Without Fear or Favor?

In April 2016, the FBI began a counterintelligence investigation of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, based upon a dubious dossier full of lies and false allegations, compiled by a foreign citizen who was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign. (Read here, here, here, and here for a comprehensive overview of the totality of this mendacity.)

The counterintelligence investigation of candidate Trump and then, after his election, the on-going, presidency-spanning investigation(s) of President Trump were premised upon the false notion that he posed a threat to national security. (Note: The investigators knew that all of this was a hoax; they pursued the President anyway.)

If Trump truly were “colluding” with the Russians–so their lame explanatory narrative went–then his entire presidency posed a grave risk to our nation. Therefore, the Deep State and anyone else in government or politics who opposed Trump’s presidency never treated President Trump as if he was president, despite that he was elected president by We the People, who rule in this nation. Instead, they illegally spied on him and tried to oust him from power by any means necessary.

These people gave no deference or respect whatsoever to President Trump as president; their lack of deference, respect, or even common courtesy towards Trump continues to this day. By extension, these people exhibit no deference or respect whatsoever for We the People, who pay their salaries and whom they must serve, not rule.

Deep State actors as well as many in Congress did everything in their power to tie President Trump’s hands, even using lawfare, to prevent him, in any way possible, from acting as president, his presidency usurped by unelected bureaucrats who seemed to believe that Trump answered to them or to his political opponents in Congress.

As we all know by now, Trump was and remains innocent of all of these spurious allegations made against him by his (and by extension, our) political enemies.

Before the 2020 presidential election, the son of then-candidate Joe Biden “lost” a personal laptop by failing to pick it up from a repair shop. Subsequently, the laptop ended up in the hands of the FBI. The contents of the “laptop from Hell” are scandalous in many ways, full of debauchery and apparent criminal behavior. The laptop contained

a raunchy, 12-minute video that appears to show Hunter … smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman, as well as numerous other sexually explicit images.

Sex, illicit drugs, pornographic images, prostitution, even allegations of the sexual abuse of underage girls, however, are the least of what the nowverified laptop revealed.

What’s most alarming and most pertinent to We the People is what the laptop reveals about the current president: [emphasis added to quotes]

According to Fox News Digital, then-Vice President Biden met with 14 of Hunter’s business associates during his tenure, including officials from China, Mexico, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. 

Critics worry these meetings could signal Chinese influence at the highest levels of the U.S. government. 

“I’m not surprised that the Chinese government probably has a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop,” [computer repairman John Paul Mac] Isaac said. “He was very careless with his electronic devices, so whether they’re using that as leverage over the Biden administration, it’s really hard to tell.

“It just seems like … between lithium mines in Afghanistan and how we’ve handled Taiwan, it just seems like we’re going soft on China,” he continued. “And it begs the question, is it because they know something we don’t? Are they holding something over the Bidens? It’s hard to tell.”

Recently, Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, insisted that the DOJ and the FBI are above reproach:

Since I became attorney general, I have made clear that the Department of Justice will speak through its court filings and its work. … Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly, without fear or favor. Under my watch, that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing.

In a fit of pique, Garland complained:

[L]et me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the FBI and Justice Department agents and prosecutors. I will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked.

So “professional” are they, so full of “integrity,” that in no time at all these honorable professionals had leaked to the media numerous details about the raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence!

One wonders what Garland is doing to root out these criminals from the ranks of his own employees.

Just today we see yet another example of the integrity and professionalism of Garland’s DOJ:

At least one lawyer for former President Donald Trump signed a written statement in June asserting that all material marked as classified and held in boxes in a storage area at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and club had been returned to the government, four people with knowledge of the document said.

The written declaration was made after a visit June 3 to Mar-a-Lago by Jay I. Bratt, the top counterintelligence official in the Justice Department’s national security division. …

In an effort to resolve the dispute, Bratt and other officials visited Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, in early June, briefly meeting Trump while they were there. Two of Trump’s lawyers, M. Evan Corcoran and Christina Bobb, spoke with Bratt and a small number of investigators he traveled with, people briefed on the meeting said.

In recent months, investigators were in contact with roughly a half-dozen of Trump’s current aides who had knowledge of how the documents that had been kept at Mar-a-Lago were handled, two people briefed on the approaches said. At least one witness provided the investigators with information that led them to want to further press Trump for material, according to a person familiar with the inquiry.

As usual, the Biden DOJ, the Deep State, and/or these mysterious anonymous people who were “briefed” on the (top secret, grand jury) investigation are leaking like a sieve.

Note that whenever FBI officials–including but not limited to FBI Director Wray–testify under oath before Congress, they habitually claim that they cannot answer questions posed by the representatives of We the People. They don’t answer our representatives, who are tasked with oversight of the intelligence community, on the premise that they must protect the confidentiality of “on-going investigations.” (With one caveat: They will speak (or leak) if doing so damages their political enemies, chief among them President Trump.)

But, oh, no! There’s no way the DOJ under Merrick Garland is politicized or abusing its massive power.

How dare you peons suggest otherwise?

If Garland were an honest, unbiased public servant and with a “matter” this “sensitive,” shouldn’t he be doing everything in his power to stop these leaks for the sake of “national security,” not to mention to preserve the constitutional rights of President Trump?

Isn’t Trump, as a U.S. citizen and former president supported by more than half the citizens of this nation, we who pay Garland’s salary, worthy of constitutional protection and due process?

Without fear or favor, my ass!

Here’s another question that Garland needs to answer: Based upon the contents of Hunter Biden’s now-confirmed laptop, which has been in the possession of Garland’s FBI for close to 2 years, has his FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation of President Joe Biden?

If not, why not? If he has, then why no leaks about that counterintelligence investigation to the New York Times?

Surely there’s more than enough smoke in the communications on that laptop to suggest that President Biden may be compromised, may be, shall we say, “colluding” with foreign governments. If true, then doesn’t that pose a very grave threat to national security? Doesn’t such a possibility require investigation?

Isn’t it incumbent upon Merrick Garland to see to it that our national security is not at risk based upon the information on that laptop? I’m not the only one who thinks so. Neil Oliver writes:

Now I ask myself on a daily basis how I ignored the stench for so long. Across the Atlantic, the Biden White House sent the FBI to raid the home of former president Donald Trump. Meanwhile Joe Biden and his son Hunter – he of the laptop full of the most appalling and incriminating content – fly together on Airforce 1. No raids planned on the Obamas, nor on the Clintons. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan and onwards to China. Her son Paul, an investor in a Chinese tech firm and with seats on the board of companies dealing in lithium, was along for the ride, into that part of the world where three quarters of the world’s lithium batteries are made. Taiwan leads in that technology.

Shouldn’t Garland perhaps look into these concerning connections between Pelosi, her son, and China?

Shouldn’t Garland appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden, as was done in the case of President Trump?

If Garland doesn’t investigate Biden or appoint a special counsel to investigate him, then how can Garland say, with a straight face, that he “applies the law, without fear or favor?”

He can’t, because he doesn’t.



148 responses to “Without Fear or Favor?

  1. https://www.newsweek.com/exclusive-informer-told-fbi-what-docs-trump-was-hiding-where-1732283

    Don’t know if I linked that one anywhere.

    “The raid on Mar-a-Lago was based largely on information from an FBI confidential human source, one who was able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents, two senior government officials told Newsweek.

    The officials, who have direct knowledge of the FBI’s deliberations and were granted anonymity in order to discuss sensitive matters, said the raid of Donald Trump’s Florida residence was deliberately timed to occur when the former president was away. …”

    SO ETHICAL! So professional. Such integrity.

    • They’re setting up all of us to be “domestic terrorists” who are a threat to “our democracy,” just like they set up the protesters on 1/6.

  2. Donald Trump Warns ‘Terrible Things Are Going to Happen’ Unless Political Temperature Cools; Blames FBI Raid

    He pointed to President Joe Biden’s Justice Department as responsible for fueling the Anger from his supporters but said he had not Heard from any of the Officials about Addressing IT !!!


    • It’s typical. On 1/6, they complained that Trump did nothing to stop the protest. So this time, he contacts Garland to ask what he can do and the stenographers in the media paint that as a “threat”. Here’s what they would answer Trump, about what he can do: Just shut up, don’t campaign, don’t talk to anyone, stay off all social media, GIVE UP. That’s what they want.

      We the People who support Trump no longer, in their opinion, have ANY RIGHT to petition our government for redress of grievances, ANY RIGHT to free speech, ANY RIGHT to even complain about or ask for investigations into the outright illegalities and violations of constitutional rights being perpetrated by Biden’s regime.

      Since when, btw, and I’m no lawyer but DO know how to read, think, and research: Since when is it okay to “go outside the bounds of the four corners of a search warrant,” and then just take everything, no matter where it’s located, and return what’s not needed to prosecute the victim of their unconstitutional behavior?

      A warrant is NOT supposed to be a “general warrant,” which is what King George would do. Go in and take everything first, no due process. A warrant is supposed to be as narrow as possible, to show probable cause as to what’s there, what’s to be seized, and WHERE it is. That’s supposed to be spelled out. There is no authority, so far as I know, for them to go on a fishing expedition, to take everything, to READ EVERYTHING, even attorney/client or executive privileged documents, and then return them with a wink and a nod and we’re supposed to believe they won’t use what they illegally learned politically to damage their victim. They had no right WHATSOEVER to take his passports. That’s obvious. Unless, and this would be unbelievable because what? It’s prior restraint? Unless they had the passports itemized in the warrant and the judge okayed them seizing them. On what basis could that be? On the premise that he’s guilty and so must be kept from fleeing? If so, it’s outrageous. That’s the kind of thing that happens to criminals once they’re indicted and before the bar, waiting to post bail. They must SHOW probable cause that the person WILL flee the country.

      You know they didn’t have permission in the warrant to seize his passports. This judge must be a complete idiot, imho. Maybe, just maybe, he’s realizing how he was set up. Why did they return the passports after getting NBC dupes to LIE and say they didn’t “have” them? I hope Norah O’Donnell realizes how SHE was set up. They technically perhaps were correct to say they weren’t in the FBI’s possession, but that’s ONLY because they were either at the DOJ lawyer’s waiting to be (and this is some nerve) PICKED UP by Trump’s lawyer. They STEAL his passports but make him come to get them back! Could they not have dispatched some flunky to return them to the REAL POTUS?

      In any case, maybe this fiasco made the judge realize how he was duped. Or maybe how these people he perhaps trusted to do things by the book, even though the entire premise of the raid is outrageous, couldn’t be trusted.

      They talk about, in an email to Trump’s lawyers, “filter teams” who, I assume, were there to FILTER the items and only take what was authorized. They didn’t do it. They must have taken the passports deliberately, as some suggest, to ENRAGE Trump and his supporters to instigate chaos and to set up the false flags that they already are blaming on We the People who support Trump. So the judge must be an idiot or else he, too, has TDS. I wonder if he’s enjoying the possibility that this is career ending OR maybe he’s already been promised the next SCOTUS nomination. Just a thought, while we’re still allowed to have and express them.


      See how disinformation works? Or is it misinformation to deliberately mislead by parsing to lead people to a false assumption? They didn’t have it in their possession AT THAT TIME, but they had stolen them (if not specified on the warrant) and so Trump was right, because if they were on the warrant, they wouldn’t have returned them. Oh, or maybe they were parsing to include them as “government documents” created during Trump’s presidency.


      Ok. So it appears the filtering takes place AFTER the seizure!

      “The source said the passports were given back to Trump after they were discovered by a “filter team,” a group of federal investigators who screen the materials seized during the execution of a search warrant for privileged or extraneous information.

      The FBI said in a statement that when executing search warrants, the bureau “follows search and seizure procedures ordered by courts, then returns items that we do not need to be retained for law enforcement purposes.” …”

      Say what? Are the blaming the judge for just vacuuming up whatever paper they found to go through LATER? Seize first, check to see if it’s “warranted” LATER? That’s how due process and constitutional search and seizure is SUPPOSED to work? They followed the “search and seizure procedures ORDERED by courts?”

      To whom, may we speculate, do they release items they don’t “need” to “retain” for their law enforcement purposes? iow, do they copy and then LEAK anything they illegally READ from their fishing expedition to the victim’s political (or other) enemies? Sounds like it.

      Are they alleging that this judge ORDERED them to seize all Trump’s papers to be read and then, if they don’t serve their purpose (show me the man and I’ll show you the crime), they can then be returned as if THIS MEETS CONSTITUTIONAL CRITERIA?

      No wonder everybody wants to see this affidavit of probable cause. I didn’t see anything in that warrant that was released that authorized them to seize Trump’s passports.

      • But wait! I thought the “filter agents” were working after the fact on the documents brought to them from the raid. But, as usual, the FACTS vary. This story seems to say the “filter agents” themselves SEIZED Trump’s passports. Therefore, they did it deliberately? They didn’t FILTER on the spot but took everything like a vacuum cleaner? https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/fbi-returns-trump-passports-seized-131228370.html

        An email “received from Jay Bratt, a top Justice Department official, alerting them that the passports had been taken and would be returned.

        “We have learned that the filter agents seized three passports belonging to President Trump, two expired and one being his active diplomatic passport. We are returning them, and they will be ready for pickup at WFO at 2 pm today,” Bratt wrote, referring to the bureau’s Washington field office. …”

        Seems pretty clear that the “filtering” was supposed to be taking place BEFORE items were seized. That’s the purpose of filtering, so they conform to the letter and spirit of the warrant.

        See here: https://definitions.uslegal.com/g/general-warrant/

        “Historically, general warrant was issued by the English Secretary of State for the arrest of the author, printer, or publisher of a seditious libel, without naming the persons to be arrested. Such warrants were banned by Parliament in 1766.

        A general warrant refers to a warrant providing a law-enforcement officer with broad discretion or authority to search and seize unspecified places or persons. A general warrant lacks a sufficiently particularized description of the person or thing to be seized or the place to be searched. General warrants are unconstitutional because they do not meet the Fourth Amendment’s specificity requirements.

        There are media stenographers and even some lawfare lawyers claiming that seizing everything and sorting later (aka fishing expedition) is legal. I repeat:

        “A general warrant lacks a sufficiently particularized description of the person or thing to be seized or the place to be searched. General warrants are unconstitutional because they do not meet the Fourth Amendment’s specificity requirements. …”

        But, you see, Trump and his supporters HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, 4th amendment or otherwise.

        Some background I just found: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/the-regime-wants-its-revenge/

        btw, it’s pretty interesting that this story can be found all over the Web, as if the stenographers got the script: https://thefacts.com/opinion/article_18056a11-ce44-5d32-94aa-d19eb7f4af8e.html

        Of course, instead of focusing on the general warrant unconstitutionality, they want us to believe that Garland met the hurdle of “probable cause,” or else he wouldn’t have gotten the warrant from the judge they dredged up after judge shopping to find one involved with the shady Epstein criminals.

  3. Mat”-a-Lago … <> BARRY SO-TAR’O’ ???

    Trump is now saying that the Feds Stole his Pass – Ports. ???

    Misspelling: Mat-a-Lago


    • Answer: To spy, to find, seize, and LEAK to the media and his enemies in Congress, anything that will help to stymie his next run for the presidency.

  4. Huff >Post
    Mary Trump Speculates Jared Kushner Could Be Mar-a-Lago Snitch

    INSIDER ……. ha’
    Mary Trump speculates that Jared Kushner could be the ‘Mar-a-Lago mole’ after reports say an informant close to Trump guided FBI agents to the documents


    Did the FBI ‘bug’ Mar-a-Lago?

    • They probably already bugged a lot of it, but this gave them the opportunity to place even more bugs. I hope Trump hires the best to find and remove any spy tech.

  6. Trump is the Most popular political leader today, more popular than Biden, Harris and Pelosi
    Posted | August 15, 2022 | No Comments @ ORLY’s …

    Favorability Ratings: U.S. Political Leaders
    Favorable Unfavorable Spread
    Joe Biden 40.1 55.5 -15.4
    Kamala Harris 35.3 53.8 -18.5
    Donald Trump 42.0 53.7 -11.7
    Nancy Pelosi 32.0 57.0 -25.0
    Kevin McCarthy 20.7 41.7 -21.0
    Chuck Schumer 28.7 45.0 -16.3
    Mitch McConnell 23.7 56.0 -32.3

    • As if the FBI can’t figure out how to find those who spread disinformation, in their view, by looking for FIB as well as FBI in commentary.

    • Not to mention that Arkansas guy who hung himself and simultaneously shot himself with a shotgun! Wow. I didn’t know that she just finished a movie about child trafficking. Interesting angle to remind everyone about those cars that inexplicably accelerate and then crash, seemingly on their own. Wasn’t there some other guy this happened to? I remember seeing video of the car careening and then crashing. I don’t think it was any of the cases LC mentions. I wondered, too, how Heche could have sat up, looking messed up but not particularly burned, and then the next thing you know she’s on life support. Hair burns like crazy and her hair was intact. The back of her shirt was, too. I don’t know. What say you? Does it make sense she’d be targeted?

      And what about the people who still say/imply that Alec Baldwin should be charged with murder or, at least, manslaughter because he “pulled the trigger.”

      Why wouldn’t an actor, acting out a scene for a movie and using what’s supposed to be a dummy gun, NOT pull the trigger? Is it some unknown, unwritten rule? If so, then why have a trigger in the first place? If they’re using blanks, then don’t the actors have to pull the trigger?

  7. Hope you all bear with me. I’ll try to be around more. I had to deal with an emergency over the past few days.

  8. LIFE on LIFE’S TERMS … when the DUST SETTLES!!! ^

  9. See Ya ’Round, Liz
    Cheney’s trouncing Tuesday shows just how fed up the Right
    ….. is with Never Trumpers.

    We already know they’re ineffective at stopping the Democrats. Tuesday proved they’re ineffective at stopping the MAGA/revivalist movement which is just cranking back up.

    Bye, Liz. We’ll see you in the Funny papers.

    * Trever jdondet •
    ”I never got rid of my Trump signs!”
    I still see Trump signs on front lawns — & in California, yet!

    She came for Trump’s Head, & found herself decapitated.
    Yeah. Ain’t it shame? 🙂
    ^^^ Best comment!


  10. Comparing first ladies: Jill vs. Melania
    By Pete McArdle ….

    * Aqua Sear
    Pete McArdle I just fell in love with you. I am so glad I read this article. This has to be the funniest line ever written… “Like Hunter Biden on a crack binge with twin hookers, I could go on forever” although this line made me laugh out loud… “She’ll soon be forgotten, both by history & her husband.”

    I desperately needed some refreshing laughter and this article is a smooth tonic.
    Thank you

    PS: your comment “Assuming Crusty Joe’s DoJ and FBI lapdogs don’t ignite the Second Civil War by first indicting then arresting Donald Trump… “ It is nice to know that I am not the only one who sees where this is going. It will be a sad day when they arrest President Trump; another day in a long line of depressing days for so many of us who reveres our Constitution & America. But we have the hope that God wins in the end, so I try to be of good cheer & your article helped a lot.

    * SIGNE Knapp
    I love the line re abortion & being Hunter’s stepmom!


  11. W T F ??? USA ! …WAKE UP … !!!!!!!!! …. H E L P !!!!!

    TX National Guard blocks illegals from coming in on private land, but Border Patrol shows up & let’s them all in… [VIDEOS]


  12. Y. .? WHY ??? CAN’T SAY WHY …BUTT’ !!! WTP …R SMART 1’s !

    • They won’t release anything that might prove who REALLY was behind J6.

    • YES!!! This was a YUGE tell and probably “misspeaking” on his part. The imp of the perverse strikes again:

      “In an interview Wednesday morning with Steve Bannon’s “War Room” show, Beattie cited an Epoch Times story reporting that the mysterious unindicted figure seen on video urging Trump supporters on multiple occasions to go inside the Capitol building, Ray Epps, referenced bombs in an interview with the FBI. …”

      He mentioned this AS IF he knew about these things. Hmmm.

      • Wondering if THIS is the FBI agent behind the warrant and the affidavit for the Mar-a-Lago search: D’Antuono

        From that story you linked. He was behind the alleged plot on Whitmer, gets transferred to overseeing the DC FBI, and suddenly that raid on Trump.

        • “The FBI said in August it had not found evidence that Jan. 6 was the result of an organized plot to overturn the election, according to four current and former law enforcement officials. …”

          True, but they forget to mention the REAL organized plot, which was to “overturn” the OBJECTION to the election. That plot succeeded and it wasn’t perpetrated by any Trump supporters. Quite the contrary.

    • WHAT???!!! This is outrageous. Mandatory Google participation, to boot.

      • Best case: This is just your garden variety nod, nod, wink, wink, say no more profiteering by the companies and the powers that be who decide who gets the contract and mutually benefit financially. Worse case: You can imagine, but that would be a “tin foil hat conspiracy theory,” right?

  13. BOOM: Gov DeSantis
    announces 20 people arrested for …
    >>> Voter Fraud <<< under new “Office of Election Crimes”


    • Yep, and we’re supposed to believe all mass shooters are white males, but only because they play games with the definitions and they automatically EXCLUDE gang warfare or crime in inner cities perpetrated by POCs.

  14. Sprawling Homeless Migration to Suburbs Forces Portlanders
    to Flee ….. !!!


    this “homeLess” Scam is just another democrat attack on personal property rights. the bums R just another arm of the democRat assault on America.

    Just like Yellowstone bears & bird feeders. Stop feeding Them
    ….. & they’ll go Away.

    There are not “homeless”. They R Con artists & Grifters. They are Illegal Squatters.
    …. mOST >>> R > takers & > abusers.

    Everything run by democrats eventually Goes to SH!T!!!!!!!

  15. Corrupt & Conflicted, Judge Who Authorized General Search Warrant and Raid on Trump Home Says Some Background Material May Be Needed to Protect Deep State from Tar & Feathers …+comments!

    • So unbelievable. He recuses from the Trump anti-Clinton RICO case and yet doesn’t recuse on the search warrant issue that will HELP the Clinton cabal in that very case. (Provided the warrant allows them to seize the documents proving their complicity and/or allow them to use the excuse of the “ongoing investigation” to HIDE ALL OF IT that remains (unless destroyed already) in the FBI’s or Deep State’s possession, maybe even in Durham’s possession.)

    • What a great way to put it. What a great map for a Republican ad. But they won’t use this, will they? Just as the RINOs won’t use border enforcement (or lack thereof) for the most part. What are they running on? As usual, NOT THE #1 concern of We the People, which has been our #1 concern since the Bush days. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND BORDER ENFORCEMENT. It’s as if they want to lose.

  16. HEY> F J B >> $$$ American Taxpayer $ Money $$ to build a $ecurity fence around HIS??? Vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


    • I heard Joe’s coming back from one vacation only to go home to another vacation. There actually was a mainstream media story reporting that he’s now beat Trump’s record for days off (even though Trump worked through what the media called his days off).

  17. …… &$&-$@-$#$%&+ )))))()((((( REALLY ??? WTF ??????


    • It’s frightening. Beyond the sadness of their deaths, may they rest in peace, consider the loss of these medical skills. All the time invested in their training. All the patients who will not now benefit from their expertise.

    • Wow. Did he really say that? I love it. But think about this: The DemoncRAT plot is to create fear of a civil war, accuse Republicans and especially Trump and We the People of instigating or promoting it, and then use that to suppress, censor, arrest, illegally hold without due process, harass, or worse any of their political enemies. All to grab and hold POWER, especially in Nov. and in two years. They are hard pressed. This is their last gasp and they’re not going to give up without the fight of their lives. With all the vote fraud, with all the lawfare, they almost ensure this result they claim to fear. Martial law is their likely goal. Suspend elections. False flags coming. More of them, I mean.

      • It’s insidious when you think about it: Many of the Jan. 6 political prisoners are held on the premise that they wanted to obstruct Congress when that’s exactly what those who orchestrated the false flag of the “insurrection” did themselves. The people were there at the Capitol to ENSURE that the objection to the vote count in Congress would PROCEED AS LAID OUT IN THE CONSTITUTION AND UNDER THE LAW.

        What obstructed Congress was this phony, ginned up “insurrection” that gave Pence et al an EXCUSE to obstruct the legal process of challenging the vote count. No objections were heard. No process to examine these objections or vote upon their validity was followed, probably because the objections would be sustained and the election thrown to the House, which would have given Trump the win he deserved.

        THAT’S what was obstructed.

        And so why would those invested in seeing the process of the challenge to the electoral count go forward and succeed WANT the process subverted? They wouldn’t.

        Who wanted it subverted? Anybody who wanted to ensure that the “steal” happened and that Biden would be installed, despite all the obvious fraud that was NEVER INVESTIGATED by any court. Despite the fact that he really did lose and only seemed to win by FRAUDULENT “votes” across the nation.

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