Astroturfed Mob Mentality

While the progressive left blames President Trump for the actions of one unhinged man who shot newspaper employees because of a personal vendetta, members of the progressive left, apparently following the advice of Rep. Maxine Waters, are attacking young female reporters.

You probably won’t see video of the bullying on the mainstream TV news; you probably won’t see anyone in authority arresting, detaining, or prosecuting these “protesters” for what are examples of racial and sexual harassment and assault (hate crimes); and you probably won’t see anyone on the progressive left blame Maxine Waters or, for that matter, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama (apparently our “real president“), for inciting these attacks on the media with their own dog whistle language.

During “protests” astroturfed by the community-organizer-in-chief, young white female reporters were bullied by a mob in Portland, OR:

While doing her live report, a protester confronted [Genevieve] Reaume by shoving a cellphone in her face and saying “look at her, she’s reporting the most f*cked up news there is to f*cking report.”

“You stay the snitching little b*tch that you are,” a protester is heard saying on the video. “You in the orange, those shoes are very tacky with that outfit boo-boo, your clunky ass.”

Another protester chimes in saying, “and your eyeliner is clumpy — it looks like a hot mess. Check your makeup before you go out next time, runny.”

“That sh*t looks cheap as f*ck, so does your foundation,” the abuse continues.

The vicious attacks on Reaume’s appearance persisted until she was eventually forced to end her coverage.

Another reporter was “grabbed and shoved,” apparently by the same group:

The reporter later tweeted that the mob’s behavior was “frightening” to her.

As with the Ferguson “protests,” it seems that the progressive left will continue to be allowed their “direct action” (criminal behavior) during “protests,” especially given that they very carefully make sure to stage these events in Democrat-run cities. In those cities, sympathetic politicians are more likely to order the police to “stand down.”

The longer this kind of uncivil behavior is tolerated, indeed encouraged, the more of it our society will see, to the detriment of all.

It’s no coincidence that members of President Trump’s administration are being attacked in public and little if nothing is being done to the perpetrators, other than them becoming folk heroes in “progressive world,” which includes the media.

Today is supposed to be a particular day of protest against President Trump’s policies. Already the media are reporting on the “hundreds” and “thousands” who are expected to attend these events.

How much coverage will they give to the millions who are in tune with the president’s policies, especially on illegal immigration?

Imagine a headline reading:

Hundreds of Millions Don’t Turn Out to Protest Trump’s Immigration Policy

That’s something you’ll never see.

Indeed, you probably also won’t see very much reporting about recent polls that show that President Trump’s approval rating has gone up since the astroturfed “crisis” about “family separations” began. Interestingly enough, the separations result from rules promulgated by Bill Clinton and Obama.

Trump’s approval rating has actually risen 10 points (!) among Hispanics. Americans “overwhelmingly support Trump’s position on immigration.”

Yes, being compassionate people, Americans prefer that families (if they are indeed families, which many are not) remain together. However, We the People want the families detained together and then deported together, if they’re illegally in this country and ineligible for asylum (a status that describes most of the border crashers).

At the top of this post is an image of protesters at the Capitol office building this past week. They rolled themselves in silver blankets, to symbolize Trump’s treatment of detained illegal alien children. (They look like idiots.)

Unfortunately for the protesters, the images of alleged mistreatment come from the Obama administration. Oh, the horror!

Border patrol agents have said that conditions for detainees are better under Trump and that the media are distorting reality for political reasons.

There are more images showing how Obama separated and detained illegal alien children at this link.

These protesters, however, don’t care about the truth. In fact, they ignore the truth because they can’t handle the truth. All they really want is an excuse, any excuse, to protest and to “resist” President Trump who, despite what Tom Perez thinks, is indeed the

Real President of the USA.

We the Real People of the United States, its citizens, are paying attention. We the Real People of the United States are the hundreds of millions who are NOT turning out to protest the president or to support illegal immigration.

Instead, We the Real People of the USA are gearing up to enjoy the Fourth of July holiday, when all the citizens of the USA should get down on their knees and thank God for this wonderful Republic.

We the Real People of the United States will be flying our flag, the Stars and Stripes, instead of the Mexican flag, as these “protesters” are doing. SHAME!

God Bless the USA!

And may God bless the real president of these United States.



74 responses to “Astroturfed Mob Mentality

    • If this is being pushed NOW as a meme and not as a revelation of TRUTH, then you have to think about who benefits. Are they TRYING now to make it seem as if the birther issue was the equivalent of today’s Trump dossier–that is, FAKE but just another example of Clinton’s by-any-means-necessary method to get power? If so, it’s not working on me. Yeah, she’s a liar and corrupt, but THIS is one case where she was telling the truth, imho.

  1. NO LADY ….HERE …. U R NOT!….
    Characterizing her expressive protest, Okoumou borrowed……
    Michelle Obama’s bygone phrase,
    telling reporters Thursday,
    “‘When they go low, we go high.’
    I went as high as I could.” Right or wrong, she embodied the values of the place where she climbed, momentarily drawing the nation’s attention as if to a lit torch held high. A naturalized citizen who immigrated here from the Congo, she appears to be an exemplary fit for “the land of the free & the home of the brave.”

  2. Rise and Resist
    Rise & Resist organizers Patricia Okoumou & Jay Walker will appear on The Rachel Maddow Show tonight. ….O’ sure ….. BUTT’ not OKRA’???

  3. I’M SOOO ABOVE ..”YOUR” ..LAWS! I can’t PAY THI$!

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