White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders forced to leave a restaurant because she works for President Trump. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen harassed at a restaurant and harassed at her home by “protesters” because she’s enforcing our immigration laws and, by so doing, protecting our country.

DHS employees warned that there are “credible threats” being made against their children. A washed-up celebrity threatens the 12-year-old son of the President of the United States with kidnapping or worse, while a Canadian follows suit by threatening the President’s 4-year-old granddaughter. ICE employees doxxed by radical activists. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi harassed at a movie theater because she supports President Trump.

None of this behavior is new. It’s a continuation of leftist tactics used in the past, but the incidents are increasing in frequency as the left becomes more unhinged and protesters become more emboldened by the deliberate inaction of civil authorities and the complicity of businesses, social media, mainstream media, and entertainment venues.

In May a young black man was harassed and threatened with violence at a restaurant for daring to wear a MAGA hat. Similarly, Tomi Lahren, a conservative FOX News contributor, was verbally attacked in a restaurant, where a glass of liquid was thrown at her. Vice President Pence was booed by leftists at a Broadway show (and the entire audience was subjected to a virtue-signaling lecture by a cast member); an outdoor theater production was disrupted by leftist protesters “triggered” because a white actress was cast in an Asian role; people trying to enjoy a Sunday brunch were disrupted and harassed by a flash mob of progressives seeking to deliberately make the diners “uncomfortable”; and a symphony orchestra performance was stopped in its tracks by Black Lives Matter activists who held the “polite” audience captive, forcing them to listen to the protesters’ singing and chanting until they finally decided to leave, the complicit establishment having done nothing to disrupt the disrupters. (Audience members who did object were subsequently rudely doxxed and harassed on social media.)

Today, the tactic is taken to a new level–a Democrat member of Congress incites the harassment and public stalking of members of the Trump administration:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters claimed that God was on the side of people who drove Trump officials out of restaurants during a speech at a “Keep Families Together” rally on Saturday. … 

“We’re gonna win this battle,” Waters said. …

She said, “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. Tell them they’re not welcome any more, anywhere!”

So if you don’t agree with Maxine Waters, apparently you’re her enemy, despite being her fellow countrymen. On behalf of non-citizens, she’s going to make war against you, and she promises to win the battle, because God is on her side.

In Nazi Germany, Jews were forced to wear badges so that they could more easily be identified for persecution. Not to mention genocide.

Is it only a matter of time (or an election) until all conservatives are similarly forced to wear badges so that intolerant progressives know whom to stalk, harass, and drive from the public sphere as, like the Faith Militant, they shout “shame?”

Might this not lead to something even worse?

Is this not domestic terrorism?

This will not end well unless the Democrats come to their collective senses.

Is there any hope of that?


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  1. Sorry missing accreditation.
    The first quoted story, above, is from the New York Post

    • I haven’t read your story yet, but my first thought was: how can this be a “mistake” and how did this “mistake” happen? Does the explanation in the story make sense? About as much sense as somebody “accidentally” hitting a nuclear missile warning. This is a test; this is only a test.

  2. WOW


    Small but yet another win for Trump. The nationwide injunction against withholding funds from law-breaking cities (aka “sanctuary cities”) is tossed by the court of appeals and limited just to Chicago, until that case is solved. Justice Thomas, I heard, particularly singled out the undemocratic and anti-Republic current behavior of single judges imposing nationwide injunctions, far beyond the bounds of their authority, which has one single unelected judge overruling the decisions and authority of the duly elected (by millions, nationwide) president of the U.S. Thank goodness for Justice Thomas and the others who have been supporting the rule of law. Thank goodness that the likes of Sotomayor are not in power, running this country. She doesn’t look at LAW, but, like all rabid liberals, simply goes by her emotions and what SHE thinks the laws OUGHT TO be or mean.

    • That said, saying it was like waving a red flag in front of a blue bull (or should I have said heifer? Or is that too cisgender of me?)

      “A federal judge in San Diego issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday at the request of the American Civil Liberties Union that calls for all children affected by the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy to be reunited with their parents within 30 days.

      In a strongly worded opinion, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw wrote “the facts set forth before the court portray reactive governance — responses to address a chaotic circumstance of the government’s own making. They belie measured and ordered governance, which is central to the concept of due process enshrined in our Constitution.” …”

      Seeing as how it says “all children,” then I assume this one judge has decided to play her/his “reactive governance” judgment over the judgment of the duly elected president and his policymakers and PRECEDENT set by every president going back to the 50s, at least. ALL the previous presidents did the same as Trump. Besides which, his executive order already addressed this, but they have to gum up the works (deliberately).

      I hope the DOJ is taking an EMERGENCY case to the court of appeals or SCOTUS. It’s time for them to play hard ball the same way Obama did. This is yet another one that POTUS will win because NONE of these judges have the authority to overrule his Constitutional authority. NONE OF THEM.

  4. Would it surprise you to learn that the head hen of the Red Hen, which threw Sarah Sanders out of her restaurant, is a cousin of the rabid progressive Meryl Streep?


    The FACT that Mad Max told her minions that they should organize a crowd when they see someone from the cabinet in public, and the FACT that this is exactly what happened in both Lexington and Florida (Bondi incident), PROVES that this is indeed well organized and astroturfed, so it’s a conspiracy, imho. Why would the Red Hen hen organize a group to follow Sarah Sanders’ family to another place, otherwise? The FACT that she was called to duty BY her LGBTQyadayadayada employees also provides circumstantial evidence that ALL were in on the marching orders.

  6. Always funny Tracey Ullman.

  7. WOOT

  8. 😍

  9. Thousands of kids still haven’t been reunited with their parents.
    Protesters ask: Where are the children? ….???

    they went home 2 cook BEANS? …
    they went HOME 2 their REAL …MOM & DAD???

    • 1. The parents aren’t even in this country.
      2. The parents are here but illegally here and won’t come out of hiding to claim their children.
      3. The “parents” aren’t the parents and so can’t claim the children.
      4. The parents are refusing to get the child(ren) as they themselves are deported, because they want to leave the kid(s) behind as potential anchor(s) for their own return.
      5. The “parents” are refusing DNA tests to prove they’re the parents, so the truth is evident. NOT THEIR CHILDREN; the kids are basically abandoned or victims of traffickers or mules for drugs or kidnapped or the children of unfit parents who send their kids thousands of miles with persons unknown in hopes of getting a benefit from the childrens’ suffering.

  10. They said “We don’t want ICE here or in the state?& who R We?They
    are the ones hate everything that is Good about our country.They hate
    our flag,our military,They want no borders, & will do everything they can
    to destroy this country. …. ^^^^^ comments…

    In Long Island NY over 20 months MS 13 hacked to death 17 Hispanic teens and nobody cared. That was just in one small area, they probably murdered thousands across the US and nobody cared. What’s going on right now is sedition & they should be treated accordingly.

    It’s about TIME…. These dirt bags will have a Record which can Identify them for ongoing trespassing & interfering with ICE enforcing our borders. Drag these treasonous fascist democrats to jail.

    Now charge them with sedition conspiracy. 20 years in prison &/or $25,000 fine.
    If you don’t get their attention it is only a slap on their hand!

  11. just like …. the 70’s …. BUTT’ WORST thank…. OBAMA!!!

  12. ~ Marsha Rachford ….^^^^ + more comments…
    I agree, James. The american people are getting Tired of the Threats of violence, the disruption of the political process & the disruption of OUR lives. Imagine if you were in the Mexican restaurant & the socialists started Yelling & Disrupting YOUR Peace. Certainly will not convince anyone to vote for terrorists. all the Dems got is
    Open Borders,
    Higher Taxes,
    MO’… free stuff for thee but NOT me, more regulation & now they add in killing police & violence towards anyone that does not agree with them. ….. YEP!!! ….Great Day 4 ….M A G A !!!! let’s ROCK IT HARD!!!

  13. WHAT ..a SHAME CRIES like the TODDLER he IS!!! silly ZERO!

  14. “Q” mentions hat all the recent shooters had therapists.
    Well the shooters are crazy I guess so they all had a therapist
    trying to get them uncrazy.
    That’s what you would think, right?
    They must have been pretty bad therapists then.
    It’s explained here
    from about 20 minutes into the video:

    We obviously got to get better therapists for crazy people,
    not including Democrats – she’s not crazy.

    • Must all have good health insurance, huh? Many can’t afford therapists, unless the government or insurance is paying for it. Of course, both the shooter and his father worked for the government. Dept. of Labor Stats, iirc, for shooter and the NSA (!) for his father. What another coincidence. Isn’t it odd how when Hispanics are needed to inflate some anti-white stats, they become “people of color”, but when they want to report something negative to be directed against whites, suddenly Hispanics suddenly become white? One of his rap sheets called him non-Hispanic white. Now HOW can you be named Ramos and not be Hispanic? His mother is/looks white but Dad certainly is/was Hispanic. As usual, such dicey stuff going on. Very convenient if you want to criticize Trump for criticizing the fake news media, want to blame him for having “blood on his hands,” and want to distract from what’s going on with the DOJ/FBI expose.

    • I still want to know the statistics on how many of them were put on mind-altering drugs as children and throughout their growing up period. Answer: Probably most. Don’t all the boys get diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or ODD? Those drugs taken during formative brain development MUST affect the brain, especially given that their own warning labels say they can make a person suicidal or homicidal or violent. It’s only common sense. The elephant in the room, but the progressives prefer to blame conservative values and policies and scream for gun control. If only someone hiding under a desk had a weapon to use to fight back. All that said, RIP to the victims and condolences to their families (as well as to all the other victims of violence and their families who suffer even as we write. There’s nothing that makes these deceased more important than all other victims of murder in the U.S., including the victims of violence perpetrated by illegal aliens.)

  15. true🤣


  17. CAN U BELIEVE this????
    1) Would You Vote for a Barack Obama 3rd Term?

    Yes – Barack Obama is a great President & better than the choices
    we had in 2016.

    NO – He was a terrible President???? & I am happy he’s no longer in office
    Cast your Vote, enter your email address. Invalid emails will not be counted!


    • How effing ridiculous. Who hasn’t worn a black tee with white pants? I did, just the other day, totally without knowing that Jackie O (or Melania) ever wore the same. These people are truly deranged. Melania’s pants are different and so is her top. WTH? There are only so many colors in the spectrum. btw, Jackie isn’t even wearing shoes! I wonder if people objected? But then, of course, by then she wasn’t First Lady anymore. I do, however, remember the media making an issue of the size of Jackie’s feet. You can only imagine how offended I was, as a pre-teen, to learn that my feet (same size as Jackie’s) were too big. Which reminds me of this,

      which my Dad used to sing to me.

    • Just another uncivil, disrespectful progressive. Why doesn’t he have to resign on account of his obvious bias?

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