photo down… I can’t stand looking at it for another day!!!!!

    • It reminds us of what we are dealing with.

      • News
        I know …. But she’s soooo sssooo
        sooooo. ……. fugly

        • AOne…Remove her picture? You must be watching FOX. But she is so pretty …I know that because the MSM kept telling me that for 2 years. I am finally con – vinced. I think she is beautiful, a fashion icon. Everyone should look and dress like her. I am only sorry we don’t have a close up of her buffed arms for everyone to admire. Although there are plenty of pictures of her in sleeveless attire in midwinter..again, making a fashion statement that it is perfectly appropriate to now wear sleeveless in winter. We should be proud that this is our fist lady… look at.all of the love of America flowing from her mouth. And I can see her as a mother …such warmth. What child wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her sweet words…such lucky children. Indeed a woman to be admired. She has worked so hard behind the scenes to get where she is today.. her associate said so. Think of the obese children that will now get more attention than they already do. They will be such wonderful poster children while she is on her crusade to free our world of fat kids. Really put the attention on the kids rather than teaching nutrition to the adults that feed them…perfect. She is such a mentor as is her husband…I know because the MSM told me so.

          • oh yes, Bridgette, and since she is now my fashion icon, I only shop in the toddler section of neighborhood consignment shops for my sweaters. And I make my own poofy accessories from junk mail and product packaging, because at least if its not green, its green anyway.

            I am trying to gain 17 pounds too.

    • Bear with me, AOne. This too shall pass.

      • Papoose
        oh, thank you…… I am seeing faces and teeth in my sleep …….so glad to hear it is only a temporary

  17. Bridge
    I meant she is soooooo , soooooo, sooooooo
    I am running out to buy those sleeveless shirts so I could dress just like her……she is my idol. My roll model……
    I am planting my own veggie garden just like she did on her front lawn. (or was that my front lawn since I’m paying for it—whatever)…. And I never will be fat because I will bring my veggies in the house for my cook to prepare. And I never will be poor because I will get Everyone to pay for my garden and my chef and my house…I will distribute Everyones wealth to my chef and my hairdresser, my clothes picker-outter, my travel agent, my date reservationist and my party planner (did I forget anyone?)

    I didn’t mean “”REMOVE” the photo , I just
    meant “reproduce” it…… Hundreds of times….so we could redisribute” it all over the net. …..for everyone to enjoy

    • I couldn’t take it, that video, I tried. really tried, to watch it.

      What facial expressions she has. She went on and on and on. Her teeth looked pointed and her mouth bulged as she talked.

      I couldn’t watch her. couldn’t.

  18. Papoose, I think that pic may have been photoshopped. I think it is just too big of the chompers to be real. Do you think that the teeth in this pic are real ?
    I just cannot imagine it is real. No way !

  19. You said about some couples that the men and women deserve each other. It is more appropriate to say about the Chicago thug and thugette that they serve each other right.

    The couple of the year!

  20. Now, is this any way for us to talk about the fashion icon and international beauty?

  21. Oh nooooooooooooooooo its still there!!!!!

  22. For the Ladies on this thread…

  23. Do tell how overweight kids are linked to National Security?
    Hey what’s another $10 Billion. How about a Committee of Interested Citizens that would volunteer to get this done and not cost $10 billion to update the food pyramid…in fact I thought they just updated that food pyramid. Where do those people get their groceries now and why would the government be getting involved in the location of grocery stores?

    First Lady Links Childhood Obesity to National Security in Launch of ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign
    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

    At a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the launch of the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to end childhood obesity in the United States, an epidemic she said is costly and a threat to national security.

    Some of the goals include ending what Obama referred to as “food deserts” with a $400 million a year “Healthy Food Financing Initiative,” which will bring grocery stores to low-income neighborhoods and “help places like convenience stores carry healthier food options.”

    Obama called for overhauling many federal laws and guidelines, including adding $10 billion over the next decade to “update” the Childhood Nutrition Act, which feeds 31 million children at school and would add funding to feed more children.

    The federal food pyramid would also get a makeover through the campaign, and there would be new efforts to get manufacturers to add “family friendly front-of-package labeling” that discloses a product’s nutritional value.

    The First Lady said a broad coalition of groups interested in children’s health are coming together to form the Partnership for a Healthier America, which will use professional athletes, members of the media, and state and local dignitaries to promote the “Let’s Move” campaign and its goals around the country.


    • From the CNN Report:

      Obama used anecdotal details from her own life to explain the challenges faced by overworked parents and children who spend too much time watching TV or playing video games because their neighborhoods are unsafe for playing outside.

      Really? Well then maybe they should use taht $10,000,000,000 to clean up the crime in the inner cities. That to me seems to be a major problem for national security.


      Hope Lame Cherry has a chance to examine that photograph of the sweet potato being held by the jolly green giant.

  24. fat and national security …. Makes sense to me…..
    Duh….if everyone is fat, who could jump over the seats on an airplane to stop a crotch bomber from setting fire to his crotch, and do his dasterly deed?
    What if everyone in our new domestic army is very, very fat…… Who would protect us from ourselves?
    Fat men marching……just imagine

    • I read somewhere in support of Michelle’s new fat program after using her kids as tools for propaganda and checking their BMI…yeah, they sure look overweight…that they intend to monitor and legislate what the school lunches are and what goes into all school vending machines…overstepping State’s rights to regulate. I wonder what food producers are in on this to promote their foods? Then pushing grocery chains to put a market into the “bad” neighborhoods. I think the chains prefer not to be robbed, and that they know they don’t want their employees working there either. Clean up the neighborhoods and the food chains will come.

      Also, they are using the applicants to the military as targets. Supposedly the really overweight guys aren’t allowed in, and there is a high percentage. I thought the overweight guys wanted to go in to get buff.

      Overly obese wouldn’t be admitted for health reasons, they’re probably told to lose some weight and come back for reconsideration. Sounds like a normal employer to me.

      • Overweight people are none of her business.

        Take the vending machines out of the schools.

        ~ Every person I ever knew that went into the service came home from boot camp buff.

  25. There goes $10,000,000, 000 down the drain.

    If they have $10 Billion dollars to blow, how about feeding people? Oooooo, we already do that.

    Who do they think they’re kidding? Theft by Executive Order. How about about putting a few billion back into the Social Security Fund so the elderly can eat healthy? I love the way they deem it an Entitlement Program when we have been paying into all of our lives.

  26. Placing this here since it is the latest post concerning the O’s retired Chicago physician Quentin Young ‘the Father of Single Payer’… and a little info on Mike Soto’s testimony in the investigation of the Internal Security Act in March 1970 before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Also mentions the Heartland Cafe and Cook County Hospital.


  27. Michelle Obama thinks doubts about her have eased
    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama wears blinders, of sorts. That helps her to see the real America

    “I try to keep home kind of a news-free zone”

    And should there be any lingering question, she added: “I love my country.


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