Dead People Walking?

What’s behind the seeming rise of emerging and reemerging infectious and parasitic diseases, not only in the United States, but also around the world?

Diseases seldom, if ever, seen in the USA are cropping up with increased frequency.

Emerging diseases include HIV infections, SARS, Lyme disease, Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli), hantavirus, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus.

Reemerging diseases are diseases that reappear after they have been on a significant decline. …

Reemerging diseases include malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, pertussis, influenza, pneumococcal disease, and gonorrhea.

Not mentioned above, another emerging disease in the news is monkeypox. Hitherto unknown in this country, monkeypox is a huge concern, so much so that researchers plan to test wastewater throughout the nation to get a better handle on its spread.

In addition, researchers will test for COVID-19 and its newer variants, influenza A and RSV. The latter is yet another infectious disease that is increasing its incidence as well as, unusually, showing up throughout the year.

Another emerging disease is melioidosis, which appeared in the U.S. this year.

Melioidosis is predominately a disease of tropical climates, especially in Southeast Asia and northern Australia where it is widespread. However, B. psuedomallei was also found in the environment along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi in the United States in 2022. CDC And state partners are investigating to determine how widespread the bacteria is within the continental United States.

Examples of recently reemerging diseases in the U.S. are polio and measles. A scourge of the mid-20th century, polio was eradicated here, but is now reappearing:

New York officials are warning that hundreds of Empire state residents may already be infected with the devastating polio virus after it was detected in wastewater of a second county in the state.

State surveillance detected presence of the polio virus in at least two different areas of Orange County, New York – around an hours drive from New York City – in June and July. It comes within weeks of officials announcing a confirmed polio case in Rockland County – just northwest of the Big Apple’s Bronx borough. The virus was also detected in Rockland wastewater last month.

Lyme disease is also on the increase, as are cases of “brain-eating amoeba” infection.

So what’s up?

The mainstream media, as expected, seem to be trying to get out in front of this phenomenon with their own narratives. For example, the COVID pandemic caused people to not get “required” vaccinations or to put off checkups.

Another narrative blames, of course, “climate change,” a favorite liberal bugaboo. [That post has held up well, just replace Agenda 21 with Agenda 2030.]

What one factor do they seem to avoid? COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Many doctors propose that these vaccines (which are not actually vaccines but are, instead, a form of gene therapy) have, perhaps inadvertently, damaged the immune systems of recipients. This damage, they suggest, explains the sudden increase in “excess deaths,” which are up by 40%.

It’s been observed that those who received mRNA therapy are now at greater risk from COVID-19’s newer variants than are the unvaccinated. This effect grows with the number of boosters received.

It’s posited that the jabs themselves act to desensitize individuals to the virus’s spike protein, in the same way that allergy shots desensitize a person to, say, cat dander. As a result, when a many-times-vaxxed person encounters a new COVID variant, “immune imprinting” prevents that person from mounting an effective defense against the virus.

With regard to excess deaths, however, the situation may be even more dire, with the emergence of new cancers and reemerging cancers thought to be in remission.

Even a layperson can hypothesize that this indicates damage to a person’s immune system. Consider:

“The ability to suppress the scope and scale of vaccine injuries is starting to slip,” Dr. [Pierre] Kory said. “The ERs, neurologists, cardiologists, and oncologists are seeing many diseases in young people that they’ve never seen before: heart attack, stroke, sudden death, and cancers. And you cannot suppress that – You cannot continue to suppress that…the safe and effective narrative is now being questioned – the number of people showing up for their boosters is at a plateau, if not decreasing.” …

What caused this damage? The same thing that caused a sudden, yet-to-be-explained rise in emerging and reemerging infectious and parasitic diseases in the USA?

It only stands to reason that if an untested gene therapy may damage the immune system, leading to cancer or the reemergence of cancer in remission, then that same damaged immune system may make a person more susceptible to any infectious agent encountered in the environment.

We will only find the answers to these phenomena if scientists are allowed to look, without censorship, for all possible answers. That’s what science is all about. Or at least that’s what science used to be all about.

To read more, this link has a comprehensive list of articles about excess mortality, and this link also contains information about these deaths.



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      Remember how Sandy Burglar was just “sloppy?”

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      Wow. This is amazing:

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